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PROM B.C. 190 TO A.D. 500. 






Dura sat vocabulaf 
Auremque primam cuncta vulnerantia ; 
Sed non silenda tibimet db studium tuum 
Nostramque curam. 

Ayibki O. 



:\ ! 

1836. ''•:^ 


Thb little Volume now offered to the Public claims no 
other praise than what will, perhaps, readily be granted 
to persevering industry. It is not a compilation from 
any preceding work, but the result of the leisure hours 
of many years employed in the perusal of the Latin 
Classic Poets, many of which have been read over more 
than twice. 

A very few words may be necessary to explain the 
plan upon which the Editor has proceeded. In look- 
ing for authority for the quantities of a word, he has 
generally endeavoured to select a line which should 
give the quantity of every syllable — ^then, of the incre- 
ment : if, in addition to this, the line included a little 
of the history of the person or place mentioned, he 
thought himself the more fortunate. Sometimes, in- 
deed, to effect this, he has quoted from writers of a 
later, in preference to those of the Augustan, age : but 
only in those cases where the quantities were indubita- 
ble. If contrary quantities are assigned to the same 
syllable in any word, it is almost superfluous to observe 
that the authority of a writer of the Augustan age is 
preferable to that of a subsequent period. 

In the scansion which he has assigned to many of 

the lines from Plautus, the Editor has not altogether 

satisfied himself ; and it is far from improbable that in 

some he is mistaken. The various licences in which 



that writer indulges (sach as, forming many of his 
Trochaic or lambie tetmxiieter« a9ynartete ; shortening 
a syllable before two or more consonants ; lengthening 
a syllable in arsi, or in the close of a sentence; not 
imfrequently carrying on one line into another; and his 
frequent enunciation of Greek words by accent instead 
of quantity) have occasioned difficulties which no one 
of his commentators seems to have entirely overcome. 
" One of these critics/* an old Satirist tells us, ** lost 
his flesh with fishing at the measure of Plautus' verses." 
(Marston's Pttrasitaster, or, The Faum,J Without wish- 
ing to subject any reader to similar inconvenience, the 
B^ditor will be thankful to have his errors, in this 
instance, pointed ou^. 

To some words the quantities only of the syllables 
are affixed, while the authority, on which they rely, is 
withheld. This has been done designedly. The youth- 
fed student must be content to take for granted that 
the quantities assigned are correct : while he, who to 
the learning of the matured scholar adds the hx pre- 
ferable accomplishments of the Christian, will know 
the reason why the references were withheld, and appre- 
ciate the motive which led to their concealment. 

In studying the Classic Authors, the absurdities of 
Pagan mythology, and the enormities of Pagan prac- 
tice, are unavoidably brought before our notice. The 
very absurdities of the former render them, perhaps, 
harmless : but, however strong may be the indignation, 
however sincere the abhorrence, excited by the latter ; 
he knows little of human nature, who thinks that this 
indignation and abhorrence annihilate all the evil that 
arises from the contemplation of them. To obtrude 
them, therefore, willingly, on the eye of youth, is as 
criminal as it is disgusting. 


OF ' " 


The Latin Writers have been fancifUIy arranged, by Facciolati 
^hd others, under ** The Four Ages." The following are quoted 
in the present work. 

In fixing; the dates before Christ I have availed mj^self, where- 
ever I could, of the ** Fasti Hellenici" of H. F. Clinton, Esq. ; a 
work which, for the depth of research, accuracy of judgment, feli- 
city of arrangement, and extent of information which it contains, 
claims the attention, and deserves the praise of every Scholar. 


Names of Authors. Works attributed 


to tbem. 

M. Accius Plautus Died B.c,\8i. Plant, 




















' Mer. 

MiLes Gloriosus 


















P. Tbii£ntius Ater Bom b.c. 

194, D. 

B.C. 169. Ter. 













T. Lucretius Carus B. b.c. 

95. X). 

B.C. 66. Lucr. 

De Rerum Natura Libb. vi 

Valerius Cato Dirae fl. 

B.C. 81 

. FaLCat. D. 


Names of Authors. Works attributed AMmvtetieiis. 

to them. 

C. Valerius Catullus B^m b.c. 87* Cat. 

Carmina i. — exwi, 
CrNNA Fragment, [ap. Isidor.] Ji. eir, b.c. 50. 

M. TuLLius Cicero B, b.c. 106. X). b.c. 48. Cie. 

Ad Atticum Epistolae uid JUie. 

Arati Phsnomena 'Arat, P. 

De Divinatione Div» 

— Natura Deorum N. D, 

Tusculansi QusBstiones T* Q. 

Laurea Tullius Fragrment [ap. Plin. N.H.] 
P. ViRGiLius Maro B. B.C. 70. Z). B.C. 19. V. or Firg. 

Bucolicon Edogie i. — x. B.orE, 

Georgficon Libb. i. — \v. G. 

^neidos Libb. i. — xii. ^. 

Culex Cul. 

Ciris Cir. 

Catalecta Cat. 

Copa Cop, 

Moretum Mor. 

Albius Tibullus B. b.c. 59. D, b.c. 18. Tib. 

Elegiarum Libb. i. — iv. 
Sex. Aurel. Propertius fi, b.c. 26. Prop. 

Cornelius Gallus. See Maximianus. 
Q. HoRATius Flaccus B, B.C. 66. Z). B.C. 8, Hot. 

Carminum Libb. i.— iv. 


. or O. 



Carmen Saeculare 


Sermonura Libb. i. — ii. 




De Arte Poetica 

A. p. 

P. OviDius Naso B, B.C 

. 43. D. 




Heroides. Epistols L— 



Amorum Libb. i. — iii. 


Artis Amatoriae Libb. i. — ^iii. 

A. A. 

Remedia Amoris 


Medicamina Faciei 


Metamorphoseon Libb. 

i. — XV. 


Fastorum — 

i. — vi. 


Tristium — 

i. — V. 


Epist ex Ponto — 

i.— iv. 




Cornelius Severus 

/. B.C. 2. 




AuLus Sabinus Epistolae* : 

Ulysses Penelops 


Ulix. Pen. 

Demopboon Phyllidi 

D. P. 

Paris (Enonde 

Par. (En. 

Gratius Faliscus 



• These are generaUy puUished wJth the works of Ovid, 

A <«ftO»OL<mieA£"rAB£S OF Atmioits. ix 

NamworAtt&ors. Works attributed ' 
to them. 


C. P5D0 Albinoyanus 

Ad Liviam Consolatio • 
In Obitum M&ecenatk . 




M. Mamilius Astronomicon Libb. i.~v. 

A.D. & Man. 

CjsflAR Oermanicus 

Arati Phsenomena 

18. ? C. G. 

PfliEDRUs Fabularum Libb. i.— V. 

48. PluBd. 

The greater part of the writers arranged under this class, for 
richness and fertility of invention, and for purity and elegance of 
style, are infinitely superior to all who succeed them ; and may be 
proposed as the fittest models for imitation, and undoubted au- 
thority for the use of any word : particularly Terence, Cicero, 
Vkgil, Horace, and Ovid : the conceits, however, of the latter are 
to be carefully avoided. 


T. JPteTRONius Arbiter a.d. 


Pet. Arh. 

^ Carmen de Bello Civili. 

Fra^ents interspersed 

in his Satiricon. 

L. J. M. Columella 



De Cultu Hortorum f. 

L. Ann^us SeneCa 









or (Ed. 









Hercules Furens 


Hercules (Etseus 

H. 0. 





A. Persius Flaccus 


Satirae i.— vi. 

M. Anm^us Lucanus 


or Luc. 

Pharsaliae Libb. i.—x. 

C. SiLius Italicus 


De Bello Punico Libb. i.— -xviL 

C. Valerius Flaccus 



Argonauticon Libb* i — viii. 

P. Papinius Statius 


Silvarum — i.— v. 



Thebaidos — i— xii. 


Achilleidos — i.—ii. 


* These are generally published with the works of Ovid. 
t Being the IGth Book De Re AiwMca* 

X. ^ €9|M>HOI4»OieA&:yA9&B OV A9TiWM# 

NMQWof A«thort. Works attrflmtcd AMrOTiallMHk 

to them. 

Ou J. JuvBNALis Satine i.— xvL 


M. Val. Martialts 


De Spectaculis 


Epigrammatum JAkh, i. — xhr. 

SuLPiciA Satira 


Septimius Sbeenus 

Sept Serenus, 

Fragment, [ap; Terent Maur.] 

Terentianus Maurus 


De Metris. 


Q. Seebnus Sammonicus a.d. 



De Medicina. 

M. AuR. Oltmp. Nemesianus 





Eclogae i. — iv. 

T. JuLitJs Calpurnius i. — ^vii. 


DEciMua Maomus Aubonius ; 





— — — de Fastis 






Commemoratio Professorum 


Epitaphia Heroum 


De XII. Ca»aribu8 Monosticha 

Cat. M. 

— — — Tetrasticha 


Ordo nobilium Urbium 


Ludus Sapientum 


EdvUia i.— xx. 



Epistols i. — XXV. 


Periochs in Iliadem 

Per. Ii. 

— — Odysseam 



Claudius Claudianus 396. 


ot Claud. 

Cons. Probini et Olybrii 

Prob, et Olyb. 

In Rufinum Libb. i, ii. 


De 3 Cons. Honorii 

3 C. H. 

— 4 — — 

4 a H. 

De Nupt. Honorii et Mariae 


Han, Mar. 



Bellum Gildonicum « 

B. Gild. 

De Cons. Fl. Mallii Theodori 

M. T. C. 

In Eutropium Libb. i, ii. 


In 1 Cons. Stilichonis 

1 C. S. 

— 2 — — 


Bellum Geticum 

B. Get. 

De vL Cons. Honorii 


Laus Serense 


Epithalamium Palladii 


A CHROKOLOOlOAfi tABLW Of kVfttOtiS, xi 

Nametof Aatliors. Works attrlbated 

to them. 

Claudius Claudianus — (amU) 


. 895. Gh ot Claud. 

Raptus Proserpinse 


i.— ui. R. P. 



Epistolse i-^v. 


Eidyllia i. — vii. 




Laudes Herculis • 

Laud, Here. 

Palladius Rutilius Taurus 


De Insitionibus f 

RuFUS Festus Avienus 

A.D. 410. Av. 

Arati Pheenomena 




Orbis TerrsB Descriptio 


Ora Maritima 


C. Rutilius Numatianus 

417. Rut. 

Itinerarium Libb. i, 


Maximianus Elegiac i. — vi. 


pRisciAMUs Periegesis 

Pris. P. 

Whether aU the woiks, usually printed in complete editions of 
sotne of these authors, be the genuine compositionb of the writers 
whose names they bear, has, with good reason, been doubted by 
learned Critics. The question, however, is not discussed here. 

* This is often sul^oined to the works of Claudlan, but, together with 
msoy of the Epigrams, is not considered genuine, 
t Being the xiv. Book De Re Rustica. 


The quantity of a syllable ending in m is marked as short, 
since many passages can be adduced where it thus occurs. It 
is, however, of very little consequence what mark is assigned to 
it; since before a vowel the syllable is generally elided, before 
a consonant, is necessarily long. 

In lines from the comic poets the syllable m and us is frequently 
marked long by position. It may, however, in many instances, 
be considered as short, supposing an elision of the s. 


Abant£s, tim, m, 

Suni&d5s, qui s§ protSndit cSspSs Ab&ntiim, Jv, D, &JS. 
AbantStts, j&, tlm, adj, 

Nup£r Abanteis templo JunonYs in Argis, Ov, M, xv. 164. 
Abant¥&des, se, m. Patronym, 

Victtfr AbantKftdes alitS fertilr Squd. Ov, A, 3. xii. 24. [370. 

Plur, Non Sgo AbantY&das, ndn te, saxosft CftrystS, St* T, vii. 
Abintllto, &d!s, v, ttdfis,/. Patronfnn. 

Enrdpes Maoris contingU Aban^&s orttm, Pria. P. 644. 
(<U, Maoris agnoscit — by casura.) 
Abantltts, &, iim, adJ, 

Litttts &d Aus5nium devexYt AbantU classfs ; St, S, 4. viii 46. 
AbttrKs, ts, m. [F. JE, ix. 344. 

Fadumque, HerbSsumquS stlbit, Ehoptumque Ab&rimque, 
Abas, antis, m. 

£t qua vectils Abas, et qua grandseviis Al£tes, F. M, i. 121. 

Mxi c&vo clYp^um, magni gistamSn AbantYs, iii. 286. 
Abfttds, 1,/. 

Hinc, Abftton quam nostril vSc&t vSnSrandtt v£tusta9) h* x. 323. 
Abderft, se,/. 

Aut te dev5veat certis Abdertt dYebtts, Ov. lb, 469. 
Abderit&niis, ft, ttm, adj, 

AbderiOinse pect5r& plebis hftbes. Mart. 10. xxv. 4. 
1 B 



£t quos malTfSne despectant moenYa Abells : V, M. vii. 740. 

AbYlfi. 5«eAbyia. 

Abndb&, s, m. 

Abn5b& mons Istro p&t£r est : c&dYt Abnttbse Matu 
Flumgn— ^t;. D. 437. 

AbdrigKn^iiB, &, ttm, «. 

TYbY vSttis arft cftMt Ab5i4gYn«d sftceUft, Stpi, Serenui ap. T, 
M. 1900. (Choriamb. Tetram.) 

Abrftcildabrft. (a charm for the ague,) 

InscnbTs chartse quod dIcYthr Abr&cftdabrili, Semm, liii. 4. 

Absynthiis, T, m. 

Ndn SIC Absyntbl priipS flumYnft ThracYs ftlumnse — Av. D. 7^> 

AbsyrtYdfe, tim,/. 

IdnYum peigens AbsyrtYdils seqatfr &d drtOs — Pri$, P. dI5. 
in sing, Absyrtis, idYs, v. idds. See the next wertk 

AbsfrtCks and AbsyrtiJs, I, m. 

CoXchUi St AdrYllcas spilmans AbsyrtSs Yn undas ; (a/. 
AbsyrtYs) Luc, iii. 190. 

AbundantYiis, T, m. 

DonSc Abundant! furiis, qu! rebiis £di8 — Claud. Eut. i. 164. 

Abydeniis, ft, tim, adj. 

Ducar Abydeno Thress& piiell& tttro. Oi>. H. xix. 100. 

Sestdn Abydena sep&rat urbS frStttm. T. i. x. 2a 
Abydiis and Abyd5s, i, m. andf. 

3olveret, in speciills omnis Abydds Sr&t. Ov. H. xviii. 12. 

Pontiis et ostrYfBri faflcEs tSntantiir AbydT. V. Q. i. 207. 
The penultima is shortened by Avienus, D. 693. contnury 

to the practice of the poets of the Augustan age, 

Sesti&s tibi atque Abj^dus pSrvd sftlS discemiintur, (Sptmda^,) 

MaurusYorum est AbYlft : namque AbYlam vficint— i*tt. 0. JC 

345. (litmbit Ttim.) 

Ac&dSmift, 8B,/. 

Inque Ac&demia umbrYftnl, nYtYd5que tfcib, dc D. 1. d. It. 
Atdile Ac&demise cSlSbrat&m ndmYnS vilUm — Laurea TuUiue 

ap. PUn. H. N. xxxi. 3. 

The penultima is shortened by Claudian. 
In LJltYum spretls AcftdemYll mtgrftt AthenTs, CI. M. T. C. 94. 

But see Bailey's additions to Facciolati Lexicon under the 
word Academia, and Morell's Thesaurus by Maltby in voce. 
Ac&demtis, i, m. 

Atque inter sTlVas AefidemT quaerSrfi verilin. Hor. 2 Ep. ii. 45. 

Ac&mas, antYs, m. 

IntdQ&t his Ac&mas : Sftdem mox objYcit ^thrfi, Sab. D.P. 23. 
PhyllStt, sanguYnSumquS l&vant Ac&niantfts0rore8.5/.r.iii. 173. 

AcanthYo, onYs, m. 

HSr^ ut mYn5r 5pSra ttta servetilr : J^gMum, AcanthSO) Pktut. 
Mm-. 1. ii. 2. (I. Tet. Ocat.) 


AcantMs, Ydls, o. Ydtts,/. 

HTs Unlmum noatitt dflm venit Aeanth!s inioae, Pnp, 4* v. 61 . 

Auribus exclfpTas, quTbiis hunc St Acaatb¥d& Dupfir— C(iip.vt. 77- 

Acirnjin, ilms, m. ontf oJ/. 

Duiiis Acarnan : iUYus rupem — Sen. Hip. 22: (Anapastie Dim, J 
Amnts AcarnaDum, IstissYmtls hospYtiS tantS. Ov, M. viit. 609. 

Acastiis, 1) m. 

CaedS pSr HemttnYas solvYt Acastiis ftquas. Ov. /^. ii. 40. 

Ac<jft, 8B,/, [823. 

HactSn&s, Accft sdror, piJtlii : nunc volntis ftcerb&m — F, ^. xi. 
Acci6n, 1, n. 

V«c!tavit Accifin, atqufi praecipi tes ftquas— ^w. 0. M. 673. (I. T.J 
AccitLs, 1, SI. 

£nntiis arte cSrens, ttnlmosTque Accitis oris, Ov, A. 1. xv. 19. 
AceirH, se, m. 

raRttir : Tn lucSm sSropSr AcSrr^ bTbTt Mart. 1. xxix. 2. 
Acerrae, artim, /. 

Or& jiigo, et vftciiis Cl&htus non aequiis Acerrls. V. G. ii. 225, 
AcCsmeSy ts, m. 

Delipsum summa saxorum mole AcSsineu. Av. D, 1344. 
Acfolniis, A, dm, adj. 

Nod Rh5d&ld cum fratrS Sj^don : AcSsinftqufi lsv5 

Agmlna—r. F. vi. 69. (al. JficCsina.) 
AcestX, ae,/. 

Crbem adpellabunt permlsso nomine AcestHm. T. jE. v. 716- 
Aceste, es, v. a,/. 

InquS vYcem ignoscunt: tunc rex Idngaeviis Acesten 
' (Natarum haec altrix)— *y*. T. i. 629. 

AcSstSs, ae, m. 

Hie Erj^cts fines fratemi, atque hospis Acestes : K JE. v. 630. 
AcliaeYiis, lidYs, v. &dtfs. See Achaias. 
AchAmSnes, ts. 

Nfim tQ, quae tSnttlt divfis AchaemgnSs, Hor. Car. 2. xii. 21. 

(Char. Tet. AsekpUtd.) 

AchflemSnYdes, Ys, m. [167' 

Fattir AchaemfinYdes : Itftrum P5l j^phem»n, fit illds— 0». M. xiv. 
AchaemSnYiis, &, iim, adj. 

Crbs Yn AchaemenYTs vallYbiis istft mYt. Ov. A. A. i. 226. 
Achaettts, i, i». or, ttm, i, n. [aL Acheti. 

£t Netum, et Miitj^ce, pubesquS lYquentYs Achaetl. SiLxSv. 266. 
Achae&s, T, m. 

MdrS vSl intSrSas capti suspensus Achsel, Ov. lb. 301. 

AchsefiB, &, ttm, adj. 

AtthYdS tentantur gfresius, 5cfilique Yn Achafeis 1114. 

CEb&lYdsquS diices, St Acbaeft pSr dppidft matres, St. T. ii. 164. 

AchftYji, «,/. 

ParcYds Andrdmftcben vexavit Achai& victrix, Ov. H. viii. 13. 

AchaY&s, ildYs, and Ild5s, /. 

Inter Achaiftdas Idnge pulcberrYmi matres — Ov* H> iii. 71- 
3 B 2 


Achftlctts, ti, tan, adj. 

ThesBiaiie fihefl, et Achttcil praterit irvi. Mmu iv. 616. 

Ach&Ys, YdYs, and Ydtts, adj.f. 

CdgnYUl res merttam vafi p«r AchaMis Orbes— Oo. if. liL 611. 

AchiYfis, %, ttm, ii4/« [Achalcft. 

£t Dftnftum stfntae naves, «t Ach«& castril, V, JE, iL 462. oL 

AchWe, es,/. 

-- — — — — InsfilA l(LT,) 

AchSle vOcaU &b incttlis. iEgre est nd§&— ^v. 0. Jf. 184. 
Ach&mae, arttm, / [623. 

QuaequS rtides thyrsds hMSris vestistYs, Acharne. SU 2*. xii. 
Achates, », m. 

^neas AnchisYftdes St fidiis Achates, T. JS. viiL 521. 

AchSloYfts, &dYs, an^ ftdds, adj.f, 

ParthSn^e muris Ach^ldT&s, sequdrC cfijtts — SiL xii. 34. 
SulfttrS fumantes, AchSlolf&dumquS rSlinquYt 
Sirenum scdpttlds— Ov. M, xiv. 87. 

Acheiots, ¥d!s, on^Mtts, adj.f, 

£t quae vTrgYned libata AcheioYs ttb amnS— K Cop. 15. 

Commerttisse pdtest. Vdbis, AcheioMSs, undS— Ov. If. v. 652. 
AcheioYi&s, ft, tUn, dk^'. 

Alcides prSmSret, retroque AchfildYiis irSt — CL Z. 5. 174. 

PociUiique inventis AcheioYll misciilt uvTs ; V. O. i. 9. 

Ach£l5)i8) T, m. 

Cdrnii& flens legit rfpls AchSldtU \n udTs, Ov.H. ix. 139. 
NescY5 quid spectans, AchSlddn St Inftch^n amnes, A, 3.vL 103. 

AchSron, tYs, m. 

Cdcytos, t&cYtisque AcbSron obmutiiYt undis, CI. R. P. i. 87. 
Hinc v)f&, Tart&r<$i quae fert AcherontYs &d undas. K.^. 71295. 
The first syllable in this word, and its derivatives, is fre- 
quently made long by Plautus. 
Censetur censu M Ach^rontem morttttts. Trin, 2. iv. 93. (LT.) 

AchSrdnteiis, ft, i&m, adj. 

Tunc AchSronteos mutatd gurglte f dntes — CL R. P, u. 351. 
AchSrontYft, se,/. [Jleaic. 

QuicunquS celsse nidum AchSrontis, Hor* C.3. iv. 14. Qreater 
Acherras, ae, m. 

Asbytes nuper caesse germantis, Acherras. Sil. iii. 299. 

AchSrons, t¥s, m. 

£t mStiis HIS fbras praeceps AcheruntYs ftgunddSi Lucr. iii. 37. 

AchSruntYdis, ft, ikm, adj. 

Analogy allows the first syllable to be short; but Plautus, 

where alone I find the word, makes it long. 

RSgiones c^lSrS mavellem AchSruntYcas. Bae. 2. ill. 21. 
AchSrusYs, YdYs, v, Yd5s. 

Inde, prSmentfi Nfito, tristes AchSrusYdtts dras — F. F. v 73. 
AchSrusYiis, ft, ilm, adf. 

£t SI praeterSa tftmto Ssse AchSrusYft templft^-Z^ncr. i. 121. 
Achetiis, or, iim. See Achaetite. 


Achillas, ae, m. 

Permittint ftmiUl : 8c«l«ri dilecttts AchUlit. Z. viu. «:i8. 
Achilleides, anif AchiUides, ae, m. Patronifm. 

Pyrrhfis AchillTdes, ftntmosiis ¥mag)fnfi patrU, Ov. H, viiL 3. 

AcTnlleSy is, and Acbilletis, ei, and CI, and 8tfs, m. 

DYdicItque Achilles, et D«a nfitos mftii. i9«n. Tr, 245. ("/.rj 
Thess&liamque &d|it*, hospes Achillis, htimtoi. Ov. P. 1. Ui. 74. 

• By caesura. 

Matrdnisqug Phrj^gum classis Achilla-. Hor, C, h xv. 34. 

(Chor. T€t, Atrlep.j 
Perg&mfi, reliqutas D&nftum atque Inmitis Achillei ! y,M* iii.87. 
Sic nfiqug Peliden terrebat Achillea Chir5n, Aus. Ed. iv. 20. 

AchiUei&s, ft, iim, adj. 

Placet Achllleos mactatS P5lyxgn& manes. Ov. M, xiii. 448. 

AcbiyQs, ft, &n, o^/. 

Ille habiiit cdmites, primos tellur!s Achivae : Oo. P. 1. iv. 33. 

Achoreiis, ei, and Sds, m, 

Pellseae cdTer£ dttmus : quos int£r Achoreus, L. viii. 475. 
LinigSrum plftcidis c5mpel]&t AchdrSa dlctis. x. 175. 

AcidftlYiis, &, iim, o^;. 

— — — — mSmdr Hie 

MatrTs AcIdftlYse, paullatim ftbdler^ Sf chaetim->r. M. i. 720. 

AcilTlis, i, m. 

Proxim&s ejusdem prdp^rabat AcHTfis eevT, Juv. iv. 94. 

AcindfnSs, i, m. [£. xli. I. 

Aphft siium Chresto dSt Acindyn5s * : ips8 sYne alpha — Aut. 

* The penultima is here shortened contrary to analogy. 
{Z,r(K& c* dvSp&Vj hg aKivdvvwv 

piov K. r. X. Anapast. Dim. Euripid. Iph. A. 17. Siee 
MoreU's Thesaurus by Maltby in voe*) But many of the 
Latin Poets, (and some of the writers of the Epigrams, 
which compose the Greek Anthologia^ particularly the later,) 
in words derived from the Greek, had regard to the accentj 
not to the quantity. Of this we shall have frequent instances 
in the following pages. See a valuable note by Kidd in his 
edition of Dawes's Miscell. Crit. pp. 155, 156. edit 1827. 

Acis, CIS, and cidTs, m. V^^r 

Acis firat Fauno NymphiquS Sj^msthld£ crettis, Otj. M. xiii. 

— — — — amorn{$ 

AcMTs in nobis f ii^rit praesentYdr, edara. 7^7- 

Acme, es,/. 

At Acme Igvtter caput rSflectens, Cat, xlv. 10. (PhdUecian.) 

Acmon, finis, and 5s, m. [128. 

Haud partem exigtiam montis, Lymessi&s Acmon, V. M. x. 
Acm5na corrYpimus ; cui rSsponderS paranti — Op. M. xiv. 497- 

Acmttnides, £, m. 

Brontesque, et Stfir5p€s, Acm5nidesqu£ sdlent : Or. F. iv. 288 

Ac<£n5n5et1is, i, m. 

DiscTpttli ciistds praemordSt Accenfindetiis, Jw). vii. 218. 
(A. Accendnetlte. (Spond,) AcfsnltOs ipsS. 

5 B 3 


AcoetSs, ae, m. 

Cdrpiis ttbi SzXnYmi pIteYtftm Pillintfe Acoetet 
Senrabat s&nibT—F, ^. xi. Sa 

AednteiU, T, a$td ii6s, m. 

Miles Srat Persei, pro quo dfim pQgn&t, Ac5ateu8, Ov. M.y, 201. 
HarmttaYes : cultor Bacchstts AoonUUl FhegeuB—St, T. vii. OOa 

AoSntYiis, 1. 

EffYgYe pom! testatfir AodntYtta hiQiis, Ov. H. zz. 239. 

N5n Thapsds, n5n e tttmiilM glftcYalYbtts Acne— 5^2. xW. 206. 

Acragantinus. See Agragantinus. 

Acrftffas, antYs, and antds, m. 

Ardii&s inde AcrSgas dstentat mcenYft longe — V. M. iii. 70^ 
HimSrSque, et DYdj^men, Acrtlgantltque, TaurdmSodnquSi 

Ov. F. iv. 47& 

AcrYsYone, es,/. 

RegYft non SSmSle, non InftchYs AcrYsYone, V, Cat, xi. 33. ' 

AcrYsYoneYs, YdYs, anJ YdSs, adj.f, Patronym, 

AcrYsYdneis D^nfte fundassS cttlonis, V. JE. vii. 410. 

AcrYsYdneiis, 21, )im, adj, 

AcrYsYdneis Proetus pdssedSr&t arces. Ov M* v. 239. 

AcrYsYdnY&des, se, m. Patronym. 

AcrYsYonY&des, ftdlgitque In pectus. At UU, Ov. M, v. 70. 

AcrYsYiis, i, m. 

InlUihtts AcrYsYusquS p&tres, mMYequ£ Mf cenae. V. M. vii. 372. 

Acrdc^raunYii, ortim, n. 

H» tYbY sint Syrtes ; haec Acrttc$raunY& vita : Ov,R, A, 739. 

Acr5ceret£s, iim, m. 

Ceret«8 omne, et Aci«ceret£s prYlis— i#ir. O. M, 560. {I, T.) 
Acrttctfrinthiis, i,/. [106. 

Littfrft, qua summas cttpttt Acrtfctfrinthtbs Yn auras — St. T. vii. 
Acron, tYs, m. 

Acrdn HercfilSus Caenina ductttr &b arc^, Prop. 4. x. >9. 

Tandem hiimens obnixtts Acrdn, et pectdrS totd, St. T. x. 500. 

Tempdrfi quo pdrtasCsenlnum Acrontft petentem — Prop, 4. x. 7. 
AcrdpdlistYs, YdYs,/. 

Quin tu hue prddacis fYdYcYnam Acrttpttlistifdem? Plcmt. Epid. 

3. iv. 47. (L T.J 
Acrttt&f », m. 

Fratre siio sceptrum mttdSratYtfr Acr5tft forfi— Oi;. M, xiv. 619. 
Acr«t6leutYtim, T,/. [39. fl. T.J 

Nunc ad me ut vSnYilt, usu*st, AcrtftSleutYttm, Plaut. Mil. 4. iii. 
Actaeon, 5nYs, m. 

Actaeon Sgd sum : dfimYnum cdgnoscYtS vestrilm. Ov. M. iii. 230. 

£t v^liit absentem certatim Actaednft clamant 244. 
Actaeiis, &, iim, adj. 

Nee vShYt Actaeas SltKtfnYs undft rtttes. Ov. H. ii. 6. 
ActY&c&s, X, iim, adj. 

Cur t&mCn ActYftcas mYsSram me mittYs Id oras, Ov. H. xv. 185. 


Actios, &d!8, adj. /. ICSpoml.) 

AtquS GStae*, &tque Hebrfis, it ActXit OrithyTft. K. G. iv. 463. 
* No e/tftoft taking place. 
Actifiis, &, ilm, adj. 

ActS&que IlYiicis c^lSbramiis Ilt5rft ludls. F. M. iil 280. 
Act&r, IS, m. 

Act5r¥s Aurunci sptfKiim, quassatquS trSmSntSmi V, M. xii.94. 
Act5rides, s, m. Paronym. 

At n5n ActSrMen £rKth5n, cui ]at$ MpennYs— Ov. if. v. 79. 

PlvT. Quanttts Yn ^&cKdi8 Acttfrldisque fiilt. Id. P. 2. iv. 22. 
Acyrtts, i,/. 

Acyrusqu^, PhSneque, et clandeatiiitts Aciman. Orat 183. 
Adiiinastiis, T, m. [Q14. 

Nomfin AchemtoMes, Trojam, gSn¥tdre Ad&masto, V. M. iii. 
Addiijl, se, m. 

Collft iSvant pulcher Ticintts, St Addttft viBa— C/. 6. C. H. 195. 

Adelph&sXiim, i./. 

At Sgo banc vicinam dico Adelphftslfum mSftm — Vlaut, Poen. 1. 

i. 26. (1. T.) 
^dherb&l, ^lis, m. [409. 

Ill NtLraYdis pulsus sUlib commovYt Adberbfil : Claud. B. Gild. 

Adherbes, is, m. [601. 

Turn G&rftdum, largumquS c5mae prdsternit Adberben, Sil, vii. 

Adimantiis, i, m. 

Quseque tn Adimantum, Phliasi& rggnft tSnentem, Ov. lb, 329. 

Admetiis, i, m. 

Quln et Tbesstiicis f elix Admettts flb oris— 5^. T. vi. 332. 

Caus& minor: BlXhessftHcas Admetfin In oras, Id. S. 5. iii. 272. 
Ad5n£iis, i, m. 

AriU)ic& gens Addnfiiiin. Jiu. E. xxx. 6. (I. Dim.) 
Adoneiis, ^ ttm, adj. 

CsBdls Adoneae mfilft gldritt f ulmlnSus bus. Aus. Ed. De hUt. 3. 
AdonYs, Ys, and YdYs, m. 

Curil Dto, sil VIS apttts, AddnYs Srttt. Ov. A. A. L 612. 

Vtous rgversum spernilt AdonYdSm, Cl.Fea. xi. 16. (Gr.Ak.) 
Adrastea. See Adrastia. 
Adrastetbs, ft, iim, adj. or Adrastaetis. 

Hunc St Adrastsus visum extYmftissSt Arion ; St. S.l.i. 52. 
Adrastift, ae,/. \_(Spond.) 

Ct scSlire infando, quod nee sYnYt Adrastill, V, Cir. 239. 
AdrastYs, YdYs, or Yd5s, adj.f. Patronym. 

AntYg5nen vYdttamqufi Cr«on Adrastidil lecto— iJ^ T. xii. 678. 
Adrastils, i, m. 

Partb£n5paeiis St Adrasti pallentYs Ymago. F. JE. vi. 480. 

Adv5i&t, et mSdYas immittYt Adrastils b&benas. 5^^ T. xi. 426. 
AdrYa, ae, m. [63. 

AdversarYiis est frater; l&cils, AdrYS; donSc — Hor, Ep. l.xviii. 

Non Sg5 nunc AdrYae vSrSor m&rS ndscSrS tSctlm, Prop. 1. vi. 1. 

AdrYilctts, &, iim, adj. 

Sgn&que, St A^rYiicas qui verbSrSt AufYdtis undas; Luc. ii. 407. 


Adrl&iifiSi H) ttm, adj, 

SivS mSri lYUt AdrOno. Aor. C. 1. vri 4. rX^Mer Aie.J 

AdrYXs, &dYs, ad;./. 

AdrYtts und& yildiB larg&m prttcfil SxapttYt algim, ^o. D. 500. 
AdrYatYciU, il, ftm, adj. 

Et hoc nggat mYnacYs AdrYatYci— Ca/. iv. 6. (L T.J 

Parte pdli Zephjhris Adrlaticft tergil tttmescunt. Av. D. 561. 
Adulis, SB, m. 

Verilce qua nubes nebfilosus fulcYt Adulas, Av. D. 431. 
Adv5lans, tYs, m. [rPAo^wtoii.; 

Hermesi cul cildYt AdvttlanSi s^ uni ; Mart, 5. xxiv. 6. 
AdyrmAchYds, aram, m. 

Vulgrtis Adyrm&chidse pftriter, gens adcdlil NUT, Sil. ix. 224. 
iEft, 88,/. [742. 

Jam m&gYs atquS mSgis vftrYTs sttipSt lEA dSdriim — V. F. i. 
.£«cYdeYtt8, \k, Am, a4f. 

C£n5pYam Minds pfitit, iEftcYdeYft regniL Ov. if. vii. 472. 
iE&cYdes, s, m. Patronym, 

IllTc i£&cYdes, illic tendeb^lt ClTxes; Ov. H. i. 35. [700. 

PUw. Atque hie iBftcYdas, hic et vSnSrantiir Atridas, Man. i. 
i&ftcYdintts, A, iim, o^f. 

SiquYdem hercle iEiicYdlnis mYnis ilnYmisque expletiis incedit. 

Si me iratus tfitYgerit, iratus vaptilabYt Plaut. As. 2. iii. 25. 

(I. Tetr. cat. J 
^ftcYiis, &| ttm, adf. 

MiLcfi flores, TmmortalSsque ftm&ranti. Col. 175. 
M&ci^By I, m. 

Mlic^ ^ginan gSnYtricfs ndmYn£ dixYt. Ov. M. vii. 474. 

Ciim vYde&nt fessos Rhitdilmanthttn «t ^Iic5n innis, ix. 439. 
^aefts, ft, fim, adf, 

InferniquJS Iftcus, ^ssque insttlft Circes, V. AS, iii 386. 
^as, antYs, m. 

Puriis Yn dccasus, pirvi sed gurgYtYs, .£§8 — Lue. vi. 361. 
^chlon, 5nY8, m. [a/. iCthion. 

Igngfis JEchion: ^rdurn Cftlj^ddnft IftcessYt^^/. T. vi. 465. 
^dilus, i, m. See Hedylus. 
^dttSs, iim, m. 

— — — quaqu^ p5tentes 

^dtife, AlpTno quaquS VYennft jtkgo. Aut. Par. iv. 6. 

^diiYciis, ft, dm, adj. 

Arb^rium, MdH^icb ductum de stSmmfttS nomSn, Aus. Par. iv. 3. 

^etsiis, ft, ilm, a^'. 

PhasYdtts ad fluctus, et fines ^etaeos : Cat. Ixiv. 3. (Spmd.) 

^etes, or iBetft, sb, m. 

AccYpYt hdspYtYd jiivSnes iBetft PSlasgds, Ov. H. xii. 29. 

Adpftrftt ^etes flcYem : quYbOs addimur armis ? V. F. v. 286. 
^etifts, ftdYs, adj.f. Patnmym, 

ConcYpYt interna vftlYdos JEetYfts ignes : Ov. M. vii. 9. 
^etine, es,/. 

N5n hsec iEstfnYdes, sSd PhasYfts ^etine, Ov.H. vi. 103. (Sp.) 


Meeia, idYs, or Ydte, adj.f. 

Protlniis, atque fngens JSMdJi pSrctUYt hdrrOr. F. F. tL481. 

£t pri5r : £n cC^us thftlftmlfl MetXA yrlrtp^F.F, vL 26?. 
£gse, artLm,/. 

Malltfs, St extr§ms rSsdnant navainitls Mgm, Luc. iii. 227* 
^gaeon, onls, or on5s, in. 

^g^n quails, centum cui brachT& diciinty F, JE> x. 665. 

— — — — bUsnarumque prCroentCm 

MgfBonH stiis ImmanYft tergtt Iftcertis, Ov. M. ii. 10. 

HTc oentt&mgemim strictoa ^gsettnts eiuSt— C^ A. P. Hi 845. 
iEgsefts, &, iim, adj, 

^gseas metiris ftquas, St ¥n AsYd^ terra — Oo. M. ix. 447- 
^gan, III. [ai. iBgdn. 

SolTYmtis ; en quanto fremYtu se sustiUYt ^&n ! F, F, i. 629. 
Agates, ilm, /. 

Fldr« virens ftv^t iE^tes ilMler^, p&rentttm— iSI». i. 61. 
JEg^rU, Seet.gM^ 
^geus, SJtey or ^y m, 

IpsS parens ^geus natd pdrrextt, iit h5sti. Ov, M, vii. 420. 

Mg&IL SIC Theseus, sic PelS& vincTt Achilles, xv. 856. 

Sneantttr JUfe : sola conjux Mg^—Sen, Hip. 563. (L T.) 
iEgi2de» es, and-M^Miett se,/ 

Questa est ^gt&le, questa est MSlibceft rffinqui, St S. 3. v. 48. 

Conjfigts incestse, per firaiides iBgiftles. PrU* P. 514. 
iEgides, ffi, m. Patronym. [325. 

Nam sSquilr ^gidae factum, fratrumquS tiidrtim : Ov. H, xvi. 

Plur. Inter St ^gidas mSdia stftttiarYs in arbS ; ii. &J. 
Mgin^ SB,/. 

Si m5d5 placavit felix iEgin& TttnantSm. St. T. vii. 320. 

NamquS fSrunt raptam pfttriis Mgin^n &b undis — 319. 
iBgTdn, i, n. 

^gt5n, Arenenque, et quas Thesei& Troezen — St. T. iv. 81 . 
M^, Ydis, and id5s,/. 

PectdrS cum sacro sedSrit, -^gis €rit Mart. 7. i. 4. 

Pallas GdrgfinSos difiudit In Jlgidft crines ; Luc. vii. 149. 
^giJBthiis, i, m. 

^gistbtis arces Vgn6r« quaesltas t«ngt. Sen. Ag. 927- (L Tr.) 

£g¥tim, 1, n. 

In Sj^ia Sidong qu5d adcidit, et f«t M^^Lucr. vi. 684. 

-Egle, es,/. 

^gle, Nai&dum pulcherrimft ; jamquS vMentT — F, B. vi. 22. 
^gOcSros, ot¥s, and i, m. 

^gOcSrds imbres, et crebro luminS ruptos— C G. 429. 

Quo picto, aestivis e partibtis ^g5c€rotYs — Lucr. v. 614. 

Ciim sgdem iBgdcSri C j^th«re!iis attigtt ignYs, C. G. 394. 

^gon, 5nla, m. 

Non ; vgrum ^gonis : nilp€r mXtii tridtdft iEgon. F. B. iii. 2. 
iEgj^Itt, SB,/. [669. 

Quae tamCn In BttrgSm vergOnt mJlgfe, M^Vk parvft — Av. D. 

JEgyp««9.i,/. [2.V 

Non nCgCt -flSgypsSs, qu«, t5 sttbedntS, rCceptJl— Ov. P. 4. vii. 


iEGY— ^NE 

^gyptltis, fi, iim, adj. £fl 

Bictr& T^hit, 8«qurtaiqii« {nHSm) iBgyptli ooiqux. K JB. viix. 

iEgyptttg, i,/. 

D§8ttp«r : omnls » tSnrdre iBg^ttts, «t IndT, K ^. viii. 70». 
Ducurreos ^gyptttn h&bet, RdmamquS m£retiir. ^«e. z. 9^9- 

^gysthus. 5e0 ^gisthus. 

Vincet Peneidpes ^lt& Galltt ndSm. Prop. 3. xii. 38. 

Fidlndi mYh! muntts MVtanl ; Jfar«. 12. uiv. 8. (PhmUBc.J 

JBlVnte in siUfs id§m pitSr, ^nnttn, UfEs — Ov. A. 3. is. 23. 
AlYtts, !, w. 

^11, vfitiistd nfibms ftb Li&m5, tfor. C. 3. xvli. 1. ('tTr. Ale.) 

Mm&, ft, fim, a<^'. [420. 

Hie prolSs tttAviim dSdCcgns MM Nervilni, Claud. 6. C. H. 
Aello, us,/. 

P5rtiib)i8 InHdis §KterHlYt alSs Aelld. Ov. 3f. xiii. 710. 
^mathia. ^mathius. iSlee Emathia. Bmathius. 

!£mtliam nunc fare ftviam, pift curS nSpotts ; Am. Par. v. 1. 

Si tYbi MistyUus cdctis, iEmmind, vdcetiir ; Mart. 1. li. 1. 

Plur. Majdrum, et stantes In curribiis ^miliands, /uo^viii. 3. 
MtoSX&Bt I, in. 

^ ^mtlids Inter, gdrvatoresquS Cftmillds— Ctoitd. £»^ i. 439. 
^mllitts, &, iim, a^f. 

Amillttm circa ludGm f &b£r imlit, St unguS8'-*^or. A. P. 32. 

iGmon. ^monia. iEmonidfle. iBmonides. iBmonis. iEmonius. 
^mus. See under letter H. 

^narYft, s,/. 

^n&riaequS Ucus mSdIcds, Stfttlnasqug rSnatas. St.S.3. v. 104. 

Dicltiir InsTgnis flSgrasse ^nari& quondam. Sev. jE. 426. 
Mn^&das, artim, to. Patronym. [665. 

Quis ggntis -^ngftdum, quis Trojae nesclJlt urbSm ? F. ^. i. 

Eructant coelo, pdptills cSpiit ^nS^Ldari&m, Av. D. 117- 
^nfifides, ae, m. Patronym. 

Pert Hb«r ^nfiilden : et non YtSr 6mn« pStebit ? Ot;. P. 1 . i. 35. 

^neas, ae, m. 

Cum Trojam ^neas Itfilos portarSt in agros ; Ov. F. iv. 261. 
iGnels, idYs, and idtfs,/. 

£t t&mgn Hie tiiae f ellx iEneidds auct5r~-0t; T. ii. 533. 

^neidds vati grandS fiilssSt dpiis. Ov. P. 3. iv. 84. 

In this line ^neidos is either a trisyllable, t^^e ei being 

made long by synieresis ; or a quadrisyllable, with the £ short, 

as in the preceding iGneades, as derived from the Greek 

Aivkag, which is found as well as Aivtiat. 
^neliis, &, iim, adj, 

Tl^riis, et friiges, ^neYttque armft iSgentilr, Ov. ^. 1. xv. 25. 


JEnidas, arttm^ m. Patronym. 

Mnldsd cariB sflcYum dig^sKbfitf hi^irCnt F, F, iiL 4. 

Plur& Sappho comprttbavKt, ^dles et cflet«ri. 7. IT. 669. 

( Trochaic Tcir, cat.) 
JE6Hii, ae,f, 

M6liam v«nYt. Hlc vwtd rex M^WSta intre^f". ^. i. 69. 

MdVicH di&lectds autem mist^ f erme est ItUs. 7. if. 649. 

( Track. Tetr. cat.) 

^5ltde8, SB, m. Patrmym, 

Misenum .^^Hden : quo non prsestanti5r alt^r — V. JE. vi 164. 
Plur. ^dlYdae, D5l5pe8qii^ s5lum riiperS c5IdnT, Luc, vi. ^84. 
Sic &Iibi ggnSrat Detune* rupes iEdlidartlm» Pris, P, 475. 
* By synsresis. al, ^ttlYarttm. 

JE6li8, Ydis, andXd6»,f. Patrcnym, 

IBXXis intSr^a tantdrum Ignartt raftldriiin — (kt, M. x\, 6*Jfi. 
Hsee est ^dlYdos fratrf scribentis imagd : Ov. H. xi. 5. 
P/ttr. ^dlYdesque dShinc tiimYdis se fluctYbtts Sdilnt 
In8iilsB-.^i;. D, 623. 

.£6lYtts, &, iim, adj* 

HsBc p&tSr ^5lii8 prttp^rat dum LenmYiis orfg: V, M, viii* 454. 

^ttltls, 1, m. 

TempSret ut ventds iEdltis { exsiil «rd. Ov. H, x. 66. [224. 
iEdldnf Hipp5tftden, c5hYbentem careers ventos : Ov, M. xiv. 
f Greek accusative. 

^dni&, m,f, 

Prdximft tu, gSnYtrix JEoai^ sanguYafi mixtA — Jui* Par. ii» 1 . 
^phtdffis, or ^pYtitis, II, fim, adj, 

^phitYos idem arddl- ftgros, et Psophidft celsttm— ^^» T. iv. 896. 

^pitifiqu^ di&ces f figYunt, PheneiquS phttlangte. ix. 847. 
JE^% j^58, n. [180. 

Oiuds ThrYtfo, et sumnus mgestum montYbiis Mpf, Si, T, iv. 

^pj^tiis, 1, •». 

^pj^ti3LS, et fizo transverber&t Hdpl^& tergo, St, T, x. 400. 

^quaniis, I, m. 

ConcYpe, Hit, dignCim factis, ^quanS« ftiror^m — JSiL v. 162. 

^quaniis, &, iim, cid;. 

— — — feIicY& Baccho 

^quana; et ZSphj^ro Surrentum mdllS s&lubri. S&L v. 466. 
^quTcittJl and ^quictUft, se, m, 

Venatu nemfirum, dfliis ^qulciilil glebis. F. M, vii. 747- 
ifi^qlcdliSs and ^quiciUfis, T, m. [93. 

Quintum Laurentes, bis quintum ^quic51i&8 aspSr, Ov. F, iii. 

iEfquIcttltts, ft| iim, adj, 

SimbriivYo, rastrisquS ddmant ^quictUft rilrfi. Sil, viii. 369. 

Si non ASrdpen frater scelSratfis ftmassSt; Ov. T, ii. 391. 

mOuM md £sftc58, 1, m. 

JBBMcHa umbrosa furtim p^perissS sttb Ida— Ov. M. xi. 762. 


^B&r, Ys, and ^sftrtb, i, m. 

I, p«t« divers! l&plddsas iBtilrys Ondas. Oo. M, zv. 28. 
^sftrtts hic amnu salsa coDvertMr uoda, Av. D, 618. 

InvSnYt iEsAriSi fatalYil fliiminirs orft: Ov, M. xv. 54. 
^schYntts, i, m. 

CtesYpho ! Sj^e. JSBschYntta tlbi est f £Uum ! te expectf t 
d5mi. HSm 1 Ter. ^<^. 2. iii. 7. ("/. Tefr. acat.) 
MactaUdbrlli, s, /. 

^schrttddrft tu, qus ftmicos tYbi h&bes lenonum smfilds — 

Plaut. Pt. 1. ii. 62. (Trock, Tet. cat.) 

Machf\Sfim, &, ilm, ae0, [41. 

Desine St^sch^l^o c5mponSrS verbft cSthurnd, jProp.2. xxxiv. 

^Bchj^ltbs, 1, m. 

iEschj^ltis et m6dYcis instravit pulpYt& tlgnis, Hor. A* P. 279. 

^scttlapYiis, 1, m. 

^actUapYo huic h&beto, qudm ptidlca es, gratiam. Plaut, Cur. 

6. iiL 21. (Troeh. Tet. cat,) 
^sepYiiB, }k, tim, adj, 

Ampj^cYdes, pitYt adversis ^sepYft sHvis 

FlumYna— r. F, iii. 421. 
^sernY&, s,/. 

£t quos aiit Rufr8P, qu5s aut iEsgrnYft, quosvS — SiL viii. 566. 
^sYs, Ys, m. 

Quis JEsis regnatdr Srat; fliivYoque rSliquYt 

Nom^n — SiL viii. 444. 
Mson, dnYS) m. 

£t casu, sdlYto formosYSr ^sdnS nattis — Ov, M, vii. 84. 
^stfnYdes, Bi, m, Patronym, 

Cum SIC ^sdnYdes ; cui deberS s&lut^m — Ov. M. vii. 164. 
^sJ^nYiiS) ft, tim, adj, 

Ausiis Hf ^s5nY&, dioSre, ced£ ddmo. Ov. IT. xii. 134. 
^sdpeiis, or ^sopiiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quas ^sopeas, non -ffisopi, nomYno, Phad, 4. Prol. 1 1. f/. Tr.J 
The penultima is shortened by Ausonius : 

-ffisopYam trYmetrYftm : Aua, Epist. xvi. 78. (I, D,) 

_ s,I,i«. ICLTr.) 

-Sl85ptts auctor quam matgrYam repSrYt, Phad. 1. Prol. 1, 
^staa, 8B,/. [(Gr. Ale) 

Vt sempgr udum Tibiir gt iEsiUae— Hor, C. 3. xxix. 6. 
^thftlYdes, SB, m. 

^thftlYdes sttbYtas nerv5 r^dSuntg sftgittfts— F. F, i 437. 
^thftlYon, onis, m. 

£ quYbiis JEthftlYon ; Te scHYcet omnYs Yn uno—Ov. M. iii. 647. 
iEthftlYds, T, m. 

JEth&lYon vita sptflYavYt ttt IsYdYs hosp^s, Ov, lb. 623. 
Athlon, 5nYs, m. 

^thionquS sftgax quondam venturft vYderS; Ov. M. v. 146. 
^thY5pYft, SB,/. 

£x ^thYttpYa est usque hsec. Hic sunt tres mYnse. Ter, Enn, 

3. ii. la (I. Tr.) 
12 ^ 


DelevYt firbem Dadb it AthVdps ; Hor, C. 3. yi. 14. (Gr. Ah.) 
Oltimtts JEthldpum Itfctts est, ttbY maxTmfis Adis— K. iff. 

IV. 481. 

^thdn, on^B, m. 

^thonin CapftoKo, &c. (Phalac.) 

iEthrft, a,/. 

£i quasdam voces retilHt iBthrft mYhi. Or. H. xvii. 150. 
JEtnUf BSff, 

Ipse ; 8«d horrmcis juxta tttn&t iBtaft rt&inis, F. M. iii. 671. 

Exsiilftt ; ^tnsos vldit Cyclopes Clixes. V, JB. xi. 203. 


Nee tanti CiClj^don, nee tdta iEtolYft tanti ; Ov. A. 3. vi. 37* 

^tonclis, &, ttm, adj. 

Nam cum iSone, et cum SxcStra, ciim cSrvo, cum apro ^tollcoi 
Ptoti*. Per. 1. i. 3. (L Tet acat.) 
iCtollfs, Ydls, and Ydte, adj.f. 

Forsitftn et pulsa* MibWdA Deiilnira, Ov.HAx, 131. 
* No elision. 
i£tolYi&B, ft, ttm, a4f . 

AfixUtumqufi p^tit ; vires ^toliiis herds 
Sxcusat— Ov. M. xiv. 461. 

.^t^fis, a, ttm, tf^f. 

Noo er¥t auxmo nobis MibV&s St ArpT : V. M. xi. 42a 

Af^r, tT, «i. 

Tdtis diebtts, Af^r, hoc mYhi narras, Mart, 4. xxxvii. 6. 

(L Hipponaet. or Scazon.) 
AfSr, r&, rtimi adj. 

ArmentarYtis Af^r ftgit, tectumqu6, L&remquS, K G. iii. 344. 

Nee regem Afrorum noscenda ad coeptft m5ratt&r — «$'i7.iv. 722. 

Afrft, SB, /. 

AfranVfis, i, m. 

Jurg pftrT rectdr castris AfranYtts Ulis, Luc. iv. 4. 


AMc& vTctorem de se viScftt ; altgr Isauras, Ov. F. i. 693. 

Africanus, I, ttm, adf. [fl. Tr.) 

NSque Airicand, cui sttper CarthagYnem — Her. Ep, ix. 26. 
Phir. Magnis cedCrS cogYs Africanis: Jlfar^.4.xiv.d. (PhaUgc.) 

AfrYctts, 1, m. 

Hinc Ndttts, hinc BtfrSas, hinc fuscis AfrYctts alls — i9t7.xii. 617. 

AfrYctts, &, ttm, adj. 

Ductoresque ftlH, quos AfrYcS terrfi trlumphla — V. M. iv. 37. 

Agftmemndn and AgXmemno, SnYs, m. [553. 

Cdndamant D&nili, stYmttlatque Agftmemntt vMentes : St. A. i. 
Quid tAmSn exspectas? Ag&memndn& poenYtSt Trae, Ov. H. 

iii. 83. 
AgftmemndnYdSs, ae, m. Patronym. 

Par Agftmemn5nYdae crimen, sed causH fltcTt rem 
DlssYmYlem — Jtfv..viii. 215. 

13 c 


AglimemndnliiB, ^ fim, adj. [^89^ 

At DilDttQm ^rMiHa, Agimematalaqtte philingtte, F^ JB, ri. 

Aginippe, es,/. {872: 

CoucYniiit felTx HeUcon, fluxitque Agttnippe— CZsimI. M. T. C 

Agftnippetis, &, tim, a<^. 

Pons Agftnippea rermessKiis ediic&t unda : Claude L, S. 8. 

Ag&nTppIs, Ydts, and \d66, adj.f. \j[Spond.) 

OIcTtS, qu£ fontes Ag&nippYdtts Hippocrenes, O0. /*. v. 7* 

Agjlthiniis, T, ffr. 

Summft lYcet yeldx, AgHthmK, p^riciUft Ifidis^ifaff. 9. Y¥TI1. \, 

Agrftthecles, cIYs, and cl^te, m. 

CM Rex Ag&th5cle8 regnator fiiYt, H Yterum PTnthBl, JPfotHL 
Men, 2. iii. 69. ^TVocA. Tti, cat.) 
In the foUowing line, Plautus either makes the antepenu^ 
tima long, or admits an hiatus in the preceding foot 
VirtutS regi Agathficli antScesserTs. Ps. 1. v. 118. (I. Tr.) 
Fama est nctilibus ccenasse Ag&thocie& regCm* Aw, E. Yuk. )• 

Ag&thocletts, a, tim, adj. 

Hic Ag&thocleis sedes 5mattt trdpaeis ; Sil. xiv. 652. 
Agathyrn»,8e,/. [269i 

MTUe Agftthymft d^it, perflatftqu« TrogYltts AOstris, SiL xir. 
Agftthyrsi, drttm, m, [146w 

Cretesque* Drj^dpesquS fr^munt pictique Agilthyrn; F, ^ it. 
* By ciesura, or as coming before two consonants. 

Agave, es,/. 

Felix Agave, fftcTntts horrendnm, mina — Sen. Ph. 368: 
Nunc redde Agaven, ftnimS, quid mdrtem times? Id. (Ed. 

933. (I. Tr.) 

Agavi, driim, m. [AlanT. 

Hos SquYtes supra c^lSres fund&ntiir Agavi ; Pria. P. 2999. aL 

AgSlades, 86, m. 

Nee Pfilj^cletea, nee Phradmttnfe, afit AgSladie— Co^. 80. 

Agendr, drfe, m. 

Funics regnft vYdes, T j^rios, St AgentfrYs iirbSm : V. M. i. 338; 

Agentfr^&s, fi, ilm, adj. 

StabYs AgendrSi fronts vM§ndtt bdvTs. Ov. F. vi. 712. 
Agendndds, s, m, Patronym. 

LTquit AgenttrYdes SidonYft mcenYfl Cadmtts, Ov. P. \. iii. 77* 

Plur. — — — rgducit 

Palldr Agendridas % tsedet fi&glentibiis nti^St. T. xii. 736. 

Aginntim, i, n. 

Santdniis ut sTbY BurdYgiUam, mox jungYt AgTnni&m — Aus. 

Epist. xxiv. 79. 

Agis, Ys, and YdYs, m. [731* 

Hunc pSdYtem pSdfis. Ct LJcYOs prQcSssSrSt AgYs, F. AS. x. 

AglaYe, es,/. 

CynthYils, et Musae, Bacehi&s, St Agl&Ye. F, Cat. xi. 60. 

Aglaur6s, or Aglaurtts, 1,/. [785. 

Sic 5ptU est. Aglaurtts Sa est. Haud plur& I5catft — Ov. M. ii. 


AgUUto, I, m. (J. Tr,) 

D^exlt: MllSm qiwilts mvSni ^Ufim, ^iw.;Sap. .SU. 27. 

Agmon. See Hagmon. 

AgrualTS, orftm, n. 

Pars pHt&t hdc festum pnscis AgnalYH dictiim ; Ov, F. i. 325. 
AgonalYs, ]e, 04^'. 

J anils Agonafi lucS plandiis Srtt. Ov. F. i. 318. 

Agdni&, oHim, ». 

Ad Janura r^Sat, qui quser&t Agdnift quid sTnt: Ov. F, v. 72U 
Agonis, idis» and idiSs,/. 

AlTam v5cavit mos tfinax Agonidfi. ^i;. 0. 3f. 214. (I. Tr,) 
Agdristdcles, Ys, m. 

S«d evdcabo.- Heus, 1 ftras AgSrastficles, Pte«r. Pcp«. 1. i. 77. 
Agritgantiniis, &, ilm, a<$. [717- 

Qudrum Agr^antinus cum primis £mp£dttcles est : Lucr. i. 
Agragas. See Acragas. 
Agre, es,/. 

£t p^djfbus PtSr^as, et naribils uttlfo Agre ; Ov. M. Hi. 212. 
Agr6«s, pi. TO. [886. 

ChaftlSsa post hds atque Agrees : inde prdpinquftt — Pris. P. 
Agreiu, orGm, m. 

Chablitenqug d^lunc, Agreni rursiis, tt ind«— ^v. D. 1134. 
Agreus, eiJs, m. [912. 

Jamque SdSrant Instructi armis EpIdaurftLs Agreus, St. T. vi. 

Instantem valid Pj^lmm titm^n AgrSft Hxtt M x. 682. 

AgTlcTClS, 1, 971. 

Agrici) Ific pSsitns poatSridrS I6cd. Jus. Prof. xiv. 2. 
AgrTfgentiiitts,*a, ttm, arf^'. [(^/. Jr.^ 

ScSlestfiS) Agr^fentiniis, urbis proditjir : Plaui. It PrvL 50. 
AgrY5doB, dntis, m. 

lAbrtts, a AgrKddis, a$t ^cute vocis H^lact5r : Ov. M. iii. 224. 
AgrTppH, «, TO. 

Parte *Ka et ventis et dis Agrippft sScundis— V. jE. viii. 682. 

— — — matrisquS siib armis 

M9es AgrTppft stLse, VSn^rTsque ab drfginS pr5les — Man. i. 796, 
AgnppinJt, a,/. 

Insanum. MYniis erg5 n5cens Srit Agnppinae 

Boletus — Juv. vi. 620. (Spond,) 
Agr]f5s, and Agrti&s, T, to. 

Heu devotii dtfmts ! edUo sSdSt Agrids alto : Ov. H. ix. 153. 

Agyieus, S5s, to. 

Levis Agyieu. Hor. C. 4. vi. 28. (Adonic.) 

Agyllft, se,/. 

^vo depdsiiit nomSn Agyll& vStiis. Au«. i. 226. 


LittfrS conreptum stagnis demisYt Agylle, SiL v. 17. 

Agyllefis, fi58, and e\, m. 

Membrii, ClSonsae stirpis jactatttr Agylleus, St. T. vL 837- 

47aindtt8 €t celsum pvocurvlit Agylieii Tydeus— /&><i. 852. 

15 C2 


Agf llintts, ft, ihn, adj. 

DQctt AgylliDA aeqiudquam 2z QcM •Mtos— F. ^. vii. 652. 

Agjhnniis, ^ iiin, <m^'. 

*Def%i£runt: Agjhnnft mtoui, gemliioqaB UU&sA — SU, xiv. 
* Systole. 270. al, Ag&thyraS. 

Agyrtes, se, m. 

ArmtgSr, et ceso g^nitdre InfamTs Agyrtes. Ov. M. v. 148. 
Ajax, ac!s, m. 

Atque Ajax armis, non Ajaci armft pfituntOr. Ov. M, xiii. 97- 
AUbandtt, ortim, n. [70. 

HTc Andro, UlS SttmSf, hic Tr&lllfbiis, aut Alftbandis, Jtm, iii. 
t Elision not observed. 
Alttbandtciis, &, fim, a<^'. 

At paQper rlfgiii custos Al&bandYciis horti — OraU 46. 
AliMs, is, m. [227. 

Nee non qui potant Hypsamque Alftbimqu^ sOnoros, SiL xiv. 
Alalc5mSnaeiis, ft, Urn, adj. 

DucTt Ithonaeos, St AlalciimSn8e& MYnervffi 

Agminft— 5ir. T. vii. 330. 
AlftmannT, orftm, m. 

Hffic Al&n&nnorum spdlHs, AustralYbtls iUft— CfatMl. 2. C. ^17. 
Alilm§nn¥&, se,/. 

ImploratquS tiium supplex AUmannTft n5mj<n. CI. 4. C. J7. 449. 
Alands, 1, m. 

NSc te Sarm&tlco transYt Alantts JSquo. Mart, 7* xxx. 6. 

£t 8^u£rer duros setirni Martls Alands. Lw, viii. 223. 
Alaniis, fi, iim, o^/. 

Pro L&tlo dficttit gentis praeclariis Alanae ; Claud, B. Get, 583. 
Aliiriciis, T, m. . 

£n Al&rictts, &it, non qualem nup£r dvant^m — CL 6. C. H. 154. 
Alastfir, 5ris, tn. 

Armenti, DitisquS n5ta signattts Alast5r, Claud. R. P. i. 284. 

Coer&ndn, HippftsMen, £t AlSstdr&que f, Chrdm¥umquS» Ou. 

i»f. xiii. 257. 
X By cssura, or as coming before two consonants. 
Alathreus, Sds, and ei, m. [yii. 300. 

Impr5bft conniibn : nee longum et pulchSr Alathrefls — St. TT. 
Alaudft, ae, m. 

Lecticarlfdla est: estis, AlaGdil, pftres. Mart. 12. Iviii. 2. 
Alazdn, 6nis, and 5n5s, m. 

' £rtiit, et tota non afldYt Alazdnft npa : F. F. vi. 601. 
Alba, 86, /. 

Alb&que &b AscAnio condM L5ng& dttdS. Tii. 2. v. 50. 

AlbanT, driim, m. 

— — — hicqu^ fSrdcSs 

Degunt Albani : trux illlc arvJt Cftdustis — Jv. D. 907- 

Albantis, ft, dm, adj. 

At Juno e summd qui nunc Albanils hftbetilr, V. JE. xii. 134. 

Albinft, »,/. 

Ne pr!5r Albinam et MddYam collegft sftlutSt. Juv. iiL 1^. 


C8ao gaOdSre ft MnS rSm gl^rtre AlUnftvano, Hor, E. 1. viii. 
Albintts, L 

FUn&s Albini, Si dS qulncunc^ rSmota est— JEfor. jt. P. 327. 
AlbWnes, ttm, m. [(^i. Jr.; 

Prtfpinqu& run&s insOla AlMSnum pftta, ^v. O. 3f. 112. 
AlMs, Ys, m. 

AlMs, fit indtfmlftum Rheni cftpiit : ommbiis hastes — Luc, ii. 52. 
Albltts, 1, ffi. [iv. 28. 

Hunc cftpYt argSnti splendor; stfipSt AlbiUs srS; /for. 5. I. 
AlbucYtts, 1, m. 

CanMYa, Albuci, quibtts est rnimk^, v^neniim: Hor. S* 2. i. 48. 
AlblQX, tt, AfM^ Albtilse, [undae,] artim, /. 

Albfiltt, quem Thybrfn mersus TibMntts !n unda 

ReddldU^-Ov. F. u. 389. 

Crudarum nfibmee qu6d Albftlariim, Mart, 4. iv. 2. (PhalaeJ 
AIbttn&, ae,/. [89. 

Quisque Albunl sficras TiMns per fluminft sortes— rid. 2. v. 
Albiin«il, ae,/. [Tetr. 

Quam ddmiis Albiinfo riSsdnantis, Hor. C, I, vii. 12. CDacfy/. 
Albumtta, i, m. 

Plurimtts Alburnum vdlYtans, cu! nomSn ilslld — F, G, i, 147. 
Alcsetts, I, m. 

Nee plus Alcseus, consdrs pHtriaequg, l^rsquS, Ou, H, xv. 29- 
AlcandSr, dri, m. [JE, ix. 767* 

Alcandriimque, UiUtumque, NJSemdn&que*, Prj^ULnimquS, F. 
* By ceestsrai or as coming before two consonants. 
Alcantfr, 8rTs, m, 

Pand&rtte, et BMas, Idseo AlcandrS cretT, F. M, ix. «72. 
Alc&tb5e, es, /. 

Tuttis id Alc&thden, L«lSgeiK mcenii, lim«s— Ot;. M, viL 443. 
Alcilthdtts, T, m, [747. 

Csdlfctts Alc&thdum obtruncat fiacratdr H j^daspen ; F. ^. x. 
Alee, es,/. [iii. 217- 

£t Drdm&s, et C&nttce, Sticteque, et Tigris, St Alee, Ov, M, 
Alceddntk, orttm, n. 

Tranquillum 'sL AlceddnYii sunt circum fbriim. Plant, Cos. 

Prol. 26. (1. Tr.J 

Alceidae, arfim, m. Patr<mym, 

Alceldas fratres tdtid&m quos emini&s hastis — St, T. xii. 7^4. 
AlcSsYmarchiis, T, m, 

Hic ftpud nds, AlcSsimarchS, confregisti tessSram, Pktut, Cist, 

2. i. 27. (Troch, Tet, cat.) 
AlcesYmtto, I, m. Idas, 3. i. 1. 

Nunc ftmiclf , anne Tnimlci sis imago, AlcSsimS, mihi~ P/au^ 
t No elision. 
Alceste, es, and AlcestTs, Ys,/. 

Adversia perferrS fkces. AlcestYs &b omni — F, €uL 261. 
Nee mYnOr Alcestem famii silb astr& fgrftt Mart, 4. Ixxv. 6. 
AlcYdfimSs, antYs, m. [369. 

Qua pktCr AlcldAmis plScYdam de cdrpdrS nats^Ov. M. viL 
17 c3 


Alcides, a, m. 

Ct fertts AlcidSs AchOSYH cdmttft frigVt ; Oo. H. zvi. 265. 
AlcYmede, es,/. [195. 

Non pr»b&t Aldm^dS m&tir tttft; consOlS matrem : Ov, H, vi. 
AlcKmSdon, tfs, m. 

F&gYnft, cselatam divini tfpiis AlclmSdontifs : V. B, iii. 37- 
AlcYmiis, i, m. [Ixxxix. 1. 

AlcYme, qugm raptam dl(mYn5 CTe8c8ntn)tt8 annis — Mart. 1. 
AIcYndtis, i, m. 

Pomftquei St AlcYnJJi silvaB ; nee turcttliis Id«ni — F. G, ii 87- 
Alcippe, es,/. 

Quid fkcSrem ? nSque Sgo AlcTppSn, n€c PhyllYda, hftbeb&m, 

r.JJ. vii. 14. 
AlcYthfie, es,/. 

At non AlcYthde MYnj^eYfts drgY& censSt — Ov. M, iv. 1. 
Alcmaeo, and Alcmseon, SnYs, m. 

£t qu!dem Alcmso, atque Orestes, et Lj^curgus postSa — 
PlauL Cap, 3. iv. 30. (Troch, Tetr, cat.) 
AlcmsdnYiis, ft, Urn, adj. 

Aut Alcmiednlse ArYse, afit jejunYft PhlneT. Prop, 3. v. 41. 
Alcman, anYs, m. 

Ibj^ciis, et tStrYcis Alcman cantatiis Amyclis, St, 8, 6. iii. 153. 
Alcmenft, s, or Alcmene, es, or Alctimenft, s,/ 

TristYs Amymone, parvoque Alcmenft si&perbYt 

HercttlS— 5^ T, vi. 288. 

ArgttlYs Alcmene, questiis UbY ponftt ftntles, Ov,M, ix. 276. 

QuTcum nupta 'st Alcilmenft. QuYd ftis 7 quid nomen tYbl 'st ? 
Plant, Amp. 1. i. 288. (Troch. Tet, cat J 
Alcdn, dnYs, and ontis, m. 

Alcon hesternd signum J5vis attYgYt. llli— Aut. E. Ixxiv. 1. 

Aut Alconis bftbes laudes, aut jurgift Codri. F, B. v. 11. 

Alcon ti, DftsioquS, SymmftchdquS, Mart. 6. Ixx. 6. (Phalac) 
Alcj^5ne, es, and Hftlcyfine,/. [133. 

LucYdftque Alcj^dne, Circeque, St Alym5n£ natft, Ov, H, xix. 
Alcj^6neiis, ft, iimi and Halcj^Oneiis, adj. 

Or€ fUgant mftctilas : AlcJ^flneft vacant. Ov. M, F. 78. 
AIc^5neus, ei, and Sds, m. [iii. 185. 

Alcj^5neu8 per stagnft pSdes Tyrrhenft cilcurrYt ? Claud, R. P, 
Aldesci, oriim, m. 

Hic sant Aldesci qudquS, PftntYcftpiquS fliientft : Pria. P. 306. 

AlSft 8B f. 

Aiit Ales lucis vidit TftgSfleft sftoerdos : St, S. 4. vi. 52. 
Alebtis, 1, tn. 

SYbT sdndrtis Alebtis amnYs efflUYt. Av, O. M. 466. (L Tr,J . 
Alecto, us,/. 

Alect5 mSdYas Itftlum bacchatft pSr urbes. K ^. x. 41. 
AleYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quique ftb Squo prseceps in AleYft decYdYt arvft ; Ov, lb, 259. 
Alemanni. Alemannia. See Alamanni, &c. 
Alemdn, 5nYs, m. 

Nam fttit ArgttlYco gSnerittis Alem5n« quidftm— Ot;. M, xv. 19. 


AlemtoYdes, ae, m. Patronym. 

Sdrgft AlemtfnYdes, UUsyOqall rteSntitt mintt^Ov. M. xv. 26. 

Alesa. 5'«e Halesa. 

Aletes, se, m.- 

Hic annis gravis atque &nimT maturiis Aletes : F. jE. ix. 240. 

AletheSi se, m. 

CdncYlTum Infaustum dlctis mulceb&t Alethes : St, T. iii. 178. 
Alethius, I. m, 

Rhetdr Algthi. Jus. Prof. vi. 5. (AnapatHe. Monom.) 
Alevas, as, m. 

QudaquS pfitas fidos^ut Lanasseils Alevas, Ov. lb, 326. 
Al^iis, &, iim, adj. 

^ Cyllene, templumque Alte nem^rftlS MTnervae, St. T. ir. 286. 
Aletts, &, iiin, adj. [26. 

Qui mtsUr in campTs mcerens Irrabllt Aleis. Cie. T. Q. iii. 
Alex, ects, m. 

FlumSn Alex, GraTae rexSrunt iXntSft cymbse. ^». D. 616. 
Alexander, dri, m. 

IgnYs Alexandn Phr^gio sub pSct^rS glisceiis — Lucr. i. 476. 

Alexandreil, and Alexandria, se,/. 

NoxYa Alexandre^, ddlis aptissYmtt telliis, Prop. 3. xi. 33. 

Alexandrint&s, ft, iim, adj. 

NSque Alexandrinft belliiaUi conchy liatft tftpet]f&. Plaut. Ps. 

l.ii. 14. (I. Tetr.acaU) 
Alexirh6e, es,/. 

Ferttir AJexirhfie, Granlco natft bicomi, Ov. M. xl. 763. 

Alexfe, Ys, m. 

CClm mYnYmum vatT milnfis AlixYs Srttt. Mart. 6. xvi. ] 2. 

Alfeniis, 1, f». [130. 

Optimtis est m6diil&t6r, iit Alfeniis vttfSr, omnT^^or. S. 1. iii. 

Alfiiis, I, TO. 

HaBc ttbY Ittcutus foen«rat«r Alfiiis, Hor. Ep. ii. 67- (L Tr.j 
Algidiim, T, n. and AlgYdiis, f, to. in plur. AlgYdS, n. [16. 

AlgYdiis aut horrens, aut TusciUft pr5t£git umbrH : St. S. 4. iv. 

— — — nfic limoenft rStentant 

AlgYdtt, nee jiixta Junonia tectll Gftbmae. Sil. xii. 63?. 
AlgYdiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Nee Tiisctilanos, AlgYdosvl^ secessCts. Mart. 10. xxx. 6. (Scaz.) 
AlYacmon, and Aliagmon, dnis, to. [179. 

fit frustrft rftpYdum damnftnt AlYftcmdnft Bessl. CUrni. B. Get. 
AlYbidft, s, TO. 

Hiic AlYbidft v«nT : fessiis jam sudftt ftselliis. V. Cop. 26. 
AlYdensYs, S, adj. 

Interdum in pallam, atque AlYdensYtt, CliTftquS vertunt. Lucr. 
iv. 1123. (But the readings are very various. ) 

St cftptivom nium AlYdensem ? M<k rbv 'AiroXXw. £t ser- 
v5lum— P/au/. Cap. 4. ii, 100. (Troch. Tet. cat,) 
Alim^nYdes, s, m. Patronym. 

Prdntts AlImenYdes ferratse robdrft ^it»—St, T. x. 610. 


AKmfotts, T, fR. 

SidSri, j&m nOllSs vltilrtts Alimenfts drtOs, Si. T, x. 306. 
Alfe, tdfa,/. [26. (L TrJ 

Mmcua MSnarchtts Smlt Hndem In AUd«. Plaut, Cap. Prol. 

Stringit frugYf^ras felix AlX85ntX& ripas. Aus, Ed, x. 371. 
AHiis, a, tim, adj, 1(1. Tr.J 

Qur& bellum ^toGs cssfi dlxi cum AlHs : Pteui. Cap. iVo^ 59. 
Alledliis, I, m. 

Mi^dres. TTbi hftbS frumSntum, Alledliis inquit, Juv. v. 118. 

£t dainnatil dYu Romams AU» faslas. Luc. vii. 409. 
AllIfjBe, artim,/. 

AlIifiBB, et CUn!d contemtse semp^Sr Acerrae: Sil. viii. 535. 

Ailifaniis, &, tim, a^;. 

Orithyift, d6md8 : hinc Allifaniis lacchoSil. xii. 526. 

AlITiis, I, m. 

AllYtta, Argjhrlpa Dauniqu^ prttCectOs Hb arvls, Sil. iv. 554. 

AllobrttgYcils, tt, iim, (u(;. 

COr AlldbrOgfcis et magna gaudSftt ara — Juv. viii 13. 

Allobrox, 6giB, and inplur. Allobr5g£s, tim, c. g. [pur.) 

Ntfvisqufi rebiis mndelYs All5br6x. Hor. Ep. xvl 6. (I. Tr. 
YbcfhlXs Alldbrfigum p&trYbus pdptildquS p&teb&t. Cic. Div. i. 12. 
Ruftim, qui tfitlfes CicSronem AllobrSgH dixtt. Juv. vii. 214. 

Almo, onlfs, w. [(Scaz.) 

Phrj^giaequS Matris Alm5 qua Iftvat ferriim. Mart. 3. xlvii. 2. 
Praelatoqufi Iftvas Phr^gtos Alm6n« l66nes. CL B. Gild. 1 19. 

AloeuSi et, and Sds, m. 

ImpYtts bic prolem siipSris TmmisU Aldeus. Luc. vi. 410. 
Aloidse, ariim, m, 

Hic St Aloidafi gSmYnos TmmaniH vidi 

C6rp8r&— r.^.vi. 682. 
AldpecS&, ae,/. 

Insiilft m5lS grftvi stans, Al5pecS& latft. Pris. P. 564. 
Alpes, liim, and in sing. AlpYs, is, /. 

Turn sc!at afirias Alpes et Noricft si quis— F. G. iii. 474. 

AlplbJis eequatum attoUens cjlpiit Apennint&s. Sil ii. 314. 


Nee qudt ilpes Hyble, nee qudt in AlpS f^rs. Ov. ^. ^. iii. 150. 
AlpbeK&s, &dis, and ftdds, /. 

Cum c&ptit £lels Alphei&s exttUit find is : Ov.M.-v. 487. 
Alphendr, dris, m. 

AspYcit Alphendr, l&ntat&quS pgct6rft plangeus, Ov. M. vi. 248. 
AlphSsYbceft, se,/. 

Alphfislboea silos ulta est pro conjiigfi fratres. Prop. 1. xv. 15. 
AlphSsYbcetis, T, m. 

Saltantes Satj^ros imitabUiir AlphSsibcetts. K B. v. 73. 
Alpheiis, and Alphefts, T, m. [599. 

Quo prdpgras, Arfithusa? sifis Alpheiis ab undis— 0». if. v. 

Quid ? non Alpheon (tiversis curr6r£ terns— Oo. A. 3. vi. 29. 


Alpheus, ft, iim, adj, 

Aut Alpheft rdtSs pnelabi iLOmYxitt Pise F. G. iii. 180. 

Alpiniis, T, ns. [x. M. 

Tuigid^ Alpinus jttgi&l&t cbim M«miitta&, dumqu«— /f«r. S. 1. 

Aipinfis, ii, iim, adf, 

Alplnl Bttr^ae nilnc hfnc nilnc flatlbOs iliinc — V, i£. iv. '442. 

AlsTiim, 1, n. 

AlsYum, et obsessae campo squalen tJS FrSgenae. 5iL Till. 476. 

Als!ils, ^f Urn, adj. 

Alsi^ praelSgYtur tellGs, Pyrgfqu^ r^cedOiit RuL i. 228. 

Alstts, 1, m. 

STc rigido Itttiis ensS f^rit. Pekl&lfrYlis Alstira— r. ^. xii. 304. 
AlthseS, as,f. 

Cum vYdfit extmctos fratres AlthseSl rtferri. Ov, M. viii. 446. 

AltinaSi atlfs, adj, 

Taxique*, pmusque, AldnatesquS gSnistaey Grat, 130. 
• By csesura. 

Altlniim, i, n, 

JEmhl&t Balanis Altini litSrft villis, Mart. 4. xxv. 1. 

Aljfattes, U, and Si, m, 

Quam sT MygdSniis regnum Alj^att^— Hor. C. 3. xvi. 41. 

(Chor» TeL Atclep.) 
Alymdn, ^nYs, m. [133. 

LucYd&que Alc^5ne, Circeque, St Alym5ii£ natft, Ov» H, xix. 
AmSQ theft, se,/. 

NftYs Amalthiaf, Cretaea nobYIYs Ida, Ov. F, v. 116. 
f By csesara, or as coming \>efore two consonants. 
Amaniis, T, m. 

Cappftddces, dun ptfptQus non culttfr Amftni, Lw:, iii. 244. 
AmftryllYs, Ydis, and idfts,/. 

Postquam nos AmftryllYs hftbet, Gftlftteft rSlfquYt. V. B. i. 31. 

NonnS ftut sfttius tristes Araftryllidis Iras — Ibid* ii. 14. 
Amftseniis, i, «i. [685. 

Quds, AmftsenS, pftter. Non illis omntbtis armft^ — V. M. vii. 
AmasYs, is, m. 

Non mYhi pyrftmidum tiimulls SvulstLs AmasYs — Lwi» ix. 155. 

Amastrft, ae, /. 

VenYt Amastrft vYrTs, et pftrvo nomYnC Ttsse. Sih xiv. 267. ' 
AmastrYftciis, ft, tim, adj» 

Aut iit Amastriftcis quondftm Lenseiis ftb oris — Ov. /6. 331. 
AmastrYs» Ys,/. 

AmastrY PontYca, et Cj^t6r« buxYfSr. CW. iv. 13. (L Tr,) 
Amastriis, I, m. [673. 

PrsecYpYtes pftrYterquS rtiunt ; his addYt Amastriim, V, M. xi. 
Amatft, se,y. 

TOmiis, ftn ^neas LfttYse %^vAr essSt Amfttae, Oo. F. iv. 679. 
Amftthus, untis,/. [51. 

£8t Amftthus, est celsft mYhl Pftphtis, atquS Cj^therft, V, M. x. 

At 81 fortft rfiges ftecundam Amftthuntft mStaUi, Ov, M, x. 220. 


Amltfausttciis, ft, iim, adf, 

LactentSs vYtfiloc, Ain&thuittcisv« Udentes : Ov. J#. x. 22?. 

AmithiisTtuB, ft, iim, adj. 

COlte pOer, pii€riqu« pftrtna AmithQatt cOlfi, Ov. i#. 3. xv. 15. 

Amazon, ttnYs, aiul tote,/. [2V.; 

Turn aaeva Amiz5n filtlmiia dScYdit tibnttr. ifon. 7r. 24& r^- 
POlsant et picds bellantOr Amazfinte armis ; F. JB. xL 660. 

ABisttnYctta, T, m, 

Tftlla firftt, dicea, noatiir AmazttnYctta. Mart, 4. xlii. 16. 

AmazttnYs, YdYa, and Ydtfa, a4f . /. 

Quam ISvYs in tota Maraiia Am8z5nYd& Mart, 4. xxix. 6. 
DacYt Amaz6nYdiim liinatla agmYnft peltia— r. jE. i. 490. 

Amaz5nYii8, ft, iim, adj, [311. 

Alter Amaz5nYam phftr£tram plenamqufi sftgittls — F. JE. v. 

Amb^niis, I, m. 

— -^ — — — mons [fimbdiiis. 

AmbSniis, et g^lYdis pdllens OphYuaft vSnenis. V. F. vi. 85. a/. 

AmbracYft,»,/. [714. 

AmbrftcYam, veraiquS vYdent siib YmagYn^ saxiim— Ov. M, xiii. 

AmbrttcY&s, ftdYs, adj.f, 

CrSrYa, Arabrftcl^ terrft p«tendft tYbL Ov. H. xv. 164. 

AmbrftcYdt«e, artim, m. 

Ambr&ci5tarum succedent prdtYnils arcea, Av, D. 661. 

Ambrftcitis, ft, iim, adj, 

Sparsft pgr AmbrftcYas quae jftciierS vYas. Ov, lb, 306. 

AmbrtfsYft, s, /. 

JfipYtSr ImbrttsYa a&tfir est, et nectftrS vivYt : Mart, 11. Ivii. 3. 
Ambr5sYii8, i, m. 

Ot Glftpbjhrus fiat pfttfir, AmbrdsYusquS cb^raules. Juv. vi. 77. 
AmbrttsYiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Ambr5sYa8qu£ dftpes, non Srftt antS IdcHs. Mart, 8. xxxix. 2. 
Ambubaiae, ariim,/. 

Ambubalarum collegYft, pharmftcdpolae, flbr. S, 1 . il. 1 . 
Amfinaniis, i, m. 

Nee non SicftnYas volvens AmSnaniis ftrenas. Ov, M, xv. 279. 
AmSnaniia, ft, iim, a^, 

JamquS Ledntlnos AmtoanftquS fluminft ciirsil — Ov, F, iv.467. 
Am^TiniiB, ft, iim, adj, 

Atque AmSrinft pftrant l^ntae rCtinaciilft viti. V, G, i. 265. 
Amflcar. See Hamilcar. 
Amilliia, T, m. or Hftmilliia. 
Amineiis, and AmYnStis, Aminseiis, AmmYnSiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Sant et Amimese vites, firmisaYmft vinft, V, O, ii. 97* [aL StYam 


Solus qui Chium miscSt, St AmmYnSiim. /tus, Epis, xviii. 31. 

Cmbrft n^at tftnSras AmYnSaa. T, M, 2004. (DaetyL Tetr, 

AmYtermniis, ft, iim, adj, 

Quseque Ainiterninis deiertiir bftnifts arvis. CoL 422. 


Amlfterniis, &, ttm, adj. [710. 

Cna ingens Aniit£ni2( ctthdn, prisciqu^ QuMtes. F, JE, vii. 
Amithaon. Amithaonius. ^eeAmythaon. Amythaonius. 
Ammtantts, T, «. \j[Sca»,) 

NHiH AmmYano praetor arTdam rest£m — MarU 4. Ixx. 1. 
Ammon, or Hammon, onYs, anif dnSs, m. [19& 

Hie AmmdnS sfttus rapta G&rHmantYdS Nympba, V, M, iv. 
Non exploratum pfipiilis Ammdn& r^linquens. Zue. ix. 68ft. 
Ammonem LYbjfae consiUtiere d^ilm. Aus, JE» xciii. 4. 
Ammoni&ctis, &, tlm, a<^'. 

Cumque Ammdniftco mascillft tur& sUlS. Ov. M, F. 94. 
Amnistls, I, m, 

AmmsusquS dShinc iQYas circumfliUTt unda, Av. D, 668. 
Amnites, am, m. 

In quibtis uxores Amnittim Bacch¥c& sacrtt 
C6nc6l€briuit— Pm. P. 686. 
Amoebeus, Sds, m. [399. 

Tu licSt et Th&m j^ran stipSres, £t AmoBbSl cantu, Op. A, A. iii. 
Amoentis, i, m. 

Instructam vili ^endts, AmoenS, dfimilm. MarU 12. Ixvi. 10. 
Amdr, Ys, m, 

Hac Am((r, hac Lib«r, durtls iiterquS dSiis. Prop. 1 . iii. 14. 
£rgo his aligSrum dictis adfatiir AmdrSm : V. Je. i. 663. 
Amorgiis, I, m. 

Transfixus glSdYo prdpSre accurrentis AmorgT^ — SiL x. 290. 
AmpSliscil, se, /. 

MSa AmpSlisca ! Ct dulcis es ! ut mvlsS. dict& dicis t Plau^. 

B. 2. iii. 34. ('Z. Tc/. cat.) 
AmpSlds, T, w. [409. 

Amp6l5n intSnsum, Sfttj^ris NymphSqug crtatiim, Ov. F. iii. 
AmphY^aeiis, &, tim, adj. 

AmphiSraeae nil prosunt fati qu&drigae, Prop. 2. xxxiv. 39. 
AmphiS,raTdes, ae, m. Patronym, 

Amphi&raides Naupactoo * AchSldo, Ov. F. ii. 43. 
* Elision not observed. 
AmpbY&raiis, i, m, 

Notiis htimo mersis Amphi&rafls SquTs. Ov. P. 1. iii. 52. 
AmphYd&nas, mantts, m, [376. 

Jiivit; St Amphid&mas: at frater plenidr annis — V. F. i. 
AmpbYgSni&, ae,/. 

Huic parerS dSti, quos fertilis Amphigenia, St. T. iv. 178. 

AmpbTl5cbti3, i, m. 

Amphildchi frater ne Phegid^ semper &margt, Ov. R, A. 455. 

AmphYm£d5n, ontis, m. [75. 

Et Libj^s AmphYmSdon, ftvYdi committgrfi pugn&m, Ov. M. v. 
AmpbYn5miis, i, m. [vii. 4t. 

Cur non AmphYn5mo, cur non tYbY, fortYs Anapi, Claud. EU. 
Amphion, 0nYs, m. 

— — — carmYnS murds 

AmphTon auditils ag^t : nil tela, n6c ignes— 5*. T. ii. 455. 

Nee ndn C8cr5pY», nee Hon Amphl5nl8 irces. Ov. M. xv. 427. 


Amphidnltis, &, iim, adj. 

Aut AmphfttnYs moenVk flSr^ Ijhrs. Frop. 1. iz. 10. 

AmphYpSlYs, Ys,/. 

Amph¥p«lis urMsincdla Euctemon )lit, Av. O.M. 337. f/- ^J 

AmphiBsfti s,/. 

Phoc&icas Amphissil mSnus, scftpdldsSqiiS Cirrhtt, Luc. iii. 172. 

AmphissYiis, ft, iim, a^;. 

LinquYt lapj^gYam, Isevisque AmphissYft remis 
Saxa %it— Ot;. M. xv. 705. 

Amphissds, 1, ffl. [356. 

At pti^r Amphissos, namque hoc ftviis Eurj^tiis ill! — Ov. M. ix. 

Amphitrite, es,/. [fSpond,) 

Neptunum grSraVd cdmplectittir Amphitnte. Claud,R. P. i. 104. 

AmphYtriio, and AmphYtr5rdny onts, nu l(L Tr.J 

Amphitriid, nattis Argis ex Argo p&tr£, Plant. Amp. /V. 98. 
In AmphYtrtionis vertit sese YmagYnSm, Ibid. 121 . 

AmphYtrj^onYftdes, se, m. Patronym. 

AmphYtTJ^dnYfides armenti vict5r HYberi. Sil. xii. 119. 

AmphrysYftctis, ft, iim, adj. 

A&t AmphrysYftco pastor de gramYnS carpRi. jS'^ S. 1. iv. 106. 

AmphrysYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quae contra brfivYter fata est Amphrysift vates : F. ^. vi. 398. 
Amphrysfis and Amphrysiis, T, m, [580. 

ApYdftnusquS s^nex, lenisque Amphrys5s, gt ^as ; Ov. M. i. 
AmpsYgiirft, as,/. 

Nam mYliY sdbrina AmpsYgiirft tiift mater fiiYt. Plaut. Pcen. 

5. ii. 108. (L Tr.J 
AmpJcYdes, «, m. Patronym. [316. 

Ampj^cYdesquS >ftgax, 6t ftdhuc a conjiigC tutiis — Ov. M. viii. . 

Jciis, 1, m. 
npj^ciis, albentl velatus temp5rft vitta. Ov. M. v. 110. 
Ampyx, ycYs, m. 

ProtYniis huic Ampyx ftnYmi plenlssYmft roagni — Ov. M. v. 184. 

Ampj^cft quid r£f£ram? qui quadrtipgdantis OeclT — Ov. M. 

xii. 450. 
Amsandtiis, 1, m. [565. 

Amsancti valles : densis hunc frondYbiis atriim — F. M. vii. 
AmulYiis, i, m. 

RdmiUSoqu^ cftdit tr^jectiis AmCQYiis ensS : Ov, F, iii. 67. 
Amyclae, ariim,/. 

Qui fUYt AusdnYdum, et tftcitis regnavYt Amyclis. V,^. x. 564. 
^myclaeiis, ft, iim, adj. 

TalYs Amyclaei ddmYtus PoUucYs hftbenis— ^. G. iii. 89. 
Amyclas, s, m. 

Liminft cdmmovit. Mdlli consurgYt Amyclas, Luc. t. 520. 
Amycle, es,/. 

Inggrftt Apriles Idle tYbY, tiindftt Amycle, Prop. 4. v. 35. 
Amyclides, ae, m. Patronym. [162. 

Te qutfque, Amyclide, pttsiiissfit Yn 8Bth«rg Phoebite, Ov. M. x. 


B«brjpclB v«ii)(Smi Avfci d« g€at« ftrtbftt, r. JR, v. 873.. 

Amj^don, onlfs,/. 

Hie Sia SKcj^dne, aat hic Amj^ddnS r«Iiet&, jrutr. iu. 69. 

Amymone, es,/. 

QuaUs AirayindiiS siccU erribttt Yn Argis, O0. ^. 1. z. 5. 
Amyntas, se, m. [39. 

Haec e&dem ut sciret, quid non ftcYeb&t Amyntas ? /^ ^. ii. 
AmyntY2Ule8, se, m. Patronynu 

Aut, )it AmyntY&den, turpi dUecttis ftmorS, Oo. /&. 297- 

Amyntdr, iJris, «. 

Venerunt ad te TSl&mdne fit AmyntdrS nati ; Ov, H, iii. 27. 
Amyntfirldes, se, m. Patronym, [337- 

Hevtt Amyntdrtdes pir Ynaniil lumYnft Phoenix : Ov. ^. ^. i. 
Amjhris, Ysi m. or Am^ds, 1, m. 

Intrantemque Amj^rdq curvas qusesitH p£r undas^— F. F.ii. 11. 
Amj^tbaon, dnYs, «. [326. 

SitS, quttd indYgSaae mfimdrant, Amytha5nS natiis, Ov* M, xv. 
AmjfthatfnYiis, )l, iim, oi^*. 

Quis Amj^thadnYus nSqufiat certarS M^laoipus. T%h» 4. i. 1 20. 
Aq$, 86, tn. 

M6m«HLto &b Ana gSmYnJt sese flumtna— .^v. O. JIf . 208. (^/. Tr.) 

£m£rYtensYs Anae, latsequS fliient& Gftrumnse. Aus. Epis. 

xxiv. 73. 
An^charaYs, Ys, m. 

S! Phryx ^sopus pJSt&Tt, si Anttcbarsis Scj^th& — Pkad, iii. 

iV. 62. (L Tr.) 
AnacrSon, tis, i». 

Nic 81 quYd olim lOsYt AnlcrSdn, Hwr, C, 4. ix. 9. (Gr. Ale.) 

Metrum quo mfimttrant AnacreontiL— J. M. 2860. (Phakec) 
AiuU:t6rYe, es,/. 

VilYs AnactttrYe, vilis mYhY candYda Cydno, Ov, Ii, xv, 17. 
AnactdrYfim, T| n. [(LTr.) 

Is ex AnactfirYo, iibY prifi&s bJlbYtavSriU, Plant. Poen. Pr, 94. 
Anact5rY)is, &, iim, o^;. 

Nunc fit AnactttrYa signa ostentavYt Yn 5ra, Sil. xv. 299. 
AnagnYa,*,/. [684. 

HernYci saxft cdlunt, quds, divSs AnagnYil, pascYs, V, ^. viL 
An«phg, es,/ [461. 

Huic AnSpben sYbY jungYt; St Astj^&leYa regnft ; Ov. if. vii.. 
AnapYs, YS| ». 

Parvft mYhi fas est, et me dilexYt Anapis. Ov. M. v. 417. 
> AnaptlSy 1. sk 

Quaque sdis Cj^ilnen miscSt Anapiis ttquis. Ov. P. 2. x. 26. 
AnastlisYas, I, m. 

Pange fit AnastHsYo— ^w. Prof. x. 34. (Dactyl Trim. Cat.) 
Anaurtts, and Anauriis, i, m. 

- A^ril, nee tCnttes ventos suspirat Anaurds ; Luc. vi. 370. 

AnausYs, Ys, m. . [43. 

HSnYdcbosqufi trttces, jampridem infensiis AnausYs ; F, F. vi. 
26 D 


AnixSg«ras, se, m. [t76. 

Id, quAd AaSxiigtefo Obi BBmOt, «C ftimlMii Smnfo^Aiicr. i. 

AnaxarchtU, i, m, 

Aat lit AnaxSrchos plla minttarYa in alta, Ov. lb. 673. 

AnaxXrtte, es,/ [71& 

VincYs, AnaxilrSte, nJSque ^rfint t!bl taedYX tandfoi-^Oip. M. xiv. 

Ancaeiisi i, m. 

Vict& Vfous, e^IditquS sills Ancset&s in arris. QraL 67. 

Anchatis, ae, m. 5ee Auchates. 

AnchSmbliis, t, m, [389. 

Anchemtflumi thttUmos ausum incSstar^ nSvercse. V, M, x. 
AncMttlei, ae,/. 

LymessOsque d»iinc, hic Mallds St AnchtiUett, ^v. 2). 1040. 
AnchYSltis, i, m. 

Non credd : jura, verpS, pSr Anchi&Ittm. Jlfart. 11. xciv. & 
AnchTsaetts, &, fim, a<(;. 

Ac lucus late sScSr addUtir Anchissed. V. JE, v. 761. 
Anchises, ae, «i. 

At p&t£r Anchises dciilos ad sidfir& laettis — V, M, ii. 687- 
AnchisYttdes, ae, m. Patronym. 

Magnfinimusque Anchisiildes et pondtls £t ips& — F, JE, v. 407. 
Anchisites, ae, m. iSe« Onchesimtes. 
Ancon, onYs, anc? dnte,/. [(PhaUBcian.) 

Quaeque Anconft, Cnlfd&inqae UrundYnosIlm — Cut. xxxtL \i. 
Anciis, i, m. 

AgmYniL Quern juxta s^ulftfir jactiuitifdr Ancfis, V, JE, vL 816L 

Ad maroB, Ancyrtt, tUs, auotSrS BSpirtttm^^OlMHL Aii. ii. 9& 
Ancyraniis, &, ttm, adj. 

FregTt luxiirites, AncyramquS trYumphL Clmtd, Eut. ii. 416. 
Andlntts, ft, iim, a4f. 

— — — ad sidSift cintQ [aL AtfiiKo. 

£vecta Andino, et Smymaeis aemfilft plectris. Sil. viii. 594. 
Andraemon, or Andremon, ^U, m. 

£xcipYt Andraemon, St hftbetur conjiigS felix. Ov. M. ix. 333. 

Eur jfpj^lusquS f^rox, clardque Andrem5nS nattts : Ih. xiii. 367* 

Andrftgttras, ae, m. 

Inventus mane est mortiitls AndrSg5ras. Mart. 6. liii. 2. 

Andriiis, ft, iim, adj. i(T. Tr.) 

Quae cdnvenere Yn AndrYam, ex PSnnthYa, Ter. An. ProL IS. 

AndrttgSoneils, ft, iim, adj. 

AndrdgSoneae pcenas exs5lv£rS caedYs, Cat. Ixiv. 77. 

AndrttgSds, 5, and Andr5gSils, i, and Andrdg^n, onYs, m. 

Vivfir^t AndrdgSos iitinam : nee factft liiisses — Ov. H. x. 99. 
RestYtiiit pfttrYis AndrAg^onft fbcis. Prop. 2. i, 62. 

Andr5mftche, es, and Andrtfmftchft, se,/. 

Hect5rYs Andrttmftche Pyrrhm' connubift sSrvfts? F.JB. \i\. 319. 
Andr6mftchft. Vestfir augiir hoc Calchas cftnYt? Sen. Tr. 636. 

a Tr.) 


AmlrtfmSde, 6s, and AndrttmSdil, se,/. 

AodxteriSdS n9ttatzi8 Writ ddvotft miliTnis : Prop. 2. xxviii. 21 . 
Andrdm^dan Perseus nigris pdrtarft &b Indis, Ov, A, A* i. 53. 

Andrds,!,/ [xiii. 649. 

Andrds hilbet, pr5 patrS Idciimque et regnjl tSnentSm. Ov. if. 

Andit^ &, ikn, <m^. 

Andus, jam plftcida LYgSiis rterSatfir ftb unda: Luc i. 439. 

AnSmonii, ae, /. . 

Aut Cyrrham tauris, AnSmonamquS stipinaDt — St» T, vii. 347- 

AnStdr, 5r¥s, m. 

AdTblJit armSntr custos Phocefis Anetdr. Ov. Af. xi. 348. 
AngYti&, and AnguitYA, s,/. 

Te Qginiis AngitYae, vitrSa te FucYntls unda, V, JE, yii. 769. 

^etae prdlem AnguUlam m&ltt gram^nft primt&m — &7. vHi. 498. 

AhlcYtt, s,/ [xxxii. 2. 

Ant£ qu&ter plenum consums^t Anicift lustriim. Am, Ep. H, 

Amciiis, i, m, 

Anic^drum stemmitt^ Atu, Epis, xvi. 34. (I. Dim.) 

Anlefi, enis, m. 

Quas prseceps AnYen, atque excepturft nktatiis, St» 5. 1. v. 25. 

QuSsque AnYenIs ftquse^ cursuquS brgvissYmtls Almo, Ov. M, 

xiv. 329. 
Anleiucdlii, se, c. g. 

Nunc Anienic51is st&t&unt altar¥& Nymphls. SU, xii. 751. 

AntSnds, i, m, 

1111$ ipsa antris Anienus fonts rSlictO) St. S. I. iii. 70. 

Anlfeniis, &, iim, adj. 

Onde plUer^lbfointts, St unde An!en& flfientH, F. G. iv. 369. 

AnigTds, 1, m. [xv. 282. 

FundOft An^rrte ftquas : postquam, nUi vatn>tts omnls — Ov.M. 
Anio, enis, m. 

Ac gSHdis An¥5 trSpYdabat cceriiliis undis : Sil. x. 363. 

Aniiis, I, m. [80. 

Rex Anius, rex idem h5m¥num, PhceblquS sftcerdos, V. JE. iii. ' 

kon&i ae,/. 

Ann&, f&teb5r Snim, misSri p5st fat& S j^cbaei, K ^. iv. 20. 

Annsejis, i, m. 

Annaei HicSret mllnus SSreni ! Mart. 8. Ixxxi. IL (Phalac.) 

Anni^ae, ariim, m. 

— — — nee te Itttilerg ptttentes [0/y6. 9. 

Anniildae : nam saepS stfles ductdribtis illis, Claud, in Prob. et 

Ann¥b&l, ftlTs, m. 

IgnSiis Albanas cum c5ntiidYt AnnTbftI arces, Man. iv. 657. 
AnntbSlemquS L&res Romana sedS fUgantes ; Prop, 3. iii. 11. 

AnnitiB, i, m. [(Phalacian.) 

Pro mensis h^bSt Aonius m)fnistros : Mart. 7- xlviii. 2. 

AnnKtts, ft, tlm, adj. 

Stirpis n5vat5r Anniae : Au$. Epi». xvi. 32. (I. Dim.) 
27 d2 


AnsSr, UrU, m. TT, n. 4SNL 

CinnH qutfque hiB dtanite Ht, Gllini^ prBdcfSr Atnfo: Ov, 
Ana&tta indocto carmyn^ cessU di5r. Prop, 2« uodvj 84 

Antetts, I, m. 

Antieiis urb§s fervTds tenet plXgs. iSm. J7. 0. 1788* </. Jr.^ 
Ct quds Antsi fortes presserS iXeerti ; Ov. Jik. 387* 

AntSndrfis, i, /. [xiii. 838. 

Fertttr ftb Antandro: sojasr&t&qae fimYnH Thracftm^ Ov. M. 

AntScttnts, U, m. 

Ant£c&nem, Gralo Pr5cj^on qui ndmYnfi fSktikr. Cic, (ex Aral^ 

PJ N. D. ii. 44. 
Antemnse, ariim, and Antemnil, m,f. 

Fortunse Praenestg jiigis, AntemnftquS pifscd — Sil viiL 36& 
ArdSfi, CrustiimSrTque, et turriggrae* Antemnae. K ^. vii. 
* Elision not observed. 831. (Spond.J 

AntenSr, ((ris, m. 

AdjYcS Trojanse suasorem Antentfrft pacYs, Ov, F. iv. 7&« 
AntentfrSi&s, &, fim, ad;. 

Atque AntendrSi dispergYtttr andft TYmavi, Zkc. vii 194. 
AntenfirYds, aH&m, m. Patronym. [484«. 

TrSs AatentfrYdasy CereriquS slicrum PSlj^haeteo, V. JS, vi. 
AnterastYlYs, Ys,/. 

SSd Adelph&sYum exYt eccam, atque AntSrastYlYs I PlauU 

Pcen, 1. i. 75. fl- Tr.) 
Antheddn, 5ni8,/. 

Anthedon, dbY gramYnSd de IlU«r£ Glaucttg— iS^ T, vii. -835. 

CarpYt et Eab^ca vivax Anthed5ne gramen, Ov. M, vii. 332. 
Anthed5nYiis, &, ttm, act/. 

Sic AntheddnYus BceotiJl per frStK Qlauctts— ^iw. Ed, x. 278. 

AnthemonYdte, ae, m, [43^ (L Tt,) 

Quid tYbY mbido est, obstoro, AnthemonYdes, PlauU Pobr. 5. v. 

Antheus, Sds, m. 

Prospectum late pSl&go p^tYt, AntbSIl bi qu^m — V, Jt, i. 181. 
Anthrax, ttcYs, m. 

Atqui ^o Ysttic, Anthrax, ftlYovorsum dtxSr&m, Phut Jul. 

2. iv. a (J, Tr.) 
AntYc&to, onYs, n. 

— — diia Cses&rYs AntYcittonSs. 

AntYcjhrft, ae,/. [iii. 83L 

NescYo &n AntYcjhram r&tio Tilts destYn^t omnSm. Hor, S, 2: 

Plur, Si trYbils AntYcjWs c^ilt insanabYlS nunqu&tn — Hor. A. 

In Greek the penultima is long. P, 300. 

AntYdftmas, sb, «. [22. (L Tr.) 

S&d hie mYhi antehae hosp^s AntYd&mas Mt Plant, Pcen. 5. i. 

AntYg^nes, Ys, m. 

Non t&lit AntYg^nSs, £t SHlt turn digniis Sman. T. B. v. 89. 

AntYgdne, es, and s,/. 

Sic riidYs AntYgdne ; sSnidr cui taliS Phorbas : St, T. vii. 253L 
Quid ? non AntYgfinae ttlmiild BoeotYHs Haemon 
CSrrttYt—Prop. 2. viii. 21. 


Antndcfatks, 1, m. [1£. 

SivS quXi AaOUobam niniUt lb H8Qt«r« vlctdm^ Ov, H. i. 

AntlmXclifbi, i, m. 

Tu D5n Antbn&cho, non tutttr iMs HdmHrO. Prop. 2. xxjuv.46. 

Antifntttts, 1, m. 

Efurj^mXchique ttvYdfts AntlndiquJS minus. Ov. A. i. 92. 

Aiitink:liT&, s,/. 

Tertilii Phoebee lafiii dSmtta AntYdclui, ^w. Urb. iii. 1. 

AntifSchiis, T, m. [-^^J 

Ant!5chum ADnn>&]emque dlrttm. Ifar. C. 3. vi. 36. ?^Zcm. 

Antif&pe, es, ani2 AntKdpi, le,/! 

InvJScSt AntYOpe quern, nM, viuctft Jdv^m ? Prop, 3. xv. 24. 

Antiph&tes, », »i. 

AntYphiitae mSm5res, immansuetiquS C j^cldpYs, Ov, M, xiv. 249. 

Antifphn*, ae,/. 

Antlfphim? VYdedn' Clmlam, an noa? Quern vYdes? T^r, 

Heaut, 2. iv. 26. (L Tr,J 

Antlplio, onXs, tn. 

Apild AntYpbonem ilterquS, matfo et p&tSr, Ter, Bun. 5. ii. I. 

AntXpbte, 1, m. 

Sternit lonft CbrSmis, CbrOmYn AntYphds, AntYpbttn Hyp- 

9eia»,SL r.ix. 2&2. 

AntYphils, T, m. [766* 

Sternunttir terrae Mgnalas pSdSs, AntYphiis alto— -S*. T. vii. 

Antipttlitaatis, &, ttm, o^f. 

Antifp51itanT nee quee de sanguYnS thyniuh^JUfor/. 4. Ixxxix. 5. 

2L nfTofiii fig J 

Fiuctn>t&s ambits fttSrant Antissft Pbilnsqu^, Ov. M, xv. 287. 

Antistiiis, i, m. 

CappidlScum ssevu Antistiftts occMIt 5n«— JMor^. 9. xxxi. 1. 

AntTtun, i, n. 

Prseneste nee sic, AntifumvJS miratttr. Mart 10. xxx. 7* (Seaz.J 

AntYds, I, m. 

OratYonem Yn AntYum pStitdrSm-^Ca/. xliv. 11. 

Antiftts, ft, ttm, a4;. 

AntY& nunbosa r^ydcabunt littOrft bruma. St, S, 1. iii. 89. 

Antoniniis, I, m. [1. 

AntoniniVs &bbinc rSgYmen c&pYt, HIS vdcarT — jtus. Cas, T. xvi. 
Plur, Antomnorilm nomYnH faM gSrens. Ibid, xxiv. 2. 

AntonYiis, I, m, [686. 

Hinc 6p« barb&rYca, varYisque AntonYtts armis, V. M, viii. 

Antdres, Ys, m. 

HerctUYs AntdrSm c6mYtSm, qui missiis &b ArgYs, V, JE, x. 779. 

AntuUft, SB,/. [3. 

Hoc ttgYtur cYtS rSpUl stlis Antull& sSpulchro : Mart, 1. cxvii. 

AnubYs, Ys, and YdYs, m. [698. 

OmnYgeniimquS d^fim monstra, et latratdr AnubYs, V. JE. viii. 
Per ttUl U8tr& prteor, pSr AnubYdYs orft vfirendT : Ov. ^. 2 

xiii. 11 
29 d3 


AnxtLr, iirts, m. and n. 

SlvS sftlutYf^ris cincBate Anxflr itquis ; iUkre. 6. i. 6. 

Jamque et prscYpKtes s&pSravSr&t AnziirYs arces, Xmc* iii. 84. 

Anxttriis, adf, m. [799. 

Circse&mquS jQgum, quels JfipKt&r Anxiiriis oris — F, M. vii. 

Anystiis, T, «i. 

Anystiis arnnls, et aiaiim fluctu s^fit ^v. O. M, 547. (I- Tr.J 

Anj^tils, i, TO. [Sl 

Py thfigfiran, An^rtiquS refim, doctumquS Pl&tdDJL Hor. S, 2. iv. 

Aon, 5n¥s, an<7 fo68, m. 

Per tdtum ciipYt irS p^us : sic Attn& saxo, St, T. viii. 476. 

AttnSs, ilm, TO. 

AOn&s In mdntes ut duxSrYt untt sdrorilm, F, ^. yi. 6& 

A6nia, ae,/. 

Terrtttt A6ntam vttlticris, 16<$, virgtt, triform^ 
Sphinx— ^««. Erf* xi. 40. 

Adnides, se, m. [95. 

Tunc prifir Attnides : (vSlMam s?mttl elictt hSstam) St, T. ix. 

AdnidSs, Jim,/. 

Posclfmiir AOntdes. Sed fbrsYtttn dtl& non sint ; Ov, M. v. 33S^ 

ASnis, idis, and Ydds, a4;. /. 

— — -- — tellus 

Attais et Tfciae suspirant nomlfnft matres, St. T. vL 17. 

A5n!ils, fi, ttm, adj. 

AdnYd rSdleps dedilc&m vertifcS Musas ; T. (?. iii. 11. 

Aomds, T, m. 

CndS liicttm Grau dixerunt nSmlne Aomto. F. J&. vi. 242. 
Ap&me&, se,/. 

Crbs m^iis Ap&meft d£hlnc oSnswtTt ¥n arvfs, ^v. i>. 1083. 

Ap&meniis, &, iim, orf;* 

Prsestringitque undTs ApXinenae jugSri glebs. Av. D. 1094. 

Apeliotes, se, m. 

Nee ssvi BOr^ae, ailt Apgliotae, Cat. xxvi. 3. (PhaiaeUn.) 

Apell&, ae, to. 

Persuader^ ciipit Credfit Judsiis Apell&, Hor. S. 1. v. 100. . 

Apelles, ¥s, to. 

Si Vgngrem Cous nunquam plnxissSt ApSlles, Ov.A. A. iii. 401. 

Apelleiis, ft, iim, adj, 

QuiQlfs Apellels est cOldr in t&biilis. Prop. 1. ii. 22. 

Apennin¥ci$lft, se, e. ^. 

Apenninicdlae bellator filliis Aiini, F. M. xi. 700. 

Apenninig^nft, s, c. g. 

ApenninYg^nae quae prdxlfm& ThybrMfe undis — Oo. M. x?. 432. 
Apenmniis, T, to. l(Sp(md^) 

AIpHiiis eequatum attoUens c&piit Apenmniis? SiLii. 314. 
ApSr, pri, TO. 

Sed dum ludU Aper, ludert novU ApCr. Mart. 10. xv. 2. 


Onde ftln filgiaae ftrOat^ «t nftmlna ApbMB 
Virgiiifa— r. Cir. 903. 

AphXreii&s, &, ilm, adj. [304. 

£t diitt Thestl&dae, prolesque AphiireUl Lynceus, Ov. J/, viii. 
Aphiireus, £88, aiui el, m, [zii. 341. 

01t5r ftdest Aphlireua : saxllmque e monti& rSvulaiim — Op. if. 
Aphfisas, antts, m. 

Nommfi Lernei mSmtfrant AphSflanU c51dni. St, T. iii. 461. 
Aphidas, s, m. 

Sopitus vinis St inexperrecttts Apliidas. Ov. 3L xii. 317- 

Aphidn&, se, and Aphidnae, ariim, /. 
ConstYtSrant Tllmc : n5m£n Aphi 
—. ^ ^ parvisUnis iDim.) 

ConstYtSrant Tllmc : n5m£n Aphidnfi letco. Op. F. v. 706* 

Calc^t Aphidnas : pars ilUi diaSen, Hip. 24. (JnajkBitic 
Aphidntts, 1, m. 

Turn MSrOpem, atque £if mantft mi&nu, turn iternYt Aphid- 

niim ; T. JSJ. ix. 702. 
AphrMlsYX, ^ilin, n. [(L Tr.) 

AphrddisYa hddYe VSnSrYs est festus dYes : Phut Pcen, 5. iiL 14. 


Das VSniis : est Marti namque AphrtfdTtft dSmSs. Aiu. Ec. x. 8. 

ApTcYtts, 1, tn. [3. 

Ips£ qu0que &d coenaiji gaUdebftt ApicYtts IH< : Mart 2. Ixix. 
ApYdfineiis, &, iim, adj, 

Arclld^ ApYdAneT sub sctfpiUis Erj^nianthl : Pris. P. 412. 
ApYdftniis, i, m, [228. 

Mixlti qudque ApYd&Bi pl&ct&erunt gramYnK rfpis. Ov, M. vii. 
ApYs, Ys, and YdYs, m. 

£t cttmfis ID pompam oomYgSr ApYs SSt Ov. A» 2. xiii. 14 

ApcecYdes, Ys, to. [7. C-^. Tr.^ 

Sed me unft turbat res rfttYoque, ApoecYdi — Phut Epid, 2. iii. 

ApollYnarYs, Ys, m. 

ApollYnarYs omnYbus Idcls praefert. Mart 10. xxx. 4. (Scaz,) 

ApollYnarYs, adj, 

LaurSa donandfts ApoIlYnari, Hor, C 4. ii 9. (Sapphic) 

ApollYnStls, ft, iim, adj, 

HaesYt ApjaiYnSd Delos Lat5nYli partu ; Chiud. 4. C. H. 133. 

Apdllo, lYnYs, m. 

Ipse DYdnaea mdnstravYt ApoUtf ctfliimba. St. S, 3. v. 80. 
Intonsosque ttgitarSt ApdllYnYs aurft c&pillds, Hor. Ep. xv. 9. 

I am not aware of any passage where the final syllable is 
made short by a poet of the Augustan age. 

ApollSdoriis, I, m. 

ApolUdord plaixdYt imbrYf^r NUi&s I Mart 1. Ixii. 6. (Scazon,) 

ApolldnYiis, i, m. 

Ante siUutabat rhetfir ApolldnYiU. Mart 6. xxi. 2. 

Apdniis, 1, TO. 

Colie sedens, Apdnus terns iibY mmYf&r exYt, Luc. vii. 193. 

APO— AftU 

Apdntts, &, ilm, adf, 

Censetfir Apto& LivYo sttd tellds, Mart. 1. bdi. 3. (Scaz.) 

App¥&, s., adj.f. {via understood.) 

Nee mftgYs est curvis ApptH tiittt rtttis. Ov, P, 2. vii. 44. 

AppYfis, 4di8,/. Patronym, 

Non iUas fites AppYfts ipsH prObftt Ov. A. ^. 660. 

Plur, Lentft vYdes lites, AppTSdesquC dto. Ov. ^. ^. Hi. 452. 

AppYiis, I, m. 

AppYtis est afictdr : Pyrrho qui pacS nSg&ti — Ov. jP. vi. 203. 
ApptLlft, ae,/. 

— — — Appi&lft ganuYt. 
Apres, X, m, [vi. 638. 

N&nc ArYnen OlbumquS nScat; jam saucY&s Apren — V. F. 

ApnlYs, adj. c, g. (when masculine, mentis understood.) 

Aprilem mSmttrant lib ftperto tempdrS dlctiim : Ov. F, iv. 89. 

Qui dYes mensem VSnSris m&rinie 

FindYt Apnl^m. Hor. C. 4. zi. 16. (Aim.) 
Apsiis, I, m. [462. 

Tellus, quam vSlttcer GSnttBus, quam mollYdr Apsiis, Luc. v. 
ApCQYft, s,/. 

Nutiicis extra limto ApuIYae, Hor. C. 4. iv. 10. (Gr.Alc.) 

IncYpYt ex illo montes ApulYtt notos — Hor. S. 1. v. 77- 
ApulYcfis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Tyrrhenum omxA tilis et m&re ApulYc&m, Hor. C. 3. xxiv. 4. 

(Chor. Tet. Aaclep.) 
ApiUiis, &, ttm, adj. [2. 1. 34. 

VTt& sSnls. SSquttr faunc, Lucantis &n Aptdtls anceps, Hor. S. 
Apjhn» oriim, m. 

Hlnc Ap^ri, per quos Mardus devolvYttir amnYs : Pris. P. 712. 
AquarYtiSi i, m. 

Jam iSvYs dbGqua subsidYt AquarYils urna. Ov. F, ii. 457. 
AquicOltis, 1, m. 

ContYniid Quercens, et pulcb^r AquIcMiis armis, V.jE. ix. 684. 
AquYl&, ttyf. 

Nunc AquYlae sidus rSfSram, quae partS sYnistra— Man. v. 486. 

AquYleift, tt,/. 

£t tu Ledsed fellx AquYlei& TYmavo, Mart. 4. xlcv. 5. 
AquYlei&s, ft, iim, adj, [374. 

Atquft sYnum p^nStraos AquYleium cdllYgYt undas. Pris. P. 
AquYlinft, ae, /. 

Captiis ftmdrft tttd d^mens, AquYlinft, f^rebftr, Max. iii. 5. 
Aquiliniis, i, fn. 

GlabrYo AquHinl Dardftnft prdg^nYes, Aut. Prof. xxiv. 4. 
AquYlo, onYs, m. 

Infellx AquYld, raptae tYm6r Orithyiae, Prop. 3. vii. 13. (Sp,J 

StrymdnYtks altas AquYl6 cdntdrquet nives ; Sen. Ag. 479. 

(Iambic Trim.) 

Ill« Ntfto Zephjhrdque et SithdnYd* AquYlonT— Ov. H. xi. 13. 

• Elision not observed. (Dactyl Hexam.) 

AquYlonYgCnft, ae, c. g, [x. 407- 

Aut ItftlQm pttpillds, AquYlonYg^nasqu^ BrYtannos, Aus. Ed. 

AqufionSftts, ft, tiin> adj. 

Hanc dm t^tfter frS^, AqutloilTI pr^is, F^. 1. x>. 86. 

Aquinas, atYs, adj. 

Nescit Aqumatem p5tantY& vellSr& fticiini, Hor, £. I. x. 27* 

AquintQs, I, m. 

iCiirram scnnYft: CsesTds, Aquinios* — (Phaktc) 
• By synsresis. 

Aqidnttniy %, s.. 

Rdin& tiio rSftci pr5pSrantem reddSt Aquino, /ko. iii. 319. 

AquTniis, It m. 

Fabriclfd junctufi fido r^ufSidt Aquiniis, Mart. 1. xeiv. 1. 

Aquitanift, s,/. [viii. 8. 

GalHft quTs fHlYtur, gt^mYoque AquYtanYtt lato. Au9» Urh, 

AquitanYcils, &, ttm, adj, [80. 

Illft sibi, et pdpiilds AquYtanYcK rurtt cdlentes : Aus, Epi$. xxiT. 

Aquitantis, 8, iim, adf, 

GintYs Aquitans ciOfiber Mesiftlft trYumphls, Tii. 2. i. 33. 

AquYtis, s, m. 

PhasYdis ArctoTs AquYtSs err&Ut Yn ftnnit ; F. F. vi S9S. 

Arttbarches, se, m. 

NescYd quis tYtiilds ^gyptYiis atque Ar&barcheSi Juv, i. 130. 

Ar&beili. See Arbeit. 


fit dtfmfis intactiB te tremYtf ArlbbYie. Prop, 2. z. 16. 
f By diastole. 

Ar&bYcfts, &, iim, o^f . 

Gratesque ftgam, ^que tit ArftbYcd fumYfYcem ttdore ftmoeaS. 

Plaut, Mil, 2. V. 2. (I. Tet, cat,) 

ArftbYtts, ft, ttm, a^'. [19. 

lUft nSquet ArftbYum mStiiit tntascendSrS limen. Prop, 1. xiv. 
X By diastole. 
Arabs, ftbYs, m. 

OmnYs Arabs, dmpes vertebant tergft SftbseT. F, JS. viii. ^0H. 

Edasquft dOmos ArftbOm, pTct58qa£ GSlonos. K 0, 2. 115. 
Arftbfis. 1, m. [693. 

Hasdrttbftl, 2t coeptantem Arftbum raptarS pi&temtb^Sil, xv. 
Arftbiis, ft, ttm, adj, 

Non Arftbo noster rdr« cftpilliis 6iet Ov, H,X7, 76. 

Arachne, es,/. 

MsetfnYsque ftnYmum f atis intendYt Arachnes : Ov. M, yi. 5. 

Arachneft, ae,/. ' 

Seque Yn Arachnea magnum portassS trYumphiim. Man, iv. 136. 

Ar&chdtae, ariim, m. 

Oritas, ArYbasque, et veldces Arftchdtas, Jv, D. 1297. 

Arftcynthtts, i, m. 

Amjpbion Dircaeiis Yn Actsd|| Arftcynthd. T. B. ii. 24. 
)| No elision observed. 


ArftdYtis, ^ ilm, a^j, [vi. 800. 

Qu5d gfintts, indtt mXri 6st Arttdid* ions dOlefe Xquii, Zvcr. 

* By synsresis. 
Ar&d^s and Arttdfis, i,/. 
\ Nee pr5cttl est Arftdoi, Phoenices sequttrS cinctlL PrU, P, 639. 

In SU, i. 380, where it is the name of a man, it is masculine. 

Arilr, ftrYs, and Ar&rls, Ys, m. [vii. 11. 

Testis Arar, Rhdd&nusquS cSler, mignusquS Gftrumn&, Tib, i. 
Quos RhJidiaus velox, Arftns quos tardXttr ambYt, Claud. 


Arateiis, &, tim, adf, 

Hsec tn>i Ar«teis multiim invYgilatJi ll&cernis 
CarmYnft — Cinna ap. Isidor. i. 12. 

AriUtts, 1, m. 

Com Sole et Luna sempSr Arattis ^rit Ov. A, 1. xv. 16. 

Araurlcfis, i, m. 

SpicYf^risquS gr&vis bellatttr AraurYciis oris, SiL iii. 403. 

Araxes, Ys, m, 

Potabls g&lSa f esstls AraxYs SquSm. Prop, 3. xii. 8. 

Araxgfisy &, iim, o^f . 

Scisaiis Araxed piYtts aequdr^, jam s&iis, unda— ^«. D. 30. 

Arb&cOs, 1, m. 

Jamque £bu8Gs PhGBmss& mSvet, mtfvSt Arb&ciis anntt, SU. 

iii. 362. oL Artabrus. 

Arbeltt, se,/. [beia. 

STdttnYofl ArbSltt f^rox, et celstts IStas, SiL xiv. 271. aL Ara- 

ArbYtCr, tri, i». 

At ArbYter dYsertiis— T. M. 2489. (Anaereontie,) 
ArbMtts, T, m. 

Dic«r« sed rU Ht, tertYiis ArbOrYtis. Aus. Par, iii. 2. 
ArbusctUfi, ds,f, 

CdntemtTs &IY18 ixplosa Arbusctilft dixYt Hor, S, \, x, 77* 
Arc&dYfi, ae,/. 

Pan StYam ArcftdYa dicat se judYcS vTctiim. K B, iv. 59. 
Arc^Yctts, &, iim, adj. 

ffinc cipiit Arc&dYci nudum ciitg fertiir ttselll— Co^. 344. 

ArcftdYOs, i, m, 

Arc&dius captae sp5ms Bttbj^lonYs 5nusttis, CL iv. C. H. 652. 
Arc&dYiis, &, iim, adj. 

JupYtSr, Arc&dn qussd mYsfirescite regYs, V. JE. viil. 573. 

Aicfis, &dYs, and iidte, m. 

Arclis iidest, ter quinquS i%re natalYbUs actis. Ov, M. ii. 497- 
ArcJis, ftdYs, and ftdds, oi^'. 

Ambo florentes statYbtis, ArcftdSs ambo, V. B. vii. 4. 

Arcens, ntYs, m. 

Stabttt Yn egrSg^s Arcentis filYiis armis, V. JE, ix. 581 . 

ArcteYlas, se, n. 

£sse, quttd ArcSsYlas serumndsiquS Sdlonfis, Pert. iii. 79. 


Nam mXhi Uert^ pfttSr eft, ArcSflKfis iUi, Ov. M. xiii 144. 
ArchSbuliis, T, in. 

GfoSri d&tftr afictfe httic v^ti&s ArchSbultts. T. M, 1919. 

(Archehulic JnapasticJ 
Arehtftiattttts, T, m. 

Tnstia &d ArchSmttn fun£r& victdr SquiU. Prcyi. 2. zxxiv. 38. 
ArchestrXt&y »,/. [(^Z. Tr.) 

CimtuML Natrf X qus ftlTt T ArchSstrHtJL Phut, Cur. 6. ii. 44. 

Arch^t^fis, t, m. [xji. 459. 

ArchSttum Mnestheus, Epttlonem obtruncSt Achates. K JE. 

Arcfai&ciis, &, tinii adj, 

ST pdtSs Archi&cTs convivH rScumbSrS mensis, Hor. E, 1. v. 1'. 

Arcbibulils, T, m. 

Audin' tu 7 &ptLd ArchYbOlum Sgo Sro argentarMm. Plaut 

As, 1. i. 102. (L Tr.) 
ArcMdemlfdes, ¥8, m. 

ItH beUfis hospes fecYt ArchMemMes. Plaut. Bac, 2. iv. 111. 

Archtdemtts, I, m. 

Alt sese Ire &d Arcfatdemum, ChsrSam, Chttrestr&tum, PUtut 
As, 6. ii. 11. (Troch, Tetr. cat.) 
Arch^^Snes, ¥s, m. 

(KsYtts ArchlgSnen qiisre, atque ^mi qu5d MYthrYdatei 

Compfiatiit— /tto. xiv. 252. 

ArchYlficfaiis, I, m. 

Archiltehtis auctSr tradYtur talis mStn. T.Jf. 2350. (LTr.) 
ArchYmedes, Ys, m. 

Primiis AgyllinoB pes efflfcYt, altSr ArcbYmeden. T, M, 1564. 

(Arckilochian Heptam.) 
Archipptts, 1, m. 

Arcbippi regis missu, fortissYmiis Cmbrd ; F. M, vii. 7^2. 
ArcbonYdes, Ys, m. 

Quam v5]d. Nunc laiido, gnate. Archonidi hujus filYam. TVr. 
Heaut, 5. v. 21. (Troch. Tetr. cat) 
Arcb j^lYs» Ys, /. 

A&dYo Arehj^lis, jamdudum: LesbYam adduci jiibes. Ter. 
And. 1. iv. 1. oA Arcbilis. Archillis. 
Archytas, le, m. 

Me cr«&t Archytse s5b51es B&bj^lonYtis Hdrds, Prop, 4. i. 79. 

ArctYctUf, &, iiin» adf, 

ArctYc& tardOs plafistrfi Bddtes : Sen, Med, 315. (Anap. Dim.) 

ArctSphjflax, llcYs, m. 

Pli&s, et ArctJ}pb5^1ax, OlenYfimquS pCciis. Ov. H. xviii. 18& 
Arctte, Iff. 

Verslque Sb ax^ 8ii5 PftrrhftsYs Arctfo «r&t Ov.T.l, iii. 4& 

Msen&lYam tactis ne IftvSt ArctOn ftquis. Ov. F. ii. 192. 

Plur. Ad Bdrfo partes Arcti junguntttr, St Anguis. Aus. 

Ec. iiL 1. 
Arctoiis, ^ iim, <u^. 

Spdnt« ftrSs : AtetoX pttftt c$nYex& BtfdtSs. CI iii. C. H. 170 


Arcturiis, i, i». 

Prset&r£a tam sunt Arcturi sld^& ndbi8> F>G.i, 904. 

Cingitiir Interna Romania Arde& d^ls, Ot;. F. ii. 731. 

Ardisci, orttm, m. 

ArdisciquS tibi celso de vertlcS surgunt — ^^o. D. 450. aim 

Ardesci. Aldesci. 

Arectaeils» il, i&m, o^/* 

Radit ArectaeoB haud un& p^r ostU campos ; Tib, 4. 1. 142. 
Arflas, atis,/. [81. 

trtquS dtiplex Ar^las, Alplnae tect& Viennae, Jus, Epis. xxiv. 

Arfilatiis, i,/. • 

Ar«lattis aiic civitas adtollitiir. Jv, O. M. 679. ("/. Tr.J 
PSndS, dtiplex ArfilatS, tiids blanda hosp/iftS portiis, Aus. 

Urb. viii. 1. 

ArSllYiis, i, m. 

£x re fabellas. Si quis nam laud&t Arelll— fTor. iSl 2. vL 7& 

AremOriciis, ft, ilm, a^/. 

Cujiis AremOricas p&tSr £xsiipSrantifis oris — RuHL i. 213. 

Arene, es,/. 

Mg\6nf Arenenque, et quas Theseift Troezen, St, T. iv. 81. 
AreOs, i, m. [xii. 310. 

At ndn Eur^nSmus, Lj^cidasque, St Arete, St Imbreus, Qv. if. 

Ares, Sds, ATK^ IS, m. 

Ad iSgionem bellatdr clues, &t Sgo in ciilina Ares. Flaut, 

True. 2. vii. 64. ("^rocA. Tetr, cat.) 

CdncYdfirit ; siipfir addtt Aren, fratremquS MSlanthfim, V. F, 

iii. 203. 
Arest^rides, », m. Patronym, 

DonSc AresttfrYdae servandam tradlfdit Argd. Ov, M, i. 621. 

ArStbusft, «,/. [599. 

Qu5 prSpfiras, ArSthusft, siiis Alphetis ftb undls — Ov. if. v. 

ArStbussfis, ft, ilm, a4;- 

Quas ArSthusael l&tYces, quas advSnft nutrit— C^ R. P. ii. 60. 

ArCtbOsis, id5s,/. Patronym. 

CtquS Sj^racusas Arfithusldfts abstttlit armis 
ClaudKils— 0». F. iv. 873. 

ArStbM&s, ft, iim, adj, 

£rig¥tur siiMtas In spes ArStbusIft prdlSs. Sil. xiv. 356. 

Aretiniis, ft, ftm, adj. 

Sic Aretins vISlant crystalllnft tistae. Mart 1. liv. 6. 

Aretiils, I, m. 

FregSrit beminas Areti sdllis miquas. Pers. i. 130. 
Aretullft, fie,/. 

FluxYt Aretull9 blandft c5lumbft sinus. Mart. 8. xxxii. 9. 
Argaeiis, I, m. [i^u/. ii. 31. 

Cappftd5cum, vJJliicrumquS pftrens Argstis Squorilm. CI. 4n 
Argaeiis, ft, iim, adj. [191* 

Quos Phrj^gise ml^tres, ArgseftquS grImKnft pastse, Claud. L, S- 


Arg^nthonl&ctts, &, fim, adj, 

ArginthdnYXcds armat C&rteTii nepStSs. SiL iii. 306. 
Ai]g^nthiis, i, m. 

Hic erftt Arganthi Pege silb yertYcS mdntYs. Prop. 1, xx. 33. 
Argei, oriim, m. 

Itlir ftd Aigios, qui slnt sM {»ag¥n& dic^t. Ov. F. iii. 791 . 
ArgSntarYiis, i, m* 

Tenditiir in m^d^s Mons ArgentarYils undas. Rutil. I 315. 
ArgentiextSrSbronYdes. (A ludicrous word composed for the occasion.) 

]Nugip0lj^l5quYdes ArgentiextSrSbrdnides. Plaut. Per. 4. vi. 21. 

(I- Tr,) 
Argestes, s, m. 

Fiigidtifi Argestes summas mulcebtt Cristas. Ov, F, v. 161. 

Argeiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Tibttr Argeo piisYtum ciJlono— /for. C. 2. vi. 6. (Sapphic.) 

Argi, drum, m. [651. 

Quid m^rilere Argl ? me, me, divum optYmS, soli&m — St. T, i. 

Argift, ss,f. 

Ornatus Argift gSns, dirumquS mdnilS — St. T. li. 266. 
ArgicYiis, i, m. 

Arbdrium, ArbdrYd patre St ftvo ArgYcYd. Jus. Prof. xvi. 6. 
ArgHetantis, ft, iim. 

Argiletanas mavis hftbYtarS tftbemas. Mart. 1. iv. 1. 
Argiletttm, T, w. lfS^i)ond.) 

Necnon et sacrT mdnstrat nSmiis Argileti, V. M. viii. 345. 
Arginiis, T, m. 

Securus IicSt hos fontes, ArgTnS, ministres, Mart. 7* xv. 5. 
Argivtis, ft, iim, adj, 

Juxta Argiviis ftger, juxta sunt cultft Lftcdniim. Av. D. 576. 
Argo, us,/. 

Is qu5quS, Phasiftcas Argo qui duxYt Yn undas, Ov. T. ii. 439. 

Et'quT movfstis dttS IitSrft, ciim riidYs Argus 

Dux «rftt— Prop. 2. xxvi. 39. 
ArgttlYciis, ft, iim, a^. 

Nee posse ArgdlYcis exscTndi Pergftmft tells, V. JE. ii. 177* 

ArgdlYs, YdYs, and Yd^s,/. adj. 

ArgSlides ciipSrent fugissS CftpharSft puppes. Ov. R. A. 735. 
Argttnautae, ariim, m. 

Ct Argtfnaiitee pr«t6r omnes candYdtLm — Hor. Ep. iii. 9. (LTr.) 

An spfttift carpit lentiis ArgOnautartLm ? Mart. 3. xx. 11. 

Argtts, i, n. 

Securumqug quYes altft p£r Argiis Srftt Ov. H. xiv. 34. 

In plur. Argl. See Argi. 
Argoiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Texitiir Argoa pTnus Pftgftsaeft sScuri. F. F. v. 436. 
Argiis, 1, m. 

Centum KimYnYbus cTnctiim cttpiit Argiis hftbebftt. Ov.M. i. 625. 
Argynniis, i, m. 

Qui nfttftt Argynni poenft mYnantYs ftqus. Prop. 3. vii. 22. 
37 B 


Argj^ripft, a,/. [%4», 

Ille drbem ArgjhrYpam, ptttriTae e8gndinlntf gSntl»^r. M, xi. 
Argjhrippiis, T, m. [f/. JV.^ 

Nam me httdle 5r&v¥t Axgjhrf ppfis fWatt—PUaa. J9, 1. i. 00. 
ArT&dntt, ae,/. 

Quantum m te, TheseH, Tttliicrihi Ariadnil miiifiiis 

PavKt— Ow. A, A, iii 36. 

Ar¥&dnfelis, ft, ttm, o^f . 

Atque ArYadnsHe coelSatifft donft cjtoons. ifoii. v. 21. 
ArVasmSntts, 1, m. 

ProeU&, falcatdB infert Arlfasmgniis axes. T. F. vi. 387. 

ArTbe, artlm, m. 

Oritas, Artb&sque, et veloces Arlichdtas. Av, D. 1297. 
Anc¥&, a,/. 

Bgressum magna me excepYt AricYH Roma. flor. 5. 1. y. 1. 

Ariciniis, ft, iim, adj. 

VallYs AricTns densTs Ifttfit abdYtft sTlvis. Ov. If. xv. 48& 

ArYeni, ortlm, m. 

Cauc&sSas arces et dumYcfilas ArYinos. Av. D. 805. 

ArYes, StYs, m. 

Quffive ArYes et Libra aequant dii^ortYft lucYs. C. G. 8. 

Ani, ortim, m. 

Bactrftque, ^t AnT, Bftbj^lon, it Susft, PftrdsquS. Man^'ur, 802. 

ArimasDft, ae, and ArYmasptLs, i, am, 

BellYgSratdres ntitnt tellus ArYmaspas. Av. D. 65. 

QuddquS l^git dives summis ArYmaspiis ftrenis. Luc, vii. 75& 

ProelYft nam fftcYunt ArYmaspi gryphYbiis hdstes. Prit, P. 70S. 

AnmYnensYs, S, adj. 

ArimYnensem FolYftm, Hor. Ep. v. 42. (1. Dim.) 
ArimYntlm, 1, n. 

VicinumquS mYnax TnvadYt ArimYnum, ftt igne»— Xtic. L 931. 
ArYnes, Ys, 01. [83& 

NCinc ArYnen OlbumquS nScat : jam saucYiU Aprin — F. F. vi 

Arintbsiis, 1, m. 

Inter Arinthffii fastus, et nomSn hftrOft. Ckmd, Eut, L 83w 
ArioR, tfnYs, m. 

Orpheus in sTivis, inter delphinfts Aridn. F. B. viii 56. 

Qi:^ mftrS non DovTt, quae nescYt Aridnft teUttS ? Ov. F. ii 83^ 

ArfttnYtts, ft, ftm, adj. 

NomSn ArTOnYiim SYcttlas implevSrftt firbes. Ov. F, ii. 93. 
ArYs, Ys, ». 

A tergo accelerant, qua fisus fluctYbite ArYs— iSI/. xv. 244. 

Arubft, ae, /. 

Pociilft, devicta gSnYtor qua cepYt Aiisba, F. M. ix. 264. 

Arisbfts, a, m. 

ExcCptds bdspes tectis inducYt Arisbas. SU. iii 668. 
ArTstaiis, I, m. 

Pastttr AtistcQs fligYens P&ieYft Ttaipe, V. G. iv. 317. 


Ailstarchtts, i, m. 

Fiet Arfstarcbus ; ndii dIcSt, Cfir tfgo ftmicttm 

Offigndam-^j^or. A. P. 450. 
Aristidei, Ys» m. 

Piilst&s Aristides pAtrTa LKc^dfieinSnft fugYt. Ov. P. 1. iii. 71. 
Affstipptts, 1, fli. 

Graeciis Anstippus, qui serros projYcSre auriim 

In mMKa jufisit Llfbj^a— Hor. S, 2. iu. 100. 
AristYiis, i, m. [61. 

Fuaci&s AristiiSs occumt, mHiy cariis, «t ill&m—^or. 51 1. ix. 
Arist5ph&ues, ¥s, m. [iv. 1. 

EupSlYs, atquS Crfttintlsi Anstttph&nesque, ptfets ; Hw. S, 1. 
Ariflt5pfa5ntes, as, and Ys, m. 

PerdYdlt me Anstdphontes hic, qui Intrdvenft mttdfi. IHaut 
Cap, 3. iii. 12. (Troch, Tetr, cat.) 
ArfstStSles, Ys, m. 

Si quYs ArTsttttSUm sYroYlem vel Pittftc5n emYt Suv, ii. 6. 
Anils, I, m. 

Substiingens ArYmaspS cSmas, hinc fortYs Aiitts — Luc* iii. 281. 

ArYusYtts, &, ttm, «i4/. [ArvisYft. 

Vinll ndvum &ndam cttl&thls ArYusYft nectftr. V, B. v. 71. aL 
Arm£nY&, ae,/ 

ArmSnYa, et pfttYens L2itYi jam pontYs Araxes. St, S. 1. iv. 79. 
ArmSnYiis, it, tlm, adj, 

DaphnYs St ArmSnYas curru subjungSrS tigres— F. B, v. 29. 

Armes, Ys, ». 

DispfilSrant Colchos, p&rYterque ingl5rY&s Armes — F, F, 6. 530. 
Annillatiis, i, m. 

Si quid PaUurYo, si credYmfis Armlllatd, Juv, iv. 53. (Spond.J 
Ami, SB,/, 

His urbes Arna, et Uetis Mevanitt pratis— <St/. viii. 456. 
Arne, es,/. [331. 

AgmYn&, quos Mide, quos hOmYdA suggSrYt Arne. St. T. vii. 
Amttsi 1, «. 

£t pontum solus scHicSt Arni&s &dit. Rutil. i. 570. 

AroD, onYs, m. 

Nee iSvYor cdmYtadlr Ar5n; hdrrentY& cig&s — F, F. vi. 524. 
Arpi, driim, m. 

Ddmque Arpos tendunt instlncta pect5rS Pieni — SiL viii. 242» 
Arpinas, atYs, adj, 

Hic n5vfis Arpinas, ^obYIYs^ et mtfdS Remae — Juv, viii. 237. 
ArpinJis, &, iim, adj, [lac, J 

Arpinis qu5quS comp&rarS cbartis. Mart, 10. xix. 17. (Pha- 
ArquYtYfis, i, m. ICScazon,) 

£t vos, SYle, Albuti, ArquYtiquS, Varrdqu$, F, Cat, vii. 3. 
Arreti&m, T, n. 

Arrefi muros, C5rj^tbl nana dirii&t ftrcSm. Sit, v. 123. 
Arruns, untYs, m. [664. 

AildYYt una Arruns, bsesltque In corpOrS ferrUm. F, ^, xi. 

sum, «t Arrfintem tttmttld BpeoiUftiar ib filtd. lUd, 85a 
30 s2 


AxsXcYdfle, arttm, and AnXcYdes, le, m. Pairimym, 

— — — voceaqu^ li^Mrlio 

ArsHcYds perferrS mfias. Si fced&rft jidbis — Luc. viii. 218. 
Ars&cYdae, bellum vlctis civUe dSdistis. Id, L 108. 

ArsHcYiis, ft, tlm, a4f . 

Sets quid In AnJicYa Piicdrus deliber^t aula. Mart, 9. zxxvu 3w 

Arses, Ys, m. 

Inde riiens ThiirYn, it Buten, et NarYn, «t Anen, /SSU. vii. 59& 

ArsYnOe, es,/. 

Cses&rYs ArsYnSe, qus castrft c&rentY& regfi — ^LtMr. x. 52. 

Arti&cYe, es, /. 

NobYlYs Artftcie gSlYda quos irrYgftt unda. Tib. 4. i. 80. 

Artftmo, onYs, m, 

Tres unos passus. Vel d&;em. AgSdum, tu ArUhno, Plaut. 

Bacc. 4. vii. 34 (L Tr,) 
Artantts, i, m. 

Artanum prSpSras sSqui, IYbell& Mart, 8. Ixxii. 3. (PJuUac) 

Artazfttft, drtim, n. 

Sic praetextatos rSfSrunt Artax&tft mores. Juv, iL 170. 

ArtSmYdortts, i, m. 

Pinxisti VfinSrem, cttlYs, ArtSmYdorS, MYnerrftm. Mart, &. xl. 1. 

Art&non&, bs, /. 

ArtSmonft, si hfijiis rSi me SssS mendacem invenerTs. Plaui. 

As, 6. ii. 6. (Troch. Tetr, cat,) 

ArtorYtis, 1, m. [Arturius. 

Cedamus pfttrYa : vTvant ArtorYtls Tstic — Juv, iii. 29. al, 
Artdtrogiis, T, m, 

Sed ilbi Arttttrogils ? Hie est : stat propter vYrilm. Plant, 

MiL 1. i. 9. (I, Tr,) 
ArvSrni, driim, m. 

Arvemique ausT LStYd se fingSr^ fratres. Luc, i. 427. 
ArvYrSgtui, T, m. 

— — — aut de temon£ BrYtanno 

£xcYdSt ArvYrSgus. PSrfigrina est belliift. CernYs — Jw^, iv. 137. 

ArvIsYtts. See Ariusius. 
Arupinas, atYs, adj. 

Testis ArupTnfts et pauper natiis Yn armis ; Tib, 4. i. 1 10. 
AsMlfis, 1, m, 

£t nYv^ LeGcon, et villis Asbttliis atris. 0», M, iii 218. 

Asbutes, se, m, 

Huic cSmYtem Asbaten cdDJScta cuspYdS mittYt V,M, xii. 362. 

Asbystse, arUm, m. 

Asbyste post hos tSrrarOm rOrtt tSnentes. Prie. P. 195. 
Asbyte, es,/. 

Vengr&t Asbyte, prdles Q&rftmantYs HYarbse. Sil ii. 58. 
Ascftlftphi&s, 1, m. [v. 538. 

Vid^rftt Asc&Ulphus: quern quondam dicYtiir Orphne.— Ov.Af. 
AscftnYiis, T, m. [ii. 747. 

AscftnYum, AncbisenquS pHtrSm, TeucrosquS PSnates. K, JE, 


AflchStte, T, m. [4tS. 

AflchMdi inei^pllini, M«f«amqnl TttoaMM Cfcui&m. Si. T, vi. 

AsCFtt) Sf /• 

Servinti pSclldSs TtilYMU, Ascril, tiKts. Op. d. A. i 18. 
Ascnetts, ft, fim, 04^. [I7Q. 

AMteimque aXxA RoAtaaii pfo oppldH oftrmte. K 6. ii. 

Aflcfili&m, T, n. 

Hidria^etteolcMiitBliErtAtfiigiilfttrAsdi*. ,»;. vni. 438. 
• By syncope. 
Asdrubal. Sw Uasdrubal. 
Aseiis, ft, ttiUi <u^'. 

BSrots: terris intio BiMA&tir AB€ift. iVi«.i>. 409. 

AdcUa iri[>efl A^se dtfrnltaa^pHlwuiiquS Nlfph&ten. V, G. iii. 30. 

Asltttciis, ft, ttm, a<^*. 

fic4u](d> fit Aslftcas casOHa &8plc¥8 iuroei^ Op. If. adi. 686. 

al. has jam jam, fpfttcA w 6e^^er. 
AsYanfis, ft, ikn, tug. 

Quod non vidistl: fftcBLnt ^uYtes Astani. Juv. vii. 14. 

Quippe AsKanarum primi degunt r^glfdntLm. Jv, V, 1256. 
AsKaiJcib, ft, ttn^ a4j. 

Frigttrlfbus p^o vSnYunt As](at¥cft fetu. Col, 412. 

Dat IftcYem Pollux HT^ro, dftt CastOr AsHld. jtfor/. 9. civ. 3. 
Asilfis, i, m. 

fiiiUftit ftm&. Miles Tfvrkentt^ Aflilo 

Nom^n Srat— 5t2. xiv. 148. 
AsiDft,«,iR.«nJ/. [196. 

Quas AsYns cautes, et, quas ChYds aspSrftt, undas. Luc, viii. 

AiIharYft, sb,/. f^. Tr.; 

AsYnarUm vdlt essS, si per yds lYcSt Plaut, Js. ProL 12. 

AslaYtts^ 1, m. 

Marrucme AsYm, mftnu sYmstrft — Cat. xii. 1. (PhakBcUm,) 

AbYs, YdYs, and Ydtf s, /. a^. 

Jam stLpftr Europen sublimis, H AsYdft, terras— Ov. AT. ▼. 648. 

AsMta, 1, m. 

DeYphfibOsquftjftcSt, jftcCt AsY&s, et jftc£t HectOr. Sahin. i. 15. 

AsYtts, ft, ftm, atU, 

Atque £plij^St, atque OpYs, ^t AsYft DSYfipeft. V. G, iv. 34a 
f Elision not made. 
AsdpYftdes, ae, m. Patronym. 

Hulc AsopYftdes, PStYs irrYtft, dixYt, et arbi— Ov. U, yii. 484. 

AsdpYs, YdYs, and Ydtts,/. 

Aur^fis ut Dftnften, AsopYdft lus^rYt igneusX, Op. M. ▼. 113. 
X By synseresis. 
AaopYtts, ft, fim, aey. {713. 

AspYcYt his foi^ jftmdAdam AsopYtts Hfpseas. St, T. vii. 
Asopte, T, m. 

AocYpytAt5pd8eilnas,PhQeiiixqii«,M«l«S4«e. £«e.vi374. 
41 bS 


Aependtts, i,/. 

Piscosi AapSndte flumin jtett* fifii^iBMaiias. A9. />. 101& 

AspSr, Sri, m. 

Plilfl ergO) ftt rit est, quam Tlfdftt Aspir, itm&t. Mart, & xlix. 2. 

AspYs, Ydfe, m. 

In cKpK spteYem cOnratw tOnybOs, AspYs — AX iii. 244. 

Ilite, ^t'AsUrifeaS) riptfisque Jtfvi Gtotmedes. Ov. Jf. xi. 246L 

Edique Ar&bes, pinguTs St AssjhrYft. Tib, 3. ii. 24. 

Assjh'Yiis, &, fim, a4/> 

AIb& nSque I^ftib fucatur lan& vSnena. T. G. ii 46&. 

Asta, flB,/. 

ContflIU AusttnYis, aut moenXtt vfndYcYs Asta. C/. 6. C. A: 203. 

AstiiclfdeSi se, in. Patronym, 

Ast&ctdsquS mSdo decTs& cfidavSrS trunco. Ov, lb. 517* 

Afltftctts, 1, m, 

Intactam Cr5c2llen piiSr Ast&ciis, et pilSr Idas, Caip, ii. 1. 


Pdttn' &, at mihi mSlestus ne sYes ? QuYd, Ast^lphilMuin, 
est ? Ptewf. True. v. 6. ^7. Te^. acat.) 
Ast&phMm, 1,/. 

Sed hffic quis mtaYSr? AstilphYum est ancilimiL Pkntt. 

True. 1. i. 76. (I- Tr.J 
AstSrYe, es, and x,f. 

FecU H Astftiien ttqutla loctante t^neri. Ov. if. vi. 108. 

Ast£rl5n, dnYs, m. 

Fluctn)tt8 Astfirten : flle alt& p& avW notlte— i». T. iv. 714. 


AstSris ante d&pes, ndcte AstMs, Ast^rYsortu. St.S. 1. ii. 19ft 

Astrliis, 1, m. 

A8tilS> credibYle est ? iit vTnc&t &canthYd& comix, Calp. v\,' f, 

Astraeii, s,/. 

Clt!m& coelestum terras Astrse& r^IiquYt. Ov. M. i. 150. 
Astrsetis, i, m, 
^ Sen g^niis Astrae! HiSris, quern fam& p&rentSm — C. O. 108. • 

AstrstLs, &, iim, adj. 

Astrsi turhant, St Sunt In prselYft, iratres. Ov. M. xiv. 546. 

Astreus, Sds, m. 

OccidYt et Ceiftdon MendesYtts: occYdYt Astreus. Ov. M. iv. 144. 

Astiir, iirts, m. 

Astiir Squo fidens, et versYcSlorYbiis armis. V. M. x. 181. 

Asttir, tirYs, adj. 

Spectarunt Poenli trSmtiitque exercYtiis Astiir. SU, i. 252. 

AstiirYciis, i, m. 

SI magna AstttiYci c£cYdit d5mii8» horrYdH matSr, /uv. iii. 212. 
AstilrYctLs, &, i&mi adj. 

LaelYtis AstiUrYca r&pYdos de gonti^ jtlgiles— iSt^. xvi. 583. 


AstiSrItts, ft, ttiDy €uy, t fAsOTvii* 

MeisSr&t AstttrH scruti^r pillKdfis 9Sb^ Zatc iv. 298. al. 
Astj^itges, Ts, m. 

Qugm r&ttb Astjfttges StYamnum Tiv^re, iSngo^Oo. M. v. 203. 
Astj^&nax, actYs, m. 

MitdtttrAstj^ftnax lUls de turrlfbds, undS— Or;. Jf. xilL 415. 

O mM 8ol& m6i siipSr Astj^ftnoctis Ymago. T. ^. iii. 489. 

Aatj^lTdes, sb, m. Patronym. [215. 

. Hagnon Astj^lldes, Hagnon, quern plurKmll semper — Grat. 
Astj^ljte, 1, m. 

— — — — — augtlr 

Astj^lds. Ille etYam mStiientl vuln^rft Nessd— Ov. M. xii. 308. 
As^dche, es,/. 

Astj^fiche, piifiriqufi rfides tiift, PhsedYmS, proles. St, T. iii. \7l. 

Astj^SlsH, 8e»/. 

Cinct&quS piscosis Astj^ftlaeft vftdis. Ov. ^. /#. ii. 82. 
AstjfpftleTiis, ft, iim, adj, 

rrdmissis Anftphen, regna Ast^pftleift belld. Ov, M, vii. 462. 
Aatyr, j^ris, m, 

ArmYgSr £di non felTx MenmdnYs Astj^r. SiL iii. 334. 

Asylas, le, m. 

EmftthYonft LYger, Cdrj^naeum sternYt Asylas. F, M. ix. 571. 

Asyltts, 1, m. [267. 

Hos hftbYtus 7 quando ad palum gSmftt ux5r Asyli ? Juo, vi. 
Atabiiltts, i, m. 

Ostentarfi mYfal, quos torrftt Atabiilfis, et quos — Hor, S,h\. 78. 
Atftbtts, i, ffl. See Arabus, L 
Atftcinils, ft, tim, adj. 

H5c £rftt, experts frustra Varrone Atftcind, Hor, S. 1. x. 46. 
Atftlantft, as, and Atftlante, es,/ 

£t tegYtur festa vTctrix Atftlantft cteona. Ov. if. x. 59a 
Atftlantaeiis, ft, iim, adf. 

Jamque At&lantaeas impierat nuntYiis aiires. SL T. iv. 309. 
AtftlantYftdes, s, m. Patronym. 

Trux AtftlantYftdes, nee dum HIS quYevftrftt, infYt. St. T.ix. 789. 

Atarnites, s, adj. m. 

Aut, tit Atarnites, insutus pellS jiivencl, Ov. lb. 321. 
Atax, ftcYs, m. 

MitYs Atax LfttYas non gaudet ferrS cftrinas. Luc. i. 403. 

Smyrnft cfivas Atftcis pfinitus mittetiir ftd undas. Cat. xcv. 5. 

Jamque Atellft stias, jaroque et CalatYa ftdegYt— <S't2. xi. 14. . 

Atellantts, ft, iim. 

CrbYciis ex5did risiim mdvSt Atellans 

GestYbtis Aut5ndes. Jum. vi. 71* (Spond.J 
Atesfiniis, ft, iim, adj. 

VeriSt Atestinae nondiim vulgatft S&blnse. Mart. 10. xciii. 3. 
AtbftmanYft, ae,/. 

Cdmpftr&t bis TerButtt sftas AtbftmanYft fraiides. Grat. 182. 

AthKmltiTs, MYs,/. 

A4ni5(u AthKttiMfe Mqdb icOMMrS ^fttti 
Narr&tOr— Ov. if. xv. 311. 

Athftm&ntettB, ft, titti, ^. 

InaSsqu^ sliius AthftmantgdsquC p«rerr&Dt Of. JT. !▼. 49«. 

Adiftm&ntYftdSs, SB, m. PtOr&nym, [919. 

Jfig hftb^t, aut Triton, AthftmantlQldetve PfisemekL Oo.W, xiii. 

Athftmantlfs, YdTs, and Tdte, a<9. '/. [90ft. 

£t Mstra p^ttdem quaeres AthftYnancTdds ti^lei. Oo. F. iv. 
Athftmftniis, ft, ttm, a<^. 

fist Phoebi fiigYens Athftmana ad llttfrft pdrttts. Prop, 4. vi. 15. 

Athftmfts, antYs, m. 

Hiac ftgYtur fttrHs Athftmis, ^t YmagYnS falsa : (^. F. vt 489. 

Athas, se, m. 

Sivft Iftvem cursu ▼fncSri quaerYs Athftm : Utirt, 4. iix 6^ 
Athenae, ftrttm,/. 

Adeste, Athenae : fidft fftmttlorum mftni&s. Sen, Htp.'J^. (UTt,) 

Tu qutfque Athenarum crimen, jam DobYlfi stdtts — Sev, M, 600. 
Athenaetls, ft, iim, adj, 

£st 8t Athenaeis fn moenYbfis, irbYs Yn ips5 

VertYcfi— ZiMT. vL 749. 

AthenSgttras, ae, m. - 

TristYs Athenftgttras non misit miinerft nobis. Hart,, 9. xlL 1. 

AthenYensYs, S, <u(;. 

AthenYensis dicYt Euctemon YtSm— ^o. O. M, 360. ^f. 2V.> 

Athl^slYs, Ys, m. 

Slve Pftdi ripis, Athesim sea propter finoenttm— r. ^ ik. 690. 

AthYs, YdYs, «. [Jif. ▼. 47. 

Datque ftnYmds. I^t IndflS Athls, quSm HuitiYniS Gatigie — Ov. 
Athos, 5, m. (xii. 791. 

Qo&nttts Atiids, aiit ^aatiis fiifx, tut ^ne ctfrtseis^r. yE. 

Ath^r, jhrYs, to. 

Ddctils Athyr tSc^taqtie grftvSs SopTr^ ^hetfaroft— .SiJL 1. 412. 
AtilYtis, 1, TO. 

Dtias habSrg fflYfis AtflYiim, V, Cat, iv. 6. (I, Tr,) 
Atinft, ae,/. 

Telft nSvftnt, Atinft pStens, TtbSrque stipefbiim. V, M, rii. 630. 
Atinas, atYs, adj, 

Tiirbati %iuht RtttiilT, !ftigYt ftcSr Atinas. V, M, xi. 869. 
AtYfis, 1, m. 

Alter Atys, ggnils unde Atfi duxerg Lfttini, V, M, v, 668. 
AttenteJis, ft, iim, adj. Ihyperm,) 

Sedes, AtlanteOsquC fInYs. Hor. C, \, xxxiv. IL (I, ZHm. 

Quis tunc aut Hyftdas*, aut PleWdfts AtlanteSs— 0». F, iii, 
• By caesura. 106. (Spand.) 

AdantYftciis, ft, iim, adj, 

QualYs AtlantYftdo mSmSratiir lYtdr^ quondftm— <S'tX xiii. 200. 
AtlantYftdes, ae, to. Paironym, 

SedYt AtlantYftdSs, St gunteiA rniiltft l6qaSnd&--Oi;. M. i. 682. 


AtUmtYKs, U\8, and ftd5s,/. Patronym. 

Yixque AUantiNidiim rttbCfgoKrilt drU tttrSrttm \ XL xvi. 136. 
AtULntifcils, &, ttm, a<^'. [^/cj 

Anno rSvisens aequttr AtlintVciim. Aior. C. 1. xxzi. 14. CCtt. 

£t siibYt iBtdloB Atlintlctts ioc5l& campos. Sil, x. 184. 
AdaatlSfYdfe, atufYdte,/. Patronym. [77. 

Non Ilni5r, et fecunda AtlantM5s arvft Gftlypsus— 7*16. 4. i. 

PL Ante t!bi £dx« AdantidSs abscondanttlr, K G, i. 221. 

* Elision not made. (Spend,) 

Atlantftts, &, dm, a^*. [AtlantklL 

Tunc etiam tentSr£ p&ras Atlanta regnft, Sil xv. 37. al. 
Atlas, antYs, m. 

Herctile suppdsYtd sidgrft fulcYt Atlas. Ov. H, ix. IB. 

AtrYft vestrft riient. Atlas en ipsS IftbSrilt Ov, M, ii. 206. 

Tempos, Atla, v^nYet, ttiH quo spOlYabYtiir auro 

Arb»r--Ov. If. It. 648. 

ConstYtU HespMo, regnis AtlantYs, ¥n orbS. Ov. M, iv. 627. 

Atr&cides, s, m. Patronym. 

£xlg¥t AtriicYdes, PeneYftqae anr& pSrerrftt Op. M, xii. 209. 

Atr&cis, YdYs,/. Patronym, 

AtrJicYs HsmtfnYos HTpp5d&mtil vYrds. Ov, H. xvii. 248. 
AtrScYiis, &, ttm, od;. 

£t dicam, lYcSt AtrSlcYis consfd&t Yn 6ris. Prop, I. viii. 25. 
Atrectiis, T, m, [lacian,) 

niTnc me p^t^, ne rSges Atrectilm : Mart. 1. cxviii. ]3. (Pha- 
Atreus, S5s, and ST, m. 

Sic magni cedit tYtttlls Agftmemn5nYs Atreiis. Ov, H, viiL 27- 

Dig:num Thj^este fScYntts, et digrnum AtrSo. Sou Thy, 271. 

(L Tr.) 

AtrS& tYmendum. DecYpi captus tYmes ? Ibid, 486. 

Atiefis, a, iim, adj, __ [743. 

I, prScdr, Atrei n quid tYbY sanguYnYs unqu&m — St, T, viii. 
Atridii, as, m, Atrides, ae, m. Atridae, ariim, m. 

Non YtH DardHnYo gavTsiis Atnd& trYumpbo est Prop, 2. xiv. 1. 

£t gCmYni Atridae, D^5pumque exercYttls omnYs. F,^, ii. 415. 

Hoc Ithilcus vSlYt, et magnd mercenttbr Atridse. Ibid, 104. 
Atrtfpttteni, oiiUn, m. 

PinguYH rurft tfinent : santillic AtrSpftteni. Av. D, 1214. 
Atr5p58, 1,/. 

GaudYa, florentesquS m&nu scYdYt Atrtfpds annos. ^S^. T, iii. 127. 
Attii, ae, m. 

Recte necnS cr5ciim fldresquS pSrambtdfit Atts 

Fabttla—Hor. E. 2. i. 70. 
Attagfis, i, m. i(I, Tr,) 

HTc salsum Yn squ5r amnYs AttSgus riiYt. Av, O. M. 587. 
AttitlYciis, a, tim, adj. [Atehp,) 

Agros, AttaiYcis condYtYonYbiis, Hor, C. 1. L 12. (Chor, Tet, 
Attaii&s, 1, m. 

Attaitts haeredSm vtfliSit te, Roma, rSfinqui. CI, But, i. 215. 

N5n OcCLlTs grata ist AtthYs, fit ante, mais. Ov, H. xv. 18. 


Xtth% UU,adf.f, 

Non inter iria AttfaMilni miktim ehttrii, Sen. Bip. 100. (I. Tu) 

Attifcli, ae,/. riL90. 

£x Attfca htnc ibrSptSm. GlTemfie f ArbYtrtfr. Ttr. Bun. I. 

AtttciHa, BB,/. 

AttlciiB, i, m. 

Att¥cii8 exlmie si ccenat, lautiis h&bet&r, /wo. xi. 1« 

Attlctts, a, Hmf adj, 

Attlctts banc ultr& Urnes jSc^t, Atticft tellus— ^v. Z). 582. 

Qutfd AtdcarOm prim& mSllk cerarttm — Mart, 6. xxTii 10. 

Attfs, !dlB, m. [227. 

Quid Gr»c^ aut Attitn reiSriun, CYnyraquH creaOm— Ov. F. v. 


Notltla exilis nobis, Attustft, tecfim. Aiu» Par. xxi. 1. 

Atttr, iiiT, m. Aturri&s, i, m. AtttriiSi T, m. 

Qudm trSmeret fort! mmtS vTcttts Atilr. 7i6. 1. vii. 4. 
Tain prdfttgum in tenis, per quas perrQinpU Aturrtts* Jum. 

Ptar. iv. n. 
Qui ttn^t, et ripas AtfirT, qua litdrS curvo — Luc, i. 420. 

Atj^s, yfis, w. 

Pactils Agenftr^am primis Atj^s ibftt iJb innis—i^/. T, viii 556. 
Sttp«r altA vectOs Atys ceUri rttt6 m&r]f&, CaL Ixiii. 1. f GW- 

Aucbates, s, m. 

Doct&s et Aucbates pfttuld y%& nnci&U gyro— f^. F. vi. 132. 

AAcb^nltts^ ft, i&m, nij, 

Scis g^niis AuchenYum, nee te IfttiierS ptftentes — CL P. O, 8. 
A&cbtts, i, m. 

TertYtts unftnimis vSnYens cum mlllibtis Aucbiis — F. F, yi. 60. 
Ailcttts, i, m. [7. Hi. 1. 

GratUDi est, quod CeiSri ndstiCs %Ys, AilctS, libellos. MmtL 
AveiH, €B,/. [al. Avellse. 

PasciUlque bafld tarde red£unt¥il tdndSt Aveise. SiL viii. 518. 
Avails, Ys, m. [jBpM. xix. 16. 

Ulibftnuin, NtimYdamque AvSHm, PartbumquS Vtfn5n)$mi Ant, 

Avella, SB,/ See Aveia. 

Av€ns, entYs, m. 

ApenninYcSla atqne Ombrd c5mYtattts AventS. SiL vi. 167* 
Aventiniis, i, m. 

VenYt Aventinus post h5s : l5ctis undS vdcatiist Ov. F* iv. 51. 
Av^ntihtts, 2L dm, adJ, 

Cactts Aventins tYmtfr atque infamift silvae. Ov. F, i. 551. 

AvSmftlYs, S, a<^'. 

IntSr AvelrnalaB baud ^notissYmil Nymphas. Ov, M, ▼. 540. 
Averniis, i, m. and Averntt, drttm, n, 

DTvinosque lltcfiB, Ct AvemI s5nSntYl Ba^fs. K JE, Mi, 442. 
AvemtLs, ft, iim, o^;. 

Sed me quflm Mcift Rftcftti pnof^C ATSmfii, F. iS. vi. 564. 


AufYdYiis, T» m. 

AuHdius fBrti misceb&t mellft Fftlerno. Hor. 5. 2. iv. 24. 
Aufldtts, i, 01. 

Amn^B et Hadrtteis rStrd ffigft Aundtts undas. KM. xi. 405. 
AfifTdfis, &, i&m, a^r*. 

Atque £& dum juxta Tjh'lfus stagna Auftdft ductdr — Sil. x. 170. 
AufHenil, fe,/. 

Aufilenjl, Mnae semper Uudanttbr ftmics : Cat, ex. I, 
AufUeniis, I, in. 

Ccelltts AufUenum, et QDintYOs Aufilenftm, Cat, c. 1. (Spond,) 

Aflge, es,/. [r/. Tr,J 

DiSm nectKt AOgC, vim itiipri passu ezcMIt iS^ ^« 0, 367- 
Augeas, aiul AiSgias, et, m, 

StAbttli %avit turpfe Augiae lilb5r. Sen.H,F.%ili, 
AUgetts, li, i&m, adf, 

Septbna Xn Augeis stftbiills impeiis& Ittbdrls. Jus, Ed. kvl, 7*> 
Augusttts, 1, m. 

Hinc Aiigustiis ftgens It&lds in prceltil Caisilr, F. M, viiL 678. 

Aiigustiis, ft. ttm, adj, 

Hinc Aiigustft rfttis plenis J5vts omYnH veils — Pirop. 4. vi. 81. 
AvYdYeniis, i, m. 

Si te ttlYo pravOm detdrs^rts. AvMentts— jffor. 8. 2. ii. 66. 

Avitianiis, i, m. 

AvitYanum, Musft, germanum vtA^m—Aus. Par. xiii. 1. (X.Tr,) 

AvitttSy i» in. 

Ot pridem Avittts AlphYils. T. M. 2448. (I. Dim.) 

Aulestes, ae, m. 

Tyrrhenum Aulesten, ftvYdus c5nfund8r« fiBdtts, V,M, xii 290. 

Aulfa, Mis,/. 

Ejedt AulYs impYas portii rfttes. Sen, Jg, 173. f'/. Tr,) 
AulYdS juravi, classemve ad Pergftmft misi. V, ^, iv. 426. 

ACdon, onYs, m. 

£t iSvis £li8 gquis, et fluctn)iis obvii&s Auldn. V, F. i. 880. 

Aultts, i, m. 

DeUcYas vatum cum mSiis Aultis ftmSt Mart. 8. Ixiii. 4. 

AOntls, i, m. 

ApenninYctfls bellatdr filiils Auni. F, JE, xi. 700. 

AOrSlYI, s,/. 

Qu5d captatttr ^mat Lenas, AurelYft vendftt Jnv, v. 98. 

AureUtts, \,m,and adj. [30. 

Tostquam Tuscfis ftgSr, postquamque AurelYOs Igg^^SmtU, 1. 

Afirigft, fe, m. 

Est etYam Aurigae fftcYes, sive incljftft forroft, C. G. 166. 

Aurorft, ae,/. 

Titboni cr6cSum Hnquens Aurorft ci&biie, T. Cr. i. 447. 

Auruncft, ae,/. 

Per quern mapitts £qu#s Auruncae fleyit lUumoi^. Jw. L 20. 


AurJinciUeU, s,/. 

— — — Non tibi, Au- 

runctUeU, pSnciUum est Cat, Ixl 87. (Glyeonic,) 
Aurunctts, &, tim, €idj, 

Aurunci miserS p&tres, SMIcinftqu^ juxta — V. JE. yii. 727- 
AusSr, firfs, in. 

Quam cingunt gSmlinls Arntis St AusSr ftquls. BMil. i. 566. 
Ausdnfis, tim, m. 

Nee mirft virtus : protYniis AusSntim 

Vbrta&SU S, 4. v. 37. (Gr, Akaic) 
AusdnYH, ae, /. 

AusfinYae para illft prdcOl, quam pandYt Apollo. V, JE. iii. 479. 
Au^nfds, arttm, c. ^. [990. 

AtMiDMae Phif gfbus, Rdman&qufi Pergi&mft surgent Luc. ix. 

Ast ambas Inter tellus jftcSt Ausdntdarttm. Pm. Per. 338. 
AOsdnYs, Ydls, cklf./. 

Captilque Srat Ijhricis Aus^nYs 5rft sdnis. Ov. P. iL 94. 
AiisftnWs, I, m. 

QusrS, 1^8 nomen constdYs.Ausdnn. Au9, E, de Fast. iv. 4. 
Au85nttts, &, ilm, adj. 

Nee ndn Ausdnu, Troja gens mi88&, cSloni, F. G. ii. 385. 
AustSr, tri, m. 

Interclusit hYems, et terrilYt AustSr Suntes. F. JE. u. 111. 
AustralYs, d, adj. 

— — — — p51umquS [ii. 132. 
EffilgYto Australera, junctamque AquYldntbiis Arct5n. Ov. M. 

AustrYfSr, Sr&, tim, adj. 

Tempftra, fit Austriftro ngbiilosam vert!c6 frontgm — SH. xii. 2. 
Austriniis, ft, iim, adj, 

— — — — qua parts c&l5res 
Austiiiios tiiierit, quae terga obvertSrYt axT, F, G, ii. 271. 

Aut5]5]S8| iinii m. 

Autttlttles, NiimYdseque vSgi, semperquS pftratt&s — Luc. iv. 677- 
Autttlj^ciis, 1, in. [313. 

NascYtttr AutSljfcus, furtum ingSnYosiis ftd omne. Ov. M. xi. 
AdtttmSdon, ontYs, m, 

ArmYg^r AutSmSddn, una 5mni8 ScyrYft pubes. F. M. ii. 477* 

DesSriiit iSvYtas AutSm^ddntYs Squos. Ov. T. 5. vi. 7* 
Aut5n5e, es, /. 

Autdnde : m5v£ant &nYraos ActsdnYs umbrae. Ov. M. iii. 720. 
AQtdntfeYtis, ft, tlm, adj. 

AddYtiia et pftvfir est. FtigYt AutSndeYtis herds— Ov. M. ilL 198. 
AuxYm5n, i, n. 

Variis, lit admotae pulsarunt AuxYmdn alae, Luc. ii. 466. 

AxSni&s, 1, OT. 

Dictiis ftb antiquis Ax£ntis lUS fliYt Ov. T. 4- iv. 56. 
Ax5nfti ae, m. [461. 

Non tYbY se LYgSr antSfSret, n5n Ax5n& praeceps. Aut. Ed. x. 
AxonSSy i&m, m. [al. SuessonSs. 

£t BYtiirix, longisquS iSves AxonSs Yn &rmi8 : Luc. i. 423. 

VenYt «t Idaels mUlatYbfts aemtQt&s Azan. St. T. iv. 292. 



Bftbj^lcS onls, m. (I. THm,) 

DxnVana&TH Uli Bftb^ld ^ntl mXnas. 2%r. ^li. 5. yiu I7. 

Bftbjrion, onYs,/. 

Nee B&b^lon sestum, nee finigtfrft P5nt&8 b&bebit. Ov,P. 2. iv. 27. 
Persarum stfttttit Bftbj^ldn& SSmir&mlfs urbSm. Prop, 3. xi. 21. 

B&bjfl6nlftcfls, &> ttmr. 

Cum B&bj^ldnlftcas submersft pr5fugit In undas. Man. iv. 57& 

Bibj^ldnkfis, ft, ttm. [1023. 

Quum B&bj^ldn!cft, magnYficd splenddrfi, rYganttir — Lttcr, iy. 

BftbJ^ldntensfe, ft, ewl;. [^7. Tr.) 

B&bj^l5nien8em miUtem : is nilnc dicYtfir — Plaui. Trtte, I. i. 66. . 

B&bj^ldnYfifl, ft, fim, adf, 

Anit et ECiphratgfl BftbjHonYtts, ftnsYt Ordnteft— Ov. M. ii. 248. 

Baccftrft, te, m. 

Bis nobis dicis, Baccftrft, terquft AU. Mart 7> xdi. 2. 

Baccnfta sb # 

QualYs ftb Ogf g¥d concYU Bacchft dftd. 0».H.tl4S, 

Bacchanft], alYs, n. 

Nftque ftgo unquam, nisi h5dYe, ad Bftcobas vSni In Bacchanal 
ctfquinatum *. PkmL AuL 3. i. 8. (TroeK Tetr. acat.) 
* Hermann proposes to read cdquYtatum t but, if the pre- 
sent reading stands, he considen the final syllable turn as 
elided before the next line, which begins with a voweL 

BacchanSlift, iim, n. 

Qui Ciirios sYmOlant, et Bacchanalift vivunt Juv. iL 2. 
Bacchans, tYs, c. g. 

Biccchantum ritu flagrantes circilit aras. Ov. M, vii. 268. 
BaccheT&s, ftdds, or BaccheYs, Yd^s, adj.f. 

Qualis, SI siibftas Cphjhres Baccheiftdds alttim — St. S, 2. ii. 34. 
Baceheiiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quid mftmfirandum seque BaccheYft ddnft tiilerunt? V,G. ii. 454. 
Baccheiis, ft, ttm, tkdj. 

Injecta, et mftdYdas Baccheo nectftrS rupes — St. S. 2. ii. 9&. 
BftcdilQkiUe, artha, m. Patroi^m, 

£t qua B&ccfaYftdse^ bYmftri gens ortft Cteintho—Ov. M. v. 407. 
BacchYdis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Linn^ ftt a tergo decresdt BacoliYcft Naxte. St. J. ii. 4. 

BacchYs, YdYs,/. 

Age, ftgft traducftCur BftccHYs. Optthne : Ipsa exit fbras. Ter. 

Heaut. 4. iii. 44. (Trochaic Tetram. eat.) 

Plur, BacchYdes! ndn BicchYdes, sed Bacchse sunt acerrtims. 

Plaut. Bacc. 3. i. 4. 

BaochBiSr i, tn. [yii. 20. 

CdmpdsYtum mftlYus cum Bitho Bacchiiis, in jus — Hor. S. 1. 

BftcdiY&i, ft, ttm, a^m 

Orb&s, ftit, mrSs, Be BftcchYft sftcrft vYderes. Ov. M. iii. 618. 
49 ^ 


BacchtlSi T, m. 

Bacchtis &vu8, Bacchf conjux, rSdYmitfi c8r5oS, Ov. tt, vi. 115. 
Bttcttriis, 1, «. 1(1. Tr.) 

RhtfdoquS BXcSriis Srtiis, EuetSmon quttqul! — Av, O. M, 46. 
Bactra, oriim, n, [^Alcaie.) 

Bactrft p&rent TllnillBquS dkcon. H^, 'C, 9. loix. 28. (Less, 
Bactrentts, ft, iini, adj. 

Sed Bactrenft 8515 Tastd prKcttl arvl r«c€d(lnt. Av. D. 913. 
BfictrT, orttm, m* 

Accedit Bactros : attingSns denYque fttrocSt— ^v. IX 910. 
Bftctrftts, a, ttm, a^\ [Jf. y. 13& 

BactrYiis Halcj^Sneus, H5c, quod prSinKs, m^lt, hftbeto. (kh 
BSctrSS) T, fit* 

Brrintes Sc5^thYs p5pttli, qnos gfirgVttf BSetrSs 

Includit g^ido^Lue, uL 267* 
BaetYcatiis, ft, fim, <u^'. 

£t B^tlcatfis, atqu^leucfiphflOttts^iraif; 1. zciiL 6. (Seaz.) 
BsetYcdlft, ae, e. ^. 

BstYcdlSsquft Tlrda ftr^Si ftgYtabftt Ynlqwi. SiL i. 146. 
BstYciis, T, m. 

BaetYctti : hoc d«d«r&t ptiiSro cdgnomte ftb SmnS— <S!^ xvi 469. 
Bstifciis, ft, ttm, a<^'. 

Virlbtti occiatis, et BstYciis ai^ttvftt aer. Jw. ii. 42. 

An BstYcarum pondiis acrft lanarttm. IfisrI. 12. Ixv. 6. (Scaz.) 
BaetYgftnft, ae, c. g. 

BsetYg^nnque vM. Gelsus mftdYa ipsS cdercCt— A'2. ix. 234. 
BaBtYs, Is, m. 

Mixtus CastftlYae Baetils fit eisSt ftquae. Mart. 7- xxii. 4. 
Bftgas, ae, m. 

Gisgonem, leyemqu£ Bftgam, TndignumquC sftgftts,5t7. ii. 111. 
Bftgestts, 1, m. [Vftgesftm. 

Hinmtum efifundens, sternit tellurC BftgestLm, SiL x. 469. ai^ 
Bftgoiis, I, tn. 

Quern pftnSs est dttminam servandi curft, Bftg5S, Ov, A. 2. ii 1. 
Bagrftdft, e, m. 

Poenos Bagrftdft serpYt intSr agros. St. S. 4. iii. 91. (Phalac.) 
Baise, arttm,/. 

Cnde ^rant nomen Baue, ctf mYtSmqutf dMissft — SU. xii. 114. 

FumYdft Baiarom stftgnft tttpSntYs ftquse. Prop. Sk xviii. 2. 
Baianlis, ft, i&m, adj, 

MiirYce Baiano mSl¥5r LScrinft piQdrYs : Hor, S. 2. It. 32. 
Bai5cas8s, arttm,/. 

Ta Bai5ca8sui stirpS DrfiYdariim afttiiB, Aus. Prof. iv. ?. (J. Tr.) 

Baitis, i, m. 

Ore gYganteo Bedes IthftcesVft Ban. iSiU. viii. 639. 
Bftlftrtts, 1, m. 

At Vettonum alas Bftlftrus prttb&t sequttre &pert& SiL iii. 378: 

B&lfttro, 5nYs, m. 

VibYdYas BftlfttrSque, secutis dmnYbfis : Imi—Hor. S, 2.Tiii. 40. 
Ridetur fictis rerum, Bftlfttrong sScundo. Ibid. 93. 


BalbinitB, !, m. 

Delectant, vSliltii Baiblniim pdlj^pils Hagns. Hor, 5. 1. iii. 40. 

Balbtts,i,m. {.(I-Tr.) 

Pomp^&s banc et Bilbtts, et Cssftr d^dlt Atu. Sap. Pr. 22. 

Biiiearifciis, ft, ftm, o^f . 

TenaCrSt, et UxK BlUSarictta ictdr bftbenfie. St. A. il 420. 

BftlSarls, S, o^f. 

Fandi belU ■Snot BftlSarib St alttS plumbo ; SiL iii 366. 
Bftiearium ac Ute insiUarum ddnft sunt. Jv. O. M. 470. ("/.TV.; 

BftllMB, 1, m. 

Fnenftquii, quae vfililcrem Xanthum BftlYumquS dteerent. 

Claud, Epig, xxii. 9. 
BallYo, bv&Sf m, 

Lenone ex BaUIonS regem lasSnem. Audin' furcif^r — Plaut. 
Pt. 1. ii. 69. (I. Telr. acaU) 

BiUIoniils, ft, ilm, adj. l(L Tr.) 

Jamne bftb^at signum ex arcS BallldnM. PUmt. Pt. 4. vL 2. 

BaUtofSti, orftiA, m. 

BaUdndd, c6m¥tainquft c«ler mutafcdr equdriim— KF. vi. 161. 

Bambj^cTiis, ft, tUn, adj. 

Rsces Bambf d&r cftpftt autem 8ubt«r ^uinfim— ^0. A. P. 646. 

Bandiis¥ft,is,/. . 

O ions BandtUflfse, splSndldYor vTtro, Hor. C. 3. xiii. 1. (Chor. 

Asclep, Tetr.) 
Banjurft, s,/. 

Tfim, chftlj^bls pafipSr, Banjune crudft jttventfis, SiL iii. 803. 
Bantinfis, ft, iim, at^. {hyperm.) 

Saltusque l&ntindB, H arviim— £or. C. 3. iv. 16. (I. Dim. 

Baptsp, arfim, m. 

Cecx^piam stfllti Bapte lassftrS C5tytt6. Juv. ii. 92. 

Bftrftdo, onYs, nu 

£t sanctQm Bftrftddnls illcetiim, Mart. 4. Iv. 23. (Phaladan.) 
aL Dtirfttonts. 

BarbftrYft, s,/. 

GnecXft BarbftrYse lento cdlHsft diielld. Hm: E. 1. ii. 7- 

Barbetfiis, ft, iim, «(;. 1(1. Tr.) 

Hos prdptfo autem mox jiigum Barbetaum eat An. O.M. 425. 

Barcft, s, m. 

Sarrana pnsci Barcae de g*ent£, vetustoa — SU, i. 72. 

Barcsi, oriim, m. 

— — — lateqaS fiirentes 

Barcan. Quid bellft Tjrro surgent!ft dicftm ? T. .<£. iv. 43. 


DestUiiit Barce sYtlentYbfts aridft venls. SiL iii. 26]. 

Bardn6, onTs,/. [xxiv. 89. 

Tarrftco, H dstrlftro silp&additft Barc¥n6 ponto. Aus. Epis. 

Bardi, oriim, m. 

PlurYmft secur! fudSstu cftrmlnft, Birdi. Luc. i. 449. 
61 f2 


StdlciU occidit BSreim, dilatttr IknacAm, Juo, iu. 116. 

B&nne, es, /. 

Poenii, Barme, nttcttlnilt finqu&m : Bor, C, 2. viii. 2. (Sapphic.) 

B&risasy antis, m, 

Dat C&lilisB&r¥B&iiti&ii«o3,iemperqu«prt( 557. 
BarYtimi i, n. 

Bin lAoenlfjl piscosi : dein GnatM lymphts— ITor. S. 1. ▼. 97* 
B&rrtts, T, m. 

Barri&s Knops ? magniim dttcfimentum n§ pfttiYam rCm — 

HifT. SI. h iv. 110. 
BftsHiis, i| m. 

Quandd Kcet B&sllo flentem producers matrSm ? /tiv. vii 146. 

Bassft, se,/. 

Infantem se<$iiin semper ti&tt BassIL, Fttbfillfi, 

BassfirYcils, &, dm, a<^'. 

Cinget Bassftricas LydTft mitr& c5ma8. Prop. 8. xviL 30i 
Bas8«ri8, id5s,/. or Bassarfd&s, Mtim,/. 

Bass&ris, et lyncem Msenas flexurft ctfrymbta. Pers. L 100. 

IndKcft BassHrKdum cixm ducfoSt igmlnlL victttr. Jv, D» 887. 
Baasiniis, T, m. 

Haec priusy Bassing fill, 8t ta, g^ner Novate ou, 7*. M* 283. 

(Trochaic Tetram, cat.) 
Bassiis, I, m. 

Ponticito hSrooi Bassus quiiqaS clarfis £unbd. Ov. T. 4. x. 47- 
Bistarns, or Basternse, grtim, m. 

Bastarns venirS triices, v to¥t iccm sOvas^Claud. 4. C. J7. 4dO. 

BfttavT, oriim, m, 

Vangi5nesy B&t&viquS trtlcSs, qu5s srH rSciirvd — Lue. i. 431. 
Hic p^tU Euphraten ji&vSnis, ddmltiquS B&tavi — Juv. viii 51 . 

Bfttavttfl, tt, ilm, adf* KPhalacian.) 

Aurem qui mdd5 non h&bet BStavftm. Mart, 6. Ixxxii. 6. 

B&ternse, artim, in. 

lUinc juratds secum trJlhYt M^ B&ternaa. V, F. vi. 96. 

B&thylltis, 1, m. 

OpSram Bfttbylld sdlVtiiB in scenam dftrfi. P^<i5.vil. 5. r^7V.>) 
B&tO) bnis, m, 

Prdxtmtt nudarunt mYsSrandi fatS Bfltonis. SUL xiv. 452. 

Battftriis, T, m. 

B&tt&rS, cycneas r^pStamus carmYnS voces. Fal. Cat, D. 1. 

BattYftdes, se, m. Patronym. 

BattYSdes semper toto cantabYti&r orbS. Ov. A, 1. xv. 13. 


Nee tantum Coo BattYs ilmat^ siio est Ov. T, I, vi. 2l 
Inf^rYus Coa BattidS nom^n bftbes. Ov. P, 3. i. 58. 

Battils, 1, m. 

£t Isesibs lingua Batttts 2U> ipse siUL Ov. lb. 586. 


B&tfilikm, i, n, [^. viL 739. 

Qulque Rfifris Bktiiliimque t^nent &tqtte inli CSbenns. F. 

Bftttts, 1, m. 

£t divisum hilmSris jidfit eftpttt. At B&ttts, Inigns, S»L i v. 239. 
Bauds, YdYs, and Ydtfs, /. 

Sed p» Baucis iniis, pftrlGque aetatS Pfanemdn, Ov. If.viii. 631. 

BaucMlfi conspexit sfolor fronderS Phnemon. /6td 716. 
BttvYtis, i, ». 

Qui Bttvium non odlt, &met til& cfinnYn&, Maevi, F. jB. iii. 9. 
Bauli, ortim, m. 

Dum petit a Baulis mater CttreUift Baias, Mart, 4. Ixiii. 1. 

Bebr¥acilm, i, «. 

BebrYftci in camp5 spisnum adfectarC P&lati. Juv. iL 106. 
BebiycSs, tbn, m. 

Bebrj^c&8 extemplo spargit %&: nOlltis iidgmti— KF. v. 3] 6. 

Bebrycfis illic, gens ftgrestis et fSrdx— ^v. O. If. 465 (L Tr,J 

AdspIcYt : a teigo tendit Bebryctft glebSlm. Av. D. 974. 
— — — Irtfiirentis 

B§brj^cue, ssevaquS pAres de gentS trfumphi. F, F, iv. 743. 
BebrycKtts, H, i&m, adj. 

Pmguiis Bebrj^cio disoissit vomSre sQlctts. Luc, vL 362. 

Bebryx, yds, adj, 

Possessiis Baccho sseva Bebrycis In aOla. SiL iii. 423. 
Amphltrj^dnlftdes : crudum quo Bebrj^cH csestu — St, A, i. 190. 

BScblrte, tLnii m. 

Byzerom gens est: diri sunt indS BScbir£s. Av, D, 945. 
BSllites, ae, m. 

Stravit httmi BelHtes, dugecto in pect5ril mento— Ot;.lf. xii. 255. 
BSl^niis, T, m. 

B^Snl slicratum duds e templo gSniis. Aus, Prof, iv. 9. (LTr.) 
BSlgJl,ie, m. 

£t ddcilTs rector monstrati Belgft cSvinni. Luc, i. 426. 

£t tandem prlmis Belgarum conspicdr oris. Aus, Ed, x. 10. 

Belglciis, &, i&m, adj. 

Belgica vel molH melius fgrSt ess^d^ coUo. F. Q, iii. 204. 
Belliis, ttdls,/. 

Strictd criientft Bellas ferro st^tlt Sen. H, 0. 960. (L Trim,) 
Belides, ae, m. Patronym, 

Belids nomen P&l&medls, St IncljK^l fam&— r. JE, ii. 82. 
Belld^s, ttm,/ Patronym. 

Adsldfiae rSpStunt, quas perdant, BelldSs undas. Ov, M, iv.462, 
Belierdphon, tis, m. or Bell^rdphdntes, se, m. 

Castd Bellerdphonti. Hor, C. 3. vii. 15. (Pherecratian,) 

BquSs ips5 mSlIor Bell^rSphdnte, nSqu^ pugoo, Hor, C, 3. 
xii. 7* (Ionic a minore Tetram,) 
B^erdpbontefis, &, iim, adj, 

Bell£r5pbdnteas fndignaretilr hftbenas. Claud. 4. C, H, 560, 
Bellonil, ae,/. 

Quam cum sanguined sSquItOr BeUdnft flttgeUd. F. ^, viii. 703. 
53 ?3 

B £« L«'mB £« S 

AuxHltS Beli : gM^ tOm Beltte SpimXm^r. ^. i. 621. 

Benaciis, i, m. 

Quis Benaotts XKt, quas excTpKt amnS quieto-^CLEp.P^C. 107. 

BSn^ventantts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Tu BenSvenUni sutoiis nomte bftbentihn— Jmv. ▼. 46L 

B«n«ventiim, i, n. [5'. I. ▼. 71. 

Tendimiis hinc recta B^nSventum, iibl sediiliis hdsp^s — Har. 

BfirScyntiftdes, ss, m, 

Phryx et venator sis B«r6cyntYades. Ov. Ih» 610. 

B^rgcynttiis, ft, ttm, a^'. 

Felix prole yirum, quails B^rteyntYft mat^r— #^ J5. vi. 7a5w 

Berenice, es,f. 

Myrrhlnfti deinde ftdftmas notissYmtts, et BJhrSnTcSs — Jw. vi. 

156. a/. Bertfnices. 

BSremceiis, ft, ttm, <«{;. 

£t BSrSmceo vertfcft csBftrYfiin. CaL Ixvi. 8. 

BftrSnicis, Uis, and Mds, adj.f. 

Sepftrftt ardentem tiSpYda BerenicMft Lep& Lme. is. 5SM. 

Berglne, es,/. 

Oens hinc Veragri, Beig¥iieqii« civttas. AtuO.M. 690. (LTrim.) 

Ber5e, §s,/. 

Non BSrfte robis, ndn fasBC Rhstelft, matris, K i6. ▼. 646. 

BSrj^as, ae, m. 

_ . _ momftjussft 

Bzpertus Bftrjf», pfttrlas r«mearftt ftd oris. ^IL »▼. Ifi2. 

BerytYiis, ft, Urn, 04/. [%a^> 90. 

^mllYum ant Scaurum, Berf tlumqu^ Pri$blbii. Aut, Pr^f, 

Beryttts, 1,/. 

Hic Tjhrtte est Spmens,et Beif ttis optfmft, ByblSs— ^v. JD. IO7I. 
AntiquamquS Tjhiim, Beryti et mcenfft gratae. PrU. P, 863*. 

* Avienus and Priscian both translated Dionysius'a Peri- 
egesis, or at least made that work the foundation of their 
own. It is remarkable that they frequently differ from eaefa 
other in the quantity which they assign to the same word. 
Numerous instances will be found in this little work. In 
DionysiuSy 911. the penultima is long. 

BSsftrft, SB,/. 

— — — dftlunc 

BSs&ram stetiss^ famft cascft trad¥d!L Jv. O. M, 688. (LTrim^J 

BSsHtis, 1, m. 

In quas B«imiis atquS ClHXis flQmynft>-^o. O. M. 320. 

Bessft s f» 

Bessftn et Scarphen? PjrlSn an sSniiem— iS'^n.Tr. 861. (Sapp,) 

Bessi, oriim, m. or Bessds, 1, m, [x. 6. 

SauxSm&tse cingtnt, f^ geofl^ BessiquiS, Gfit8equ& Ov. T.3. 
BestTtis, 1, m. 

DicSret urendof oorrect&r BestXils. Idftm — Hor. £. K xv. 37. 


— — *-y namqaS tSpnlcrfim 

Inciplt apparer^ BYandrYs : h!c, WL densfis— »F. B, ix. 60. 

BYas, antiSy m. 

BYas'Pfieneus dixit, o\ frktivroi kcxoL Jus* Sap, Lud. ii. (L Tr,) 

Bn>iilX, se,/. 

Cur demdSTYo Wbtias Sertorms ardSt? Jwv, vi. 143. 

Bn)iiia8, i, m, [x. 86. 

Yds, Blffoiile et Servi, s¥mtt] Ms te, cand!d6 Fumi, Hor.S, 1. 

Bice, cs,/. 

QuiquS Iftcum cinxerS Blfcen : non defuit Anxtir, K F, vi. 

68. a/. Bttcen. Bj^cen. 

BfgerFitanite, &» ttm, adf. 

In fundd p&trise BYgerrYtanse. Aus, Epis, xi* 5. (PJkUadan^J 

Bllbffis, fe,/. [xrv. 67. 

Bilbilis, aut haerens scdptdis CfilSgorrYs hftbebYt. Aus* Epis, 

B¥5neil8, Jt, tim, arf;. 

Ill£ Bi5neis sermonYbiis et s&lS nigro — Hor, E, 2* ii. 60. 

Birrfiis, T, f». 

Ct 818 tu similis Coeli Birriqufi, Ifttrontim — Hor, S, 1. W. 68. 

Bisaltse, ariim, m. 

BTsaltae quo in5r£ s5lent, acerquS GSloniis, V. G. iii. 461. 
Sic et Strymdnjfd nUsHis tutel& BIsahse ; GraL 623« 

BisaltYs, id6B,f. 

Gignts Aldidas, ftries BisaltYdft fSiOlls. 0». 3f. vi. 1 17. 

Bi86i&l&, se, /. 

C5nsc¥% nascenti8 Bissiiia Dani&bYi. Atts, Ed, vii. 2. 

Bi8t5nSs, iim, m. 

Hebrum BistdnSs filtYmi. Sen, H, 0. 1042. (Glyconic,) 

BTst»ni&, SB,/. 

PectinS Bi8t5ni8e magnum po8t austi8 tiumnftm — V, F. iii. 160. 

Bi»tdnide8, ae, m, 

Non tYb! Bist5n¥d8e, quibiis haec f^rS murmiirft jactes, F". F, v. 

652. a^. AldTde. 

BistonYs, idis, and id5s, o^/./ 

Saevft vSlut gSHdis Cic5num Bistdnts'tn ons — V, Cir, 165. a/. 
gSlidi Sithdnum BistSnfe orS. 
Bi8t5n¥8 ingSnYo terrft stiperbS tiio est. Oo. P. 2. ix. 54. 
PI. BwlOnldum sin^ fraOde cnnea Hor. C 2. xix. 20. (Less. 


Bistiln]fli8, ft, Am, a4;. 

A]t£rli Bist5nta8 pars est sensurft sttrissas. Ov. P. 1. iii. 59. 

Bitbfis^ i, m, [vii. 20. 

CompSsitum m^Dfus cum Bitbo Bacchitts : In jus — Hwr, S. 1. 

Blthyntt, se,/. [ii. 247. 

Thyni ThracSs grant, quae nunc Bfthynift fertiir. Claud. Eut. 

Bithynfcils, ft, Hm, a^. 

Quis nescit, Vdliisi Bithynlcft, quSllfft demeB»— J«v. xv. 1. 


Bithynls, YdKs, and Ydtf s, adf, f, 

Inftchiis in MSIYi BithynYde pSUtdiiB iM 
Didtfir—Oi;. J, 3. vL 26. 

Bithyniis, &, iim, adf. 

Donee BTthyoo ITb^at vlgflar^ tjhranno. /«». z. 162. 
BttYas, ae, m. 

Haud YU me expert! BMas et Pand&ri&s ingena— K JS. zi 396. 
BYtdnttim, i, n. or BYtunti, orftm, m. 

Hec praeata mihY, Ruf^, vel BYtonti ; Mart 2. xlviii. 7* CPf"^' 

lacian.) al. BYtontis. 

Hsec tarn rustYci mal5, quam BYtuntda. Mart, 4. Iv. 29. aL 

BYtiirix, YgYsi t». 

£t BYtiirix, longisquS iSves SuessonSa Yn armis. Luc i. 423. 
BlssYantts, ft, iim, 04/. 

Quod ddnas, ^Ys ipsS BlaesYantlm. Mart. 8. xxxviiL 4. (Pkaitfc,) 

Bl«8tt8» 1, m. 

CondYtdr ut tardae, Bbeaus cSgnomYnS, Cytrhs. Ov. lb. 541. 

Blasco, onYs,/. 

Dixi y5cari, Biased propter insiila est Av, O. M, 599. (LTr.) 
Blattftrft, e, m. 

BalnSft devitat BlattiiriL 


Pert maYtarem ad BlavYam. ^tw. JSpiV. x. 16. (L Dim.) 

Blfimjfae, ariim, m. or Bl^mj^Ss, iim, m. or BlSmj^, drtoii m. 

Per M^rften, BlSmj^asquS f^ros, atramqa^ Sj^enen. Claud, 

Eid. iv. 19. 

Nee longe fervent BlSnij^drum coUYbiis agri. PrU, P. 209. 
BlSphftro, onYsy m. 

Blgph&rdnem arcessat, qui nobiscum prand^St Plant. Amph. 

3. iii. 70. (I, Tr.J 
BdbetYtis. See BoetYiis. 
BoccSr, ftrYs, m. or Boechttr, CrYs, m. 

Propter quod Romse cum B5ccftrfi nem5 IftvatHr. Juv, v. 90. 
BoechiiSi 1, vu 

Bdeehiis fitrdx, qui sacratas In llttdrS sUvaa— iS*!^ iii. 285. 
Boebe, es,/. 

ContrYbtiere ftlYquid, juncosftqufi litdrtt Boebes — Ov. M, vii. 231. 
B(£b§Y8,Ydds,/. Patronym, 

MerciirYo et Sanctis fertur BoebeYd^s undis — Prop, 2. ii. 11. 
BcebeYtis, ft, tim, €idj. 

Prsereptum quanto proles BoebeYft questu — V, F. iii. 643, 

BoebYcYtis, a, iim, adj. [BebrJ^cio. 

Pinguls BoebYcYo diseesslt vomSr^ sulciis : Luc. vi. 382. al, 
BoBotYi, SB, /. 

Defleverg c5mi8. Quaerit BoeotYi Dircen, Ov. M, ii. 289. 
Bceotiiis, ft, fim, adj. 

Quid ? n5n AntYg5nie tilmttld BceotYiis Haemon 

CorrtiYt? Prop, 2. viii. 21. 


Bceotiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quorilm si midni Bcedtte Oritfnft qUflerSs-^Ov. F, t. 498. 
Boetiiis, i, m. 

Solus, Boeti, fers mlMritiis tfp^m. Max, iu. 48. 
B5£tilSy 1, m, 

Alconis r^f^ent BdStiquS tdreumft, nte Indi— T. Cul, 66. 
B6^, i, «. 

Occumbit B5gils, infaustum qui pnmtts &d aDinem — Sil, v. 402. 
Boia, flB,/. 

Skmiis. At nunc SYciilus non est Boiiis est, Boiam tSrYt. 
Plaut Cap. 4. ii. 108. (Troch, Tetr, cat.) 
Bou, orilin, m. or Boiiis, ft, urn, adj. 

Boiorum ante ftlias Cryxo dticS moblQiS alft. SiL iv. 148. 


Ponigt¥os,CastramqueIntti, Bdlftmque,C5ramquS, r.^.vi.776. 
Bolaniis, I, m. 

Manaret talos, te, BolanS, cerebri — Hor. S>l.ix,\l* 

Bdmbdmftchides, le, m. [14. (I.TrJ 

Cb! BombtfmftchMes ClQmnstftridjfearchMes— Ptow^ MU. 1. i. 

Bdmbj^c)[tts. See Bambycius. 

Bdnft, 86, adj.f. 

Jus dftbit Interna Divft cftnendft Btfna est Ov. F, v. 148. 
B5n5n¥ft, s,/. 

Fande tiiS Iftcif mas, orbatft Btoonlft, Rufo. Mart. 6. Ixzxy. 5. 

BdnonlensYs, £, adj. 

B5nii8, T, m. [IJ. ex. 1. 

SilvYiis hfc B6nus est Quis Silvlftis ? IstS Britftnntts— ^tf». 

Bdotes, se, m. 

Sive est Arctdphyiax, sive est pYgSr Hie B($otes. Ov. F. iii. 405. 

BSrSalYs, £, a^/* 

£t cum prseclpltant Bdr£al!ft flamlnft sese, Av. A. P. 961. 
Bdr£&fi ffi M. 

Inctlbtiit B5r«as, abreptftquS velft tCtendlft Ov. H. xiii. 15. 
B5r^tys,Yd58, a^;./. 

Ast ftlise oc^ftni juxta BdrSotYdfts actas— lVi>. P. b'J'J. 
B^Sfefts, ft, 11m, adj. 

Vitft pr5cul pfttrYa p«rftgendft sfib ftxS Bdred, Ov. T. 4. viiL 41. 

Bttrysthi^Des, Ys, rn. 

Hic iibY descendit porrectft BdrystbftnYs undft. PrU. P. 303. 
BdrysthtoYdae, ftrttm, m. 

OlorYa ftd bibernos latft BSrysthtoYdas. Prop. 2. vii. 1& 

BdrynthftnYiis, ft, ttm, adj. [x. 63. 

CiunquS Bdrystbftnio liquKdissYm&s amnfi DJfrispes, Ov. P. 4. 

BosptfrYiis, ft, tttn, adf. 

£geiYt l5nYd Bosp^rYdquS mftri. Ov. T. ii. 20& 
Bospdrtts, 1, m. oim^ Bospdrft, p2. n. 

£t mM5 Pompeia Bosptfrft captft mftnu. Prop. 3. xi. GO. 
BospSrtts et T&nftis siipftrant, Sej^thYciequS pftludes, Ov. T. 3. 

iv. 49. 


BosUr, &rY8, m. 

Cilcatosque J6ii l^soB pr«c«, BosOr, Sdori. SiL iii. 676. 

Bostreniis, i, m. 

CaespMs irrigtti Bostrenus jug«ril findlt ^v. /). 1073. 

Bothrodtts, or Bdtrod&s, i, m. 

£t dgllcati dulcS Botrodi nemtts, iforf. 1. 1. 7* C^* IVtm.; 

BttvYaiiitis, ft, tun, a4f • 

Qui BfttiUum NucrasquS m£tunt, BttYHuiyft quiquS 
Exfigitant lastra— 5i/. viu. 564. 

B5vilU. ee,/. or Bdvillc, artim,/. 

Qaipp£ siiburbanae panra mtnfis urM Btf viUe ; Prop, 4. L 33. 
Ortft sttburbanis quaedam fUYt Annft BtfviUis— Ov. F. iii. 667. 

Bracftrft, ae,/. 

QuiequS alfnu pSliigi jactat se Brac&rtt divSs. ^lu. I7ri. ix. 5. 

Braccatiy oriim, m. 

Ot Braccatorum piiSri SSntfnumquS m!n5res. /uv. viii. 234. 

Branchiis, i, m. 

Brancbiis, H undos« qui rustYctia accdl& Pisae. St, T, iii. 479. 

Brauron, onds, m. 

Qui gSlMum Brauroni vM, qui rurft l&cessunt — St, T, xii. 615. 

Brinci) orttniy m. 

Brencosqufi veldces, fit arces — Hor. C. 4. xiv. 11. (^7. Dim, 
hyperm,) al, Brennos. Breunofi. 
Brenntis, I, m. 

Vlctoris Brenni non distiUit AUYtt poenilin. RuHl i. 125. 

Brettii ortim, m. 

Hanc hiibYtant prttpC LucanI, Brettifqu^ cfiloni. Prit. P. 356. 

Breuctts, i» and Breuci, oriim, m, 

£t Caunum, et multo yix fusum vubi&rS Breuctim, SiL iv. 

233. See Brenci. 
Breuni, oriim, m. See Brenci. 

BrY&reYtis, 8, iim, adj, 

AppgtHt centum BriHreii turba Iftcertia. Claud. R, P, iii 188. 
BrYftreus, Stts, m. 

£t centumgemYnus BrY&reus, ac bellii& Lernae. F, M, vi. 287. 
BrYgant^s, iim, m. 

Diriie Maurorum attSgYas, castellft BrKgantilm — Jwa, xiv. 196- 
Brimo, us, /• 

VirgYneum Brimo compiSsiiisse l&t&s. Prop, 2. iL 12. 

BiisflettB, &, iim, a4;. [Briseis. 

Est nunc, Brisaei quern venosus ]n)Sr Acci, Pen, i. 76. oL 

Briseis, Ydb, ami Ydtts,/. [ix. 9. 

Nee non ex&nTmum amplectens BriseYs AcbUl^m — Prop, 2. 
Hes¥5nen Tei&m5n, BriseYd& cepYt Acbilles. Ov. H, xx. 69. 

BrYtannift, se,/. 

Hiberniqu^ G^tse, pictoquS BrYtannYH curru. Prop, 4. iii. 9. 
Plwr, Mavolt, quam Sj^rias BritannYasquS. Cat, xiv. 22. 



BiltannYci&s, SI, iim, a^. 

Quanto delpfaTnis bilsnft BiYt&nnydi jxAj&e, Juv, x. 14. 
BiitannYdSs, fim, adj. /. [678. 

Stint gemYnae : Rhenlque BrltannYdSs ostYft cernunt. Pris. P. 

Britanntis, I, m, 

Intacttts aut Britanniis ut descendSrft. Hor, Ep, viL 7. (I^Tr.) 
Nam quid Britannis ccelum differrS piitamiis— Zticr. vi. 1 lOft, 
Dir& BrYtanndrum sustentant agmiDll terns, jtv, D. 7^9. 

Brito, onis, m. 

Ndstrft m^s mSriilt distichft Brlt5 B^ntbs. Aus. E, cix. 2. 
Qua nee terrYbYles Cimbn, nee BrTt5nSs unqu&m — Juv, xv. 124. 
Quam vStSres brachae BritonTs pauperis, et qu&m— 

BrYtSmartYs, Ys,/. 

IgnSft Cretaea prdp^rat BrYtfimartYs &b Ida. Claud,2. C. S, 251. 

Brixift, SB,/. 

BiixYS, Veronse matSr ftmattt mSs. Cat, Ixvii. 34. 
Br5mY&, se, /. 

Tu& BrdmYa aneill^ Totus tYinS5, Yt% me incr^piirt JuppYt&« 

Plaut, Amph. 5. i. 26. (L Tetr, acatj 

BrdmYiis, !, m. [Ov. ikf. iv. H« 

TiSr&quS dant, BaechumquS v5cant, BrdmYOmque, Lj^aeumque, 

BrSmYtis, ft, tim, adf, 

Baccharum Br^mYos invftant tympftnft rSmos. CI, 2. C, S* 365. 

Br5m)&8, i, m, 

Quinqu^ nSei Cseneus dSd^rat, StYphSlumquS, Br5mumqu^, 

Ov, M, xii. 459. 
Brontes, s, m. 

Brontes mnilmSris exaspSr&t segYdK signis, Claud, ^ 

BrtttSas, 86, in. [v. 107* 

Hinc gSmYni fratres, BrtftSasque et csstYbiis Ammdn— Ov. M, 

Brotes, se, m. [iii 152. 

Currit hiems, Z«l^ et Broten Abarinqu« rglTnquYt— F. F* 

Bruct^rtis, i,m, 

— — — . accOWsylvae [C. H. 451, 

BructUrtis Herej^nYie. LatisquS pjUudYbiis exYt — Claud, 4. 

BrundilsYttm, T, n. 

Necnon BrundtbsYum quo desYnYt Itfilft telliia — SiL viii. 574* 

BrQtYaniis, i, m, 

Facundo d^Yt ips£ BrutYano. Mart, 4. xxiii. 5. (PhtUacian.) 

BruttYi&s, ft, dm, adj, 

BruttYft Sic&nYam ciredmspYcYt 5rft PSloriim. St, S, 1. iii 33. 

Briitiis, T, m. 

Sed nee Briitfis Srit, Brut! n^e ftvunciiliis iisquftm. Juv. xiv. 43. 
BubftsYs, YdYs,a4;./. 

BubftsYdes viderS nttrus : quYbiis illft rfillctis— Ov. M, ix. 643. 
BfibSstYtts, ft, ttm, adf, 

Ytx 5p«Tatft slid sacra Sd BiibastYft lind. Grat, 42. 
BflblstYs, YdYs, adj.f, 

SanctftquS Bubasfis, vftrYOsque cSlorYbiis ApYs. Ov. M, ix. 690. 


Bucco, onYs, m, 

PMYd£r&t qudnXtan Biieett dttointii tlbi. Afor/. U. Izxvi 2. 

BttoCs. See Bice. 

Balimffl, oriim, m. 

Ballmeon * p&rYter pnestringens litdrft currYt, Prj«. P. 380. 
• By synaresis. 
BullatYi&s J, m. 

Quid tYbY V18& ChYos, BuUati, notftquS Lesbos ? /Tor. £. 1. xi. 1. 

BuUYaniis, Ji, iim, 04/. 

Aut BullYanum Buzjfgen, ^tw. ^m. xxil 47. C^. Z>>in.^ 

Bupftliis, T, M. 

Aut ac^r hostls Bup&ld. Hor. Ep, vi. 14. 
BOrdYgftU, e,/. 

BiirdYg&la est natalS s61um : clementY& coeli — Jus, Urb. xiv. 8. 

BurdYgillensYs, S, <u^'. 

£diic&t Oce&Dus, qiue BurdYgftlensYi nomSn — Atu,Epis. ix. 19. 


Si quseras HSlYcen, St BurYn, AchaYd&s urbes, Ov, M. xy. 293. 

Bilrrfis, ?, m. 

ImplSIlt inniimSris BurriSs OlympYttdKs. Mart, 4. xlv. 4. 
BusirYs, YdYs, m. 

ST te vidisset cillta Buslris Yn i8t5, Ov. H. ix. 69. 

Aut inlaiidati nescit BusirYdYs aras ? F, O, iii. 4. 
But&, ae, m. 

OcctibiieHf fSmur Fontanus, But& c&nortim — SiL v. 540. 

Butes, 8e, m. 

ProxYmiis hine BfltSs Actaels diwhi lib oris : F. F. L 3N. 
BathrSttts, 1,/. 

regn&tSquI^ T&ti 

Buthrotos PhrygYo, sYmiOataqufi Trojft tfinentiir. Ov Jf.xiii.721. 

Butrft, «, m. 

JungaturquS pttri, Butram tYbY, SeptYcYumqufi, Hor. £. 1. v. 26. 

BflzentYiis, ft, iim, m. 

Falcatos enses, et qua BuxentYtt pubes--5t7. viii. 663. 

Buzj^ges, 8e, m. 

Aut BGllOiinm hiSafgen, Aue. Epit. xxii. 47. (L Dim, J 

ByblYs, YdYs, an<; YdSs, /. [453. 

ByblYs Yn exemplo Sst, Ot ftment cdncessil pfiSNs. Ov. if. ix. 
ByblYdft quid rfifSrSm, y^tYto quae fratrYs ftmorS 
ArsYtt—Ot;. ^. ^. i. 283. 

Bybltts, or Bybltts, 1,/. 

Vicinamqui^ m&ri Byblum, Sidon&que pulcbrftin, Pris, P. 854. 

Bjfce, es. See Bice. 

BynrhYtt, s, tn. 

ReddYdisti SnYmum. Nunc s! quid pdtfo aQt tu> ftnt hfc 
ByrrhYft. IW-. .iln. 2. L 33. ('TVvc*. Teir. cat.) 
Bynft, s,/. 

Mercatique sdlOm ftcQ de namYn^ ByxBiUn, F. M. i. 3^. 


Byza. 8B,/. 

Bmlnfis Eulopen prikeiiqiie mtaxOk Byne-— ^v. IX 97S. 

ByzacYiis, k, tan, adj. 

Arrid^t tellus, sea sunt Byzacl& oSrdf 
Rur&--A'i. ix. a04. 

ByzantttefiSy X. ttm, a4f. 

Aut ByzantY&cds dlent l&certds. SU S, 4. ix. 13. (Phakteian.) 

Bfzantiniis, &, fim, adj, 

£t Byzantinos prttcSres Graiosqu^ QuYrites. Claud, Eut* iL ia6< 

ByiiatlRSn, i, n. 

Flucttts &b Europa, quamvis ByzantY5n artd — Luc, ix. 958. 

ByzantYiis, II, ttm, adj. 

QuaquS tSnent Ponti ByzantYtt lltdrtt fauces. Op. 7*. 1. x. SI. 
Byzas, antYs, m. [i!. 83. 

Cdndlft6r : hoc Byzas ConstSntiDiisquS vYdebiint ? Claud. EuL 

Moeniil Byzantis qui cernunt dptYmfi c5ntra, PHs. P. 771* 
Byzerfei tLm, m. 

Byzeresqu^ vfigT, Phtlj^rseque a nomlfnS dict& — F, F, v. 153. 

Cacils, 1, m. 

Cactis, Aventins tifm5r atque TnfainYft sylvte, Ov. F. i. 551. 

C&di, 5rtlm, m. 

TibY& Mygd^nHs Itb^t eburn& Cftdis. Prop. 4. vi. 8. 

CadBDeYs, YdYs, and ¥d5s,/. Patronym. 

Venit NyctelYum mglens Cadmeis Agave. F. Cut, 110. 
Taltbiis ignaram Juno CadmeYdft dictis 
Formarat— Of>. M. iii. 287- [ix. 304. 

Plur, VSrb& quSror stlTces. Matres CadmeYdfe adsunt ; Ov, M, 

C&dmeYfts, k, iim, adj, 

NerSYdumque chtfris C&dmefll cingltiir Ino. Sen. (E, 446. 
CadmeiSis, ft, iim, adj. 

Dum tlbi Cadmea dicuntur, P6ntk«, Thebae, Prop, 1. vii. 1. 
Cadmiis, i, m. 

Cadmiis m ASnia cdnstttit eisiil hiimo. Ov. F, i. 490. 
CXdiirciis, ft) urn, adj. 

Temp5r& praedlves finisti sedfi Cftdurca. Aut, Prof, xvii. 15. 
Cadusi, drttm, or Cadusiis, I, m. 

Post hds CtdQsT diirisstma rurft cfilentes : Prit. P. 710. 

Degi&nt Albanl : trux lUic arvft Cftdustts 

Dilrft t8kiet~^o. D. 997. 
CcecKinLiitts, 1, m. 

Solus boletos, CsBcIIYanS, vttriis. MarU 1. xxi. 3. 
Cscnifis, 1, m. 

Ymdm Cftcnyaa grftvYtiUH, TfeintYtts Srt«, Hor. £. 2. i. 59. 
CsBcttbtts, S, ihn, adj. [viii. 15. 

Citoiiba Vina i^een, Aloon, Cbium xdMa Sxpers. Hor. S, 2. 
61 o 

C M C— C M S 

Caecttliis, I, m. 

Caecfiltts^et vtolens Manorfim mSntifbtts Ombfo. V.JE. x. 544. 

Caedlcils, i, m, 

Csedici&s, iIlS siio mttrtSiis diie hiiber^ nepoti; V, M, ix. 362. 

CeedManiis, i, m. 

Rufo, CfledUYanS, cdmm5davi. Mart, 8. lii. & (Phalaeian.) 
CjedYtms, 1. m. [197. 

Quas et CsedMus grftvts inySnYt, et Rhidilmanthtls. Juv, xiii 

D6diS8£ Bassam CsKamquS jtiras^ Mart, 4. Ixi. 8. (Seaasm.) 
CselYiU, 1, m. 

Majdr Caellfiis et mlfndr HLtigant ; ilfar^. 12. xviiL 6. (PhaL) 
Caeneus, SSs, m. 

InquS crtientatas Cseneus £l&teYii8 Tctu — Ov. M, xii. 497. 

OrtfgXHm Cseneus, victorem CsenStt Turniis ; f^. ^. ix. 573b 

CaeninS, x,f. 

Te Tfttiufi, parviquS Ctires, Csnm&quS sensit Ov. F, ii. I35w 

CsDiniis, &, iim, o^p* 

Acrdn HerctilSiis Csenina ducttfr ftb arcS, Prop. 4. x. 9. 
Csni8» idts, and idtfs,/. 

Magnum, Caenis &it, Hlcit hsec ii^urYft vdtiim. Ov. M. xii. 201. 

CaenM& cdnvertlt proles Saturni& CdnstUu Jus. E. Ixix. 9. 
Csratefis, ft, iim, o^;*. 

Carp&thYum %iens et flum!n& Csrateft. T. Ctr. 113. (Spend.) 

Casri, n. 

Lectos CserS viros, lectds Cortonft siiperb! — SiL viii. 472. 
CaerellYft, se,/. 

Dlcit se v^dllam, cum sit CserellTft puppit itfoit. 4. xx. 1. 

Csres, etis, and Yt¥s,/. 

Qui CseretS ddmd, qui sunt M inionis \n arvis, F. M. x. 183. 

£st ingens gSlYdum lucus pr5pS CserUis'amnSm, F..^ viii 597* 
Caeres, etYs, and itis, adj. 

Quid d^cSat, quid non, obliti, CseritS cera 

Digni— -fiTor. £. 1. vi. 62. 
CsBretantis, ft, tim, adj, 

Jftm Cseretanos demonstrat navitft fines. BjniiL i. 225. 
Cseriiliis, i, m. 

NSgarS nobYlem, insiilamvS CaeriilT, V. Cat. viiL 7« (I* Tr.J 

Csesftr, ftris^ m. 

BellftquS pro magnd Caesftr^ Csesftr dbit Ov. T. ii. 230. 

CaBsftribOs tellus orbft fUturft ftlYt Ov. A. 2. xiv. 18. 
CaesftrStts, ft, tUn, adj. 

SanguYn^ Csesftr^ Rdmanum extinguftrS nomSn. Ov. M, i 201. 

CsesftrYaniis, ft, iim, adj. 

Si Cftt5 reddatur, Caesftriantts ^rit Mart. 1 1. v. 14. 
Csesiiis, i, m. 

Nosti si bftne CsesYum, lYbeUi^, Mart. 7. xcviL 1. (Phal.) 
Cseso, onis, m. 

ImpSritat Csso, et stfcYo stant castrft Iftbor^. Sil. iii. 377- 

C M S— C A L 

OaesdnYtt, s,/. 

£s88dSque, lDgent£fl^e Ittcat CaesonY^l Rhenos. Pert, vi. 47. 

CssonYiis, i, m. 

MaxKmfis lUS tHuB*, OvYdl, CaesdnYUs hic est. Mart, % xliv. 1 . 
* By cssura. 
CaXantts, t, ttnii €tdj, 

£mdim plus mYnilB ass^ Ca!and. St. S, 4. ix. 22. (PkaU) 

CXici&s, 1, m. 

AQt Cftpj^n^ aut celsu in puppibfis ann& C&TcL T. JS. L 181. 


iEternam martens famam, Caietll, d^disti. V. M, vii. 2. 
LitdrS Caletie, summa nunc TlbtLns arc& /uv. xiv. 87* 

Caietantls, T, m. 

£t Caietano miUBl credS dil8. Mart, 8. xxxvu. 4. 

CaY5l1i8, 1, m. 

MoUes CaWfi, Laguncttllqu«, St. S. I. vi. 17. (Phal) al. 

casMlI, IticuncttliquS. 
Caiiis, i, m. 

PervYgil in pliima CaYiia, eccS, j&cSt ilfar^. 9. xciii. 4. 
Quia tu ? Caiiis filt Vlvisne ? Hic abnfiit. At quYd — Aut. 

E. Ixxv. 5. 

Cfi]&b£r, abrlLy abrftm, adj. [vii. 14. 

Non quo morfi p^ris C&lttber vescT jiibgt bospSs — Hor, E. 1. 
Quid vici prosunt, aut b5rrS& ? quidvS Cfilabrls — Hor, E. 2. 

ii. 177. 
£8t etiam me m&luB C&l&bris in saltibils anguYs. V. G. iii. 425. 


Hinc jScSt in pfttiilds projects CSlabritt montes. Jv. D. 525. 

C&lacticu8, &, iim, ae^. 

Qui porrKguntiir in C&lacticum smiim. Av. 0. M. 4^. (I.Tr.J 

CXUigprrYs, or CiUttgurrXs, Ts,/. [xxv. 57. 

Bilbilis, aut hserens scSpttlis C&l&gorris h&bebTt. Aus. Epit. 
Assfir&t usquS Hcet F&bmm C&l^rrTs ftlumniim : Id. Prof. \,T. 

C&l&is, is, m. 

Implumes C&l&isquS piler, ZethesquS ftierunt. Ov. M. vi. 716. 

CJU&mis, idis, m. 

VendTcIlt ut C^&mis laudem, quos fecit Squoriim ; Ov. P. 4. i. 33. 


Insiilft, nee parvis SbSrat Calati& muris. Sil. viii. 542. 

CMlaareft, or Cfilattri&, se,/. 

IndS Cttlaures Letdid5s aspicit arv&. Ov. M. vii. 384. 
£min«t hic eiiam saxosft C&laur2& juxta. Av. D. 671. 

Calchas, antts, and se, m. 

Quantiis firat CalchSs cxtis, Tfelftmoniiis armia, Ov. A. A. ii. 737- 
Hic Ithttcus vatem magno Calchantil t&multu — V. M.u, 122. 
Novisiin' tu ilium ? Novi cum Calcha simtU : Plant, Men, 5. 

i. 48. (I.Tr.) 

Calcheifts, &, ilm, adj. 

Qua n5vtis ad siip«rum sedes Calcheiiis, et qui— F. Ctr. 204. 
83 o2 


C&IedttnYite, ft, ttm, adf. 

OndX CfiledtfnIoB fallit tarbatil BiYtiimSiu Zife.Ti.ea 

C&lSndaej iiilm,/. 

Yindfo&t AiSsSunUi Jflnonis cdrX CflendiB : Ov.F.l 66. 

CftlSntts, i, m. 

£t tain lauttts Sras, CiQene^ tit omnea— Marf. 1. c S. fjPfto/.; 

Cfllentts, ft. lim, a^'. 

Ciecilbum, et prslo dttmYtam Cflleno — Hor, C. l\ zz. 9. (Sapp.) 

Cales, Ts,/. or Cftlea, mm,/. 

ThreYcTamquS Cftlen, yestras & ndmYnS nati, SiL xii. 625. 

Bed prSssum CftlYbos ducSrS LiMriim>-J9br. C. 4. xii 14. 

fCAor. r««. Aiclep.) 
CftlYdoHis, 1, m. 

VSnlft, eccOniy CiUYddrus, du(»t nescYtt quern secum stmul. 
PUnU. Ps. 2. iii. 27. ("TVocA. Tel. ccU.^ 
C&lIgH, s, m. 

Caiusy cognomen Cft]!g» cuT cftstrft dfiderunt iftw. Cat, M. 4. 
CallscYH, «,/. 

Flimmarum, mislt dlvis CaUaeclfft puMm. SU. iiL 346. 

Callsctts, &, Um, a4;. 

Callaecis lustrat&r Squis scruposfi Pjhrene. Grat 614. 

CallftYctte, &| lim, adj. 

Turn sYblf CallilYco Brutus cognomSn ¥n host£— Ov. F. vi. 461. 

CallYchttrSs, i, m. 

— — — festa yulgatum noctfi Ljf»i 

CaUKchSrdn : nee v&nft ftdes. His Bacchtts ¥n undis— K F. y. 75. 

CiUTdfas, 86, m. 

CalHctas? Non est. Callippus? Ndn est. CaindemYdes? 
Plaut, Tnn, 4. ii. 71. (T, Tetr. eat,) 
CallYcles, Ts, m. 

O Cftllicles, 5 CaUYcles, 5 CallTcles, Ibid, 4. iy. 2. fl. Tr,J 
Camcr&teii, le,/. 

Viginti atquS n5yem gSnYtnci CallYcr&tese. Jus. Ep, H, xxxiy. 1. 

CaUYdftmXtes, «, m. 

CalHd&m&tes, CallYd&mSLtes, yYgTla. VYgYl5 : cSdo ut bYbftm. 
Piaut. Most. 2. i. 27. (L Tetr. acat.) 

CallYdemYdes, Ys, m. [18. (1, Tr.) 

In arcem. QuYd ^o ? CallYdSmYdem hdspYtSm — Tsr. Hec, 3. iy. 

CallYmftchiis, T, m. 

CaUYmftchiis ante dS tiibus trtfchaefs, T. M. 2941. (Ardnio- 

€kkm Iambic,) 
CallYmarchiis, I, m. CillYnicils, i, m. 

N5n est CallYnlcfls ? Non Sst CSllYmarchOs ? Nil Hgis. 
Plaut, Trim, 4. ii. 72. ( T. Tetr. cat.) 
CallYntttts, i, m. 

Quidam non dftbYt&nt did^rS CallYndiim. T.M. 1722. 

CaUYttddrtts, T, m. 

CallTddortts h&bet censum (quis nescYt?) ^uestrtai. Mart, 

6. zxzyiii I. 


CalllSpe, es,/. or CalUCpeft, «,/. v 

CallYdpe qu^rttlas prietentat poU^cS chordas. Ov, M, v. 339. 
Adniamque llbens Call)(dpe& Ij^rftm. Prop, 1. ii. 28. 

CallYpho, dn¥s, m. 

Cum 8u6* vTcTno Calliphone inced^rfi. PlauU Ps, 1. iv. 18. 
• Monosyllable. (L T.) 

Camj«Ks, Is,/. 

In quels St olim piiscft C&llipdlis f&¥t, 

Callipdlis ilia— ^i;. 0,M, 614. 
Callipptis, T, m. 

Calllcias ? Non est Callippus ? Non esU Callidemldea t 
Plata. Trbu 4 iL 71. (T, Tetr. cat.) 
CalHrhde, es,/. 

CalUrhde fecit parte rSceptft tfiri. Ov. R, A. 456. 
Callistd, us,/. 

Callisto sacri pars fii)ft Qntt chdri. Ov. ^. ii. 156. 

Calllstratiis, I, m. 

Sum,hltSdr, semperquS f&i, CaHistratS, paupSr. Mart, b. xiii. 1. 

Cillistiis, 1, m. 

Sextantes, CalliBtS, dtlds TnfundS F&lernT. Mart. 5. Ixiv. 1. 

CfildcisslLs, 1, m. [xciv. 3. 

Nunc mihi die, quis Srit, cul te, Caldcissfi, dSoriim — Mart, 9. 

Calpe, es,/ 1(1. Tr,) 

Abila atquS Calpe. Calpe in Hlspano sdld. Av, 0. M. 344. 

-^qu6ra transfllet : sed longe f CalpS rfilicta — Juv, xiv. 279. 
t From CalpTs. 
Calpetant&s, a, ilm, adj. 

£t Calpetano tranquHlum gurg^tS lumto. Av, A, Pr, 294. . 
CalpStianiis, T, m. 

Ponuntur semper chrysendSta CalpStlano. Mart, 6. xciv. 1. 

CalpiStlftaniis, a, <im, adj. 

Lucts ab ezortii prOciU in vida Calp^tYtana. Av. A, P. 1024. 
Calp«tii8, 1, m. 

£t tiltis est idem, Calp^tS, factiis avils. Ov, F, iv. 46. 
CalpurnYiis, i, m. 

CalpurnMm non scripsYt, et saiutavYt. Mart. 5. liv. 2. (Sc.j 

Calpumiiis, a, i&m, adj. 

DesinYte, 5 vStSres, CalpurnYa nomYna, Frugi. Aus. Par. xxii. 4. 

Calvina, 8e,/ 

Acciplat, donat Calvinae, vel Catlfenae. 
Calviniis, i, m. 

iEquales scnbit libros Calvini&s H CxAbSr. Mart. 7* xc 3. 
Calvtts, i, m. 

MSus crimYna Calviis. expHcassSt. Cat. liii. 3. (Phdl.) 
Caiybe, es,/ 

Fit Caij^be JunonYs anus templiquS sacerdos. V. ^. vii. 419. 
Calj^bita, £, m. 

Hue Caij^bita vSni : fessus jam sudat aselliis : V. Cop, 25. See 

65 e3 


Cant&bSr, bri, m. or Cantftb^r, br&, briim, adj. 

CantftbSr Agripps, Claudi vututS N^ronYs— JEfor. JB. 1. xli. 26. 
Cant&brum indoctum jiig& ferrS nostra, St — Id, C, 2. yi. 2. 


CantabrYctts, ^ iim, a€(;. 

Mnmam piifir et Cantabric& bell& tiillsti. Hor, E. 1. xviii. 56. 

Canthftr&, ae,/. 

hdm^nem aadacem. Verum : vida C&nthXr&m — Ter, An, 4. 

iv. 30. (I. T.J 

Canth&riis, i, m. 

Coenes, Canth&r6, cum f^iris in)ent£r. Mart, 9. xi. 1. ('PAa/J 

Cantbiis, i, m. . 

At Canthus Riitillum, Canthus possessdr ftrenae— 5/2. xv. 700. 

Caniis, T, m. 

£t c5ncilpTsc&t essS Caniis ascaules. Mart, 10. iii. 8. ^5c.^ 

G&nttsinatiiSi &, iim, a<^'. 

Ot Cftnilsinatus nostro Sjhrtis assSrS sudSt, Mart. 9. xxiii. 9. . 

Cl&nilslniis, &, iim, o^;. 

Verb& fbris malls, C&nOsinT mdrS bUingfulfs 7 Hor. S,\.x, 30. 
C&nftsii&m, I, n. 

Nam CtoiisT IfipYdosiis : ftquse non dItTdr urna ; Hor, S, l.v.91. 

Cfip&nelftis, &, fim, a<^'. 

AurS prices, ansa ante &lias C2lp&neift conjux : St, T, xii. 545. 

Cftp&neiis, 608, and ei, m. 

NotKdr est factus C&p&neus a iulmtnts ictu. Ov,P. 3. L 51. 
Aut C&pinei mignd grat& rdlnft J6vi. Prop, 2. xxxiv. 40. 
Histrld, saltavit qui C&pftneS, riiit Aus, E. Ixxxiv. 2. 

C&p&netLs, ^ iim, adj. 

Missus ndctg fiiror, C&pllne^uS 8ign& sScutse — St, T, x. 832. 

CftpSUa, ae, m. 

Claudfiret imp&rTbus verb& C&peim mddis. Ov, P. 4. xvi. 36. 

Cftpenft, ae, adj,/, (porta understood.) 

Cftpenft grandl portft qua pliiit gutta. Mart, 3. xlvii. 1. (Sc.J 
Est ttqu& Merciirn, portae viclna Cftpenae : Ov, F, v. 673. 

C&penas, atts, m. 

£t s&cSr humectat fluvYalYll rur& CSpenas. Sil. xiii 95. 

C&peniiS, ^, iim, adj. 

£t CYmlni cum m5nt£ l&cum, lucdsquS C&penos. K, J5.vii. 697* 
CipSr, pri, m, 

SternMr unftnlmd Mftrlus succurrSrS Capro — Sil, ix. 401. 

Capfittts, 1, m. [xiv. 613. 

£ptt5s ex illo est: post hunc C&pStusquC C&pysqufi ; - Ov. ^. 

'C&phareus, ei, and Sds, m. 

Fallax Caphareus : aestiiat scdpiilTs frgtttm— 5en.y#^. 560. (1. T.J 
Argfilides ciip«rent fugTss« Capharga pappes. Ov, R, A. 735. 

CapbarSiis, ft, tim, adj. or Cfiphareils, A, iim, adj, 

Saxi triumphales fregerS CapharSi puppes. Prop. 3. vii. 39.' 
Graia Caphateam curr«r« puppfe aquam. Ov, T, 5. viL36. 


C&phar¥s, YdYs, adi.f. ^ 

Szcipit dmnlB : hinc p^tns CftphSrYd^t, Sen, B, 0. 804. (LT.J 
CftpYto, onts, m, [v. 82. 

CocceluB, CftpYtoquS sYmGl Fonteiiis, ftd unguSm — Hor, ~ ~ 

Manena prsebentS d^rnQm, CipYtone ciilinftm. IbkL 36. 

"- - l.i 

CocceluB, CftpYtoquS sYmGl Fonteiiis, ftd unguSm — Hor, S, 1. 
Manena prsebentS d^mfim, CipYtonS ciilinftm. IbkL 36. 
His cognomentum £rat duns C&pYtonYbtLs. Plaut. Per. 1. ii. 8. 

C&pYtolTniis, 1, m. 

Me C^YtoHnus convictore usils Umicoque — Hor, S, 1. iv. 96. 

PL £t CapYtolTnis ggnfir6si6r; et Marcellls. Juv, iL 145. (Sp,) 
CftpYtoIInite, ft, tim, adj. 

Ad p^nStral^ Nttmse, C&pYt5lInumque T0nant£m. Ov. F. ii. 69. 
CllpYtdlYtim, 1, M. 

Stabat pro templo, et CftpYtdlYll celsil tSneb&t F. JE. viii. 653. 
CappftddcYa, ae,/. [Sa (I. T.J 

QuYd In Capp&ddcYa, ttbi tu qumgentos sYmfil — Plaut. MiL 1. i. 

Cappftdficiis, S, ttin, aSj. 

Hsec stift Cappftddcs servat c5gndmYn& gentis. CoL 184. 

Cappftdox, tfcYs, adj. 

MancYpHs Idciiples, ^St aens Capp&dtfcum rex. Hor. K 39. 

Caprft, »,/. 

InfudlssS Jdvi Cftpr&, nuCrix dictH TdnantYs. Av. A. P. 408. 

CaprarYtt, se,/. 

Processu pSlfigl jam se CaprarYft tollit RuttL i. 439. 

CaprasYa, ae,/. l(I'T.) 

VYcem ad fSrarQm. Post C&prasYs jiigtim— ^v. 0. ilT. 489. 
CaprSii, se, /. 1^ 

£st Idctis, antiqui C&pr£am dIxerS pSludfim : Ov. F.\\. 491. 
CaprSie, ariim,/. 

Quid sSnYs infandi CftprSs, quid scenft NSronYs— C^£it<. ii. 61. 

FunerU, quern rupes C&prearum tetr& UltebYt~>/<i. 4. C.H. 314. 

CttprYcorntis, I, m. 

Liettts et HSspCrla quid C&prYcdm«8 Jlqua. Prop. 4. i. 88. 

CaprYtts, I, m. [66. 

Amb&llit et CftprYas, raQci mftlS, cumqu^ libillis: Hor. S. 1. iv. 
Non ^ Sim Capri, n^uS Sulci ; cQr mStiias me ? Ibid. 70. 

CXprotintis, X, Urn, a4;. 

FSstH CAprotinu mSm^r&bd ctiebrY^l nSnis. Aut, Ee. xviii. 9. 

Cftpiitt, se,/. 

Tilem dlvSs ftrftt Cttpi&a, et vTcinft Vesevd— K G. ii. 224. 
Cftpj^s, j^te, m. 

£t Cftpj^s : hinc ndmSn CAmpins dilcYt&r ilrbt F.^. x. 145. 

IU« d«dlt Cftpj^i rScYdivft v5cabiU& Trojse. Ov. F. iv. 45. 

CftrttcaUi, ae, m. 

In Tisu pSpiUl tu Cftr&ca]l& milgYs. Atu. Cas. T. zxiL 4. 

CMOiB, Ys,/. 

TSndltfir In longam Cftriais, tSnttemque p«r findas-^CtoiMi 

£. CUU. 521. 


C&ramMs, UXsJ, 

CaespM P&phUgtfnGm piodU saxosil C&rambKs. Av, D. 227- 
Atque C&rambldlfs irrurapit prdpfi littdrS Pdntilm. Pris, P. 758. 

£t Cftr&num PSUseft dMit qui ndminft regiim. Jus, Epis, xix. 17* 

C&rant5nCts, i, m. 

8ant5nicd rSfliius n5n ips^ CilrantSntts aestiL Aut, Ed, x. 463. 
Carbo, onis, m. 

Passus, Sic&nYd tSgYtur qui Carbfi sSpulchro. Luc, ii. 548. 
CarchedtfnTtLs, ft, iim, adj. 

Quo CarcheddnKds optas ignes l&pid^ds. Pet, Arh, 55. (I, T.) 
Carcin&i, T, m. [536. 

Par GSmKnis Chiron, St Idem quod CarcKnfis ardens, Luc. ix. 

Cardttae, artim,/. 

£t convivW fiesta Cardiiariim. Mart, 4. Iv. 17- (PhaL) 
CirSs, titn, m, 

Laudlbiis immSdicis CarSs ¥n astr& ffitant. Mart, S, i. 6. 
CttrSftilS) i) fit. 

Nee sdciis jam curi vM. Dypsantfl C^restis — F. F. vi. 192. 
Carfinii, aB»/. 

Damnetur, si vis, Stiam Carfini& : talSm — Juv. ii. 69. 
Caria. ae,/. 

Arcttd^s antiqui, cSlSbrat^uS Carlft, Hlma — Afan. iv. 766. 
C&rinee, ariim,/. [vii. 48. 

Dum rSdit, atquS F6rd nimium distarS C&rinas— Hor. E, 1. 

Cariniis, i, m, 

Felici, Caring, mSmvL confecSriSt ipso — Nem, C, 70. 
Car To, 5nis, m. 

Caussam haad dico. Eamiis intro, CarYo. Servos mSos — Plaut, 

Mil, V. 34. (T, Tet, cat.) 
Cttristfji, driiiD, n. 

Proximo cognati dixerS Cftristift cari, Ov, F, ii. 617. 
Caritis, &, ttm, adj, [455. 

Lux hSbSs est matri : vix qualem Cari& quondttm — Av, A, P, 
Carmani, 5rura, m, [250. 

CarmanosquS diices, quorum, jam flexiis in Austriim — Luc. iii. 

Gens Carmanorum late cdlit: banc filcis ortiis — Av, D. 1282. 

Carmanis, idis, and idds, adj,f, 

OltSrius pergas si post C&rman¥dli summftm— Pm. P. 604. 
Carme, es,/. 

£t grftvher questu Carme oonploritt Anili. T. Cir, 285. 

Carmeiiis, i, m, 

Quem rdgltas, Carmeitis, &it; mos cdmlni&s arm& — F, F. v. 583. 
Carmelus, i, m. 

Phoebei SdractYs h5ndr Carmeltis ilgebftt : Sil, viL 662. 
Carm^nYon, onis, m. 

Jactes, Carmgnion, nSgantS niillo, Mart, 10. Ixv. 2. (Phal,) 
Carmentalis, £, adj, 

£t Carmentalem Romano ndminS pdrt&m — V, M, viiL 338. 


Carmentlfs, Is,/. 

Qqi Carmentilfi tfpes, et regna SvandriX tenriB, SiL yH la 

Cama, a,/. [101, 

Pnm& dYes tifbY, Camft d&tur. D«& cardlnls h«c est. Ov, FM. 

Carniitiis, i, m, 

Carnuti et flavi coeriU& lymph& LYgSr. Tid. 1. vii 12. 

al, Camoti. CaimotL 
CttrtfpeYtis, &, ilin, adj. 

Nee de morS crftor : natum CftrdpeYft co^jux — St, T, v. 159. 

Carplithiiis, &, Urn, a<^'. 

Non M Carpftthise vftrYant Aquildnlfbiis undse, Prop, 2. v. 11. 
Carpftthlis, I,/. 

Carpllthtls hic rupes attoUYttlr : hsec tHm^n ax&m—Av. D. 672. 

Carp5ph5ras, i, m. [vi. 199. 

Quanquam et CarpSphdro ; HlcTes tM compiit&t annds. Juv, 

Carr«, ariiin,/. 

AssjhrYas L&tYo m&ciilavit sanguYnS C&rras, Luc, i. 105. 

Carrinas, atYs, m. 

CarrinatYs : fit hunc Yn5pem vTdutYs, Athens, Juv, vii. 205. 

Carsfi5li, oriim, m, 

Frig¥d& CarsfittlT, nfic tflivTs aptX f^rindis 

Terra— Op. F. iv. 683. 
Carsfifilanfis, X, tim» o^*. 

Nunc quOqufi lex yCQpein CarsfiSlanft vfit&t. Ov. F, iv. 710. 
Cartiire, es, /. 

£t CilbYcenos. CaiOxe post Insiila est, Av. 0. if. 256. (LTr.) 

Carteift, «,/. 

Arganth5nYftco8 annat Cartels nfipotes. SiL iii. 396. 
Carthaeiis, ^ iim, o^'. [109. 

Namqufi sftcer Nymphis, Carthsft tfinentYbtis ary& — Ov, M, x. 
CarthagYnensYs, fi, adj, 

CarthagYnensi duae • ftterf filiae. Plaut, Poen, ProL 84. (LTr.) 
* Monosyllab. 
CarthagYnYensYs, fi, a<^'. 

CarthagYnYenses fratres ptttriieles diid. P/a«^ Pom. ProL 59. 

Carthago, gYoYs,/. 

Cum f%r& Carthago Romanls arcYbiis 5lYm — V, JE. x. 12. 
Oppugnat, Carthag5, ttids, teque obsYdfit arznis. Sil, ii. 303. 
Condebat primse Dido CarthagYnYs arces. Ibid. 406. 

Carth&lO, onYs, tn, 

CarthSld, non pftvYdiis ietas mGlcSrfi Ifisenas, SiL i. 406. 

CartheYiis, &, ttm, o^;. 

TransYt fit aniaqus CartheYft moeDY& Ceae, Ov, M, vii. 968. 

Cartts, T, m, 

CarOs, fit a trfipidd— 
CXrj^s, ariiin, /. 

Plaudentique h&bYIes Cftrj^s rfisttnarfi D»nK. 51^. 7. iv. 225. 
Car^andsfis, ft, ttm, <u^. 

. AtfaenYensIs, Carj^andeeus Scj^lax, Av. 0. M, 44 ("/. IVJ 


C&rystetts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Quaque Cftrysteis fraoglti&r undft Tftdis. Ov. #>. iv. 302. 

Obpygttts,!,/. KSe.) 

m manntfre dmni quod C&rystte in^nYt : Mart, 9. laxvi. 7* 

Casdi, ae, m. 

ArmYgftri Cases penetrabms bsslt ttrundo. SiL vii. 649. 

Cascelliils, I, m. 

Mess&le, nee scit quantum CaseellYtka Aulils. Hor. A. P. 371. 

Cttslliniis, ft, iira, o^;. 

Post CftsYlTuft sYbl, multum obluctatiis Xniquw—Sil, iii. 426. 

Cft8lnft,8B,/. l(LTr.) 

Sorti sum vietus, Cftslnft nubet TilUeo. PlatU. Cat, 2, vii. 5. 

Cftsuiiim, 1, n. 

Mittebant saza et nftbiUSsi rurft Cftsinl. SiL iv. 227* 

Cftsinfis, ft, iim, adj. ' [627. 

Haud inftmat&s ftger, Nympblsque hftbltatft Cftsinis. SH, zii. 

CftsKOs, ft, iim, adf. 

iMcWir a CftaXa prdspexlt rupft, d)femquft— Xruc z. 434. 

Casmnift, »,/. 

NomKnft CasmHlae, matata part^ CftraiUftm. V. JE. id, 543. 

Caspfirift, 8B,/. [vii. 714. 

Caspertamque cSlunt, F^riildsque, et flum^n HImelLe. F. M. 

CaiSpYftciis, ft, tim, adj, 

— — — mSttiendftvfi pdrts 

LunYnft CaspKftes: nte toim tYbY solft ptftintifs^jif. S, 4. iv. 64. 

CaspYftds, ariim, c. g. 

— — — claustrisquC prSfilsi 

CaspYftdse : quels tergft cftnum non segnYtLs acres — V, F.vL 107. 

CftspYniis, ft, iim, adj, 

Caspinam late terram siipSr adlttlt undft, ^0. /). 881. oL 

CaspYft nam. 

Caspis, YdYs, and Ydtts,/. 

£mddum montem qui linquens CaspYdft rumpYt — Frit, P. 724. 

CaspYiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Hujiis in ftdventum jam nune et CaspYft regnft — V, J5. vi. 789. 

Casaandrft, se,/. [187. 

CredSrfit ? aut quem turn vates Cassandrft m5nerftt ? V. M, iii. 

Cassandreus, Sds, w ei, m. [ix. 43. 

Nqn tYbY Cassandreus pfttCr est, gentisvft Ph^neee ; Ov. P. 2. 

CassYaniis, i, m. 

Non mirttr : lUud, CassYanft, mnrarSr, MwU 3. Iziv. 6. (Sc.) 

CassYSpeift, e,/. or CassYfipe, es,/. or CassYdpeft, »,/. 

CassY«peift vYrGm rfeYdet sublimYs ftd ipsttm. C. (7. 19S. 
CassYdpe, Cepheusqu« pftter. lUsttlutft cfttenis— Ov. M, iv. 737. 
Non sbp^ro fulgens CassYdpeft pdlo. F. Co^. xL 28. 

CassYiis, I, m. 

Caisms hoe ptttifus ftcYet cftpfit ? aidrft Thj^estae— Xiie.viL45]. 


CastiQYX, s,/. 

QtitTdr« pflr6 CisOOte MMt—Hitr, C. 9. W. 61. (Oreaier Ale.) 

CastSlYs, Ydlfs, and ld«e, a</>/. 

CastfilYs, h»c nobis, aut JtfvYs imMr «rYt Mart. 9. xix. B. 

Sni, CSst&lKdJ&m d«cQ« eOrodim, M 4. xiv. 1. (Phal.) 
CastSlYtts, ft, iSan, adf. 

PociUil CmUUi» pleaft mlnistret Sque. Oi^. ^. 1. xv. 36. 

Qualis fit Eurotae Pollux et Castfir ArSnii— iVo/i. 3. xiv. 17. 
Pdllucem pdgUes, Castdr& pUoSt Squ^s. Ov. A. 3. ii. 64. 
CastiSretts, H, ttm, <M|f. [AscI.) 

Frenis Castftrga moblKor mSnii— 5iwi. ^ip. 810. (Chor. Tetr. 

Castraniis, &, ttm, a4;* 

Ard^jl sdlstttlo, Castr&n&qu« rOrft p^Untttr. ilTarf. 4. Ix. 1. 

CastrYciUi, T, m. 

Dum tibY ftficea mdiUgent, CaatrlcC, Bate. JMar<. a xliii. 1. 

Castriim, i, n. [227^ 

StrTogYmUs hfno exSsura St flf&otu 8t tSmpttrfi Caatrfiiii : Mut. i. 

CastiUtt, oniSy/. 

Fiilget pnecVpfila PamisYtt ClBtmtf tlgnls, ^ii. iii. 391. 

C&tJLbanH h »•• 

^qu5rft desulcat glSbs ditis Ctttttbiolia. Av. A USa - 

CtttaigelaaYmtts, i, m. 

NuQc ^ nolo e G^liteYmd mthi* te C&tltg^lasymum. Plaut. 

St. 4. U. 60. CTrocA. Te^r. cat, J 

* MonosyU. The antepenult is here long by accent, not 

C^tftne, es,/. 

Turn CfttAne, nimtiun ardSn^ vicinil Tj^hoed t» iS'O. xiv. 196. 
f By synaeresis ; or the last syllable is elided before the 

vowel beginning the next line, 
CitaphrSnTft, x,f. 

Mu8«, Cafiphr«n!ftm. Aug. Par. xxvi. 2. (D.Pentkemimer.) 
CfttM, ae,/. 

Csetertt, nl C&tTa est, demissa vestS tSgentifs — 
C&tlfantls, 1, m. 

Nee cunit, magnam rem, CfttYanS, fUcTt. Mart, 6. xlvi. 2. 
Cfttlenft, 8ft,/. 

Acclpinnt, ddnat Calvinie vel C&t!ense, 

Ctttifentts, T, m. 

Gum Ilttfnam eddrmit, CfttYenTs miUS di&centis, Jffbr. 5. 2. iii. 61. 

CXtitHnil, », m. 

£t scSlerGm poenas, et te, ClltnTn&, mYnaci— K i$.yiii. 666. 

Cat^tts, 1, m. 

C&tiUusque, acerquS Cttras, Argiv& jtiventus ; F. JE. vii. 672. 
Alqiden, dIotGmquS Ij^ra m|jdr« CfttiUtlm->-i». ^..1. iii. 100. 

CatKli&s, T, m. 

Circa mite sttlOm TibiirYs, et moenKft CatHi. Hor. C. k xviii. 2. 

(Chor. Pfnfam.) 

73 ^ 


C&tyniC, «,/. 

Quia CUtinhD sYllitr quia quSdrttpIYeSfl Syrleitaiis^ t Aus. 
* The antepenultima is properly long. Urb. zi. 1. 

C&tynensTs, H, adj. 

Si tfo^rum attiitfis CtttYnensi pGrnyeS lumMm — Jwt. viiL 16. 

Catffis, 1, m. [iv. I. 

Cnde et qu5 Ctttifus? N5n est mYhY temptts ttvenfi— ^flbr. iS*. 2: 

C&to, onYs, m. [n. 8421 

Quis te, magnS C&to, tftcttum, aut te, Cobs^, rSlInquXt ? KiE. 

£t C&ttt fortuns victdr, matrisquS siib armis — Man, i. 796. 

Quae priscis m£m6ratll Ctttonlibiis atqu£ CSth^^is — Hinr. E. 2l 

ii. 117. 
CfttdnYaniiSy ft, ftra, adf. 

Catanlina, Christ^^ qu5d AciB lingua. (SaJ 

Catti, driim, tn. 

Tanqoam de Cattig illiquid tarvuqutf Sfgimbrii— /tnr. iv. 147. 

C&tfai&» a,f, 

quam te nSri, C&tQllft, vell^m^Alarf. 8. liii. a fPAot^ 

CfttullYaniis, ft, iim, adf. 

Da nfinc basYfi, Bed CfttdlUanft. Mart. 1 1. yi. 14 

Cfttulliis, 1, m. 

Vftle» pttillfi » jam CfttuUtts obdbrftt ; CaLym,!^ (Se,) 

Cfttttliis, 1, m, 

Placatds Cfttttli r«{%rftm ? cGm victfanft tEfstYv— £«c. ii. 174 

Cftttts, ii m. 

— — — — pfignfttftbalta 

Pupp£ Cfttiis, GraiOmque audax aplustre r«tSntftt. Luc, iii. 6861 

Caucfts^tts, {ir CaucftsyOa, ft, fim, o^ 

CaucftsYasque r^fert vdltlcres,mrt&mqaS PrSmetbei. T.^. vi.42: 

Caucfts&s, 1, m, 

Caacftsiis, Hyrcanaeqiie admorunt ub^rft tigres. V. JS* iv. 967«- 

Cftttci, drOm, m, 

Germanis responsft dftbat, legesquS Cftiicis. Claud. But. i. 379>^ 

Caudiniis, 1,111. 

VfrgKlTd Caudlntis, ftcerbo SarrYs Amino. SU. xviL 441. 
Caudinlis, ft, tLm, adj. 

Ultra Caudlnas sperilvit vulnSrft Forcas. Lue, ii. 138. 
CaudYiim, 1, n. [v. 61. 

Quae siipifr est CaQdi caaponaa. Nunc mYh! pa&cia— Hor. S. 1* 

Caulon, onYa, m. 

Cauldnisque arcea, et navYfrftgum Scj^lftcaettm. y. JE. iii. 668^ 

CaAntta, T, m. 

IdnYasqu^ aYmul : quia Inter CaGntta, H Utas^Prit. P. 661. 

CaurTnila, ft, tim, iU^. 

Verum fibY Cafirino perstrTnxit fiTgttr^ veap«r, Grai. 208. 

Caurlia, i, m. 

Semper hYems, aemper aplrilntefl frigSril CtOarL V. O, iii. 366^ 
Caurorum qu»qu6 flabrft D^ fftmtUantifft ludOnt. Av, D, 1007. 


Cftyci, orttm, m. 

£t voB cnjoSffii6§ heOSM iicer« CHycos—XM. i 463. 
C&yciU, 1, m. 

Vel cum purpftreOB pdpfil&ri cfledS Cftycils~Ov. if. xii. 111. 
CAyBtriiiks, tt, ttiUj adj. 

CtqaS j^ens npa defleriS C&ystrlftis alSs— Ov. T. 6. i. 1 1. 
Ci(ystril8» !, m. 

Dulclbtls In stagnis rimantur pratil Cftystri. F, G, i. 384. 
Cea, ae,/. 

Cing^ttir iCgeo, ndrnKaS Ce^ m&ri. Ov. H. xx. 222. 
Cebennae, ariim, /. [(Sp.) 

NlnguMa P^renes, et pinfia Cebennarilm— ^n*. Urb, xii. 6. 

InterYusquS prSmunt AquytanYdl rurJi Cebeniue. IHd. xiii. 8. 
Cebreo, enYs, m. 

Ipse p&ter CebrSn, natn m&ie tattts &b 3r£ — 5!b&. Par. (En, 89. 
CebrenYs, YdYs, ofu^ Td5s, a^/./. 

Adsptcit Hesp^rYSn p&trl^ CebrenYdli npi, Ov. ilf. xi. 769. 
CecrGpTfi, se,/. 

FunSrS CecrSpfs ne-funSrt p5rtarentfir. €ai. Ixiv. 83. (SpJ 
CecrfoYdes, ae, »i. Patronym, 

CecrOpYdae jiissi (mYsSriim) septenll quSt innis^K JS. vi. 21. 

CecrdpYs, Ydis, and Ydds,/. Patronym, 

De Siilmonensi mSrtt CecrdpYs. OmnYil Gnece, Juv. vi. 187. 
FarcYtS, CecrdpYdes, jurantl credSrS Theseo. Ov. ^. A, iii. 457- 

CecrSpYtte, S, i!Lm, adj» 

Cecr5pYas innattis iCpes &mdr {irg^t hftbendi. F. G^. iv. 177- 
Cecrops, fipYs, m, 

YTrgYnYbusqufi trYbus, gSmYno de CecrttpS natis, Ov, M. ii. 656. 

CSUdoDy ontYs, m. 

OccYdYt et celadon MendesYtts : dccYdYt Astreus. Ov. M. v. 144. 
niisit front! L&pYthse CSl&ddntYs ; St oaat—lbid, xii. 260. 

C^^lis, 1, m. laL EocSlftdi. 

Quis grSmYd Cfilftdi ddctiquS PSilsm5nYs adfert— /kv. vii. 216. 

CSlsnSy artim,/. 

Lugent damnatse Phoebo victorS CSlsense. Zim?. iii. 206. 
CSlsenseiis, &, t&m, <n^'. 

Rauc& Ceisnsos ad tymp2ln& disc^ Hirdres. Claud, EuL i. 278. 

Ceisend, us,/. 

Alc^dne, M^rdpequSj CSkenOi Taj^gStequS, dc. es Arat, P. 36. 

CSleneus, S6s, and e\, m. 

Bnsif^r hic, atraquS sMens in vestfi C^leneus^ V, F, iii. 406. 
CiQennX, «,/. [vii. 739. 

QuiquS Riifras BftttilumquS tSnent atque arv& CSlenns, F. jE. 

C£l«r, SrYs, m. [837« 

Hoc CeiSr uxgfit 5pu8, quern Rdmiiliis ip^v6car&t; Ov, F, iv. 

Audits per rnril \pK : CSierintt pSr omnes—C^ ^. P. C. 23. 
CtiSnnfis, 1, ffi. 

Imm^nsamque triihtt CeUhrlnt robiSre luctok C7. £]». P. C. 72. 
76 H« 


yug«& pnet«r« CMOS irffiaquC ittptilSz, F. G. L 165. 

CelrnVst ts, m. 

— *. — . qudndam fidiBsiniii parv5, 

Celmt, 'JQvi : largoquS s&tos CuretiU &b imbri^-Ov. Af. iv. 

CelsiU,!, m. [1. lii. 15. 

Quid mniYCelsiis iigit? mttnYtus miiltumqaS mttnendfis, Hor.E- 

Celtse, artkm, m. 

Galldrum, Celtse mucentes nomSn HHieris. Luc, iv. 10. 

Cassum inc51arum. Namqufi Celtarilm mfinu — Av. 0. iM^. 133. 

(L Tr.) 
Celtlber, er&, erttm, a<^'. 

Nanc Celtlfber es : CSltifbSrYa in terra-^Ca^ xxux. 17* (Sc.) 

Ducit &d aiirYf^ras quod me S&ld Celtifber oras, Mart. 10. xx. 1. 

Vir Celtifberis non OcendS genti(bfi& Hart, 1. L 1. f'/. Tr.) 
CeltYbert^ stj. 

Cl&niciUdse CeltKberte filL Cat. xzxvii. la (Sc,) 
CeltYctts, fi, iim, adj. 

Non cftpXaat : slmmsque mlhi pSr C^tlfcll rar&— iSi/. i. 46. 
CeltOa, H, iim, oi^*. 

Inter SardSnYum p«lKgus Cehumqu^ rCfusis. iVic. P. 86. 
CSmgnlcfis, ft, iim, oi^'. 

C«m«Dicum«tagrum,(duriisatT5cabtilft,^v.0.itf.666. ^/.TrJ 
Cempn, drtlm, m. , 

Tartessus, CempsiquS, student qui cdlin)tLs imis. PrU, P. 336. 

Atque indS rursfis usquS Cempsdrum sftt&. Jv,0,M, 301. (LTr.J 

Censiis, &, iim, a^. 

Qua templft tdllens ar& Censi Jiivla^Sen. H, 0. 102. 

Cenchrseiis, &, iim, adj, 

CenchrsesquS m&nus, vatum qua conscYtU amnls — St. T, iv. 60. 

CencfarSae, arilm»/. 

Ilia, CdrinthiftcTs primum rnXM cognM Cenchris*, Ov,T,\. 
• By synseresis for Cenchreis. x. 9. 

CenchreYs, Tdlfs, and YdSs,/. 

In vCtftis nttmgrant Turba Cenchrets In ilia— 0». M. x. 435. 
Cenintts. See Ceeniniis. 
Censdrintts, i, m, lAtclep.) 

Censoring, mfis aeril sttdalYbiis. Hor, C. 4. vii. 2. (Chor, Tet, 

Centaurei&s, ft, iiip, o^/* 

Centaur§ft m0net cum LftpYthis rixft stlper mftro — Hor. C, I. 

xviii 8. (Chor, Pent.) 
CentatirYciis, ft, tim, adj, 

Vix stSrUgs compescYt ftquas ; CentaurYcft dicunt 
' SemYnft— 51^ T. vi. 383. 
Centauriis, i, m. 

SemYf^r aSrYa talis Centauriis ftb Ossa— 5^ T. ix. 230. 
CentenYils, T, m. 

ObvYiks huic sparso CentenYtts agmYnS rftptim — S&l xii. 463. 
CentdrSs, iim, m. 

Centdrfts, et dlros mftgYcd terrorft Chttitrai. V. F. yu 161 . 


Centumcellffi, arftm,/. 

AdCtetOmceUislSmdiiflkliBiitoaflstirS. MaiiiLim- 
CcntumvM, oriim, m. [(L Tr.) 

RdmiinquC perttizerflnt id OSntamTlrds. PhmL 3. z. 35. 

CentlirYpae, arttm, / 

CintiUrl^ae, largSqu^ vXrSna EnteUft Lj^aed. ^. xiv. 204. 

C^hallenae, ariim,/. 

Regnft C^phaUense pfdp« sOnt s&pS^it^s Olyasi, Pria, P, 449. 
C^halleDSs, iim, m, 

Saxk Cgphallenum, et scapiildBU NSrttSn arvis. ^i7. xv. 305. 

CSphallentts, &, iim, 04/. 

Pnsc& CSphaUenee cdiisu]^;unt dppfdft terrse: Jv* /). 596. 

C^ph&loedli&s, Mis,/. 

Quaequ^ prteeUdso CSphSlosdirte orJl j^fme^^Sil, xiv. 252. 

Ceph&lds, T, m. [602. 

Cecrtfpldum CSphSlus pSriSgit mandatft, rdgatqaQ^— O0. M, yiji. 

CSpbeYs, tdds,/. Patronym, 

Alb& dteent fHscas : albiis, Cephel, plScebas : Oo. ^. A. iii. 191. 
Qualfe &d expttsKtse f&tam Cipbelfdds oltm— ifan. i. 443. 

Cepbetiis, it, ilm, cu^* 

iBthYOpum pSpiilos, CepbefS conspictt arvft. Ov, M. iv. 6^. 

CepbenSs, ilm, m. 

Diimque SH Cepbenum m^to DUnttetiis beroa — Ov. M. v. 1. 

CepbeflHU. (Stse Cepblsi&s. 

Cepbelis, S5s, ami e8s, m. 

Telftque cdnjtdunt, et sunt, qui CSpbfiii dicant— Ov. if. v. 42. 
Regain. Cepbeos vestigYfl baltbStis ambXt C. O. 190. 

CepbeiU, &, iim, oi^'. 

Cepbeam bic MSr0en, fusc&quS regn& c&nftt Prop. 4. vi. 7(^L 

Cepbislfts, ildXs,/. PiUronym. 

Vidit et immltem Cepbisi&s 5r$ Prdcrusten : Ov. ilf. vii. 438. 

CejibSstSfid&s,/. Patronyuu 

NiOlft mdra est ; ftdSunt pftrlter CepbisYdfts undas, Ov, M. i. 369. 

CephisYtts, ft, ilmj oi^*. 

JamquS tSr ad quinds iinum CepbisYiis annilm — Ov. M. iii. 351. 

Cepbiste, and Cepbistts, i, m. 

FatYdIca Cepbis5s ftqua, CadmeftquS DTrce, Luc, iii. 175. 

CeprftikiiSi ft, tkm, a4f. 

In quinquS sdles est IftSr. Turn CgprSsicum 
Jttgum inttlmescit— .<<». O, M, 182. ("/. Tr.; 

Cerambi&s, 1, m. 

Otbrj^n, et eventu ySteris I5cft notft Cerambi. Ov. M, vii. ^3. 

Cerftmniis, 1, m, 

DixTt, et in Sueten, magniquein fatft Ceramm — V^ F. vi. 550. 

C&istes, se, m. • 

Frons Srftt, unde etmm nomen traxedf CSrasts. Ov. ilf. x. 223, 

Cerath«ufl. See Cserateua, 

77 h3 

- CER , 

CSraHnYtt, oriim, n. 

££qon»ttsflinIn(UtaitvVttliiittCii«QiiIi av.jf.2.xL 19. 

CSraanils, &, 1im» adj. 

Non ptttfilt B&atd Tittm pMllBse Cenfino ? iVop. 2. xri. 3. 

Cerb^rSiis, &, ilm, o^f. 

Oris Cerb^rtSi spOmis, et vTrttf EeUfdns; Ov, AC iv. 606. 

CerWrtts, and CerbSrtts, T, m. 

CerbSrte Orphed lenivit nbXVk canto. Ztic* ix, 643w 

CercetttLs, ft, Van, adf, 

CimmSrYi Sindiqu^ cdlQnt : CercStYft gens est— ^v. D. 866. 

Cercinnft, ae,/. 

fit Cercinnft sYmfil, LYbj^ca 8tiU!5n« pfttentes. iVt«. P. 509. 

CercdbultLs, i, m. 

Theruchus fiiit, Cerconfcus, Orinnus, Cercobulus, Coilabus. 
Plaut, Trin, 4. iii. 13. (Tr. Tet. cai,) 
CSrctfnTctks, i, m. 

Theruchus fuit, Cerconicus, Crinnus, Cercobulus, Collabui^ 

PUmU tnn. 4. liL 13. 
If the text be correct, I do not see how this line is to be 
scanned) except by supposing a syncope to take place in the 
words Theruchus and Cerconicus : thus, 
Thruchus fuTt*, Cercnicus, Crinnus, Cerc^ulus, CoIUbus. 
But it has been suggested to me, by an accomplished 
scholar, that the word Criimm is an interpolation. If that 
be allowed, the scansion is regular :. 
Theruchus fuit *, Cercttnicus, CercSbulus, Cdllftbus. 
• Monosyll. 

Goeller reads, with less violent emendation, 
Therachus fuit, Cercttnicus, Cr!ntls, Cercfib^lus, Cdllftbus. 

Cerc5p&, um, m. 

— — — perjurlfft qudnd&m 

Cercopum exosiis, gentisque admissft difldsae, Op. M, xiv. 92. 

CercySn, ttnlfs, m. 

Cercj^dnTs letum vidit C«real!s fileasin. Ov. M, vii. 349. 

Cercj^Onetis, ft, iim, adj. 

CdrpOrft Thesea Cercj^toeft mftnu. Ov. lb. 414. 

CerSalis, Is, m. 

Coenabis belle, Juli CCr^alKs, ftpad me: Mart. 11. Iii. 1. 

C^alYs, e, adj. 

TumCerSrem cdrruptam undiSjCerSallfftque armft— F. ^. {, 177. 

ceres, grts,/. 

Primft CSres anco glebam dimdvtt Sratro. Ov. M. v. 341. 
Primft dSdit leges. CerSris sthnfis dmnVft muntts. 343. 

CeretSs, iim, m. 

Ceretes omne, «t Acrtfceretes pr!iis. Av.O.M,b&0. (I.Tr.) 


Mlslt, St ekhaustse mox Poeno Marts CSrIllae. SUL viiL 679. 
Certnthtts, I, m. 

Anntiftt et, CerinthS, tfbi, quodcurnqntfjodgibiB. Tib. 2. ii. 9. 


Cenie, es,/. 

TSimKntts ^tUdpBm ptfpttldt XdYt Ollilfmft CdniS. ^«. D, 328. 
CSrrStantts, T, m. 

NSc CSrreOlni, quondim T!rf nthYft cistrtt, Sil. iii. 357. 

CervYtts, 1, m. 

Cervltts Tratus iSges m)faiYtatttT St urnilm : jSbr. 5. 2. i. 47. 

CesennTft, se, /. 

Optlmft sed quire Cesenn^Ql, teste m&iito ? /uv. vi. 136. 

Cesssetis, &, iim, a4f. 

C§8S»seque mftnus, et qui tti& jtigertt nondilm-^^. F» vi. 130. 
Cesttts, 1, m, 

SaepS mnii querVtor non siccTs Cestds tfcellis. Mart, i. xciii. 1. 

Cethegiis, 1, m. [613. 

' Ills TSlon T&nSimque neci fortemqu^ Clihl^Sm^V.M. xii. 
C6t6, fia,/. 

Phorcj^s &qui8, CetoquS p&rens, ipsaequS 85rdr6s — Lttc, ix. 646. 

Cettts, 1, m. 

£t rSdtt in Cetiim, Bquammosl^ufi terg5r& Ceti. Man. i. 612. 

Cetronltts, i, m. 

iEdlAcatSr Srat Cetrdnlfis, H m^d curvo— /itt;. xiv. 86. 
Cei&s, K, iim, adj, 

CesB rStractes munerft naente. Hor, C, 2. i. 38. (Great. Ak.) 
C6fx, c¥iB, m. 

Halcj^fog Ceyc& mttvet, CeycYs ¥n dr«— Ov. 3f. xi. 544. 
Ch&bilci, driim, m. ^ 

Per DalYtemds, pSr Ch&lnlcdrum s&tft; ^v. 0. M. 665. C/.Tr.) 

Chablftsti, drtbn, m, . 

ChftblXslffquiS d^inc, AgrenI rurstto, St indS — Av, D. 1134. 

Chserfift, s, tn, . 

£xeg!t poenis d6 CflBsSrS ChsrSH mdDU. i/tw. Cei. 4. 

Chseremon, 5n¥s, m. [Ivi. 1. 

Qu5d nYmyOm lafldis, ChsrSmon StSVcS, mSrtSm — Mart, 11. 
ClMer§8trtttftB» 1, m. [165. 

PnetSrYtos mSdltor ; crGdilm ChierSatrXths ilnguSm — Per$, v. 

CbcrYbuliis, I, m. 

Rim tlbt ram €l5eiltii8 5mnem» Cbmlbfile, atque idmSdam — 
PUwt, Epid. 1. ii. 1. (Tr. Tetr. eat,) 
Cbttripptts, I, m. 

Praconem, GharippS^ tttis clrcumspYcS pannis. Juo. viii. 96. 

ChUcSdon, ttnts,/. 

Bd8p5rCk8 adv8rsimpft«¥tfirCliiloe^iill c^nu CI 4, C,R, 177. 

ChalcedOnYiis, &, ilm, adj' 

fit Ch&lceddnlas c5ntr& deapictftt iirenas. CL in Ruf, ii. 55. 

ChalcYdYctIs, &, iim, adj. 

GhalcYd](ciqu« Uvis t&ndem siipSr adstiftYt arc& V. ^. vi. 17. 

ChSlcYdpe, es,/. 

Non Ipss&pyrtna, ChilclttpeqaS stettr. Ov. H. xyn. 282. 


Ch3AcXs,\d% and Xe^f. 

ChSldte, et Hirda«i tOrbitfts gymnidK vtittts. SL T. iv. 106. 
Art!»r Eubdica, qua Cbalcidft verUr&t, unda. Lue. ii. 710. 
Mfig&rai £retr¥aai, Cttrinthum, Chaloidem, Cretam, Cuprum. 
PlauL Mer. 3. iv. 59. (Tr, Tet, cat,J 

Chaldsiis, iL, lim, adj* 

Arv& siiper Cyii, Chaldselque ult^& regni. Luc. viii. 226. 

ChiUetiis, 1, m. [276. 

Surgentem dextra Ch&lStum, vulniisqu^ minantSm — St, T. ix. 

CWQintts, i, m. [(L Tr.) 

Ch&lTniis Intus cum sUella et sdrdbtls. Plaut, Cat. 2. v. 43. 

Chal5nlt&, 8e, m. 

CiSBi, Messiib&tsque et ChaloniUl vttganti&r. Av. D, 1209. 
CissoB, Mess&b&tasquS, Chftldnltasque f^roces. Pru. P. 939. 

ChSlj^bSs, fim, m. 

At Chftlj^bes nudi ferriim, vfrdfi&quS Ponttts—r. G, i. 5a 
Jupptter I ut • Chftlj^bon dmnS ginus pere&t Cat. Ixvi. 48. 
* Greek Genitive. 

Ch&m&ves, dm, m. [434. 

Accedent vires, quas FrancYft, quasquS CbftmavSs, Atu, Ed. x. 

Ch&on, tfnts, m. 

Cbattnlamque onmem Trojano a CbattnS dixYt. V. JE, ili. 335. 

ChafinSB, ilm, m. - [Get. 13&. 

£dttc&t OrsH pUgis, non CbadnSs atqu£ Mttlosadsr-Ctov^ B. 


Cbattnlamque dmnem Tiojano a Cbaftn^ dixTu V. M. uL 335. 

CbatfnYs, Ws^S- ^dj- 

QuasquS c5lat tOrres Cha5n¥s alfo biU>et. Ov. A. A. ii. 150. 

Chattniils, ft, iim, adj. 

CbafinHun plngui gHndem mutavU ftrista. T. 6. i. & 


JBt ChiUto lonftmSroa iv^dOm confunderii mundos, Xuc. vi. 696. 

Cbi&radrtts, i, m. 

Inftchtts, adverrensquS ii&tanti« uxft Chftrfidrtfs, A. T. iv. 71 2. 

Chilraxils, i, m. 

Oaud^t, £t e nostro creacit moerdrS Cbiiraxtis~Ov. H. xv. 117. 

Chftres, etlfs, m. 

Ad h5c exemplum est. Char. Chftres ? an Chtrldemiis 7 nfim 
Cbarmldes ? Pfa»«. Trm. 4. iL 77. (Tr. Tet. cat.) 

Ch&ricld, as,/. [636L 

FtlYH Centafiri, quam quondam N^pbft Chflrido— Om. if. iL 

ChilrYdemiis, i, m. 

Sed tu pdnarls cui CUbrldimfis, i&pro. Matt. 1. xliv. 14« 

Chttriniis, i, m. 

Sends ChMntts omnlfbas dlgltis g«T!t Mart. 11. lis. 1. (LT.) 
Cb«ruYan«l8, i, m. 

JNfl lascivttlfl est ChfoisYaQo. JTort 6, sbv. 1. (Pkaiae.) 


Chilrytes, iim,/. 

PrdtYntts ftrrYpyant Chttrlt^, nectantqiitf ctfrOnfis. Ov,F,y, 219. 
Avenls Ch&fim c&ntis : avirstia ApoUd. Prop, 4, i. *J5, 

ChannMes, Ys, »i. [16u (L Tr,J 

Nunc si oppgrTii vis Sdventfim ChSrmYdys, Ptaut Trin. 3. iii. 

ChlbroD, tKs, m. 

Portltdr ill«,Ch&ron, h! quds v«Mt fLndft s^piilti. K M. vi. 326. 
PrsedftCb&rdntiB «gdr. Vid«n' ilt flagranti^ tedls^-F.Cttl. 216. 

Charopeius. iS'ge Caropeius. 

Ch&rdplntis, i, m. 

Coend ddmi qutttles, nM t§, Ch^rSpInS, vScavT — MarU 5. 1. I. ' 

Ch&rops, 8pYs, m. [xiii. 260. 

£t Ch&rdpen, fatisque immitibtis £nntfiii6n actiiii^-~-Ov. ill, 

Char^bdrs, &, / 

Quas ScyUa fnfestet, quasve ChKrybdTs Squas. Ov. A, 2. xi. 18. 

Chatr&nis,Is,/. [887^ 

Chatr&mifs, &tquS Mftcs cdntra sunt Persidls eequtfr. Pris, P. 

ChaOl&su, 5riim, m. [886. 

Chailllisn pdst hds atque AgrS^s : indS prdpmqu&t — Pris, P, 

€h§lae, artbn, and Chete, §s,/. 

Quod tSnSt, In tantum Chelae consurgSre perstant Man, iii. 293^ 
£t jiigS Chelarum mSdio vdKtantifft coeld. i. 609. 

Chfilidttntfis, ^ iim, adf, 

AtquS CheiTd5ni£ rupes clnguntilr ^odSm. Pris, P, 126. 

£8t Chglj^s ill& dehinc, tSngro qua lustt in xvo—Jv, A. P. 618. 

Cherslfd&mas, antis, m, 

£xXtydque d«dl cum ChenYd&mante Tfadoni. Off, M. xiii 257. 

Chers5nesiis, i, /. 

Ad QsquS cassse Chersttne^ termYoos. ^v. O. if. 491. (LTr,) 

ChfiruscT, orttm, m, 

CimbSr, et fngentes Albln IfquerS Ch^rOsci. CI, 4. C. H. 452. 

CMS, es,/. 

______ flavaCMg 

Chdo, (w Chilon, onis, m, - . [(^/. Tr.) 

Spartantis Sg5 sum ChTl5, qui nunc prodS5. Aus, Sap. Ch, 6. 
Multi h5c LftconYs essS ChUonis piltant Ibid. Lud, 3. 

Chimaerft, ae,/. 

NSc flammam voivens orS ChYm«r& f^r5. Ttft. 3. iv. 86. 
Tum flammam tetrd spirantes drS ChYmaeras. Lucr, ii. 705* 

ChYmsereiis, &, fim, adj, 

Alm& ChYmaered Xanthfis pSrm8& lYqudrfi, V, CuL 14. 

ChimaerYf^ri ^r&, iim, a4;* 

Jarnqu^ ChimaerYfSrae cum S5l grftvYs ur^rgt irvft 
Vtnlbtts In L j^cYas— Ov. if. vi. 839. 


Cbuuei, s,/ 

Bcizm CUdmb 8u|iptelt&* qiteiyi. OK, famL 32. oL Cyciuee. 
^ Long, as coming before sp.f See Dawes's Miseellan. 
Crit. and Kidd's notes, pp. 2—26. edit I8I7. 

t The youthful composer, in Latin versification, should 
take especial care not to introduce a short syllable before s 
followed by c, p, or L In /yrtc verte it is absolutely unallow- 
able. In long and short verses, though many instances may 
be adduced where a vowel is made ^tort before $c, jp, «f , they 
will be found to occur generally in Lucretius, or in writers 
before his time, or in the Satires of Horace, which he himself 
professes to come somewhat near to prose. 

ChKtoS, es,/. 

Nata «rttt huic Chlttne : que dotatisstmil forma—Ov.M xi. 301 . 

Chldnldes, ae, m. Pairomfm. 

At non X Chidnlfdes Eumolpiis Xn OrphStt tails ; Ov. P. 3. ilL 41. 
X The first syllable, short by derivation, made long by 

CM«s,/. [xi.2l. 

Rdmae lauditur S&mSs, et Chlds, et RhOdtfs absens. Hor, K 1. 

Chirdn, onYs, m. 

PnemYA nSc Chiron &b Achilli tSlYA cepYt. Ov. P. 3. iu. 43. 
Ot Saturntts «qu5 gemYnum Chlionft crfiarYt. Ov,M, vi. 126. 

ChlOs, a, ttm, adj, 

£t Chift Vina, aut LesbY&j Hor, Ep. ix. 34 (I, Dim.) 

The first syllable is made short by Avienus ; contrary to 
the practice of the writers of the Augustan age. 
Gurv& ChYi ccelo cdnsurgunt brachY^ signL Jv, J, P, 1136. 

ChlYde, es,/. 

«--.-. flava ChlYde 
Chltte, es,/. 

Me none Thr^ssil Chl5e r^t, Hor. C. 3. ix. 9. (GlyconicJ 
ChloreOs, Site, m. 

Forte slicer Cj^UflsB ChloreOs, 5limqu« slicerdos— F, JE, xL 76a 

Chlore&que ||, Sj^bttrimque, D&ret&quS, ThersY15chumque — xiL 

II By Caesura. 363. 


ChlorYs Sram, qus Fl5r& v5cor : corruptft L&tino — 09.dP.v.l96. 
Chttaspes, Ys, m. 

Nee qua vel NUus, vel regYft lymphll Chtt&spes-- 2^'fr. 4. i. 140. 
Chttatrse, artlm, m. 

^ther& tangentes silvas iTquerS Chfiatrs. Luc, iii. 246. 
ChcerYliis, 1, m, 

ChoerYlfis inculds qui versYbtts et mttlS natis-— fibr. £. 2. i« 233. 
Cboroebus. See Coroebus. 
Chorasmi, oHim, m. 

Nee prOciU ad B5rl»n diri pj(sfier« Chtfrasmi 

H5spYtYa~^t;. D, 923. 
ChorismYtts, &, ihn, adj, 

H5s juxta BtfrHm vei|pt CborMmYH proles. Pri$. P. 722. 


Chromes, Ys. etYs, ettfs, m. 

Ir&tu8qu« Chr«me» tttmMd dflftlgit drtf. Hor. ^. P. 94. 
Argutam«r«tric« p6tes» DivoquS ChremStll— A 1. x. 40. 
CertH res est : enam piierum Inde ftMeos cdnYtei Chrtmls. 
Ter. Jn. 2. u. 31. (Troeh. Teir, cat.) 
Hanc sYmtilant pttr^rS quo ChrSmetem absterrSant. 3. i. 14. 

The first syllable is made long^ by Silius Italicus i. 403. |f 
the text is right ; but Gronovius reads CbrCmStSs* 

Chrestillft, «,/. 

Bfiert uxores F&Mus, Chrestill& m&ritds. Mart, a xliii. 1. 

Chresttfs, i, m, 

GermSni fratrSs sCuit, Cbrgsttfs, Acmdj^ntts altSr. Aus, E. xli. \. 

Chresttis, I, m. 

NCdlf mungrtl, ChrestS, si r^mlttlfs— Jfar^ 7- Iv. 1. (PhaUec.) 

Chrtf mis, Ys, m» 

PergUe, PfMdes. ChrdmYs etMnasyltts ¥n antrd— r. J7. vi. 1& 

ChrtfmYiis, i, m. 

£nn5mtts hic ChrtfmYusque jiicent ; quels MysYtt regniim, Au»* 

Ep, H. xxii. 1. 
ChrysA, se, m. 

Qui fontes, vSgS ChrysX, tftos, et pauperis ilTei— m xiv. 229. 

Chrysaiiis, I, m. [(L Tr.) 

PisttfclerS, salve ! Salve, Chrysiae \ Plami. Bae, 2. iii. 5. 

Chryse, Ss,/. 

£t, caosft lit!8 reglbOs, Chryse j'ttc^t ; Sen. Tr. 226. 

Chryseis, YdOs,/. 

Marts siio captam ChryseYdii vTct5r Hm&b&t Ov, R. A. 469. 

ChrysSs, e, m. 

Pro nata Chrysen non vttlttissS siia. Ov. A. A. ii. 402. 

Chrysipptts, i» m. 

Inventus, ChrynppS, ttti finltftr ftcirvT. Pen, vi. 80. 

Chrysis, YdYs,/ 

Die sodSs. quYs hSri ChrysTdem hftbttlt f nam AndrYfle — Tvt. 

An. 1. i. 6& (I. Tr,) 
Chrys5g5nils, i, m. 

Chrysttgdnus quant! dScSat, vel P5llYd quanti. Juv, viL 176. 

Chrystts, I, m. [(I- Tr,) 

Hic Chrystts amnYs intrftt altum gurgitSm— ^o. O. M, 419. 

ChthSnYiis, i, m. 

£cce autem vasto Chth5nYi contdrtil Ittcerto— iS!^. T. u. 538. 

Chunfis, 1, m. 

SeiYcll. Si Chunus fSrYat, si Sarm&tft portas, Claud. Eut, ii. 338. 
Nee vttgll ChunorOm ftiYtas, n5n falcfi G«ldntts— 1 C.S,l 110. 

CYbjhratYciis, 8, ttm, adj. 

Ne CYbj^atYcH, nS Bithyna nfigotYa perdas. Hor. E. I. vi. 33. 

CYc&ro, onYs, m. 

Rdm& p&trem p&trYse CYcSronem libSrft dixYt Juv. viii. 244. 

CYcirrtts. T, «•. „ [v- «»• 

MnltH CYcirrtts ild hsec, donasset jamn« cltenton— JETor. S. I. 


A^& digredltOr, CKcftnumqiie HjtantesiU «d Gris 
Tendlft— Or. M.x.^. 

CYeiltil, e, tn. 

Til Nomentanum, ta nS B^uirSte CKcuUm. Bar, S, 2. Ui 176. 

CUbkeni, oHim, m. 

MKrYtlmji vero CBbYcSm passYdent Jv, 0. M. 303. (L Tr.) 

CUbYcentis, ft, ilm, adj. 

Sunt MassYeni ; regnft CUMcenft sunt 
Fgracte B^—Av. O. M. 422, 

Cilbfts, i. m. 

In quae BSsHfis atquS CilbOB £umYntt—- ^v. 0. Af. 320. 

Cffictt, SB,/. [iv. 198. 

LfttrdcTnatum, aut In AsYam, aut in CYlYcYftm. Plant, Trin. 2. 

£t 65n6t accensia spicft CYBssft fbcis, Ov. F, I 76. 

CYlix, YcYs, adj. [217- 

Ardet Atbos, TaurusquS CYlIx, et TmSlttt, St (£te. Ov. 3f. ii. 
£t quum scenft cr5c5 CYlYci perliisft r^ens est — Lucr, ii/417' 

aua, a,/. 

£t sftcrft Phoebo Cll]« : quid ? quas SUttYK-^^-IV. 280. (LTrJ 

CUnYfts, 1, m. 

CUnYtts, Arret! T^benis ortfis In oris, SSL vii. 29. 

CImb€r, bri, «. • 

CTmber, et ingentes Albin iTquere CbWIaei. dmi. 4. C. A 452. 

Cimbrorumque mYnas, et bSnSfacttt M ftii. Prop, 2. i. 24 
Jdj. 1116 Jfigurthlqo clarus Cimbroque trYufnphd, On. P, 4. 

iii. 45. 
ClmbrYctls, &, tUn, 04^. 

In nomin trftnalrS stium. Te CTmbrYc&l'§tb)^s— C/. S,Get 335. 

CimYnice, «8,/. 

At CimYnice rSgYd descendit prekstQ— ^t;. a itf. 615. (I. Tr.) 

CYmYntts, i, m. 

fit CYmYmcCIni mdntS Iftcum, lucosquS Cftpenos. V, ^.vii. 697- 

CTmmerYi, drtim, m. 

CunmSrY! gSlYdis bftbYtant siib finYbtts imtlm— Pri«. P. 158. 
CimmSrYdrum StYam dbscuras accessYt M arces. Tib, 4. i IM. 

CTmm^rYtis, ft, ttm, adj. 

AvYft CTmmerYos Inter distantYft Ificos. F. Cul. 231. 

CYmoliis, !, m. [463. 

Hinc bihnYlem Mjrc5n5n, cretosftquS rurft CYmoIi — Ov. m. vii. 

CYnftrft, SB,/. 

Inter vinft fUgam CYn&rae moererS pr5tervs. Hor, E. 1. vii. 28. 

CTncinnl^tite, I, «« 

fit Clncinnatos jiig^rft paClcft dftbant. RuHL i. 556, 

CInC&a, », m. 

fit fipYrote Cm«a m6m6r mftgYs— ^tw. Prqf. xv. 13. (L Tr,) 
t See Epirotes. 



Strfdentes ScttM tiibs, qu& CTngX pSrerritt — Luc» i. 432. 
Cfngdliis, 21, iini, adj, 

VitYf^rd, celsis L&bleniim CingVAH saxft 

AGserunt muris — SiL x. 34. 
CTnnJi, Xf m, 

Sullii pfitens, MilriiisquS f%rdx, et Cinnft crUentiis, Zve. iv. 822. 
Cinn&mtis, i, m. 

Stigin&t& nee vafri delebit Cfnniimiis arte. Mea^t, 6. Iziv. 26. 

Cinoiirtts, I, »• 

— — — Clfnoriis agmfin — Jv, O, M, 594. 

Cinj^hu tdndent hIrcT, setasquS cOmantes — V, (7« iii 312. 

Cinyps, jfpfe, m, [S. i. 261. 

Quos vftgiis bumectat Cinyps, et prSxYmtls bortls — Claud. 1. C. 

Cinjhrasi Bit m. 

Virginei CYnjhras haec credens SssS timorls, Ov. iV. x. 361. 

Cinj^effis^ ft, ttm, a^'. 

SoWerftU At Virgo €in3^rei& pervYgU fgnl, Ov. M. x. 369. 

Cjfnjhretts, ft, dm, ai^'. 

Qusestfir ftb Idftlid Cinjhres ITtdr^ Cypri. Luc, yiii. 716. 

CIperfis, 1, m. 

Pistor, qui fiigras diu, Ctperg, Mart. 8. xvi. 1 , (Phalac.) 
Cipiis, f, m, 

. Aut siift flumtn^ cilra vldit C^piLs hi finda 

Corntift— Ow. M, xv. 666. 
Circseiis, ft, ^, a<^'« 

ProxYmft Circffise radfintur litSrft terrse. F. JE. vii. 10. 

Circe, es,/. 

Carm][nn>us Circe sSctos mutavYt Clixi. /^. i9. viiL 70. 
Circen, orilm, m. 

OstrSft Circeus, Miseno ttriuntiir ftchini. Hor, S, 2. iv. 33. 

Circenses, iiim, m. 

Mcesthia est cftriilsse ftnno Circenslbiis uno. Juv» xi. 63. 

CircTiis, i, m. 

ClrcYiis, et tuta prtfhtbet stfttYdnS Mdnoeci. Luc, i. 408. 

Circ&s,.i, m. 

Circiis fiiit pdmpa cSlSber, ni&merdquS dSdrum. Ov. F, iv. 391. 

CWs, fe,/. 

CMs Amyclaeo formosi5r ansSrS Ledae. F, Cir, 489. 

Cirrhft, SB,/. 

Cirrhft sUet, fatlquS sftt est arcanft ftituri — Luc, v. 137. 

Cirrhietis, ft, i&m, adj. 

Acclpiam, CTrrhsBft velim secrctft m6vent£m — Luc. i. 64. 

Cirtft, SB, m. 

Incihnbiint Mj^cttnum Lssnas, CirtamquS Lfttiniis — Sil. xv. 447. 

CisseYs, YdYs,/ Patronym. 

CiSBers prsegn&ns ^^es enlxft ji&gales. F, JB* vii. 320. 
85 1 


CisseuB, (iSs, m, 

Anchuse genYt9ri In mSgnd mflnM CisseiSs. K. AS. ▼. 537- 
Quod lYctiit pirvo. Nic longe Ci88«l dfiritan— x. 317- 

CTssf , oriiin, m. 

CI881, MessftbStsque, it ChSloniU vXgintfir. A9, D. 1900. 

Cttarfiis, 1, m. 

£t, CYtUri dHecte, mlbl mfoittrab^rS, d^nis— ^la. Prof. xiii. 1. 

CYtberoB, onts, m. 

Lfibat CYthnron, iltX Pillene trfoiTt Sen. H. F. VJ9. (I. Tr.) 
SaxX Clthaerdnu^ThgbSs ifgYtaU per irtHm—ProfL & ii. & 

Clthttristyilm, T, n» 

Qu5d incSlcntes Citb&ri6t¥«m Y&:ant Jv. O. M. 69a (I. Tr.) 

CYtbfiron, onis, m. 

Sed CTth^dn tfitYens ternas §x srS sftcravit— ^ka £<i xi. 32; 

CYiis,!, m. 

Terg&que flavescens sulcat CYtts: hfyOs ttd nndfim— ^fv. D. 977* 

Cl&nYs, Ys, m. [v. 14a 

FraxYniis actft f£mur : j&ciUiim Cl&nis oWS iii(kii«rdYt Ov. if. 

Cl&nYiis, I, ffi. 

Orii jttgo, et viicfiis Cl&nYOs n«n squte Acerris. T. G. ii. 22& 

Claranfis, 1, m. 

HarinttnYo, quern Claranua, quern Scaiiriis, £t AspSr — Am. 

BpUt. xviii. 26L 
ClarentYiis, 1, m. « 

NdbYlYs hie hospea ClarentiftfB mdtflS motttB, ^iw. P^. xviiL & 

Cl&rYttSi ^ ttm, a^'. 

Qui trYpfidas, ClirYi la&roa, qui sidSr& Bentla, F. JS. iii. 360. - 

Cltofis, 1,/. 

£t CUir5s» et T^nedSs, P&Ursftqufi regltt servYt O9.M. I 5X6. 

Cl&rtis, 1, m. 

£t Cl&riis, et Tbemen, Lf cYa c5mYtanttir ftb alts. F. JE. x. ISa 

ClassYctts, I, m. 

SI tILmSn invitus vadis, cur, ClassYcS, vSdYs? Mart. % box. 5^ 

ClassYils, 1, m. 

£jusque Yn squor ClassYiLs amnYs inflilYt. Av. O. if. 614. (LTr.) 


ClaudYS, turrits rar& mYDlstr& dto. P^op. 4. xi. d2. 

ClaudYantifl, &, iim, a^. 

LSgendU tempttrum act& ClaudYandriim ? ifar^a xx. 3. (Scaz.) 

ClaudYiLs, I, m. 

ClaudYfts Augusti priviguus, scirfi liibord — Hor. E, I. iii. 2. 
- ClaudYtts, H, iSan, adj. [708. 

ClaudYii nunc a quo difiundYtiir et trYbiis et gens — F. AS. vii. 
Clausiis,^ i, m. [vii. 707* 

AgmSn ttgena ClausCis, magnique ipse agmYnYs instlbr. F. JE, 

DldYc&t hsBC vStSris Claiisdrum nomYnYs bseres. Ov. F. v. 155. 
ClazdmSnae, artim,/. [f/. Tr.) 

Nttdda reiipquunt. Fort« CVUtaaHnm prttpJS— PA^e^f. 4. xxi. I7. 


ClazSmSnltts, ft, iim, adj. 

Fdrat«rii3Mid3(dXdt,dttc«C]iafiiii«iiio. Smip. 6. 

ClSildas, Bs, m. 

Gens CadmT, Cl^ttdas, fulva cm plurimft paasXm-^SiL vii. d37. 
Cltergta, 8B,/. • 

DYftbdlus, Glaaci fUYils, dliasHtat^PlauU At. 4 i. 6. (U Tr.) 

ClSanthes, Ys, m. 

£t dLspfitStttr ad CI«anthen StolcSn. Atu. Prrf, xt. 1 1. 
£t jfibet archetj^ pltttSum Berrare ClSanthaa. Jitt;. ii. 7. 

ClSantfaetis, ft, iim, ai;. 

FrugS ClSanthea. P^tYte hinc jiivSnesquS sSnesquS. Pera. v. 64. 

Clemens, t&^in. [xciii. I. 

SI priiis EugftnSas, Clemens, HSllcadnYs brisk— Mart. 10. 

Clementlft, s,/. 

PrfncTpKo magnl cusCos Clementlft mundi, Claud. \. C. S. ii.€». 

Clemen^ntts, i, m. KS^p&nd. ) 

Sed qos fceciindo de pect5r<( Clementini — Jut. Epist. iv. 10. 

ClSdbulft, ae /I 

CRdbuift. Nutifz que mit? Archestrfttft. Plant. Cur. 5. 

ii. 44. r/. Tr.) 
Clftdbultts, 1, m. 

Cl^buliis, hoc estyOptifmus cunctis mddiis. Jut. Sap, Lud. 17- 

CiSSmftchiis, i, «. 

Faucis me misit milSs ftd ^m ClSOmftchiis. Plant. Bae. 4. it. 7. 

Cl^n, onYs, m. 

P5ptilaris urMs AttYcae, SiclUus ClSon. Jv. 0. Hi. 48. 

Cl^ns, ariim,/. 

Fetam Cl^nas, Arcftdum an pftpillos p£t&m ? Sen. H. 0. 1815. 

CliSdnefis, ft, iim, adj. 

Cnft Ciednsum pascebat sllvft l^nCm. Claud. Ruf. i. 285. 

ClSdpatrft, s,/. 

Moestft nCc Acttftca fecit Cl£^atr& cftrina— Jur. ii. 109. 

Cledstrfttft, »,/. 

sed, uxor, da iiro banc vSnYam. Miirrhlna, ora ClKostrfttftm. 
Plaut. Cat. 5. iv. 22. (I. Tetr. acat.) 
C]etftbenT, orttm, m. 

Atqii« Sftbae pSst bos, necnon bftbltint CUtftbSni. PrU. P. 889. 

Clinlftdes, ae, m. Po/ronym. 

ClinYftdsquii miklo cTrcumdfttiis Ignlfbtts fttns — Ov. lb. 683^ 

Clin¥&s, s, m. 

ClinTam, CbrSmem, Crfttinum, Dintam, DemosthSnem. Plaut. 

Jt. 5. ii. 16. (T. Tet. cat.) 

Clio, us,/. 

Nee m](hY sunt visse Cli5 Cllusqufi sdrores. Ov. J. J. i. 27. 

elite, cs,/. 

Quas dftbftl, St picto Cliti vftri(av£rftt auio. F. F. ui. 11. 
87 li 


ClTtipho, onYs, m. 

Dum molluntilr, dum cdmOntiir, Inntti est* O Glitlphd. Ter. 

Heaut. 2. ii. 1 1. (I, Tetr, acat,} 

Illam te ftmare, et velle uxdrem : banc essd ClTtlphonls. 4 

iii. 25.. (L Tetr,cat.) 
Cliton, dnYs, m, 

£t rftpMua ClTton, et qm tM, PytMtf, Ladon— i». T. iv. 289. 

ClittfrYiis, &, ttnii a^f. 

CIit5rYo quic&nquiS sYtiun de f&ntS iCvarTt— Oi>. M. xv. 322. 

ClitOmntls, 1, m. [23. 

Hie, AnYo Tibumg, fliSis, CKtumntis Sb Ombro — Prop, 3, xxii. 

Clitumnils, H, iim, adj. 

Aut prsstent nYvSds Clitumn& ntfvilYft tauros. ift. & i. W. I2d* 


Qui mendacem et gidriosum ftpud Clttaciiue sftcrum. Plaut, 
Cur, 4. L 10. (Tr, Tetr. cat.) 

Cltfanthiis, i, m. [222. 

FatH LJ^ci, fortemquS Gj^an, f^rtemqa^ Cl5anthliin. V, M, i. 

ClddYtts, 1, m. 

ClodYiis accuset mcecbos, ClltYIm& CSthegds. Juv. ii. 27* 

ClodYi&s, ii, tim, adj. 

Spectat FlamYnYs ClodY& junctft vYse. Ov. P. 1. viii. 44. 

CloelYlL, 86,/. 

£t fltlvium viQclis innaret CloelY^ ruptis. V. M, viii. 651. 

ClcelYtts, I, m. 

MiirmiirS deficYens jam ClcelYtis, or&quS nisu — SiU x. 456. 

ClSnYfis, i, m, 

Messapus ClttniumquS, L^caiJniumque £rYceten — V. M. x. 749. 

ClSntLs, I, m. 

Qus Cldntts Efti^tYdSs mOltd coelaySrilt auro. V. M. x. 499. 

Cldtbo, us,/. 

At CljfmSnfis Giothdqui$ dtflent, bsec filJt rtoen. Ov. F. vi. 757. 

ClilentYtls, T, m. 

CoeriUSa, gSnils and^ tYbi, RdmanS Clilenti. V. M. v. 12a 

Cluninst&rYdj^Barcbides, m. fa ludicrous word.) [14; (LTr.) 

DbY BombOm&cbidea CluninstftrYdj^sarcbYdes—P/att^. 3fi/. 1. t 

Cliip«ll. 8B,/ 

£t Cli^Sim t^nilTt st&tYonis UMM notae. Luo. iv. 586. 

Clusintts, ft, iim, adj. 

Qua rex Clusinis advect&s OsInYtiB oris. V» M. x. 655. 

ClusYiim, i, n. 

Sub qud mills mUnus jiivSnum,qui moenYJi CIusi — V. M» x. 167* 

ClusYils, T, in. 

£t m6d0 sslcrYfYcd ClusYils orS v&cOr. av. P. i. 130. 

CltivYa, «,/ 

ClilvYenilB, i, m. 

Qualemcfinque ptttSst, quSles «g0» vSl Gli&vYSntts. Juv. i. 80. 

C L Y— C O C 

Clydse, arfim,/. 

^g^to la ClyAqne ivcis Tj^iiOsqull rScMXt Man. iv. 798. 
al ^gypt&m t^pldam Tj^rKasquS rScedU lid arces. 

Clj^mSne^ es,/. 

AmMgiium, Clj^mSne prSclfbus Ph&Sthdntis,&n Ira, Ov, M. i. 765- 

Sic flevit Clj^mSne : sic et CljrmSneYdgs, sMe—Mb, ad Liv. 111. 

Clj^mSneYtts, fi, tlm, adf. 

Quo slfmiil accHvo Clj^m^neift limits proles, Ov. M. ii* 19. 

Cljhn^neiis, &, dm, 04^. 

Augustum sp5l¥a88S u^miis, Clj^mSneftquS deessS *< — ^^. i^. 1. 
* By synsresis. ii. 123. 

CljhnSniis, 1, m. ' 

£nsS jiicet Clj^meni : Proten5r& perci&lit Hypseus. Ov, M. v. 98. 

Clj^tsemnestrft, aa^ Clj^tSmnestrll, «,/. [vii. 57. 

Dn& Clj^tsemnestrs stuprum vgMt, uniquS Cressse. Pro^, 4. 
VTndYcem ftdOltgrn cum Clj^tSmnestrft nScSt. ^im. ^. //. i. 4^ 


QusequS tiidSjClj^tie, quamvis despect&, p£teblit — Ov.M. iv. 206. 

Clj^tOs, and Clj^tiis, 1, m. 

M^jdr h&bet, Clj^t5n et Buten, PallantS cr^atds— Ov. M, vii. 500. 

Cnlfditis, ft, iim, adj, 

Traditft si Cnidis sunt tibi sacrft dSse. MarU 13. Ixvi. 2. 

Cndssifici&B, &, tim, ak^'. \_Ascl.) 

Parthus Cnossl&cis certXSr Ictn)as. Sen,H,0,\^\, (Chor, Tet. 

Cnossltiis, ft, Hm, a4f. 

Cnossift nee Partho contendens spictilft c5rnu — V, Cir: 299. 

Cdaspes, is, m. 

Milin)ii8 his ductor spectatos Marts Cdaspes : SiL in. 317- 

Cttastes, IS, m. 

MaxYmi&s hos inter Stj^gia vSntt artfi Cdastes : F. F. vi. 155. 

Coatra?. See Choatrse. 

Cdc&lidSs, ftm,/. Patronym. 

Cocfthdum instdns, fSsso Minoift turbft— <St/. xiv. 43. 

Cocftlfts, 1, m. [261. 

DsdftlQn : et sumtis pro supplies Cocftliis armis. Ov. M. viii. 

Cocceliis, 1, m. 

Cocceius ; missi magnis de rebiis iiterquS. Har. S. I. v. 28. 

Coclgs, Ms, w. [i. 445. 

Hoc mgrikit vel pontS C5cles, vel Muctiis ignS. Claud. But. 

CdclTtYs ftbsclssos test&tiir semYtft pontes. Prop. 3. xi. 65. 

De Coclitum prdsapU te esse arWtrttr. Plaut. Cur, 3. i. 23. 

r/. Tr.J 
CocytTiis, ft, iim, adf, 

HTc sttMtam cftntbiis rftMem CSeytlft virgo— F. jE. vii. 479. 

Cocyttts, and Coeytils, 1, m. \_Alc.) 

Cdcyt5s errftns, St Dftnfti ggntts, Hor. C. 2. xiv. 18. (Great. 
Cocyti stagna altft vVdes, Stj^glamquS pftiiid«m ; V. JE. vi. 323. 
89 i^ 


Cocyti&s, &, tkm, atg. 

Cocyta perf&Btls kqui: nim sj^ttts Sxtrfir— Pe<. Jrb. cxx. 9. 

Cddrts, 1, m. [ IV*. j/tciep,} 

Codrus prd piltrla noa timidus m<$n. ifor. C. a xiz. 2. (Chor, 

Coele, §8, / 

Hic Coele tet 6rai5 sQb iidinlii«, nimque dfiobtta— ^o. D. 1068. 

Calltts, 1, m. 

CoelKOs ex altd qui mons descendlt In cqui&m. Ov. F. iii 836. 

CoBr&ntfs, i, m. [xiii. 267. 

Coer&nto Hippi&sYdeii, H Alastdrftque *, ChrteiYumque, Ov. M. 
* By caesura, or as coming before two conaonants. 

Ccetta, 1, m. 

Ir& dSum, (undd vSlttti cum Cceiis ¥n Tmo — V, F. iii. 224. 

Cteuantrft, se, m. 

Sttbtflem f&tetttr esse sS Cttgisantne. Mart. 6. zxxix. 7* 

(Scaz.) aL c5cT Santne. 
CftUphiis, i, m. 

Hlc quKdem me nlUiquam urideblt Ctflllph^, CdrdiUId, C6rax, 
Pfan^. Cap. 3. iv. 124. fTr. Tet. cat,) 
Cdl&x, &cY8, m. 

C6Ux M£nandri est: In fia est p&ri&situs Cfilax. Ter. Eun. 

Pr. 30. (I. Tr.) 
Cmcem esse Nsevi et Plauti viStSrem fabtU&m. 36. 

CttlaxeSi Is, m. 

Proximft Bisaltae r^glS, ductorque CtflaxSs^K F. vi. 48. 

Colchi, oriim, a^, m, 

^gypto missT Colchi ttotterC ctflonL Frit. P. 671. 

At tibl Colchorum, mtailnl, reginfi vftcsTi. Ov. H, xii. 1. 
C6lebyilcfis, ft, fim, <u2f . 

Non quod Cdkhlftcis Ciroe tenUTSrltherbis. Sab. UHx. Pen. 37. 
Colchlciis, ft, fim, adj. 

CftlesvenenlsoflflcInftColchlcis. flbr. J^ xvii. 36. (I.Tr.) 
Colchis, Idls, and id6s, o^f./. 

Colchis Srat, ndndum misSros exosft pftrentes. V. F. v. 360. 

Colchldft respersam ptlfirorum sanguInS culpftm. Ov. A. 2. 

xiv. 29. 

Colchldfts, et Scyllas ; quid nisi monstrft l«gls ? Mart. 10. iv. 2. 
Colcfatts, ft, fim, adj. 

Litttrftque intravit Pftgftsaea Colchft cftifna. Ov. M. xiii. 24. 
Cdllfts, ftd<)s,/. 

Altfiqu« Collftdds mox hic tibl doraft pfttescent Av. D. 774. 
Colintts, 1, m. 

Si Bftpis, utaris tofis, Cofine, diebfis, Mart. 4. liv. 3. 
Colls, Idls,/. 

Colls £t ipsft dShlnc cetdsi vergit In sequtfr 

Oc£ftni— ^v. D. 1367. 

Osque In celsft jftcens confinlft C5lldls ircls. 1368. 
Cdllftbtts, I, m. 

Theruchus fuit, Cerconicus, Crinnus, CercobiUus, Collabus. 
PUmt. Trm, 4. iiL 13. f Tr. Tetr. eat.) See Cerconicus. 


SuTKit, cui ctiuram dUkUfarat CdU&Oft nomSo. Ov. F. iL 73& 
CdllafiniUi, ft, iim, adj, 

HI CdUatiDla imponent mdatn>tt8 arces. F. M* vi. 774. 

CoUiDiia, &, ttnit fl^* 

£at prdp« CdUmam ttaiplum v«n£r&bil«port&m. Ov, R. A. 549. 

CoUj^bisctts, I, «. [43. (LTt,) 

Tuus CdUj^bficQs nfinc In urbe est villXciis. PlauL Pcsn. 1. i. 

C«l»ph6n, onts,/. [1. xi. 3. 

Smyrn& qufd St Cttltfphon ? in8Jor& mYndrftvS fama ? Hon E. 
£t plftcldi C5ltfphdn& m&rfs, spumantlft parvse — Lmc. viii. 243. 

Ctfltfpb5nlftc)i8, &, tim, o^*. 

Quae Cdl5phdnlficd ScyUae dicantiir H5merd. V. Or. 66. 

CMdphonYiis, ft, ttm, a<(f . 

ClarX sSd artlj fttlt PiltSr huic C«15ph5n!ti8 Idmon. Ov. M. vi. 8. 

CJHGssiUi T, m. 

Nee te detYnSat mm ridtatXi OAossi—Mart. I. Ixxi. 7. 
Lusit, St endnne« m&nfis est Sxpertli Ctfldssos. St, S, I. iii. 51. 

C5lumn» Herculis,/. 

Hie sunt C5liimnee pertYnacTs HerciUis 
AbUa atquS CalpS— ^v. O. M. 86. (^7. Jr.; 

Comagenus. See Commagenus. 

C5matil, Bs, adj,f. 

CiinYbtts gfrasis toti prceUte Cdmatae : Lue. i. 44a 

Combe, es, /. 

OpMKs effl^t Dfttorum vuln«r& Combe. Ov, M. vii. 383. 

CSmetes, se, m. 

Oppressit sp&tYo stantem prttpYorS C5met£n. Ov, M, zii. 284. 

CttmYnYi&s, i, m. 

SI, Cttmlnl, p5pmi arbltrld tiUl c&nft s&iSctu8~Ca«. cviii. 1. 

Commagentts, ft, iim, a4f . 

Tractate, ArmSnYOs vel Commagentts hftruspex; /tit;, vi. 550. 
Commagendrura propter diffundiiiir orft. Av, D, 1042. 

Cdmm5dii8, 1, m. [xviii. 1. 

Commttdils InsftquYtur, pugnis mftciildstts ftrenae. Aw, C€b*, T. 

Concftniis, i, m. [Ak.) 

£t Isetum Squino sanguYne Conc&niim. Hor, C, 3. iv. 34. (Or, 

CdncordYft, ae,/. 

Te qu5que magnYfYca, CdncordYft, dedYcftt aed^. Ov, F, vi. 637. 

ConodrdYtts, i, m. 

£t tQ, Concdrdi, Aw. Prof, x. 26. (Dact, Tnm. cat,) 

Condate, es,/. 

Cdndatem ad pdrtum si m5d5 deprdp^res. Aus, Epist. v. 32. 

Condj^ltts, 1, m, 

Cinnftmtts : hoc dicit, Cdndj^lS, nem5 tYbl. Mart, 9. xciii. 8. 

Cone, Hff, 

Blsttfonis coosuetilB ftves, et barbftrft Cone— Xvc* iii. 200. 


CdngM&s, i, m. 

TJ^Idi nftt&bis linS CongMi vftdttm. Mart, 1. ]. 9. (L Tr.) 

CongrYo, onYs, m. 

A CSngrYone : tu istam gillfim, ri apli— P/aH<. Aul» 2. ^n. 5. 

CSn5n, on¥s, m. 

In medio dtttf flSgnil, Odioii, et qins Alt lltit^r. B. vi. 40. 

CdnstintintfpttUs. \sj, 

Constantinttp^lis rh§ttfi« te vXgfilt ifw. Par. iiu 16. 

Cdnstantintts, i, m. 

Dum Cdnstantuii fratres.ttpiileot& Tttlo6&— ^im. Pro/, xvi 1 1. 

Consiis, i, m. 

Festa p&ra Conso : ConsiU tYbY cseterft dicSt Ov. P. iii. 199. 

CdpheSi \%, m. 

TertYiis hos sSquItur splendent! gurgYt^ Cophes. Prit, P. 1047- 


It&lYae pleno diffudit CopYtt cornu. Hor, £. 1. xii 29. 

Copttts, and Copttis, i,/. 

Cdpt08, et sertseni lOgentYft flamYnft Nili. 5^. 5. 5. i 205. 

C5ra, ae,/ 

Nomentum, et captSB jug«r& terrft Ctfrae. Prop. 4. x. 26. 

C5rttcTniis, T, m. 

Rides DOS, Cdrftclne, nil ttlentes. Aforf. 6. W. 4. CPiko/.; 

Cor&iets, ariim, m. 

Corfilets trazere mlUiils : TbY sutiYIYs XOi^^K P, vi. 81. 

C5ralli, or&m, m. 

Hlc mStt cui recYtem nYsYflavis scnptil Cttridlis, Ov. P. 4. ii. 37- 

Ctfrantts, I, m. [(Scaz,) 

CentOm Cdrintts, et dttcentit Mancintts. Mart. 4. xzxvii. 1 . 

Cdras, 8B) fn. 

Citillusque acerqu^ C^ras, Argivft jtiventus ; V, M. vii. 672. 
C5rax, ilcYs, m. 

HYc quYdem me nunquam infdSbit: Cdl&phe, CdrdftlYo, C^irax. 
Pla»t, Cap, 3. iv. 124. (Tr, Tet. cat,) 
Corbfilo, onYsi m. 

Corbiild vix ferret tot visa ingentYS, tot res — Ju», iii. 251. 
Corcyrft. ae,/. 

In portOsi Corcyrft, tfios, seu laevft petattir. — Luc, ii. 623. 
The penultima is shortened by Avienus, but his authority 
is worth little. 
Cdrcjhrft cdmt& sOlum, Idciipleti Corcj^rft sulco. Av, D, 663. 

Cdrcyrseiis, &, iim, adf, 

Te Corcyrseum CressYii turbft pfitSt. Ov. lb. 512. 

CordttlYo, onYs, m. 

HYc quYdem me nunquam irrfdebit : CSl&phS, CordftlYo, C6rax. 
Plant. Cap, 3. iv. 124. (Tr. Tet, cat.) 
Cdrd&ltis, T, m. 

Inde extra portam ad roeum * Hbertum Cord&liim — Plant. Cap, 
• By syneresis. 8. v. 77. (J. Tr.) 


Cordtibft, SB,/. 

Nee d«ciis afiriffim chmknt Coidttbi tSrre. SiL iiL 401. 
CoFdiis, i, fli. 

£ UtiSbriB pHvldds dScfinrU Xd aequdrfi Cordiis. Ztic. viii. 715. 
Cttresiis, i, m. 

SI sp&dtf CtfresOs, DlndjhnilBqaS ndn ess^t 3fart 6. xxxix. 21. 

(Scgz,) al. Coreusus. 
Cdrfuitiim, I, n. 

Corfini ptfpiilds, magnumqu^ TSat^ tr&heb&t A7. viii. 620. 
Cttricles, TSi m. 

Sternatiir a CtfriclS clinYcd iectfis. Mart, 3. xcili. 24. (Sou.) 
C5iiim&, s,/. 

Clamavit mOriens lingutt, Cdrinn&, T&le. Ov. A, 2. vi. 48. 
C5iiDtii¥ilcii8, ft, ttnii ftdj, 

JamquS CdrinthY&ci carpebam ]!t5r& pdnti — Ov. 3f. xt. 507* 
CdnnthYensfs, 6, «^*. [f'/. Tr.) 

C5rinthYensem fontem Pirenem ptftest— Ploiff. Auk 3w vi. 23. 

CtfrinthTtis, ft, iim, a<^*. 

Ctfrinthlfis tS pOptiliis In regnQm v5c&t. Sen. (Ed. 784. 

Ndn ansae yetSrum Cdrinthidrtiin. Mart. 9. Iviii. 2. (Phal) 
CdmeHtt, a?,/. 

£t sit civHi prdptor CornelYtt bello. Luc. iL 849. 
ComelYiis, i, m. 

Sed de PostttmYo, et Cornell narrftt ttrndrS. Cat. Ixvii. 37. 
ComYctilaniis, ft, tim, a^;. 

Praesjgnis Aide CorntctUanft mu Ov. F. vi. 62a 

CdmYncYtts, i, m. 

£t levS CornYfYcT, parqu^ C&tonYs dpiis. Ov. T. ii. 436. 
Ctfrcebtts, i, m. 

Ndn tiUYt banc sp^cYem flLrYata mentS CdroebtLs. V. AS. ii. 407. 
Cfironft, a,/. 

At parte ex ftlYa claro vtflftt 5rb^ Cdronft. Man. i. 319. 

C^Toneus, ^, m. 

Ndn me PhocftYca clarus tellurS Cdroneus — Ov. M. ii. 569. 
Cttronift, EB,f. 

— — — fSracSm 

Messe C5roniam, Baccho Olisantft cdlentes. St. T. vii. 30& 

Cdronides, ae, m. Patronym, 

Ond£ Cttrdniden clrcumfltift ThybrYdTs alveo— Ov. M. xv. 624. 


Polchridr in tota quam Larissaeft C5r5nYs — Ov. M. ii. 542. 
Cum jiivtoe Hfem5nYo vidiss« Cdronldtt narrftt. 508. 

C»r«e, 1, m. [974. 

Hinc C5rte immensus profiindYtar : indS Cb5a8pYs->iVM. P. 
ConYcft, ae,/* 

IncYpYt obsciirds ostendSrft CorsYcft montes. Rut. i. 431. 

ConYctts, ft, Urn, adf. 

MeUe silb infaml CorsYcft misYt ftpYs. Ov. A. 1. xii. 10. 


Corsis, TdSs,/. 

C&uWk qnam pirttir, g«mTnSt5 nomTnC, <ficuiit Prit. P. 471. 

Cdnito, ft, ttm, adf. 

Forte aecutft TigOm fonYnft Conft bdvto— Jtte<. i 438. 

Cortdnfti s,/. 

Lectds Csre vYros, leetSs Cdrtooft siiperbT— 5St viii. 472. 

Cdrviniis, i, m. 

£t cdmmnTOfo vOlticiu Corvintts ftdeptfts 

fit spjfHa et ndmen — Man. i 700. 

Agmlnft Brutorum, CdrriiiSrumqaS cfttervae. CkuuL BiU. u 460. 

CoriiB, I| m. 

lUic me rftpYdus cdnautere Cortts ftdegVt iZu^. L 483. 
C5rj^bintfe, tim, m. 

Sic gemlnant COrj^bantes crft. A»r. C 1. xvi. 8. (Lester Ale.) 

Cttifbintltts, ft, iim, adj. 

Hinc mater cQltrix Cj^b«le Cttrj^bantlftqae aerft, y.M.i\L\\\. 

Cttrj^bas, antfs, m. 

LustravitC5rj^ba8. fizercYtCUi undYquft fulgens. CI 4. C. H. 150. 

fit Cj^bftles plcto Stat C5rj^bante thOltla. ifar^ 1. bud. 10. 

Corj^cls, idls, and ¥dte,/. 

Corj^cYdks Nympfaas, et numlfnft months ftdoraDt Of;. M. L 320. 

Cor j^cYlis, ft, iim, odf. [221 . 

Instilft Corj^cHs qudndam cSlSberrtmft Nymphu — Ov. H. xx. 

CoryciU, i,/. 

Ssp« Didmeae VenerT : stat Cdrj^ctis altft^^v. Z). 1017. 
Corycus, PergequS cftlens, et celsft Phftselis — Pm. P. 805. 

Gtfrj^don, onYs, m. 

Formosum pastor C5rj^d5n ardebftt Alexin, V. B. u. 1. 
Si quft t&i Cdrj^doDls hftbet te curft, vSnito. V. B. viL 40. 

C5rj^nsiis, i, m. 

OssftquS lectft cftdo texit COrj^nsetis ftend. F. JS. vi. 228. 


Sed venaie pScus Coryths, pdstSrYtas &t — Juv. viii. 62. 

C»rj^thtt8,i,m./. [209. 

Hinc ilium Cfirj^thi Tyrrhena ab sedC prdfectiim — F. JS. vii. 

Cdsft, ae, and COsse, ariim,/. 

fit desolate moenU foedft C6ast. Rut. i. 286. 

Quique urbem liquerS COsas : quis telft, sftgitts — F. M. x. 168. 

Cdsconlft, ae,/. 

Dicat praegnantem t&ft se Cdscdnift tantilm — Mart, ii. Iv. 5. 

Coscdnli&s, i, m. 

Cosconi, qui longft piitas ftpYgramm&tft ndstrft, Mart. 2. Ixxvii. 1. 

Cosmlantis, ft, iim, adj, 

fit Cosmianis ipsft fusds ampiiUis, UwrU 3. IxxxiL 26. (Scaz,) 

Cosmtts, i, m. 

Pasmios <:d8mi iQxiiriosft vdras. Uwrt. 1. IxxxviiL 2. 

Cdsstt, onYs,/. 

CossYd Vasfttfim, muoYcTpalC gftnfis. Aus. Par* xxiv. 8. . 
94 % 


Cdfisfis, 1, nu 

C^Sfttts U fns^uItQr Veieatis cttde Ttfltflimi— iViv>. 4. x. 23. 

Cdsyril, and Cdss^rft, ae,/. 

FertiOls est Mti¥te stfiriOa vi(»iilL Cteyns 

Instdft— Op. jP. iiL 567. 

£t bellarS T&bas ddcilis, Cdssyr&qu^ parvit iStZ. xiy. 272. 
C5thdn, dni8, m. 

Nee cdntentiis Idi lethd, lethoquS Cdthonls — Sil. iL 164. 

Cotritts, 1, m, [Ixiii. 1. 

Cdtne^ belliiB h^mo es : dicunt hoc, CotUS, multl. ikfar^. 3. 
Cdtinfissft, «,/. 

Haec CdtKnussIl priiis Wktli sub ndmYn^ priscdi Av. D, 612. 

CdtYsoD, Onis, tn. 

OccKdIt Daci COtTsonis agmto ;. Hor. C. 3. viii. 18. (Sapphic,) 

Cottft, ae, m. 

Oblitus sKmiilare tSgam : turn Cott& MStelltlm— Xuc. iii. 14& 

Et C«tj^s, et Pyrno m«l!6r g«nit6r« Bienttr. r. F. iii 112. 

C5ty, progenies dignft pftrente tilo. Ov, P. 2. ix. 38. 
Cdtyttlft, oriiin, n. 

Iniilttis ut tu risgris Ctttyttifi. Hor. Ep, xvii. 56. f'/. TV.^ 
C5tyttd, us,/. 

CecrtfpBUn stflitf Baptse lassarS Cdtytta Jttv, ii. 92. 

Coiisi &, tim, <u^*. 

Sive Srit in Cois, Coit dScerS pttta. Ov. A. A, ii. 298. 
D^nfttttns; hunc Tps«, Cdo plaudentS, Pbiletas^ -yS*^. 5. 1. ii.252. 

CrSgtis, I, m, [ix. 645. 

Jam Crfigttn, et LjhnYreu, XaiithlquS r£liquSr&t iindas. Ov, M, 
The first syllable is lengthened by Avienus and Priscianus. 

Pamphylis* In fines ; hic idem Cri^s hftbefiir. Av, D. 1<M3» 
* The antepenultima is here erroneously shortened; or 

the last two syllables pronounced as one by synsresis. See 

Crandn, onYs, m, 

CrandnisquS d5mos, ac moenY& Larissseft. Cat* ixiv. 36. (Sp,) 
Crant5r, 5r¥s, m, 

Plantiis ac melius Chrysippo et Crantttrfi dlctt Hot. E, 1. ii. 4 

Crasstis, T, m. 

Crasstis %d Euphraten ^quTlas, natumquS, stLosquS 

PerdMft-Oi;. F, vi. 465. 

Crassorumque umbne : devot&quS mantbtis iUis — Luc, viii. 91. 

Crasttniis, i, m. 

Sed sensiim post fat& ttlae dent, CrSstifnS, morti — Luc, viL471* 

Nerefo hu contra r^steatft Cr&tfleYdS natftm— Ov. M. xiii. 749. 
Crater, iris, na. 

Crater, et dftpUd Centauries YmagYnS fulget Man. i. 408. 
Cr&tSrCis, i, m. 

Non est cardKlicus, CrfttSrum ^SsmH piltato, JE2<r* & 2. iit 161. 

C R A^~C/ R £ 

Crites, Is, m. [27- 

QtaXm bH)! otof^rrSfc VSrrtt» pridrqulS Cri&tit. Aut. Bpigt, xviii. 

Crmthls, Idts, m. [815. 

CrithYs, ^t huic S^bXriB nSttifi c5nann¥ntt8 arvTs, Oo. M, xv. 

Eapttlts, atque CrttfiniiB, AristttphlnesquiS p^tae, Hor. S. 1. iv. 1 . 

Cr£b«nn)is, i, m. 

Sic, qui venalis tam longa state Cr4henn\Sa^Aus, EpUt, xiv. 19. 

CrSmed5n| tttils, m. 

DejYcft : Albani cttdYt ipsS CrSmedOnYs hasta. V, F, tI. 194. 

Crtm6rJl, »,./. 

Quid CrSmSrs l^gYo it Cannis consumtft jtiventCus — Juv. ii. 155. 

CrfimSlion, 5n5s, m. 

PhylSil, falcato ChrSmYn, et CrSmStafinft curru, St. T, vii. 712. 

CremoD&, SB,/. 

MantiUl vs mYsSrs nYmYum vicinii CrSmdnae. Fl B. ix. 28. 

CrenactlB, i, m. 

Tergft fttgae dSdSras, vulnuSi CrenacS, tiilisti. Ov. iSf. xiL 313. 

Crens, arttm,/. , [503. 

Quum ftigSret PhrJ^gYas trans sequOrft Marsj^ft Crenas, SiU viii. 

Crensetis, i, m. 

Maternls bellarS t^ner Crenst&s Yn findis— 5/. T. ix. 320« 

CrSo, and CrSon. ontYs, m. 

Cr^o atque Acastiis &rm& si jungant stift— Sen. Med, 526. ("/. TV. j 
LTbertate CrSdn: urit f^rft cdrd& Menoeceus: SU T. xi. 264. 
£t s5c£r et magni nat& CrSdntYs Srant. Ov, H. xii. 54. 

Cr£pSreit&8| I, m. 

Non erftt hac flicYe mYsSrabilYdr CrepSreitis — Juv, ix. 6. 

Ores, tYs, and CretSs, ilm, m. 

Ci§8 er&t, serYsttniB Curetum adyecttts &b antriB, SiL ii. 9a 
CretSs firunt testes : nee fingunt dmnYll Cret^B : Of;. ^. 3. x. 19. 
Nulla t&men Minds Cretfts ftd armft v5cllt. Ov. ^. xvi. 348. 

Cres8&, ae, om^'./. 

SedYt Yn inff^nYd CreBBft rtlictft ttio. Qv. ^. ii. 76. 

Armftque AmydsQmquS c&nem, CrSsBamque phttretrftm : V, 

G, iii. 345. 
CressYiis, &, iim, adj, 

CressYft decepit f alsd rfttYs iBg^ii velo. St. T, xii. 626. 

Cretft, a, and Crete, es,/. 

CrSta JdviB magni mSdYo jKcSt inBttlft ponto. F. JE, iii. 104. 
Non Sgd te, Crete, centum digestft pSr arbes, Of;. ^. x. 67- 

CrStffiilB, &, iim, a^'. 

Dictamnum g^nYtrix CrStsa carpYt ftb Ida, V, JE, xii. 412; 

Cretaniis, ft, ttm, odf . 

SYndpeas*, Arftbas, Caras, Cretanos, Sjhros, Plant. Cur. iii 73. 
• By synsereBis. (I, Tr,) 

CreteOs, Stts, m. 

Dixterft nee tttft te, Graiam fdrti8BYm«, Creteu, V. M. xii. 538. 


Ondarum d^tts it gSntfs, Cr§thm virgd, V. F, iL 612. 

Cretheus, COs, m. 

Namque Idem CtStheQa imbobOs St iBtfliU auct5r, F. F. v. 478. 
£t Clj^Yum M6liden, «t ftmicum CrethSft Musis. K ^. ix. 774 

CretludeSy ae, m. Patnmym. 

Nee sttft Crethiden l&tfiit de&, vimqu« reeentem—r. f*. vi. 609. 

CretXciis, i, m. 

^qu&lis llbSr est, CretTc^, qui m&ltis est Ifar/. 7. xc. 4. 

Cretkfis, &, iim, adj. [Ale.) 

Tr&dam prtttervis In mftrS Cretifcttm — ^Hor. C. 1. xxvi. 2. f'Gr. 

Cretls,¥d58, a4^'./. 

Nymphae pavissS fSrunttir 
CretYdSs. Infant! lac dSdlt iU& Jdvi. Ov. F. ui. 444. 

€rSus&, as,/, 

Arsirlt et quantis nupt& CrSusA m&lls. /Vop. 2. xvi 30. 

Crimisils, or Crimissiis, i, m. [Criniso. 

TrotX CrimTso conceptum flumYnfi matfir — F. M, v. 38. a/. 

Crinniis, I, m. 

Theruchus fuit, Cerconicus, Crinnus, Cercobulus, Collabus. 
Ptott/. Trtn. 4. iii. 13. (Tr. Tet cat,) See Cercobulus. 

Crisp&, x,f. 

Cnspft t&men cunctas exercet oorpdre Tn uno. Aus, E. Ixxi. 6. 

Crispintis, 1, 01. 

£t matutind sudans Crispiniis &mdmo. Juv. iv. 108. 
Cnspils, 1, m. 

Primus Romana Crispiis Yn hlst5r!a. Mart, 14. cxci. 2. 
Crlst&y sp, m. 

Clarum, Ciistft, did p5piild : ceu fulmlnS cels&~jSt7. x. 164. 
CrttYas, se, m. 

Eumilchiis gt CrTtlas etlaetus ndmlnS pitrKs—^tl. iv. 371. 

Crifto, and CrTton, dnis, m. 

Quod sanarS Critdn, non qudd H j^geft potest. Mart. 1 1. Ix. 6. 

Andrium Sg5 Crttdnem v¥d£o ? is certe est. Salvos sTs, CbrSme. 
Ter. An. 5. iv. 3. (Trwh. Tetr. cat.) 
CnumStdptfn, n. 

Pro mSrYto Grali Criu dixeri mStopdn. Pris. P. 93. 

CrobY&l5n, I, n. 

CroMMi liitite, et fatis tXb!, Tiphy, n^tttm— K. F. v. 103. 

CrteXle, §8,/. 

Ismenls Cr5cflle, spanos per colltt cftpillds — Ov. M. iii. 169. 

Crtetey 1} M. 

£t Cr0ctfn, In parrds versOm cum Smil&cS fldres. Ov. M. iv. 283. 

CrtcotXttm,!,/. 1(1' Tr.) 

£p]gn5mi ancilla hsec quYdem est CrttcotYam. Plaut.St. 1. iii. 85. 

CnsstfS) I, 111. 

Irfis et est sftUto, qui mtfdtf Croesiis «rilt. Ov. I*, a vii. 42. 
Cr&nn&, se,/. 

Mdx etiam Cromna jttgk, paUentemquiS Cj^t5i«n— F. F. v. 106. 
07 K 


Crtfinj^dn, onis, m. 

QuodquS OoB Odkt^MOit Crttmfdnli oifldntts, Ov. M, vii 435. 

CrtfnYiis, i, m. 

81 CrttnYus slmiaem cerc^YthScfo ttmi&t Afor^. 7* Izxxvii. 4. 

Crftton, onYs, m. /. 

IndS Crttton priscis ittSUit moenYI muiis. Ap, Z>. 517* 

Ipse dtfmum mSgni, Dte lohospYtit tect& CrfitdnYiH-Ov. if.xv. 1&. 

CrtftdpYftdes, s, in. Fo/rofiym. 

Quique CrtttopYftden duYpttM LYnte. 0». 76. 482. 

Crdtoptts, 1, m. 

Perquirens, nostii tecta hafid 5piUintft Crttt^I 

AttYgYt— iS/. r. i. 671. 
Cr6t0e, i, m. 

Dirft NCps, tergdquS Ci«t5 fettinXt Equina CoL 67. 

CrustiimSri, orttm, m. 

ArdSJl, CruBtttmfoique, et tOrrigene* Antemne. V. AS, vii. 631. 
* No elision. 

CrustttmYfim, i, m. 

CrustiimYumquS r&pax, et junctd SapYs Isaurd. Luc, ii* 40(k r 

Crustiimiiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

CrustiimYTs, S jhrYisquS pj^s, grftvYbCiaque v6l§mi8. V, G. n. 88. 

Cryxiis, i, m. 

Cryxiis, St In tYttilos CftpYtolYtt captft trfthebftt SiL iv. 151. 

CtesYpho, dnYs, m. 

DlBpSrii ! CtesYphonem audivl mtim—Ter.Jd, 3. iii. 1. (LTrJ 

Cillex, YcYsi m. 

AccYpS facundi CiilYcem, stiidYos^, MftronYs. Mart. I4.clxxxv. 1. 

Ctdindrtis, i, m. 

fivdcate intus CttlTndrum mYhY cdquum actutum fbras. Plant. 
Jfen.^!. iii. 36. (Troch. Tet. eat.) 
Cumast arttm,/. 

£t tandem EuMYcis Cumarum adlabYtttr dris. F, M. vi. 2. 

Cumaetks, ft, iim, adj. 

Sic pftt£r in Pj^lios, Ciiinaeds matfir Yn annos 
Vivant— Oi;. P. 2. viii 41. 

Cumaniis, ft, ttm, adj. 

TalYs Yn £Qb5Ycd vates Cumanft rftcessu— Xue. y. 183. 

C&pavo, SnYs, m. 

TransYftrim, CYnjhra, et paucls ctfmYtfitS, CttpaTo, V. M. x. 18^ 

Cttpenctts, I, m. 

£rYpiiIt Turnd, nee di texerS Ciipendlm, V. M. xu. 63SL 

CttpIdYnSiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

VincS CtipIdYnOs pftrYter Parthftsquft sftgittas : Ov.iLA. 167. 

C&pido, YnYs, m, 

Quem rftpttit cdllo, parvS C&pidtf, ttto. Mart. 6. xiii 6. 

CredYbYIe est, et te sensissft CttiudYnYs arcus. Ov. A. 1. xi. 11. 

Fl. Mater ssvft C&pIdYn&m, Hw. C. 1. xix. 1. (Glyeom.) 
CftpYennYiis, i, m. 


Cuprft, ae,/. 

fit qois littfrSae fOmuit altarifft Cfipne. SiL viii. 432. 
CurciilYo, oniSi m. 

CiirciilioexS][>tate,8alTe. Silve. Salvdm gaud«d. PUmt. Cur. 
2. iii. 27. fTroc*. r«^. ca^J 
C&rensis, S, o^;. 

A trtbiis hunc pnmum turbft CttrensYs hab«t. Ov. F. iii. 94. 
Ci&res, liim, m. 

Te Tatms, parviquS Cures, Caenin^qufi sensYt 0». /^. ii. 136. 

Romiilidis, TMt75quS sSnii CiiribusquS sevens. F. M, viii. 638. 

Ciires, etis, adj. 

Quid turn RdnUi fiHt, tilbleeo vlc!n& Ctiretits— Prep. 4. iv. 9. 

CuretSs, iim, m. 

Hoc CuretSs hftbent, hoc Cdrj^bantSs ttpiis. Ov. F. iv. 200. 

Cureticiis, 21, tim, adj. 

Carmina Dictaeis audit Curetifcft silvis. Calp. iv. 96. 

Curetis, adj,f. 

Solvit, iit egressus r^tTbus Curettd^ terr&m 
Contigit—0». :Sf. viii. 163. 

CuretYiis, 1, m. 

Si tii&, CuretT, pSnTtiis cdgnoscSrS qusris 

SidSrS— Ctoie^. £pfg. xxvi. 1. 
Ciiriatitis, T, m. 

Cum Tibfirtinis damnet CilrHltMs auras, Uari^ 4. Ix. 3. 

Ciirictae, artim, m. [turn. 

tUic bellaci confisus ggntS Ctirlcttim— Zitc. iv. 406. aX. Cure- 

CuriS, onis, m. 

Audax venali cSmftatur Cur¥9 lingua. Ltu:, i. 269. 

Ciiritis, i, m. 

£t cecTnit CiirliSs fratres St Hdratifft pHa, Pr(»p. 3. iii. 7* 

Curtilliis, i, m. [62. 

Monstravi inc5quSre, Tllutos Curtilliis JSchTnos — Hor, S, 2. viii. 

Curti&B, 1, m. 

Curtiiis expletis st&tiilt mOniimentil l&cilnTs. Prep, 3. xi. 63. 

Curtitis, &, iim, adf, 

CurtYiis Hl^i Ulcus, sTccas qui sustYnSt Eras, Ov. F. vi. 403. 

Cj^^miis, T, m. 

Ad me magnJi nuntiavit Cjfftmtis h5d!e gaUdiSi^Plaut. True. 

4. i. 4. (TrocJi. Tet. cat. J 
Cj^ane, es,/. 

Inter Siceiidas Cj^fine ceieberrimS Nymphas. Ov. M. v. 412. 

Cy&i&e, arttm,/. 

transSfit inst&bYles strentia CySLngas. Ov. T. I. x. 34. 

CytaCe, €s,/. 

Cognttft CyflnSe, praestanti corpdr^ forma, Ov. M. ix. 461. 

CylnSfis, ft, iim, adj. 

Fatft dftrent, sT CyftneSs rftp^rerS p^r sestus. St. S. 1. ii. 40. 

Cybftle, es,/. 

£Hi¥t interCi Cj^bftle qufiqUS sed&lft paheth— F. ilfbr. 118. 
99 k2 


C^bebe, es,/. 

Occurrit c5m!tum : Nymphs quu alm& CjPbebe— K JE. x. 220. 


TurrYgeri frontem Cj^bCle rMXmltll ottioiia— Ov. F. vi 321. 

Cj^beieYiiB, ft. iim, adj. l(GaUiambicJ 

Stfnftt hoc s&binde metro CJ^b^eYum n^miis. Ter. M, 2889. 

Cycl&s, ftdte, p/. CyclftdSs, iim,/. 

Ostendit astris? Cyclfts exdritur nOvft. Sen.Hipp. 1021. ("/.TVJ 
Sed qui poeng pfinti cui vix in Cyclftdft mitti — Juv, vi. 563. 
FulgentesquJS t£net Cyclftdfts et P&ph5n. Hor. C. 3. xxviii. 

14. (Chor, Tet. Asclep.) 
Lit5ra, St aequalSs CjfclXdSs, DelonquS, RhMonqu^. Man. 

iv. 63a 
CyclopSite, and Cycldpitts, ft, ilkm, adj, 

AccestiB 8c5piUds, tos et Cycldplft saxft — V. M. i. 201. 

Cycldps, opls, yl, CycldpSs, ttm, sn. 

iEtnsusque Cj^clops^iUum m«tiiendft ChftrybdYs— r. Cul. 331. 
Bxsiilftt, ^tnseds vfdit Cyclopfts Clixes. V. JE. xi. 263. 

Cyoaeiis, &, ilm, adj. 

Brixift, Cycnese suppttsYta spCciils. Cat. IxviL 32. See Chinsa. 

CycneYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Aut tit Abanti&des, aut ut CycneYfis herds, Ov. lb. 465. 
Cycniis, I, m. 

Fit n6vft Cycniis ftvis : nee se coeloqufi JtfviquS — Ov. M. ii. 377- 

Cydft, «, m. 

Cyds stare piitaMs Herm^roteo. Mart. 10. IxxxiiL 8. (Phalac.J 

Cydtmds, i, m. 

Cydimttn : heu sKmHes pSrlfturo in cdrptfrS vultus — St.T. v. 227. 

Cydippe, es,/. 

Hei mM, Cydippe ! tTm^ tH)! dicgrS veriim. Ov. H. xx. 10& 

Cf dno, us, /. 

Vnfa AnactttrYe, viKs mXtii candYdft Cydno. Ov. H. xv. 17- 
Cydntis, I, m. 

Cydntis item mftdise discemit moenlft Tarsi. Jv. D. 1032. 
Cydon, dnis, m, [325. 

Dum sSquSris Clj^tYum infelix, nOvft gaudKft, Cydon, V. J3. x. 

PhocSft tuncCyddnftfTftnagraeumqug Pbftlantiim— <S/.r. ix. 127. 

cydon, onls, pL Cydonfts, ilm, m. [(I. Tr.) 

Aut quam Cj^ddn excussit : inferius tftmfin — Sen. H. O. 820. 
lUuc et Libj^e Niimidas, et Cretft Cj^donfts 
Misit— Lwc. vii. 229. 

Cj^ddneils, ft, iim, adj. 

Ilium GndsiftdesquSCj^donesequS jtivencae — Ov.A.A. i. 293. 

Cj^donttis, ft, tim, ajdj. 

Ire ; libet Parthd torquerS CJ^ddnYft cornu— K B. x. 59. 

Cydrtis, 1, m. 

TransYgtt, et Canthi pallentem viilnere Cydrtim— r. F. iii. 192. 

Cyllft,ae,/. [xiii. 174. 

Me TSn^dn, Chrysenque, et Cyllftn, ApolUnfo urbes, Ov, M. 


CylUirte, and Cyllttrtts, i, m. 

Cy]l&rti8, et quornm Gr«n m^mlnere pdetae, T. G. ui. 90. 

L^daed pOtSras abducSre CyllftrdD astrd. Mart 8. xxi. 6. 
Cyllene, es,/. 

Alt&qu« CyUenei ParrhftsYseque nTves. Ovi F. il 276. 

Cyllenefts, ft, fUn, adf, 

im siiis Delphi8» hie vertlefi CyUened, Ov.M. xi. 304. (SpofuLJ 

Pers^s aversl Cyllgnldft dirYglt harpen. Luc, ix. 676. 

Cyllenliis, ft, tUn, o^f . 

Quos ^nis coelT Cyllenltts errSt Yn orbes. K G, i 337- 

Cyllenito, T, m. 

£t cum Cyllend gSlYd! pinetft Lfcasi. Ov, M. i. 217- 
Cymsetis, ft, ilm, adj. 

Aures pandS dSo : cScYnit Cymaeft pSr orbSm — ^t'/. ix. 57- 

Cj^mander, dn, m. [1351. 

HTc Hj^ftms, latequS trfthens vftgft tergft Cj^mand^r, y^r. />. 

Cymbrtts, i, m. 

Cymbriis, £t ingentes Albin liquerS ChSrusci. Claud. 4. C. H. 

452. aj. Cimbrus. Cimber. 
Cyin§, es,/. 

Mlratur sdnYtum quYetft Cyme. St. S. 4. ill. 66. (Phalac»J 
Cjhneliis, i, m. 

InguYnS, Nesseis mftnfbus conjectft, Cj^meli — Ov. M. xii. 454. 

Cymtfd5ce, es,/. 

Ad quae Cym5ddce, Nympharum maxTmft natu — Sil. vii. 428. 

Cym5ddceft, se,/. 

Quariim quse fandi ddctissYmft Cymdddceft — V. M, x. 225. 

Cymttthtte, es,/. 

Cymdthde, sYmiil et Triton adnixiis, ftcutS— r. j^. i. 144. 

Cj^napes, Ys, m. 

PartheniusquS r&pax, et volvens saxft Cj^napes. Ov. P. 4. x. 49. 

Cynara. Set Cinara. 

Cj^etSs, ilm, m. 

Ana smnYs Hllc per Cjfnetfts efflfiit Av. O. M. 205. (I. TrJ 

Cj^netici&s, ft, ttm, adf. 

PdptOi Cyngtum : tftm Gj^netYcam^ jttgiim— ^». O. M. 201. 

Cj^nYce, es,/. [xxvii. 1. 

Inventor primus Gj^nYoes Sgd. Quae rfttYo istaec ? Aus. E. 

Cj^nYciis, ft, iim, adj. [67. 

Non ddlttit pfttrYa Gj^nYcfis prdcttl gssS SYnopeus. Ov.P. I. iii. 

£t qui nee GjhiYcos nee Stdicft dogmfttft legYt. Juv. xiii. 121. 
Cj^nttsurft, ae,/. 

£s8S diias Arctos, quarum Cj^nOsurft pStatiir — Ov. F. iii. 107- 
Cj^nttsurYs, Ydfis, adf. /. [iii. 7. 

Quern nOnc suppteYtum stellis Gj^ndsurYdOs Orsae— Ov. T. 5. 

CynthYft, SB,/. 

GynthYft quin fttYam versii laQd&tft Prt^perti— Prey?. 2. xxxiv. 93. 
101 k3 

C Y N— C Y T 

Cyntfalttts, ft, ttn, adf. 

CynthYiis AdmSti vaccas pavtss^ PhSneas 
Fert&r— 0«. A. J. ii. 239. 

Cynthtts, 1, m. [ii. 221. 

Parnasusqufi bVceps, St £ryz, et Cynditts» «t OtlirjN« Ov. if. 

Cj^pftrissiis, 1, m. 

Hunc pii^ ImprOdens jftettlo Cj^irisstts Scuto 
YixH—Ov. M. X. 130. 

C j^&Bsis, YdtfSi /. 

CdmSrS sed solas dign&, Cj^passY, dSas. Ov. ^. 2. viii. 2. 
Cyprfs, Ys, and TdOs, od;* /. 

Cyprln Apellei cemS l&borTs 5pti8. ^tw. E, cvi. 2. 

Veril Vfous Gnid!am cum vidit Cyprldil, dixYt— kii. 1. 
Cyprliis, &, iim, adj. [Tet. Asclep,} 

Nunquam dimttvMs ut trftbS Cypria— fibr. C. 1. L 13. (Chor. 

Telliiris C j^rYae pars optitmft : quern m¥hY prisci — Ov. M. x. 645. 

Cyprtts, and Cypriis, i,f. 

SpernS dilectam Cj^prSn, et vttcantis— iTor. C. 1. xxx. 2. f^S'i^.^ 
Cyprttn 5l5iinis ndndum pervenSrftt alis. Ov. M. x. 718. 


Hic adsttdsse cMtatem CypsSUUn— ^v. O. if. 627. T/* Tr.) 

Cyps^Ydes, iBi m. JPo/roMym. 

Cyps^dse magnl florentlft regnS COrinthl. V. Cir. 464. 

Cyrenae, artUn,/. 

Laserpictreris jitcet Cjhrenis. Cat. vii. 4. (PhalacJ 
PrdxYmiis In muros et mceQlftt Cyren&riim— Ztic. ix. 297* (Sp.J 

Cyrene, Ss,/. 

Mater Cyrene, mater, qus gurgltYs hi^jtis — F. G, iv. 321. 

Cyrenenslsi S, adj. 

Pro ! Cjhrenenses ptfpttlares ! vostram Cgo inploro Hdem. 
Plant. R. 8. ii. 1. f TVocA. Tet. cat.) 
De stoatu Cyrenensi quemvis tfpi&lSntum arbYtrum — 3. it. 9. 

CyrYs, Is, m. [vi. 80. 

Cyrts Yn armtt vYros : plaustrisque ad proelift cunctas — F. F. 
Cyrnspiis, &, iim, adj. 

Sic ttitt Cyrnseas fttgYant examYnft taxds ; F. B. ix. 30. 

CymYftctis, ft, tbn, €idj. 

Inter Pisanum CyrnYftcumquS Ifttiis. Rut. i. 516. 

Cyrntts, and Cyrniis, T,/. 

Corsicft, qus Graid nomYnS Cyrniis Sr&t. Sen. Epig. i. 2. 

Cyrrhft, ae,/. 

AccYpYmus, n5n Cyrrhft dSum promis^rYt antro — St. T. iiL 474. 

Cyrrfaaetts, ft, iim, adj. 

£t nSm5rum DddSnft pftrens, Cyrrhae&quft virgo — St. T. iiL 106. 

Cyriis, i, m, , 

Cyri torrSt ftmor ; Cyriis Yn aspSiftm — Hor. C. I. xxxiii. 6. 

(Chor. Tet. AscUp.J 
C5^t«8eii8, ft, iim, adj. 

Pdsse Cftataa ducCriS cahnYnYbiis. Prop. 1 . i. 24. 



Ndn hic herU TXlet, non Mc ndctamft Cj^taefo. Prop. 2. iv. ?. 

Cfta^ia, t, i&m, a4f. 

Ssmdtat nee MartYs ttmor ; sed famtt Cj^tsese 
VirgVnls— r. F. vi. 166. 

Cj^ther&, orttm, n. 

. Quae Pttphttn et flOctii pulsft Cj^therii tSnSt O9. if. 2. xvii. 4. 

Cj^therc, es,/. [Ivii. 6. 

Qualem Igitur dtfmlfad scl^rant plXcttiss^ Cftheteik—Jus. E. 


Jam C5^there& chSros ducit VSntis unmYDentS luna. Hor. C. 1. 
iv. 5. (JrcMlochian Heptameter.) 

Cj^bSreT&s, UHa, adj,/. [386. 

ArmlgSrumquS J5yis, CythfoSllUlasqufi cdlumbas, Ov, M, xv. 

Cj^Wrets, IdCs, adj.f. 

MercttrYo pUSrum diva Cj^thSreYdS natttm— Oi;. M. iv. 288. 

ExYgYt TndYcYi memttrem Cjfth^reYtt poen&m. Ov. M. iv. 190. 

Cj^therY&ciis, &, Urn, adj. 

Nad& Cj^therYScis edYM rgrtOr ttquls. Ov. H. vU. 60. 

Cytlinds, i, m. 

Des^iYt, a dextra Cythnd 6j^&roqu6 reliefs— Ov. M. v. 252. 

FlorentemquS Cj^thnoni Scyron, planamquS SSripfadn— Oo. M. 

vii. 464. 
Cj^tYsdriis, i, m. 

Pr5geniSit: pftrYterqu^ Ifivi Cj^tYsorfts Yn hasta— ^F. F. v. 463. 

Cj^tdrY&ci&s, ft, iim, adj. 

SaepS Cj^tdrYftco deducit pectYne crines; Ov. M. iv. 311. 

Cj^tdrYtts, &» tim, cui;. 

Ctfmatft sllvft : nam Cj^torYo in jttgo— Cat. iv. 11. (I. Tr.) 

Cj^tdrOs, 1, m. 

£t jtiv&t undantem bux5 spectarS Cj^toriim, F. G. ii. 437. 

CyzYcte, and CyzYciis, i,/. 

FrigYdft tam multos plftctiit tYbY CyzYci&s annos. Pnp. 3. xzii. 1. 
CyzYc5n, HsemdnYae ndbYie gentYs dpiis. Ov. T. 1. x. 30. 


Dfts, or Dttbse, ariim, m. 

£t Dto Parthis SquYtem mYnad. Sen. Thy. 603. (Sapphic.) 
Nee vStYtds errar« Dftbas in moenYft dae&t, Luc. vii. 429. 

DacYciis, &, ilm, adf. 

DacYeft bellYptttens cum fregfoYt OlpYUs armft, CI 6. C. H. 336. 

DacYtts, ft, ilm, 0^0. 

DanftbYusqae rftpax, it DacYiis 5rbe rtmoto. Alb. ad Liv. 387. 


DaciiB, &, ilm, adj. l^ic,) 

Ti DacttB isper, tS prfiA^ Sefdue, Hm C. 1. zuv. 9. T^. 

Cfim mttdtf Germanas ftcies, mfidO Dacft sdnantSm 

Proeltt— -S*/. A 4. ii. 66. 

Dacorumque tSnent pdptUi, tenSt acSr AlantLs. Av. D, 443. 

Daedftleiis, ft, tim, 04/. 

DsedftlSum lino cam dttcS rexYt YtCr. Pre;?. 2. xiv. a 
luie, ceratis dpg Dsed&lea— ^or. C. 4. ii. 2. ("^a/^p.; 

DsedfilYon, 5n¥s, m. 

NomYn^ DsedlflYdn ; Hid g^oTtdrS crSatiis^Ot;. If. xi. 295. 

Dsdfills, Ydis,/. 

Daedalls. Dii me servatum ciiptant. At me perdTtum. Plaut. 

R. 4. iv. 120. (Tr, Tet. cat,) 

DftdXltis, i, m. [49. 

Nunc dftrtt audacSs tttlnim mlhT Daedttliis alas 1 Ov. H, xviiL 

Daerottnes, la, m, [fL Tr.) 

Cyrenas v6Mt : lUic h&Mtat Dsmdnea. P/a«/. JB. Pro, 33. 

DalYtemi, driimi m. 

Per DalYtSrnds, per Ch&biloovikn AtAt Av. O. M. 665. 

DalmatA, ae, m. a4;. - [389. 

ArmfoYusque fttgis, St tandem Dalm&tft gOpplex, Alb, ad Liv, 
— — — L&tio remittent 
DalmfttaB montes ? iibY, Dit6 y'lBlb^St, S, 4. vii. 14. (Phal.) 

DalmfttYil, se,/. 

Subditil montanae brachYft DalmfttYae. Ov, P. 2. ii. 78. 

DalmtttYciis, &, iim, adj, 

lUic Dalm&tYciB 5bndzYii fiuctYbtts Ancdn. Luc. ii. 402. 

Dalm&tYiis, 1, m. 

nilc Dalm&tYo gSnYtoa, f atalY& regttm— ^m. Prrf, xvii. 9. 

Dam&, ae, «i. 

AudY^ris *, haeres ? £rgd nunc Dam& sddalYs — Hor, S. 2. v. 

* By caesura. 101. 

According to the common Prosodies this last syllable will 
be long, as being a " future optative in m." It is Idng by 
caesura, since there is no difference in quantity between the 
2 sing, perfect and the 2 sing, future optative. The quantity 
of the penult in the plural depends on that of the antepe- 
nult, in the singular. When the antepenult, is short, the 
penult in the plural is long; dMeris — dederitis : if the ante- 
penult, is long, the penult in the plural is short ; jusseris — 
jusserYtis. There are some exceptions; but this may be 
taken for a general rule. 

DftmftlYs, Ys,/. 

Neu mtUtl DftmSlis xoJ&n — Hor. C. 1. xxxvi. 13. (Glyconic,) 

Dttm&scHs, 1,/. 

£t fellx, sic famU, NYnSs ; ventdsft D&masciis, Lue. iii. 215. 

Dftmftsicth5n, OnYs, m. 

Otque fSrunt fratres sex cum DttmfoicthftnS caesos, Ov.Ib. 583. 

D&m&sippiis, 1, m. 

Insanit vStSres st&tttas Dtoifiaippite Smendd. Hor. S, 2. iii. 64. 


DSmastes, % m. 

Qiun et Dftmistes noblfi nStfis S!ge, Av. 0. M. 46. (L T.) 

DftmastSr, 6rTs, m. [101. 

Qudd tifmtilt jam tottts Srat: ssvusquS Dftmastdr— C2atul. G^. 

D&mitsiis, i, m. [viii. 495. 

ConversumquS fiiga D&mftsum : aid lapaft pte ixmoa-^St, T, 

Damoetas, ae, m. 

Dixit Damoetas, invidTt stalt&s Amyntaa. K B. ii. 39. 

Damdn, dn¥s, m. 

Ndn ^5 te yidi Damonis, pessYmS, capriim — F. B, iii. 17* 
Dftnfte, es>/. 

PersSi, quern pliiTto D&n&e cdncepSrftt aurd. Ov. M. iv. 610. 

D&Dfte¥tiSy &, tim, adj» 

Nunc ^g6f quas h&btilt pennas D&nfteiiis herds— Ov. A. 3. vi. 13. 

D&nfil, orttm, m. [113. 

At D&n&i moererS ptitant. TYbY plectrtt mSventiir — Ov, H. iii. 

D&n&tdae, arttxn, m. Patranym, 

Virtus Olyssis DanfiidTs nota est sfttfe. Sen. Tr. 760. r/- TJ 

D&nUfdSSi iim,/. Patronym. 

tTmasquS frustra D&nfttdes plenas gSrunt. Sen, H, F. 757* 
Sing, Deest * un& ntimfird Dftn&Ys ; explebo nfifas ! 500.. 
• Synaeresis. 

D&n&JiSy \y m. 

£t Dftn&I proles, VSneris quae nfimtnft IsesYt. Tib, 1 . iii. 79. 

Trdj& jScet certe, Dftnftis inyisii piiellis. Ov. jET. i. 3. 

DanJib]fiis, i, m. 

Dantibiiis illas, has p^r arentes plftgas— 5«n. Med. 724. r^.r.; 

Daphne, es,/. 

Primils iimor Phoebi Daphne PeneT& ; quern non — Ov. M. i. 452. 

£t baccis r£dtmit& Daphne, trSmtUsequS ctipressus. Pet. Arb. 

Daphneus, Stts, m. 

CultOr Ion Pisae cultdrem DaphnSft CyrrhsB — St. T, viii. 454. 

Daphnts, MJs, m, [v. 52. 

DaphnYn ftd astr& fSremtis, ftmavit nos quOquS DaphnTs. V. B, 

DSraps, fipYs, m. [66. 

MisU Yn arm& D&raps ; ftcles quern Mart¥& circiim— F. F, vi. 

Dard&nSi, oriim, m. 

Dard&n^ ripas contingunt flumMs Indi. Pris, P, 1044. 

Dard&nift, se,/. 

O lux Dard&nYse, spes 5 fidl8fiYm& Teucriim, F. JE, ii. 281. 

D&rdftnYdflp, artim, m. 

DardilnYdse magni, giSnfia alto a singuinS divttm, F. M. v. 45. 

Dard&nYdes, ae, m. Patronym, 

MoenYtt DardiinYdes nfiper nSvi feo«rilt Ms : Ov, P, vi. 419. 


Dard&nMSs, iim,/ Patronym, 
. Tdtqaetfiifr&tr§8,DanUbi¥d£flqu«litfaru8. Ov.AKviL212. 
Sing, Dard&nis, et divs VSnSns ntirtts. r.^.iL787. (Colcm 

DardSnlftts, ft, tUn, a^. 

In gtotts £lectr8e, DardftnlamquS d5miim. Ov. F. vL 42. 

Dardftntts, and D&rdttn2{s, i, m. 

Dardftntts, Illftcs primus pfttSr urb!s, St auctttr — r. J5. viii. 1 34. 
Dard&nOn £lectra nescurCt AtlantldC crettbn — Ov. F, iv. 31. 

Dard&niis, ft, tim, adj. 

DardftDft qv! F&iidis direxti telft mftnumqu^ — V. M. vi. 57. 
Dftres, Ks, amd etis, m. 

Sed SI ndstrft Dftres haec I'roYtts armft rScosftt, V. M. v. 417. 

PraecipYtemquS Dftren ardens ftgYt sequdrg tdtd. 456. 

CrebSr titraquS mftnu piilsat versatqufi Dfti-etft. 460. 

Dareiis, I, m. 

Otqufi nScatorum Dare! frauds sScundi — Ov. lb. 317. 

Dariiis, i, m. 

Daiium fftmiilis mftoYbus ddltkissS p^remtiim — Ckatd, Ep, i. 17. 

£rgo am pnediGtos jam nuuc rescribg Dftrios — Jus. Epit. v. 23. 
DftsYiis, 1, m. 

MtSLlf Dftsle Mt haud ignobH^ ndmSn. <Si/. xiii. 32. 
Dathis, Ys, m. 

DatMn AchaemSnlfs gr&vior de vOlnerS pug&se — F. F. vi. 65. 
DaucTtis, ft, tim, adj. 

DaucYft, Lande Thymberqu^ sYmiUimft proles, F..^ x. 391. 

DauIKfts, ftdds, /. adj. 

ConcInlDt Ismftrium DaOlKfts al^s Xtj^n. Ov. H. xt. 154 

Plur, — — — ptiellse 

Dauliftdes, (crudely) vSrnt carissimft vobls — V. Cir, 200. 

DaulYs, !dds,/. adj. 

InvSnYftt: ftnlmum DaiUis inspira pftrens. Sen. I%y. 275. (I.T.) 
PhScMft? qui Pftnttpen, qui DaCdMa, qui CypftrissSrt— .S^. T. 

vii. 344. 

DaulYtis, ft, tim, adj. 

Dauim Threfcio Phoceftquft maXtg rurft—Oi;. M. v. 276. 

DaunYftctis, ft, tim, adj. [429. 

Jamque in Dauniftcos transfundens agmlnft campds — Sil xii. 
Daunlfts, ftdds,/. adj. 

DaunYas latis ftlYt esctiletis, Hor. C. 1. xxii. 14. (Sapp.) 
DaunYtis, ft, tim, adj. 

Haud ftltter Tros iEneas et DaunTtis herds— F. M. xii. 723. 
Dauntts, T, m. 

Et qua paupgr ftquae Dauntis ftgresttiim— fibr. C. 3, xxx. 11. 

(Chor. Tetr, Aacl.) 
Davtis, i, m. [vii. g. 

Paucft rCformido. Davutae ? Itft» DsvttSj ftmiciiin-^^or. S. 2. 
Debrifs, M&,/. 

Hanc faftbltant jQxta Gftrftmantis Debrtdfi clari : Pris. Pi 202. 


DfeemMr, brYs, m. 

Aoceptus g&iYis IIU D£c&nbfit UMt Ov. F. in. 58. 
Aut Dane me, gSlYdi tremSrem cum mensfi DScembrYs, Ov. T. 

1. xi. 3. 

DScembrKs, adj. [(Sapp,) 

Cum tXbi Ndns rSd£unt DficembrSs. ^or. C. 3. xviii. 10. . 

DScYaniis, i, m. 

Quod fecl88« y^fim te, D«cYin«, ftcYt. iforf. 1. ix. 4. 

DScYmfis, i, m. [xxi. 1. 

Quintum pro DficYmo, pro Crauo, RegttlS, MScrttm-^-ATar^. 6. 

DficYo, onfa, «. [36. f/. 7.; 

I, Dtei5, qu8erS mSum pStrem, tecum stmtU — P/au^. ilfen. 6. i. 

DScItts, i, tn. 

Admi88d DScYas proelYft ruptt Squo. Prop. 3. xi. 64. 

Plur. Quin D^cYos Dru85squ£ pr5cul ssevumqu^ aicvav^F. 

J5. ▼!. 826. 
DegYs, Ys, m. 

Aoc5U jam nostrse Degis, GermooYce, ripn, Mart. 5. iii, 1. 

DeY&nM, ae, /. 

ImpYil quid diibYtas DeitolrA mdii ? Ov. H. ix. 152. 

DeYd&mift) s,/. 

Scyrift nee vYdiid DeYdftmift tdro. Prop. 2. ix. 16. 
DeYdftml&i «at, vYdfiique a Bed« revell&t— 5^ ^. ii. 36a 

- DeYlfion, ontYs, i». 

Autttiycum Phl«gYumque et Deflfiontft sgcutos— /^. F. v. 116. 

DenSchfis, 1, m. 

Pectftra DeYlttchi, CWnYi littts, flYft torvT— iS^ T. viii. 698. 

DeiSnYdeS) s, m. Patronym. 

Tunc &&t myftlYdus, Dei5nYdenque jiivents— Ov. 3f. ix. 442. 

Dei5pe&, ae,/. 

Quarum quse fbrma pulcherrYmft, DeY5peftm — V. M. i. 72. 

Dei5t&rfis, i, i». 

DeiStllrum, et gSlYds ddmYnum RhascupSlYn orse — Luc. v. 65. 

DeYphYle, Ss,/. 

DeYphile th&lttmis, illi Uludend& tiUis8em--5^. T. viii. 592. 

DeYph6be, es,/. 

DeYphdbe GlaucT, f atur quae taIY& regi : V. M. vi. 36. 

D^ph5btt8, T, m. 

DeYph5bum yidit^ Ittoerfun criidelYtSr orA— K JE. y\. 495. 

DeYpjfle, es,/. 

DeYpj^le, sed junH ptttris, tufiquS regresaus^iS^. J. ii. 273. 

DelYft, ae,/. 

NotY5r ut jam sit cilnYbuB non I>elY& nostris. V. B, iii. 67. 

DelYIU^s, A, iim, adj. 

MdUSs, vHaHB, n&Sm mAnu W$eIsT. (Imuc a maj.) 

DelYils, A, iim, atij. 

Quam grata est YgYtfir Latonee D£1YA tellna, Ov. P. 4. xiv. 57. 

DelUtts, 1, m. 

LsetltKa, mttrif turC D^Ui. Aor. a S. iii, 4. (Le$Mr dk^J 

Deltts, i,/. 

EssSt \n JEffBAt edgnlt& Del6s Aquis. Ov. H. xxL da 
NatalemquS, mftres, Del5n ApdlHnYs — Hor. C. 1. xxi. 10. 

rChor. Tet, Ascl) 

Delphi, 5rttm, m. 

£t dudum OcYti ruperS Bnent¥ft Delphi. Claud. 4. C. H. 144. 

DSlphYctflft, m,c,g. IHist. 5. 

Ludit et ^flcYden P&rn&BsIft Delphlcttlse sore. Aiu, Ed, De 

DelphYctiSi &, iim, ae^*. 

DelpMc& fatYdIci rSsSrat ptaetralU Phoebl. £«c. v. 70. 

DelphYdYtls, T, m. 

JdcTs HmoenS, DelphYdl. Aus, Prcf, v. 2. ^/. Dimeter.) 
Delphmtts, i, m. 

Tunc qu5qu£ de pontd sfirgit Delphintis ftd astrft. Afoji. i. 346. 

DelphYa, Ydds,/. a4/. 

Nee Delphis ttt& mentYatftr uld ; Mart. 9. xliii. 4. (Phalae.) 


QuYs istic ddrmit ? CallYd&m&tes. SuscYta istum, DSlphYftm. 

Plamt. Moet. 2, 1 26. (I- Tet. acat.) 

Deltdt5n, T, n. [iii. 4. 

Auziga, et Peneus, Deltotttn, «t Andrttmedae astriim. Am. Ec. 

Demaenetus, i, m. [f /. Tr.) 

AmicsB quod det QuYd liis tu, Demaen^te ? Plaui. At. 1. i. 90. 

Demarchiis, i, m. 

Demarcho Ytem TpsS fOYt ftdoptatitYiis— Piow^ Pcen. 5. il 100. 

Dem£&, ae, m. 

Jurgabit Salvom te adv^nlrS, Dem£&, Ter. Ad. 1. L 5& 

DemetrYiis, i, m. [79. 

VellYcSt absentem DemetrY&s ? aut qudd Ynepttts — Hor. SA.x. 

DemYpho, onYs, m. [(I. Tr.) 

Hanc DemYpbd n^gJU essS cognatam ? NSgftt Ter. Ph. 2. iiL 6. 
Ct auf^ramus. DemYphonem, sT d5mi est 6. vii. 6. 

DemdcrYtfis, % m. 

Dem5crYti qu5d sanct& vYri sententYH p5nYt Lucr. iii. 372. 
PWr. Dem5crYtds, Zendnfts, inexplYcYtdsqu^ Pl&tonite, Mart. 

9» xlnii. 1. 

Demttdttciis, T, m. [418. 

Hie mactat Ladonil, PhftreUquS, Dem<k!UicuiDqu£ ; V, M.:l. 

Dein5lSdn, ontYs, m. 

AceYpe, flit: vftlYdoque in DemtfUSoDt&Ucertd— On. ikf. xii. 368. 

DemfilSds, or DemSlStts, i, m. 

Demtfieos cursii pSlantes Trdfls Sgebftt V. M. v. 26& 
DemftphYltts, i, m. [11. (L Tr*) 

DemdphYlus scripsit Marcus vdrtit birbftre. . Plaui. AtL, Prol. 
Dem5ph5dD, dntYs, m. 

Phylli, fftce exspectes Dem6ph«dnU t&ttm. Ov. H. ii. 96. 

SltfquYilm Ac tUOm DimdMillltili ftfit CtcHrMtw^w. x. 1 14. 

Deiiid8thl$n!ctt8, H, ^m, adj, [i. 19. 

fit DemdsMnycatai, quSd tSr ptfmum ni« vtfcayYt— ^U5. Pro/. 

Dentittts, I, m. 

Qui dttre DentatTs annos FUbHsquS sfilebftt €Amc/. But. 1 49?. 

Deiito, oiiTs, m. 

Ad coenam mihl, DentiS, quod v6canti — Jtfar/.5.xliv.2. (Pttat.) 

Deois, YdCs,/. 

Mnemtej^nen pastdr: v&r¥u8 Deoidh serpens. Ov, M, ?i. 114. 

D^d^s, ft, ihn, tti^'. 

C5ntr£miilt, g^m^ftumqu^ d^dltDeoIi querctis: Ov. M»yaii fdd. 

l^ereSbn, orftm, m, 

i>6rc«bu vgW fifib CSspHt !Tt«r3l vStgatit. iVf*. i*. 717- 

Dercenniis^ I, «•. 

Reg% Detcefanl ierrfino ex Sgg^re busttim— r. JS. xi. &50. 

OSrcgtfs, ts,/. 

be^tlf, quSth vSrsft squatnls VSl&ntibtis artas— Ov. ilf. iv. 45. 

Derc^lfis, i, m. 

Dercj^8n : biafid Hid quTsqUShi se Justlfdr eg3ft. iGmt, im. 

DeuclUYdn, dn]fs, m. 

£t cum Deuc&ljfdnis £qus fluxerS pSrjorbSm — Prc^. 2. xxxii. 53. 

Deuc&lidnetls, &, fim, o^f. 

DeuelQtdneas effuglt Ynobriitiis undas. Ov, M. vii. 356. 

Dex&mgniis, T, m. 

TempSrlfbus Nesi^s, Dex^niSnTquS g^n&r. Ov. 1&. 406. 

DextSr, tri, i». 

Quem mSjis intraTit splendent! cuspYdS DextSr, Jlfari. 7* xxvii. 3. 

DIA, SB,/. 

Qua brSvKs Aqu&rSTs Di& fSrlUir Hquis. Ov, A, A\ 1. 528. 

DY^Sit&'s, t, m. 

D¥ILb6lu8, Glauci fiHtus, Ciesretae— P/ott/. ^. 4. i. 0. (^/. 7.> 

DiS^'mSnils, i, ia, 

tf 06 tibt, ssevS pQer, DiftdumgnS, bas^ fragrant Mart, 3. Ixv. .9. 

Dianl, »,/. 

Bxercet iDianil ch^ras ; quarn mill^ sSeuta — V. JE, i. 499. 
l*ergfiminamque HSc&ten, tri& virgMs dr& Dians. iv. 511. 

Dianas, se, m. 

Dianas fons est, CUmSruia gignttiir unda. Pris. P. 42^. 

Dianlfis, &, iim, adj, 

fix^tant H h%x, et tQrbil Dmn¥|l f uk'eb. 0)i;. j^. v. 141. 

DYitp6nt»ls, \,m, [66. (J. T,) 

£g8 transmSriniis ho^es sum t)i&p5ntii&s. Plaui, Mott, 2. ii. 

m^te, 1, m. 

ChTrurgus fbSrat, nunc est vespTIlS Diaultls. Mart, h xxxi. I. 

Dl^rcb^s, %, HM, o^^. 

€#ftk D!lcah5heTl8]i«ctiiatrlx villft prttfundi, St, S, 2. ii. 3. 
109 i^ 

Die— DIN 

DYcarchYs, Idtts,/. adj. [cxx. & 

ParthSnttpeii intfir magncquC BIcarcliYdlfas aryiL Pet, Arb. 

Dltcarchtts, i, m. 

Afy& : nSc invidSant qusp CS g^ni&erS Dlcarclu 
MastM—St. S. 2. ii. 96. 

Dictsiis, ft, tlm, adj. 

Dictseae Nymphae, nSmttrum jam clauditS saltus. F. ^. vL 56. 

Dictynnft, ae,/. 

£ccS silo cdmitatH chdro Dictynn& p^r altilm — Ov. M* \u 441. 

Dlctj^s, jftts, m. [334. 

VTctorT titiilum quam Dictj^s HSldpsquS dSderunt. Ov. If. xiL 

DidTlis, 1, m. 

DTdi&s hdstiles inff^mlnavYt Spes. Ov. F. vi. 568. [xx. 1. 
Di b£nfi» quod spSiis DidTus non gaud^t fipimis. Aus, C^es. T, 

Dido, us,/. 

ArsSr&t ^nese Dido mlsSrabnts ign& Ov. F. iii. 545. 

Dtdj^ms, adim, /. [469. 

At non Oli&rds, DYdj^mseque, et Tends, H Andrtfs, Ov, M. vii. 
DTdj^maefts, ft, tim, a4f. 

Nee Clftrias hac luc^ fttres, Dldj^mseftqufi quisquftm 

LimKnft— i». T. viii. 199. 

Dld5^ma5n, dnis, m, 

£t clj^Sum efifern jussit, D¥djhna5nls artes — V. M. v. 359. 

Drdym€,e8,/. [F. iv. 475. 

HimSr&que, et DTdj^men, Acrftgantftqu^, Taurfim^nonqufi, Op. 

DTdj^mi&s, i, m. 

Plus hftbiiit Did j^mus : plus PhtlSmelfis hftb«t Mart. 3. xxzi. a 

DTespYt^r, m. 

Aut frustra uxori mendaxquS DtespYtSr dllm — Sulp, 33. 

Digent¥ft, ee, m. 

Me qudties rSfYcit gSlidus DTgentift rivi&s, Hw. E, I. xviiL 104. 
DinacYiim, i, m. 

Dinacium ! Istuc mdTderS ndmen maj5res mHil. Plant, St. 2. 
ii. 9. (Jamb. Tetr. acatakct.) 
Dinarchiis, i, m. 

Nam tu edepol * ndst£r H Stiam jam nunc. Dinarchy. Quam 
mox — Plaut. True. 1. ii. 104. (Icmb. Tetr. cataL) 
• Dissyllable. 

Dindj^mene, es,/. \^Alc.) 

Non Dind^mene, non ftdj^tis qufttit — Hot, E. 1. xvi. 5. (Gr, 

Dindfmds, i, m. or Dindf mtts, i, m. or Dindj^mft, orttm, n. [249. 
Dfndj^mfin, et Cj^bSlen, £t ftmcenam fontibils Iden — Ov. F. iv. 
Dindj^iis, et sacrse fftbricatft j&vencft Cybellae. Prop. 3. xxii. 3. 
Dmdj^mftque, §t Mj^cftle, natusque ad sacrft CTthseron. Ov. M. 

iL 223. 
Dihtfts, se, m. 

ClTnlam, ChrSmSm, CrfttTnum, DinTam, Demosth^nSm. PtmO. 
Am, 5. ii. 16. /'IVocA. Tetr. cat,) 

niN— DIR 

DTnttchiires, U, m. 

IHnSohAree : quftdrd citf * in fi9l%lft c&do^Jus. Ed, x. 311. 
* Elision not made. 

DlndmXche, 9s,/. 

DindmiLches Sg5 sum, subfla : sum candMils. £std. Pert. iv. 20. 
D!0dortts, f , m. 

Tarpeus DYtfdortts id cdronas. Mart. 9, xh, I. (Phalac.) 
DIdgiSnSs, Is, m. 

Di5gSnes, cui perft ptous, cui ddlYtt sedes. Jut.Ep. H, xxxi. 3. 
Dlttmedes, ¥s, m. [756. 

Nunc quizes DYdmedys Squi, nunc quantfts Achilles ; F. ^. i. 

DHimedeiis, Ik, iim, a^f. 

£t Dldmedeos JEneas fugSrUt enses. Ov, M, xv. 806. 

DIonseiis, II, iim, ae^, 

ficcS DYoDsT processTt C«8&rTs astriim. F, B. ix. 43. 

DTone, es,/. 

Tennibnem quondam fliglfens Typhonft Dione. Ov, F. ii. 461. 
DlGonysetts, &, iim, adj, ^ 

Ac NebrissH Dionyseis oonscYtt thyrsis, Sil, iii. 303. 

DWnysii, orttm, n. [(L T.J 

Hsc praest!tuta est, proxiimft DYSnysYft. Pktut. Ps. 1. i. 67. 
£& me spectatum tttlSrat per DYttnysYft. Cur, 6. ii. 4£. 

DIdnysY&;iis, &, iim, a^;. 

£t DY0nysY&cds L&tYo odgnomYnfi ludds. Aus. Ec, xviiL 29. 

DYfoysYiis, 1, m. 

TunS Sjhri, Damse, aut DYdnysT filYiis, audes— ^or. S. 1. vi. 38. 

DliSBysYlis, ft, iim, adj. 

Haec V1& quam c£l£brat nomen, DYdnysYft, Bacchi, /Vm. P. 1057- 

DYdnysSe, and DYttnystb, I, m. 

DYdnysdn Indi existYmant Am. E. xxx. 4. (I. Dm.) 

DYores, Is, m. 

RegYiis egrSgYa PrY&mi de stirp^ DYores ; F. JE. v. 297. . 

DYdx^ppiis, 1, m. [ix. 574. 

TOmiis Itym, Cl5nYiifflqu£, DYoxippum, PrdrndlumquS, F. M. 

DiphYliis, 1, m. \j[SfOHd.) 

ProtSgenes ftlYquis, vSl DiphYliis, aut Hermarctts. Jw. iii. 120. 

Dips&s, &dYs,/. 

AildY&t, est qusdam, nomYnS DTpslls, ftniis. Ov. A. I. viiL 2. 

Dipsas, antifs, m. [255. 

Jam Taurum, TauroquS vYdet Dipsantft cftdentSm — Luc. viii. 

Dliiiy se, pluT. Dine, iri&m,/. 

At prdcill fit Dirs stridorem agnovYt St alas, F. JE. xii. 869. 
Sunt tYbY defbrmSs DTrse : sunt altSrft Lethes— C^ R. P. ii. 218. 

Dircaeiis, ft, iim, adj. 

£t nondfim fatis Dircaeiis ftgentYbiis exiiL St. T. vi. 913. 

IHreC, es,/. 

TfatYs «rit Dircg, tim vero crimYne saevft— iVop. ^ xv. 13. 
Ill 1.2 

DTrcenntt, m, m. 

AvYdim rigiiis DiweMiI plioWl a^imu MurL 1. L 17. (LT,) 

DircCtfa, fe,/. 

DircStls, expertem thil&m!,crudlUnqiie mftriti»^itt. TMu 80B. 

D!s, ms, M. 

NossS d5md8 Stj^gYas, ircinSque DitKs 5perti, Z.ii«. tL ftl4. 
DlscdrdYH, «,/, 

£t 8ci8sa gaudens vadit Discordlfi palla. V, M* viti. 703. 
Disctts, I, III. 

P&ratum est. Frugi £s Cbi ? dtfmTn' ? Immo ipGd IMrtOm 
Disc&m. Tm £«. 9. v. eO. f/. Telr. c«to/.> 
DivSnii, a,/ 

D!v5orft Celtarum lingua, fons addttS div&. ^f<«. C7ir6. ziv. 32: 
Ddddn&, s, or Dodone, es,/ 

Hoc mtht 81 Delphi, Pdd5nj(qu£ dicer«t ipsS, OkF. T. 4 vui. 4a 

Silvftqu^ Dddones, (t fluctn)iU( aptTttr Slnfis. Luc, iiL 441. 
Dodonaeiis, ft, iim, adj, 

lagens irgentum, Doddncdaqu^ I«b€tiB, ^. JE, m, 4m. 
DodonYs, id58,/. adj, 

Tert¥& Ifix vtoftt, qui ta, DfiddnV Tbj^Sn», Ot>^ J>. yi. 711. 

Yocalemqu^ stia terrain DdddnldH quercu. Ov. Jll. xiii, 716L 
DudonYtts, i, ttm, a<(;. 

Cess&rtt inventlB DodonXft querciSs Xibfis. OoMd, JLP.L 31. 

D5labell&, e, m. 

Ind^ D6labeUa est, &tque hinc AntonYtts, indfi— /nv. viiL 106. 

DdlYchaon, dnYs, m. [COS. 

Ipsa immotA m&aens: pirSlem DttlicbiaiiYs Hebrttm — F. JS, x. 
DdlYchds, 1, m. [I. xTuL 19. 

AmbYgltur quSd UnSm t Castor scYIt an D6l ichoa plus. H*r. E. 

D5lIdnYtis, ft, iim, o^f* 

Arte Ddlitfnn donat vdamYBft reg£B : F. /*. v. 7* 

Ddlon, 5nYs, m. 

RetttlYt et ferro Rhcsumqufi D^lonftquS esesoa. Ov. N, i. 39. 

DdU^peYtts, ft, Urn, adj. 

CampiU ftquos : vldiaa^ p&t&nt Di^ldpeYft bOstft. T. F. ii 10. 

Dttl^, tfpYs, plur, DdlfipSs, tim, m. 

Fient templft cftas: jam glOlklGs Dtfldpa—As. A O. 126. 

("Ca^-. re*. Asclep.) 
Hie Dfildpum mftniis, bic ssvus tendebftt Achilles. T. ^. ii. 29. 

D5mYtYant&8, i, m, [(Scazon.) 

Dum Jani&s hiSmSs, DdmYtYant&s autumnoa^— 3far*. 9. ii. 1. 
DfimYtY)is, i, m. 

Ante pedes DtoiYti Idngum tu ponft ThjfSstae— /uv; viii. 2Sd. 
Ddmn5tYniis, ft, fim, adj, {TeU Atclep.) 

I^rcamus vYtYd Ddmn0tYnse dSmus. Aut. Epist vii. 55. (Char. 
D5mndt5niim, i, n. 

ScTrpeft Ddmnfittfnf tanti est hftbTtftlV y&tf. Am. Epitt. ▼. 1& 
Ddnftce, es,/. 

Idas ille «g« sum, Dttnftei, eui SflBpi dMfiitl— JVMk ii. 3?. 


D6nix, ScYs, m. 

MS1£ mukAbo Ipaitt. Ittdtte. In nMIuni hQc igni€n cum 
vccti, Dttnax. Ter, Eu. 4. viL 4. (L Tetr, acaU) 

EKniisX, oimI IMnystt, », /. [125. 

Bacchat&mqu^ jtlgis Naxon, vMdemquS DSnys&m, V. M. iii. 

Dorcefis, ^s, m. [iii. 210. 

PamphftgiiSi et Dorceus, ^t Onbibsiis, Arc&dSs omnes. Ov. M. 
Dorc^ j&m vires paulfttim abscedSrS sentlt. Si, T. ix. 853. 

DdrcYiim, T, /. 

PttSrheiisl nemdn' hilc prddit? cftpS, da hoc DorcYo. Ter. 

Ph, I. ii. 102. (I. T.) 
Dordftliis, i, m. 

QuYdSgisf Cred5*. Cnde ftgls te, D5rd&Ie f ? Credo tibi. 
PUmt, Per, 4. iii. 13. (Troch, Tet, eat, J 
• Elision not obseryed, and f short syllable lengthened, as 
ending a sentence. 

Dorias, adYs,/. 

S€d niuic, quid fKcYendum ceuses, DorYas ? De istac r5gas — 

Ter, Eu. 4. iv. 53. 

DorYciis, a, Urn, adj, [88. 

Non SYmtfTs tibY, nee Xanthils, nee Ddrica castrft — T. jE. vi. 

DdrYdas, ae, tn, 

I prdctQ, 5 DdrYda, primumqu^ rScludS canalSm. Cal/j. ii. 96. 

DorYo, onis, m, 

VanYtatis ? MYnYme dum 6b rem. SterquYlinium. Dorio. Ter. 
Ph. 3. ii. 41. (Troch. Tet. eat.) 

DoiYSn, Ty n. 

Quae tetYgit, Ph^iace, PtClCosque, et DorYttn ira. Luc. vi. 352. 

D6rippa,8B,/. [i.l7. (I- T.J 

Dorippa, mSa, DorYppa ! Quid clamas, obs^cro ? Plattt. M. 4. 

DorYs, Ydds,/. 

Doris amara siiam non intermiscSat undam. F. B. x. 5. 
RespYcYt. Hac Hj^ades DdrYda ndctS pStunt. Ov. F. iv. 678. 

DorYs, Ydds,/. adj, 

Donda tOnc Mai^n, at apertam Tsnar5n umbrTs— Zttc. ix. 36. 

DorYtts, a, tim, adj. 

Hac DorYum, illis Barbardm. Hor, Ep, ix. 6. (I, Dim,) 

DdrdxanYttm, \,f. 

ST te £oa, DSroxanYum, jtivat aur£a ripa, Prap* 4. v. 21. 

Ddrii8,T,f». [("Z.^.; 

Adgamus. BttnS vTr, DorS, salve. Die mihi— rer. Eu, 6. ii. 11. 

Ddr6s, a, flm, ad^ 

£t cacYnTssS mddls, DorS p5eta, ttiis. Prop. 3. ix. 44. 

D6ryclti8, T, m. 

Fit Bfirfie, Traarii conjux Jongwva DdrycH. y,M, v. 620. 
£st Dittrj^cli cdDJux. Dtvini a^na daooris, 647. 

Ddrj^Ias, », m, 

tX Cbrdoife, et D5rj^» it ndatriatHrrXbto epqiiv— ^. T. iii. 13. 
113 I.;9 

DosUhfie, es,/. 

Qt«iltttBHIppiMda>DM[tMlM}QepfttMr. 0».ni 4f§. 

Quantus sit Dtaenntis Miclbtts In pirisltiui { Jior. JL 2. i. 1731 

D9t&, UB,/. 

Hlnc PftnSpe, Dot5qu« tSr&r, laetatSquS floctu— F. F. i. 134v 

DrScea, «, m. 

FoemTned damdrif DrtcSn extrimi rilgantfoi — SU. xv, 468. 
Dr&co, 5n¥s, m. [xxii. 10*. 

Quae consulti ptttrum ; qiAt Drftcfi^ qiiidv« SMoi. ^«». Pro/. 

AnguYtfoens magn5 circfimdttttts drbi Drftoonis. Msfi. v. 38d. 

Ihrttgftfii, dr&m, m. 

DrigSnamquS^prdtes sQb nfTdsd inaxYme— ^. 0. Jf. 197. (J- T.) 
Dr&hdntts, T, m. [36& 

PnetSrSb exHem L^Jsi&rim, ttetiemquS Drithonttm — Jiu.Ed. x, 

Drancstts, ft, iim, a4f. [106. 

Insequltur Drancail phftlanx, clafistnsquS pr^st — F, F. vi. 

Drancea, se, m. 

TOm Draoces idem infensus, quem glorftt Turni — V, JE, xi. 336L 
Largtt quYdem^ DriLnce, semper tM cdpi& fandi — ^S^ 

Dr^piUie, es,/ 

Sidttnlos DrSp&ne, atque unds clamdstts Heidrtts, Bit zrr. 9^ 

DrSpftnYttSy i, m. 

Attento, Dr&pftni, perl^ jadlcYo. Aw. Sap, Pro, % 

DrSpftnikm^ i» ». 

Hinc DrSpftnT me portfis, St lUetabms brU^K JR. iu. 7^7. 

I>riHnX8, ttdls,/. [217. 

£t Dr6mft8, et Cftnttce, Sticteque, it Tigrb, St Alee, Ov. ilf. iii. 

Dr5mo, dnSs, m. 

Dr5m5, Drttmo I QuYd est ? Drtfmo t Audf. Yerbom si addY- 

dens. Dr5m5! Ter, Jn, 5. ii. 19. ( L Tetr, aeat,} 

TYme&. Respira : SccSm DrSmonem c6m Bfro Gna ftdsunt 

tifln. Ter, HetmL 2 ii. 12L 
DrttentYi, ae, m./. 

TurbYdito Ihc truncis sinsque Drtteatitt laHttintSiL in. 468. 

DrtiYdSi ariim, m. 

Sacroriim, DrttYds^, pSsYtIs rtpMastYs Sb~inm8. Luc i, 451. 
Tu Bai^icMsiB stirp^ Drfiidarum s&ttis, Atu, ProJ.'yi, 7. (L T.) 

Drttnil, ae, in. 

Te Driintt^ te sparsui mcert& DrftentYtt npis—^tu. & x, 479. 

Drustts, r, m, [39. 

DrustLs Yd his quondam mSrttit cogiidmYn& tenris. Ov.T.A,iL 
Plur, DruseruBi cftYceatYgCrtUrtMe. M»UU, lu. a (PhaUec.) 

DrjadSs, tan J. 

Ferte sYmul Fafinlqu^ pSdem Drj^ttdlsquS ptiells : ^. ^. i. II. 
N5n mYnte AflMMHa Uk toKir, ah I DrfitOn, Prop. L xx. 12. 

DrfidYil, ae,/. ^ 

fi08esfiam,t»iilrlAeDrflMi«iiYti)rt. ^ti*. Air: xii. t. 

* DRY— I>YM 

Drj^antides, bb, m. Pairomym, 

Dtqoi .Dvjfantldtt fillSdiipili^iigBii t£iiMlm*aiL Ui^j 

Drj^is, antts, us. f v&Mfil 

PfAmttvfit ecc« Drfis: hie titf alYte avrnft trideBti»o^*m«. T. 

Victtfr Sd £vagrum, Cdrj^humqufi, Drj^antttauS trans)(t. Qpw 

J/. xii< 290: 
Drymo, tis,/. [33^ 

Diymoque *, Xanthoqu^, LYge&quS, PhyllMScequ^, F. G. iv. 
* Made loi\g before the double consonant. 
Prj^dpe, es, /. 

SUvKo^se Faund Drj^tfpe quern Nymph& crSar&t ; T. JS. x. 551. 
Dif ttp«s, iim, m. [iv. I3ft 

Cretesque f Drj^^piisqu^ frSmunt, pictique Ag&thyrsL K. J£. 
t As coming before two consonants ; or by caesura. 
Drj^ops, dpis» M. 

JuvTt Ynhumanum Th!5d&mant& Drj^ops. Ov, lb. 490. 
Adv^nYt, et rtgtda Drj^fipem f£rKt eminiis hasta. T. ^. x. 346. 

D&carYtis, i, m, 

Advtfl&t orft f^rua mentemqufi Diicaritts. Acri — SU, v. ^5. 
Di&ilTiis, i, m. 

£xilvias Marti» donumque DtHlltts, jQto^iSi. vi 665, 
DolYchift, snj. 

Cum tStl^t carse lit5r& DuUchis. Prop. 2. xiv. 4. 

DulicUfttn, 1, It. 

Dulkhiumqufi, Sttmeque, et Neritfis ardu& saxis. F. M. ui. 271. 

DQUcfaltts, tt i&m, ad}, 

DuKchYas vexassS r&tes, et gurgite Kn altd— r, B. vi 7^ 

Dumni8stts» T,/. 

PraetSrSo arentem sitlentYbtis undYquS terris 
Dumnissum — Aut, Ed. x. 6. 

DttrilnYfis, i, m. 

ConcedSs gJ$lIdo Diirilai dd mtetft fdlutte 
Amnfo — Jus, Ed, x. 464. 

DiUr&to^ onYs, m. 

£t sanctdm DtiriLtonfe HYcetttm* Matt, 4. It. Sa (Phakec.) 

DurYft, SB, m. 

Florlb&i et TiteeTs lormosfis I>ur¥& npS^-^laud, L. & 72. 

DMils, Ty i». 

HTc certant, PactdlS, tYbi DttrYusquS, TftgusquS, SH, i. 23i4» 

Dj^mantYs, Ydiis,/. Patnmym. 

£rgo lans mtrass^ Dj^mantYdfi Eebile vistlm— Ot>. ^. xiil eSSf^. 

Dj^mas, &ntYfl, m. [394. 

Hoc RhTpeils, hoc ipsS Df mas, 5mnl8qu£ jfivSntAs — r. JS. ii. 
Quamvis est ilium proles enixft Dj^mantis. Ov. itf. xi, 761^* 

Dyme, 58,yr 

CoUYs, ftt £nnaete G«reri n«g&t, avY& Dyme-^A. T. iv. 124. 

Dj^ntakYfis, I, m. [xxim 1. 

Bed nfiqa« te maeati. I>fiitaii,.^afid&Mlipi$fiiR. Aui. Prof. 

Dypsifl, antYs, m. 

N8c ateUt jam cfli« vllf. Df|MiBti CltrMta^F. F. irt. 192. 

Dj^iiipSa, Is, m. [x. 6ft 

Camqii« Bifrystlifott KqaYdteYmtts SaniS DjMl8pte» Or. P. 4. 

Dyrr&cMUm, I, n. 

Dyrrftchn prsecSps r&pTendas tendYt i&d ireSs. Lwc, y\. 14. 


Sftrlntts, T, m. 

Dicunt EttrYnon tftmen p^ts. Afar<. 9. xil 13. (Phalmdan,) 
Martial avails himself of the Greek word ciapci/^c, as be 
could not get Earinus into an heroic bezameter line. 

EWirCs, ttm, »». " [ix. 32. 

Aut £b5nim mixtus pfil&gd qus prStSgYt amnYs, Aus, Epist, 

fibOsIft, fle,/. 

fit quod perc5qu!t BbttsTK cannis, St S. I. tL 16. (PhaL) 

fibiistts, I, m. 

Cdrr¥p¥t, et TSnYenti fibttso plagamqu^ f^renti— f". M. xii. 299. 

Bbusils, \tf, 

Oc^&nl vIctrTcem Ebiisum, B&l£aric& regnft— Afan. iv. 638. 
Ac dUectft v&go pScdri consurglt £bustts. Av. JD, 621. 

ficbidn&y SB,/. 

Oris Cerb^r«i tpQmas, et vlriis fichidnse ; Ov, M, iv. 5iM» 

^chldnfleiis, H, iim, a^, 

lUtld EchldnflBiB mSmdrant e dentn>iis ortiim— Ov. M» vii. 408. 

Echinttdes, iimy/. [588. 

In tfitldem, mSdlis quot cernYs £chin&dfts undTs. Ov, JUl viii. 
EchinSYs, Ydtts,/ 

Quos ten^t ^gaeo defixa in gurgYte fichinels *. Cic, A, P. 426. 
* By synieresis. 

fichion, dnYs, m. [126. 

Qulnqu^ silperstYtYbus : quorum ffiYt finiis Bchion. Ov, M. iii. 
TalY& dicentem proturb&t EchiSne natiis. 526. 

£chi6nYdes, ae, m, Patronym, [513. 

SpemYt EchitfnYdes t&mSn hunc ex omnYbilU untts — Ov. M. iii. 

£chi5nYti8y ft, iim, adj, 

NdmSn EchidnYum, matnsquS gSnus PSrYdiae ; V, M, xii. 515. 

Echo, us,/. * [359. 

Corptts &dhuc £ch5, non vox Srftt : et t&mSn usiim — Ov, M, iii. 

fiddni, 5riim, m, 

— — — non gg8 santtis {meter.) 

Bacchabdr fidonis : rScepto— ^or. C, 2. vii. 27* (L Dim. kyper*- 

EdonYs, id5s,/. a/^*. <•• 

Ed«ni8 Ogj^gYo decurrit plenft Lj^aeo. Luc. i. 675* ■ i - 

Plur. ProtYnfii in tilvis mitres EddnYdtts 5roii£s-^an.« JMl jd. 69. 


£ddniis, &, ttm, adj, 

Ac vCloa £ddm Bttrte ofimqpMtte ill»*^K jE.juld68. 

Qu|8«r&tB«tldiiIo«rlQ«qii«|»ftttfr. Ov.T.6,y.4L 

£t TSngdfim vSt^res £«ttdnfe dpes. Ov. K W. 280. 

E^tioneas implevl sangulnfi Thebas. Ov, M. xii. 110. 

£gaieos, 1, m. [620, 

DiySs et £g£lSds n£mtfrum, ParneequS bSnigQtts — St, T, xu. 

£g«ri&,«,/. [276. 

Eg^rYa est, qu» pneb^t Jiquas, d£& grat& C&menis. Or. /*. iii. 

fignatfitei i, m, 

Egn&tius, quod candlfdds h&bet dentes — Cat, xxxix. 1. (Seaz,) 


CTrbs Idpe, stSrnisque dShinc h&bitatiir £la!s. Av, D, 1069. 
Hi muros liipes, Gazam, qutfque £la3fd& cdmplent Pris, K 8021 

Bl&niis, 2i| iini, adj, 

Csque in beUigen conHnYft flexfis £:ianL ^v. Z). llOa. 

£lftteT«s, ft, t&m, «u^'. 

Clartt dScore ftllt proles £lttteYil Caenla. Ov, M, xii. 189. 

fiiata, SB,/ [ii. 9. f/. r.; 

y el ttt bine Tn £liltiam hddte Ux secum sYmiU. Pteii^ J9ac. 4. 

ElectrJl, «,/. 

£lectr&, fletus caflsft quae laeta In dttmo est ? Sen, Ag, 924. 
Nee sic Electra, salvilin enm adspexTt OrestSn — Prop, 2. xif. 6t. 
Qui leglfs £lectran, H Sgentem mentis Oresten^Or. TLii. 395. 

Electrae, ftrttm,/. adj, (Porta understood.) 

— — — celsum f uderS OrjMlBtX 

£leetrse, qu&t¥t Hypsistas m&niis £ur j^mSdontYs. Si, T. viii. 36& 

£l5ctrftts, 1, m. [fl T,) 

Quicum Alciimeni *st nupta £lectri fHIft. PlcMt, Amph, Pr, 9& 

.£IectrYiis, ft, ttin» adj. 

Tunc t^nttls Lemnos ; transitque £lectrY& tellils— r. F, ii. 431. 

£l«gi», «,/ 

VSnlt ddoratos £lftgelft nexft c&pillos. Ov. ^. 3. i. 7- 

£lelfs, \dS%,f, adj, 

Ssp^ riibro £leTs sanguYnS fluxYt btimfis. V, Cat, xi. 32. 

£UISrdes, Urn,/. 

NCuie ftrdr, ut Bacehl mrHs fieleYdSs actae. Ov. H, iv. 47. 

£ljrleu8, m. [lY. 1& 

KyetSKusque, £l61eu8qu& pftrSns, ^t lacchtts, St £van. Ov, M, 


NSc moUes BlSpbintYdoB lYbelli. Afort. la xliii. 4. (PhaUec) 

£lesycS8, ttm, m. 

Ambit prtfmndo. Gens £lesyeam prTiis— i#9. O. Af. 584. (LT,) 

^eiis, ft, iim, a^. 

Qui prlttr Eleo est career^ missiU Squtts. T%b, 1. iv. 32. 

£ L E— ~£ M S 

£leu8in&8, &, ilm, m^'. 

Tardkque fileflnMr m&tri* Ydlvinttt plaurtriL T. G. I 163. 

fileusYpttUs, Ys,/. [88. (I. T,) 

fileusYpdllm Pen« cfpere jlibeni Yn ArftbfiL Ptoti/. Pers. 4. iii. 

fileusiD, Infs,/. 

TempdrS quo vobls Yn!ta est CSrSalYs £leusm. Ov. H, iv. 67* 

£leu8Yfim, I,/. [64. r/. T,) 

I sane cum illo, Phrj^gYft, tu autero, fleusYiim, P^l. Au. 2. iv. 

£leuth«rra, «, /. [a i. 21. 

Vdlfi me £leath£r¥am c&pere advfoYentem dtfmttm, P^^. Stick. 

£IY&8, &dfts,/. o^;. 

CastttrSa, £lYildum palmas £pirtts £quarum. V, G. i. 69. 

£lYcYfi8, 1, m. 

Nunc qudquS te cSlSbrant, £llclumque v6cant Ov, F. iii. 328. 

£1&, Ydfts,/ 

£t quas £IY8 dpes antS pflrar&t £quTs. Prop. 1. viii. 36. 

Per Graium p5ptilds mSdYsquS pSr £lYdYs urbSm— F. jE, vi. 588. 


Nee, consumtS rttgis, inscnb&r, £lissll Sichsi. Ov, H, vii. 198. 

£liss8eiis, ft, Urn, o^f. 

OliscYt £llss8ed vYdlentidr irft tjh^anno. SU. il 239. 

£li8s6s, I, m, 

LambYt, fit anfractii ripanim incurviis fillssiis. St, T, iv. 62. 

Elorius. Elorus. See Helorius. Helorus. 

Elpendr, ^rYs, m. 

£t cum remlgYbus grunnisse £Ipen6rft porcls. Juv, xv. 22. 

Elvina. See Helvina. 

£lttsft, 8e,/. 

Invadit muros £lii88e, notissYmft dudiim— Cfaiu^. Ruf, i. 13?. 

filjces, Ys, m. [v. 87- 

Intdnsumqufi c6mas £lj^cen, PhlSgYamquS, Clj^tumquS» Ov, M. 

Elj^sYttm, T, fi. 

Hac mt £Ij^sYum nobis, at Isvft mftlddlm— F. JE, tL 642. 

£lj^sYtt8, ft, iim, adj, 

Quamvis £lj^sY5s mfretor GraecYft cftmpos, V, O, i, 38. 

EmftthYft, SB,/. 

£mftthYam, et latds Hsemi pTnguSscSrS campos. F, G, i. 492. 

£mttthYon, onYs, m. 

£mftthidn, aequi cultor, timidusquS Dgoriim. Ov, M, v. 100. 
£mftthYonft LYger, Cdrj^nieum stemYt Asylas ; F. ^. ix. 671. 

£mftthY8,Yd58,/. 04/. 

£mfttbYs et telfos tarn multa caedS cftrgrSt, Luc, vi. 680. 
Rident £mftthYdes, spernuntquS mYnacYft verbft. Ov, M, v. 669. 

£mftthYtt8, ft, iim, adj, 

ProvSlftt £mftthn spdlYls armat&s Hftlesi, Ov, M, xii. 462. 

£mb61fi8, i, m. See Ambenus. 


£m«rYtft, »,/. 

fimeriUl IMdfitid mSS. Jforl. 1. Ixii 10. (L Dim,) 
£mSrlta : squdrSus quam pneterlabMr amnYs, Au$, Urb. ix. 2. 

fimMtensts, S, a(^*. [73. 

Em^rYtensis Ans, latsquS fliienttt GftrQmnsB. Aut, Ejntt. xxiv. 

Primft f»vent, £m«8us fasdgYtt celail rSnidet— -iftf. D. 1085. 

fimodft, aSff, See Eumeda. 

£mdd1i8, T, m. 

HTc pr^m Cmodi late rfi¥t figgSrS montYs, ^v. D. 986. 

£mpM5cles, is, m. [P. 466. 

Dum ciipYt £mp£ddcles, ardentem fngYdtts ^tnttm — Hor. A, 

£mptfrtse, ari&m,/. 

Phoclfifcae dint £mp5rY8e, dat Tarr&cd pubfim — Sil, iii. 369. 

finsesTmiis, i, m. 

At n5n letif^ros effugYt finsesimiis Ictus, Oo. M, viii. 362. * 

£ncSl2Ulii8, T, m. [39. 

Sed n£que Phlegrseos J5vis £ncgUldrquS ttlmultfls — Frtup* 2. i. 

£iich2lYae, ariim,/. 

£ncheii8e, versi testantes funSr& CadmT. Lw:, iii. 189. 

fincolpiis, 1, m. 

Encdlpus, dSmini centiirYdnYs &mdr. Mart, 1. xxzii. 2. 

£ndjhsiYdn, onYs, m. [83. 

LatmYiis £ndjhaaTdn non est tYbY, Lun&, rtibdri. Ov. /f. A, iii. 

£ndj^nYoneiis, ft, ttm, adj, 

£ndjhnYoneds sdlYta afifectarS sSpores. Aub, Ed, vi. 41. 


£ngttnji8i igndta flicYes siib diigYnS constilL Man, v. 646. 

£n£^Y5n, T, n. 

Foederft CallYpdlis, IftpYdosTque £nguY5Q arvi, SO, xiv. 249. 

£nipeu8, £58, m. 

PopiilYfer Spercbetfs, St irrequYetiis finlpeOs, Ov. ilf. i. 579. 
Ipse £g5 praecYpYti tttmYdum pfir £nip^ nlmbo — V, F. i. 83. 

finlspe, es,/. 

QusquS fonnidat BdrSan £nispe ? Sen. Tr, 844. (Sapph,) 

Enna. Ennaeus. See Henna. Hennseus. 

Enniiis, i, m. 

£nnYi:U ingSnYo maxYmiis, artS riidYs. Ov, T, n. 424. 

finnftmda, or £nndm&8, i, m, [£p. H. xxii. 1, 

£nndmtis hic, ChrdmYusquS jttcent, quels MysYil regnfim, Atu, 
£t Chftr5pSm, fatlsque immTtYbtts £nn5m5n actiim : Ov. M, xiii. 

y 260* 

BnnMYgaetts, T, m. 

Ipsum cdmpSdYbus qui vinx£r&t EnnteYgstim ? Juv, x. 182. 

EnteHft, se,/. 

CentttrYpse, laigdquS vYrens £ntelUl Lj^od. SO, xiv. 204. 


Bntetttts, i, m. 

Ost9n£t diktnuii fnsHi^fAM ftMtiHkm «t tM-^K A. ▼. 44S. 

tnfd, G8,/. 

firttbttlt Mftvdn, &ven«qu« risYt finyS, CUmi. But i SSA. 

Quin etifim f ama est, cum crastViUl f alsSrYt fids, Ov. A iiL 67. 

Eoiis, H, ttm, adj. 

Sive illam Hesp^rlis, slv^e dlam ontSncUft £61% 

Cr«t et fioos, QrSt ^t Hesp«r!d8. Prop. 2. iii. 43, 44. 

fipiphtts, h ML 

Huic £pi(phu8 migni g^nftus de semYn^ t&nd^m — Ov. Af. i. 748. 

£peiriml, orilin, nu 

CltYma £petrimos tellOs h&b^t : et prttciil ist3k—Jv. /). 937- 

£petU» 1, m. 

fit MenSlaiis, et ipse ddli fUbrYcatdr fipetts. K M. u. 264. 

£ph68¥ttB, 21, ttm, a4f* 

Qui nunc ¥n fiphSso 'st fiphfis^s carissiiinfia. FlauL Bacc. 2. 

iT. 76. r/. y.) 

£ph«s56, T,/. 

Aat fiphfison, MmfaTsvg Cttrinthi— ^or. C. I. vii 2. (D^Dstr,) 

£phlaltd8, ae, m. 

Devlnctum moestus prScCQ ftdspYciens £phlalten« K. Cli^ 234. 

fiphj^rieiia, &, ttm, flk{/. 

Cul non defleta est fiphj^raes flamm& Cr^usse ? (h. A» A* i 336» 

fiphjhre, es,/. 

Arg5s Amymdnen, fiphj^re PirenYdfts Undis-^Ov. JIf. iL 840. 

fiphj^reYfidei, tt, m. 

Tres £phjhreT%d8e, Pisa s&tiU uniis, Acarnan— .9^ 7*. vl. 662. 

£phjhr«ft8, 6d68,/. adj. 

Scincet ArgtflYdas* fiphj^reYftdasquS piiellas— a B, Get. 629. 
* By csesurai 

fiphj^retiis, ft, ttm, acff. 

Inlusasque auro vestSs^ fiphj^reittque 8er& ; T. G. u« 464i 

fipYchftrmtts, i, «A. [L 68. 

Plautiis ttd exemplar STciili prfipfirare fipYcharmI— Aor. £. 2. 

fipMrStts, ft, dill, <u^'. 

— — — sententYftm 

fipYcurtorum, non Sum occasu prSmr — ^«. 0. Af. 646. ("/. 7*.^ 

fipYcfiriis, f, «i. 

Ipse fipTciirtts 6bit, decursd Iumin£ vltae, Lucr. iii. 1066. 

fipldimnlensTs, «, arf/.. [^Z. T.) 

fipIdamnYensis qiudain Yb! mercator &Xt — PlauU Mem Prel, 32. 

fiplYdamnitim, i, n. 

Is p1i£rum tolIYt, avShltque fipidamnYi&m. Pla\it, Hhft, Phil. 33. 

fipYdamnYiifi, ft, Am, adj. 

Nam ita §st haec hdmtnura natlo f fipidamnYft. Plait. IH^ 2. 
t Sjmaloepha itt»t bbserred. i. 33. 


Splfdailrittsi &, iim, adj, 

£p¥daur¥ii8, &, ttm, a<^*. 
. QjiiOttuep^tiiiliCatuJtFUbdtariBlfiifeAiBltl^ 

fipYdaurtts, %f, [44. 

Taj^gStique ^nis, dttnVlnxque f^datlrtfs «qti5Him. T. 0. iii. 

£ptd¥cfi8, T, m, 

SCd flpSran £pldlcl nflnc me JSmSriS prfitlo pritifiteft vSlim. 
PioHf. .^Mii. 1. iL 84. ^rr. r«lr. ca(J 
^pign^miis, i, m. 

Interim £pigntfmum cdnspTcTo, tuum • vYrum, et servdm 

StTchum. PlauL St, 2. ii. 47. 

* Mono83^ble. 

£ptm«fiid§s, ts, tn. [46w (L T.J 

Tnptdl^mto dlim, siTe £pYiotoi(^m vteanU Jus»£pisKxsi^. 

JS^Tin«theu8, efts, m. [487. 

Qoem mdrito Grail pfirhl^nt BpYinetha viteB, Ckmd. Eut, ii. 

£pIinethb,idSs,/. Patronym. 

Inde Prdmetludgs plSddls tplfroethidft d!c«i»— 0. M. v 990. 

fipjrtts, !»/• 

Ci8t«r^, £lTSdum palmas £piT6s Cquar&m. T. 0. i. 59^ 

fipYrotes, s, m. od; . 

£t fipYroti Ciaeft mfimdr mfigls. Aua. Prqf, xv. 19, (h'T.) 

The second syllable is DaturaUy long, as being derived 
firom 'Hirci^rvf^ But Ausonius has mad* it aoort, by 
striking out the prsepositive vowel in the diphthong. 

£pirotifctts, &, fim, &f^. 

Hic sptfHa Mmdmi, Me Ej^iotifett ugiilr«-^^ L <|^. . 
f Synakepfaa unobserved. 

£^Ytte, i, m. [613. 

£pYtds ex illo est : post hunc CftpStusquS CipysquS ; Oo. M^ xiv. 

£pl|jhite» If tt- 

— — — me manciipid d&bd [24 (J^ T.J 

. £pXtjhro, fit ttpttd mum esiirltam insSnS b^nS. PXau/. iftX 1. 1. 

fipdni, 8B,/. [IfiJ. 

Solan Epdnam et filcYes ttlYda ad.praesepYH pTcta&. Juv» viii. 

£pQ|>OHS, fids, m. 

VdcS dftbat remis, ftnYmdnim hortatdr £pdpeus : Ov, M, iii. 619b 


^dm£n £pops vSliicri, fllcYes armat& vYdettir. Ov. M, vi. 674. 

Byifl^ QQis, m. [six 459. 

ArchetYum Mnestheus, Epiildnem obtrilncttt Achates. - V. A 

£fftYdie% tt, M. Ptf*'ofiy9, 

£pj^tYden vtfc&t, et fidam sic f atttr ftd aurSm : F. .dS, v. 54|^ 

£pj^tfi9» I, m. [340. 

fipj^ttts, oblafi per lunam Hjfpteisqiie Djtaiiniii^K ^. ii. 
121 M 


£quir¥ft, oriim, ». 

£xTer5pteytaaipemEiiilt£q«Mlii5Bi«iL Ov.F.n.B69. 

£qutt8, 1, m. 

AMos Discetttr £qufis, cosldquS WflibYt. ilfo*. v. 633. 

ErttsIniiB, i, m. 

Reddltttr Aig^Kcis Ingtiis £rlUSai&8 In arvis. Ov, M. xv. 276. 

£riitd, us,/. 

Nunc £rito : nam tu ndmSn SmSrls liilbSs. Op. A, A* ii. 16. 

£r£beus, &, i&m, o^/. 

PectiMlque unxerfUit £r«befle feU« dSlubne. Ov. Zft. 229. 

£r£biis, T, m. 

PSllentes umbras firtbi, noctemqu£ pr{$fundttm — V. M, iv. 26. 

£rectheii8, SSs, m. [677- 

Sceptr& Ittci, rerumquS cftpit mSd^ramSn firSctheOs; Oi;.il/.vi. 

£rectheiis, &, ilm, <u(/. 

Functi&s, firectheas TtitonYdtfs ib&t ftd arces. Op. 3f . Yiii. 547. 

£recthid8e, ariim, m. 

NuUtiB £recthidi8 fertar ceiSbrfttftfr nid— Op. M, vii. 430. 

£rectMs,M6s,/.<u^'. [34S. 

NomYnS ceperunt Aqutlonlfs £recth¥d& Thracte. Op. H. xvi. 

£rembi, dri&m, m. 

Quern cftlYdis juxta tSrris pascuntiir £rembi. Fris, P. 170. 

£rStini&s, ^ tLm, adj, 

Atque £retin5 fnglfdtts amnYs Sgro. 216. 4. yiii. 4. 

£retrlfft, ae,/. 

MSg&ra, £retrYam, C5nnthum, ChalcYdem, Cretam, Cj^prum. 
PltmU Mer, 3. iv. 69. (Tr, Tetr, cat) 
£rSti&m, T, n. 

£reti m&niis omnYs, MivYfenequS Miituscs. V. jE, vii. 711. 

ErgasYltts, 1, TO. l(L Tr,J 

firgftsYle, salve. Dii te bSne ilment, HSgYo. PlauL Cap, 1. ii. 29. 

rgenn&, ae, tm 

An qu^ n5n fibris SvYum £rgennaquS jiibente — Pers, ii. 26. 

ErgStYiim, or Brgetfim, T, n. 

Hadranum, SrgetiumquS sYmul telaquS siiperbft — Sil xiv. 249. 

£rgini&8, 1, m. 

Ruric5lamqu6 Gj^Sn, cum fluctYvXgo ♦ Ergino. St, T, ix. 306. 
• Synaloepha not observed. (Spond,) 

£rYbotes, se, to. 

Turn ccelaU mStus ftlYos gSrYt arma £rYbdtes. K F, i. 402. 

£ricetes, ae, to. 

MessapOs CltfnYumquS Lj^caftnYOmque £rYceten — F. JE» x. 749. 

£rTcth6, lis,/. 

Illuc mentYs Ynops, ut quam flLrYalYs £rictho~Op. H, xv. ISO. 

£ricthttnYiis, T» m. 

Piimiis £ricthtfnYus currus et quatiidr austid 
JangSre ^uos— K Q. iii. 113. 


£ncthi$n!rtt8» ft, iim, adj» 

Doi¥8 £nctlitoAa pvastrftvit f QmSCttts ircSs. K Cul 385. 

Eridftniis, !, m. 

Plnrimtts firfdftof p«r rilvte vSMtttr Smiiys. T. i£. vi. 659. 

Erigttne, es,/. 

firigfoequS pYo tScr&til pftrCntite ftmdrS. Ov. AT. z. 451. 

£rlgr5xie¥tt8, ft, i&m, ck^*. 

Nocte s^quente dKem cftnYs firlgSiieltts exKt Ov. F. v. 723. 

£rinne, is,/. 

CannYnftque firinnSs noli ptttftt sqiift siiiis. Prop, 2. iii. 22. 

£rinnj^s, ^58,/. 

Antiqua £niinj^8, irft, quft dacis, s^utfr. Sen. Med, 953. (LT.) 

Plur. FertS fftces in me, quas fertfs, £nnnj^Ss atrs. Ov. H» 

[xi. 103. 
firifphylft, ae,/. or JBriphyle, es,/. [67. 

Tu qu5que iit auratos ggrfires, firVphylft, Iftcertos. Prop. 3. xiii. 

Harm5n%e cultus firiphyle mcestft r^cusftt. Aut, Ed, vi. 26. 

firfphylstts, ft, iim, adj. 

Sic £r¥pliyl8eoB aurum mm p^nates— i». T. iv. 211. 

£r¥sicthon, 5n¥s, m. [779. 

Moerentes ftdSiint pcenamque £r¥BTctli5nY8 orant. Ov. M. viii. 

£r¥tbOs, 1, m. 

At non Act5rlden £i¥th5n, cuT latft bYpennts— Ov. M, v. 79. 

£ros, 5t¥s, m. [Ixxx. 5. 

Quam miilti fitcYunt, qu5d £rd8, sSd lumYnfi siccS 1 Mart, 10. 

£roti5n, 1,/. 

PaiiliUft ne nlgpras hprrescftt Erotifto umbras. Mart, 5. xxxiv. 3. 

£r6tiftm, i,/. 

Qui ftmicam bftbSas bSram mSam banc £rot!tim. PUmt, Men, 

2. ii. 26. (L T.) 
£rubrus, I, m. 

Te rftpYdOs Gelbis, tg manudrS clariis £rubrfts, Aus, Ed, x. 359. 

Erj^ciniis, ft, ilm, tu^, [57. 

Tu qu5quSy quae mdntea cSlSbras, £rj^cinft, SYcanos, Ov, H, xv. 

£rygdupiiB, i, m, 

StravYt £rygdupum. MSmYni venabiUft condl — Ov, M, xii. 453b 

Eijhnantbslis, H, iim, adj, 

M5z £rj^mftntbffium vis tertYft perciilYt ftpriim. Aus, Ed, xix. 3. 

Erj^antbYfts, ftdtts,/. adj, [329. 

Vix Drj^ftdum thftl&mis, Erj^mantbYftdumquS fttron— 5/. T, iv. 

£rfmanthY8, Yd»s,/. a^, 

UnguYtiir Ocfiftno cu8t68 £rymantbYd58 Ursae, Ow. T. 1. iv. 1. 

£rj^anthYii8, ft, t&m, adj, [805. 

Arcftdft qu5 plancta gSnYtnx £rj^&nthYft clamSt St, T. xii. 

£rjhnantbiis, I, f». [v. 608. 

M»nftlYosqu« sYnlte, gClYdilmque £rjhnanth5n, «t £lYn, Ov, M, 

£ifma8, antYs, m. [ V, M, ix. 702. 

Tam M«r5pem fttque £rjhnintft mina, tum aternYt Aphidni&m ; 
123 m2 


V«Qitdh£rj^ina: Mtlihlno«idAMIMMim**^r.^.iii 194. 

firythea, ae, /. or fiif thft, ae, / 

£g«rttBsabiUiii,OArjM«i,'ilBfli. iVopw4. ut.2. 

SHvis tfpactis. Hinc firj^thea est insm—Jv, O. if. d09.(hT,) 

iE;rj^§fe, Ydte,/. <»^. 

Victdr ftbit, secumque bdyes, £rj^the¥d& pned&n— Ov.F. v. 649. 

£ifthSfis, or Drytlutts, &, lim, aij. 

£itthea &b arc^. Qua dYei occasiis e&i—Av, O. AT. 514. (LTJ 
Nam rCp^to. HerciUfite £itlhSa ad litte& GSdM—^t xvi. 194. 

£ry thrs, ariim, /. 

Talfe «rit: dites ptefirum ottaXOatttr firythne. Sk T. nl 26& 

Erythraea. See Erythea. 

£rythraeiis, H, ttm, aeti. 

QuTdve, in Erythneo l^tur quae iitSrS concbH, TtA. 3. iii. 17- 
Adludunt : fervent £rj^thraei mann^rjl pdnti« Av, i). 702. 

£rythrStt8» ft, i&m, adj, 

HIS pulvis £rythr£T— CtK. Ixi. 206, (Glyconic.) 

£ryz, j^ch, III. 

£ryx, H txfci junctfis Antteus Uhf^ ^Sem. H, F. 482. (L T,J 
Esciilanlis, I, m, 

Mentittlr, fisciUane, non hftbet dentes. Aforf. 6. Ixxiv. 4. (Sc.) 

BsciUStts, &, t&m, a4;. 

— — — depellltttr arc« 

Lentiiliis £scillSa : yictor cedentYbiis Instftt, Luc, ii. 469. 

SsquHIae, ari&m,/. 

Qui nunc EsqumSs novain^ c5llls hftb^L Ov. F. iii. 246. 

fisquYlinite, ft, ilm, adj. 

£t fisquHinae * alites. Hor. Ep, v. 100. ^/. Dim,) 
• Synaloepha not observed. 

EsqutlTiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Monte stib Esquilio, multis incaedtiiis annis — Ov. F. ii. 43& 

EssedttnTOs, ft, iim, o^f . 

Hinc Essedttnfe gentes, auroquS lYgatas — Luc. iii. 280. 

EFfirYo, 5nlf8, m. [("A T.^ 

Nam Esilrid vSntd, n5n advftnlfo S&tikio. Ptoa. Per. I. iii. 23. 

Estts, I, m. 

Tbeutates, horrensqu^ f ftris altaribiis Esiis ; Luc. i 446. 

Etftoeles, !s, and Cte, m. 

Haec sfinidr, mOltumquft nSfas EtedcUs ftcerbftt, St. T. iii. 214. 
Regem te, regem, tristes £tedcieds umbrae — ^xii. 99. 

Eteslae, arttm, m. lJl$eiep.) 

JEstM velifl^ris solvU fiigsKs. Sen. Thy. 129. (Ckwr. TeU 

EteslCils, fti t&m, adj. 

PcayftrOleatft Cftres, ftt Etesift Aabra Aqundnttm. Lucr. v. 741. 

£thecliis, I, m. [x. 314. 

ImplIcYtum firatri ThftmjhrGiu : Tftgtta haurlt £thecli--^/. T. 


AmbrteYum PiteOa, ingSntem Amnefis £thilttm— F. f*. iu. ISa 


Qui ScoloD, dCnsimque jttgis £th»iiAn Yniquts^ A. T. vii. 266. 

£thenion, SnYs, m. 

ContentusquS fttga est. N^que JSnim dftt tempfia £tlieniidii 

OV.M.Y. 169. 
£tmSnei ? drttm, m. 

R^Y5 rScedit: gens ttmaneum aocdlYt. ^v. 0. if. 300. f/.T*.; 

fitriictdes, ae» m. [296. 

Aut, vSmt £trSclfdes magno tSr ftb Hercms quinttts— Ov. lb. 

Etruria, SB,/. 

Ergo 5mnis fttrHs surrexft £trur¥ft justis : V, M* viii 494. 
Fatalesque m&nus, infensa £tiilr¥ft Turno. xii. 232. 

EtruscH, ae,/. 

Quis sublimS dScus formamque insigtiys Btrfiacae 
Nescmt— iS^. & 3. iii. 111. 

Etiiisciis, 1, m. 

Aspexit Iftcrjhnaa quIsquYs, £tru8c£, tttas. UorU 7. xl. 8. 

EtrusciiS) ft, ttm, adj* 

StemYttbr ArcildYiB prdles, sternuntttr £trusci ; V. JE, x. 429. 
Crbs £tru8c& 8615. SfiquYtor pulchSrrYmiU Astfir, 180. 

£?«, ae,/. {Or. 33. 

Sit sfttYs, antiquain serpens quod perdYdYt £vftm. Am, £ph. 
Evadne, es,/. * 

ArsSrYt Evadne flamrols Injects m&riti ; Mart 4 Ixxy. 5. 
£vagr58, and £vagrii8, i, m. [293. 

Partil tYbi est ? Evagrtts itit Nee dic^r^ Rhoette— Ov. M. xii. 

£van, in. [iv. 15. 

Nyct^usque, El^leusqu^ p&rens, St lacchiis, St Evan. Ov. M, 

EvandSr, dri, m. w Eyandriis, i, m. 

ExsiU ftb Arcftdus Uti5s EvandSr Yn agrSs— Ov. F. v. 91. 

iEquavit, turn res YnOpes Evandriis hftl^bftt. V. JE. viii. 100. 
EvandrYtts, ft, ilm, adj. 

Nam tYbY, ThymbrS, cSput * £vandrYti8 ftbstiUYt ensYs. F. M, 
* By caesura. x. 394. 

Evanthes, Ys, m. [702. 

Necnon Evanthem Phrj^gYum, PftrYdlsquS MYmantft— r. JB, x. 

Evarchtts, i, m. [102. 

QuosquS Tftras, nYvSumquS ftria E^^b&s Slorfim — V, F, vi. 

EubYiis, 1, m, 

EubYfis, Tmpane cSndYttfr histiSrYs. Ov, T. ii. 416. 

Eubceft, ae,/. 

fiffbg^ilnt, quo quaequS potest Eubceft dfiabCks — OvM» xiii. 660. 

EGboetts, ft, lim, adj, 

— — — sttipttit primaeva ad carmYnft plebes 
Eflboea, et nafis tS monstr&vertf pttrentes. St, 3, 6, iii. 137. 

EfibMciSs, ft, tim, adj. 

Avlidftque Eilbtflcim complfirGnt mnt« cttrioae. Ov.M xiii: 182. 
126 mS 


^. ^ ^ tfiUflt 

EuhSis, et pulchra tttrngat Sebette Alumna. St, S, 1. ii. 263. 

EOchMiis, T, m. [& U 120. 

Nee stStrt Euch^rn dum carpSret dficttlft nlt&n— C^om/. 1. C. 

EQclides, Ys» m. 

DiioSn& elamat coccyn&t&s Euclides. Mart. 6. xxxv. 2. (Scaz.) 

EudXo, 5n{s, m. 

Nosttn' hunc sSnem EucIYonem ex proxiim5 pauperciiltun — 
Plaut. Aul 2. 1. 49. (Troch, Tet. cat.) 
Eactemon, ttnYs, m. 

AmphYptfHs urbYs inctfla Euctemon ftlt. ^v. O. 3f. 337. (I- T.) 

Eucttts, i) m. 

Archtftj^Ts vetiUl nlThn est JkllfdBYite Euc6. Jlfart. & vi. 1. 

Eudoxiis, 1, m. 

Nee metis Eaddxi vfneetilr f istifbOs inntb. Luc. x. 187. 

Evenmiis, &, i&m, adj. \j[Spond.) 

PlaDguntur matres Cftlj^ddnYdSs Evenlnse. Op. M. viii. 627* 

£veii68, 1, m. [('I. r.> 

Evends altdm gargYtem in p5ntum fSrens. Stn. U. O. 601. 

£ug&n6i&8, &, tim, o^/. 

Vaniis, St £ugfinSfi quantumvis m5llT5r 5gna ; Juv. yiii. 15. 

Eugtttn. See EnguYto. 

fivfts,/ • 

Exsomnls stiipet EvY£s. Hor. C. & xxv. 9. (Glycon.) 

PoeduYs Euippe mater ft!ut. I11& pdteDtfim— Ov. M. v. 307- 
Euippi&s, 1, m. 

Arc&dtts Euippi spttlYum c&dYt aerSiis drbYs ; St. T. ii. 258. 

EvYiis, or EvY»s, «. [742. 

Inde Auctumntis fidit : grftdYtur sYmOl Eviiis Evan. Lucr. v. 
EvY5n ingSmYnat : rep&rabYlis adsSnSt £ch5. Pers. i. 102. 

Eviiis, &, i&m, adj. 

Sign& d6dit, qufttSr sr& RhJSsB, qu&t£r EvYft pulsant 

Tergil mftnu— 5^. ^. ii. 154. 
£iil5gtl8, 1, m. 

Prsecdni d^Yt Eiilfigo pttellftm. Mart. & viii. 5. (Phalac.) 

£&m&chils, I, m. 

EumftchOs inde Cttpyn : sed t5ta mdl« tSnebftt— ^i/. iv. 385. 
Eumsils, T, m, 

Speravit tardi rSdYtus Eumaeiis Olixi. St. S. 2. vi. 57. 

Eumed&, Biff. 

JungYt 5pes Eumedft siias : siift 8ign& secutr-«-r. F. vi. 143. 

E&medes, Ys, m. 

Parte &lia mSdYa Eumedes in proelYft fertiir. V. JE. xii. 346. 
EumelYs, Yd»s, /. adj. 

RespYciens blande felix EumelYs ftdSrftt : St. S. 4. yiii. 49. 
Eumeltls, T, m. 

Incensas perfert naves EumSltts ; St Ipn^F. M. v. 665u 


E&n^Bfdfe, 5m,/. [(L T.) 

E^an&nidia : IgfiiSm flammte Bpargfait eteis. Sen* H. F, a7- 
S&ng. £um£nYs ; aut qualem jussu Jundnls Knlquae — Luc. i. 57& 

Efimolptis, 1, i». 

At non ChittitYdes Eumolpfis Yn Orpb«ft tilYs^Ov. P. 8. ilL 41 . 

Eunstts, I, m, 

fionsum aj^tKo piimum pjltr^ ; cQjtts ilpirtao»— r. i£. xi* 666. 

EunStts, i, m. 

— — — omlnS dictfifl 

EiinSds Argoo: gemYnls S&dem 5mnY&, vulttis— 5i(. T, vi. 343. 
£undm¥&, s,/. 

Mat^r est Eun5mt&. Nov! gSniis : nunc quid vis Id v5lo — 
Plaut, AuL 4. X. 60. (TrocK TeU cat,) 
£un2(mtis, i, m. 

Accirem m^icos. Euntfmiis obrlfgfilft jiut, B» Ixxv. 8. 

Eiiniis, i, m. [cxxiiL I. 

EunS, quM afiectas vendentem PhyllYda tfdores? Ju». B. 


Lstatfir. Evoe ! parcS, LibSr, Hor. C, 2. xix. 7* (Lbss. Ale*) 
Bvce BicchS, frSmens, sdlOm te virginJS digni&m— r. ^. vii 389. 

Eup&l&mds, 1. [Tiii. 360^ 

Fertttr: St EfiptOtaiSii F«liigdn«qii« dSxtrft tttentSs-^On. if. 

Euphemiis, T, m. [yilL 7» 

Hdr& DfbeUdrfim dtfcKma Cst, £fipb€m«, mSoriim; illarf. 4. 

Eiiphdrbiis, i, m, [zy. 161. 

Panth.5M§fl EuphSrbiis £ram : cui pectttrS quondttm — Ov, M, 

Eupbran5r, SrTs, m. 

Hic ftlYquid praeclarum Eupbrantfrk et PSlj^cleti— /uv. iii 217. 

Eupbrates, ¥s, m. 

Hinc mdvet Eapbriltes, Tllinc GermanYft beiliim. V, O. i. 609. 

Eupbrateiis, i^ iim, a<^*. 

Tr5ica, St Eupbrateft siiper dY&dem&t% f elix— iS». <9. 2. ii. 122. 

Euploe&, ae,/ 

IndS v2(gis dmen f elix Euplceft cilnms, St, 8. 2. ii 79. 

Ef^Us, 18, and YdYs, m, 

EupdUs, atquS Crfttiniis, ArlstttpbftnisquS pdetse, Hur, iS*. 1 . i v. I . 
Eupdlin, Archtl5chum, cSmites educSrfi tantds — Hor. S. 2. 

iii. 1% 
Iratum EtipSlTdem prsegr&ndT cum sSnd pallSs. Pert. i. 124. 

Eunpldes, Ifs, m. 

Fabiilft 81C EuripIdYs mclf t% mdnstrftt Orestes. 7. If. 1960. 

Euripiis, 1, m. 

EuripOs unda stabU EuMIca pYgfir. iS'en. H. F. 37a ("/. r.; 

Euronitis, i, m. 

Euroni, e jiivSnum lectfi cOhdrt^ gSnSr. ^i». Par. xiv. 2. 

EuropH, ae,/. or Europe, es,/. 

Non gSnStnx Europft t¥bi, 8£d InhospM syrds. Op. ilf.Tiii. 120. 
Sic JSt Europe nlv^um dtfloio— Hor. C. 3. xxviL 26. (Sapph.) 


Eftropetts, I, iim, adf. [(S^omd,) 

Nov^rfit ante illoB f«clem ddcYs Euidpin. Ov. if. ▼iii. 23. 

EarotiM, ae, m. 

DetifnSt EurdtSs lUic et Spart& Lj^cflrgi &o. jE, 674. 
Pum D£tt8 EOrdtao, immaDitamqu« fiSqiwnat^Ov. if. z. 169. 

EOrotts, a, iSan, adf* 

Porttts Xb Efiroo flfictu curWlttts Yn aicttm^r. JB. iii. 633. 

Eartts, I, m. 

Eurfis iid AuroriUn, NSbftthflettquS rggntt i^cessYt— Ov. ilf. i. 61 . 

Eurj^ftle, es,/. 

Eur}^&Ien, quYbtts ezsiatet MavortYft turmis— r. F» v. 613. 

Eurj^&lttB, 1, m. 

Eur^ftlus forma ins^is vtrYdiqu^ jttventa. F. M, v. 295. 

ECrj^bfttes, is, m. 

Eurj^b&ti d&U sum Talthj^bToquS c5m«8. Ov. H. Ui. 10. 

Etirj^d&mas, antls, m. 

Otqufi vSl Eurj^d&maa ter circQm bu8t& Thrft8ylli-.0v. lb, 333. 


BeddYtHque Eurj^dYce siipfoaa yCoYeb&t ttd auriui. V, Q. iv. 436. 

EQij^l6chtts, !, m. 

Earj^ltfchumquJS sYmul, nYmYIque filpSottrft vfni, Ov, M, xiv. 262. 

Burymftchtts, i, m. 

Ellrj^ftcbique ftvYdis, AntYntfTqu^ mtoiis. Ov, H» i. 92. 

ECrj^edon, ontYs, m. 

Earj^eddn, Inter mYsSrae l&mentft 8«nectae— i»l. ii. 641. 
Piscosi Aspendus fl&men sCciis EurjhmfidSntis. Av. D, 1015. 

Efirj^Siue, arfim,/ 

— — — ind8 s&lutant 

EurjhnSnaa: rficYpit yelumque fr£tumquS rSyerstis — F.F, ii. 14. 

Eur^mYdes, as, m. Ptitronym, [771* 

Teiemiis EurjhnYdes, quem nullS f^fellgrftt alSs. Ov. M, xiii. 

EurynSme, Ss,/. 

EdYdYt £urj^6me ; sed postquam filYil crevYt^Ov. AT. iy. 210. 

EurfntfmiiB, i, m. [xi!. 310. 

At non Eurjhitfmfls, Lj^cidisque, St Are6s, St Imbreus — Ov, M. 

Eilrjfpj^ltts, i, m. 

Suspend Eurj^yium scitatiun dricfilS Phoebf-*r. JE. u. 114. 

Eurystheus, Stts, m, 

ArbYtSr EurystheQs irae JunonYs Yniquae, Ov. H. ix. 45. 
OmnYll jam vulgatii : quYs aut EurysthSft durtim, V. G. iii. 4. 

Eurysthetts, ft, ttm, a^f. 

Ngc mYnOr in terris bella Eurystheft gSrentSm — SL T. vi. 311. 

Eurj^tYdes, se, m. Patronym. 

Quae CItfniis EurytYdes multd cslaygrftt auro. F. JS. x. 499. 

Eflrj^tidn, onis, m. 

Telii tSnens, fratrem Eur)^Y5n in yotK ytfcavit. F. JE. v. 514. 


Eilrytfa,M»s,/. a4;'. 

Burjftyd«tque !^s, ftt^ue TtEUs&nT^ Atdds. Oi;. ^. ix. 133. 

• Synaloepha not observed. (SpontL) 

Eiiijfttis, i, m. [356*. 

At ptLSr AlnphTss5s, namque h5c ftvtts EOrj^tiis till — pv. M. ix. 

EiisSbiiis, T, m. 

Arcessenda esset v5x prtf^vi EOsSbii. Jus, Par. xvi. 6. 

I Eutenpe, es,/. [Je^. ^*c.^ 

Eilterpe cOhYbet, nee Pblfhymni^-^Hor, C. 1. i. 33. (Chor, 

Eutb^mciis, i, m, 

EftquS nubSt Euthj^nico nostro h«rili fiHo. P^^. CVi£. Jrpi^ 3. 

(Troch. TeU cat,) 
Euthj^Siis, !, m. 

Euthj^n5us p5tYtur fatdrum munSre Istd. Cic, T, Q. i. 48. 

£iitr2tp^5s, i, M. [xviii. 31. 

CertSre. EutrSpSlus, cuiciimquS nttcerS v5leb&t, Hor. £. 1. 

EutriSpitLSy T, m, 

Efitr»p!us cervTcfi IfiSt. Sic omn)f& vdlvts? Ctaud. But, i. 23, 

Eut^chiiB, i, m, 

Vaces 6p6rt«t, EatjMie, a nfigoto. Pkad, 9, Fr9l 2, (I.T,) 

Euidniis, i, m. 

- EQxinilmqa^ faring pirv5 Ht&t i^ PrSpSn^ £im^. ix. 060. 

ExiUiyiis, 1, m. 

Dlx«rait ExSdYils, t^ique faftb^C !iiBt&r Jn ikir-^Oi% if. xii. 266. 

Exserambiis, i, m. 

Nana yidi hue ipsum adduces trlipSsitftni Exflerambttm. PUmt. 

As, 2. iv. 32. (L TeU cat,) 
£x5m&ts, arOm, m, 

ExSmatae, Tdrimque, et flavi crin8 Satarchae : F, F, vi. 144. 

ExquUise, &c. See Esquilis, &c. 

Exsi&pSraDtiiis, i, tn, 

Cujiis AremdrYcas pfttSr Exsilp^rantiftts oras — Rutil i. 213. 

ExtLpSriiis, i^ m, 

ExiipSn, mSmdrande mihi, facund£ stne 9it^,Aus,Pro/, xvii. 1. 

Fabarts, is, m. [vii. 715. 

Qui Thybrim FabarimquS btbunt, quSs friglda'misYt — K JE, 

FabYantis, i, m. 

Hoc per tdglntamartii, FaMan£> DScembres. Mart, 3^ xxxvi. 2. 

FabYiis, 1, m. or Fabu, driim, m, [iiL 9. 

VictricesquS mttras Fabu, pugnamqufi sYniiBtram — Prop, 3. 
Cum 618 nee lYgYda FabYdrum gentS cr^attis. Mart, 6. Ixiv. 1. 

FabYiis, a, iim, adj, 

GirtttB eras pro me, FabYee Ifix, MBxYmS, g«ntiY8» Ov. P, 4. vi. 9. 



Hinc Fabriterte vGlgfls ; nee mbntH nYvoso— iSkX viii. 306. 

Fabrtctiis, T, m. [H. 414. 

Pauper FabrYcYus, FyrrhT cum spernSrSt aurtim. Claud, 4. C. 

FabrkYiis, &, iim, adj, 

Atque a FabrMS n5n tristem pdnUS rSverd. Hor. S. 2. iii. 36. 

Fftbullft s f, 

Sed dum te nYmYum, F&bullfi, laudas, Mart 1. Ixv. 3. (Phal) 

Fftbullintis, I, m. 

Tarn ssepe nostrum decYpi Fftbullinttm — Mart, 12. li. I. (Scaz.) 

FiibCQltts, 1, m, 

Ut VerannYOlum mgum et Fibullttm— Cat. xii. 16. (Phaiac) 

Fftc^linils, %, ttm, ttdj, 

Mill^ Thtfanteae sedes FttcSlinft DYanie. SU. xi?. 260. aL 

FascelYnft Dlvs. 

FttdYtts, i, m. [TKdi^ 

Legarat FlidYuB : nee dict& rSpontS pfitemtt. Pert, vi. 66. a/. 

Fadiis, I, m. ^ [^. is. 344. 

Fidumque, HSrbesGmquJS sttbit, Rboetumque, AbArimquS, V. 

FsesYdYiis, I, m. 

Quanto FnsYdliiin lafldat i^ilYs Xgentem— %;«0. xiii. 32. 

FosAU, BtJ, 

FeesiUa, Ct antlqufks KomftniB moenYbttB hdirttr. SiU viii. 477* 
FlLlerYft, s,/. 

Laxatum cAhYbet vicudl FlLlerY& cQniim. RiUil. i. 371. 

FXlemiis, &, ttm, o^f. 

Non tYbY, si BacchI ciirlL, F&lemtis figfir. Tib, 1. ix. 34. 

FlUlsci, ortim, m. 

Cum mYhY pdmYftris cdi\jux fbrJSt ortft FiUiscis ; Ov,A,^ xiii. 1. 

FiUisciiSy ft, iim, tidj, 

Quas iamt c&mpis herbft FSlncft sills. Ov, A, 3. xiii. 14. 

Famft, s,/. 

£xtempld LYbj^ magnas It Famtt p£r urbes. V, M, iv. 173. 

FannYtts, i, m. 

FannYtts HerrndgSnes Isdat convivft TYgelli. Kw, S. 1. x. 80. 

Farf ftrtis, i, m. [xiv. 330. 

NamquS tillit praeceps, St ftmoenae Farffirtts umbrae — Ov, M. 

Fascelinus. See Facelinus. 

Fasti, 5rtim, m. wr Fastus, iiiim, m. 

Sic annds intrarS dScet : da gaudY& Fastis 

ContYniia~5^ S, 4. i. 20. 

Nee metis Eudoxi vincetur FastYb&s anntts. Xuc. x. 187. 

Fllv«a, SB,/. 

QuSsYque bfLnc anttlfim FftvSse suae d6dMt iS& porrd mYhi. 
PlauU Mil. 3. i. 109. (Troch, Tetram, cat.) 

Arvft ctfron&ntem nutifrS FilventYX pinilm*-jS'i7. yiit. 696. 


F&ventiniis, I, m. 

FusciciUenus pneBt&tet F&ventfntts. Muri, 2. Ixxiv. 7- (Scaz.) 

Faun!, orlim, m. [viii. 314. 

HflBC nSm0ra ind^^ns Failni NymphiequS tSnebftnt V, ^. 

Faundrum Drj^fimiinqu^ dttlor. ComplectMr ambas — Claud» 

R. P. iii. 381. 
FaunYgSnJl, ae, e, g, 

FaunlfgensequS dOmo p5tltur nataquS LUtinL Ov. AT. xiv. 449. 

Faunils, i, m, 

Fauniis in Arcttdm templft LJ^ceils h&b«t Ov, F, ii. 424. 

FKvonYiis, i, m. 

Nubn))is, et tSnttis gr&viore FftyonTiis Austrd— 5^ S. 3. i. 72. 

Fafistil, s,/. 

Vtlliiis in Fausta Sullx g^nSr ; hoc mKsSr uno— £or. iS*. 1 . ii, 64, 

Faustinas, T, m. 

£de tiids tandem ptfpiilo, Faustina, libellSs. Mart, 1. xxvi. ]. 

Faustttas, atis, /. [ Tet. Asclep.) 

Nutrit rurX CCres, almaquC FaustYtas— Hivr. C. 4. v. 18. (Chor, 

Fausttdils, 1, m, 

Fausttiliis, et msstas Acc% sOlutft cdmas. Ov. F, iy. 854. 

Fafistiis, i, m. 

Alcj^tfnem Bacchi, Thebas et Tei«21 FaQsti. /tiv. vii. 12. 

Febrtttt, ortim, n. [423. 

AnntUt Srat br^vlfor, ngc ftdhuc pY& Febriift norant : Ov. F. v. 

FSbriiarYtta, i, «i. 

Brumiles, Janus, FSbiHarYiia, atqufi DScembSr. Aus Ec, viii. 6. 

Felix, icYs, adj. [Gild. 421. 

NSrvYiis insSquYtur : mSrYtusqu^ ytfcabiil& Felix. Claud, B. 


CndS Ffoestellse n5mYn& portil tSnSt Ov. F. vL 57a 
F^ralTft, tlm, n. 

Hanc, qu» justtt fSrunt, d!xer« VUxWk lucem. Ov, F. ii. 569. 

FSrentTniim, !, n. 

Si Isdit caupontty FSrenfinum irS jiibebo. JTor. E. 1. xvii. 8. 

F^rentiniis, %, ihn, <u^'. 

Siillii Ferentims PnvernatumquS m&niplis — Sil. viii. 393. 

F^rentum, i, n. 

— — — irviiin 

Pingug t«nent httmllis Fgrenti. Hor, C, 3. iv. 16. (Le$s,Alc,) 

FiSretrYtts, i, m. 

Nunc JSvYs mcYpYam causas ftpenre FSretn. Frop. 4. x. I. 
HInc FSretri dicta est arft siiperbft JdvYs. 48. 

FeronYtt, ae,/. 

PneAidet, et yYiYd! gaudens FeronYtt lucd. V. M. yii. 800. 

FescennYtt, ae,/. 

N5 grilyYa heaterno fragfres, FSscgnnYft, yfno, Mart, 1. Ixxxyiii. I. 

Feacenninils, Ii, ttm, <u^'. 

Fegcennm& pSr hunc inventft lYcenttt mdrtfm. Hbr. £. 2. i. 145. 


Festfis, 1} m. 

DScrivit Stj^gVos FCsttis lUlLNS Utcua. ilsrt 1. Izxix. 4. 

Fibrent&Si I, m. 

Naroque XnhtfnSr&tam Flbrenus perdSr^ mSactim^SiL W. 005. 

Fic^lTae, arttm,/. 

IncOUs, et vSteres ta qudquC Ficei¥a8. Mart. 0. xxvii. 2. 

Fid6n&, »,/. or Fldeoae, Sri&m,/. 

— — — Romii mtnanti 

Impar Fidense, cdnteqt&quS cresciSre llsylo. SiL xv. 91. 
VTv&t Fidenis ! fit ftg^lo cSdC pilternS : Juv. vi. 67. 
Ad Fidenarum G&bYorumque ess^ ptftestas — ^x. 100. 

Ffdentintis, T, m. 

Fimft rSfert nSstros ti, FldentinS, ITbellos^iUbr^. 1. xxx. 1. 

FMS8, «i,/. 

Ct ctflTtfir Pax, atquS Flfdes, Victdrlfll, Virtus. Juv. i. 116. 

— — — ad limKntt sanctse 

Cdntendit FYdS!, secretHquS pectdrft tent&t SiL iL 480. 

FWts, Ifs,/ 

CumquS FYdis magno succedunt sIdSr& mundo, Afatu v. 409. 

FYdtttfl, I, m, 

Quserebam Ndnas Sanc5 FYdionS rSferrem, Ov. F, vi. 213. 

FTgiiliiSy i, m. 

At Figiilus, cui cur% dSos secret&qu£ coeli — Luc. i. 639. 

FimbrXft, ae, m. 

Imp58liit : tr uncos l&c£ravTt FimbriS Crassos. Luc. ii. 124. 

Finntis, i, m. 

Servad Flrmusqu^ mihl, fraterquS nSpdti. Claud. B. Gild. 347* 

FTscelltts, I, m. 

Quae, FiscellS, tiias arces, PinnamquS v]trentSm — SiL viiL 51 7* 

Flaccillft, le, /. [xxxi v. 1. 

H&nc t!b¥, Frdntd pftter, genStrix FlaccillS piiell&m — Mart. 6. 

Flacci&s, i, m. 

OmnS Y&f er vYtYum ridenti Flacclis ftmTc5 
Tanglft— P«r*. i. 116. 

FlamMiis, !, m. 

Sunt tifbi FlamYnXus Thrllsj^men&que lTt6rft testSs, Oc>. F. vi. 765. 

FlamYn^fils, Ii, iim, tidj. 

Quorum Flamhini tCgYtur cTnYs atquS Lfttina. Jw. \. 171. 

Flavinft, «B,/. 

Qulque tlios, Flavinii, fScds, SabatYft qulqug— ^SiA viii. 490. 

Flftvfnjfils, 1, m. 

Rhetor Flavin! cognomlfnS dissimiilatiis, Aw. Prqf. xxiii. 7* 

Flavfnlftts, ft, ttm, a(^'. 

HI Soractifs hftbeot ircH FlivinYilque arv&. F. M. vii. 696. 

Ff avYtts, 1, m. 

Quam jam semUbiYmum UldSr&ret FlavYtts orbSm-*-«Afv. iv. 37. 
FlavYttfi, ft, iim, o^;. 

MftnSMt altum Flavte dteOs gentSis. itfor^ 9. ii. a ("Jkox.; 


Flora, ae,/. 

ChldrYs'#rara, quie Pl5ril v8cdr ; corrupts Lfttind — Ov. F. v. 195. 

FldraliU, iioi, n. 

Rixanti p5piil5| ndstra ut Floraliil pQssiut — Pers. v. 178. 

Fldr&llfcTtts, &, Urn, atff. 

Ct FloralicYas lass^t &ren& ffiras. Mart. 8. Ixvii. 4, 

Floialis, e, adj, 

£x¥t et in Mauls sacrum Fldralg KSlendas. Ov. F. iv. 94?. 

FldrSntintts, I, m. 

Florentine, mXhi : tu mSil plectr& mdves. C/. R. P. 2. Pro/. 50t 

Florils, i, m, 

Jull Fl6r8, qun>u8 terrarum miHtCt oris — Hor, E. I. iii. 1. 

FoeoYtts, T, m. 

Foeniiie, et brSvfi rus, udique pratft tSnSt. Mart. 1. cx¥. 2. 

Ariminens§m FoIYttm, ffor. Ep. y. 42. f'/. ZKm.^ 

Fontanils, i, m. 

Naidite a Sfttjhns c^nSret Fontantis Ematas. Ov. P. 4. xvi. 35. 

Fonteiiis, I, m. [v. 32. 

Cocceius, CftpYtoquS, simal Fonteliis, Id QnguSm — Hor. 5. 1. 

FdntYnaliB, Ifs, tn. 

Quid Tstuc est provincTae ? Utrum FontYnali an Lib€r6 — 
Plant. St. 5. iv. 17. (I. Tetr. acat.) 

FormTaei arttm,/. 

temp^ratae dulcS FdrmYse litttts. Mart. 10. xxx. 1. (Scaz.) 
QuS Fdrmfilrum moeolil dicittir— fTor. C. 3. xyii 6. ("GV. ^2c. j 

Formlantis, i, ttm, 04/. 

TeinpSrant vftes, n^uS FormKani — Hor. C. I. xx. 11. (Sapph.) 

FomacalTii, tim, n. 

CurKd legYtYmis niinc F5m§calY% verbis — Ov. F. ii. 627- 

FomacalYs, fi, adj. 

£t Fornacali sunt sttil sacr& D^ae. Ov. F. vi. 814. 

Fornax, acts,/. 

Fact& DSa est Fornax : IsetT FomacS cSloni. Ov. F. ii 525. 


ST F5rslst& dSdit nobis, F5rs ipsH gubernllt. Man. i. 494. 
Quam cYtS venerunt Fdrtunae Fortis hSnores. Ov. F. vi. 773. 

F5rtun&, sstf. 

Hlc iibf Fdrtunae RSdticis f ulgentYft late 

Templft nYt§nt—ilfar^ 8. Ixv. 1. 
Fortunatiis, T, m. 

NSe ^ortiln&ti cpSmit, n§c balnSH Faustt. Mart. 2. xiv. 11. 
FSrtUT, oitim; m. 

CasperYa, biinc Fttrtili, magnsequ^ RgatS dYcatiim— iS'tV. yiii. 415. 

FrancYa, ae,/. [237. 

BxneUet cYtfCs, foUix mAm FrancXft (€fl§8. Claud. 1. C, S. i. 
133 . H 


Francfis, I, m. w Franci, 5riiiii, m. 

Ante pMSs hiimYII Franco tnstiquS Stfevo— Cfawl. £k#. i 394. 
CiesJirYem ; p&vTdoque orantes munniiW{ FrancL 4. C. H. 447- 
6aUYc& FranoSrum mdntes amentk p^r^rrent. 1. C. S. i. 227- 

Friiggl«, ariim, /. 

^t, qus f iimftDtem tezSrS g^^tH, FrifgCllae. SiL xii. 589. 

^figens, arttm,/. 

AlsYum, et obsSssfle campo squalgntS Frt^ns. 5f/. Tiii. 475. 

FrSDtaDiis, &, ttm, o^r* 

SxiiSre indttcHia sficHs Frentintts Yn armis. Sil, xr, 567. 

FtigYdiis, i, m. 

Alplnx rtibttere nlves, et Fngfdiis amnfe. C2(iim2. 3. C. H, 99. 

Frontintts, f , m. 

Qus bi8 Fron^no consftlS plenil fiiTt. ilfor^. 10. xlviii. M. 

Fronto, SnYs, m. 

Clarilm milYtts, FrSntS, tdgaequS dSctts. Jtfart. 1. Wi. 2. 
Frontonis pUUlni, convfUsSquS minnArtt clamftnt. /«v. i. 12. 


Nee nollt FrugT Had vtfcar^ stUhn. Jut. Pn^. L 34. 

Friistnoi onYs, m. 

Aut FabratSrYs dtfmfis, aut FrttsYnon^ pttratttr. Juv. iii. 224. 

FucYntts, 1, m. 

Te nemtts AngYtYie, vYtrCa te FucYntts undi, K JE, viL 769. 

FuffKtYtts, 1, «. 

TYbi et FuffYtYg sSni r^cocto. Cat. Uy. 5. (Phaiac.) 

FuHdYtts, i, m. 

FttfYdYiSs vippae famam tYmSt Sc nifbi&ldnYs. Hor. A I. li. 12. 

FufYtta, T, m. 

Nod migla afldYSrit quam FuHfis SbiYfis olYm, Hor. S. 2. iii. 60. 

FulgYnYa, ae,/. 

Campi Fulglnla, et pfttiUu Clitumni&a Yn Ir^v^-^SU. iv. 545. 

FQlvYli, ae,/. 

FillvYft c5n8ti(tlilt— 

FulvYtts, T, m. 

FulvYtts, huic nam spondebant prsMagYft mentis, SHI xL 114. 

FundanYtts, i, m. 

OnQs vTvorOm, Fundani, PdllY5 regtim—^or. 5. 1. x.t42. 

Fundanfis, H, ftm, adj. 

MaxYmft Fundani glorYft, RufiB, s^li. Ov. P. 2. xL 2& 

Fundi, oriim, in. 

Fundique, St regnatX Lihno CaietJl, ddmu8qu£~5ti: yiu. 529. 

FiirYae, ariim,/. 

DaDt tiYSs FfiiYfle torvo spectaclUil M&rtl Hor. C. 1. xxviiL 17. 
Pnedixit, vobis FiirYarum Sgfi maxYmft pando. V. JE. iii. 252. 
Sing. £t cum ftten FiirYft jusserit verftm. Mart. 10. v. la 

Funppiis, 1, m. 

Pars te Fdrippam vtfcYtat, p&r« ySrS Fttrlppttm. Aut. B. cxv. 1. 


Fttrilis, i, m. 

Fulfils bibSrnas ctoi nirwt omiqitffit Alpes. Hor. & 3. v. 41. 
Fumlftts, 1, m. 

Furnms, ac mSlIdr dextne Tdrqu&tila, Ynlbant. SU. vii 619. 
Fuscici&Ieniis, i, •». ^ 

FuscidUenuB pnestftt, et FftyentTni&s. Mart. 2. Ixxiv. 7. {'^^J! 
Fusciniis, T, m, *^> 

Plurimft sunt, Ffiscine, et fama dSjgnii slnistrfi, /»«. xiv. I. 
Fusciis, 1, m. [83. 

Fllscds, £t hec tttifnam Viscdrum laud^t iiterqu& Hwr. S, i. x. 


GibXr, Ms, fli. 0r G&biirtts, i, m. 

Dam Stat, declsam GXb&r Inter proeltft dextrftm. Sik ix. 387. 
Nee G&bllri SicchsquS vYrum tSn&erS fttrentes — 385. 

Gttblfr, drttm, m, 

ScTs LSb^dfls quid stt, GKbKis desertlfOr, atqu£ — Hor, E, \. xi. 7< 
An Fidenarum G&btdriimque essS pdtestas — Juv, x. 100. 

G&bintS, s,/. 

Castdrft de PdUucS G&binlft fecYt AchiUSm. Mart, 7. Ivii. 1. 

Gftbin&s, ft, tLm, a<^'. 

Ips£ Qu&inall trftbSa, clnctuquS G&bmo— r. ^. vii 612. 

Gades, liim,/. 

Septimi, Gades ftdlture mecum, et — Hor. C, 2. vi. 1. (Sapph,J 
Gadibus jungas, St iiterquS Poentis— 2. ii. 11. 

Gadir, or Gaddfr. [(L T,J 

Hie Gaddir urbs est, dict& Tartessils prT&s. Av, O. M, 8d. 

Gadltanils, ft, iim, adf. 

CantYcft qui NiH, qui Gaditanft siisurr&t. Mart. 3. Ixiii. 5. 

GatfiM, SB,/. [307. 

Quicquid mdnstrYfSris nutrit G-setullfft campls. Claud. M. T. C. 

Gastultciis, ft, iim, ad^. 

Agnosco prScSrem. Salve, GsetuIYcS, seu tu — Juv, viii. 26. 

Gstuliis, ft, t&m, ad^. 

Parebant, nullaquS iSvis Gsetuliis bftbena — Sil ii. 64. 

Galft, ae, w. 

DejecTt Galam. SacrTs CatthagYnTs lUtLm — Sil. xv. 464. 

GftJsesiis, I, m. 

Almonem piiSrum, foedatlque orft GftlsesT ; K JS. vii. 575. 

NumYnS decepto risissS GftlantMdtt fama esL Ov. M, ix. 316. 
Gftl&tft, ffi, m. or GftlfttSB, ariini, m. 

Hinc f^rft yenalTs Gftlttta duetofS frSquentftt, Claud. But. i. 59. 
Gftlftteft ae f. 

Mild m§ Gftlftteft pScit, laaelvft pttSilft, V. 3. iii. 64. 
135 k2 


HOnc 6m^& vKgem afiaa est iDcenCrtf beUo i SLS.l,iy. 76. 

Galb&» s, m. 

Cses&rYs ad menB&a, ii§c TiEs GilUl tttli8t«t /«0. v. 4 

GKlesiis, 1, m. 

Qua s&tiirat Cttllibris cfiltiL Giiesfis ftqoM. Mori. & xxviii. 4. 

Gallft, s,/. 

Pendebit colid GiUft p&fictt tfifi. Frop. 3. zu. 22. 

GiUY&, se,/. 

Galim caOsMkos dtfcttit facttadl firitannos. J«v. stv. 111. 

GallYcantbs, &, iim, adj. ^ 

Ridentem c&tiUi org GallTcam. Ca<. xlii. 9. (Pfud.) 

GallYciis, I, m. [xiii. 157.' 

Hsec qutft& pare scSlSrum, quae custos Galllcila urbKs — Juv. 

GalHciis, ft, tim, adj, 

Gallkfi qui Phrj^gYum duxYt Yd arv^ sSneni. Ov. P. 4. x¥i 18. 

Gallinft, e, m. 

Hdc g^ni&s ; Horil qu«ta est ? Threx est GftlKnil Sj^ro par 7 

^•r. & 2. vi 44. 

Galllnantts, &, iim, adj, 

£t Pdmtmft p&lus, et Gallinari& pini&s. Juv. iii. 307- 
Gallio, dnis, m. 

Gallid, crimen Siit vix excusabHS nobis, Op. P. 4. xL 1. 

Aut dulcem genSrassg GallidnSm. St. S. 2. vii. 32. (PhaUec.) 

Galttfi, 86,/. 

£t c&d&t ants l&res Gallits, victYmft solft — Juv. xii. 113. 

GalldnY&5,l, m. 

Galldni prsconYs Srat* ftcipensSrS mensfi — Hor, S. 2. ii. 47. 
• By csBSura. 

GalliUiis, &, Iim, adj. [ Urh. viii. 2. 

GalliiU Roma ArSlas, quam Narbo Martitis, et quftm — Aw, 

Galliis, 1, m. 

NaidSs, IndTgno quum Galliis &mdr£ pSrirSt, V, B. x. 10. 

Galltis, fi, tim, adj. 

£t t&mYdus Galla crediilitate frti&r. Mart. 5. i. 10. 
Dumque S& Gallorum ptfpiUi dant funfirft campo — SiU iv. 216. 

GangftrYds, arttm, m. 

Gang&rYdum HlcYam, victdrisque anntt QuYrinL V, G. iii. 27- 

Ganges, Ys, m. 

Nee pulcher Ganges, atque aurd turbidtts Hermtts, V.G. ii. 1 37. 

GangetYciis, ft, iim, adj. 

£t quas sentic Arabs, et qu&s G&ngetYcft teUiis. Luc. iv. 64. 

Gangetis,'Ydtfs,/. a^, 

TalYs grftt dtfmYta Bacchas Gangetidft terra. Ov. A. 1. ii. 47. 
G&n5hnedes, Ys, m. 

£t gSniis invlsum, et ripti Gftnj^edYs btoores : V. JE. i. 28. 
Gftnj^medeiis, ft, iim, adj. 

£t Gftn$medea pociilft mixtft mftnu. Mart. 8. xxxix. 4. 


GftrXdiis, 1, m. [001. 

Turn GKrXdiiiii, l&rgOmquiS ctfms prJtotCniyt Adfairb^n. SiL vii. 

Gi&rftmantes, iimi m. [7^5. 

Saturno quondam, sfipSr et GftrftmantMs 8t Indos — V. JS. vi. 

G&rSmantkiis, ft, fim, at^, 

Dum fert HerciUSTs GftrSmantYcS sTgnfl cSlumnis, iSt7. i. 142. 

GaramantYs, M^,/ o^;. [198. 

Hlc HammdnS s&tus, rapta GaramautTdS nympha — F, jE. iv. 

GarAmas, antis, in. [267. 

Dum mecum Garttmas, fit adustus corpdrS Mauriis, SiL viii. 

Gariinfts, I, m. ^ iSiL ii. 110. 

Jam Garamum, audicemque Thj^um, pariterqu£ riientes — 

Gargantts, i| m. 

Appttliis Hadtfacas exit Garganiis Yn undSs. Luc, v. 380. 

Girg^iis, a, iim, adj. 

IncYpYet radHs Gargana cacumYna Phoebtis. Sik ix. 34. 

GargaphYe, es,/. 

MomYn^ GargaphYe, sCiccincts sacra DYanse : Ov. M, iii. 156. 

Gargara, driim, n. 

Jactat, et ipsa sUas mitantOr Gargara masses. K G, i. 103. 

GargarYciis, a, ilm, adj. [16. 

Dlndj^a GargarYc5 respdndent cantYca liicd. Aua, Epis. xxv. 

GargarYds, artimi c. g. 

Gargarids rursum : gens haec obndxYa Bacchd— ^v. D. 1349. 

Gargenfis, I, m. 

NdbYle GargenT spdHum, quod regS siiperbfis— ^tX v. 137. 

GargettYOs, a, ttm, adj. 

Mallet deserto sfinYor GargettYOs hortd. SL S. 1. iii. 94. 

GargilYantts, i, m. 

Die mYhY, quid Il5me» GargYlYan£» fltcYs ? Mart. 3. xxx. 2. 

GirgilYtis, i, m. 

GargYlYus, qui manS piagas, venabttia, servos — Hor. E. I. vi. 58. 

GarrYciis, I, m. 

Mittebas libram : quadrantem, GarrYca, mittYs. Mart. 11. cv. 1. 

Garumna, se, m. [vii. 11. 

TestYs Arar, RhManasque cSler, magnusqua Garumna, Tib. h 

GaQllim, i, n, 

Jfivere, et strato Gaulum spectjibYla ponto, SiL xiv. 274. 

Gaurantts, a, iim, adj. 

Gauranosqua sYnOs, at aestttantes. St. & 4. iii. 25. (PhaUec) 

Gaurtts, T, m. 

SiUqpectumqua jttgOm Cfimis, et Gailrtts YnanYs. Juv, ix. 57. 

GiZa, Kyf. 

Gazaque, at irbiisto pafanarOm dlvSs Idume. Luc. iii. 216. 

G^ennsi artimi m. 

Gens habYtat cftna pendSntes rupi^ GSbSnnas. Luc. i. 435. 
137 n3 


Gedtpp&, S| /. 

Gedippa, Cninusque Bttus, prdleiqu^ JdvInL Jtit, JEpi*. iv. 37> 

GedrosT, 5rtlm, m. 

Gedrosi post hos tendunt MentYs ild ignes. Pm. P. 994. 
GedrosYft, s,/ 

Hos 8iip«r et tellua tendit GedrosUl gleblUn. ^v. /). 1286. 

GSlft, s, m. [21& 

■VenYt, Hh amn^ trAhens nomen, G«lft ; venlft HftlesiL Sil. xiv. 

GelaSi ae, m. 

Pecttts Yn adversum Gels jttcYt ilYpgderoquif— K P. ▼!. 208. 

GSlftsYmiis, i, m. «, 

Sed quYd SgTt pftrftsltus noster G^Asimtts f «tYam vttlSt ? Pla«/. 
iSf. 4. i 6a (TroeA. TeL cat.) 
GelbYs, Ys, m. 

Te r&pYdus Gelbis, te mannttrS clariU ^rubriU, ^im. £<;. x. 359. 

G^lestft, s, m. 

In f ftcYem Mauri ruraus mutatA GSlestie, SiL x. 86. 

Geli, 5riim, m. . [1215. 

Sunt Geli, et MardT. TSpYdum qui rurs&s ftd Austrilm — Av. D. 

Gem&, s,/. 

Non dttl^t hic, quisquis laudan, GellYft, querYt Mart. 1. xxxiv.9 

GellYantis, I, m, 

Vendebat m9d0 praecd GeUYantts. Ifar^ 6. Ixvi. 3. (Phalac 

GeUYiiB, i, m. 

GellYtts sdYfYcat semper ; mttdO limYn& ponlt — Mart. 9. xlvii.1 

GSloni, ort&m, m. or G£lonii8, i, m. j 

Hic LfilSgas Carasqufi sttgittif^rosque G^londs— F. G. iii. 46{ 

GfilontUii £, iim, oe^'. , 

Sensum ilgUem : traxere AnYmos de patrS GSlone " 

KyrcAud-^'Grat. 196. 

GSlotts, 2, iim, adf. 

Adparet Cttmftrinft prttcfil, cimpTqulS G<SldT| V, JE. iii. 701. 

GSmelliis, i, m. ^ 

petit GemeilOs nliptYas MftroniUs. Mart, 1. x. 1. (Scaz.i 

GSroYni, oriim, m. 

Sol ftbYt e G«mYni8, et Cancri signft riibescttnt. Ov. P. vi. 7^ 


IncljftJi CiE8|lr«i8 Gen&bos di8s5lvitttr alls. Luc. i. 440 

GSnauni, driim, m. [^« 

Drusus GSnaiUios, implUcYdum gSntts, tfor. C. 4. xiy. 10. (^^ 
GSnetsiis, ft« iim, ac^'. i 

Inde GSnetsi rfipem JOvYs, hinc TYbttreniim, T. P. v. 148. ' 
GSnYtts, T, m. 

Magnfi GSni, c&pfi ddnft lYbens, TotSsqu^ f &veto. Prop, 4. v> 
G^nonli oriim, m. I 

S&nt6nico qus tectil s&lo : quae notil Gfooais : Au»,EpU, ix. i 
Gfiniistta, i, m. [4 

Telltis, quam viJliicer GSnfisus, qiutb moUi5r Apai&s, Luc 

Orbs iigttilr, Gfoj^ odi^uz am5v«xttt imiL F. F. iii. 114. 

GSraratdSi T, m, 

Suigis ftb ostrtlM medXuB, NeptOnS, G^raetto. T. F. i. 456. 

GennanY&, s,/. 
g^; Hinc mOvet Euphrates, illlnc GermanYft belliim : F. G. i. 609. 

1 GermanYciis, &, iim, adj. [25. 

Tempiis &b his vftctium Caesar Germanlciis omnfi — Ov. P. 4. v. 
GermanYcarum magnft lux Kftlendariim. Mart. 9. ii. 4. (Scax.) 

% Germaniis, il, iim, odj, or Ogrmani, drttm, m. 

Insignem ob cladem Germanae pubis, ^t aiis — Pera, vi. 44. 
J,. Qua sunt GermaQi bellaces, atqu^ BrYtanni. Pria. P. 274. 

!f,s Gfirdn, Sntis, m. 

GSrdntYs arx est emtnus : namque ex Sa — Av, O. M» 263. (LT.) 

^ Gerrhae, arttm, m. 

Gerrhae h&Mtant : Gerrhas atiingunt dppTdft late— ^v. D. 459. 

Gerj^oD, tfaTs, m, w Gerj^tfnes, ae, m. 
Wl TergemKni nSce Gerj^tfnis sptflnsqu^ siiperbiis. V. JE. viii 203. 
-> P;. Gerj^5iie8 qu6t Srant, dteles si multlpHcent&r. ^m. EpU. 

vii. 6. 
•^, Monstrum Ger^ttnes imman£ trIcorpSrts Irae. Sil. xiii. 201. 

• By diaeresis. 

QuTdvS tripect8r& tergSmYni vis Gefy8nai *. Lucr, v. 28. 

Gerj^Onae st&btila, et luctantum In pQlvSrS sign&. Prop, 3. xxii. 9. 

, .,Gery5nac6iis, ft, iim, adj, l(L T,) 

^ cam senis m&nYbus, gSner^ Girj^dnacSd. PUtuU Jul, 3. vi. 18. 

^ GangftrYdum : potaqu^ Gfirys quos effSrftt unda. T. P. vi 67- 

r Vesandfir, dri, m. 

OpprYmYt admissis f ^riis hunc Gesand^r h&bems. F, P. vi. 303. 

GesYthdiis, i, m. aL Gess^mYniis. 
.Q J £t nunc magnftnYmds H j^pStaduH Gesithtf CLmquS — F, P. vi. 637. 

Gestiir, ftrYs, m. [327. 

^ y, Gestiir ftd haec : namque impfttYens asperquS cfiqueb&t — SiL ii. 
^ * GestftiYs dppSsYto tSniiisset cdrp5r« teliim. xii. 262. 

• 7pStfi, ae, m. or GStes, ae, m. or Gfitae, arilm, m. 
^ Ciiive p&ter vafri luditiir arte Gfitae. Ov. J. A, iii. 332. 

Hinc Daciis prSm&t, ind£ GStes: dccurrSt HYberls — Luc, ii. 54. 
Quum f tigYt in RhSdOpen, atque in desertft G^t&riim. F, O, 
\Aif iii- 463. 

J (^<B«tYc€, adv. 

Jam dYdYcT GgtYce SarmatYcequ« Ittqui. Ov, T. 5. xu. 58. 

46. OStYciis, &, iim, adj, 

GradivumquS p&trem Geticis qui praesYd^t arvis. F, JE, iii. 35, 
. 4. ^Getulia, &c. See Gaetulia, &c. 

Gidd«neme, es, /. [(I. T.) 

;. i%\ CagnoBfin^ GiddSnemea iiM»Uam tiUbn X Pltmt, Peeu. 5. iii. 1 1. 

r|9Yganteii8, &, iim, adf. 
luc CumquS GYgantei Wmttrintur praltt belli— Oo. T. ii. 71- 

G I G— G L Y 

GIgas, antXs, m. 

AffectasB^ f erOnt regnfim coelSfltfi 0%aoUis. Ov. F. ▼. 35. 

Gildo, dnXs, m. 

Quo Mauri, Glldaqu« rttit. Quid MartlH sTgnil— 02. fi«^ i. 605. 
£t NtlmYds Gilddnis erunt 7 pro f uner& tantil— ^. OOd 92. 

GTllo, onis, m, 

CndOlam PrdcttleittB hftbet, sed GHld deoncem. /vr. i. 40. 

GTr, m. 

HespSridum Triton et Gir notissYmtts amnla 
MihUpum— Claud. 1. C. S, i. 252. 

GtrnettB, li, ttm, ocl;. 

— — — dJSmTtorquS f Srarttm 

Gtmeus, qui vast& cSlIt sub rupYbtis antrtt. Claud, Eid. iv. 21. 

Gi8gO| dnYsi m. [075. 

Nee GisgonS siltus, n^ UftmilcftrS tergil d^dissent SU, xvi. 

Gl&brio, onfg, m. 

Glabri6 te moesda cdmmemtfrabo ^l^gis. Aut. Prcf. xxiv. 2. 

GlacUla, le,/. 

ST gelYdQm coUd necCit GI&C1U& drttconem; Mart, 7. Izxxvii. ^. 

GiSgils, 1, m. 

Et Gljigiis, infflgnis ventos anteirS liicertd. SiU xvi 561. 

Glanianus. See Grantianus. 

GUphjhre, es,/. 

Gl&phj^riis, T, m, 

PlaudSre nee Cano, plaad^rfi nee GUphjhro. Mart, 4. v. 8. 

Glauce, es,/. 

AltSrft vel Glauee, sunt tYb! caCMl nScYs. Aut, E, ezzx. 6. 

GlaucY&, K, m. or GlaucYas, se, m. 

GlaucY& libertus jam MelYorYs «rftt. Jfori. 6. xxix. 4. 
Hdc sub marmOrfi GlaucYas hiimatiis. xzviiL 4. (PhaL) 

GlaucYs, Ydtf8»/. [55. 

GlaucYdds et cfttiilfle vox est mYbY grat& quSrentYs. Prop, 4^ iii 
Glauctts, T, m, 

PotnYftdum morsus stib^as, iit Glauciis Squarfim. Ov, lb, 557. 

Glisas, antttSi m, 

Bxilem Glisantii, C5rdniamqu« feracem. St, T, viL 307. 

Giycfirti, 9,f, or Glj^efire, es,/. 

Quis YgYtur vdcarS ? Glj^c^re nom^n est Ii^urYa 'st Plaut. 
Mil 2. V. 27. (Tr. Tetr. cat.) 
Orit me Giycerae nYt«r— -Hor. C, 1. xix. 5. (Glycon,) 
PI, LaYdfts, et Glj^cSras, lascivs nomYnft f amae. Aus, E, xviiL 1. 

Glj^cerifira, I,/. 

MS& Glj^c£rium, inquit, quYd &gTs ? cur te is perdYtilm ? Ter. 

An, 1. i. 107. (T, T.) 
Glj^con, onYs, m. 

Nee quYH desperSs invicd mCmbrX Glj^odnYs — Hor, E. 1. i. 30. 
GlympYciis, i, m. 

GlympYc«, te silvis egit BoeotYtta Hignon. Qrat. 214. 


Glyptiis, 1, m, 

GnStho, onYs, m.' 

Siquidem me Minaret, turn istuc prddesset, Gnfttho. Ter, Eun. 

8. i. 56. (L T.) 
Gn&thdniciis, &, iim, adj, 

Vteabms p&r&siti Item ut Gii&fchon!ci v5centilr. Ter. Eun. 2. 

ii. 93. (LTeir.caL) 
GnatiS, ae,/. 

Ban moenYft pTscosT. Dein Gnati^ lymphis — Hor. A 1. v. 97- 

Gnidiiis, 5, iim, adj. 

Vera V gnus GnidYam cum vidit Cyprid&, dixit, Aus. E. Ivii. 1 . 

GnidSs, 1,/. 

Vgnus, regin^ Gntdl PjlphlquS, Hor, C. I. xxx. 1. (Sapph.) 
GnosiSciis, S, tim, adj. 

VTncens GnosiScaB ftcem cttronae. St. S. 1. vL 88. CPhal.) 
GnosYfts, adds,/, adj. 

PonS mStum, Bacchi, Gnostas, ux5r firis. Ov. A. A. i. 556. 

Uiam Gn&siftdesqufi Cj^ddnSaeqoe ji&vence — ^293. 
Gndsts, Ydds,/. adj. 

Gnosis in ignotis amSns errab^t llrenTs. Ov. A. A. i. 527* 

£t Phcebus Daplinen et Gnosida Bacchus &mavit Ov. H. xv. 26, 

Gndsiiis, %» tLm, adj, [566. 

Gnosiiis haec RhSidamanthiis h&bet dunssimS regua — V, M. vi. 
Gnoses, I, /. 

Creta vgtus pSpaiis, Gnososque Sgitarg phSretras— Xmc. iii. 185. 

Golgi, ortim, m. [96. (Spond.) 

QuaequS rSgis Golgos, qiiaeque IdalTum frondosiim. Cat, Ixiv. 

G5n5essa, Biff. 

Ac carens nunquam G5n8essa vento. Sen. Tr. 843. (Sapp-) 

Gdrge, es,/ 

Et m«lior Gorge, quam siia matgr, Srat ? Ov. A. A. ii. 700. 

Gorgon, 5nds, and 5nis, /. 

Gorg5nis anguicSmae Perseus silp£rat5r, ^t alis — Ov. M. iv. 698. 

P/, Gorg5nSs, Harpyiseque, et forma tricorpdris umbrae. V* 

JE, vi. 289. 
GorgSnetis, a, i&m, adj. 

Lumma GdrgOnSo saevius ignS micant. Ov, A. A, iii. 504. 

Gorgoniiis, I, in, 

PastlUos Rufillus 81et, Gorgoniiis hirciim. Hmr. S. 1. iv. 92. 

Gortyna, ae,/ or Gortyne, es,/ 

Docta, ngc Eois pejor Gortyna sagittTs. Ltic. iii. 186. 
Parv& Gortyne, stgrilisqug Tricce. , Sen, Tr. 826, (Sapph.) 

Gortyntaciis, a, iim, <idj. 

Nee Gortyniaco caiamCls iSvTs Sxit ab arcu. Ov. M. vii. 778. 
GortynYs, id6s,/ flM^'. 

Dictsea prdciil 5ccS manu GortynYa arundo — Luc, vi. 214. 
GortynYils, a, ttm, adj, 

Spicttla torqu§bat Lj^cYo GortynYa cornii. V, AS, xi. 773. 
GttthT, ortim, m, 

Hac possem victds ind^ rSfiSrre Gfttbos. Au$, E. iii. ICL 


Graccfatts, i, m. 

Gricchtts tit hic lU! f«r«t, hvSc at Mficyfis ni& ffor.E. 2. ii. 89. 

— — — CornSllfii, mat«r 

Gracchorum, si cum magniB vlrtiitibiis offers — Juv, vi. 168. 

GradivYcOlfti s, c. g. 

£t Gradiv!c5lam celso de coUtf Tttdertem. SiL It. 222. 

Gradiviis, T, m, 

Lectft r^fert htimeris tYbT, rex Gradive, trdpae&m. F. JE, x. 642. 
£t gtotts a magnd ducentem f5rt« Grftdivd. Ov, M, vi. 427. 

Gr»a,tt,/. ' [332. 

AuIMft qui, Graeamqufi sSrunt, vMdesquS PIStaeas. SU 7. vii. 

Grsce, adv» 

Puls&t, ftdhuc Greece 7 non est hic sermd piidicfis. Juv. vi 193. 
Graeclii, ae,/. 

Quamvis filj^stos miretur GrsBcYft campos, F, G, u 38. 

GrSBcinflSi T, m. 

Quam mm se praestet v^tSri GraecintbB iUnioQ. Ov. P. 1. vi. 53. 

Grieciiliis, &, tlm, adj, l(PhaLj 

Nusquam Graecttlft qudd rScant&t fichd. Mart. 2. Ixxxvi 3. 

Graect&s, ft, {Lm, adj. 

Vfx bSnS barbSrlca Graecft ntftatft m&nu. Ov. H. iii. 2. 

GrajtlgSnft, ae, c. ^. 

InflammassSt Squus ndcturao Graj&g^narilin. Lucr. i. 478. 

GraifiSi Hl, iim, o^;* 

Graitls hdmo, infectds linquens prdOigus * hj^mSnaeos. F. M. 
• By caesura. x. 720. 

Fas mihi Graiorum sacratft rSsdlvSrS jurjt, ii. 157. 

Grane, es,/. 

Inde s&ta est Nymphe, GranSn dlxerS prlores. Ov. F. vi. 107. 
Graniciis, !, m. 

Ferttir AlexYrhSe, Granlcd natii blcoml. Ov. M. xi. 763. 

Grantlaniis, ft, ttm, adj. \dL Glaniana. 

Nee desunt tibl verii GrantTaniL Mart. 4. xxxix. 6. (PhaU) 
Gratift, ae,/. w GratTae, ariim,/. 

N5n Hj^mSnseiis ftdest, non illi GratYft lecto. Ov. M. vi. 429. 

JunctaequS Nymphis GratYae dScentes — Hor. C. 1. iv. 6. ( L 

T. cat) 
GratYanlis, i, m. 

Sic GratXaniis hunc nttvtim — Aus. EpU. xvi. 98. (L Dim.) 
Gratltts, T, m. 

Apt&qu£ venanti Grattils arm& dftrfit. Ov. P. 4. xvi. 34. 

GrfivYi, ortknii m. 

QuiquS siiper Gr&vYos lucentes v5lvit Arenas, SU. i. 235. 

Gr&viscae, ariim,/. 

£t PyrgT v^tSres, int^mpestsequfi GrSvTscae. F. JE. n. 184. 
Inde Gr&viscarum fastigYft raril vYdemiis. Rut. i. 281. 

Gnptts, I, m. [(I. T.) 

QuM est nSgoti, Grip^ ? De flld yidtdd— Pto»^. R. 4. vii. 2. 


Grospbtts, 1, m. 

Doctor Grdsphils «rat, cj\jila coel&tft g6r6bftt^«Sii^ xiv. 211. 

GrumYo, onfe, m. [(I. T.) 

QuSsi invYderS rnVhi hoc vYdSrS, GrumYo. Pto»«. Most. I. i 48. 

Gri&thungi, orttm, m. [62a 

Aus! Daniiblum quondam tranar^ Griithungi— Clau^i. 4. C. H. 
FaU Grfithungorum, debeUatumqug tjhtilnniim. 635. 

GiyllfiBi 1, m. 

Redde Mpi nobis, tenebrds&quS balnSft Grylli. Mart. 1. Ix. 3. 

Gryneus, 6ds, m. 

Cumqu8 stlis Gryneus immanem susttilYt arftm — Ov. If.xii. 260. 

Gryoeiis, &, tLnii adj. 

Hic t!bY Grynel nfimSris dicati&r drigo. F» B, vi. 72* 

Gryphiis, !, m. 

Misistif mih!, Gryphe, pro libeUo— iS^. S, 4. ix. 2. (Pkakec) 

OuneuSi SSs, m. [JET. xi. 1. 

GunS& pontiis h&bSt, ttimttlus sYnS cdrpdrS ndm£n. Aus, Ep. 

GfiigSs, Ms, m. 

Gurgitifs aut FftbH, qus ludYfi sumsfirit unqu&m — Juv, vi. 266. 

Gj^&reus, Sds, m. 

Dum ciipYt In s5cYam Gj^iireus erump^rfi puppYm, X«c. iii. 600. 

Gj^JlrT, ortlm, ui. or Gj^ftrSs, i,/. 

Aiide iUiquId brSvYbus Gjfftris, et carcSrS dignttm. Juv, i. 73. 
Brrantem Gj^Sro celsa Mj^cdnoqufi r^vInxYt. K JE, iiL 76. 

Gj^as, SB, m. 

IngentemquS Gj^as Ingenti molS ChYmterftm — F, JE. v. 118. 

Gygseiis, &, iim, adf. 

LydYfi Gygaeo tincta piSelia lieu. Prop. 3. xi. 18. 

Gyges, S| om^ is, m, [Jlc.) 

Nee 81 r^surgat centlm^nus Gj^ges, Hor. C. 2. XTii. 14 t'Gr. 
Quid gr&vYus victor^ Gj^ge captlv& tttlissem ? Ov. F. iv. 59% 
PrlncIpYd PhttlSrim et succiso popHtfi Gygen — F. M. ix. 702. 

Gj^Iippiis, 1, m. 

Una ttft Arcadlo conjux Tyrrhena Gjfllppo— r. M. xii. 272. 

GymnasYiim, !,/. 

FacYam. Facis bSnigne St amice : sed tu, Gymnasium mSa — 
V Plant. Cist. 1. i. 109. (I. Tetr. acat.) 

Gymnesia, ae,/. or Gymneslse, arttm,/. 

Insfiia se propter Gymnesia tdlllt ab alto. Jv. D. 620. 
CdntYniioqua jaceut GymncsYse* : has BaiSares— Pm. P. 464. 
* Synalcepha not observed, and the diphthong shortened. 

GymnetSs, flm, m, 

Gymnetfo istds gens 16cd8 insedSrant. Av. 0. M. 464. (I. T,) 

Gyndes, Ys, m. 

ProfliiYt, aut rapYdus, Cyri dementYa, Gyndea— 7t&. 4. i. 141. 




Hadriniiin, i, n. 

Hadranum, J&rggtlLumqiiS simul, telaquS siiperbft — Sil. xiv. 250. 

Hadria. Hadriacus. Hadrianus. Hadrias. Hadriatieus. See 

under A. 
Haemdn, dn!s, m. 

NSc tib¥, slquYd ftmas fellcYiis HsemtfnS cedSt Oo, lb 563. 

H8em5nY&, ae,/. 

Bxsi&l ftb HffimttnTa PirenYdft cessYt &d Qnd&m. Ov. P. 1. iii. 7d. 

HiemSnYdes, ae, m. 

HaemdnYdes, Ule haec prsvld^rftt ominft ddcttis. St. T. ii. 692. 
P/. — — — stant llt«r6 fixl [606. 

Hmin6nidsB, atque ficiilis palantYA mdnstril s^quuntttr. F.F.iv. 

HsmSnYs, Ydds,/. o^;. 

HemdnYdum, ficti quas null& licentY& monstri — Luc. vi. 436. 

HsemSnYiis, &, iim, adj. 

HaemdnYiis illas conttQit pestes Athds. Sen. Med. 720. (I. T.J 

Haemi&s, i, m. [195. 

HsemilSi St angustos Rh9d5pe discendit Yn amnes. St. T. xi. 

Hfigres, Ys, m. [iii. 191. 

FratSr Hftgen, ThapsumquS, sScurYgerumquS N£alcen — V. F. 

HSgn&, ae, /. 

Delectant, vSltiti Balblnum polj^iis Hagna^. Hor, S, 1. iii. 40. 

HagnY&des, a?, m. ■ 

HagnY&des ; felix stellTs qui segnYbtis usi&m, K F. L 482. 

Ilagndn, 5nYis» m. 

Higndn Astj^lYdes, Hagnon, quern plurVmft sempfo— Grot. 215. 

HalcjfSneus, SSs, m. [M. v. 135. 

BactrYtUi Halcj^OneuSi Hoc, qu5d prgmYsi inquYt, hiCbeto. Ov. 

Hftl«8&, ae,/. [218. 

VenYt, &b amnS tr&hens ndmen, GSlii, venYt H&laesft. SiL xiv. 

H&laeslntis, ft, ilm, <tdf. 

Hic et Hftlaesinus fons est, mitissYmtia imdis. Pris. P. 499. 

Hftlesils, i, m. 

Curru juDgit H&lesiis fiqyoB, Turnoque OitbceB—F.^. vii. 724. 

H&lex, ecYs, m. 

Aus5nYainquS tSnent, qua currit flumfin H&lecYs. Pri*» P. 361. 

Haliacmoiu See Aliacmon. 

HiUiart68, 1, m. 

Garg&ph j^e : quorumquB a5vTs HftlYartfts &rigtT8 — St. T» vii. 274. 

Hftllscft, ae,/. 

AccYpe banc cistellam, H&lisca, atque iigSdum pulta illas fbris. 
Plant. Cut. 3. L 7- (Tr. Tet. eat.) 


Haliiis, 1, m. 

Alcandrumque, HfilYumqu^, Ntfemiinaqne*, Prj^tiinimquS — 

Ov. M, xiii. 268. 
* By ciBSurai or as coining before two consonants. 

Halmjh^tes, x, m. 

Cydse 8tar£ pfitabls Halmjhroten. Mart. 10. Ixxxiii. 8. (PhaL) 

See Hermeros. 

Post Halj^s est flttvYus : B6r«ae qui currit m ortus. Pris. P. 767- 
Addit H&lym cSmYtem, et confixa PheggS parma. F. M. ix. 766. 

Hamadrj^&s, ad^s,/. or Hftmadrj^adfis, fim,/. 

Vel non abruptds tiM debet Hamadrj^as annos. SUSA.vX. 63. 
Inter Hamadrj^adas c5]titt sollgrtiiis hortos. Ov. M. xiv. 624. 
Ah ! dSMr ibat Hj^las, Ibat HamadrjfasYn. Prop. 1. xxi. 32. 

Hamilcar, arYs, m. 

At sgnYor Stctilis exultat Hamilc&r in arvis. Sil. ii. 429. 
CuT ssBvum arridens, NarrabYs Hftniilc&ris umbris— i. 398. 

Hamilliis, T, m. 

Hammon. See Ammon. 

HampsagSras, se, m. 

In bella Hampsftgdras Tyrios rSnttvata vtfcarat Sil, xiL 346. 

HampsYciis, i, m. 

IlampsYciiStinsistens treraulTs sub pondSre ramis — Sil. vil 671. 

Hannibal. See Annibal. 

Hannon, onYs, to. 

Haec serus vates Hannon canit : anxYa rupi — Sil. ii. 286. 
Hannonis vultu, quern gliscens gl5ria«praviim — xi. 643. 

HarmdnYa, SR, and HarmOnYe, es,/. 

HarmdnYe, versis in sTbiia dira quSreGs, St. T. ii. 290. 

Harm5nYiis, T, m. 

Orsi&ie collega nobYIYs HarmttnYo. Jus. EpU. xviii. 26. 

HarpSgYdes, se, to. Patronym. 

Ct piiSr HarpagYdes refSras exempia Thj^ests. Ov. lb. 647. 

Harpagiis, I, m. 

Nunc quid vis ? D5rmitum iit abSas. AbSo. Atque audYn*, 
Harpagg ? Plant. Ps. 2. ii. 71. (Tr. Tet. cat.) 

Harpal6s, i, m. [iii. 222. 

Harpal68, et MSianeus, hirsutaqufi corp6rS Lachne. Ov. M. 

Harpal^ce, es,/. 

Harpftlj^ce, vttlttcremque f iiga praevertYtfir Euriim. T. M. i. 317. 

HarpittJ^ctis, i, to. [V. M. xi. 676. 

TerSaqoe, Hirpaij^cumque, et Deni6ph6dnta, Chrdroimque, 

Harpax, agYs, to. 

Sed quYd est tlbY nomfin ? Harpax. Apag^ te, Harpax, ndn 
plac§8. Plant, Ps. 2. ii. 68. (Tr. Tet, cat.) 
Harpe, es,/. 

OppttsYto prScill insYdYis Nas&monYas Harpe — Sil. ii. 117- 

Hirpttcrates, Ys, m. 

Cxorem, et patriifiro reddYdYt HarpttcratSm. Cat. Ixxiv^. 4. 
146 o 


Harpylil, ae,/. 

S51& ntfvOm dictuqu^ nefas Hirpyitt COsnio— F. i£. iii. 366. 
It is resolved into a quadrisyllable, contrary to the practice 
of all the poets of the Augustan age, by Ratilius : 
CircumsistentSs repiUYt Harpj^Yas. L 608. 

HasdrtibJfl, SlYs, m. 

£t c«c¥dit tells HasdrttbMl ipse siiis. Ov, F. vi. 770. 

Livms Hasdrttb&lis sScYo per bell& NerdnS— Man. i. 789. 
Hebe, es, /. 

Hebe nee longa virginlitate fbrSt Cai. Ixviii. 116. 
Hebnetis, ft, Urn, itdj, 

Tbur&, Pfilaestini simiil, HebraelquS Uquores, St, S, v. i. 213. 

HebrttmSgttm, I, ». [16. (LT.J 

Paulini ftd usquS moBuYa Hebr6m&gum Ittqufir. Jtu, Epis. xxi. 

Hebrtts, I, m. 

£t silcSr admlssas ex!g¥t Hebrtts ttquas. Ov. H. ii. 1 14. 

£t hydrii vires pdsiiit, et notos H^brd— 5^. H, 0. 19. (L T,) 
HSc&erge, es,/. 

Garganiqu^ nlfves Hec&erge promttt f &tig&t Claud. 2. C. S. 308. 

Hgcale,es,/. [^.747- 

Cur nemo est, HScSlen ; nulla est, qu« cepfirYt Irttn ? Ov. R, 

HecatsYs, YdSs,/. adf. 

Post eft discedens succis HScftteYdds herbse — Ov. M. vL 139. 

HScfttsedn, 5nYs, m. 

LacYd&que Alcjfdne, Cftlj^ceque Hec&tetfne nattt. Ov. H, xiz. 

133. See Alymon. 
Hec&tsetts, I, m. 

Hecfitsetts istic quippe Srit MtlesYtis, Av. O. M. 42. (I. T.) 

HScate, Ss,/. 

Sed me quum lucls HScftte prsfecYt Avernis, V. ^, vi. 664. 
Or& vYdes HSdites in tres vergentY& partes. Ov. F. i. 141. 

HgcfiteYiis, ft, iim, ttdj. 

ConterYt, et tntis HteftteYft carmlnft mfscSt— Oo. M. xiv. 44. 

(QuadrisylL) Itftlft terrft fScTs HScftteifts ezcdlYt Tdus. St. S. 

3. i. 60. 
Hecftt§iis, ft, ttm, €U^, 

PallftdYQsque Mftlas, HScftteftquS gurgYtS nQtrYt 

Gargftphj^e—iW. T. vii 273. 
Hect5r, 5iYs, m. 

Sffiviis tibi ^ftcYdse telo jftcSt Hectttr, iibi Ingens— f^. M. i. 99. 

Sive quYs AntYitfchum nirrabftt ftb Hectfir^ victttm ; Ov. H. i. 15. 

HectttrSiis, ft, iim, adj. 

NdmYne Yn HectOr» piOYdft semper foftm. Ov. H. i. 14. 

Heciibft, ae, and Hftciibe, es,/. 

In medYis Hljcttbe natorum inventft sepuloris. Ov. M. xiii. 423. 

PrincYpYo, Hedj^lYum, tecum ftgo, quae ftmica es friimentarlis. 
Plaut. Ps. 1. ii. 64. (I. Tetr. acat.J 
Hedj^ltls, I, m. 

HSdj^ie, 81 prttperas, die mYhY nS prttpSrein. Mart, 1. xlyii. 4. 


Hedj^mSles, Ys, m, [vi. 383. 

Quo tfo«r HSdjhn^ldi ttp^ris dMVt ; hOnc tSn^t, hoc se— Juv. 
HegYo, ojoXn, nu 

In te spSs drnDYs, HegYo, ndbis slfta est Ter,JtL & iv. 9. ^7.2*.; 

Adibd. Solvere Heglfdnem plurimtlm — 14. 

Heienft, s,/. or Heito«, §8,/. 

Quos H^en& guadetf pestifs, exTtYum, liles, Sen, TV. 895. 

ParcS dStam faiiB, H^toe, contemnfire iUnorem. Ov. H, xvi. 

Hfilendr, drYs, m. 

£t Ljfctis el&psi, quorum piimsTtts H£len5r — F, JE, ix. 545. 

H^lSniiSi i, m. 

PriftmYdes multas HSlSnCUi ctfmYtantYbiis adf ert F, JS, iii. 346. 

H^lemiis, T, m. 

AdjXcSt antfqm TYb^nno liiciis HSlemo : Ov. ^. vi. 105. 


Nee miniis HelYfides fietus, St YnanYtt m5rfi>-0i;. J/, ii. 340. 

HSlYcaon, 6nYs. m. [1. 

Si prYils Eug&nSas, Clemens, H6lYca5nYs ^ra8~ilfar^ 10. xciii. 

PI. £nse PhSlum, ChrOmYn ensS, dttos HelYcattnJls hasta— «9^ 

r. viii. 477. 
HelYca5nYtts, &, ttm, o^f. 

Nds HeiYca5nYa de rSgYonS slimiis. Mart, 14. clii. 2. 

HSlYce, es,/. 

DTxerftL HuTc H6lYce talYa verba r6f ert. Ov, F, iv. 680. 

HiHYcdn, onYs, m. [ii. 219. 

VYrgYnSusque HSiYcon, et nondum (EagrYtls Haemfis. Ov, M, 
PandYtS nunc HSlYcdn&, dSse, cantusquS mfivetS. F, M, vii. 641. 

HelYconYSdes, tim,/. [iii. 1050. 

Adde HelYconYftdum ctfmYtes, quorum uniis Hdmertis — Luct, 

H8lYc5nYs, idte,/. odj, 

HSlYconYdasquS pallYdamqu^ Pirenen. Ters. Pr, 4. (Scaz.) 

H^YconYiis, &, iim, a4j* [1. i. 15. 

An, qu5d iiblquS, ti&um ? til& sunt HSiYconYil Tempe — Ov. A, 

H^lYmiis, 1, m, 

AntYmfichumque, HKlYmumquS, s^urYfBrumquS Fj^racmOn, 

Ov, M, xii. 460. 
HelY5ddriis, 1, m. 

HospYtYo mSdYco ; rhetor c5m^s HelYSdortis, Hor. S. 1. v. 2. 

HelYs,YdY8,/ [7. 

A ChYOnS saltern, v6l Ah HelYdS disc« pftddr^m. Mart. 1. xxxv. 

HelYtts, 1, m. [CP^a/J 

Hermes, quem'tYra^t HSlYus, sSd ilnttm — Mart, 5. xxiv. 5. 

HSltx, YcYs, m. 

Imm5rYtur piimsTtts H^IIx, nic reddYttt card— F. P. vi. 570. 

HellanYcils, i, m. 

HellanYcusque LesbYtLs, Phll^Ss quOquS, Av, O, M. 42. (l.T.) 

Hellils, 2ld»8,/. 

Hel]ttd« percutsa MftrYus cum prsscYpYtat se. Hor. H, 2. iii. 277- 
147 o2 

H Eli— HER 


Si te fdrte jiivant Htileft AtblSnifiatXdAl tAOs, Pr&p, 3. xxii. 5. 

Hellesponti&ciis, ft, iim, adj, 

Hellespontiftci servet tuteUl Priapi. F, G, vr. 111. 

HgUespontYiis, ft, tim, adj. 

HellespoDtift, ctet^ris ostrSosidr oria. Ca<.xviii.4. (Priapean.) 

Hellespontiis, i, m. [407- (Spond.) 

Ldngtts \n angustum qua claQdYttir Hellesponttis. Ov. M, xiii. 

H^dps, dpts, m. 

OrS mtfmordh HSldpSi hiimSro transmlsit lapTx — St,T, xiL 744. 

H«ldr¥ii8, &, iSm, adj. [iv. 477* 

HInc C&merin&n &dit, Thapsonque et HSlortft Tempe, Ov. F, 

HSlorfis, i, m. 

Exsiip^rd prsppTngu^ sdlum stagnantis HSlori. F. ^. iii. 698. 

Quos Heltfs, et Pt^lSon, GStico quos flebilS vatl— «^^.r. iv. 181. 

UelvYdiiis, i, m. 

QualS cdrdnafi ThrftsSa HelvTdiusquS Mbebant. Juv. v. 38. 

Helvinft, »,/. orfj. [iii. 320. 

Me qu5que ftd Helvinam C^rSrem vestramquS Dianftm — Juv. 

HelvYiis, i, m. 

Helvii judYcio et consulto lectS sSnatus, ^u«. Cas. T. xix. 1. 

Hoc HSlj^mus fitctt, hoc aBvi matuHis Acestes, V. M. y. 73. 

HemSrdscdpt&in, I, n. 

StSrTles Srenas. HemSr5sc5pium qu5qu£ — Av. O.MA76. (LT.) 

Hemodtis, i, m. 

HemodT victor conscendit vertYcYs arces. Av. D. 1378. 

Henidche, es,/. 

Henidche, cultus primi cui creditiir aevi — V, F. v. 368. 

HenYdchl, drtim, m. 

HenifSchi, notique erepto vellCrg Colchi. Luc. ii. 601. 

Heni5chiis, i, m. 

HenYSchilsquS mSraor cursus, plaastriquS Bdotes. Man. v. 20. 

Hemtfchiis, ft, iim, adj. 

HenYdchs nautis plQs ndcUere rfttes. Ov. P. 4. x. 26. 

Hiimppe, es,/. 

InlabentYs fiquT tendentem frena «t H^nippen — F. F. vi 377. 

Hennft, ae,/. [P. ii. 72. 

Hennft pftrens florum, cflrvaque in vallS Mient^m— Claud. ^ 

Hennsiis, ft, iim, adj. [iii. 220. 

Primft VenOs campos Hennaeftqufi rurft mHHSgao—CieMd, R. P. 

HSracleiis, ft, tim, adj. [(Spond.) 

Haec Sgtt n5n ftgYtem ? sed quid mftgYs Heracle&s — Juv, i. 62. 

Heraclltiis, i, m. 

Heraclitils Ynit quorum dux proelYft primils. Lucr. i. 639. 


Hene&Si ft, iim, adj, 

EltMIcas et per cafitSs HinsAque late 
Lit5r&— r. Cul. 364. 

Heras, ee, 01. 

Huic Heras mMYcus, BIbaa cttveto^ifar/. 6. Ixxviii. 3. (PitaLj 

HerbeaJte, 1, m. 

Non Herbeste Yners, non NaiUdchil pigr& pSricli — Sil. xiv. 264. 

Herbfis, i, m. 

£r6be« dicta. Quin «t Herbi clvitas-^w. O.if. 244. r/- T.J 

Hercei&s, tt, ttm, <u^*. 

Cm nThn Hercei profttYt ar& Jdvls. O0. /ft. 286. 

Uercfllanfitts, &, tim, o^f. 

Nos hdc Idcorum, prstSr HerctUanSftm 
Solennttatem— ^t>. 0. M. 273. f /. TJ 

Herciilaniis, 1, m. 

HercfilanS, qui prtffectus gr^mYo de nostro et schSIa — Jus. 
Prof, xi. I. (Tr, Tetr, cat.) 

Hercttlaniia, ft, ttm, adj, 1(1. T.) 

Hic HerciilaniB stant cdlumns, quas mttdiim — Av. 0. M. 341. 

Herciilea, Is, m. 

Ibis qua vftgiis Hercilled St £van. St. S. 4. iii. 155. (Phal.) 
Quid 81 quis cestus Ipslibs St Herciills armft — F. JE. v. 410. 

Herci&lSfis, ft, ilm, adj. 

Hinc siniis HerciU^, si vera est famft, TftrentI — V. M. iii. 551. 

Hercynlils, ft, tim, adj. 

Lucis SiievI nobiles Hercyntis. Sen. Med, 713. (I. T.) 
Promlnet Hercj^nlae cdnfinls Rhaetifft sylvse. CI. B. Get. 330. 

Herdonlft, ae,/. 

Obscfira Inciiltis Herdonlft misit ftb agiis. SU. viii. 567. 

HSrHiis,!, m. [563. 

£t regem hac Herllum dextra sub Tartftrft mtsi. V. JE. viii. 

HSr¥)is, 1, m. 

Imp^dlt antSv^Ians HSrYum, cui nobYlS ndxnfo — Sil. xvi. 452. 

Hermft, s, m. or Hermes, s, m, [53. 

NH, nisi Cecr5pides, truncoquS slmUlImt&s Herms. Jm. viii. 

Hermft, ». 

Porro niild Hermft jurg sub LIbjrci sttli— ^1;. 0. M. 323. (J.T.) 

Hermftphr5ditiis, I, m. 

HermftphrSditfis ftit, Nato dfttft mun^rft vestro, Ov. M. iv. 383. 

Hermarciis, 1, m. l(Spond.) 

Prdt5g£ne8 ftllquis, vel Dipblliis, aut Hermarciis. Juv, iii. 120. 

Hermeros, dtis, m. 

Cydas starS ptttabis HermerotSm. Mart. 10. Ixxxiii. 8. (Pfial.) 

Hermes, etis, m, 

Hermes omnlbtts ertiditils armis $ Mart. 5. xxiv. 2. 

Herminltis, 1, m. 

Dejicit Hermlnlum, nado cul vertlcfi fulva— r. Ai. xi. 642. 
149 o 3 

H E R— H E S 

H§nnlf5ne, es, /. 

HermYdne coram qmdquimne dl:jecUSt Orestte 7 Op. H, viii. 59. 

HennlOneiis, ft, tim, adj, 

Hinc siniis, hinc stfttito contra pfttSt HermYttneS. V. Cir. 472. 

HSrmdcrfttes, Ys, m. 

In somnis modicum vidfirftt Hermttcrfttfim. Mart. 6. liii. 4. 

Hermtfgenes, Ys, m. [ix. 25. 

Molliiis ? invidSat qu9d &t HermSgSnes, 6gtf canto. Hor. S, 1. 

Hermonassft, ae,/. [565. 

Post quam Phsenftgdren HermonassamquS nSpdtes — Pris. P. 

HermttSi i, m. 

Hermiis, H aurata Pactdltts YnhorritU Orna. Ciaud. But, ii. 173. 


Tartessiorum : hie Hernft civYtas ftilt Av, 0. M. 463. ("/. T.) 

HemYctis, ft, ttm, 04/. 

O piiSri, Marsus dicebftt et HemYc&s oKm—Juv. xiv. 180. 

Herd, us,/. 

S«p6 p«tens Hero jiivgnis tranavgr&t undas. Ov. A, 2. xvi. 13. 

H erodes, Ys, m, 

Praef&ftt Herodis palmetis pingfuibiis ; altSr— ^or. £.2. iL 184. 

Hertfddtiis, t, m. 

HertfdOttis Ipse ThurYus, turn qui d^cils— /#v. 0. M, 49. (L T,J 

HertfphYle, es,/. 

HerdphYle Phoebd grat&quS quod mdntiYt. Tib, 2. v. 68. 

Herotts, ft, iim, adj. 

^qutfr, et Heroas IftcrYmoso IittfrS turres, Luc, ix. 955. 

Herse, es,/. [ii. 559t. 

Pandr<ts5s atque Herse. TYmYdas vficftt unft stfrdres — Ov. M, 

Herses, Ys, m. [737- 

PhcebOs, £t aurigam jftctilum detdrqufit Yn Hersen. St, T, vii. 


IrYn ftd HersYlYam descendfirS iTmYtfi curvd — Ov, M. xiv. 830. 

HesY6diis, 1, m, 

HesYddus mSmOrat divos, dlvumquS pftrentes, Man, ii. 12. 

HesYtfnft, se,/. or Hesidne, es,/. 

Nam mSmYni HesYtfnae visentem regnft sOrorYs— K.^. viii. 157- 
HesYdnen TSlftrndn, BriseYdft cepYt Achilles. Ov, H. xx. 69. 

HespfirYft, ae, /. 

£st 15ctis, HespSrYam Grail c5gndmYn£ dicunt, V, JE, i. 530. 

HespfirYdSs, iim,/. 

Tum c&nYt Hesp^rYdum miratam malft pilellftm—r. B, vi. 61. 

HespSrYe, es,/. 

AspYcYt HSspftrYen pfttrYa CebrenYdft ripa, Ov, M, xi. 769. 

HespSrYiis, ft, iim, adj, [418. 

HespSrYum SYciUo l&tiis abscYdYt, arvftque St urbes— V, M. iii. 
HespCrugo, YnYs, m. 

Dux ndctYs HespSrugo. S&n, Med, 878. (L Dim, cat.) 

H E S— H I P 

HispSri&s, T, m. [90. 

Sp&rg£, miirit«, nttces, tifbt detJirit Hesp«riU CEUm. K A viii. 
Hesus. See Esus. 
Hiarbas. 5!?^ larbas. 

Hiber, eris, m. 

SI tTblf duriis HTber, aGt si tM tergil d^issSt—Zuc. yi. 258. 

Hiberia,8B,/. [i. 19. 

AfrYcft, vlcmum quod nescit HYberYft Mauriim, Claud. I. C. S, 

HYberni, ori&m, m. 

£amque late gens Hibernorum cfilh. if v. 0. JH. lU. (I. T.) 

HTberiis, i, m. 

£xtrema cl^p^ stagnab^t Hiberiis !n ora, SiL ii. 449. 

Hiberiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Perque antra et ripas Nymphis tUiilattis Hiberis. Sil. i. 156. 

HicStattnlfiis, &, tim, adj- 

Asitis Imbr&sides HicStaSmusquS Thj^mcetes, V, M. x. 123. 

HYdasmSniis, i, m. 

Processerfi MSlas ^t HidasmSniis ; inciptt hasta — V, F. vi. 196. 

Hiera. See Isera. 

HiSrOi dniSi m. or HiSr5n, 5nYs, m. 

PrseftSrat terris HYgron, tractarS s£rend — ^i7. xiv. 79. 
Hic mites HYSrdnis 5pes ; hic sanctft vStustas — 653. 

Htjfrtis, ii m. 

Dat f^Tem Pollux HT^ro, dat Casttfr Asilld. Mart, 9. civ. a 

Htginiis, i, m. 

Infestos 5ciilTs urts, HiginS, pilos. Mart, 10. Ivi. 4. 

Pollucem cuitu non HTl&Tr& s5r5r. Prop. 1. ii. 16. 

miarfiis, 1, m. 

Emilia, In cunis HilSri cognomen &dept£, ^u«. Par. vi. 3. 

HTlftriis, i, m, 

Hos HilSrus colles et jiigg laetM tSnSt. ilfar^ 6. Ixxiii. 4. 

HTmellft, ae, m. [vii. 714. 

CaspSriamquS cOlunt, Fdrtildsque, et flumSn HYmellae ; F. M. 

Hiin£r&, le,/. or Him^rft, orilni, n. 

ArmaverS siids, qua mergYtiir Himgr& pontd — Sil. xiv. 233. 

Him^r&quei et Didj^men, AcrftgantfiquS, TaurdmSnonquS, Ov. 

F. iv. 476. 
HYmilco, onYs, m. 

£xigiia sese fOrattis HYmilcd c&rina. SU. xiv. 561. 

Hipbin5ils, T, m. 

Bmintis Hipb¥n9um coUato MartS, Clilninque, Ov, M. xii. 379. 
HipparYSi Ifs, m. 

Hipparim, ac f^Uem si&pSrari gurgitS pared — Sil. xiv. 230. 
al, HippftrYn. Hypaten fUcnem. 

HippftsYdes, ae, m, Patronym, [xiii. 257. 

Coerilndni HippftsIdeDi St Alaattfr&que, Chr5mYQmquS» Ov. M. 


Hijppftstts, i, m. [313. 

HippiLsiiB, et piimis ^damnum Nestor in innis. Ov. M. viii. 

HTppemolgi, orfim, m. 

Post Hippemdlgi sunt, HippdpMesquS ptftentes. Pris, P. 301. 

HlppYft, ae,/. 

Promtiiis exp^dlam, qu5t ftmavSrYt HippY&mcechos, /ut;.x.220. 

HippOy oniBf m. 

Turn Vftga, £t antiqius dllectus regibiis Hippo, Sil, iii. 259. 
Hlppd silbit — 

Hlppttctton, ontis, m. 

£t quos HippdcSon antiquis misit Amyclis : Ov. M. viii. 314. 
Hyrt&cYds ante dmnes exit Idciis Hippdc^ntYs. F, M, v. 492. 

Hippdcrfttes, ¥s, m. 

Os hdminis! mulsum me rdgftt Hippdcrfttes. MasrU 9. xcv. 2. 

Hippdcrenaeiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Hlppdcrenaeum victorem insistSrS font^m. LcMd. Here. 5. 

HTppocrene, es,/. [fSpond.j 

DicYte, quae fontes Agftnlpptdtts Hippocrenes — Ov. F, v. 7- 
ST vera ftma est Hippdcrene quam pSidYs — Aus, Epis. xxi. 8. 

(L T.J 

Hippdd&mas, antts, m. [699. 

SI ptttSr HTppttdftmas, aut si minils impltis ess^t — Ov. M. viii. 

Hipp5dftme, es, /. 

Hippddftmeque, hiimeroquS PSlops TnsignYs Sburno, T. G. iii. 7> 

HTpp5dftmI&, se,/. 

Vectft pSregnms Hipp5d&niift r5tis. Ov. H. viii. 70. 

HippMftmiis, 1, m. [vi. 438. 

CdrnTpSdum : prfdr Hipptfdftmus fert orft sSquentttm-— 51^. T, 

Hippttlj^te, es,/. 

Siciit ftb Hlppttlj^te, praedft r^latft tibi est Ov. H. xxi. 120. 

Hlppttlj^ttts, 1, m. [(I. T.) 

Hippdlj^tfis 5bnt, quYft ndvercse credUum est. Phad. 3. x. 3. 

IHppdmedon, dntls, m. [T. vi. 728. 

Ferrfi dftmus, nSque Snim HippdmSdon TnvidSrYt, ensSni. St. 
HTpp5med5ntfi mftnus : n5n Ilium Impacts m5verent — ix. 1 45. 

Hlpp5mSnelfs, Mtts,/. Patronym. 

CtquK ndvum passa ggniis HIppiJmgneMg pcenae, Ov. lb. 337- 
al. passa est g£niis Hippdmeneill poens. 

HlppdmSnes, is, m. [263. 

Ot ttilU Hlpp5mSnes Sch(£neYd&, prsemili ciirsus, Ov. H. xvi. 

Hlpponax, actts, m. 

Claudum trtmetrum fecit ftlYtSr Hlpponax. T. M. 2398. (Scaz.) 
Hlpponactls h&berS claudicantSm. 2903. (Phal.J 

Hipp^nSiis, I, m. 

Ot sftti&s Hlppdndo, DosUhdesquS pfttSr. Ov. lb. 472. 

HlppJSp^dSs, iim, m. 

Post Hippemdlgi sunt, HTppdpSdesqu^ pdtentes. Pris. P. 301. 

H I P— H O M 

Qippdt&des. ae, m. Patronym, 

ClausSrSt HTpp5t^Ss sterno carcSrS ventds : Ov. M. iv. 662. 
Hipp«th«5s, 1, m. [viii. 307. 

Hippathttosqufi, Drj^asque, et cretiis Amynt5r€ PhoBnTx, Ov. M. 
Hirpmtts, 1, m, 

Hirpine Quincti, c6glt6t, Adrla—flbr. C. 2. xi. 2. CGr. Ale.) 
Hirpiniis, Hi, tim, adj. 

LucanTs excitft jiigis, Hirpin^uS pubes. Sil. viii. 569. 
Hirrtts, i| m. 

Quot Bfisilus sOcIds, quot circumscnpsSrit Hirrtls— /uv. x. 222. 

Hisboy onis, m. [384. 

Ossibtls hserentem. Quem ndn siipSr 5cciip&t Hisbo — F. jE. x. 

Hisp^, ^Ys, n. 

£t cSiebre OcSSno atque alternls aestibus Hisp&l, Sil. iii. 392. 

Hlspant^, aSff. 

GralliU, nee latis audax Hispan]f£ terns ; Tib. 4. i. 138. 

Hi»panu8, &, iim, adj. 

Seu navYs HTspanse mMgistSr, Hor. C. 3. vi. 3. (I. Dim. Arch.) 

Hispellas, atis, adj. 

Tibflrtes MSgios, Hispellatemqu« M«tauriim--5»7. iv. 187- 

Hispelltim, i, n, 

Hispellum, et duro m5nti per saxft r^cumbens — Sil. viii. 457- 

Hispo, dnis, m. 

HTspd stiblt — 
Hispullfi, s,/. 

Cbrystfgdnum cantarfi v^tent Hispullft tr^oedo— /«» . vi. 74. 

HTstfir, tri, m. 

Ct tttmTda frSmit Histgr Squa : nee moeniS nobis— F. F. vi. 329. 

Uistri, oriim, m. 

DetSgtt ortft d¥es stantes in rupfblls Hlstros, Luc. iv. 530. 

UoediiSi i, m. 

At cum seeretis improvYdiis Hoedtis \n arvis — Man. v. 311. 

Httmereiis, ft, tim, a^. 

Scriptttr Hdmereum si fortS rSponYs AchUlSm, Her. A. P. 128. 

al. hdnoratum. 
Hdmeriftcus, &, iim, adj. 

Cog5r, H5meri^cas edidlfciquS ndtas. 

H5mericiiS| a, iim, adj. 

Vel p5tius, quantum Gradiviis H5mericiis, Audis, Juv. xiii. 1 13. 

HSmeronYdse, artim, m. 

£t Hdmerdnidse, et pdstillS millS mSmdrari pdtest. Plata. 
True. 2. vi. 4. (Tr. Tet. cat.) 
Htfmeriis, i, m. 

Sedes Htfmerfis, Pindftrics Ifttent, Hor. C. 4. ix. 6. (Gr. Ale.) 

Httrnms, es,/. [vii. 676. 

Descendunt Centauri Hdmtflen OthrynqaS nivalSm — F. jE. 

HdrndloTdSs, i&m,/.a4/. fPorto understood.) [252. 

SphingS p£r Tngentes Hdm51o¥dft8 exSftt Hsemon. St. T. vii. 


Hdndr, oris, m. [23. 

Ddn6c H5nor, pliScYdoquS dteens lUverentifft viUtu^Oi;. F. v. 

Hdnorflides, «, m. Patronym* [iliar. 341. 

Parvtts Htfndr¥&de8 gifiiXbus consTdftt ftvitls. Claud. N. Hon. 

HdnorYfts, &d¥8,/. Patronym. 

LTmgn HdnorY&des p£n«trant reg^S sdrdres. Claud. L. S. 131 . 

HdnorYfis, i, m. 

Jamque ftdeiTt laeto promisstts HtfndrYtts sevd. CI. Ruf. i. 372. 

Hdpleus, £d8, m. [72?. 

RelYquus, telumquS jiicit, qu5d proxymiis Hopleus — Si. T. viii. 
Sive Ybi nescY^rat : mcestum v¥d£t HoplSii tandfim — ix. 204. - 

Hora, ae,/. See Ora. 

Hone, arttm,/. 

PnesMd f^rYbus coeH cum mitirbfis Horis: Ov. F. i. 125. 

HdratYOs, i, m. 

£t tentLit nostras nfimSrosils H5rat¥iis aures ; Ov. T. 4. x. 49. 

Plur. HSratYorum qua vlfret s&cer camp&s. Mart. 3. xlvii. 3. 

Httratiffis, &, tim, adj. 

£t c6c¥nlt CtirYds fratres, St H6rat!ft pilIU Prop. 3. iii. 7- 

Hdr6s, I, m. 

Holds, et a pr5&v5 duct& Cdnon£ ddmtts. Prop. 4. i. 80. 

Hdrt&l&5, T, m. 

Sevdcftt a doc^s, HdrtftlS, TirgYnYbtLs. Cat. Ixv. 2. 

HortensYiis, i, m. 

MtUIil cum intSrSa qmngenta HdrtensYiis uno — Cat. xcv. 3. 

Hdrtintts, II, ttm, cm^'. 

NursYa, St Hdrfinse classes, pdpiilique Lfttini ; F. M. vii. 716. 

Httsms, I, m. [446. 

TurpS ^Smlt, qu5t3(e8 Hdslus mucronS cdrusco— C^oitd. Eut. ii. 

Hosttis, I, m. 

Hostiis £rat : ci^jus fretOs fulgent£ jilventa— iS'il. xiL 347- 
HOnni, oriim, m. 

Hunndrum laturtts dpem : quos a£fbr£ heMb-^Claud. Ruf. i. 321. 
Hj^iicTnthYll, 5riim, n. 

Annttft pnelata rSdSunt Hj^ttcinthY^ pompa. Ov. M. x. 219. 

Hyftcinthiis, i, m. [x. 217- 

Nee gSnttissS pi&det Sparten Hj^ttclnthdn : hdnorquS — Ov. M. 

Hyadfis, iim,/. or H^fts, ttdis,/. 

NavYtft quas Hj^ftdas Graitis ftb imbrS vttcSt. Ov. F. v. 166. 
N5n tantis Hj^fts InsSreaft nimbis— ^/. S. 1. vi. 21. (Phal.) 

Hj^ale, es,/. [iii. 171. 

ExcYpYont Ifttifcem, N^pfa^leque, H j^iUequfi, Rhftnisqufi, Ov, M. 

in hxsn—St. T. vii. 346. 

H3^&mp5Hs, ¥s,/. 

£t vaUes, L«b&deft, ttias, St Hj^ampdUi 

Hy&ntetis, ft, ilm, adj. 

Clarils Hj^antes SteUft sYtitdr ftquse. Mart. 12. iii. 12. 


Hj^antlffis, A, iim. adj, 

£t Psean, ^t Hj^antte sdrores. St. S. 2. vii. 8. (PhtU,) 

Hj^as, s, and antYs, «n. 

MatSr Hj^an, St Hj^an mcestae fleverS sdrores. Ov. F. v. 179. 
Cdntifniiaque die sidiis Hj^antls SrYt. 734. 

Htfts,/. ife^Hyades. 
Hybia, 8B,/. 

Florida quam multas HyblH tttetfir ftpes. Ov. 7. 5. vi. 38. 

Hyblseiis^ &, iim, adj, 

MeU& jilbes Hyblaeft tltbl, vfil Hj^mettYtt nasci. ifar^. 11. xlii. 3. 

Hydaspes, Ys, m. [747* 

Csdkiis Alcttthdum dbtruncat, Sacratttr Hj^daspen ; r. M. x. 

Uj^daspeiis, S, iim, adj. 

DfvSs Hj^daspeis augescat purpiir& gemmis. Claud, 3. C. H, 4. 

Hydra, ae,/ [290. 

Lernaeamque vYrens obsed^&t Hydr& pftludSm. Claud. Ruf, i. 

Hydr5ch5iis, I, m. 

Proxlfmiis Hydr«cb5I fiUggrgt OirTon. Cat, Ixvi. 94. 

Hydrfis, i, m, 

Et cunctas rSvScarg rites, quas avitis Hydriis — Luc, v. 376. 
Hj^empsUl, fills, m, 

£t vastse N&sftmdn Syrtis p5piUat«r Hj^empsil, Sil. i. 408. 
Hjrempsas, ae, m. 

AccipYet, caeso pfttSr bunc detraxYt Hj^empsae. Sil. xvi. 461. 

Hj^gefi, ae,/. 

Quod sanarS Cr!ton, non qu5d Hj^geii potest. Mart. 11. Ix. 6. 

Hj^lactes, is J. Ifl. T.) 

Quippe bic H j^lactes, Hystrii, Sarna, et nobtles — Jv. 0. M. 497- 

Hj^lactdr, 5ris, m. 

LabrSs, St AgrYSdos, St &cutae vocYs Hj^lactSr, Ov. M, iii. 224. 
Hylaeiis, i, m. 

£t magno Hylaeum LftpYthis crater^ mYnantem. V. G. ii. 457* 

HylsHis, a, ttm, a^'. 

MovYt fit Hylaea supplex cum gentS Sj^enen — K F. vi. 74. 

Hjflas, ae, m. 

Aut multum quaesitiis Hj^Ias, urnamquS sScuttis. Juv. i. 164. 

Hj^lax, ftcYs, m. 

NescYd quid certe est, St H j^Iax in limYne latrfit. V. B. viii. 107- 

Hyie, es,/. 

Qulbr«v6 litttts lilies, AtiQantaBumque sttperbl— -S'/.T. vii. 267- 

Hyles, Ys, m. ^ 

Ant£ tfimen letd d^Srat Pblegnedn, et Hylen, Ov. M. xiL 378. 

Hyleus, »is, m. [3f. viii. 312. 

Narj^cYusqug LSlex, Pftnapeusque, HyleusquS, ftroxqug — Ov, 

Hyleus, i, m. 

Pect($r6 mdntano duplSx Hylefis ftb antro— iS/. T, iv. 140. 


Hylli, oriim, m. 

Praestnngiint pSlSgo : gens Hf 111 pliirYmii circiim — Av, D. 536. 

Hylliis, 1, m. 

Nee pfttSr AmphYtrjron, nee piiSr Hyllils ^est. Ov. H. ix. 44. 

tiyldndme, es, /*. 

AbstiUlit Hyldndme: qua null& nYtentifdr int«r— Oo. M, xii. 405. 

Hymen, €uis, «i. [/f. xiv. 27- 

Vulgtts, HJ^men, Hj^mSneS, viJcant : fttgft Tllg vttcantes- Ov. 
Ct siibitd ndstras Hymen cantatiis &d aures — ^xii. 137. 

Hf mSnsiis, i, m. 

Non H j^menaeiis &dest, iidn Till Gratify lectd. Ov. M. vi. 429. 

Hj^mettiiis, ft, iim, €ulj. 

OvftquS sumantQr, sumanttir Hj^mettYil mell^ Ov. A. A, ii. 423. 

Hj^mettds, i, m. [8. 

Pascftt St HybiS mSas, pasc&t HVmettds &pes. Mart. 7* Ixxxviii. 

Hj^paBpae, artim,/. 

Sardib&s hinc, Ulinc par vis finitiir H j^paepis. Ov, M. xi. ) 52. 

Hj^ants, IS, m. [xv. 285. 

Quid ? non et Scj^tbicTs Hj^pftnls de montibUs ortus, Ov. M. 

Hypates. See Hipparis. 

Hj^perbdrS&s, ft, tim, adj. 

Soltts Hyperb5rgas glftctes TanftimquS nivalSm — V. G. iv. 617. 

HjPpfirenfir, 5rTs, m. 

Ssviis iiterquS d£us; viptis Hj^pSrendrftjunglt — 51^.7. viii. 494. 

HypSria, ae,/. 

FlevTt «t effusis r6v5cans Hj^pgriS Iftcertis. F. F. iv. 376. 

Hj^'p^ndn, 5nlts, m. 

Placfit 6qu6 Persis radtis Hj^pSndna cinctiim. Ov. F. i. 386. 

Hj^pSndnii&s, a, tLro, adj. 

Sic H5^p£rI5nlfum tSplfdo PbaStbonta sHrdres—St. T. xii. 413. 

Hj^pSrmnestra, s,/. or Hj^ermnestre, es,/. [vii. 63. 

AndrdmSdeque St Hypermnestre, sinS frauds maritse, Prop. 4. 

Ssevi&s, Hj^permnestra, patSr est tibi. Jussa parentis — Ov. H. 

xiv. 53. 
Hj^Stadn, dnis, m. 

Et nunc magnanlmos H^StaSna GesithSumquS, V. F. vi. 637. 

Hypni&s, i, m. 

HypnS, quid expectas ptgSr ? imm5rtalS Faierniim 
Funds — Mart. 11. xxxvi. 5. 

Hypsa, ae, m. [227- 

Nee non qui potant Hypsamque AiablmquS sSnoros — SiL xiv. 

Hypsaea, ae,/. 

Contemplere Sciills, Hypsaea caecWr ilia — Hor. S, 1. ii. 91 . 

Hypseus, S5s, m. 

EnsS jacet Clj^mSni : ProtenSra perciiKt Hypseus, 
HypsSa Lyncides-^-Ov. M. ▼. 98, 99. 


Hypsipj^le, es, /. 

Hypsip^le, t§6ti8, testis Minoii virgo est. Ov, H. xvii. 193. 

PL PhyllYdSs, Hypsipj^las, vatum et plorabYlS s! qulfd — Pert. 

HypsYpjPlaei&s, &, ttm, adj, 

Vulcanum tellus HypsYpj^leeJl cttUt. Ov, F, iii. 82. 

Hypsistse, arfim, / adj, (porta understood.) [356. 

£lectrse, qufitU Hypsistas m&nfis ECLr^edontYs. SU T. viii. 

Hypso, us,/. 

Ndbms Amphioo ; pftrYter quos edidVt Hypso, V, F, i. 367- 
HyrcanYil, ae,/. 

Includlt gSlTdd, vastisque HyrcanYft silvTs — Luc. iii. 268. 

Hyrc&nYfis, ft, ilm, adj, [711* 

-Et prdpS stot Mardi : sSquYturque HyrcantS plebes. Pris. P. 

Hyrcanils, ft, iim, adj. 

Caucftsiis, Hyrcanseque admorunt Qbfirll tigres. V. M. iv. 367. 

HjMfe, es,/. 

At gen£tiix HjhrYe, servatl nescYft, flendd--Op. M. vii. 380. 

H^eiLs, £58, 01. 

F5rtS sSnex HjhrYeus, angustl cultdr fig«Ui, Ov. F. v. 499. 

H^hrYeiis, &; iim, adj. 

Toilet hiimd y&lYdoS prdles Hj^rifeft Iftcertos : Ov. F. vi. 719. 

Hj^Yi&m, 1, n. 

Csque Hj^ sfimmam sed teodft lipj^gY^ ortl. Pna. P. 372. 

Hyrt&cYdes, s, m. Patronjfm, 

Hyrtftcidae jiivenis v5liicT«8 diverberftt auras ; fT. M. v. 503. 

Hyrtftciis, T, m. , 

Sf quft tftis linquim prd mep&tCr Hyrtlciis arfs^r.^. ix. 406. 

Hystrft, SB,/ 1(1. T.) 

Quippe hic Hj^actes, Hystr^ Sarna, et oobYles—^t;. O.M. 497- 


lacchiis, 1, m. [iv. 15. 

NycteiYusque, fil6leusqu6 pftrens, St lacchiis, 6t Evan : Ov. M. 

IftchSn, onYs, in. [106. (LT.) 

AmpsYgfirft mater mihY fUYt, Iftchon p&tSr. Plaut. Pom. 5. ii. 
Sed sY Yta est ut tu sis ISchdnis filYtis-— 112. 


Et tSpYdum in moUes ZSphj^ros excurrYt ladSr. Luc. iv. 405. 

I«rft, SB,/. 

Quos J5vYs eduxit luco stlvestrYs lasrft, F. JE. ix. 673. 

JScSsintts, ft, tim. See Aoesinm. 

lalj^sYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

PhcebeamquS RhSdon «, «t lalj^sYos Telchinfts. Ov. M. vii. 365. 
• By caesura. (Spond.) 

157 P 


JanalYsi £, adj. 

Virgiqu« Janalis de spina sfimltttr alba. Op. F. vi. 165. 

JanYcillttm, i, n, 

Jan¥ctUum huic, illi ftierat S&tumTil nom^n. F. JB. viii. 358. 

JanYgSn^l^s, c.f. [381. 

- "iUa • - -■ ' - -- - 

I vaM Janlg^nam Benrabunt fat& C&nentem. 0». M. xiv. 

Ianth§, es,/. 

Cam p&tSr, IpU, tifbl flavam despond^t lanthen. Ov, M, ix. 714. 


Perp^tfiam Stells dum jung!t lanthlfdil vatL Mart 6. xxi. 1. 

Janils, i, m. 

SatumusquS a&nex, JaniquS MfrdntYs Ymigo. F, M, vil. 180. 

PL V!v£, viUe, et t6tMem vSntGros cong&re Janos. /ius. Epis, 

XX. 13. 
laon, ttnYsy nu 

Qua MSlfts, atque Cr&this flttvYii qua currYt laon. /Vir. P. 4ia 

IftpStYdes, se, m. Patronym, 

Tu quJtquS, lapCtlde *, non hos AdbYbendiis Yn usus, Ov, M, v. 
* Quadrisyllable^ by synizesis. 111. 

Iftp^tittnTdes, s, m. Patronym. 

IftpetI5nYd§s Adas fli!t tntlmft tellu8->0v. If. iv. 631. 

PI Iftp^tJOnYdas g«ii«ris primdrdYft nostii. Chntd. But, ii 491. 

Up«tiis, i, m. [279. 

Coeumque, I&p£tamquS crSat, saBYumquiS Tj^boSa f, K. O. i. 
f Cut off; tbe next line beginning with a voweL 

lapYs, Ydds, m. 

Jamque &d«rat Pboebo ante iQYds dUecttts lapYs. T. M. xiL 391. 
^ Idm5nft quod vatem, mSdfcum qutfd lapYdi dicunt: dtu. £, 

XX. 7. 
lapix, YgYs, m. 

Ore m5mordYt HSldps, bthnSro transmisYt lapix. St, T. xii. 746. 

lapj^dYii, 8e,/. 

FortYs lapj^dYse mUes; tesfis quOqu^ (all&x-~ TiA. 4. i. 108. 

is, tim, m. 
fet super arenti tenduntt&r lapj^gSs agro. Av, D, 526. 


LinquYt lapj^gYam, Isvisque AmpbTssYttremis — Ov,M. xv. 703. 

lapj^gYtis, ft, tim, adj, 

Celsfts Up^gYos qua se Gargantts Yn agros — Sil, viii. 223. 

lapj^s, ydis, adj, 

CasteUa in tilmfifis, St lapj^dYs arvii TYmavi. F, G. iii. 475. 

lapyx, fgia, m, [52. 

Thurinosque sYnus, TSmSsenque, St lapj^gYs arrit Ov, M, xv. 

lapyx, j^gYs, a^, 

Vlctdr Gargani cdndeb&t lapj^gYs Srvis. T. ^ xL 247. 
larbtt, ae, m. or larbas, ae, m. 

N5n LYbj^s, non ante Tj^ro, despSctOs larbas. F, JE, iv. 36. 

£t pdtYtur capta Mauriis larbil d5m5. Ov. F. iil 552. 


larbit^, s, m. 

RilpU larbitam Tlmig«iifo smttUl Unguit Hbr. JB. 1. xix. 15. 

lardttnlfs, Ydfs,/. Patronym, 

Se qudqufi Nymphii tdis ornayYt lard&nYs anms. Ov.^. ix. 103. 

lifeldes, s, m. Patronym. 

IftsYde PSHniire, fSrOnt ipsa equfirft cliasSm. r. u£. v. 843. 

I^Ion, onYs, ffi. 

ItoionX ceres, rJSpetitQm Miilcn>er sevtlm— Ov. ilf. ix. 422. 

I&sts, Mtf s, /. adj. 

SsTMam durse conti&dU IftsYdds. Prop. 1. i. 10. 

liisms, 1, m. 

Viderit lasYum Cret»£ div& siib Ida— Oo. ^. 3. x. 25. 

Iftsiiks, &, iim, adj, 

y irgYnYs iMs blandos descendSre ttd ignes. F. F. iv. 353. 
lason, 5n¥8, m. 

Omn¥& Medese fallax prdmlsTt lason. Ov. H. xvii. 229. 

Ddn& fSram templis, vivam qu5d lasSnil perdo. vi. 77* 

lasdnMes, s, m. Pcttronym. 

£cce 6t lasSnYdse javSnes, n5vft glorYft matrYs, <S'^ T. vi. 340. 

lasdnftis, &, iim, adj, 

^qudr lasdnfo pulsatum rSmKgS primtimy Oo. P. 3. i. 1. 

laxamatae. See Exomatse. 

laxartse, artlm, m. or laxartes, ae, m. 

Flumlnis os, dm npSs hftbftant * laxartae. Av, D. 929. (Sp,) 

* Trisyllab. by synecphonesis. 
Flumto laxartem juzta qulbiis ary& cifltinttti^Pm. P. 726. 

lazj^g^i ttm, m. or lazyx, j^gYs, m. 

Ipse vMes 5neratil fSrox lit ducXt lazyx^Ov. P. 4. vii. 9. 
Aat quid Saiirttmftts f&ctant, quKd lazj^g^s acres — 1. ii. 79. 
*Iazfges, etColchi, MStSreftqug turb&, GStceque, 7. ii. 191. 

Iber, eris, m. 

SI tibY durils Iber, aut si tifbf terg& dedissSt— Zuc. vi. 258. 
Quem juxta terras hlLbY^nt drientYs IberSs. Pris, P. 679. 

Iberlft, se,/. 

QuicquTd ftb aurlferis ejectftt Iber!ft fossis. St, S, 3. iii. 89. 

Iberlftctis, ii, iim, ae{j, 

OmSn, IberT&cis vTcta CarthaginS terris — Sil, xiii. 510. 

IberYciis, ft, iim, adf. 

Ibericis pfirustS funlfbus Ifttiis. Hor, Ep, iv. 3. (I. TrJ 

Cniis Iberins vlr sufftcit? OcYiis iHtid— /uv. vi. 53. 

Ibertts, I, m. 

At Iberiis indfi manftt amnYs et I8c6s— ^t;. 0. M, 248. CI. Tr.) 

IbertLs, ft, iim, adj. 

Tyrrbenoqug b5ves in flumlnS lavlt Iberas. V. JE, vii. 663. 
IbYs, YdYs, and is, m, 

imtis ambages YmYtattis Yn IbYd^, dicftr— Ov. Ih. 59. 

£t fletu mftdYdis IbYn ftdit^ gSnis. 100. 

159 p2 


Ibj^ciis, T, «. [12. 

Ibfdin at pCrfit vlnd£z fitft iltYvftlint grOs. Au8, Ed. De Hut. 

IcSrYft, ae,/. [244. 

Ipitf pl!r Idite scOplUis, £phMnqui( rl9inquSi» — Ztic. viii. 

IcftrTotYs, Mte,a4f./. 

£cce Ithttcl cohjiix BSmper dfc«8 IcKrYotls. T. Cu^. 204. 
Morte nYha dptis est, nil Icftr!dtXd« tela. Ov. P. 3. L 113. 

S6x bis (it IcSridos ftmtUa p«r!er«, prdciquS, On. Ih. 391. 

Icftrftts, i, m. 

TridYtttr IctoH quo cteXdiM gSnte. Op. /ft. 570. 

Ic&rliis, &, iim, adj. 

Icftrtts IcftrHs ndm¥n& fecTt ttquis. Ov. T. 1. i. 9a 

Icttrfis, I, m. 

Icftiils immensas ndm!n£ ngn^t ftquaa. Op. T. 3. iy. 22. 

Iccliis, i, m. [Alcaic.) 

IccT, bfiatiS nunc Arftbum invMes — Hor. C. 1. xxix. 1. ('Gr. 

Iceitf8» !, m. [640. 

Hunc IcSlon SfipCri, mortals Ph5betSr& yulgtis — Ov, M. xi. 

Ichnttblites, e, «i. 

Gndsliis Ichnfibfttes, Spartana gSntS M^lampas. Ov. M. iii. 208. 

Ichnonf dnis, m. 

Albet ligSr : ]£v)(b ant« p«de8 subsedSr&t Ichnon ; V. F. iii. 167. 

Idinusft, Stf. 

^ Inde Ichnusi prTaa GraiiB mCmdritft cdlonis, SiL xii. 358. 
Ictintis, 1, ttt. 

Icdnos, mttgYco cui nSctttk periyt& fiico— ^iw. £fi x. 309. 

IctUismfi, ae,/ 

IciUismft cum te abscondSrSt. Jut, Epis. xv. 22. (1. Dim.) 

Idft, se,/. or Ide, es,/. 

Quamvis Id& Pitrim pastdrem dic&t fimass£, Prop, 2. xxxiL 35i. 
Ids nostris niidatfi rdgis ; Sen» Tr. 74. (Anapast. Dim.) 

Idseiis, T» m. 

Ilium Incendentem luctus Idseiis St Acttfr — V. M. ix. 500. 
Idaetts, ft, iim, adj. 

Mons IdsetLs tibi et gentis cCinabfilft nostrse. V. AS. iii. 105. 

Idftllft, »,/. 

Panra Stifam fttU IdftlYft. ^m. Par. xxviii 1. (D, Tetram. cat ) 


Id£lien, mSmttremqufi tYme RhamnusltdYs Irftm. Ov, M, xiv.694. 


Idftlls, et nYmlum glebis exilYs Ansbe. Luc, iii. 204. 

Id&Kiim, 1, n, 

Aut siipSr IdftlYum sacrata sedS rScondftm. F. JE. i. 681. 

IdftHfis. ft, ilm, adf, 

Fandattir VenSri IdftlTe tttmtUoquS sftcerdds. F. JE. v. 760. 


Idas, s, m. 

fit velox Idas, «t jam ndn f&nXnft Csneiia. Ov. M. viii. 305. 

Ide, es,/. [134. 

Magnll pfireuB jttvfoHm, gilmYni tGnc filnlrYs, Ids — St, T, iii. 

Iderft, 8e, /. 

— -. — cfvXtaa 

Ideril surgit. Lltttts extendit dChlnc— ^i;. O. M, 475. C/. TrJ 

Idmon, 5n{8, m. 

Idmdnkque audacem, te qu^uS rdmpilt ftpSr. Ov. lb, 506. 

Idm5n¥i&s, ft, ttm, adj, [133. 

Ter qufttfir Idm5n¥s frSntem percii88¥t Arfichnes. Ov. M. vi. 

IdttmSneus, ei, and e5s, m. 

LyctYfis IdSmgneCis, hic illft diicis M6in)cel— r. ^. iii. 401. 
IdtfmSneT, LYbj^cone hftbftantes Iitt8r6 Locros — xi. 265. 
IdSmeneft diicem desertftquC litt5rft Cretae. iii. 122. 

IddmSnMs, ft, iim, adj. 

IddmSniosng * pfttam montes? at gaiprJi lat5 — Cat. Ixiv. 178. 
* By synizesis. dL fsthmoneosne. Idsosne. 

IddthSe, es,/. 

£t Phftrds IdttthSes scttpiUi PallenYdYs alti. Prit, P. 243. 

Idriis, T, m. 

CnKgenamqaS sfmiil cfUtiTcem montn>tis Idri. Cat, Ixiv. 301. 

Idumslis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Primtis Idumsas r^fiSram tYblf, Mantiift, palmas. V. O. iii. 12. 

Idume, es,/. 

Gazftque, St arbCtsto palmarum divjis Idume. *Lw!, iii. 216. 

Idiis, ttiim,/. 

Omnes veto Idiis octava lucft rScurrunt. Ans. Ec. xiii. 5. 
Omnem rSdegYt Idibus pScunlfftm : Hor. Ep. ii. 69. (L Tr,J 

lerne, es,/. 

Scdtorum tiimiilds flevTt glftclalis lerne. Claud, 4. C. H, 33. 

lertes, ae, m. 

Parte ftl)fa camp! sseyit fttr5r. Altiis Ierte&-~<S!i2. y. 259. 

letas, se. 

Siddnios Arbelft fSrox, it celsiis letas— 5t2. xiv. 271. 

IgilYttm, T, ». 

Emlnfis IgUn sUydsft cftcuminft mirttr. RuUl. i. 325. 

Ig&vlfiim, T, «. 

IgilvYum, p&tttloquS jftcens stnS moenYbUs arvo— 5t/. viii. 459. 

Il£at£s, ttm, m. 

IlSatSs agro se ftraci pdrr¥gunt Av. 0. M. 302. (I. Tt,) 

Derdft, «,/ 

Non, quse Dftrdftnlos post vfdYt, Ilerdft, fttrores, SxL iii. 359. 

Ilerdes, », m. 

Adsuetus jftciilTs, idem et beUat5r, Ilerdes. ^l. xvi. 566. 

Ilertes, se, m. 

CdnsYlKo vMdis, sed belli ^irtts, IlSrtes. iSt ^ iii. 255. 
161 p3 


Ileus, iNte» m. 

VenU itrox UeOs, St ttlSadt ftriltttr Hjfmetti, St, T. xU. €E22. 

Marts grivls gtoilnam pftrtu d&Mt IlUi proUm. T. M. i. 274. 

Illf&ctts, ft, ttm, a4f* 

Tydide, mene Illftcb oocamWrt cSmpn— K iE. L 97- 

IlY&des, se, m. 

Romttltts msdes, mAdefquS lUHnfts. 0». ^. a W. 40. 

m&d«pfratreBJur&p«tat&cUUbant F. iiL «2. 

UOdfis adsunt^ quae siiper celsS gr&du— <S^ft. Jg. 587. r^-^r.^ 
IllUs, ttdds,/. 

IlY&s setemiim si iXtiiisset tfpi&s. Ov. yf. ^. iii. 414. 

CondUdr IlYftdds cantabUiir, atquS M&rdnls — Juv. xi. 178- 

UWn, I,/, or n. [63. 

lUdn, et Xen^ofi, SYmiSsque, et Xanthtts, St Ide, Oo. H. xiii. 

IlTtett, s,/. or IlYtfne, es,/. 

Pr»t«rea sceptrum UYOne quod gess^rftt olTm, F. M. L 65a 
Cum liltfuam edormit, Cftdenis milie dficends, flor. & 2. iu. 61. 

Illttneus, eT, and ete, m. 

Jam vftHdam IlYttnei navem, jam fortYs Achatae, F. M, i. 120. 
IlY5neft pStiit dextra, lavaquS SSrestllm. 611. 


X1Y06, it murus quad fttYt aiit£ s6lttm. Ov. H, i. 4& 

Ilissds, 1, m. w Illssiis, i, m. 

Cel&Tit OetYcds ripis Uissds llmores. &L T. xu. 631. 

The antepenultima is shortened by Avienus, but his au- 
thority is invalid. 

AttYcft qua pulchro tellus piuguescYt iHsso. D, 1219. 
IHthyift, attf, 

LenYs Illthyift, t&erC matrea. Hw. C S, 14. (JSkipplLj 
IlYttm, i, M. 

IlYum In ItftlYam portaos vic^osqufi ptoates. F. i£. i. 68. 
IlY6sy &, ilm, adj. 

CoDtl^usque m&num, qua concYdYt UYft teUus, F M> xi. 245. 

lUYh&nttm, i, n, [BpU, xix. 16. 

lUYbfinOm, NttmYdamque Aviilim, ParthOmquS YttnonSm. Aus, 

lUjh-Ya, »,/. 

An tYbY sum g«ndi TilYar nijM ? /Vop. 1. viiu 2. 
Illjh'Ycfts, ft, iim, adj. 

Illj^rYcos p«n£trar« sYnus, atque intYmft tuttts— F. M. L 24a 

IUtrYs,Yd«8,/.a#. [225. 

Nunc tYbY PannttnYa est, nunc lUj^Ys drft ddmSndft. Ov. T. ii. 
Illj^rYtim, i, ». 

Illj^Yum, Bpironque Iftvat, clarimquC Cdrinthtfn. Man. \y. 612. 
lUj^rYi&s, ft, tim, ad4. 

Nam prttciU VXf^ lava de parti rilictit— Ov. T. 1. iv. 19. 


BzpSnSs b^i jtfvencs; ist Uytk treoSato*— K iE. x. 173. 

Ilfis, I, m, 

AddXtttr, Iltts Mt, dOm res BtfitiTt Iltt n%ii5. K ^. L t68. 

Imaon, SdKs, m. 

Audiit iU& d«uB : dam tSxIt Imitfna HSMto, F. i£. x. 424. 

ImbrSaYdes, a, m. Patronym, 

AsYfis Imbr&sMes HketadoYiimque Thj^cetes, V. ^. x. 12a 

ImbrSsils, i, m. [J5. xii. 343. 

Imbr&sYdas, Glaucum atquS Lttden, quos Imbrftstis Tpsfi — K. 

Imbreus, Stfs, m. [xii 310. 

At n5n Eiirj^admus, Lj^cYdasque, fit Areds, St ImbreuSi Ov. M. 

Imbrifis, &, ttm, cm^'. 

Venimils id portus, ImbrYft terr&y ttios. Oc;. I*. 1. x. 18. 

Imbrtts, !,/. [(1. T.) 

IntSrSa In Imbro mSrlftur cdgnatus sSnex. T^r. Hec. 1. ii. 90. 

Imilce, es,/. 

Sic ille. At contra Curhsi san^s ImilcS, SiU iii. 97* * 

Iniicbides, s, m. Patronym, [763^ 

Ndn tiiUt InftcbMes, Matrlque, 83ft, omnlfft demens — Oc;. M. i. 

InftchYs, W»s,/. Patronym. [106. 

InttcbYy quo prttpSras ? £iUlein sequSriaquS fUgisquS. Ov,H. xiv. 
InScbYdds vOltus mutaverftt HIS jUvenc&m. Ov, M. i. 61 1. 

Iniichitts, &, iim, adj, 

IniicbYBe Jun5 pestem medYtat& jfivencs. F. O, Ml 163. 

Inftcbtts, i, m. 

Iniicbiis, AciYsYiisque p&ter, mSdYsque Mycins. T.^. vii. 372. 

Inftcbtis, &, tim, a^f, [6ia 

Qua nostrse cScYdere ftnlmae : stiipfit In^bft pubes : St. T. i. 

In&rYme, es,/. . 

In&rYme JttvYs impSrHs imposts Tj^boeo *. F. M, ix. 71& 
* By synseresis. 

IncYtatiis, i, m, 

Cocco mulYtt fulgSt Incltatiis. Mart, 10. Ixxvi. a (Phalac.) 

IndYii, £,/. 

Indi& mittYt Sbur, molles sii^ thur& Sibsi. F, G. i. 6?. 

IndYbYlYs, Ys, m. 

IndlbYlisque diu laetus bellarS L&tims. Sil, xvi. 664. 

IndYciis, &, i&m, adj, 

IndYc& tigrYs ftgit rftbYda cum t^rYdS pacSm. Juv. xv. 163. 
SiQum IndYcdram, tergft fluctus PersYci. Av, O. M, 400. (LT,) 

IndYges, StYs, m, or IndKgStes, iim, m. [60S. 

NOnciip&t IndlfgStem, temploque arisquS rteepYt Ov. M, xiv. 
Di pfttrYi Indl^tes, et Romiiie, VestfiquS matfir, F, O, i. 49a 

IndlffetSs, iim, m. 

Poet Indl^tes aspSri se prSftrfint ^ (LT.) 


Indlgettcils, tt, ttm, euif. 

Post quae rteumbit litttts Indlgetycttm. Av. O. M. 532. 

Indtts, if m. 

Vastia Indtts Xquis miztum non sentit Htdispem. Xue. iii 236. 

Indiis, &, iim, ae^. 

Indum Ban^n^ vSlfita vfttlaviirlft oBtro 

Si quis 6bur— r. JB. xii. 67. 
Ino, lis, ofu? onYs,/. 

Furtim ilium primis Ind matert^rft cunis — Ov. M. iii. 313. 

InsSrYt Indnls versu, piit5, tale dddmen. T,M, 1932. (Meiurus.) 

Indpils, i, m. 

FidtLs, St Inopi matgrna gratTdr unda. V. F, v. 105. 

Indtts, ft, iim, cm^'. 

It cdmSs India £phjh*e solatft querelas. St. T, iv. 59. 

InstantltLs, i, m. 

0m¥nn)U8 laetis vestr&s Instantifiis oras — Mart, 12. xcix. 5. 

Interamnis, ¥s,/. 

Hdc Interamnis nomea tSnSt, ut sUiis ill&m — Av. D, 1 182. 

IntLOs, i, m. 

Hdc Int&i Castrum famX fiiissS ptitftt. IZu/i/. i. 232. 

lo, us, an^onls,/. 

Id versft cSput primos miigivSrftt annds. Prop, 2. xxviiL 17* 

Stellat&mque dciilis custddem vii^Ms lus. Nem, C, 31. 

Quern quondam Idni Jiino custddem addldlt. Plaut. Aul. 3. vL 

20. (L T.J 
Idcastft BS T 

Et'g^Itrix Idcastft mlhi : tarn mdtt&s Adrastiis— .S*^. T. i. 681 . 

Jdctis, i, m. 

Quam Jdcus circumvdlftti et Ciipldd. Hor, C. 1. ii. 34. (Sapph.) 

Idlails, i, m. 

Orft, rSformatus primos Idlaiis in annds — Ov, M. ix. 399. 

Idlciftctts, ft, iim, a^. 

Victdr Idlci&cds tStigit cum cdnjiige pdrtus. Ov, M, vii. 158. 

Idlctts, i,/. 

Herbasqu<$, quas Idlcds atque Iberift— flbr. Ep. v. 21. (L T.J 

Idle, es,/. 

Dumque r«fert Idle fatum misSrabne, dumquS— Ov. M. ix. 394. 

Idllas, ae, m. 

Nee si munSribus certes cdncedSt Idllas. V. B. ii. 57. 

J(dn, dnYs, m, 

Quem mSmdr a sacns nflnc qudquS pellit Ion. Ov. lb, 624. 

Stemit Idnft Chrdmis, Chrdmin Antiphds, Antiphdn Hypseus. 

St. T. ix. 252. 
IdnSs, iim, m, [239. 

Prdximft, Bithynds ; Sdlem quae cdndit, Idnfts — Claud. Eut, ii. 

Idnift, », /. 

Nee Lfttium ndrat, quem pmb^t Idnift divds^Ot;. F. vi. 175. 
Idniftclis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Inter Idnlftcas cttlftthum tenttisse pilellas, Ov. H, ix. 73. 


lonfciis, ^ ttm, adf. 

Motiis dOceii gaudSt l5nYo58>-J7or. C. 8. ▼!. 21. ("Gr. j#lc.; 
Idnkarum gusttis attiigeoartim. Mart. 13. Ixi. 2. (Swui,) 

Idn]f8,lfd«8,/.a4f. ^ 

Nee mYniis attoUuntttr lonYdSs instils ftb alto. ^o. Z). 712. 

Idnliis, H, ttm, <u^. 

Nd8S« qudt Ittnn Tenjfant ad littfrX fluctus. F. O, u. 108. 

lontts, S, ttm, a4f. [xxvili. 53. 

£t qudt lonX tttlit, v^ttts et qu5t Achatft iormas. Prop, 2. 

lopas, 8e, m. 

Post &in prdcSres. Citk&ra crimttts Idpas— F. v£. i. 740. 
!5pe, es,/. 

Orbs Idpe, st^rilisque dehinc h&bitattlr £la¥s. Av. D, 1069. 

JdvTs, gen, m, 

Ab JdvS prindpium Muss, JdvYs omnlfl plenit r, B, iii 60. 

JSvintts, i, m. ' 

Gedippa, CrsinusquS sttus, prolesquS J5vmi. Aut, EpU, iv. 37- 

JSvitts, S, ttm, a4/. [GtU; 418. 

Hercttl£am stttts . Alcides, Jttvlamqu^ cdhortSm — Claud, B, 

IphYftnassii, s,/. 

Ipbi&naasai turp&ruDt saDgulnS fbde. Lucr, i 85. 


Aus&que Tn accinsds IphYfts ir£ ritgds. Ov, T, 5. 3dv. 88. 

Iphicltts, 1, m, 

Vix s5c£r Iphidus, vix me grandsvtts Acastfis — Ov, H, xiii. 25. 

IphigSnitt, a,/. 

FlentYbtts ante aram stStYt IphlgSmft mYnistris. Ov. M, xil 31. 

IpMnSe, gs,/. [162. 

TransYt &d IphYn5en; isdemque Amj^thadnTs ImplSt — V, F. ii. 

Ipblntttts, I, m, [714. 

Cusptde demissa ChrtfmYn, IphlndumquS, SitgenquS, St. T. vii. 


IphYs ftvus ftt^rat Gavisa est nom¥n£ matSr. Ov. M. ix. 708. 
IpbTd£ mutata Crete pr^ptorlt tttlissSt 667. 

Iphittts, T, m. 

IpMttis et P^lms mecum, qudnmi Iphfttis aevS — V, JE, ii. 435. 

Ipseii, «,/. 

Non Ipse^ pftrens, CbalcYttpequS sttrtfr. Ov, H. zvii. 232. 
IpslfthiUft, s,/. 

Amabd, mStt dttlcYs IpsYthiUii, Cat, zxxii. 1. fPhalac) 
Irts, Ydis, and U,f. 

Iris, et arquatd coelum curvamlnS signftns, Ov, M, xi. 590. 
IrYs, Is, m. 

Nee prdcttl hlnc purus ]lltYcem provdlvYtttr Irlfa. Av. D. 956. 
Iron, 5n¥s, m. 

Ineunit strictis milntts ensYbtts : oecttbftt Iron — F. F, iii. HI. 
Irpintts, 1, f». 

IrpiQus sdcYttmque m&nus clamorS v5c£rlit Sil iv. 595. 


Iriis, T, m. 

IrOs «t est gllbYto, qui mSdtt Crasfis «rilt Ov. 2*. 3. vii. 42. 

IsfleiLs,!, m. 

Promttts, H Iseo torrentlKr. £de, quYd llliim— /uv. iii 74. 

XsalceB, ¥s, m. 

Optab&t pugnam ante 5ciUo8, spe laQdTs, Isaloes; SiL v. 289. 

Is&rft, s, f». 

HI vftdtt llquerunt Isitne, qui, gurgltS ducttis— Xtic. i. 899. 

IsaurtiSf i, m. 

CrusttLmYumquS rSpax, et juncto Sapls Isauro. Lue. ii. 406. 

Xsauriis, &, iim, tufj, 

XMiA victdrem de sS vftcHt, alt^r Isauras, Ov, F, L 593. 

Ischttmiiche, §8, /. [(S^MuLJ 

QualYs et IschttiAftche, LapYthse gSn&s herolnae. Prop, 2. iL 9. 

IsY&ciis, ft, Urn, adj. 

UWa, IsYftcos ante sgderS fbcos. Ov. P. 1. i. 52. 


Isfe et irat5 f^rTat mfift lumYnft sistro. Juv. ziii. 93. 

IsIdYs aede sedens, cur b&nc Saturalft, qussrit-^Ov, T, ii 297. 

IsmftrYctis, ft, ttm, adf, 

IsmftrYcique rfget semper flabria AquUdnts. Av. D. 33. 

IsmftrYfls, ft, i&m, adj. - [iL 257. 

Fdra Cftdem IsmftrYos Hebrum ciim StrymSnft siccftt. Ov, M. 

IsmftrCLs, I, m. or Ismftrft, ordm, n. 

Nee tantum Rbttddpe mirantiir fit Ismftriis * Orphea^r. B, 

• By synseresis. vi. 30. 

ThncYft, Bisttfnfitoque plftgaa, fttque Ismftrft propter — Lucr. 

V. 30. 
Ismftriis, ft, iim, a^. 

£t tres qude Idas pfttSr, et pfttrla Ismftrft mlttit, V, JE, x. 351. 

Ismene, es,/. [623. 

Incbttftt Ismene : Quisnam bic mortalYbiis Srriir — St. T. viii. 

IsmenYs, Ydtts,/. adj. 

Ismenls CrttciUe sparsos per coUft cftpillos, Ov. M. iiL 169. 

Pacatus, mitisque, rSgant IsmenYdSs, adsls. iv. 31. 
IsmenKiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Hdap^s ftb A5nYis Therses IsmenYtis oris. Ov. M. xiii. 682. 
Ismends, i, m. 

At pfttftr ircano rSsYdens Ismen5s Yn antrd, St. T. ix. 404. 

Issft, 8B, yi 

Issa est delYcYe cfttellft Publi. Mart. 1. ex. 5. (Phahec.) 
Isse, es,/. 

GessSrYt: ut pastor MftcftreYdft lusftrYt Issen. Ov. M. vi. 124. 
IssYciis, ft, iim, a^. 

IssYcils immddYco donee sYniis 5rft pfttescftt ' Av. D. 168. 
Ister, tn, m. 

TurbYdiis et torquens flaventes IstSr ftrenas. F. O. iii. 350. 
IsthmYftciis, ft, iim, adj. 

iGrfique ftb IsthmYftcis afiro p5tYdrft fftviUis. St. S. 2. ii 68. 


IsthmYlis, H, ilm, adf, 

InXchias JkHiB, atque omn^ qii5d Isthmnis umbd 
Distinct— 5^. T, vii. 15. 

Isthmte, !, m. 

QuiquS mttiu gSmYni distYnSt Isthmds Aquas. Ov, H, xii. 104. 
Istrit, a, m. 

Nulla YgYtur mdrtt per Ndvlfum, mdrtt nullH pSr Istr&m. /wo. 

xii 111. a^ Histrtim. 
Istrl, driim, m, [(j, Tr.J 

Istros, Hlspands, MassYIYienses, IIlflrYos, Plaut Men. 2. i. 10. 
Istriis, &, ttm, adj, 

Istra nee mYn&s absdlutft testa, Jlfor^ 12. Ixiii. 2. (Phalac.) 
ItiQYa, SB,/. 

UYum Yn ItlUYam portans TictosquS Ptoates. F, JE. i. 00. 
ItiUYciis, &, iiro, ot^'. 

Grain quYs ItklYcis auctor ptfsiiissSt Yn dris. Ov, M, xv. 9. 
ItiUYs, Ydds,/. adj. 

£xcepit lUcrYmas ItftlYs or& g^nis. Oo. P. 2. iji. 84. 

ItiUYdes quas ipsft d^cus sibi diS CftmilU— r. ^. xi. 657. 

It&liis, ft, ilm, o^f. 

£t saepe HespSrYam, sspe It&l& regnil vScar^. T. ^. iii. 185. 

Res XtlUas armis tuteris, mdrYbtis ornes, Hor. E, 2. i. 2. 
Itargiis, 1, m. 

Dec5ltfr infecta testYs Xtarglis £qua. Alb. ad Liv. 386. 

Ith&cft, se,/. or XtMce, es,/. 

Bfflig^uB scdpiilos Ithttcae, Laerti^ re^it. F. M. iii. 273. 
Non Pj^lOs aut XthSce tantos ggnilTss^ f^runtiir. Tib. 4. i. 48. 
Bt Cdrcyrtt pdtens, Yth&ces atque asp^rft tellus. FrU. P. 521. 

IthitcensYs, £, adj. 

Dlgni, rem4:Yam TYtYosum XthttcensYs DlysseT. Hor, £. 1. vi. 63. 
IthttcesYlis, &, ttm, adj. 

Nee in5rtt, jam dextras XthttcesYft carbiistbs ailras— iS*^. A. L 558. 
Ithttctts, ft, ilm, adj. 

.£5lYd8 Ithftcis mclusYmtis utrYbtts Euros. Ov. A. 3. xii. 29. 

Ithemon, dnVs, m. 

TentSs, sed leetus par ad certam^n, Ithemon — SH, v. 546. 

Ithome, Ss,/. 

Planftqufi Messene, montanftquS nutrYt Xthdme. St. T. iv. 179. 

Ithonaetbs, ft, ilm, adj. 

DileYt Ithonseos ^t AlalctfmSnseft MYnervae-^.S'^ T. vii. 330. 
Xthone, es,/. 

MdntS Tftnu, ^ve A5nYa devertYs Ythdne — St. T. ii. 721. 
Xtfaj^hallils, 1, m. 

ArbttrYs antlquse niimen vSnSrare Ithj^halli. Col 32. 
Xtonils, 1, m. 

Quod tYbY 81 sancti concessSrYt inctfla Xtoni, Cat. Ixiv. 228. 
Xturseiis, ft, ilm, adj, 

Comils. itilrsBds taxi torquentttr Yn arcus. F. O, ii. 448. 


DauKSs absumti fatf g«m«ns ItjflL Ca<. Ixv. 14. 

hfs, j^ttB, m. [652. 

Tantilqne ndx ttnlmi est, Xtj^n hue arcessItS, dixit. Ov. M, vi. 
Prosnnt*: Xtj^osquS c^ut PhllttmeU crttenttim-^668. 
* By csesura. 

Jilb&, IS. m. 

Privats sed bellft ditbat Jiibft concMs irse. Luc, iv. 688. 

JudflgH, ^f- 

Incert! JadaBft D)S, mdUisque Stfphene. Lws, ii. 593. 

Judseiis, ft, ttm, oi/f. 

Perauaderfi cttpit Credit Judsetts Apellft, /Tor. ^. 1. v. 100. 

JudSlciis, ft, ttm, a<(;. 

Jud&Ycum edisdlnt ac servant ac mStttunt jus. Juv. xiv. 101. 

Jttgftls, ariim,/. 

Consurgunt J&gttlse, quYbtts aspiranllbiis orti — Man, v. 175. 

Jttgurthft, ae, m. 

CdDsttI« cum Umb, captS JOgurthtt, s^des. Prop, a v. 16. 

Jdgurthiniis, &, iim, o^;. 

Ills Jttgurtbino clarus CImbroquS trtumphd— Ov. P. 4 iii. 45. 

luletis, ft, ttm, o^f* 

Magniis luleds Caesftr hftber^t ftvds. Ov. F, iv. 124. 

JuKft, SB,/. 

Sic Augustft nSvum Julift numen Srlft Ov, F, I 536. 

JuUft,/ adj. (Lex understood.) 

SurgSret, et castum iTbraret Julift fulmSn. St. S, 5. ii. 102. 

JuUi&s, 1, m. 

JCilitis a magno demissum nomfin Xtilo. F, JE. i. 288. 

Julitts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Aut, ttt firunt Patres In Julift templft v5cati — Ov. P. 4. v. 21 . 
Juliaruiu dedScus Kftlendariim, Mart, 12. xxxii. 1. (Scaz,) 

Julianiis, i, m. ^ 

Faustinft, quod vix Jullfaniis intrarSt. Mart. 3. xxv. 2. 

lulAs, I, m. 

Cedet Xtiltts ftgris, nee post arma CUlft rSbeUes— r. M, xii. 185. 

Juntftdes, se, m. Patron. 

Juniftd« patri infSrias miserS sftpulcr5. Aus, Ed, xi. 37. 

JunTiis, I, m. 

Juniiis, a jiivenum ndm¥nft dictiiB, faftbftt. Ov, F, v. 78. 

Juno, onYs,/. 

Quam Jund fertur tenis mftgls 5mnn>tis unftm — V, JE, i. 15. 
Non ftlYter quam si fecTsset Jun9 mftritttro — Jnv, vi. 619. 
Vl siip^rum ssevs mCmdrem Junonts 5b irftm. F, JE, i. 4. 

Junonalis, fi, adj. 

Junonaie I^ges tempus. Nee Rdmdiiis illas — Ov, F. vi. 63. 
JunonYcfilft, s, c. g. 

Adds senem Tfttium, JunonYcdlasque Fftliscos, Ov, F. vi. 49. 


JundnlgSntt, ae, c. g. 

Inddliiitfictd: JUndnlg^nsquS mliritd^Ov. M. iv. 173. 

Junoaltis, ft, iim» a^'. 

Laudatu detent&t Avis JaDonI& pennis. Ov. ^. ^. i. 627- 

JupItSr, Jttvis, j». [680. 

JupitSr est, quodcunque vMes, quocunquS mdverYs. Luc, ix. 

Justlnll, »»/. 

NaevYft sex cj^tttbiS) septSm JliatinS bYbattir. Mart. 1. Ixxii. 1. 

Justinils, 1, m. 

Sexcenti coenant a te, JustinS, vdcitf. Mart. 11. Ixv. 1. 

JustMa, ae,/. 

JustMft, nuniijn invSco ic testor tt&fim. Sen. Med, 440. (I.Tr.) 

JuturnS, SB,/. 

DTsg£ tiium, ne me Incuses, Jaturnil, dttldrSm. F. M, xii. 146. 

J&vSnalis, Is, m. 

De nostro facundS tft)i JiivfinaWs figelld — ^itfar^. 7« xci. 1. 

J&vencils, i, «. [(PhaUBC.) 

HIc mecum licSt, hic, JiivencS, quTcquYd — Mart 12. xxiv. 4. 

JiiventH, ae,/. 

Det mThT formosa navft Jiiventft m&nu. Ov. P. 1. x. 12. 

J&ventiffis, 1, m. . 

O qui flosciiliis es JttyentXoriiin, C€a. xxiv. 1. (Phalac.) 

Juvema, ae,/. 

Litdr& Juvernae promdvYmiis, et raddd captas — Juv. ii. 160. 

Ixion, 5nYsy m. 

VolvTtttr Ixion, it se sSquYturque %Ttqu& Ov. M, iv. 460. 

N5n rtft& suspensura prseceps Ixidnft tdrquSt. Claud, R, P, ii. 

Ixi6nTdes, ae, m. Patronym, 

Hac IxIdnYdes, Ula TrcezenYiis heros, Ov. M, viii. 666. 

PI, Illic semiftrSs IxlSnidas Centauros— iwc. vi. 386. (Spoil.) 

Ixi6nYiis, H, ttm, adj, 

Atque IxTttaH vento r6ti& cdnstirtYt orbYs. F. G. iv. 484. 


See under C. 

Lfib&riis, T, m. 

InPirias caesis mactat L&bSrumque Pttdumqu£ — Sil, iv. 262. 

LabdftcMes, ae, m. Patronym, 

Non baec Labdficldas prSmunt Sen, (Ed, 710. (Olyconic. 
LabdSclftts, ft, iim, adj, 

LabdftelumquS dttcem pnemiiaae cdiudiift nocfi— jS^. Th. ii. 210. 
169 Q 


LabdHciis, i, m. 

Labdilctts, fads regni ferrum ptote, ir£, miUiusquS — St,T, iii. 80. 

LttbSo, dnlfs, m. 

In crttcS 8u£fig&t, L&Mone Insiatttr inter— Ifor. iSl 1. iii. 82. 

LttbSrYiiSf i, m. 

£t L&berl mimos, ut pukhr& pttem&tli, mirSr. Her. S, 1. x. 6. 

Lablcanils, &, iim, adj, 

LabKantt l£vT cespYt^ Tel&t hfimtts. Mart. 1. Ixxxix. 2. 

Lftbici, orttm, m. 

£t Sacranie ftdis, et picta scutft LSbici ^ f^. ^. vii. 796. 

LftbicfiiDi I, n, 

Jamque ftdSo est campos ingressiis £t arv& L&blci, SiL xii. 534. 

Lttbicfis, 1, ffi. 

Hmc Fadum p^tU et v6terem bellar^ L&bictim, &7. v. 565. 

LftMeniis, I, m. 

— — — In armis 

CfesttrSTs LftbYeniis £rat, nunc tran8f)ig& villfs. Luc. v. 346. 

L&brax, Sets, m, 

Atque eccum incedit Quo, m&lfim, pr5pSras, L&brax ? Plaui. 

R. 2. vi. 8. (L Tr.) 
LabrSs, i, m. 

LabrOs, ^t AgrYddds, St &cutae vocYs H j^lact5r : Ov. M. iii. 224. 

LabCdia, se,/. [bulla. 

Sotse filift clInYci, Lttbulli, Mart. 4. ix. 1. (Phalac.) al. Fa- 

L&buUiis, I, m. 

Quot versus pStSrant, LftbullS, nasci ? Mart. 11. xxiv. 4. 

L&burniis, i, m. 

Prsstabat Laurens, membrorum mdlS Lilburniis — SiL xiii. 195. 

Lttbycas, s, m. 

Blandft CiipIdinST cur non fimSt dr£ Lilbycs, itfar^. 7* Ixxxvii . 9. 

LftcaenS, se,/. o^/. 

Non tibl TyndMdis f^les invisft Lftcsense, F. M. ii. 601. 

L^Sdsemon, ttnYs,/. [363. 

At n5n sic Phrj^gYus pfinStrat Lilcgdsmdn& pastttr, V. M. vii. 

L&cgdsmdnlfiis, S, iim, o^'. [32& 

Ledseam HermYSnem L&cfidsemOniosque Hj^mSnaeos, V. M. iii. 

LILcernft, ae, m. 

Parte ftlia solum russati ponS Litcerns. Juv. vii. 1 14. 

LachftnYiis, i, m. 

Famam LachinH vSn^ratur, numlfnYs inst&r — RiUil. i. 595. 

L^hes, etts, m. 

Tu nescis ? Non, M me Di bSne ftment, mi Lilches ! • Ter. 

Hec. 2. i. 9. (L Tr.) 
LSchSsYs, Is,/. 

Necdum illi LttchSsis dictos niUn^ravfirftt annos: Sah. U.P.7\. 

Lachne, es,/. [222. 

HarpSltfs, et M^lllneuSy h&s&tliqo£ cdrptfr£ Lachne. Ov. M, iii. 


CernMr. AdtoUit se diVft LiteinYa edntri, K M. iii. M2. 

LScTnYiis, ft, iim, <k(/. 

LTt5r& felici tSniliss^ LttcTnYtt cilrsu. Ov. 3f. xv. 13. 

Lilco, and Lftcdn, dnis, adj. m, 

Flumgn, et regnatft pStam Laconi— flbr. C. 2. vi. 11. (Sapph.) 
PI, Quilift Ledsi fatft LttcdnSs hftbent JUarf. 1. xxxvii. 2. 

L&cdn, dni8, m. 

PrsevftlidusquS Lftcon, et cursu fortis Aello. Ov. M. iii. 219. 

Lftcdntctts, S, iim, aJ/. 

Nee LftconTcas mThi — /Tor. C. 2. xviii. 7« C/. J^»»». Acephahis.) 

L&conis, idis, /. adj. 

£t p&trS Dictseo, sed matrS L&conM& nati. Ov. M. iii. 223. 

Ladas, se, m. 

Non Ladas si SgO, pennYpesvS Perseus — CaU Iv. 25. (Phalac.) 

L&des, se, m. [^. xii. 343. 

ImbrftsTdas, Glaucum atqu£ L&den, quos Imbrlisiis IpsS — F. 

Laddn, dnis, m. 

Qmqu6 cTtis Ladon in m&rS currYt ftquis. Ov> F. ii. 274 
Hic mactat Laddnft, PhSretftquS, Dem5d5cuinqug, V.JE. x. 413. 

Lselaps, ftpYs, m. 

PdscSr it ipsS mSum consensu Lselftpft magno. Ov. M. vii. 771- 

Lselta, 3&,/. 

Quse legis causa nupslt tYbY Laelift, QuintS, Jl/ar^ 6. Ixxv. 1. 

LseUiis, i, m. 

CedfirSt introrsum turpis, nam Laeliils, et qui — Hor. S. 2. i. 65. 

Laenas, se, m. 

PdstdmYo Lsenas persttlttere mibu Ov. F. v. 330. 

Laertft, ae, m. or Laertes, ae, m, 

LaertS! sic te jtivfinis excTpYat ttliis, Sen. Tr. 703. (I. Tr.) 
Sed nSqug Laertes, ut qui sYt Ynutilis armis— Ov. H. i. 106. 

LaertYides, ae, m. Patronym. 

Sax& mdves gSmYtu, LaertiSdsequS prScarYs — Ov. M. xiii. 43. 

Ausonius, by synseresis, makes it a quadrisyllable. 
Captus pellacTs LaertY&dae TnsYdiis. Ep. H. xii. 4. 

LaertY&s, &, iim, adj. 

£fi^Ymus * Itbftcae sc5ptilos Laerti& regnft. y, JE. iii. 27% 
• By caesura. 

Laestrygon, finis, m. or Laeatrygfings, iim, m. 
TertYiis e nobis LaestrygfinYs impYft tinxYt 
Ora— Ot;. M. xiv. 237. 
Fingentem immanes Laestrygfinfts atqufi Cj^cloplls. Juv. xv. 18. 

LaestrygfinYiis, %, iim, adj. 

Nee LaestrygfinYa Baccbiis Yn amphfira— Hor* C. 3. xvi. 34. 

(Chor. Tetr. Jsclep.) 
LaetorYiis, i, m. 

£t, RiSgfit at CGen§fl steum LaetorYOs, inquYt. Mart 12. xxvi. 13. 
171 «^ 


LsviiiH, s,/. 

C&8t&, nSc anfiqttls cedSns Levfaft Slbinls, Mart. I. Ixiii. 1 . 

LsvTntts, T, m, 

Vlrttttiis sacram r&Mem LevTntts ftb altd — Sil. vi. 42. 

Lageiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Olttmli LagSs stfrpls, pMturttquS prdles. Lue. viii. 692. 

Lagon, ttnVs, m. 

N5s fScYmus Brfld piiSrum, nos Lagiintt vivfim — Mart, 9. li. a. 

Lagfis, I, m. [381. 

Fit Lftgtts; hunc magnd vSliTt dum pondSrS saxiim — y. ^- x. 
Atque iit!nam in pdpiUos ddnata est regi& LagT. Luc. v. 62. 

Lafftdes, s, m. Patronym. 

CarminU Laiftdes non intellect^ pridrfim — Ov. M. vii. 7^9. 

Lais, Mfis,/. 

Dlcittir et multis LaiB.&inat& vlfrls. Ov. J. 1. v. 12. 
Nod Ytft complebant £phjhr^ La¥d5s sedes — Prop. 2. vi. 1. 

LaTtis, I, m. 

Laiiis, extinctom ni^ quern vulnSrS, nondiim — St, T. i. 296. 

L&lilge, es,/. 

Fr6nt« p«tet Laiftge mantiira. Hor, C, 2. v. 16. (Less, Ale. J 

Laletanift, s,/. 

T&Smqu« LaletanYftm. Mart 1. 1. 22. (L Dim.) 

LftmYa, 8e, m. 

Me quamvis L&mYae pYStas et curtt mdretiir, Hor, E, 1. xiv. 6. 
Quaedam de niimfiro L&mYaram ac nSmlfnTs alti. Juv. vi. 385. 

L»mift,8e,/. [340. 

Neu pransae L&mise vTvum pttSrum extriChftt Slvo. Hor. A. JR. 

L&mie, es,/. 

Ipsi seu Lftmie mater sit, sivS Criltsis, V, Cir. 66. 
LampftdYo, dnYs, m. 

Quid &gl8, Lamp&dlfo ? Hsec cistellS numnam blue ab nobis 

d6mo est? Plant, Cist. 4. i, 6. (Troch, Tetr. cat, J 

Lamp&disciis, i, m. l(L Tr,) 

Mei Lamp&disci servi. Ndn surda es, hSrS. Plant, Cist, 2. iii. 2. 

LampStie, es,/. 

Candida Lampgtie silMta radicS rStenta est. Ov. M. ii. 349. 

LampTft, se, /. 

PaenS sikrer, candensquS jtigis Lampift nivosTs, St, T. iv. 290. 

Lampon, dnts, m, 

CallftYcus Lampdu ftigit, atque ingentl[& transit — SiL xvi. 334. 

Lamps&cYiis, &, iim, adj. 

Nam mSa Lampsftcid lascivlt pag¥n& versu, Mart. 11. xvi. 3. 

Lamps&cds, !,/. [346. 

LampsftcOs h5c &n¥mal sdlita est mactarS Priapo. Ov, F, vi. 

Lamptts, T, m. [7^9. 

Lampiis: in hiinc saciiis Pboebus dSdit fpsS sftgittas. 5^.r. vii. 
Lftmils, T, m. 

JE\h y&tdato nobtlls &b Ltfmd, Hor. C. a xvii. 1. (Gr, Ale.) 


L&mjhiis, I, m. 

Terrft tttriquS mildSnt. NSc non Lftiaj^rumqu^S Lftmumque, 

V. JE. ix. 334. 
Langift, ae,/. 

€ulttt sSrunt, quos pTgr& v&do LangiS t&centi — St. T. iv. 51. 

Laniivinils, &, iim, tuy, 

Aut Lanilvintks atSratquS d§ntattis~-Oci/. xxxix. 12. (Scaz.) 

Lantivitim, T, n. 

£t pdptiluB Laurens LaniivYumquS mSttm. Ov. i^. vi. 60. 

Ladc5on, ontis, tn. 

La^don ardens summa decurrU &b tlrcS : F. ^. ii. 41. 
Ladcdontft pStunt. £t pnmilm parv& d&5riim — 213. 

Laddttmlfi, ae,/. 

Indii£ regales, Lattd&mift, slfnus. O0. H» xiii. 36. 

Laddice, es,/. 

Flav&que LiddKce, coeloque r«c£ptfi Celsno. Ov. H. xix. 135. 

Ladm^don, ontis, m. 

Lattm^ddntii yTdet, suflceptftqu^ magntt IftbdrS— Ov. M, xi. 200. 

La5mSdontefis, &, Um, o^/. 

LaSmeddnteae l&imus perjurTa TrojsB. F. M, i. 502. 

LadmSddntY&des, ae, m. Patronym. 

La5ra«d6ntYadaB, bellumne inferrfi pHratYs ? V. ^. iii. 248. 

La5m^ddntiiis, ^ iim, adj. 

AusttnYas tiil^rat, quum LadmedontiS pubes — V. ^E. vii. 105. 

Lapttha, se, tn. or Liipithes, se, m. or LfipYthae, ariim, m. 

Perjurum L&pYtham JunoniH ludificat nubs. Aus^ Ed. de Hist. 4. 
His Lftpithes adsuerSt £ques : da jungSrS dextrSm, K F. v. 516. 
Frentt PSlethrfinH L&pithae, gyrosquS d£der£, T. G. iii. 115. 
Luxuriant LftpYtharum epiUse^si quand5 prdfundo — St. T. v. 260. 

LapYtbaetts, &, ttm, adj, 

O salve, dixit, Lapitbsse glorYS gentYs, Ov. M. xii 530. 

L&pYtbeYiis, &, tim, o^;. 

Antra simul siibeunt, et turn Lapitbeta tecta—pv. M. xii. 417- 

Laptthonitis,. a, iim, adj. 

ConfuderS mddds : ptiSrum LaptthonYa nympha — iS*^. T. vii. 297- 

Lappa, ae, m. 

Non mYndr antiquo Eiibrenus Lappa cdthurno. Juv. vii. 72. 

Lar, arYs, m. or Lares, tiin, and Ytim, m. 

£xagYt&nt et Lar et turba DYanYa fures. Ov. F. v. 141. 
AssaracTque Larem, et canae p^nStralYa Vestae. V, jE. ix. 259. 
ForsYtan a LarYbus patrns exirfi pYgebYt. Ov. R. A. 237. 

L&ra, ae,/. 

Forte R&it NaTs, Lara ndmYnS : prima sSd Till— Ot;. F. ii. 599. 

LirentalYa, iim, n. 

Ve8t£r hdnos vSnYet, cum LarentalYa dicam. Ov. F. iii. 57. 

LarentYa* s,/. 

N5n eg5 te, t&otae nfltrix LarentYft gentis, Oik F, iii. 55. 
173 q3 


LargX, «,/ 

ROstYettsf fixsptetili at ndn sYt «dfiltlrji Liigs 
FilTtt— /so. xiv. 26. 

IngSnlfiquS siii dictus cogndmYnS Largtts. Ov. P. 4. xvi. 17- 

LandeSi ae, m, 

Te decistt siluiii, Laride, dexter& qiunrh. F. AE, x. 305. 

Liiinft, «,/. 

At circum iects otfmYtes, LiriniquS vurgo, F, M. xi. 65& 

LariniSf atifs, oc^. 

QuSqa« jitcet siip&i LarinSs iootfl& campi— 522. xv. 566. 
Ad IflBVim pfttrYas et LarinatXiL algnft^ xiL 174. 

Larissft, ae,/. 

Atque ollm Larisaft pdtens ; ttU nobUS quondim — Zriicvi 355i. 

Larissaeiis, &, ttm, adj. 

Quoa Dftqa« Tydides, nee LiriBSKtis AchillSa, K JS. ii. 197- 

The first syllable is made short by Sammonicus : 
Otqu« LiLrissflBa curitur Tel^phiks haata ; xlvii. 7- 

Larftts, i» M. 

— — — ombroaa vestit qua Utttts ttlTva 
LarYiis, et dulcT mentitur NerSft fluctu. Claud, B, Get, 320. 

LarYtts, ft, iim, tuff. 

C5mi moeoYtt, LarYumquS iTtiis. Cat, xxxv. 4. (PfuUac) 

LardnY&, ae, / 

Non tbIYt ex iIIm torvum LaronYtt quemdttm — Juv. ii. 36. 

Lar5nYll8, T, m. 

DuxissetquS r&tem, pressa LaronYtus hasta — Sil, xiv. 534. 

Lars, tYs, m. 

Lartfi ftrox caeso Coesfis 5pimft tiilit Ov.Jragm. ap. Prise, lib. 5. 

Larundil, ae,/. [Z>eM 9. 

Nee G^nYus ddrnttum, Larunda prdgSnYtus Lar. jiut. Ed. de 

Lilriis, T, m. 

GorgttnSoque Lttrum torquentem lumYnA viiltu — SiL iv. 234. 

L&tftfftts, 1, m. [x. 697. 

SternYt hl&ml, cum quo LftUgum Palmumqu^ fOgacSm — F. M. 

LtttSraniis, i, m, 

AbreptCis pulcro caedum LfttSraniis &mdrS, Sil. v. 229. 

PI. ClausYt, fit egrfigYas Lfttfirandrum obsYdSt aedes. Juv. x. 17- 

LtttialYs, fi, adj. 

Accepissfi Nilkmam p5piili LfttYalYs httbenSs. Ov. M, xv. 481. 
Altera Satumi rfivtfcet LiitYalYft regntt. Calp, i. 64. 

L&tine, adv. 

SI quft vYdebuntur casu ndn dictil Ltttine, Ov. T. 3. i. 1?. 

L&tini, ortim, m. 

Jamque Ytfir emensi, turres ac tectH L&tinorum 
ArdttX— r. iE. vii. 160. 

LilGnYtas, atYs,/. l( Tr. T. eat.) 

Quinqufi contenta est ngOrls Romi&n LttfinYtas. T, M. 1303. 


Ltttinfis, 1, m. [192. 

Sacril dedsqQiS d&bo: 8te«r Srmil LXflntts hAbeto : V. jE. xu. 

LStfniiB, ^, iim, a<(;. [76. 

Ruril siiburbana TndictM c^mSs irS Ltttinls. Hot. £pM^ I. vii. 

L&tYfim, 1, n. 

DicU qutfque est LfttYum terrH, l&tente dSo. Ov. F. i. 238. 

L&tYiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Assuescent LfitYd P&rthft trtfpaeft Jtfvi. Prop. 3. iv. 6. 

LatmYiis, ft, iim, adj. [83. 

LatmYiis £nd^mYon non est tTbY, Lunft, rfibori. Ov, A, A, iii. 

L&t5Ydes, le, m. w Lat&idie, arttm, m. 

— — — tSniiit rfivfirentYft caedTs 

Lat{$Ydem, tristemquS vird commissiiB hdoor^m — St, T, i. 663. 

Quae indd5 sflm, laesi numlnft L&tttYdttm. Atu, Ep> H. xzvii. 2. 

LStoTs, Ydds, /. Patronym. 

CdnHteor, tYmSd sstk LatoYdte irftm. Ov. H. xzi. Id3. 

LatdYils, ft, ttm, o^/* 

Nee vol, Plftrldes, nee atlrps LatdYft ye8trd--0p. T, 2. iii. 3. 

Latonft, s,/. 

EdYdYt invita gSmYnSs Latonft ntf vSrci. Ov. M» vi. 336. 

LatonYg^nse, ariim, c. g, 

£t dftte Latdno: LatonYgSmsque dtidbiis— Ov. M. vi. 160. 

LatonYlls, ft, i&m, adj, 

Cui non dictiis Hj^las pilSr, et LatdnYft 0€l5s ? T. G. iii. 6. 

Utdtts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Quern TritdnYftca Latoi&s ftrundYnft yfctiim, Ov. M. vi. 384. 

Latreus, Stfs, m. [xii. 463. 

Quem dftdSrat letd, membrfsqae et corp^rS Latreus — Ov. M. 

LatrY8,Y8, m./. [121. 

Quas Otftces, quas LatrYs ftgunt, et raptSr ftmorfim — V. F. vi. 

Laucdn, mr Lauc55n, ontYs, m. [f/. Tr.) 

Crinem sttluttts, omnS Lauctton rtoiet — Pet. Arb. Ixxxix. 19. 
Lauconte, quos r^pentS tergfirYbus ngant. 43. 

Lftvernft, »,/. [xvi. 60. 

Labrft mtfvet metiiens aiidiri : Piilchrft Lftvernft. Hw. E. 1. 

Laufeift, ae,/. 


La^nlft, se,/. 

fixtdYbiisnS dfttur ducendft LftvinYft Teacris ? V. JE. vii. 359. 
Quem tYbY longsevd serum LavInYft coi^iix — vi. 764. 

LftvinYfim, I, n. 

Fata tYbl : cemes urbem et promlssft LftvinT 
MoenYftr-r. 2E. i. 258. 

LavYnYtts, ft, iim, adj.^ 

Nee prolem AusdnYam et Lavinift respYcYt arvfi. K JE, iv. 236. 

Lftvinttm, 1, n. 

Atquft ntfvercali sedes prelatft Lftyino. Juv. xii. 71. 


Lavintts, fi, ftm, adj. 

JactftquS LaviDls moena fitttrlfbtts. Prop. 2. zxxiv. 64. 

I^aurens, entts, adj. 

Occiib&t ; ignarGm Lafirens httbSt ortt MYmantlL F. M. x. 706. 
Hunc FauDo et Nympha g^SiiMm LaQrent^ M&rica — vii. 47- 
Latura exirtum Laurentibus : horrgftt ortus — Sil. i. 110. 

Laurentiniis, ft, fim, adj. 

AlbanosquS p&tres, LaureDtinosqu^ p^nates, Luc. vii. 394. 

LaurendAs, H, iiro, adj. 

Defendit, multosvS pftlus LaurentTft, silvii— r. JE. x. 709. 

Laur£5ltts, T, m. 

Non falsa pendeos In criicS Lauredlfis. Jlfar^. <S^. vii. 4. 

Laurfis, i, m. 

Flagravit quantd Lauriis ftmdrS pHae. Mart. 10. Ixxxvi. 2. 

Lausfts, 1, m. 

Lauslis fiquum ddmYtor, debSllatorqutf f^rarttm, V. M. vii. 651. 

LeandSr, dri, m. or Leandriis, T, m. 

Clamabat tfimYdis audix LeandSr Yn Qndis, JUinrt. 14. clxxxi. 1. 
Cum p^tSret dalces audax Leandrfis &mdres, Mart. S. xxv. 4. 

LeandrYfiSi ft, fim, a^;. 

MiUe r&tes vidit Leandriiis Hellespdnttts. Sil. viii. 621. (Sp.) 

LSarcheiis, ft, tim, a£(;. 

Moestft LSarcheas mater tiimillavSrftt umbras; Ov. F. vi. 491. 

LSarchiis, i, m. [615. 

Dequ£ s'lnu matrls ridentem, et parvft LSarchiim — Ov. M. iv. 

I^bftdeft s /I 

£t valle;s Lebftdeft, ttias, £t Hj^ampiilYn acri— ^^. 7. vii. 345. 

LCb^ontYtts, ft, fim, adj. 

Adstabftt Istum civttas L6b6d6nttft— ^t;. O. JJf. 509. f /. 2V.; 


Scis, L^bedus quid sit, GftbYis desert^dr atquS — Uar. JS. 1. xi. 7. 

Lgbynthfis, I,/. [^. ii. 81. 

Dextrft L£bynth5s grant, silvisque umbrosft Cftlymne. Ov. A. 

Lec&ntft, se,/. 

Thats hftbet nigrds, nivSos LecanYft dentes. Mart. 5. xliii. ] . 

L^hsettm, !, n. 

Isthmds, St angusti pftttierunt claustrft L^chsei. CI. B. Get. 190. 

LSchatts, ft, iim, adj. 

Inctibtilt spfttYis, quails permissft LSchseTs — Grat. 227. 

LSchSilm, i, n. 

His parvus, LSched nihil vStantS, St. S. 4. iii. 59. al. 
Lfichfe nUiil vfitarent, (Phal.) 

Leohiiis, ft, iim, adj. See above. 
Lectiiis, i, m. 

LectYiis ecc« v«nit : sta, ftigg, currfi, l&te. Mart. 5. xxv. 2. 
LectdrYft, »,/. 


Ledft, se,/. or Lede, es,/. [65. 

Dat mlhl Ledft JiSvSm, cycno deceptil, pitrentem, Ow. H. xvii. 

Qualfo Srat Lede, quam plumis abdMs albis — Ov. A, 1. x. 3. 
Ledsetis, &, iim, 04/* 

Hanc tlbl PriamidSa mltto, Ledeft, sttlntem. O0. H. xvi. 1. 
Ledtts, i, m. [(L Tr.) 

At nunccS Ledus, nflnc St Ortfbu flilmlfnfi — At, O. M, 690. 

LelSgreis, M58, /. Patronym, 

Sspe Stiam Nymphae tSnSrfs LSlSgetdte iilnTs— Ov.^Af.ix. 651. 
LSlSgeYi&s, ft, iiin, a^*. 

Int«r«a Minos L€l6geYa litttrft vastSt ; Ov. M. viii. 6. 

Hic Lekgas, CarasquS, sSgittYf^rosquS GSlonos, V, ^.viii. 725. 

LSlex, Sgis, m. 

Ante oranesquS LSlex, ftnYmo maturus St svo, Ov. M, viii. 617> 

LSmaniis, T, m. 

DesSrtlere cMvo tentorift f ix& LSmano. Luc. i. 396. 

Lemntftciis, ft, iim, adj, 

— — — antris 

Lemniftcis frftgdr est, ilb¥ flammSiis aegidft CGelftt 

Mulcibfir— iS^. S, 3. i. 132. 

Lemnifts, ad8s, adj,f. 

LemnTfts orsft rSfert : Immantft vQlnSrft, rectttr — SU T* v. 29. 

LemnYftdesquS vYros, nimium qu5quS, vincSrS ndrunt Ov. H. 

vi. 63. 
Lemn!c5lft, ae, c. g» 

Lemnic6ls stirpem contra dfttft foedSrft vidTt Ov, M. ii. 767- 

LemntensYs, S, adj, 

Sfift edgnatft LemniensTs, quae hftbitftt hic in proxtlmd. Plaut 
Cis. 1. L 102. (Troch. T. caLj 
LemnYsSIene, es, /. 

Ipsi LemnlsSlense fac des, et, quae jussi, nuntiatd. Plaut. Per. 
2. ii. 14. (Troch. Tetr, acat ) 

Lemniiis, ft, i!lm, adj. [454. 

Haec pfttSr ^dlns prSpSrat dum Lemntiis antris, V. AS. viii. 

Lemntts, i,/. 

D58 tibi Lemn6s ftrit ; terra IngSnTdsft cdlenti, Ov. H. vi. 1 17* 

LSmfires, iim, m. 

Mdx fttiam LSmtires ftnimas dixerS silentftm : Ov. F. v. 483. 

Lftmilrlft, orum, n. 

Rit&s Srat vStSrTs, noctumtt Lftmurift, sacii. Ov. F. v. 421. 

LSnaeiis, ft, ilm) adj. 

Hue, pfttSr o LenaeS, tiiis hic omnYft plenis — F. G. ii. 4. 

Lenas, at, m. 

Quod captattfr Smat Lenas, Aurelift vendftt. Juv. v. 98. 

Lentintis, i, m. 

QuarS tam miiltis a te, LentinS, diehiSia^—Mart. 12. xvii. 1. 

Lent&liis, I, m. 

Lentiiliis hftc poeti& cftrdit, cScYdltquS CSthigils— Jtfv. x. 287. 


lAo, dvXSf m. 

Hinc USsYOs stfitlt, indfi LUd, nduc» crevYt, CL Emt, ii. 559. 
Lenlftt et r&bYem Cftnis, et mdment& L^nKs. Hor, £. 1. x. 16. 

LSodOciis, T, m. 

Nitit&r hinc Tfil&us, fratngquS LSoddcfis urget— F. f. i. 358. 

LgonMa, ae, m. -^ [(I. T.J 

S&m vero, St alter ndstSr est L^nMiL Pto»^ As. 1. i. 44. 

L^nteus, Stts, m. 

AustLs erat furto dextram injectare Lednteus— iS*/. T. ix. 133. 

L^ntinl, drttm, m. 

JamquS LSoDtinds Am£naiiilqu£ flumintt cursu — Ov, F» iv. 467. 

LSontiniis, ft, tLm, ad[f. 

Priin& L^ntinoB vastarunt pnelift campos, SU. xiv. 125. 

L^ODtYiiB, T, <n. 

Annfium fancti mSmdra X^nti — Aut, Prof. vii. 3. (Sapph.) 

L£5nttfdilme, es,/. 

Flav& LfioDtdd&me, sSquitur nutntft Lj^caed— C/. 2. C. ^. 249. 

LSdprfipKdes, se, m. 

Stellft LSoprSpidse cum ftiit sequft viro. Ov. 76. 514. 

LSpKdiis, T, m. 

Collegam LSpKdum qud duxit LolIYiis anno. Hor.E. 1. xx. 28. 

LSpiniis, 1, m. 

Quae MarrucinT, quae Slgntft montS LSpIno — Col. 131. 

Leponticiis, i, m. 

OccKdYs et tnsti, pugnax LeponticS, fatd. Sil iv. 235. 

L^pos, Sris, m. [2. vi. 72. 

Nee mftlS necnS LSpos saltet, sed quod mftgts ad nos — Hor. S. 

LeptYs, Ys, /. 

ProxYmft Leptis ^at, cujus stfttYonS quYet&m — Luc. ix. 948. 

LSpiis, SrYs, m. 

SeptYmft pars LSp5rem tollTt, quo sidSrS natis — Man. v. 159. 

Lern&f ae, f. or Lerne, es, /. 

Jam Lerna retro cessYt, et Ph5r6nYdgs— &». Thy. 115. CI.T.J 
£xdO regales hftbitus : I, Lernftn St Argos — St. T. xi. 434. 
Compressa, et Lerne pulsft trYdentS p&lus. Prop, 2. xxvi. 48. 

Lernae&s, ft, iim, adj. 

Pars qu5tft Lernaeae serpens SrYs untis £chidna ? Ov. M. ix. 69. 

LesbYft, ae,/. 

Tecum LesbYft nostrft compftratiir ? Cat. xliii. 7* (PhaLJ 

LesbYftciis, ft, iim, adj. 

Masciilft LesbYftcis Sappho pSrYturft sftgittTs. Aut. Ed. vi. 25. 

LesbYfts, ftdYs,/. adj. 

Nee me LesbYftdum cetSrft turbft jtlvant. Ov. H. xv. 16. 
LesbYs, Ydds,/. adj. 

Dicftt, et JEdlYse LesbYs ftmicft \ftx. Ov. A. 2. xviii. 26. 

LesbYd^, eversa c5rp5rft captft dSmo. Ov. H. iiL 36. 

LesbYtis, T, m. [1 . 

LesbY&s est pftlcher : qmdni ? quem LesbYft malYt — Cat. Ixxix 


Lesblfiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Hic mnficentis pocOUi Letbn*-J7or. C. 1. xvii. 21. (Gr, Ale, J 

LesbtfnTci&s, i, m, 

Benign]forem» LesMnic£, te mlhi— Ptotf<.7Wn.2. iv. 68. (LTr.) 

Syros, frStumquS Lesb5s iEgaeum sScans, Sen, Tr. 229. 

Lesboiis, &, iim, adj, [Jsclep.) 

Lesboum rSmgit tenders barbYtdn, Hor, C. 1. i. 34. (Ckor, Tet, 

LSstirS, ae, m. [365. 

PraBtSrgo exilem Lfisiiram, tSntiemquS Dr&hdniim, Aus. Ed. x. 

Lethae^, se, /. 

InfelTx Lethsett, tiiae; junctTssimft qudndttm — Ov. M. x. 70. 

Lethaeiis, &, ttnii a4;. 

Informs Orphei Lethstt p&pav^rft mittes. V, G, iv. 646. 

Lethe, es,/. 

Plftcido quTetfi labMr Lethe vido. 5fen. ^. F, 680. C/- T.; 
6tquS 86p6rfftr» bYbfirem si pocttla Lethes— Ow. T. 4. i. A^, 

Lethon, onYs, m, [a/. Lethes. 

Quam juxta Lethon tftcYtiis prsIaMtilr amnYs. Luc. ix. 366. 

Letots, iddSf/. Patronym, 

Inde Cftlaureae LetdidSs adspicit arvil. Ov. JIf. vii. 384. 

LetoTiis, ft, ilnii a^/. 

In quibtLs auratam proles Letota fertiir— Ov. M. viii. 16. 

Leucft, IE,/. 

AntiquQsquS Tftras, secretftquS lTt6r& Leucse. Luc, v. 376. 

Leucftdliis, &, iim, a4;. 

Tu rnKhY Leuc&dia pttt^s ess« s&lubrYdr unda : Ov. H. xv. 187. 


Leucjis, £t ardent! servTlift bellft silb iEtna. Luc, i. 43. 
Jam cum civili mSdTtatus Leuc&d& bello — v. 479. 

LteucaspYs, Ys, m, 

Leucaspim, et Lfcim ductorem classYs OrdntSm ; V. jE. vi. 334- 

Leucate, es,/. or LeQcates, ae, m. 

Mox et Leucatse nimbosft cftcumYnft montts — V. M. iii. 274. 

Leuce, es,/. 

Leuce canft jtigum, Leuce sedes ftnimarilm : Av. D, 723. 

Leucippis, id6s, /. 

Ndn sic Leucippis succendit Cast6r& Phoebe. Prop, 1. ii. 16. 
Te r&p&it Theseus ; gSmYnas LeucippYdfts till. Ov, H. xvi. 327. 

Leucipptts, 1, m, [306. 

LeucippusquS fSrox, jftciUdque insignYs Acast&s. Ov. M. viii. 

Leucon, onYs, m. 

Qua cScYdk Leucon vindYcfi, dict& pYa est Ov, lb, 312. 

Leuc6n6e, es,/. 

Dic^riS Leuc9D6e ; vdcem tSntiere sttrSres. Ov, M, iv. 168. 

Leuc6n6tCi8, i, m. [Deis, 12. 

YelYvdllque mftriB constrator Leucdndtus Libs. Aue, Ed, de 


LeucdsYft, ae,/. 

LeacttsKimque p^t, tKpldiquft TAaiitt Ffiesti. Ov. if. xw, 708. 

Leucdth^e, es,/. or Leuc9th5e, es,/. 

Ndndum Leucdth^e, ndndOm ptt^r OUS PtOAioon, Ov. F. yL 501. 
_ ^ — Cadmeia likdit [M 166. 

Leiic5th0e, fraenatquS r&sis delphlnft Pfilsemdn. Claud. N. H. 

LeuciiB, i, m. ' 

Optimiis excu£So Leucus RhemusquS l&certo — Luc, i. 424. 

Leviis, i, m. 

At tibi, Lev6 miser, fixus praecordift pressYt — Luc, ix. 815. 

Lexandr, SrYs, m. 

Primilque fid Infest! Lexandris horriiXt arcus — r. F, vi. 686. 

Lib&niis, I, m. 

Sed propter Lib&num terram sulcant N&b&tsei. Av, D. 1 133. 

LTb&s, adfe,/. 

LibSr, Sxi, m. 

LibSr, St almtt CSres, vestro 8i munSre teUus — F, G. i. 7> 
At ne quis m5dici transiliat mun^ri Llh^n—Hor, C. 1. xviii. 7* 

(Choriamb. Pent, J 

Lib€r&, se,/. 

Jam tXbi mutatse LibSr& nomSn Srft. Ov. F. iii. 512. 

Llbertas, atJs,/. 

AtrTft Llbertas ccepYt hUberS sM. Ot;. F. iv. 621. 

Libethra, »,/. 

£t dev5t& vYrum t^gSret Libetbrft pSremptiim. Jv. A, P, 628. 

LibethrMfis, iim,/. adj. [vii. 21. 

Nymphse, nostSr ftmdr, Libethrid^s, aut mihi carman — F. B, 

LYbitlna, »,/. 

MlraturquS nYhil xxM qu5d LiMtinft sficravit. Hor. E. 2. i. 49. 

Ln)o, onYs, m. 

Gens Hetruscft ft&ga trSpYdi nudatft LYbonYs. Luc, \\, 462. 
P/. AltSrft maternos exaequat turbil LTbones. Prop, 4 xi. 31. 

Libra, «,/. 

Libra d¥e somniquS pftres ubY fecSrit hdras, F. G, i. 208. 

Libs, ibts, m. [Z)e», 1 2. 

VeltTdllquS mans constrator LeucSnStus Libs. Aus, Ed. de 

Lltburnl, oriim, tn. 

Regna Ltburndrum et iontes silpfirarS Tlfmavl. F, JE, i. 244. 

LibQmis, tdfis, /. adj. 

Nee prSciil I9nn per terga Ln)urn¥des adstant. Av, D, 65a 

Ltbumiis, a, iim, adj, [(L T.J 

PrdciU horrYdus LTburniis, et qu^Hllus clYens ; Mart, 1. 1. 33. 

LYbj^a, ae,/. or Libj^e, es,/. 

Non CtYcse Libj^e clades, HispanYa Mundx—Luc. vL 306. 

Fatall Dido LYbj^es appellUiir drs. Sil, i. 23. 

Extemplo IAbfa& magnas it Fama pfir urbes. F, JE, iv. 173. 
Llbj^ciis, a, iim, adj. 

Quo regnum ItaKae Libj^cis aTerfcSrSt oris. F, JE. iv. 106. 

L I B--L I L 

Libj^hoenlcfia, iim, m. {(I. T,) 

Nam sunt fihracfo hoe LYt^hcenices Itfco— ^v. O. AT. 421. 

Llfbj^s, j^5s, m. 

Hoc Llbj^s, hoc flftvOs, pi«rae tatfiltt, M«i2otbti8<-Ov. Jtf.iii. 617. 

Nee LTbJFs Assj^rYo sternetur lectiiliis o8tr5. F. Cir, 440. 
Orblfbiis It&liam : LYbj^as PcenosquS sScfindft— C/. M 7. C. 201. 

Ltbyssji, 8B,/. a<(/. 

MaurOs sixtt f&git, coi^uxquS Llb^ssH prtffuso — IHl iv. 376. 

Lfbyssiniis, &, iim, a^/. [LYbystYnts. 

Num te lton& mdntYbus LYbysslfnis— C^«. Ix. 1. (I, T.) al. 
Ltbystis, idis,/. adj. 

Horrldiis in j&cttlis et pelltf LrbystMU Qrss. F. JE. v. 3?. 
Lichas, 86, m. [315. 

IndS LYchan fSrYt, exsectfim jam matr£ pSrempta — V, M. x. 

LTciantis, i, m. 

Videbis altam, LlcYanS, BUbmm. Hart, 1. 1. 3. r/. T.) 
LicYnianiis, T, m. [a/. Liciaue. 

Te, LTcmianS, gloriabitur nostr&— ifor^. 1. bui. U, (Scaz,) 

LicYnitis, 1, n». 

Rectius vives, LTcini, nSque altiim — Hor. C. 2. x. I. (Sapph.) 
LicYniis, I, m. 

Tonsori Licin5 commTsSrYt. SgO Isvus, Hor. A. P, 301. 
Ligauniis, i, m. 

At ndn tardatus jaciilo obcurrentS Ligaunus — Sil. iv. 206. 
LTgea, ae, /. or Ligeitt, ae, /. [336. 

Drym6que, • XanthoquS, LTgeSquS, Phyll6d5cequ6, F, G. iv. 

Ann5s SI t5t hSbet Ligeia, trina est. Mart. 12. vii. 2. (Ph,J 
* As coming before a double consonant. 
Ligella, 86,/. 
LTg^r, 6n, »i. [461. 

Ndn tib! se LigSr antSfSret, non Axdnii prseceps. /^U5. Ed. x. 

Dicta vClant Lig6n, sed non et TrotilB herds— T. ^. x. 684. 

Ligfir, or Ligus, &ris, m. 

Millfi simul let! fitcYes, LTgt&s occidYt arvis — Sil. iv. 591. 
AdsugtQniqug mfilo LYgttrem, VdlscosquS vSrutos, V. G. ii. 168. 
Lig&rSs ad undam semgt Intern! m&rYs— ^v. O. M. 621. (LT.) 

LYgiirinfis, i, m. 

Sed cur, heO ! LYgiirin«, cur— JTor. C. 4. i. 33. (GlycJ 

LYgiirin&s, a, iim, adf. 

Garganiimv^l trCicem, aut LYgiirinas desiipSr alpes — Grat. 510. 

LYgdrra, ae, m. 

In te ne facYam tYmes, LYgurra, Mart. 12. Ixi. 2. (Phalj 
LYgustYciis, a, iim, adj. 

Nam sT procttbiilt, qui saxa LYgQstYca pdr tat— Jut;, iii. 257. 

Ligj^Ss, iim, m. 

Ibera tellfls atqu« LYgj^Ss aspSri. Av. O. M. 609. (^Z. T.) 
LYlsa, ae,/ 

C6rycYumqu8 nemfls, prdpellSntemqu<$ LHseam — St. T. vii. 348. 
181 R 


Quam r&pXdn puppem mftnXbus tan&HI VQaXm^SiL ziv. 489. 

Lnybe, §8,/. 

fimXnlk id ZtfphyrGm Lllj^be, PXchj^nfisqnS s«b brtAm—PrU, 

P. 482. iS^e Pacfaynoe. 
Lrij^beYlb, fty ttm, o^. 

Ct v&d& durft I^o saxis Lflj^beYft csbcIi— F. i£. iu. 706. 

Lnj^boedn, i» n. [xiit. 726. 

MoUTbtts expMftum Zephjhns Lnjn>oe5a : &t Arctto—Oo. Af. 

liKlj^bcetts, ft, iim, adf. 

NamquS rfttis audax Ln^bceo litOrC adlvlt— £««. iv. 583. 

£dYUl, iamnate yltrfis p«p«riss» sttb antria— Ov. M. ▼. 4a 

Umdn, onYs, m. 

£t plftcKdus Limon, omenque Eoploeil cXiinis, St. S. 3. i. 149L 

Limdne, es,/. 

SolSquS Limdne pflenam ne sensfirVt illilra — Ov. lb, 461. ^ 

Lind¥tts, S, iim, adj. 

'Apurroy fdrpov efȣ dint Llndlfis 
CledbOlfis— ^tM. Sap. Lud. 16. (^7. T.; 

Lindtts, \, /. 

Jam cui TlepftlSmus sfttttr, et cui Lmdfis 5rig5, SU. iii. 364. 

LTngdnSs, tLm, m. 

Pugnaces plctra ctfhlbebant Lingdnfts armls. Luc. i. 398^ 

LingOnYciiSi ft, iim, o^f* 

Vexit Lingttn¥co sudatas yomerS messes ? Claud. 2. C. iS". 9^ 

langOntts, ft, iim, at^. 

Lingdniis a Tecta FlamYii!aqu« r«ceiM. Mart. 8. Ixxv. 2. 

LYniks, i, m. [iv. 56L 

NSc LYnfts, huic mater quamvis, atque huic p&tSr adsYt : V. B, 

LYp&rs&s, ft, ttm, adj. 

BrachYft Vulcanus LYp&raea nigrft tftberna. Juv. xiii. 45. 

LYpftre, es,/. 

IgnYfltiisquS g^mit LYpftre fumosft cfivemia. CI. 3. C. H. 196. 

LYpftro, onYs, m. 

TertYum LYpftro, qui in mortS regnum HYSroni tradYdit. Plaut. 
Men. 2. iiL 59. (Troch. Tet. cat. J 
LirYSpe, es,/. 

CoeriUft LirYSpe : quam quondam flumYnS curvo — Ov. M. iii. 342. 

LirYs, Ys, m. [OL 260. 

LTrYs, H CEbftlYs qui tempftrftt anrft Gftlesiis. Claud, in Pr. et 

LlsstLs, i, m. 

PrstftrSunt frustra tentafi iTlttrft LuhsI, Luc, v. 719. 

Litemiim, i, n. [714. 

Litemum, mtUtamquft trfthSns sub gilrgYte ftrenftm — Ov. M, xv. 

Litemtis, ft, i&m, adi, . 

£t Litemft pftlus, plgerquft Sim St, S. 4. iii. 66. (PfuO,) 

L I V— L U C 

LivYft, »,/. 

IayU TSatltfiit, De Don fnttktM, nOfaftttBi— Ov. F. v. 167. 
LivYiis, 1, m. 

LivKtts HisdrfibSBfi sdc{5 per bSllii N«rSii«— ilfon. i. 789. 

LTvYiis, &, fim, adj, 

F5rt¥c&s auctions LivY& nomSn MbSt. Ov. A, A, i. 72. 

LixtLs, 1, m. 

£t TTngin r&pido mfttebftt ftb sequdrS Lixiis. Sil. iii. 268. 

Locrif oriim, m. 

IddmSnei? Lib;^cdQe h&bitantea lltSrg Locrds — F. ^. xi. 265. 
Hue se priscS Llicri gens intiilit, et s^lS longo — Av. D. 513. 

Locrts, idTs,/. a4/. 

Locrts in ancilke di88imiilat& nScSm. Ov. lb. 354. 

£t L5crts, et p&ttili sulcator Thess&liis agri. Av. D. 587. 

LdcrYdis ind« s5lum s^quitur rggtonfe gt 6r5. Pm. P. 432. 

Ldcust^, £,/. 

Inst¥ttLitquS riides mSIior Locust^ prSpinquas — Juv. i. JX. 

LoUiiis, 1, m. 

CoUegam LSpYdum quo duxit LollTiis anno. Hor. E. 1. xx. 28. 

Ldngareniis, i, m. 

Exclusus fbr£, cum Longarenus fbrSt inti&s — Hwr. S. 1. li. 67. 

Longiniis, I, m, 

Longinum, et magnos SSnfics prsedivitis hortos. Juv. x. 16. 

Ldtlts, idis,/. 

LotYs in hanc nymphe, ftigiens dbscoenS Priapi, Ov. M. ix. 347. 
Omnibiis ex illis L6tYd« captJis ^rSt. Ov. F. i. 416. 

Ldtdphftgi, drilmi m. 

Illd L5t5pb&gos, lUo SirenSs in antro— Ov. R. A. 789. 
HdspTtHs gaudens gens degfir^ Ldt5pb&gdrilm. Pris. P. 192. 

Lucft, se,/. 

Arruns Tncdliiit desertae mcentS Lucae. Luc. i. 586. 

liucjifiis, 1, m. 

lotgrSa bijttgis infert se Luciigtts albis — F. M. x. 575. 

Lucania, ae,/. [i. 38. 

Siv£ qudd AppiilS gens, seu quod Lucani& belliim — Hot. S. 2. 

Lucaniacfis, T, m. 

Lucaniacus PantbStim. Aus. E. xxx. 7« C^' Dim.) 
Villa Lucani — mox pdtYeris-Ucd. Epist. v. 36. 

Lucaniciis, ft, iim, adj. 

Et Lucanici ventrg cum F^lisco, Mart. 4. xlvi. 8. (Phal.) 

Lucanus, I, m. 

DfiosquS SSnScaSi untcumquS liucanfim. Mart, l.lxii.7. (Scax.) 

Lucanils, &, Um, 4idj. [2. i. 34. 

Viti sSnIs. Sfiqu0r hunc, Lucaniis iln Appt&ltts anoeps, Hor. S. 
Turn Lucaaoram r«g¥o insargontYbtts Ux&^Av. D. 502. 

Lucas, ae, m. [561. 

ProtSotis Antseiim et Lficam, prima agmlnii Turn!, Firg. M. x. 
183 B 2 


LucensYs, Ts, m. 

LTbgrtum docti LticSnsils qumrH SKbtiiidfiin. Mdrt, 1. iii. 7- 

LucSres, tim, m. 

Hlnc T¥t)re«, R&mnesquS vYff, Ltto«rdiqii« o6]dnf. Br^jv 4. L 31. 
Qudsqug vdcant Raxnnes, LuceribusquS dSdlt. Ot;. F, iii. 13. 

Luc«rta, », /. [ Tet. Asc. ) 

Tdnss LucSriam, ndn cYthSrs decent— JTor. C. 3. xv. 14. (^C. 

Luc«tY«i8, 1, w. [670. 

Luc^tYum, portse stibSuntem ignlsquS f^rentSm — P^irg, ^n. ix. 

LucYfSr, gri, m. [17- 

Nasc£rg, prsquS dYem vSnYens Sg?, LucYfiSr, almiSm. F. J5. viii. 
Osque a LucifSro, donee lux pccid&t, audYt Juv. xiii. 158. 

LucHYtis, I, m, 

Hinc omnis pSndet LQcHYiis, hdscS sScutiis — Hor. S, I. iv. 6. 

LuciUiis, 1, m. 

Quails nunc DScYus, Lucllli nobilg ptgnils, Rut. i. 599. 

Lucintt, »i/. 

ParcS, prficor, grfivYdis, facilis Lucin&, pfiellis. Ov. F. ii. 451. 

LdcYdliks,.!, m. [iii. 1. 

Rbetdrfi LucYdlum cdndiscYpiilum atqoS m&gistriim, Atix, Prof. 

LucYtis, \,m, [1. 

LucYiis una quYdem, gSmYnis sed dissYtii punctis — Aus. E. xxxv. 

Lucmo, onYs, m. 

Prima gaieritus pttsttit prstorYa Lucnio. Prop. 4. i. 29. 

LucretYa, se,/. 

Sed vStat dptari facYem LucretYa, qualSm — Juv, x. 293. 

LucretYlYs, Ys, m. [-^^J 

Velox amoenum saepC Lt&cretYlSm — Hor, C. 1. xvii. 1. (Gr. 

LucretYiis, i, m. 

fixplYcat et causae rapYdl LucretYfig ignYs. Ov,T.\. 425. 
CarmYna sublimTs tunc sunt pgrYtura Lticreti, Ov.A,\, xv. 23. 

Lucrintts, a, tiro, adj. 

An m€m5rem portus, Lucrtnoque SddYtft claustra — V. G. ii. 161. 
Extenta visentur Lficrino — Hor. C. 2. xv. 3. (l. Jrchiloch. D.J 

LucrYs, Ydtts,/. 

Nunc meti&o ne peccet. LiicrYdY nomSn in patrYa fait. Plaut. 
' Per. 4. iv. 72. (Troch. Tet. cat.) 

Luculltts, 1, m. [40. 

Ne fli«ri8 hlc tu. Chiamj^des Luculliis, fit aiunt— flbr. £. 1. vi. 

Lfic&mo, dnYs, m. 

AntYcYpesquS tfio SamYi LficiimonYs acumen : Aus. Epis. iv. 70. 

LficiimdnYfis, i, m. 

Temp5rg quo sScYis vSnlt LficfimdnYfis armis — Prop. 4. ii. 51. 

aL Lj^cdxnedtils. 
LugdiinensYs, ^, adj. 

Afit Liigdunensem rhetor dictiirfis ad aram. Ju». i. 44. 

Luna, SB, /. 

Tunc quos a nYv^Ss %xSgit Luna matailis— iSli(. viii. 480. 


Li&perc&I, alls, n. 

RetfilU, et g^da ndnstrit sub rfipS I«ttp«rc«L V. M, viii. 343. 
Liiiperciis, i, m. 

CndS lYoens FttbYOs flier« Lttp&rciU hiU^t iVep. 4. i. 7». 

liiipMuniiin, i, n. 

HostYbiis exBcfis Nicrumsiip^r, et Liip5dunttin, Aus. Ed. x. 423. 
JLiipiis, i, m. 

Te, LfipS, te, M&ci, et g^Rt&Tnttm frggYt Yn illis. Pers. i. 115. 
liusctts, 1, m. 

Fundos Auflidrd Lusco praetor^ lYbent^r—Ifor. iS. 1. v. 34. 
LusTtaniis, ft, iim, adj. 

H«8 VM&thfis ftgit, littsitanumque rSmotis — Sil iii. 354. 
LiitatYiis, i, m. 

Possessor pSlflgi pronaque Liititii&s aura— £'(2. vi. 687- 

Lj^stis, T, m. 

LegYf^ite C«reri, Pboeboqu^, pfttrfquS Lj^cd. V, JE. iv. 58. 

Lj^siis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Regales !nt€r roensas, lftt!cemque Lj^aeiim— F. JE. i. 686. 

Lj^cSbas, Sy m. 

IncYptt. Huic Lj^c&l^, In quA mirficiilft d»!t— Ot>. ikf. iii. 673. 

Lj^c&bessSs, !,/. 

Vitibiis, et pinguT m^Ildr Lj^cilbessJte 5liva. St. T. xii. 621. 

Lj^cffitiSi 1, m. 

Msn&ltts, et g^Hdi fleverunt sax& Lj^ceeT. V. B. x. 15. 

Fauntts in ArcHdYa templ& Lj^cseiis h&b«t. Ov. F. ii. 424. 

Lj^cambes, s, m. 

Quails Lj^cambe spretiis infidd ggnSr, /for. £p. vL 13. (LT.) 

Lj^cambei&s, ft, tim, ad^. 

Tinctft Lj^cambeo sanguYnS telft d^it. Ov. lb. 54. 

Lf cadn, 5nYs, m. 

StruxSrit InsTdias, notus f^rYtatS, Lj^caon. Ov. M. i. 193. 
TertYft p5st* Nonas rSmttvere Lj^ca5n& Phoebe. Ov. F. vi. 235. 

L5^ca5nSs, iim, m. . 

Ad partes ortus, gens durft Lj^ca5n£s armis — Pru. P. 807. 

Lj^catfnYs, Yd5s,/. Patronym. 

Cm dgft, VirgYngos, perjurft Lj^ca5ni, coetus — Ov. F. ii. 173. 

Lj^cattnYi&s, ft, iim, adj. 

Foedft Lj^cabnYse rSfSrens convTvYft mensse. Ov. M. i. 165. 

L$cft8, ftdYs,/. 

QuinquS Lj^cas, Lyde quatti5r, Idft trYbtis. Mart. 1. Ixxii. 2. 

L^caste, es,/. 

£t cursu ZSphj^ris nunquam cessurft Lj^caste. CI. 2. C. S. 252. 


Audiverg, L^ce, Di m^ft votft, Di—Hor. C. 4. xiii. I. (Chor.T.J 

Lj^ces, 18, m. [iv. 719. 

Quas Tftnftis, flavusqu£ Lj^ces, Hj^ftnuqufi, MSlasqu^, F. F. 
185 R 3 


Lycettt8,i,m. [86. 

CaOctolamqiie AfaMrin» 8|iensbiM(diiiqu« Lj^citOm, Ov. M, v. 

LfcSttm, 1, n. 

Inque AdldSmia Ombrlftri* iiItVd6qa« Lf eU. acDw,i. 13. 

Lych«fiS| 1, m. 

VoWytttr Id flOctat* Lychsi ▼dlnSr^. Cydnfis. SiL ziv. 434. 

L^clfft, ae,/. 

Afit HSriDl cimpo, aut Ljfcte flittetlbtts irvu. V, JE, vii. 721 . 

Lj^cYdas, e, m. [91. 

PhymdA Mdpstta Amat, Ltdfdia hftMt ^HvbA r§rflm-~ Ca^. iii. 

Lj^cimnYft, se,/. 

Mcttnio regi quSm terri Lj^tcEttmni ftrtXm— K i£. ix. 546. 

LycimnTtts, fi, fim, (u/f • 

fixplorfttdres, si stagnX Lj^mntt restent, iSir. T. iv. 734. 

LfcTnnil, »,/. 

ImbttYt^ hea t nuffis c&pttt Lydlnni dfilu. Prop. 3. xv. 6L 

Lii^cTscft 8B /I 

fixcYpere insYdlts, mOltfim latrinte Ljfciftci. K B, uL 18. 

Lj^cuctts, 1, m. 

Vine«ri$ mollYtlft, ttmSr Lj^cisci me tenSt Hor. £p. xi. 24. 
(Aaynart, DacL Penthetn.'\- Iamb. Dim,) 
Lj^cYfiSi ft, ilm, a4/* 

ItftlYam LjfcYse jusserS cftpessSrS sortes. F. ^. iv. 346. . 

Lj^cTfis, ft, fim, a4r* 

Templft, Lj?cT«, dftbis, tdt ditYft donft sftcratis— 5"^. T. x. 344. 

Lf CO, odYs, m. 

_ _- _- tune Ys fis [^7. Tr.; 

Lj^cdtrftpezita? £g0sum. Multam roe tYbi— Pto»#.OKr.iiKfiO. 
Ecquem Yn £pYdaiiro LfcSnem * trapezitftm ndv£rlm. 2. iiL 

62. (Troch. Tetr. eat.) 
* In Greek the first syllable is short 

Lj^cdmedes, Ys, m. 

GentYbtts : unbelll nuper L^cttmedYs Yn aula— 5/. A, i. 207. 

LjfcdmedYtts, I, m. 

Temptfrft quo steHs venit Lj^cttmedYtis armis — Prop. 4. ii 51. 

Lj^conYdes, Ys, m. 

Meiis Biit pftt^r AntYmftchiis : 6gd vttcor Lj^cooYdes. Pla^t. 
JuL 4. X. 49. (I. Tetr» acat.) 
Lj^cdpbdntes, Ys, m. 

Dircseumque Gj^an,et £chT5nYum Ljfc0phantSm— jS'/.T*. ii. 610. 

Lj^cophron, 5nYs, m. 

UtquS c5thumatum cecYdiss^ Lj^copbrOnft narrant, Ov. lb. 533. 

Ljrcoreus, Stts, m. 

lutonsumquS G j^an, sacrumquS Lj^corSft Fhctho ^St.T. vii. 715. 

Lj^c5rYfts, ftdYs,/. 

Cydippeque, et flavft Lj^cdrY&s ; alt^rft virgo, F. G. iv. 339. 
L^corYs, Yd6s,/. 

£t 8ttft cum GUld notft Lj^cdrYs SrYt Ov. A. 1. xv. 30. 

vesper et £die novere Lf corYdft tSrm. Ov. A. A. iiL 537- 

L Y C~L Y R 

Lj^coimas, e, m. 

AnOrusque ItikrOm JCinthilf, flivusquS Lf^noaM, 0»,M. ii. 245. 
Lj^cotas, 86, m. 

Haec ArethiisA stto nutdt mtadiU Lj^cotn. Prep. 4. iii 1. 
LyctiTiis, ft, ttm, <m^'. 

LyctTfis Iddm«iieu8, hie lUft dilcis M^Yboei— r. i£. iiL 401. 
Lj^curgTdes, a. m. Patron, 

Quique Lj^cuigiden letivYt, St irMre natiim, Ov. lb, 506. 

Tfaric^s ftrant. Sen qudndam regnaU Lj^curgo. K. ^. iii. 14. 
Jjfdis, If m. 

£t LfcfiB elapei, quorum prmiievfis Helendr — r. ^. ix. 545. 
Lyde, §8,/. 

Nee tantum ClftrYo Lyde dilectft pdets, Ov. T. 1. vL 1. 

Lydlfii, ae,/. [211. 

Jjfdik, nee ptfpttii Parthorum, aut Medtb Hj^daspes, F. G. iv. 
LydYiis, ft, ttm, adf. 

£t terram Hesp^rYam vtoles, iiblf LydKtts, arvft— F. ^. ii. 781. 
Lydtis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Lydu rSroisto earmYne ^Kis, ^or. C. 4. xv. 30. C(7r. ^fc. j 

Lygdftmfis, i, «i. [ii. 29. 

Lygdftmiis hie sitiis est ; dtfldr buic, et curft NSierae. Tib. 3. 

LygdoD, 5n¥s, m. 

Matura ddcUis compegU ftrundlnS Lygdon. Calp. i. 18. 

LygdiiF, i, m. [438. 

Jam Lygdum, Dt&rYumquS sYmiil, flavumquft Gftlaesiim — Sit. i. 

Byzanfinft Lj^gos, tu Punlcft Bynsft fliwti. Jus, Urb, iL 13. 

Lj^mire, es,/. [ix. 646. 

Jam Crftgtfn» et Lj^mYren, XanthiquS rSliquSrftt undas, Ov. M, 

LyncestTtks, ft, t&m, adj. 

HuTc flilTt efiectu dispar LyncestYiis amnYs, Ov.M, xv. 329. 

Lyriceiis, Stts, m. 

Non poasTs SciUd quftntum contenders LynceGs, Hw,E, 1. i. 28. 
t)lt5r ftdest Pollux, St Lyncftft perf^Jrftt haata. Ov, F, v. 711. 

Lyncefis, ft, iim, adj. 

Pect»rft trajectus Lynceo Castfir ftb ens*— Or. F. v. 709. 

LyncTdes, «, «i. Patron. 

Narrat Lyncides, moresque hftbYtusquft vYroriUn, Ov. M. iv. 767. 

Lynciis, i, m. 

Rex m. Lyncfis ftrat Regis s&bTt Illft p^nates. Ov. M, v. 650. 


£t Lj^rft diductls per ccelum comn)ii8 intftr — Man. i. 331. 

Lyrbe, es,/. 

TelmlssuB, Lyrbe, necndn clarTssYmft Selge. Pris. P, 809. 

LyrceYtts, ft, ttm, a^, 

i£tb«re desYlttit: dtfmYnam LyrceYft tSUus^-r. F. iv. 356. 


Lyrcefts, ft, iim, a^f • 

Cdosltftque ipMrlbfifl LyroSft i^BquCrit irrH ; Ov. M. L d9a 

LyrcittB, i, m. 

Axit Leraft nttcens, SrSt LyToltts, lit ingem— <S/. 7. iv. 711- 

Lfrice, es,/. 

PiUtdOs in Ljhr¥ce syMs errabftt Onon. Oo. A. A. i. 731. 

LyriB, fa,/. 

LyrnessTs, Ydts, /. 

AudiSrat, LyrnessK, ti&os abducUL, ddldres. Ov. A. A, ii. 403. 
Fertilr et abdaota Lyniessyd^ tristifs AchiUes--Ov. T. 4. i. 15. 

LymessTiis, &, iim, adj, 

Dirtttft Marts tiid Lyrnessift moenTS vTdi. Ov. H. iii. 45. 

Lyrnessiis, i,/. 

Lyrnessi ddmtis altiC, s5lo Ladrentfi sSpfiltfim — V, ^. xit. 547. 

LysYmftchiis, I, m. 

Puer • sam, LysYm&che, septCiennis. Saniin' «s ? P2a»^. Jfer. 
• Monosyll. % ii. 21. r/. Tr.) 

LysTteies, Ys, m. 

Lyslteies, Kb! de istis rebus plur& fabfilabYmur. PlauU Trim, 3. 

ii. 86. (Troeh, TeU cat.) 
LysTppiis, I, m. 

PingSrSt, aut ftltus Lysippd ducSrSt serft—Hor. £. i. 240. 

LyxiU, I, m. 

Impubem malas tarn certs occurrSrS Lyxilm — SU. ii. 112. 


Macee, ariim, m. 

Chatr&mYs est tellus : Macs vicinS fl&ent5. Av, D. 1135. 
ChatrftmYs atquS M&cs contra sunt PersYdYs squ5r. Pr%9. P. 887. 

MftcftreYs,YdYs,/. Patron. 

GessSrYt ; ut pastor Mftc&reYdft lusSrYt Issen. Ov. M. vi. 124. 

Mftcftreus, £tts, m. [452. 

VectS PelethroDYum Mftc&reus in pecttts ftdacto — Ov. M. xii. 

MftcSdo, or M&cSdon, 5nis, m. 

Ot M&cSdo r&pYdis icta est cum conjiigS flammis : Ov, lb. 477* 
Cum tYbi sacrato MftcSdon servetiir Yn antr5, Luc. viii. 694. 
PI. TrTginta Sard! sexaginta Mac«d5n«s. Plant. M.i. 44. (I.T.J 

M&ced5nYcii8, ft, iim, adj. [MftcSddnYo. 

Lend me pSrfigre mllYti M&cgdttnYcd—Ptott^ Ps. 1. i. 49. aL 
MftcSd5nYensYs, S, adf, 

— — — — — viriim 

MftcgdSnYensem, qui te nunc flentem fftcit Plaut, Ps. 4. iv. 4. 


Maced5n¥iis, &, iim, adf. 

Qui clj^p«o, giU^iquK, MicedonKiqufi sivina— Ov. M. xii. 466. 

* iSSse Macedonicus. 
* The second syllable, naturally short, is here made lung 
by diastole, for the sake of the metre. 

M&cSr, cri, «i. [xviii. 3. 

Nds, M^cSr, ignavae VSnSris cessamiis in umbra. Ov. A. 2. 

PL Pr5bttatg Macfosi squYtatS Mauricos. Mart, 6. xxviii. 5. 

(1, T.) 
Mi&ces, ae, m. w MScae, artim, m. 

CTnjfpMumque MScen, St Yniquo solS cSlentes — SiU ii. 60. 

Cinj^phn didicerS Mftcse. Squolentift barba — iii. 275. 

MiicStae, arttin, m. 

Graldrum M&cStumquS n5vas adquiritS vires. Luc, ii. 647- 

Milch£r&, 86, m. 

Ostendatiir, ftmes ndmen victumquS M&chsers. Juv, vii. 9. 

Machaerio, onJs, m, \_(h T.) 

Dr5md, desquama pisces : tu, MftchserYo, Plant » AuL 2. viii. 1. 

M&chaon, dnlfs, m. 

Pelidesqug Ngoptfllgmus, pritnuSquS MJtchaon, T. ^. ii. 263. 
Pirm^ vfilent per se, nuUumquS MSchadnft qusrunt. Ov. P. 

3. iv. 7. 
PL Quid tib¥ cum mSdicis ? dImittS M&cha0n£s dmnes. Mart, 

2. xvi. 6. 
MUchatfnTiig, ^ iim, adj, 

I11& Mftcha5n¥d8 siipSrant mSdTcaminft succos. Ov, A, A. ii. 491. 

MlLcilianfts, I, m. 

Cum sis imprttbior, Mftclliane, Mart, 4. vi. a (Phal.) 

Maer^ s, m, 

Culta Slier, nullasqug vftdo qui MacrS mSratiis— Zmc. ii. 426. 

Macrint&s, i, m. 

Hunc, Macring, diem niSmSra mCltorS lapTllo. Pers. ii. 1. 

Macris, Ys,/. 

Eurdpes Macris contingU AbantYSs oritm, Pris^ P. 544. 

MacronSs, iim, m. 

Mossy ni : vos et stftbiilis MacronSs ab altis— T. F. v. 162. 

Mftciildntis, i, 01. 

Succensiis rScites. Mftciildnus cdmm5dftt 8?des. Juv* vii. 40. 

M aeandSr, dri, m, or Mseandrds, 1, m. 

— — — quails incerta vSgils 

Maeandgr unda lud!t, et cedit sibi. Sen. H. F. 684. (J. T,) 

Quique r^urvatls lildit M^findrds ¥n undls ; Ov. M. ii. 246. 

Maeandritis, &, iim, adj. 

AttdnYtt&s siibita jiivgnTs Mseandrilis ira, Ov. M. ix. 573. 

Maecenas, atYs, m. 

Maecenas, SquSs Etrusco de sanguYnS regiim. Prop, 3. ix. ] . 
Plur. PurpfirSam, tSnSrIs qudquS Mscenatn>ii8 apt&m. Juv. 

xii. 39. 


MsecTtts, i, m. 

ScTip8«r!s, in Maeci deBoendlt jQdVcYs aikses, Hor, A, P. 387. 

al. MStKi : but wrong. Dr. Bentley has observed, in a note 
on Terent. And. 2. i. 20., that the ancients always made the 
genitive cases of nouns substantive terminating in ins or turn 
to end in a single t. No unexceptionable instance to the 
contrary can be found in Horace or Virgil. The word fiuvii 
in the following line, Virg, Mn, iii. 702, 

Immanisque Gela fluvii cognomine dictus, 
should be fiuvto ; and cognomine be taken as an adjective. 
See a very valuable note, in Dawes's Miscell. CriL, by Kidd, 
pp. 28—30. 

MsenftlYdes, se, m. [De», 8. 

Nee cultdr nSmSrum rStYceb^rfi, MseniLlTde Pan. Aus. Ed. de 

MffinftlY8,Yd78,/. 04;. 

Cumque st&d B5rSa MsnfilYs urs& v¥d«t Ov, T. 3. xi. 8. 

MaenttlMaBiquS ch5r5s Drj^ttdfim, iiymphasquS N&paeas, Col. 

M«en&l)ftls, ft, £im, ac(jj, 

IncYpg MsenftlYos mecum, mSft tlbift, versus. F. B. viii. 21 . 

Menftl5s, i, m. or Msnftlfis, i, m. or M senftlft, driim, n. 

MilSs Srat Phcebes, nee Msenftldn attiglt ullft, Oo. M, ii. 415. 
Pan, dvmm custos, tiift si tiblf Msenftlfi curs, F. G.\. 17* 

Msn&s ftdfs,/. or MsenftdSs, iim,/. 

Hdc nfttftt In labris, St in udo est Maenfis St Attin : Pers, i. 105. 
ThrgicYas fusis Msenftdfts irS c5mis. Ov, F, iv. 458. 

MsBnYtts, i, m. [iii. 23. 

Verbft piitas? £gftmet mi ijgndscd, MsenYiis inquit. Hor. S. 1. 

Mseon, dnYs, m. 

MaednYs et thoracft sYmul cum pectfirS rumplt. F. jE, x. 337* 

Ms6nSs, tim, m. 

— — — dicti post Maetfnft regSm 

MsednSs. Mgeos insedlt GrsecU portus. Claud. EuU ii. 246. 
MsednYft, ae, /, 

Fatft cftnens : Msednise dllectft jiiventus, V. .£. viii. 499. 
MseSnldse, artim, m» 

Maefintdae incurrunL Tum fatis debttils Arruns, V, M, xi. 759- 
Maednides, se, m. 

VTvet MaeSnTdes, TSnSdos dum stab!t St Ide. Op. ^. 1. xv. 9. 

Ms5nT8, Ydis,/. adj, 

MaednYs eliisam deslgnftt imagYnS tauri — Ov. M, vi. 103. 

MaednYiis, ft, tim, a^j. 

Maednio regi quem servft Lj^cimnift iurtim — V* M. ix. 546. 

Maeotse, ariim, m. 

Maootae primi tangunt Maeotidis undas. Prt«. P. 644. 
MseotYft, ae,/. 

AudHt et, gSlido si quem Meotift pascit — ClaviA. Pr. et OL 36. 
MaeotYctis, ft, iim, adj, 

Pigrft pftlus ScytMcI pfttiens Maeoticft plafistri. Luc. ii. 641. 


Mseotls, idis,/, €idj. 

L5ng¥5r &ntiquis visft Maotfe hfems. Ov. T. 3. xii. 2. 
Qui mM6 pSlttfSras fudit Maeotifdfts armis, Sab. Dem. PA. 9. 

Maeotiiis, &, iim, a^;. 

At n5n, qua Scythise gentes, Msdti&que und& — F, G. iii. 349. 
Maerft» ae,/. 

£t quos Mserft ii5v6 latratu terrtilt agros. ^ Ov. M. vii. 362. 

MaevYft, ae,/. 

Quum tSn^r uxorem dilcat spM6, MsevYS Tusctim — /»&. i. 22. 
Maeviiis, i, m. 

PuUo MsBViiia alggt in cttcullo. Mart 10. Ixxvi. 8. (PhaLJ 

MSgarstis, T, m. [1051. 

Devolvens Hj^&nisquS vShit, rftpidusquS MSgarsiis : Pris, P. 

Myitis, If m, 

Tiburtes MSgids, HispeUatemquS MStauriim — SiL iv. 187. 

Magnes, etis, adj. 

— — — attollTt tondentes pabii]2[ Magnes 

Campiis Squds — V, F, ii. 9. 

Quern Magnetft v5caiit p&trio de nom&ie Graii, Lucr. vi. 910. 

MagnesYs, \dXs,f. adj. See Magnetis. 

MagnesYtis, &, iim, adj. 

Impellant iit Sam Magnesi& flumin& sax! — Lucr, vi. 1063. 

Magnessft, s,/. adj. 

Magnessam Hipp5lj^ten dum fiigit abstinens, Hor. C. 3. vii. 18. 

(Chor. Tet. Asc.) 
Magnetos, ttm, m. 

Et MagnetSs SquTs, Minj^se gens cdgnYt^ remls. Luc. vi. 385. 

Magnetis, idis,/. adj. 

Cur Gnquam Cdlchi MagnetYdS vTdYmtis Argo ? Ov. H, xii. 9. 

Mago, onYs, m. 

MSg5 qu&tit currus, et fratrem spTr&t Yn armis — Sil. iii. 240. 
Cin^phYus, sSc^nquS mYser MagonYs Ynlrg. v. 288. 

MfiguUa, ae,/. 

Cdmmunis tYbY ciim vYro, MSgullft, Mart. 12. xcii. 1. (Phal.) 

Mllgtis, 1, m. 

IndS MSgo prdctU infensam contendSr&t hastftm : V.M.yL 521. 

Mfthalces, Ys, m. [M&le5n. 

Dat letd, fisiimquS mlUius conferrS M&halcSm, Sil, vii. 599. al. 

Mftharb^, filYs, m. 

Hinc Mago, hinc ssevus pftrYter viderS MSharb&l, Sil. iv. 562. 

Maift, ae,/. 

Illd Mai& thttlo, VSniis hoc n5n imprSbK saxd — St, S. 5. i. 233. 
Mai&n, St Blectran, Taj^ggtenquS J5v!. Ov. F. iv. 174. 

M^jestas, atYs, /. 

Hinc sfttil Migestas, hos est D^S cen8& pftrSntes. Ov. F. v. 25. 

Maiiis, &, dm, adj. 

Natalem Mails IdYbiis essS tiitim. Prop. 4. v. 36. 

Mftl&cft ae y. 

Midttcseque pdrtQm sSmlt&m t£tend«rlt Av, O. M. 181. (I.T.J 

Mftlftchft, se, m. 

M&l&chsequS flumSn, urbS cum cdgndminS. Jv. O. M. 426. 

MalchTon, 5nis, m. \_(Seaz.) 

Hos MalchYonis pAtifmiir imprdbi fastiis. Mart. 3. Ixxxii. 32. 

Mftlefi, s,/. 

IdnKdquS mXii, Mftiesniue s^uactb&s undis. V. M. v. 193. 
Prsbe&t hospYtio 8sv& Mfileft silo. Prop, a xix. 8. 

Mftleds, T, m. [Mahalces. 

Dat letd, fisamque mAnus odnierr^ Mftledn, Sih vii. 599. See 

Lymphftque \n (£t«is MalU ThermSpj^lis. Ca<. Ixviii. 54 

MalT&ciiSi ft, iim, o^;. 

Maliftcas Sperchids ftquas ; et flumin^ puro — Luc vi. 367. 

Mftlisianfis, i, m, [MftcUIonfi. 

Cam 8ia impr5bXdr, MftlisHiDS, MarU 4. vi. 3. (P}uU,) al. 

MallYiis, i, m. 

MallYOa IgnYfa^Fos rftdKo descrips^rftt axes. daud. M. T, C. 275. 

Mallttts, ft, dm, adj. 

MallYft contYntid nttm^retur constUS prdles. Claud. M. T, C. 340. 

Mallds, 1,/. 

Mallds, St extrems rSsdnant navalTb&s ^gs. Luc. iii. 227. 
Mftlddes, ¥s, m. 

Tractu siipind,*se Mftlddes exsSrlft 

Mons— ^i>. O. itf. 536. (^/. T.J 
Malthiniis, i, m. 

Maltbinus tfinKcis demissis ambiil&t; est qui — Hor. S. 1. ii. 25. 

Mamercfis, i, m. 

NH rScYtas, et vTs, Mamercft, p^tft vYderi : Mart. 2. Ixxxviii. I. 

Mamers, ertlfs, 01. [nermi. 

Quilift Mamertis membrft fUissSf^runt Ov. lb. 549. al. Mim- 

Mamertinfis, ft, tim, adj. 

Ampbttrft NestdrSa tibl Mamertinft sSnecta— Jfar/. 13. cxvii. 1. 

MamiirYanfis, i, tn. 

Si deest* nil ftlmd, MamiirYaDg, tYbi. Mart. 1. xciii. 4. 
* By synaeresis. 

MamttrYi&s, I, m. 

Armft ftrant SftlYi, MamOrYumqu^ cftnant Ov. F. iiL 260. 

Mamurrft, ae, m. 

Id septis Mamurrft dYil mOltClmqufi vftgfttfis — Meu^t. 9. Ix. 1 . 
PL In Mamurrarum lassi deinde urbft mftnemi&s, fTor.j^. 1. v.37. 

Manciniis, 1, tn. 

B18 tYbY tncem ftiYmus, MftncmiS, v^ati; Mart. 1. zliy. 1. 

Mandelft, se,/. [105. 

Quern Mandelft bYbit, rugosus firigdrS pagtts ; Hor» E, 1. xviii. 
MandSnYiis, 1, m. 

ManddnYQs ptfpuUe, dtfmYtdrque insignYs Kquorl&m — SiL iii. 376. 


M aniliiis, &, fim, <idj. 

UovMx : iocasftt Mtoil¥&, 8l rStt n5n est— Juv. vi 243. 

ManTiis, i, m. 

Maniiis hic gSnSns prdpS migdr ftvuncCUtts exit. Pers* vi. 60. 

MinlYtLs, i, m. 

In summo cilstds Tftrpeue Minllfiis arcts — K» ^. viii. 652. 

ManneT&, «,/. 

Os et l&br& tlfbi lingiti ManneiS, cKtSllils : Mart, 1. Ixxxiv. 1. 

Manneifis, T, m. 

Tunc cum licerSt occfiparS, Manneliis ; Mart. 5. xiv. 2. (Siaz.) 

at Nanneiiis. 

Mansa,ffi,/. [r/. 2^.; 

Turn Mansit viciis, oppidumquS NaustSlo. Av, 0. M, 612. 

Man to, us,/. 

06mesque Minto lucS Tidttatum tr&hens. Sen, CBdip, 290. 
Fatidicae Mantus et Tusci filitis amnis, K JS. x. 199. 

MantttH, «,/. 

MantiiS) vs mtsSrs ntmmm vTcinS CrJSmdnse ! F. B* ix» 28. 

Mantii&ni&s, ^, am, a^;. 

Tent&t audaci fTdg Mantuanae— ^S^ ^. 4. vii. 27- (Sapph,) 

Marathon, onts, m. /. 

MIrata est MSr&thon Cretaei sanguin^ taun — Ov. M. vii. 434. 
£t D5ndum £od clarum M^&thonH triumpho. St. T, xiL 617. 

Mirathonfe, idis,/. orf;. 

Siccabat plangens : quaiU M&rftthdnid^ sylva-^tS/. T. xi. 644. 

M&r&thaniiis, fi, um, adj. [74. 

Tart&rS dur& 8iii>is : n^ £nim M&rftth$n¥& virgo— <S& ^S** 6. iii. 

Mar&thiis, 1, «. [iv. 81. 

Heu ! heu ! quam I«nto M&riUhus me torquSt ftmorS ! Tib. 1. 

M&raxes, \% m. 

Capt^ m&nu sp5l¥a et rorantift caedS M^raxes ; Sil. vii. 324. 

Marcell^, ae,/. 

MunicipSm r3(g¥di quis te, Marcellft, SftldBi»~^3/(ir& 12. xxi. I. 

Marcellintts, i, m. 

M«rcelline, b5m sbb^es sincere pftriotKs. Mart & xxi^. 1. 

MarcSRtis, T, m. 

Adspice, lit insignis spdlns Marcelliis 5pTmis — V. M. vi. 666. 

Marct^l, se,/. 

HdrtensI mserSns inrnpit MarcYft biisto. Luc. ii. 328* 

MarcilYaniis, I, m. 

Cuji&s ^let tdt5 pinguls cttmft Marciliano. Mart. 2. xxix. 5. 

MarcTfts, i, m. 

Excepit fessos, et notis Marci&s armis — Sil, xiii. 700. 

MarcTiis, £, iim, adj, 

Non 5p&ros& rigat Marciiis antr& liqu5r : Prop, 3. ii. 12. 

Marc5mani, ortim, m. [3. iii ITOw 

Quae mdd5 MirodmAnos, p5st borrXdA belUL, v^gosqu^**- j*;. S. 
193 6' 


MarcdmSres, is, m. 

Marctfm&re» SonnoquS dSceot : qudrum altSr £trttacilm — 

Claud. 1. C. SL i. 241. 

Marctta, T, m. 

Marcfis &mat nostras AntonYtts, AttTcS, Musas, MarL 9. c. 1. 

Mardi, oriim, m. 

Durtt tenet, MardT emigres, Hyrcani, Apj^nquS, Av, D. 908. 

Mardttsy I, m. 

Hinc ApjfrT, per quos Mardus devolvKtiir amnis. Pris. P. 712. 

M&r«6tYciis, a, ilm, «(/. [772. 

IsY, PkrsetSnYum, MSrSotYcSque arvft, PhSlronquS, Ov. M. ix. 

M&rSdtis, Td5s,/. adj. 

Sunt Th&sTse vites, sunt et MftrgotMes Hbs, T. G. ii. 91. 

Maria, »,/. [e^Afor. H. 

Pneparat, et piUchros, Marte sed lucS mindres, Claud. N. Hon, 

Mariandyni, ortim, m. 

Paphlagtf nes post hos, Marifandyniqua sSquuntttr. Prit. P. 760. 

MarTandyniis, a, i&m, adj. 

Jam MarYandynis idvertit puppKs arenis ; V. F, iv. 733. 

MarYaniis, i, m. ^ 

quam digniis Sris alapTs, MarKauS, Latini — Mart. &. Ixi. 11. 

MKrlfaniis, \L, i&m, adj. 

Aut quTbiis In campis Mariano prcelTa sigpio — Prop. 3b iiL 43L 

Marica, SB,/. [47. 

Hunc Fauno et nympha gSnTtum Laurent£ Marica, V. JS. yii . 

Marintts, 1, m. 

£t latum nltXds, Marine, calviB — Jlfar^. 10. Ixzziii. 2. (Phal.) 

MarTiis, i, m. . . 

£t Cfnnam in MarYd, Marlumque in Caesar^ victiim. Man. iv. 

45. al. Cimbrum — carcere. 
PL £xttU¥t haec Dficlds, MarYos, magndsquS Camillds, V. G. 

ii. I6a 
MarmarTciis, a, iim, adj. 

Nee Jiiba Marmarlcas nudus pressissi^t areniSi Luc. vi. 309. 

MarmarYdes, se, m. or Marmaridae, arUm, m. 

CuspMS MarmarKdie C5rj^thl, HgndquS ctthaesYt. Ov. M. v. 126. 
MarmarYdse v5lticres, sequaturusquS sagittas— Zuc. iv. 680. 

Maro, onis, nu [13. 

Nota tibi p5t!us quam Tulliiis et Mard ndstri. Aus. Prof. xxii. 

PI. Sint Msecenates, non deerunt, FlaccS, Marones. Mart. 8. 

Ivi. 6. 
Maroneiis, a, iim, adj» 

Victa MaronSo foedatus lumina Bacchd ; Tib. 4. i. 57. 

MaronYantis, a, tim, adj. 

Ante annos CtilYcis MaronYani .S'^. S. 2. vii. 74. (PhaLJ 

Mardnilia, as,/. 

petit G«m€U{|8 nuptnui Maronills. Mart. 1. xL 1. (Scaz.) 
Mardnilliis, i, tn. 

FYSri ptttaret pdss^ quis, MaronHia, Mart. 4. Ixx. 3. 


Maqiesliis, ft, Urn, adf. 

Quam 81 durft sttex aut stSt MarpSstt cafiteg. F. jE. vi. 471. 

MarpissJl, se,/. 

Ainissum didKoerJS p&trem, Marpi8sftqu8 pSctttm — St.T. ilL 172. 
MarriibTtis, ft, tim, 4xdf. 

Quin et MarHibYa venit de gentS sftcerdos, F. JE. vii. 760. 

Marruciniis, ft, ilm, adj. 

Marrucmft stmul FrSntinis aemtUft pilbes. Sil viii. 519. 
Marriis, T, in. 

Marrftvlfum, v^tSris cSlfibratum ndmYnS Mam, SiL viii. 505. 

Marrtiv¥iim, I, n. 

Marriivium, vSt£ris cSlfibratum ndmYnS Mam, iSS/. viiL 505. 

Mars, tKs, m, 

Annft ftrunt; saevTt toto Mars impiiis 6rbS. F. G. i. 511. 
Martis gquis Achgrontft fugit ; Hor. C. 3. iii. 16. (Less. Ale) 

Marssiis, i, tn. 

Ot quondam Marssetis, ftmat5r OrTginTs illS — Hor. S, 1. ii. 55. 

Marsiciis, ft, ilm, adj. 

MarsKcft Peligni mittunt turbatft c5ldni: Mart, 13. cxxi. 1. 

Marstts, T, m, 

Quam l^vis Tn tdta Marstls Amaz5nidS. Mart. 4. xxix. 8. 
PL Quid Yards, MarsdsquS I5quar, ditatftqug vattim 
Nomina— 8. Ivi. 1. 

Marsiis, ft, iim, adj. [Tet. Asc.) 

Seu rupit tgrgtes Marstts ftper plftgas, Hor. C. 1. i. 28. (Chor. 

Mtirsj^ft, ae, oi. «r Marsj^as, se, m. [400. 

Marsj^ft nomSn hftbet, Pbrj^gis IiquYdissimt&s amnlfs, Ov. M. vi. 
Qua vapiilavTt Marsj^as CSlenseiis. Mart. 10. Ixii. 9. (Scaz.) 

Marttalls, is, m. 

JucundissimS MartKalls, bsec sunt: Mart. 1. ii. 2. (Phal.J 
Marttaniis, i, m. 

Sexageslfmft, MartYanS, messYs 

Acta est — Mart. 6. Ixx. 1. 

MartYcdlft, se, c. g. 

StrymSnft vemstf, MartTc51amqu« Ggten. Ov. T. 5. iii. 22. 

MartYgSnft, at, c. g. 

Dum cftsft MartYgSnam cftpYebat parvft QuYrintLro, Ov. F. i. 199. 

MartYiis, ft, fim, adj. 

MartYft ter senos proles ftdSlevSrftt annds ; Ov. F. iii. 59. 

MftruUft, SB,/ l(Seaz.) 

FfttSr ex Mftrulla, Cinnft, ^cti&s es septum, Mart. 6. xxxix. 1. 

Mftrulliis, i, m. 

Narratur belle quidam dixissfi, MftriillS, Mart. 5. Ixxvii. 1. 

Mlriis, 1, m. 

N£cdum £xdrtft dYSa, Mftrfis instat vulnerYs antos—^/. vl 98. 

Mftssesyll, driim, m. 

Atque Mftssesyli, nee ndn MftssylYft prMSs. Pris. P. 177. 
195 b2 


MascezSl SlYs m, 

Ma8cez§h fttgXSoa qui dirft pJitetiH fir&trU-^fa»<f. B. Qiid. 390. 

MasclTdn, Masthllfdn, dots, m. 

Gest&t pondfott MisclSdn stlpirbtta. Mart, 6. xiL 3. (^PAa/.; 

Cnltaque uEnettd&m nomen Mtilniadl 8ftperbttBH-5!M.xvi. 117- 

Massil, S| m. • [i. 36. 

Quod BilpCreBt, quern Mawft ttmet, qu$m mOn^ri^ pilpttt — Juv. 

M assUgSts, ariim, m. or MassttgStes, s, m. 

Lact^ft Massiigeta vMiiti cum pdc<Uft fuscant— iS*/. ^. i. 307. 
MassSggtes, csesamquS bYbens Mseottda Aliniis. CL Ruf, i. 312. 

Misslciis, I, m. 

MassYctis aerita pnnceps sScSt sequ6rfi tign. K ^. x. 166. 

MassYciis, ft, tUn, adj. 

Sed grkvKdse fruges, et Bacclii Masskiis humdr — V, G, ii. 143. 

MassYenT, drttm, m. 

Sunt MassKeni : regnft CilbYcenft sunt— ^v. O. M, 422. (L T,) 

MassYenfis, ft, iim, eidj. 

Orbs MassKenft : post jfigum Trste emYnSt Av. O. M, 452. 

Massmft, «,/. 

Massillfam bellls testatur fatft tiilisae, £«c. iii. 308. 

MassYIYensKs, S, a^;. 

£x intervallo, quse MassilTeasYfi, portiim — Aus. Epis, ix. 27* 

Masstlitant&s, ft, ttm, adj, \fScaz,) 

Vel coctft fumis mustft MassYlitanis ; Mart. 3. Ixxxii. 2a 

Massyletis, ft, ttm, adj. 

£t Massy leum virgft giibernSt equtim. Mart. 9. xxiii. 14. 

Massyli, oriim, m. 

Massylum gentes, prsetentftqufi SyrtTbus arvft ; F. M, vL 60. 

Massvliils, ft, iim, adj. 

fit gens, quse nudo rSsldens MassyHft dorsd, L%lc. iv. 682. 

Massyltts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Hinc mlhY MassylsB gentis mdnstratft sftcerdos, V. M. iv. 483. 

MastramMft, s,/. 

Sftlj^Ss fttrdces, dppldum MastramSlse — Av. 0. ilf. 691. (I. T.) 
Mftsttltts, 1, m. 

Turn Mftsttlus, crudaquS virens ad bellft sSnecta — Sil, i. 405w 

Mftsttrttts, 1, m. 

fixcepto, 81 quid Mftsttri rubricft vCtavit Pert. v. 90. 

Materntts, i, m. \_(Scaz.) 

Ndstro, rttgamus, paucft verbft Materno — Mart. 1. xcvii. 2. 

Mfttho, or Mftthon, onis, m. 

STc P«d» conturbat, Mfttb5 deHcIt, extttts hic est— J«». vii. 129. 
Declamas in febr£, Mftthon, hSnc SssS phrSnesim — Mart. 4. 

Ixxxi. I. 
CafisYdYci nttvft cttm vftni&t lecticft Mftthonia— /tiv. i. 32. 
Mfttteni, drtim, m. 

Commintta et fortes quos sentit Mars MfttYeu. /Vm. P. 927. 


MatSfnessi, s,/. 

Curvse ManlYtts arv& MltifneMS— Jfortf. 4. Iv. 26. (Phal.) 
M&tiniis, 1, m. 

VcatttrYs, et cflHcEi lucSnt bilcitft MKtim. Ltie. ix. 185. 
Mfttmiis, &, iim, adf. 

Pidfis Mtttln& UvSiit ciicfimYnX. Hor. Ep, jcyi. 28. (I. T.) 
MatralYtt, iim, n. 

Itfi, Miue mitres, vestr&m MatralU fedtttm. Ov. F. vi. 475. 

MatrinYft, »,/. [xxxii. 3. 

Possum HSciibam, possum NYSben, MatrinYa, sed sT — Mart, 3. 

Matrttna, »,/. 

MatrSnft non, Gall5s, Belgasque TntersYtft fines, Aus. jS^.x.462. 
Matti^ciis, ft, iim, adj, 

AccTpS MattTftcas (quo tYbY calvft) pYlas. Mart. 14. xxvii. 2. 

Mattiiis, 1, m. 

Hoc MimYambos MattYCis dgdit mgtrSn. T. M. 2416. (L T.J 

Mattiis, 1, m. 

Quid dicat, nescis ? DormYS, Mattg, tYbi. Mart. 12. ci. 2. 

Matutft, s, /. 

Leuc5thSe Grails, Matutft v5cab£r£ nostris. Ov. F. vi. 645. 

Matiitiniis, i, m. 

MatutinS pftter, sed JanS lYbentYiis audis, Hor. S. 2. vi. 20. 

Mavors, tis, tn, 

Mdnstrabunt ftcYes Mav5rs ActaeftquS virgd ; St. S, 5. ii. 128. 
Quantos illS vYriim magnam MavortYs ftd iirbSm — F. JE. vi. 873. 

MavortYtLs, ft, iim, adj. 

Altftqufi Pangaea, et Rhesi MavdrtYft tellus. V. G. iv. 462. 

Maiirft, ae,/. 

Madrft PiidicYtYae vStSrem quum praetSrYt arftm. Juv, vi. 308. 

Mauii, oriim, m. [39. 

Rdb5rft Maurorum, fftraiilasque ex drdYnS turmas ; St. S. 4l ii. 

Mauriciis, i, m. 

PrttbYtatg Macros, aequYtatg MaurYcos. Mart. 5. xxviii. 5. fl.T.) 

MauiitanYft, ae,/. 

£x8iccat pttpiilos. Ct MauritanYft nomSn— 3fan. iv. 729. 

Mailriis, ft, iim, adf. 

£t p5tYtur capta Mauriis larbft d5md. Ov. F. iii. 562. 

MaurtisYftciis, ft, tlm, adj. 

£t MaurusYftcI pondSrft rarft cYtif. Mart. 12. Ixvi. 6. 

MaurusYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

JCipYtCr omnYp5tens, cui niinc MaiinisYft pictis — F. JE. iv. 206. 

Mausoleiim, i, n. \J(S^wiid.) 

PyrttmYdes claCidant, indignftquS Mausoleft. Lw. viii. 697- 

Mausoleiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Nee MausolSi dives f5rtiinfi s^pulchri— Frof. 3. ii. 19. 

Mausoliis, T, m. 

MaCl85li saxis Pyrftmydumqu^ USgYs. Mart. 10. Ixiii. 2. 
197 8 3 


MixYmntntts, i, m. 

Cantit, cftntint£A Mixbnlfii&te ftmSt. Matt. iv. 20. 

MixYmTiift, le,/. 

fit sfint tres tlbY, MixIminS, dintet. Mart. 2. xli. «. (Phal.) 

MaxYmfis, i, m. 

MaxYin£, qw tanfi m6iisuriLiii ndmYiils implM, Ov. P. 1. ii. 1 . 

MazmtSf i, m. 

MSzaiis jftcttlo, Gestar prdsternYtttr ensS. <SSiL iv. 02?. 
Mazaz, ftcYs, m. 

Medorum, trSmfilum cum tonit missYlS Mazax; Luc. iv. 681. 

MSdamnft, s,/. 

IndYgSne p5piUi pro re ducerS MSdamniim. Pru. P. 917- 

Medefi, s,/. 

Medeam tYmfii: plus est Mede& ndvercft — Ov. H, vi. 127. 

MedeYs^YdYs,/ Patron. 

Non ftcYent, ut viv&t ftmor, MedeYdSs herbs. Or. d. A. ii. 101. 

MedYil, s, /. 

MedYtt firt tristes succos, tardumquS s&porem — V. G. ii. 126. 


yer« Abu sfttio, turn te qu5qu6, MedYc&, putres— K G. L 215l 

MedYciis, ft, iim, a^;. 

Mundtts : Achera&nYis deeurrant MedYcil Susis 
AgmYnft — Luc. ii. 49. 

MMYolaniini, i, n. 

fit MSdYolant mira omnYft, copY& rertim — Jus. Urh. v. I. 

Medon, tYs, m. [671. 

SivS tYmdr : primusquS M^on nigresc^rS pinnis — Ov. M. iii. 

Ing£mttit, GlaucumquS, MSdontttquS, ThersYIfichumque, F. M. 

vi. 48a 
MSdores, Ys, m. 

At pttrYter iGctuqu^ f^rens visuqu^ MSddres, V. F. vi. 211. 

MSdiian&y ee, m. 

In nSbtllis, MSdiianft, tills marcer£ p^rosiis — Luc. i. 438. 

MSdtili, drttin, m. 

Paganum MSdiills jtibSo salverS Th£5n£m. Jus. Epis. iv. 2. 

Quam tftm^n exerces MSdulorum in ]!t5r« vitftm ? 16. 
Mgdullma, 8B,/. 
MSdulliniis, ft, tim, adj. 

Pande. MeduUini te f^rftt orft n5ti. Jus. Epis. v. 28. 

Mediis, ft, iim, atg. [211. 

LydYft, nee p5piili Parthdrum, aut MedtU Hj^daspes, F, G. iv. 

Meddriim pSnStrarS dttmos, Scj^thYcdsquS rScessus. Luc. viii. 

MSdusft, s,/. 

fit nondum nezis anguS MSdusft cttmis. Ov. H. six. 134. 

MedGsfleiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Or« Medusaeo sYIYcem sinS singuYn<{ fecYt : Ov. M. v. 240. 

MegftbyziSs, 1, m. [C/. T.J 

QuYs Istic ThMtimu 'st ? M^gftb^ fOYtfs. Plaut. Bac. 2. iv. 7. 


Mi^Hdortis, i, m. [AuL a vi. 7- 

tUquH pdl, Mdgflddre, mlhY, nSqu^ quaiquam pafipSri. Plant. 

MigserK, ae,/. 

M^rl, pirce, siUtlnS Stfglaa fiices. An. ff. O. 1014 

Constaturft f^t Mi^fileiiflis pfirpiirft centi&m 
MmbHa—Mart, 10. xli. 5. 

M^fiUe8¥&, orttm, n. 

InstitSram, quare primi MegiUes!& ludi — 0». F. iv. 367. 
M^XlesY&ctls, ft, iim, adj, 

Int£r£a MegftlesYftcs spectaciil& mappae — Juv. xi. 191. 

Quaeque fSnt curvos exertft MSgalift flfictus. St. S. 2. ii. 80. 

MSgJM, SB,/, or M«gare, es,/. [/)•»».; 

M^jlril panrum ctfmhat& grSgem, <S'«n. iT. ^. 203. (Anapatt. 
Hic ipsfi Mfig&ren nempfi cdnfixam sCiis — Sen. H. 0, 903. (LT.J 

Mflgftrft, drtim, n. 

Jam Mfigftris vgnYant gSnttalYft seminft bulbi. CoL 106. 

Plautus has made Megaribus the ablative plural : 
* SiquYdem hic lend ndndGm sex menses MSgfiribtls 
Hue est quum commigravit — Plant. Pers. 1. iii. 67. (I* T.J 

* Dissyllab. 

MSgftreiiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Pelle m5ram, vidces. DiibYum M^gftreiiis herds — Ov. M. x. 669. 

Mfigftreus, ^ m. [606. 

NamquS mihi gSnhor MSgftreus Onchestiiis : Uli — Ov. M. x. 

Mfigftreiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

LiquSrftt Ortj^gYen, M^gftreftquS, PantftgienquS, Ov, F» iv. 471. 

M^gftrSnYdes, se, m. 1(1. T.) 

SiibYgTs mftledictis me t&is, M^gftrdnlfdes. Plant. Tnn. I. ii. 103. 

M^gftriis, ft, ftm, adj. [iii. 689. 

PantftgYs, M^gftrosque sTnus, ThapsumquS jftcentSm. F. jE. 

MSges, is, nt. [19. 

Sortg Mfiges, ultr5qu6 Ljfcus : jamque ordinS jusso— 5^ T. x. 

M«gillft, ae,/. 

Prater MSgillae, quo \aaLt&s—Hor. C. 1. xxvii. 11. (LArcKD.) 

Melacte. See Calacte. 

MSlaens, ariim,/. 

IcftrKi, C«ieiqu« dttmiis, vMdSsquS M«lsen«, St, T, xii. 619. 

MeiaenYs, YdYs,/. 

Notft tftmen MarsT filscft MSlsnYs Srftt Mart. 7. xxix. 8. 

Dftt gam piiellam mSretrici M^laenidT. Plant. Cis. 1. iii. 28. 

a T.) 
Miilampus, 5dYs, m. 

PhiUj^rYdes Chiron, Amj^thafiniusquS M^lampus. V. G, iii. 660. 

Insignem fama, sanctdquS MelampddS cretiim, St. T. viii. 278. 

M^^anchaetes, ee, m. 

PXimtt MSlanchaetes In tergo vulnerft fecYt. Ov, M. iiL 232. 


Mel&nchlaenI, drtlm, m. 

Dirtt M«liiicU«ni gSiu cii!cumfilt& vXgatttr. Av, D. 445. 

Mei&neus, fitfs, m. [306. 

fit Phfiltts, et Mei&neu8» «t Abas pnedatifo* ftprorilin, Op. M. xii. 

MSlanthetts, &, ttm, adj. 

Otqu« M^linthei t«n«lnri8 a cflBd« Ifttentem—Ov. lb. 025. 

MftlanthYon, oriis, m, 

Calvo PlotKft cum Meianthi5n«. Mart. 10. bnril. 7. (Phal.) 

MeianthTas, i, m. 

Iriis £gens, p^tfrisqu^ M^lanthiiis act5r Sdendi, Ov. H. i. 95. 

M^lantho, us,/. 

Mat£r Squi vOlticns : senslt delphin& Meiantho. Ov, M. vi. 120. 

MSlanthiis, i, m, 

fit tadte pSrftgens lenS MSlanthiis YtSr. Oo. P. 4. x. 54. 

MSlas, as, m, or MSlJls, 2lnYs, ni. 

Mygd5ntu8qu« Mfilas, et Taenarius* Eurotas. 0». Jlf. ii. 247- 
Qua MSlJis, atquS Crftthls fiiiviT, qua currU laon. Pris.P, 413. 
• By cssura. 

M^lSagreiis, 21, iinii adj. 

£t MeiSagream mftciilatus sanguYnS NessI — Luc* vi. 365. 

MSlSagriiis, 21, iim, adj. 

Flet&que cdgnatls ftvibus MglSagrttt Pleuron. St. T. iv. 103. 

MSl^agr5s, i, m. 

fissS piitant tutds, donee MSlSagrSs, £t una — Ov. M, viiL 299. 

MSles, etYs, m. [iii. 61. 

Fonts MSles, HermlquS vfidum, qu5 Lyditts Tntr&t — St. S. 3. 
Graia nobntor MSletS Boetis. 2. vii. 34. (Phal.) 

MSletseiis, &, Htm, adj. 

Posse Meletseas nee mallem mTttSr^ ehartas. Tib. 4. i. 200. 

MSliboeft, se,/. [48. 

Questa est ^gi&le, questa est MSlTboeS rglmqul. St. S. 3. v. 

MSliboeiis, i, m. 

O Meiibcee, dSus nobis hsec btU fecit V. B. i. 6. 

MSlTboetis, ft, iim, adj. 

Purpiirft Maeandrd diipnci M^libceft etieurrit. V. M. v. 251. 
MSUcertft, s, m. 

TequSfgrensparvum nudis, MSlKeertft, IftcertTs — Ov. 3f. iv. 521. 

M6Ke, es,/. 

Inftcbtis in MSHe Bithynidfi paUKdtts Isse^-Ov. A. 3. vi. 25. 
MSn5r, 5r]fs, m. 

Libertus M^Uorts illS nottts, Mart. 6. zxviii. I. (Phal.) 
MSlIsstts, T, m. 

£t tiift cum soceo Musft, MSlissS, ldv!s. Ov. P. 4. xvi. 30. 
Mglite, es,/. 

Fertilis est MgKte stgrilT vicTnft Cfisyrae. Ov. F. iii. 567. 
MSlKtensYs, S, adj. 

Interdum In pallam MglitensTft, Chlftqug, vortunt. Lncr. iv. 

1123. See Alidensis. 


MeiitesYtts, ft, iim, adj. 

£t viTain IftpKdem, et circi Mditesli nectun4>->(?ra^. 404. 

Pastores et currfi l^unt prttpS flumlnll Mellae. i^. G^. iv. 278. 
M^lo, oii¥s, m. 

MSlonKs albam HlYftm, ^m. £pw. iv. 75^ (L DmJ 

Melp5m£ne, es,/. 

Cantus, MelpSmSne, cui lYquMam p&tSr — ITor. C. I. xxiv. S. 

fCA<w. Tel. ^«c.; 
Memmlttdes, ae, m. Patron. 

MemmiSdae ndstro, quern tu, dS&, temp5re \n omni, £ucr. i. 2?. 

Memmlftis, i, m. 

Quod siipSrest, vftcttas aures mihlf, MemmYiis, et te — Lucr, i. 45. 

Memnon, 5n][s, m, 

MemnSnft si mater, mater ploravit AchUlSm, Ov. ^. 3. ix. 1. 

Memn5n¥dSs, iim,/. Patron, 

MemndnMes diets, cum Sol diiddenil pSreg¥t — Ov. M. xiii. 618. 

MemnOnYCis, ft, iim, adj. 

Memn5nid cygnds essS c5ldrS piltSm. Ov. P. 3. iii. 96. 

MSm5r, SrYs, m, 

Splrftt Apellea redditiis arte Mgm5r. Mart. 11. ix. 2. 
Ciir ndn ad M£m5ris carmKnft ? fratfir Srftt. x. 2. 

MemphYs, Ys, /. 

Summi&s Alexander regum quos MemphYs ftdorftt, Luc, x. 272. 

Mgmphites, ae, m. adj. 

Barbftrft Memphlten plangSrS ddctft MvSm. Tib, 1. viii. 28. 

MemphltYciis, ft, iim, ac^. 

Nee fdgS linigSrse MemphitYcft templft jiivencae: Ov. A, A, i. 77- 

M emphitis, id5s, /. adj, 

y isYtS turicrSmas vaccae MemphTtid56 aras : Ov. A, A, iii. 303. 

Menft, se, m. [66. 

Ity rSdYt, etnarrat, Vultelfim ndmYnft Menftm — Hor. E. 1. vii. 

MSnftce, es,/. 

M^nftce prYdrS quae y5cata est seciild. Av, O. M, 427. (i* T,) 

MSnsechmds, i, m. [1* i. 20. 

Nam Sgo ad M£naechmum nunc S5, quo jam diu — PUmt. Men. 

Mfinjefis, ft, iim, adj, 

AbstYniiit Marte Infido : c5mYtatft M^nttis— iS^t7. xiv. 266. 

Mtoftlfts, ae, m. 

Stemuntur terrae Mfinftlas pM^s, AntYphtts altd— 5^.r. vii. 756. 

M^nalciS, £, m. 

Atque siiperbft pftti fastidYft ? nonnft M^nalcan ? V, B, ii. 16. 

Mfinftlippe, es,/. 

Syrmft vSl AntYgSnae, vel personam M^nftlippes, Juv, viii. 229. 

MSnftlippiis, I, m, 

AfltftcYdes Mtefilipptts ftr&t; nee prodYdYt IpeSi-^St. T. viii. 719. 


MSnandSr, dri, m. or MSnandr5s, i, m. 

Fabill& jucundi nulla est sYne ttmor^ M£nindri. O9. T. ii. 369. 
Vivent, dum mSrStrlx blandft, MSnandrds £rit. Ov. J. 1. xv. 18. 

MSnandretis, &, dm, adj. 

TurU Mgnandres f)ierat,nec Thatdds dl!m— Prop. 2. vi. 3. 

MSn&pi, drttm, m. 

De MSn&pis : lauti de pStiisone vSrent Mart. 13. liv. 2. 

M«narchtt8, 1, m. [26. f /. T,) 

MSdlcus M^narchils emtt ¥bidem Yn AlYdfi. P2au^. Cop. Pro/. 

MendesYtis, ^, dm, o/i/. 

OccMit et Cel&ddn MendesYiis : dccidYt Astreus. Ov. M. v. 144. 

MSnecr&tes, is, m. 

Parth£iidpe : clan gSnds ecc£ MSnecrfttis augSt — St. S. 4. vii. 3. 

M«nedemtts, i, m. 1(1. T.) 

MSiiSdemS, salve : nuntium apportd tibi. Ter. Heaut. 3. i. 18. 

MSn^lae&s, &, t&m, adj. 

Cum MSnSlaeo surg£r£t e th&l&mo. Prop. 2. xv. 14. 

MSnSladSi 1, m. or MSnSlads, 1, m. 

Ardgt &mdrS ttii: sic et MSn^lattn ftmavit — Ov. H. v. 106. 

Et p&t£r igndscet nostrd MSnSlaiis ftmon. viii. 37. 
MSneniiis, 1, m. 

Chrysippus pdnlt fecunda in gentS MSneni. Hor. S. 2. iii. 28?. 

M£nephr5n, dnYs, m. [vii. 387. 

DextSr& Cyllene est, In qua cum matrS MSnephron — Ov. M. 

MSnestheus, ^s, and ei, m. 

Nee Cl^tio ggnitorfi mYnor, nee fratrS Mgnestheo. V.JE. x. 129. 
Discus : nee dCibYa junctavS MSnesthgft victdm — St. T. vi. 712. 

Meuinx, gYs,/. 

Occidiiam : juxta quern M eninx insiilfi fulgSt Pris. P. 508. 
NerYtYa MeningS siltus, cui tragilU sempgr— 5i^ iii. 318. 

MSnoeceus, SSs, m. 

Dilexit Thebas, si GrsecYa vertt, MgnoBceus. Jw. xiv. 240. 

Regn^,- vSrendS CrSon, sanctasquS M^ncecSSs umbras : St. T. 

xi. 709. 
MSnoeceds, %, dm, adj. 

IrS, M^nceced qua lubrYcH sanguYnS turrYs — St. T. x. 846. 

MSncetes, ae, m. 

Rectdrem navis cdmpellat vocS M^nceten: V. M. v. 161. 
MSnceti&des, s, m. Patron. 

TequS MfincetYftden, te qui cdmYtavYt Oresten, Or. T. 5. iv. 25. 
MSnoetYds, 1, m. 

At sYmdl CEnides, pftrYterquS MSnoetYds, et qui^F.F. vi 343. 

Men^gSnes, Ys, m. 

Mendg^nen, omni tu lYcfet artg vglis. Mart. 12. Ixxxiii. 2. 
Men5phYlds, 1, m. 
Mens, ntYs,/. [vi. 241. 

Mens qudquS NumSn bttbet Menti delubrft vYderoda— Ov. F. 


Mentttr, tfrfs, m. 

ArgamSntil mJIgis sfint Menttfr¥s addYUl forms: Prop, 3. ix. 13. 
Ment5rStiB, ft, iim, adj, 

LesbYft Ment5red vTnft bn>as Sp^rS. Prop. 1. xiv. 2. 
Merci&rYaKs, £, a<2;. [25. 

Cum lucro noram ; undfi frgquentift Merciirfalg— Hor. S, 2. iii. 

Dextra levasset, MercMalli&m— fior. C.2. xvii. 29. ('(^r. Ale) 

Merci&riiis, i, m. [138. 

Vobis MercttrYus pfttSr est, quem candYdft Malft— F. JS, viii. 
MerYSnes, as, m, 

Mer¥dnes : pStSret majons fratSr Atnde — Ov. M. xiii. 369. 

MermSrds, i, m. 

Merm£rj$9 accepto nunc vulnSrS tardlftis ibftt : Ov. M. xii. 305. 
Mennessttis, &, tlm, adj. 

QuidquYd Amalthea, quidquid MermessYft dixYt ; Txb. 2. v. 67. 
MSr5e, es,/. 

Hinc LYbj^s, hlnc MSrde, siccftquS terrft siibest. Ov. F, iv. 570. 
Mj^rdpe, es,/. 

SeptYmft mdrtali Mer5pe tM, Slsj^hS, nOpsYt Ov. F. iv. 175. 

MCrops, 5pYs, m. 

Cepisset gSnitor si Pbft^thdntft Mj^rdps. Ov. T. 3. iv. 30. 
Perque siium, MSrtfpisque cftput, taedasquS s5roriim— Or. M. 

i. 763. 

MSsembriftctis, ft, iim, adj. [37. 

Inde MSsembriftcos portus, ftt OdessSn, it arces— Ov. 7. 1. x. 

MessftbfttsB, artlm, in. 

Cissi Messftbfttseque et Chalonitft vftgantiir. Av. D. 1209. 

Messalft, ee, m. 

Te bellarS d^cet terra, Messalft, mftriqu^, Tib. 1. i. 53. 

Messalinft, ae,/. 

Messalins tfctilis : dudum sSd^ Hlft pftratd— -/ttt;. x. 333. 

Messalliniis, i, m. 

LitSrft pro verbis tYbf, MessallinS, sftlutftm — Ov. P. 1. vii. 1. 

Messanft, ae,/. 

Hunc Ni&mYdse fftciunt, ilium Messanft si&perbtlm. Ov. F. i. 595. 

MessanYtls, ft, iim, adj. 

Ills tiius g^mtor Messanift moenift qudndftm — Ov. M. xii. 549. 

MessapYiis, ft, iim, adj. [513. 

PeucStidsquS sinus, MessapYftque arvft rftlinquYt. Ov. Af. xiv. 

Messapiis, i, m. 

At Messapiis, ftquum ddmitor, NeptunYft proles, V. M. viL 691. 

Messe, es,/. [226. 

Quus Pharis, v5liicrumque pftrSns Cj^thftreYft Messe, St. T. iv. 

MesseYs, idYs,/. adj. 

Flevit Ajnymone, flerunt MesseYdfts undse, V. F. iv. 374. 

MessSne, es,/. [417- 

Messenequft fSrax, Patrsequei httmYlesquS Cl^nse, Ov. M. vi. 


MessenYo, onYs, m. 

NGUa 'Bt Ttfluptis nivms, Mteenlo, Platte. Jftn. 2. i. 1. (LT,) 
MessenYoni cum argento concredYdT. 5. i. 2. 

Messeniis, T, m. 

Alpheus, qui Messeni discindYtiir undis. Fru. P. 408. 

MeesYtLB, i, m. [58. 

Messi&s, AccYpYd ; c&piit et mttvet tttH cornQ — Hor, S.\»s, 

Priverno antiqua MSt&bus cum excederSt iirb«, T. ^. xi. 540. 

Metimra, ae,/. 

Matre sftlutata, mater Met&nlr^ vOcatiir. Ov. F, iv. 539. 

MCtanoeH, ae,/. 

Nempe ut pGenit£at» sic M^t&noett v5ctfr. ^m. £. xii. 12. 

Met&pdntini, driim, m. 

Hinc M^Upontini discurrunt lati&s arv5. Av, D, 51(j. 

MStfipontiim, T, n. 

MoenYft cernuntur MStSponti deind^, CrdtdnquS. Prit,P. 362. 

MStauriis, i, m. 

MQltaque Hasdrttbftlis fulgebit stragS M^taflrOs. SiL viL 486. 

MStaurtts, it, urn, adj. {.Ah.) 

TSstis Metaurum flOmen, St Asdriibttl— ^or.C.4. iv. 38. f Gr. 

M«teU&,8B,/. [MeteUe. 

NomYnS, nunc iSgYtur dictft MStellft stio. Ov. T. ii. 438. al. 

Metelltts, I, m. 

Augustus nunc est, antS MStelliis Sr&t. Ov. F. iv. 348. 

PI. Crgentur: csedunt L^pidos, csduntquS MSteilos. Luc. 

vii. 583. 
M£t£reft s /*. 

Jazj^gfe/et Colchi, M^t^reSque tOrbfi, GStaBqufi, Ov. r. iL 191. 

Methion, 5nYs, m. 

£cc« Sj^enltes, gSnYtus MethittD«» Phorbas, Ov, M. v. 74. 

MSthone, es,/. 

NelidesquS PerTclj^roSnGs : quem parvil M«Ch5ne— r. F. L 388. 

Methymnft, ae,/. [-<#. i. 67. 

Garg&rii qu5t s^gStes, qudt bSbet Methymn9 rttcemds ; Ov. A. 

Methymnseds, ft, iim, adj. 

Quam Methymnaed carpit de palmYtS Lesbfts. V. G. ii. 90. 

MethymnY^s, iidYs,/. adj. 

Nee me PyrrhYftdes MethymnYiUlesve pttellae, Ov. H. xv. 15. 

MSthysciis, i, m. 

Nee cfilSres Musas IpsS MStbysciis ^as. Aus. Epis. xiv. 16. 

MetHYiis, T, m. 

Irat&m clUYcem mYhl MStili. (PhaL) 

M Stisciis, 1, m. 

Aurigam TfirnT mSdYa inter ldr& MStisctim— K. ifi. xii. 469. 

M«t|tt8, 1, m. Hot. A. P. 387. 

See MaeciuB. Virg, JEn, viit 642. See Metus. 


Metltis, 1, m. [ii. 7. 

Metiiisj atque ftnYmsB partem 8tlp£r sequdr& nostrae—iS^;. ^S*. 3. 
MetYfiSy ft, iim, adj. 

lUe * edepdl vtdere ardentein te extrS portim MetYam — Plaut. 
* DissylL Cos, 2. vi. 2. (Troch, T. cat.) 

MStoiit onYs, m. 

Sed pnmseva MSton exordift sumsKt &b anno. ^v. ^. Pr* 46. 

Atticft quern doctl cdllegit curft M£tdnis. ^tM. £^w. ii. 12. 
Metr5pbftnes, is, m. 

LuceilT cSliimella heic situ' Metrdphftn' est. Mart. 11. xc. 4. 

Mettts, 1. m. [viii. 642. 

Haud pr5ciil TndS citae Metuiu in diversft qu&dngae.*— K. JE. 

MeTanas, atYs, adj. 

Mevanas Vareniis, Srat cui divitis ubSr — Sil. iv. 645. 

Mevaniii, ae,/. 

Qua nSbiildsft c2l?d r5rat MevanYft campo, Prop. 4. i. 123. 

MezentMs, i, m. 

Clari&s Srat, sumtisquS f^r-ox Mezentitis armis : Ov. F. iv. 881 . 
Micc«tr6giis, I, m. [(I. T.J 

-Nunc Micc5trogus nomine ex vero v5c5r. 'Plant, St. 1. iii. 88. 

Micels, ariSm, m. 

Hic H dddrato splrantes crinS MYcelse — V. F. vi. 129. 
The readings are various, and this very doubtful. 

MicYo, dnYs, m. 

Nullum hujus simYlS factum. Hsbc cum IllT, MicYo, Ter. Ad. 

l.ii. 16. (IT.) 
Fac consolere. Egii Micidnem, si ftpud.fbrum 'st — 3. v. 2. 

Miclpsft, ae, m. 

Cannft MYcTpsarum pr5ra subvexYt ftcuta. Juv. v. 89. 

MYcon, 5nis, m. 

Tum, credo, quum me arbustum viderg MYconYs — KB. in. 10. 

MYdft, SBf m. or MYdas, ae, m. 

Ditabat rtitYlo, quTdquid MYdft tangSrgt, aurd. CI. 2. C. S. 230. 
B&rbftrYcoque Midan, ftdSrat nam fortS cftnentT, Ov. M. xi. 162. 

Mide, es,/. 

AgmYnft qu5s Mide, quos humYdft snggSiYt Arn§. St. T. vii. 331. 

MYdSX, SB,/. 

AptYto armentiB MYd^a, pSctfroBJiquS Pbyllds, SL T. iv. 46. 

MiIftnYdn, onYs, m. 

MHanYon hum^s Atftlantes crQr& f^rebilt. Ov. A. A, iii. 77^. 
Flesse stib arbdrYbus Mil&nYonft f^runt Ov. A. A. ii. 186. 

MUesYtis, &, tim, <kdj. 

Sensit ; e&m circiim MilesYS vSU^rll Nymphse— K 6. iv. 384. 

MlletYs, Yd58, adj.f. 

A quYbiis adv^nYat MiletYdft sospSs ftd urb&a, Ov. T. 1. x. 41. 

MUetds, 1,/. or Milettts, i,/. \j[Sp(md. 

Bt Sj^bftris cdllee, hinc It RhMto, §t MUStJto, Juv. vi. 296. 
N6c Milettis ^rit vellSr^ dTgn& t&d. Mart. 8. xxviii. 10. 
205 T 


MUYchJis, T, m. 

MiUchils indlg^Dis l&te Tegnirftt Yn orii, SiL iii. 104. 

Milo, bnXs, m. or MYlon, onts, m. 

Dat nobu MYltt» Gradivi c&pg MartYs hftnorSin— .St7. xiii. 365. 
Miltf d5mi non est ; pgr£gre Miloufi prdfectd, Mart. 7> cii. 1. 
OtquS Mildn, robur dlducSre fissYlS tentes; Ov, lb. 611. 

MnonYiiB, i, m. 

Quid fUciSm ? Saltat MildnY)&8, ut s^mei icto—Hor. 2. iS^. i. 24. 

MilphYdippft, se,/. 

MS& MllphYdippa, ftdi, dbstero, et coDgr^d^re. Ct me vSretfir ! 
Plaut. MiL 4. vi. 61. (L Tetr. cat,) 

MllphYdisciis, i, m. [12. (L T.) 

MI Milpbidlsc^, m£il cdmmtfdYtis, m&k s&lus, Plaut. Paen. 1. iii. 

MllphYo, onTs, m. 

Mllphio. £depol MilphYdnem mYs^rum ! quid nunc vis tYbi ? 
Plaut, Paen, 1. ii. 111. (Troch, TeU cat.) 
MiIvY&8, 1, m. 

MilvYtls et scurrs tYbY non rSf^rendi pr^ati — Hor. 2. S. vii. .36. 

MYmall5nes, iim,/. [660. 

Semin£cesqu£ liipos, sclssasqufi MYmall6nSs ursas. St, T. iv. 

MYmall5nSiis, ft, iim, ad^. 

Torvil MYmallSn^s Implerunt cdrniill bombls. Pers. i. 09. 

MYmall5nYs, Ydtfs, adj. f. 

£cc£ MimalldnYdes sparsis in terg& cftpiUiSi Ov. A, A. i. 541. 

MYmas, antYs, m. 

MdvTt slgn& MYmas, et coelum exterriiYt armls. SiL iv. 276. 
MUtiis Athos Tauro, Rhdd5peque adjunct& MYmanti. iii. 494. 

Mimnermiis, i, m, [65. 

Si| Mimnermiis iiti censet, sYne &m5rS jttcIsquS — Hor. 1. E. vi. 

MincYiis, i, m. 

MincYiis, et tSnSra praetexYt ftrundinS ripas. V. G. iii. 15. 

MYnervil, »,/. 

OmnYft qusequS V£nus, qusequ£ MYnervft pr5bftt. Prop. 1. ii. 30. 

MYnervYiis, i, m. 

Primus BiirdYgiQe cdliimen dIcerS, MYoerv!. Aus. Prcf. i. 1. 

MYnYo, onYs, m. 

Qui CeeretS dttmo, qui sunt MYnYonis Yn arvis, V. ^. x. 183. 

Minnsei, oriim, m. 

Minnaeique m&ris prftpS Rfibri littdrii vivOnt. Pris. P. 88a 

MinoYs, Yd5s, /. adj. 

Sic cScYnlt pr5 te doctus, MindY, Cfttulliis. Tib. 3. vi. 41. 

Te quttque qui rftpiiit, r&piiit MindYdfi Theseus. Ov.H. xxi. 347- 
MinoYiis, &, iim, adj. 

Dflpd&liis, ut fama est, fiigYens MinoY& regntt, V. JE. vi. 14. 

Minds, oYs, m. 

Vel si quid Minds ftlYud vSlYt. Dtqu^ sSdeb&t— Oc;. M. viii. 42. 
Cxorem qudndam magnl MinoYs, iit alOnt Prop. 2. xxxiii. 57. 


Minotauiiis, i, m* 

Mindtauriis mist, VtoSris mdnttment& n^nds, V, ^. vi. 26. 

Minoils, %, iim, adj, 

£n «g5 Minoo nitft ThfiantS f^rSr. Otr. H. vi. 114. 

Minturnse, 5rttm,/. [716. 

Minturnaequ^ gr&ves, et quam tiimiilavtt ^umniis — Ov. M, xv. 
£xTlium, et career, MintumarumquS p&ludes, Juv. 3C 276. 

Minticiiis, i, m, [xviii. 20. 

BrundtisYum Mint&ci mSlYus yYS duc&t, iln Appi. ^ Hor, 1. E. 

Minj^ae, ariim, m. 

JamquS fr^tum MYnj^s P&gjiseea puppS sScabant, Ov, M. vii. 1. 

Minj^eifts, 2ld58, /. adj. 

At non AlcYthtfe MYnj^eY&s orgiS censSt — Ov. M. iv. 1. 

MiDJfeYdSs, tim,/. «4/. 

JussftquS sacrS c5lunt Solae MYnj^eidSs intiis — Ov. M. iv. 32. 

MYnj^eYiis, ft, iim, adj, 

FinYs Srat dictis ; St ftdhuc MYnj^eYft proles^Ov. M. iv. 389. 

Misargjhrides, 8b, m. [(L T.) 

SalverS jtibSd te, Misargj^rides, bSnS. Plaui. Most. 3. i. 38. 

MisenensYs, S, a4/< 

In Misenensem villam venisset siiftm, Phad. 2. v. 8. 

Misentls, i, m. 

Qua jftcSt et Trojae ttlbYcen Misentis ^rena. Prop, 3. xviii. 3. 
PI. m mtfd5 Misems sequdrft ndbilibiis. 1. xi. 4. 

Mithras, s, m. 

Indignatft s^qui torquentem corniift MTthrftm. St. T. i. 721. 

MYthrYdates, Ys, m. 

Post vTctas MithrYdatYs 5pes, pSlftgusquS rSceptiim, Man.iy.5l. 

MYthrYdatefis, ft, tkm, adj. 

Cinj^hYumqu^ Jttbam MYthrYdateisqu^ tttmentSm 
NomYnYbus— Op. M. xv. 765. 

MYthrYdatYotts, ft, tim, cuif. 

TuCannas, MithrYdatYcumqufi belltim— 3far^6.xix.6. (Phal.) 

Mitj^lensi&s, ft, iSan, adj. 

Quis Mit^lenseas p6t£rlt niscirS Ifttebras — Luc. v. 786. 

MYtj^lene, es,/. [xi. 17- 

Inctfliimi Rhddfis et MYtj^lene pulchrft fftcit, qu5d— i^or. 1. E. 

Mnasylds, i, m. 

Pergite, PierYdes. Chrdmis et Mnasylds Yn antrd— F. B. vi. 13. 

MnemdnYdSs, iim,/. 

Mnem5nYde8, cognorftt enim, consistYtS, dIxYt : Ov. M. v. 280. 

Mnemtfsj^ne, es,/. [Mar. 23?. 

Mnemtej^ne dScYli tradit prsceptft Thftliae. Claud. N. Hon. 
Plur. £t Ij^rici vates niimfir5 sunt MnemSsj^nartim. Aus. Ed. 

xi. 30. 
MnesYIdchiis, i, m. 

DbY nunc MnesYldchiis ergo est ? Rus misit pfttSr. Plaut. Bae. 

4. viii. 67. (I. T.J 
207 T 2 


MnestheGs, £tts, m. 

Velocem Mii«»t1iea8 figlft icrf tewXg^ Ptui^Ul V, JE. y, 1 16. 
MnesthS& SergestumquS vScat, f5rtemqu6 C15anthiini. it. 288. 

Mddestfis, i, m, 

ScnbSrS te, quae vTx mteiligllt ips« Mddesttts, Mart. 10. xxi. 1. 

Mddl&, as,/. 

NS prtdr Albifiam et MddYftm coUigi sfilut^t Juv. iii. 130. 

MoerYs, fe, m. 

Quo te, MoerY, p«deii ? an, quo vY& ducit, in iirb£m ? r. 2?. ix. 1 . 

Mcesiis, i, m. 

Moesiis, &t extents post tergum cesptt^ ThrSctts— ^v. D. 462. 
PL Dg gri^ Moesorum, qui me cervicS lOcata->/uv. Ix. 133. 

MttlSrchaetLs, ft, fim, a<2;. 

LseUi Mdlorchaeis ptfsiiit vestigYa tectis. Tib. 4. i. 13. 

M5Idrchfis, i, m. [19. 

Cunctft mThi, Alpheum iTnquens, lucosqu^ M5lorcbi, V, G, iii. 

M51ossi, oriim, m. 

Parthiis fiquum, fTdosquS cftnes fleverS Mdlossl. iS'^. jS*. 2. vL 19. 
Mtfldsstis, ft| ihn, o^/* 

Atque armillatds cdllft M5ldss& cilnes. Prop, 4. viii. 24. 

Mdlpeus, ^Sf m, 

ChadnKus Molpeus, dextra N&b&thaetbs Ethemon— Ov. if. v. 163. 
MoIpSS trajecti submovit vulnSrS crilrTs. 168. 

Molj^ vacant siip^ri: nigra radlcS tSnetiir — Ov. M. xiv. 292. 

Mdnseses, Ks, m. 

Jam bis Mdnseses et Piic5ri m^utU, Hor. 3. C. vi. 9. ^Crr. .^fc.^ 

Mdnsstis, 1, m. [604. 

Eminiis hos f gl&dio SttplUirum, glftdioquii M5nsesfim — /S!i/. vii. 
M5nettt, «,/ 

Qua fert sublimes altft Mtoetft gr&dus. O0. F. i. 63a 
Mdntaniis, 1, m. 

DedSciis h5c, Montaniis &it : testa alttt pSretiir-^/uv. iv. 131. 

Monj^chitls. Set Munychius. 

MSnj^chtls, 1, m. 

PellYciils, quantfis jftciilStOr Monj^chtis ornos, 3uv. i 11. 

M5ps5p!u8, ji, iim, o^^'. 

ReddM MopsdpYa TsnfirYs arb^ sttrdr. Ov. H. viii. 72. 
Mopstis, T, m. [151. 

Cunctatfir : sed MSpsiis YdSm, trepYdiisquS ftrSbftt — St. T, viii. 

MdTgentYft, se,/. 

Sederunt, ndn frdndosis MdrgentY& cimp!fl*-*-iSli/. xiv. 265. 

MOrYni, ordm, «. [viii. 727- 

£xtremique bdminum MdrYni, RhenusquS bYcomYs; V, M. 

Mtfrintts, T, m. 

£t M5rYnum pugn&s seriis stridor^ cYent<<m, iSft7. vii. 606. 

M O R— M U R 

Moipheus, Sds, m. [071* 

AdjYcift his vocem MGrphefis ; qu&m conjttgYs I1I& — Ov, if. xi. 
MorphSft. Non ill5 jussos sdlertiftts alter— 635. 

Mors, t¥s,/ 

Pallldii Mors aequo pulsat pfid^f paup^rum tilbernas, Hor, 1. C. 
IV. 13. (Archilochian Heptameter.) 
Quos pStftt e nobis, Mdrtem tHit cogS Hlten. Luc. vi. 601. 

Md8&, s, m. 

DirYpit ens£ Mdss. Percussit pdnd£r£ terr&m — Sil xv. 727* 

MoschT, oriim, m. 

Hen¥6chi, sffivisque affinis Sarm&t& Moschis. Luc. iii. 270. 

Moschiis, 1, m. 

£t Moschi causam : eras nat5 CsesftrS festtis — Hor. 1. £. v. 9. 

Mdsellft, «, m./. 

Corniger externas celSbrande Mdsellft pSr oras, ^u^. £:<i. x. 469. 

Moses, Ys, m. 

TradidYt arcano quddcilmque v5luminS MSses. Juv. xiv. 102. 

M&syniy oiUm, m. or Mossyni, oriim, m. [i. 146. 

Quaque Istrus TtoSIsqu^ G^tas rig&t atquS M^synos. Tih, 4. 
Mossy niquS, dSmos praebent quels lignfi& tectS. Prit, P. 741. 

M5th5ne, es^/. 

An frSquens ruscis IfivYbus MSthone — Sen, Tr, 825. (Sapph.) 

MucYiis, i, m, 

MticYtis et prudens ardorem cdrp5rS passfis, V, CtU, 364. 

PI £t Syllas, Marfosqug, MuciosquS. Mart. 6.xix. 7- (PhaU) 
Mucne. See Nucrs. 
MulcYb^Ft £rT, and SrYs, m. 

MulcYbSr in Trojam, pro Troja stab&t Apolld. Ov. T. 1. ii. 6. 

MulcYbfiris captl Marsqufi Vgnusqug dtflls. Ov. A. A, ii. 662. 

MiiivYtLBy ft, ttm, adj, 

AgmYnft, FlamYnYo quae iTmYtS MulvYtts aggfir^^^. & 2. i. 176. 

MunatYlis, T, m. 

Quants convenYat MimatYtis, an mftlS sartft— ITor. I. £. iiL 31. 

Mundft, ee,/. [692. 

£t ceu Mundft ndcens, PhftrYdque a gurgYtS clades, Luc, vii. 

Munnft, ee, m. 

A te, Munnft v6nTt, mYsgris tu mlttYs ftmicis— ilfor/. 10. xxxvL 

3. al, Cinnft. 
Munj^chYtis, ft, iim, adj. 

Aut cum Munj^chYfts Pallas spfttYattbr ftd aras, Prop, 2. ii. 7- 
MurcYbYi, oriim, m. 

Ausim. MurcYbYi vTx orft t^nacYft iettb—GraU 516. 
Murenft, ee, m. 

Murena pnebentS dSmiim, CftpYtonS c&lmftm. Hor, 1. S. v. 58. 

Murraniis, i, m, [529. 

Murranum hic, fttftvos St ftvdrum antiquft s5nantfim, V, £, xii 
Murrhinft, ee,/. 

Sftd, tixor, da vYro banc v^nYam. Murrhina, ora Clftostrfttftm. 
Plata, Cos, 5. iv. 22. (Iamb. Tetr. acaU) 
209 t3 


MOrriis, i, m. 

Ina%D!8 Ri&tttlS Mfirrus de OoguXne : ftt IdlSm^SiL i. 377- 

MfirtYils, ft, iim, oc^'. [404. 

Ad ccelum qudties vollis tib! MurcYft dudit— Claud. I, C & ii. 

Musft, as, m. 

Mu8& siipirv&ctlSs Antonnto, §t t&mSn Ulu— Hor. 1. E. xv. S. 

Musft, s,/. &r MusiB, iriim,/. 

M ufift, mnii causas mfimdra, quo numinS Iseso, F, JE. i. 8. 
Auditft MOsirum sftcerdds, Hor, a^C. i a (I, Jrch. D.J 

Musseiks, 1, m. [667. 

MCLssiim ante omnes, medYCLm nam plfirYmft turbft — F, M. vi. 

Musaeils, ft, iim, adj. 

CftrmYnft, Mussed contingens cCinctft IfiporS. Lucr. i. 938. 

Mutft, ae,/. 

FdrsMn a nobis qu» sit DSft MQtft rSqufras. Ov. F. ii 683. 

Mute, es,/. 

Nee mftj5r M^ftra MfitS cdncordtbtts aOsIs— <Si{/. xiv. 27% 

Muthumbftl, Hs, m, [(I, T.) 

CarthagMensem Mathumbailis fiinim — Plaut Paen. 6. ii. 37. 

MMnft, SB,/. [L27. 

Nam qudtYes MMnam, aut civUTft bustft Philippos — Prop. 2. 

MiitYnensIs, S, adj. [627- 

Sit UcSt ut ftLSrit, tftm^n hac Miktinenslft C»l&]^— Ov. F. iv. 
MiitTiis, T, m. 

yiUnSrn>us victor rSpStisset Mutliiis urbSm* Man. iv. 31. 
Miituscse, artim,/. 

Ereti mftntis dmnYs, SlivtfSrsequg Mtitascee. F. JE. yii 711. 
Miitj^ce, es,/. 

Et Netum, et Mtit^ce, pubesquS HquentYs Achisti«~-/SS/. xiv. 268. 
Mjfcftlseiis, ft, Urn, adj. 

Icftrium pei^s, Mj^cftlseftquS littSrft juncti — CI. But. ii. 266. 
Mycftle, es,/. [ii. 223. 

Dindj^mftque, et Mj^cftle, natusque ad sacrft CYthaeron. Ov. M. 
Mj^cftlSsYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Ind&Yt a tergo Mj^cftlesYft cuspYs Agyrten. St. 7. ix. 281. 
MjfcS]ess5s, T,/. 

Onchesti, quds puiYg^ris Mj^cftlessds Yn agris — St. T. vii. 272. 

Mj^cenft, ae,/. or Mj^cene, es,/, or Mj^cense, artim,/ 
Junonl SftmSs et Mjfcenft : DitT — (PhaLJ 
Ante Agftmemn5nYam gratissimft tectft Mj^cenen. Sil. L 27. 
Trojam addidissC? rex Mj^cenarum fiiYt. Sen.Ag. 261. (I.T.) 

Mj^censeils, ft, iim, adj. 

Parvft Mj^cenaeae quantum sacratft Dianae — Lvfi. vi. 74. 
M^cenYs, Yd«8,/. adj. 

Suppdsita fertur mutass^ Mj^cenYdft cerva. Ov, M. xii. 34. 
Mj^con, onYs, m. 

Forte Mj^con sgnYSr, Canthusqu« M^conYs ftlumnfis, Calp.y. 1. 


Mj^ottnlfi&s, ft, iim, adj, 

Mj^QtfnYom hospYtem dum expecto )fn SrcS CaUYdemYdem, Ter, 
Hec, 5. iii. 3. (TrocK TeU cat,) 

Mj^cSnte, ;,/. [463. 

Hlnc hiimnem Mj^cttnon, cretdsflquS rura CYmoli — Ow, M. viL 

Mygdon, dnts, m. [320. 

Mygd5ni8 ann& p^trem, funest&quS proelift nupSr— r. JF*. iii. 

Mygd^nYdes, se, m. Pa^n. 

Mygd5n¥des. lUis ad Trojam fbrtS dfebtts— F. JE, ii. 342. 

Mygd»n¥s, !d»s,/. adj. [45w 

Mygd5nYdesqu£ niiriis : sola est non terrYti vTrgd : Ov. M. vi. 

Mygd5nYi&s, &, iim, adj, 

Aut pinguTs Phrj^gYs MygdftnHUi dpes, jETc^. 2. C. xii. 22. 

(^CAor. Te^ Asc.) 
Mj^Ulsentbs, fi, i&m, a<^*. 

Aut Pompeiani Mf\&sen& pgrictafl bSlli— ^tM. Ed, x. 216. 

Myle, es,/. 

SiibsYdium infidum HigYentYbiis sequdrft, Myle. Sil. xiv. 202. 

Myleus, Sds, m. 

Myleus, et IdngO ccelHT^rit arguxQento. Ov. itf. xiii. 684. (Sp,) 

Mynthes, Ys, m. 

Pvoie d^ cerni sex solas carmYnS Mynthes 

AssSrYt— ^v. A. P. 582. 
Mjhrftce, es,/. 

Proggniiit, vYrYdei» Mjhracen TYbYsenttqufi juxta— r. P. vi. 50. 

Mjhrilces, Ys, m. 

RegYtts £dis Mj^&ces mterpr^s Sb ons — F, P. vi. 690. 

Mjhrice, es,/. 

LSscivd gSnYtOs Siitjhro nf mphaqu^ MJhrfcS, .S**/. iii. 103. 

MjhrYniis, T, «i. 

NAper cum Mj^rYnS pfitSretar missYS laesd — Mart, 12. xxix. 7. 

MjhrYa, Ys,/. iSlse Amyros. 

MyrmYdon, 5nYs, sing.f. 

— — — vidi lapsarS crttentae [v. 224. 

Vulngrfi MyrmYddnis : quddque inter sertJt ch5rdsqu£ — St. T, 

MyrmYd5nfis, ilm, m. 

Nunc et MyrmYdfinum pr5c6res Phrj^gYa armtt trgmiscunt 

V, AS. xi. 403. 
Mjh*on, 6nYs, m. 

ExtSrYdrS M jhron, intSridrS DStis. Aus. E. lix. 4. 

Ot sYmYlis verse vacc& MjhronYs Cpiis. Ov. P. 4. i. 34. 

Myrrhil, a,/. 

ArWrYs in frondes condYtft Myrrha nttvse. Prop, 3. xix. 16. 

MyrrhYnft, ae,/. 

Quo pacto hoc celem, quod me oravTt MyrrhYnfi — Ter, Hec, 3. 

iv. 31. (LT.) 
Myrt&le, es, /. 

FoBterfi multo Myrt&le sttlet vino. Mart, 5. iv. 1. (Scaz.) 


Myrtntts, 1, m. lAscL) 

D«cept5r dttmYnl MfrmiU, it tm. Sen. Thy. 140. (Ckor.Tet. 

Myrtdils, &, ttm, adj, 

£t qui Myrtoas crimtne sfgnfit Hqiias. Op. ff. xvi. 208. 

Mys, j^ds, m. 

At Mj^5s exYgrdum flectTt ftcanthtts Ytir. Pr^p. 3. ix. 14. 

Myscilte, 1, m. 

MyscilOs, lUias Dis accepfissYmtts eri. Oo. M. xv. 20. 

Mysi, oiiim, m. 

£t Mysi Thracum bdrSis In HnYbiis drti. Pris. P. 315. 

Mysorum, £t In quern tela ftcfitft tora^rflt. ^or. £p. xvii. 9. 

(I. T.J 
MysYft, sB,f, 

Last&a ilger ; nallo tantum se MysYft cuitu— r. G. i. 102 

MysYs, Ys,/. 

Sed MyaYs &b £a egrSdYttbr. At Sgo hinc me ad fbrtUn — Ter. 

And. 1. iii. 21. (I. T.J 

Mystes, s, m. [-'^^•^ 

Mysten ftdemtum : nee tYbY Vesp^ro— Hor. 2. C. ix. 10. (^Gr. 

Mysiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Mysils it iSminYa jttTinls qua cuspYdi vQlnfis — Prop. 2. L 63. 


Nftbftthsfis, ft, t&m, o^'. 

Eurtts &d Aurdram N&bftthaeftqui regnft ricessYt, Ou. iL, i. 61. 

Nftb&thes, s, m. lAsclep.J 

Viclnd Nftbftthse vulnir2L dirYgit. .S^n. ^. 0. 160. fCAor. T. 

NabYs, Ys, m. 

FatYdYcis Nabis vinYens HammonYs ftrenis — Sil xv. 672. 

Naccft, a, m, [124. 

N5n quo fraudatis immundus Naccft liicernis— ^or. 1. .S*. vi. 

Naccftrae ? ariim, m. 

Pftlus pir nift Naccftrarum extendYtiir. Av. O. M. 492. 
NsvYft, SB,/. 

NsevYft lux, insult, NsvYft lumin, ftve. Mart. 1. Ixix. 6. 

NsvYiis, T, m. [L J 01. 

Quid mi YgYtiir suades ? ut Tlvam NaevYtts ? aut sic — Hor. 1. S. 
DftbuDt mftlum MitellT NffivYo pdetae. T.M.2517. (SatumiMuJ 

Naevttliis, i, m, [xcviii. 1. 

Cum clamant 5mnes, l5quirTs tu, Nsevtfli, tantiim — Mart. 1. 
NaYfts, fidfts,/ 

ConstYtYt ante ftcfilSs Naifts unft m^os. Ov. H. xv. 162. 

Mirari lYbit I O NaY&dum pfttens, Hor. 3. C. xxv. 16. (Chw. 

T. Asc.) 
212 ^ 


Nalfciis, a, ttm, adj. 

Suppdstta excKplfeiis Nalc& ddnft mftnO. Prop, 2. xxxii. 40. 

a/. Na¥, c&duc&. 
Nils, H5s,/. 

Nais Amalthea, Cretsa nobilYs Ida, Ov, F, v. 116. 

Pi. NatdSs, indignd quum Galliis amorS pSrirSt ? T. B. x. 10. 

Nanneiiis, i, m. 

Tiinc cum lYcerSt occiipare, Nanneiiis — Mart 5. xiv. 2. (Scaz.) 

Nttpsese, artim,/. 

Tends pStens pacem, et f&ctles vSnerarS Nftpseas. T. (?. iv. &35. 

Nfipe, es,/. 

Deque ItLpo cdnceptH NSpe, pSciidesque sScutft, Ov. Jtf.iii. 214. 

Nar, grTs, m. 

Sulftirea Nar albi&s fiqua fontesquS VSlini ; F. ^. vii. 51?. 

Narbo, dn¥s, m. [1. 

Nee tu, MartYe Narbd, snebSrS, nomto^ ci^jiis — Atts. Urb, xiii. 

Narbdnensis, S, adj, 

Te Narbdnensis Gallift prsepdsilYt. yf u«. Par, iii. 12. 

Narclssiis, T, m. 

Miratdr Narcisstis, St OSb&lides Hj^Scinthiis, Jus, Ed, vi. 10. 
- PL NarcissisquS dfttftr ? natds hoc dedSrfi poene — Claud. Eut. 

i. 441. 
NSris, is, tn. 

Inde rttens Thilrin, et Buteo, et Narin, Hi Arseu—Sil, vii. 598. 

Narn¥&, «,/. 

Narni&, sulRir^ quam gurgitS candMils amnfo 
Clrciiit — Mart, 7* xciii, 1. 

Narj^ciit,®,/. [706. 

Romgchiumque Iggit, Caulon^quS, Narj^ciamqug, Ov. M. xv. 

Narj^cYtis, S, tim, adj, 

Narj^ctaequS ptcis lucos, jiivat arvft viderg — F. G, ii. 438. 

N^isftmon, onYs, m. or Nfts&mdnSs, iim, m. 

Regn& videt pauper N&s^mon errantift vento, Ltic, ix. 458. 
NaOfrSgYis Nfts^monSs hSbent. Hac irS C&tonem— 444. 

N&s&monY&ciis, ft, ilm, adj. 

£t NftsftmdnYftci DSrj^las ditissYmtis agn ; Ov. M. v. 129. 
NSs&mdnYfts, &dtts,/. adj, 

OppdsYto pr5ciU insYdYts NitottindnYlU harpe — SiL u, 117- 

Niis&ndnYtts, ft, iim, adj. 

ProxYmiis huic jftciilo NftsftmonYiis dccYdYt Idm5n. Sil vii. 609. 

Nasicft, as, tn, 

CaptatorquS dftbit risus Nasicft Ctfrano. Hor. 2. S. v. 57. 

NaaYdYeniis, I, m. [viii. 75. 

NasYdYenus ftd hac : TYbY Di, quscunquS prSceiYs — Hor, 2. S. 
In line 1 of this satire the second t is, as it were, a con- 
Ct Nasidjeni jilvit te coenft bCati ? 


NasYdium MSrsi cultorem tdrrYdlis agri — Luc. ix. 790. 


Naso, onis, m. 

N8s6 legendiU Sr&t, tOnc cOm dldfcistls &inar« : Ov. R. A. 71. 

FldrSftt ut toto carmen NasonYs Yn sevd, Ov. F. ▼. 377. 

PL Sunt M ; Nasdnes, VirgnYosque vYdes. Mart, a xxxviii. 10. 

Na8t&, «, m. [("PAo/J 

Nastam, seryiUtU est mYhi p&temiis — Mart. 9. Ixxxviii. 5. 

Nastes, s, m. [^. xvii. I. 

Nastes, AmpUm&chiisquS, NSmittnts inclj^ttt proles, Aut. Ep. 

Nat&, as,/. 

Drauci NatH siii vdcat pYpinn&in, (PhaL) 

Nattft, s, m. 

Quum P&nsa §rYpYat quidquid tYbY Natt& rSliquYt. Juv. viii. 95. 

Nav&, 8e, m. 

iVansYSram cfilfirem nSbi&ldsd lumYnS Navftm, Aus. Ed, x. 1. 

NauMlYdes, s, m. Patron. 

Hic et NaubdlYdes tdrtas consurgYt Yn undas— F. F. \. 362. 

Naubdltts, i, m. 

NauMliis Hipp&sYdes, tiitts, 5 mitissYmS Lai, St. T. vii. 355. 

Naucrfttes, Ys, m. 

Quin hue adducis meum cdgrnatum NaucrfttSm. PUmt. Amph. 

3. ii. 37. (L Tr.) 
Nauldch&, oriim, n. 

Non HerbSsfis Yners, non Nau]5ch& pigrfl pSriclT — Sil. xiv. 264. 

Naupactoiis, &, iim, adj. 

AmphY&raides Naupactoo AchSlod, Ov. F. ii. 43. 

Naiipacttts,!,/. [(^Z. T.) 

Is publYce legatus Naupactum hinc fliYt Plaut. Mil. 2. i. 24. 

NauplYftdes, ae, m. Patron. 

NauplYSdes ftnYmi, vitat&que traxYt Yn arm& ? Ov. M. xiii. 39. 

NauplY5s, 1, m. w NauplYiis, I, m. 

NauplY5n, EubttYcos transi6ratqu6 sYnus. Sal. VI. Pen. 76. 
NauplYtts ul tores sub ndctem pdrrYgYt ignes. Prop. 4. i. 115. 

NausYcfte, ea,/, 

SI mYhY NausYc&e p&trYos concedSr^t hdrtos, Mart. 12. xxxi. 9. 

NausistrfttH, as,/, 

Nausistr&ta, exi. Os SpprYme. Impfirum vYde, Ter. Ph. 5 

vii. 93. (I. T.) 
NaustiUo, onYs, m. 

Turn Mans& Ticfis, oppYdumquS NaUstAld, Av. O. M. 612. 

Nautes, se, m. 

Turn s«nY6r Nautes, Qnum TritonYi Pallfts— F. ^. v. 704. 

NaxYiis, &, iim, adj. 

CndS tiium pdtant NaxY& turbS mSriim. Prop. 3. xvii. 28. 

Nixtts, i,/. 

Dexterfl Nax5s Srat. Dextra mYhY iTntSft d2nti— Ov. M. iii. 640. 

Naz&rYtis, I, m. 

Naz&rYo, et claro quondam delate P&terae, Aua. Prof. xiv. 9. 


N^SBrft SB /• 

Cam'rftpiiit vtdtus, Xanth^, Ntorft, tiids. Ov. A, a vi. 28. 

NiSaethtts, i, m. 

Preterit, et Sj^b^n, Salentlnumque Ngsthilm, Ov. M. xv. 51. 

N6alce, es,/. 

Ac deflendft tilmen, dignd plangorS NSalce — iS^^ T. xii. 122. 

NSalces, Ys, m. 

Dejtcit, at Thr«nYum SfiUus, Sal!umqu« Nfialces, V. ^. x. 763. 

N6tp51Y8, Is,/. 

Nee solum festas secretil NfiapSlis arts — St. S, 4. vii. 6. 
£ss£ NSan p5lin. Hanc supra justi8sYin& fert&r — Pris. P. 191. 

NSarchtts, i, m. 

IbYt insignem rSpStens NSarchttm, Hor. 3. C. xx. 6. (Sapph.) 

NebrissS, se,/. 

Ac Nebrissft Didnyseis cdnsc¥& thyrsTs, Sil. iii. 393. 

Nebrddes, is, m. 

Nebrodes gemYnl nutrit div5rti& fontYs, Sil. xiv. 236. 

Nebr5ph5ne, es, /. ^S. 260. 

Nebr5ph5ne, telTsquS ddmat quae Maen&li Thero. Claud. 2. C. 

NebrSphdntts, I, m. [iii. 211. 

NebrdphdnosquS vftlens, et trux cum Liel&pe Theron. Oo. M. 

Nteepsiis, i, m. [xix. 18. 

QuiquS miigos ddcttit mysterlft yan& Nteeps&s : Atu. EpUt. 

NScessttas, .atis, /. iAlc) 

Te sempgr anteit servit NScessYtas, Hor. 1. C. xxxv, 17. (Gr. 

Nedymntis, I, m, 

R5b5re Nedymnum, jfictdatoremquS Lj^cotan, Oo. M. xii. 360. 

Neitse, artim,/. adj. (i. e. porta.) 

Neitse, celsas HdmSloIdtts dccilpilt Haemdn, ^S*];. T. viii. 364. 

NeleTiis, &, tim, adj. 

Nos Pyi5n, antiqui Neleta Nestttris arvft, Ov. H. i. 63. 

Neleus, ei, and Stfs, m. 

DivYtYs hic saltus herbdsiique pasci&& Nelei — Ov. M. ii. 689. 

Neleiis, ft, iim, adj. 

£t Neleft Pj^lds, nSque ftdhuc Pitthetft Troezen, Ov. M. vi. 418. 

NeGdes, se, m. Patron. 

Bis sex Nelidse fiilmus, conspectft jttyentus, Ov, M. xii. 553. 

NSmausiis, i, m. 

N5n Apttnus potu, vYtrSa non luc£ NSmaustb 
PurWr— yf M*. Urh. xiv. 33. 

NSmS&, ae,/. or NSmSe, es,/. 

Bt Ngmea, qu« vincit nives. Mart. 1. 1. 18. (I. Dim.) 
Non M&rftthon taurum, N6m6e frondosft l^dnSm — Mart. S. 

xxvii. 3. 
NSmSaeiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Nempft sttb his ftn!mam pestis N^mfteft Iftcertis— Ov. H. ix. 6 1 . 


Has Inter, quasque ioclpnit N^mlelttt boras, Man. in. 404. 

aL NSmSaeds in ortos. 

NSmes, StYs, m. [Ni^mdssi. 

Ct sttpSri vtflfiere, l&te. Tunc rurft NSmetYs— Zuc. i. 419. al. 

NemSsA, s» m. [354. 

Namque et PronflBse N^messeqiie adjutH mSatu — Aus, Ed. x. 

N&n&Ts, Ys,/. [31. 

Sic Nemfisis longtLm, sic Delt&, ndmSn hftbebunt Ov. A. 3. ix. 

N emails, ft, tim, adj. » 

Prddlgia, et vastum NSmSa Bub rupS iSdnem, V. JE. viiL 295. 

NSmdrensYs, S, o^f- 

AlbanusquS Iftcus MH Nemttrensls ftb unda — Prop. 3. xzii. 25. 

NSmossiis, 1, m. 

Ct sttp^ri yfilttere, l&te. Tunc rurft Nftmdaa— /<ttc. i. 419. 

Nftftbale, es,/. 

StiidYum aufert, Neftbule, LYpftrae! nitttr Hebri. Hor. a C. xii. 

5. (Ionic, a minor.) 
Nftoclldes, ae, m. Patron. 

Armft N^^dclides qui PersYcft cdntlidYt artnis— Op. P. 1. iii. 69. 

Pelidesqu^ NedpttflemQs, prtmOsqu^ Mftchaon— K JE. ii. 263. 

NiSpft, ee, and anciently ai,/. 

Hawintesqu^ dftcem pirtes Nftpft vindicftt ipsi : Man. iv. 536. 
Atque dctilds urget pSdibus pectusquS NfipaL Cic. N. D. ii. 42. 

NSpteinfis, ft, iim, adj. 

His mixti NSpSsinft cdhors, ^quiquS Fftlisci, SiL viiL 489. 

NftpbSlseilB, ft, iim, adj. 

I dSciis ; et pSctfris NSpbeisi vellSrft Graio— F. F. i. 56. 

N«ph«le,e8,/. [(L T.) 

Quern grrftvidft NgpkSle Thessftlo gSniilt d&ci. Sen. H. O. 492. 

NSpbeieifts, ftdds,/. adj. 

Qua pSlftgo nomen NSphSleY&s absttilYt Helle. Luc. ix. 956. 

NepbftleYs, id5s,/.a4;. 

Angustum citra pontum NSpbSleYdfts Helles. Ov. M. xi. 195. 

NSpos, Otis, m. 

SggnYpSdes, digniquS mdlam versftrS NSpotYs. Juv. yiii. 67* 

NSpotY&ntis, 1, m. 

Nostri medelft, NepotYanS, pect5rYs-~^tw. Prof. xv. 4. (I. T.) 

NeptunalYft, ttm, n. [xyiii. 19. 

Aut dtlplYcem ciilturo, quein NeptunalYft dicunt Aus. EcL 

NeptunYctfiA, s, tn. 

£t Neptunic5lae transverbfirftt orft TSlonYs. SiL xiv. 443. 

Neptunine, es, /. K^Spond. ) 

Tens Thetis tSniiit puIcberrYmft Neptunine ! Cat. Ixiv. 28. 

NeptunYtLs, ft, iim, cuij. 

IlYum, et omnYs bttmd ftiraftt NeptunYft Trojft. V. AS, iiL 3. 


Neptuniis, T, m. 

£mi8samque hYSmem sensit Neptuntts, Ht imis— F. ^. i. 125. 

Nereis, tdSs,/. adj, 

Hunc r&ptiit serva, ast tllum Nereis &mav¥t. V. Cul. 299. 

— — — lum¥n£ tersit 

NerSfe, et d&lcca r&pilit de collibiis uvas. St. S. 2. ii. 103. 
CtquS cSler vSn^fas virides Nereidfts 5rd. Ov. H. v. 66. 
Neptunum, et vMde8 Nergidum cSmas. Hor, 3. C. xxviii. 10. 

(Chor, Tet, Asclep,) 
Nereiiis, fl, iim, adj, 

£t v&rTis spirat Nerelf& baccil figuris. Clavd, 4. Con, Hon. 582. 

Nereus, 85s, m. 

Alternas vi5lTs Nereus inters^rit algas. Claud, N, H, M. 157* 
Alt&quS cceriUeum dilm Ner^ft nescifit Arctds ; Sen, (Ed. 507- 

Nereiis, &, iim, adj. 

Nereis lUustrS ttfris. Te pulchSr £nipeus— C/. 3. Con. Hon, 116. 

NerYene, es, and Nerlenes, es, and NerYo, enYs,/. 

Mars pSrSgre adT^mens siilutat NSrYenem uxdrem siiam. Plant. 

True. 2. vi. 34. (Troch. Tet. cat,) 

NSrienes, et MTnervfi, Fortuna, ac CSres. Varro ap, A. Gell. 

xiii. 22. (I. T.) 
Nolo Sg5 N^aeramte v5ceat, sed NgrTSnem; Licin. Imbre*. ibid. 

— — — NeriSnem Mavortis ^ HerclSm — Eun. ibid. 

Ncrine, es,/. 

Nerine Gftl&tSft, thj^mo mYhY dCtlcY5r Hyblee, V. B. vii. 37. 

Neriniis, ft, iim, adj. 

Nerinas pdtabit Squas, taxIquS ndcentYs — Nem. iv. 52. 

Nerts, Ys,/. 

NerYs, St Tngent! turritae molS ClSonae. St. T. iv. 47< 

NerYtYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

NerYtYasquS d5mo8, regnflm nUlacYs CKxei. Ov. M. xiii. 712. 


DiUYchYumquS, Sftmeque, et NerYt5s ardiift saxis. V. JE. iii. 271. 

NSrYtis, 1, m. 

BUS tiimet, N^d jftm tertYft ducYttir Gxtfr. Pers. ii. 14. 

NSro, onYs, m. 

Quid Ner5 tarn saeva crudaqoS tj^rannYdS fecYt t Juv. ix. 223. 

PU Quid debSas, O Romft, Neronibtis, Hor. 4. C. iv. 37* (Gr. 

NSronei&s, ft, iim, adj. 

Parvft, NSronea nee qui raddtt lotiis Yn umbra — St. S. 1. v. 62. 

NSrdnYands, ft, iim, a^. 

£t thermas tYbi hftbe NSronianas. Mart. 2. xlviii. & (Phal.) 

Nerss, ftriim,/. 

£t te mdntdsae misere In praelYft Nersse, F. ^. vii. 744. 

NervJl, ae, m. [xiii. 2. 

Nervft sSnex, princeps nomYnS, meutft pftrens. Aw. Cas. T. 
PL QfMxXi Nervas, comYtatft Rusdnes. Mart. 5. xxviii. 4. (Sc.) 
217 u 


NervYtts, I, m. 

NervYiSs. et ciesi poUlitus s&nguYnS Cdtte ; Lue. i. 429. 

C&ndYdk Nesse, coBriilft Cymtfthtte. Prop. 2. xxvi. 16. 

NesYsi Tdtts,/. or NesidSs, iim,f, 

SylvAquS, quae cinctam pSlSgo Nerid& ctfron&t. St. S. 3. i. 148. 
Nee sp&tYo distant Nesidum littSrft longe. Pris. P. 585. 

NSssettSy fty iini} odim 

IllYtft Nessed misi tYbY text& vSneno. Ov, H. is. 183. 

NSsstis, i, m. [161. 

Neisiis, iit est ilTYdum percusstbs UrundYnS pecttis, Ov. H. ix. 

Nesttfr, 5r¥8, m. 

RetiUerat nato Nestor : &t lUS mYhL Op. /T. i. 38. 

Gentis, non Pj^lYum Nest5r& respYcYs? Hor, 1. C. zv. 22. f C%or. 

T. Mel.) 
Nest^rStts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Belld cum p^tgres NSstdr&m Pj^ltfn, ^S^. ^. F. 561. 

Netiim, I, n. 

£t Netum, et Mfitj^ce, pubesquS lYquentYs Achsfi. Sil. xiv. 268. 

Neuri, orttm, m. or Neuriis, I, m. 

Atque Gflonus, cum Neuris, j^ctique AgttthynT. Pris, P. 302. 
Neurtis, Ct Sxpertes cinentYs lizj^g^s sevL V. F. vi. 122. 

Nicaea, SB,/. 

Nicaeseque HgSr uMr aestttoBse. Cai. xlvi 5. f PAo^^ 

NicSr, crT, m. [423i 

HdstYblis exactu Nicrum sttp^r et Lttpfiduniim— ^m. Ed. x. 

Nic^rfttiis, i, m. 

DTcebant, afit NicSriltam; nam hi tres turn sYmtU — Ter. An. 

1. L 60. (I. T.) 
NTcSros, otYs, m. 

UtrOmne Cosmi, Nlc^rotYs An libr&m, Mart. 12. Ixv. 4. (Scaz.) 

NicfirdtYaniis, ft, ttm, adf. 

Fragras plumb£ft NIcerotYanft, Mart. 6. Iv. 3. (Phal.J 

Nic5biiltts, i, m. 1(1. T.J 

Ne Nicdbulilm mejBYnas, nostrilm sSnSm — Pkrut. Bac. 2. iL 5. 

Nigretae, arilm, m. or NigretSs, iim, m. 

PorrYffYt, et p&tfilis Nigretse finYblis errant Av, D. 322. 
Gsetunque sttper sunt, vicimque NYgretSs. Pris. P. 200. 

Nigiinft, sBff. 

felix ftnYmd, felix, Nlgnnft, mftrito, Mart. 4. Ixxv. 1. 

Nileua, S^s, m. 

At Nileus, qui se gCnitum septemplYcC Nil5— Ov. M. v. 187. 

NilYftctts, ft, ilm, adj. 

Quia te NilYfico pCrYturum iTttttrS, MagnS, Man. iv. 60. 

NUdtes, ae, m. 

NHotes tibicen Srat, crtttftlistrYft PhyllYs. Prop. 4. viu. 30. 
NHotYciis, ft, t&m, adf. 

Rege stkb impurS NHotYcft rurft tSnent^ Lue. ix. 130. 


NilotYs, Yd»s,/. adj. 

Quod Nlldtis ileus perciissum pectifnS Serttm — Luc, x. 142. 
Quando ^quSs, et picti tiinica NildtidS Maun, Mart 10. vi. 7* 

NTliis \n sstatem cresclt, campisquS rSdundftt Lucr. vL 712. 

Ntniis, i, f»./. [8a 

CdnvSnYant ad bustft NYnl: l&tSantqufi siib umbra. Ov, M. iv. 

NYSbsetts, ft, iim, adj, 

DivS, quern proles Ni9b£& magnae — Hor, 4. C vi. 1. (SappK) 

NY5be, es,/. 

Heu quantum haec Nittbe Ni5be distabftt fib Ula— Ov. 3f. vi 273. 

Niphsiis, T, m. 

Ct sSmSl intSpiiit mucro. Quin eccS NYphsei — V, JE» x. 570. 

Niphates, se, m. 

Addam urbes AsYse dtfmitas, pulsumquS Niphaten. f^.0r.iii.3O. 

Nireus, 66s, «. 

Sis Iic^t antiqud Nireus ftdftmatiis Httmero ; Ov, A. A. ii. 109. 
NirSJl ndn f^ies, non vTs exemYt Achill£m. Prop, 3. xviii. 27. 

Nwk, a,/. 

M5psd Nisft dfttur : quid ndn speremiis ilmantes ? F.B. Yiii.26. 

Nisaeiis, T, m. 

Nisaeum T^lftmon St Opbeltem vanft s5nantSm — V, F, iii. 198. 

Nisfleiis, ft, um, a^, 

£t Yos, Nissi, naufrftgft mdnstrft, cftnes. Ov, F. iv, 500. 
NiseYs, Yd5s,/. 

Praet£rYta cautus NiseYdft navYtft gaudSt Ov. R, A, 737. 
NiseYils, ft, iim, adj. 

Per mftr£ ccerttieum trfthYtur NiseYft virgo. V, Cir, 390. 
NisY&d^, i&m,/. adj, 

NiBiftdes matres, NisYftdesquS niirus. Ov. H. xv. 54 
Nisfis, 1, m. 

Nisiis Srat pdrtse cGstos acerrYmiis armis, F, M, ix. 176. 

NivSmftgttm, i, ft. \iSp(md,) 

Niv^mftgum, divi castra mclYtft Constantinl. Aus, Ed, x. 11. 

Nixi, oriim, m, 

liuclnam, NixosquS pftres, clamor^ vScabftm. Ov. M, ix. 294. 

NixUs, i, m, [45. 

Quffi gSnfts ad Isevilm Nixi delapsft rSsedYt. Cic. ex Arati Ph. 

Ndas, s, m, 

HibemlquI tergft Nfis, gSlidumqufi sdcurl— K. F, vi. 100. 

NoctYlucft, »,/. 

Rit£ crescentem fftcS NoctYlucftm, Hor, 4. C, vi. 38. (Sofiph.) 

NScti&iniis, i, m, 

SiiperbS NdctfiinS, putidum cftpiit, V. Cat. iv. ]. (I, T.) 

NSemon, dnis, m. [ix. 767. 

Alcandrumque HftlYumquS N5em5nftque Prj^tftnlmquS, V. M, 

Nolft, SB,/. 

Campo Ndlft sftdet, crebris cltcumdftta Yn orbSm — Sil xii. 162. 
219 u2 


Ndlaniis, &, um, eui^. 

£t quam Ndlaois c&pYtfilis luxtis Ynuislt. ^us, E. Ixxi. 5. 

Nttmftdes, iim, m. [320. 

Te prdpter LIbj^c» gen tea Ndm&dOmqu^ tjhranni — F. JS, iv. 

Ndm&s, &dis,/. 

Aut N5mftB arcanas tdllat vSrsutii s^ivas. Prop, 4. viL 37. 

Nomentaniis, I, m, 

Nomentanus Srat siipfo ipsum, PorcY^ Infra. Hor. 2. S. viii. 23. 

Nomentani&s, &, iim, adj. 

In Nomentanis, Ov!di, quod nasctttir agris, jtfar^. 1. cvi. 1. 

Nomentiini, i, n. [773. 

HI ttbY Nomentum, et Gftbios, urbemqu^ Fidenilm — F, JE. vi. 

N5mldn, dnis, m, [J7. xvii. ]. 

Nastes, AmphlmfichusquS, NdmldnYs Inclit& proles, Aus. Ep. 

Ndmiiis, 1, m. [290. 

Cert¥5r, et segnem Nttmium, fratremqu<$ MimantS, St. T. ix. 

Ndnacrlniis, fi, iim, adj. [(S^^ond.) 

Inter H&madrj^Sdas cgieberrim& Nonacrinas— Ov. M. i. 690. 

NonacrYilB, ft, iim, itdj, 

£t matri et va^ paret Nonacriiis herds ; Ov. F. v. 97. 

Nonse, ariim,/. [xiii. 1. 

At Nonas m5dtf quarta ftpSnt, mdd5 sextft rSfert lux. Atu. EcL 

Ndrban^, ae,/. [Ixxiv. 7- 

Hanc semper Ndrbanft diem cum cdnjiigS Card — Mart 7« 

Ndrbaniis, I, m. [426. 

ArchSmdrum Riillus, Teiicrum Norbaniis, 6t ambo — SiL xvii. 

NoricH, oriim, m, 

NoricTiqug cttlunt bellaces, Panndnnqufi. Pris. P. 314. 

Mdriciis, ft, iim, adf, 

Duri5r et ferro, qu5d NorYciis excdqult Ignis, Ov. M, xiv. 712. 

Nortift. i^eeNursia. 

Nttthiis, I, m. 

lllam cogYt ftmor Ntfthi— fior. 3. C. xv. 11. (Glyconic.) 

N5tiali8, S, adj. 

Pone ftvWus jftcftt in NtttliQlft nubHft proniis. Av. A. P. 650. 

NtttYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Tunc N5tm8 plscls, venti de n5m¥nS dictiis. Man, i. 445. 

N6tiis, I, m. 

£mlttltque N5tum. Mftdldis N5tiis evSlftt alls ; Ov. M. i. 264. 
In N5t5n umbrft cftdit, quae nobis exU ¥n Arctttn. Luc. ix. 639. 

N5vas. See Noas. 

N5vatiis, I, m. [(Tr. T. cat.) 

Hsec prius, BassInS fili, gt til, gSngr N5vfttS mi, T. M. 283. 

Ndvembfir, bris, m. [11. 

SidSrft prscYpYt&s pftlftgo, Intempest^ N2$vembftr. Aus. Eel. ix. 
PI. Hic post Ndvembres, Imminent^ jam bruma, Mart. 3.1viii. 

8. (Scaz.) 


Nttvemp5ptil¥8, \bJ, 

£t fbra HlfbSrorum, qusequ^ NttvempdpttlYs — Aut, Par, iii. 14. 

NdvSrtts, 1, m. [zxiv. 9b, 

TotquS mCa In NtfvSro sH)! proxYmH pned¥& pago — Aut, Epis, 

N5vYtts, T, m. 

At NttvYfis coUegiL grUa post me sMSt und ; Hor. 1. S, vi. 40. 
PL Vfiltam ferr£ nSgat NdvYorum possl mYnorYs. 121. 

Ntfvttm Comiim, i, n. 

VerdDam vSnYat, Nttvl r£lmqu£ns 
Comi moMiXH—Cat, xxx. 3, 4. (PhaL) 

Nox, ctYs,/. 

Nox, et DYanft qus sYlentYam rSgYs, Hor, Ep, v, 51. (I. T.) 

Nocte dSae Noctl cristatus caedYtfir al6s. Ov. F. i. 455. 
Nubft, ae, m. or Nubae, arttm, m, 

VenSrSt et parvTs rSdYmitus Nub^L s^ttis, CI 1. C. 5'. i. 254. 

£xusti venerS Niibae. Non eer^ft cassYs— iS^t^ iii. 269. 

NucgrYa, JE,/. 

niic NucSrYa et GaurCls : navalYbtis act& — Sil, viii. 532. 

Nucrse, arum,/. [566. 

Qui B&ttUum NucrasquS mStant, B5vYanYil quiqu^— 5JA viii. 

Nug¥p5lj^l0quYdes, w. (a ludicrous compound,) [(I. T.J 

NugYpttlj^ldquYdes, ArgentiSxtSrebrdnYdes. Plaut. Per, 4. vi. 21. 

Niim&, se, m. 

Quanta Niimae fiiSrat, sed Nfimft paupSr Sr&t. Mart, 1 1. v. 2. 

NtLmana, se,/. 

Hic et, quos pascunt sctfptUosae rurS Niimans, SiL viii. 431. 

NttmantYa, ae, / [Tet, Ascl,) 

Ndlis ldng& f^rse bellft NfimantYae, Hor. 2. C, xii. 1. {Chor, 

Ntimantiniis, ft, iim, adj, 

Ant£ Niimantinds ? si dormire IncYpYs ortfL — Juv. viii. 11. 

Niimaniis, I, m, 

Ascanius, (brtemque m&nu fudlssS Niimaniim — F. M. ix. 592. 

NiimlcYiis, I, m. 

CornYgSr banc ciipYdis r&piilBsS NiimlcYtls undls — Oo,F, iii. 647. 

Nttmlciis, i, m. 

Haud prttctU bine parvd descendens f^ntS Niimictts 

LabYtiir— iS^i/. viiL 180. 
NttmYda, IB, m, 

Custddes NiimYdse dSos, Hor, 1. C, xxxvi. 3. (Olycon.) 
NiimYdae, artkm* m, 

£t tdtum NiLmYdse sculptYlS dentYs ttpiis. Ov. P. 4. ix. 28. 

Me vSl extremos NiimYdarum Yn agros — Hor, 3. C, xi. 47. 

NttmYdYdis, ft, ttm, adf, [(Scaz.) 

£t picta perdix, NttmYdYcaequS guttltse — Mart. 3. Iviii. 15. 
NttmYtttr, orYs, m, [768. 

£t Capj^s, et NiimYtor *, et qui te nomYnS redd^t-— r. jE. vi. 

IlYa cum Lausd de NttmYtdrS sati. Ov. F. iv. 64. 
* By caesura. 

221 V 3 


NummdrumexpalponYdes, m. (a ludicrous compound.) l(L T.J 

TedignnttquYdes, NilinmdrumexpalpdnYdes, Pteti^.,22. 

NfimquamposteaerYpMes, m. (a »ifnilar word,) [vi. 23. 

QuddsSmeiarripTdes, NOmquSmpdsteileTypYdeB. Plaut. Per. 4. 

Damn&td8. Idem ptfptUus, si NiirsTft Tusco— Jtw. x. 74. 

Nursiniis, H, ttm, adj. 

Nursinas ptttfiris parcKtbi essS pYlas. Mart. 13. xx. 2. 

NycteTs, Tdtts,/. «^*. 

Tu lYcSt Antlfttpe formam NycteMJto, et tu— Prop. 1. iv. 5. 

NycteiYtts, i, TO. [667. 

NyctSHumquS p&trem, nocturnaquS sacril prScarS, Ov. A. A. i. 

Nycteus, ^tts, m. 

Nyct^tts Antt5pen accilbiSissS Lj^co. Prop. 3. xv. 14. 

Nyctnds, T, m. 

NyctHOs atquS Mj^con, nee non et pCQchSr Amyntas, Nem. iii. 1. 

NyctYmCni, es,/. 

CrTmYne Nyctidnfine nostro successYt httnori. Ov. M. ii. 590. 

Nymph&, se,/. or Nymphe, es,/. [176. 

Ibimiis, 5 Nymphe, mdnstrat&quS 8ax& p^temiis. Ov. H. xv. 
NymphirumquS iCves cum Sfttj^ris chttri — Hor. \. C. L 31. 

(Chor. Tet. AscL) 

Nymphsiim, i, n. [720. 

NymphsumquS t^nent : nudas AquilonYbils undas — Luc. v. 

NysH, SB,/. 

Nys&f DYonsisque ftvlfbus circum85n& Thisbe. St. T. vii. 261. 

Nyssiis, ft, ihn, adj. 

Qua rftpYdus Ganges, et qua NysaetLs Hj^daspes — Luc. viii. 227. 

NyEe!8,M»8,/. orfj. 

£dilcftt IndS dfttum Nymphs Nyseidfis antris— Oo. Jlf.iiL314. 

Nysetiis, ft, iim, adj. 

£t jiigft tota vftcant Br6m¥o Nysefft, quare — Luc, viii. 801. 

Nyseus, S6s, m. 

Additiir his Nyseus, indetonsusquS Thj^oneus, Ov. M. iv. 13. 

Nysifts, ftdtfs,/. a<i;. 

Nyst&des Nymphs, piiSrum qusrentS nSverca, Ov. P. iii. 769. 

NysTgfinft, s, m. [(Spond.) 

Cum thlftso Sfttj^rdrum, et NysKgSnls Silenis. CaU Ixiv. 253. 


O&rYon, onYs, m. 

PrdxYmtis Hydr6ch6I {ulg^rSt Oftrtdn. Cat. Ixvi. 94. 
NamquS prScellosd subjungfti&r Oftrioni — RuHL i. 637. 

Oaxes, IS, m. 

Pars Scj^thYam et rftpYdum Crets vSnYemils Oaxfim. V. B. i. 66. 


OdUto, M^dSonque, et confertifisYmft lacis 
Nysa— 5^. T, vii. 260. 

OocasYo, onTs,/. 

Sum d£&, quse rara, et paucis Occastd n5t&. Aw, E, xii. 3. 

OceftDitidSs, iim,/. a4f. 

CHoque et BSrde sttrtfr, Oce&mttdSs ambs, V. G. iv. 341. 

Oc^&niis, 1, m. 

— — — duxTt 

Oc^finus Tethyn, Jiindnem rectdr Olympi. Ov, M, ix. 498. 

Ocbus, 1, 971. [iii. 148. 

Qua tSnSbrs campiquS f^runt: gr&v!s invSnYt Ochiim — F, F, 

Ocntis, 1, m. 

lUe Stiam p&trYis agmen ci8t Ocniis &b dris, V, M. x. 198. 

Ocrestli, ae,/. 

NamquS p&ter TuUi Vulcaniis, OcresiS matSr. Ov. F. vi. 627. 

OcrKs, is, w. [a/. Ocres. 

Piima ttcYes, non parcS Rigse. L&bientts St OcrYs— iS>£. x. 32. 

Octavta, ae,/ [Zw. 441. 

Pn8c& quYd buc rSpSto ? Marcellum Octav)f& flevYt, Alb, ad 

Octavianiis, i, m. 

OctavYand princYpi accepiissYmtts. Av, 0. M. 279. (L T.) 

Octayiiis, i, m. [82. 

ValgYiis, et pr6b£t haec OctavYtis optlmite, atquS — Hor, 1. S, x. 

OctdbrYs, S, adj, 

Octdbrea dlim gSnYtus lAto6 dedYc&t IdQs. Atu, Ed. ▼. 26. 

Ocj^rde, es,/. 

— — — yScavYt 

Ocjhrden. Non bsec artes contentH pftternas — Ov, M. ii. 638. 

Odessfe, 1,/. [37. 

Indfi MSsembrY&cos portus, £t Odessdn, St arces— Ov. T. 1.x. 

Odites, m, m. 

HTc qutfquS Cepbenum post regem primils Odites — Ov,M. v.97- 

Odfitbsetts, 1, m. [^H. 626. 

Dux Odfttbffitis Srat Tantse cdnamYnft claasYs — Claud, 4. Con. 

Odrus8&, flB, m. [596. 

Incumbens Odrussft mSro: vYdSn' alt& cdmantem — V. F. v. 

Odrfsse, acHm, m. 

Cb£ra ? &b Hyrcams bdc OdrynsquS tiilTssSm— i^f. T. vii 624. 

•Odrj^sYiis, fi, iim, adj, 

ConcYnYt Odrj^sYam CecrSpYs ilgs Itj^n. Ov. A, 3. xu. 32. 

Odysseft, se,/. [376. 

Aut quYd Odyssea est, iiYsY feminft, propter SmorSm — Ov, T, ii. 

CE&, ae,/. 

(E&quS TiinftcrYos Afris permixt& cSIonos, SU. iii. 267. 

(Eaggr, gn, m. 

Quam stoYs GEagri CaHYdpeaque nttrfis. Ov. /^. 484. 


(EiffrYtiB, i, iim, adj. 

GargYte quum mMfo pdrtans OBagrYi&s Hebrfis— r. G. !▼. 624 

(£bftIK&» s,/. 

Namquft sttb (EbSHs mSmYni me turrlfbi&s altis— r. G. iv. 125. 

(EbiUtdes, s, m. Patron. 

Lab«r!8, OEbttlYde, pnma frafldatS ji&venta, Ov. M. z. 196. 

PL (EbttlKdee gemfni: chlftmj^s hiuc, chlftmj^s ardSt etHli: 

St. T. V. 438. 
(Eb&Hs, Ydtts,/. a<;i. 

ApplYcttr in terras, CEbftDT Nymphii, tilas. Ov. H. xvi. 126. 

P2. (Eb^Ydes matres ndn iSvS muniis h&bent. Ov. F. iii. 230. 

OSbftlYtts, ft, iim, a^. 

Qui prYOs (Eb&lYo mSrat de Vliln6re nattis. Ov. M. xiii. 396. 

(Ebftliis, 1, m. 

— — — rYgYdiquS nfttatdr 

(Ebftliis Eurotae ; tuque, spectat£ pftlaestris— 5*]^. T. x. 498. 

(Ebftstts, 1, m. 

(Ebftstts, infestum submisso poplYtS Phalcen— r. F. vi. 245. 

(Ebreus, Stts, m. 

Mixtft p£rit virtus : nescit cui deb^ftt (Ebreus— r. F. vL 200. 

(EcbftlYft, s,/. 

Gratiildr (EcbftlYam tYtiilis acced^rS ndstris : Ov. H. ix. 1. 

CEchftlYdfts, ttm,/ adj. [331. 

a^chftlYdum Drj^dpe : quam virgYnYtatS cftrentem — Ov. M, ix. 

(Eclides, SB, m. Patron. 

(Eclides, ftlYo curamm ftgYtantS tttmultu, St. T. iiL 620. 

Oecliis,!, m. [450. 

Ampj^cft quid rSfSram? qui quadriip^dantYs Oecll — Ov. M, xii. 

(EdYptfdes, se, m. 

£t nuptYa]es impYi (EdYp5dse fftcSs, Sen. H. F. 496. (I. T.) 

(Edip6dittnYdes, se, m. Patron. 

(EdYp6d!5nides furto desertft pSrerrftt— 5^. T. i. 313. 

P/. — — — fratres 

CEdYp5di5nYds, de mYsSro ah mYsSri ! Jut. E. cxxxix. 2. 

(EdYptfdi5nYiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

(EdYpddiSnYae quid sunt, nYsYfabtUft, Thebs? Ov. M. xv. 429. 

CEdYpus, 1, and ddYs, m. 

Hic (Edipas JEgspft tranabit frStft, Sen. Ph. 3ia (^/. T.) 
PL (EdYp^as fftcYto, TelSgtfnosque y5ces. Ov. T. 1. i. 114. 

(EneYs,Yd8s,/. ad/. 

Flemus casus, (EneY, tttos, Sen. H. 0. 583. (Anapaat, Dim.) 

(EneYtis, ft, iim, o^^'. 

£nse ftLrens rapta : vftnYenti (EneYtts herds— ^^ T. v. 661. 

CEnetts, ft, iim, adj. 

(Enese miserS ddmus, iEtolftquS Tyde. SiL iii. 367. 

(Eneus, Stfs, m. 

(EnSft desertum nudft sSnectft prSmYt. Ov. jfif. ix. 154. 


(Enides, s, m. Patron. 

ArsU et CEnides in MsentiYft • Atlanta. Ov. H, iv. 99. 
* Synaloepha not observed. 
CEnttmSiis, T, m. 

Prddid!t (EnSmfii deceptum Myrtiltts ax^m. Claud, L. S. 168. 

(Enone, es,/. [lia 

Quid WiXs, CEnone ? quid ttrenie sem]fnft mandas ? Ov. H. y. 


CEndptam Minos pStYt, iE&cTdeift regnL Ov. if. vii. 472. 
(EnOpYdn, onYs, m. 

C£n5pt5nis ftvens fipiilas ornarS nYtentes. Cic, A. P. 429. 

(EndpYfis, ft, Urn, adf, 

ClassYs fib (En5pYis StYamnum LyctYfi muris — Ov. Af. vii. 490. 
(EnbtriH, as, /. 

SustYniiit totd moerens (EnotrYft lustro. Claud. B. Oet. 146. 

CEnotrYtis, &, iim, adj* 

Hinc Yt&lae gentes, dmnisque (EnotrYft tellus, F. JE. vii. 85. 

CEndtiiis, A, iim, adf. 

CEnotri ctflilerg vYri ; nunc fam& mYnores — F. M. i. 532. 

CEstrymnYciiSi ft, iim, adj. 

SYnus dehiscYt inctflis (EstrymnYctis. Av, O. M. 95. (L T.) 

(EstrymnYdSs, iim, /. adj. 

In quo instds sese exsSrunt CEstrymnYdSs. Av. O. M, 96. 

(EstrymnYs, YdSs, /. [ 1 54. 

Graidrum Yn agro. Haec dictft primo CEstrymnYs est Av, O. M. 

CEta, ae,/. [viii. 30. 

Sparge, mftiite, niices : tYbY desSrYt HespSriis CEtftm. F. B. 

(Etseiis, ft, dm, a^'. 

(EtaeaequS gSmunt rupes, vocesqug fttrorYs — Luc. vii. 483. 

Ofelltis, 1, m. [ii. 2. 

^ec mSiis bic sermo est, sed quae praecepYt Ofelliis — Hor. 2. S. 

OgulnYft, 8e, /. 

Ct spectet lud5s, conducYt OgulnYft vest^m. Juv. vi. S62. 

OgygYft, 8B,/. 

Og^gYft me Bacchum vdcftt. Aut. E. xxx. 1. (I. Dim.) 

OgfgXdas, aHim, m. Patron. 

— — — gltfrn^rantiir Yn uniim [586. 

Ogj^gYdse, firmantquS grftdum : trftbYt dcj^Os ensSm — St. T. ii. 

Ogj^gYtta, ft, ttm, adj. 

QualYs ftb Ogj^gYo concYtft Bacchft d^o. Ov. H. x. 48. 

OgjWs, YdYs,/. 

OgjhrYs indS sftld prdmiC cftpilt : aspSrft rupes. Av. D. 794. 

Oilefis, ei, and e5s, m. 

CnYiis ob ndxam St fttrYas AjacYs Oilei ? F. ^. i. 41. 
N5n ftft Tydides, non aud^t Oiie5s Ajax, Ov. M. xii. 622. 

OHYftdes, ae, m. Patron, 

QualYs OilY&des, fulmen jftctQantS MYnerva, Sil, xiv. 479. 


OiKdes, SB, m. Patron. 

Victor Omde, r&p« niinc» it dUlgS vitem, Prop, 4. L 11?. 
OlbYft, »,/. 

Partem mttfrSo cdmplectYtfir OlMft mur5. CZottd. J?. GiUL 519. 

Olbiis, 1, m. [638. 

Nunc ArYnen Olbumqu^ nficat : jam saucYiis Apren — V. F, vi. 

Ol«ar5s, 1,/ [12a 

Ole&ron, nYvSamquS Pllron, sparsasquS p^r aequdr — V, ^. iii. 

OliSnYdes, ae, m. Patron. 

PhdcSlique Olfinlden ; LSlJJgum qui pulsfis &b dris, F.F.\u.20i. 

Oientg, 68,/. 

OlSnYe servans praegressda tolHtttr Hoedos, Matt. v. 130. 

OlSnitis, 1, m. [xii. 741. 

Att&mSn OlSnium, Thibnfrumque, hunc Ie1& ph^lretra— ^^ T. 

OlSnftis, a, tbn, adj. 

Flectere : «t Ol^nte sidus pliivYalS cUpellsB— Ov. M. Hi. 594. 

01gn58, i, f»./. 

Okntts essS ndcens : tuque o confisft fYgurse — Ov. M. x. 69. 

01«iim, 1, n. KL T.) 

Ol^umquS flumen prdxtLma agroriim sScans. Av, O. M. 505. 

Oliaros. See Olearos. 

OUtts, f , m. 

Pnedlft : nunc cellam pauperis OMs hfib£t Mart. 3. xlviii. 2. 

Olmifis,' 1, in. 

£t, felix Olmi^ v&dls, armatTs ftlumnos— <S^^ T. vii. 284. 

Oldr, oris, m. 

PlumStis In coelum nMdis Oldr ev5lfit alls. Man. v. 366. 

Olostrse, arttm, m. [oL Orestas. 

Turn fttrttr extremos movit Romaniis Olostras, Luc. iii. 249. 

Oliis, T, m, 

Servum, si ptttfis, 018, n5n hftberfi. Mart 2. Ixviii. 8. (PhaL) 

Oiybrms, I, «. [Ot 243. 

Jam per ndctWfigos d5m]fnetttr Olybrlftis axes — Claud. Pr. et 

Olympi&ciis, &, iiro, adj. 

Seu quis OlympT&cse miratus prsemYft palms, F. O. iii. 49. 

OlympTfts, Hdfe, and &d5s,/. 

In Scj^thia nobis quTnquSnnts OlympiSLs acta est. Ot;.P.4. vi.5. 
Cdnfectam Prdctilus signSt OlympYSdSm. Aus. E. de F. in. 6. 
PL HTc pr8p6 ter senas vTdit OlympWdis. Mart. 7. xl. 60. 

OlympYciis, &, ttm, adj. 

Sunt quos curricfilo pulvSrem OlympYciim — Hor. 1. C i. 3. 

(Chor. Tet. AscLJ 

OlympYo, Snts, m. 1(1. T.) 

QuTd Ystuc est ? quicum llttgas, OlympTd ? Plaut, Cat. 2. ▼. 9. 
Jam mStilo, ne Olympionem, mea ux5r exoravSrit. 2. iv. 26. 

(Troch. Tet. cat.) 


OlympYtts, H, ttm, adf, 

Magnft c5ron&rt cSntemnftt Olympyjl, cm spes — Hor, 1. £. i. 50. 

Olynopiis, i, m. 

In Phrj^gJl nee Stttj^rGm talYs Olymptts iir&t Ov. P. 3. iii. 42. 

Olynthiis, T,/. 

Cslati, blfbSrat qu5 callYdtLs emtdr Olynthi. Juv. xii. 47. 

Ombi, oriim, m. [35. 

ArdSt ftdhuc Ombos et Tentjh*ft. Summiis iitrimquS — Juv. xv. 

OmphiUe, eS|/. [17. 

Omphde St in tantum formae process^ htoorSm — Prop, 3. xi. 

OncbesmiteSi ae, m. 

FlavYt &b £pird lemssYmiis Onchesmites. Cic, ad Att. vii. 2. 

OncbestYiis, 21, tim, oif;. 

I bat fumlfSram quJltlens Onchestlfiis Idas 
Lampftda— i^*. T. viii. 467. 

Onchestiis, i,/ 

OnchestT, quos pinigSris Mj^c^ess5s ¥n agris — St. T. vii. 272. 

Oncheus, ^s, m. 

ImpiilTt adverse prsceps Squiis OncbS& conto, V. F, vi. 256. 

Onytes, s, m. 

Tres uno congressu, et moestum mittYtOnyten — F.JE. xii. 514. 

Opeltciis, 1, m. 

Atque 5iei stiUam donarSt OpelYctls unct5ri Mart. 12. Ixx. a 

OphelteSi se, m. 

Non ita me ggnttor bellis adsuetfis Opheltes— r. JE. ix. 201. 

Ophianiis, ft, tim, ai^'. 

Per I8c& quae tendunt Ophianae ad mcenYa petrae. Pru. P. 937. 

Ophifts, adds,/, lu^'. 

Ophiis eflRigit natorum vulnSra Combe. Ov. M. vii- 383. 

Ophietis, W&,/. 

Hic tamgn internis Opbietidis arcis \n arvis—^v. D. 1206. 

Ophion, Snls, tn. 

SustifnSt : hos 5ngrat ramos exuttls Opbi5n. CI. R. P. iii. 346. 

Ophi5nYdes, s, m. Patron. 

Primtis Opbi5n!des Amj^cus p^nStralia donis — Ov. M. xii. 245« 

OphidnYi&s, a, tlm, adj. 

Ophioniaqug caedS. Sen. CEdip. 485. (Anacreontic.) 

Opblucbtls, 1, m. 

Hic OpMuchtis Srit, longe capttt antS rftendo-C. G. 74. 

OpMusa, SB,/. 

AmbSntts, et gSlidis pdllens OphYusa vSnenis. V. F. vi. 85. 

OpblusYtts, a, iim, adj. 

Ipsa siias urbes, Opbiustaque arva pftrabat— Ov. M. x. 229. 

OpimKanite, a, iim, adj. 

Septem post caiices Oplmiani, Mart. 9. Ixxxviii. 1. (Phal.) 

Opimiiis, 1, m. 

Pauper Opimltts argentl pttsiti intiis et aun— Abr. 2. S. iii. 142. 


Opia &d aetfaSrifum pennis aufertftr Olympttm. F. J5. xi 867. 

OpYtSr, SrYs, in. 

Stemuntur leto atqoe OpKter, quos Setit& cdllS— iS^t/. x. 33. 

Opitergintts, ft, iim, a<(f. 

Hic Opitergims moles 5n£r&t& c&ldnis — ^jDuc. iv. 462. 

OpopeuSi SdS| m. 

BarUrU ludentem fbdIeUt Opdp«& mat^r ? i». 7. v. 236. 

OppY^ »,/. 

— — — sive est h«c OppKS, sivfi C&tuU&. 

OppKaniis, i, m. 

lUotus mdrierKs, OppKan^ 3far^ 6. xlii. 2. r/^^^a^^ 
OppMYiis, 1, m. 

Senrifis OppYdYus Ciintisi diid pnedi&, div^s— Hor. 2. iS^. iii. 1 68. 

OppYtls, 1, m. 

Oppms advenit, cdmSs est qiidquS Tettms illT. T, M. 1246. 

Opportunitas, atis,/. 

Nam ipsft mihi * Oppdrtunitas non p5tiiit dppdrtumiis 
Adv«nire— P/atifc P«. 2. ii. 3. (Tr. Tet. cat. J 
• Monosyll. 

Ops, Opts,/. [286. 

£x Opfi Jundnem mSmdrant CSrSremquS cr^atas — Ov, F. vi. 

Opilnt¥&s, I, iim, ctdj. 

Partem Faierni ? Dicttt Opuntte 

Frater MggiUae— -ffor. 1. C. xxvii. 10. (Gr. Ale.) 

Opus, untis,/. 

C«de piier facta Patrdcliis Opunt& rSliquit, Ov. P. 1. iii. 73. 

Ora, SB,/. [J»f. xiv. 861. 

Mutat, OramquS vdcat, quae nunc d£& junctS Quiiino est. Ov. 

Orbtlitls, T, m. 

OrbYlmm dIctarS, sSd emendate videri — Hor. 2. E. i. 71' 

OrbYiis, i, m. 

Qui te pasctt figer, tiiiis est, et villYctis Orhi—IIor. 2. £. ii. 160. 

Orc&dSs, tlm, /. 

Orcad&6, ac minima contentds noctS BrYtannos. Juv. ii. 161. 

Orch&miis, i, m. [212. 

Rexit AchaemSnias urbes pStgr Orch&miis : isqug — Ov. M. iv. 
Orch5mSn5s, I, /. 

OpchdmSndsquS f^rox, et ndbilis aer£ C5rinth5s, Ov. M. vi. 416. 

Orcintaniis, &, Urn, adj. 

OrcinYana qui ftruntiir In spdnda. Mart. 10. v. 9. (Scaz.) 

Orctts, T, m. 

DivSs Xn ignava lurYdtls Orciis ^qua. Tib. 3. iii. 38. 
Ore£s, ad5s,/. adj. or OreSdSs, tim,/. adi. 

Per jiig& sTccatd velox pSdS currYt UreKs. Ca^. iv. 136. 
TalYbtis agrestem cdmpell&t Ore&d& dictls : Ov. M. viii. 787. 
HTnc itque hinc gldmSrantur Oreftd^s ; ill& phUretr&m— F. jE. 

i. 600. 


OreTfts, ttd5s, /. €idj. 

Inter Oremdas F&n5pe fliivialYs Arnicas, Aus. Ed. x. 176. 

Or6sitr5phas, i, m. [233. 

ProximS Thertd^as; Or&itrttphtts hssYt Yn armd. Ov. M. iii. 

Orestae, ariim. See Olostrse. 

Orestes, s, and Ys, m. 

Aut Agjimemndnius scenTs Sgitaiiis Orestes — V. jE. iv. 471. 
Fecerunt FfirYae, tristis Orest&, ttiae. Ov. T, 1. v. 22. 

Orestefisi a, iim, arf;. 

Calt&que Oresteae TaurYcH sacrfi d&e. Ov. P. 1. ii. 80. 

Or^tse, ariim, m. 

Fluctiilit squ5ribus : nee non OrStsquS ftroces ; Pris. P. 064. 

OrgYa, ortim, n. 

Orgi&f qus frustra c&piunt audirS pr5^ni : Cat. Ixiv. 261 . 

Oribasiis, I, m. [iii. 210. 

FamphSg^s, et Ddrceus, H Onbfistls, ArcUdSs dmnes : Ov. M. 

OricYiis, S, fim, od;. 

Inclusum buxd *, aat OrYcia t^rSbinthd. K JE. x. 136. 
♦ Synaloepha not observed. • 


AccYpiat pl^idis OrYcds sequdrYbiis. Prop 1. viii. 20. 

Orictim, i, n. [Tet. AscL) 

Gygen ? 1116 N5tis actiis U Oriciim— //^w. 3. C. vii. 6. (Chor. 

Origo, YnYs, /. 

Ot quondam Marssetls, &mat5r OrTgiuis, iIlS — Hor. 1 . iS*. ii. 55. 

Ondn, onYs, m. 

Quum 8&bito assurgens fluctu nlmbosiis Orion — V. M* i. 535. 
Saevtis iibi Orion hibemis condYttlr undis, vii. 719> 
Armatumque auro circiimspYcYt Orionfi. iii. 517* (Spond.) 
Atque auro rtidfi fulmfiii hSbent, OridnYs alti — St. T. vii. 256. 

Orids, T, TO. 

DepressitquS diios, Br5tSan et Oridn. OrTo — Ov. M. xii. 262. 

Oritse, ariim, adj. 

Oritas, ArYbasque et veloces Arttch5tas. Av. D. 1297- 

Oifthyia, SB,/ 

Crudelem et B^rSam rapta Orithjnil nSgabYt. Prop. 2. xxvii. 51. 
OrithyT&n ftmans fulvis amplectYttlr alls. Ov. M. vi. 707* 

OrroSnYs, Ydds,/. Patron, 

Nee rgftram partusi OrmSnY nymphfi, tttos. Ov. II. ix. 50. 

OfiD^niis, 1, TO. 

Orm^niis, et pronas tendentYs AmyntSris ulnas— 1$*^ T. x 515. 
Ometis, i, to. 

FugYt £t Orneus, Lj^c&basque, et saucYiis armd — Ov. M. xii. 302. 

OrnYthiis, i, to. or OrnYtiis, i, to. or Ornyttts, I, to. [677. 

T5t Fhr^gYT cScYderS vYrl. Frttciil Omftiis armis— r. jE. xi. 

Or«bts, Ys, TO. 1(1. T.) 

At nunccfi Ledus, nunc fit Orttbis flumYnfi. /Iv. 0. M. 590. 
229 x 


Orddes, Ys, m. [732. 

Atque idem HigYentem hafid est dignat&s Oroden — F, jE. x. 
Ordmfidon, 5ntTs, m. 

Csum, et Phlegneis Orttmifddnt& jttgis. Prop. 3. iz. 48. 

Orontes, s, and \a, m. 

Onam, quae L^cXos fidumquS vShebftt 6r6nt6in — F.yE. i. 113. 
A flumlnS venit Orontae. T. M. 1822. (Paroemiac ) 

OronteiiSf &, iinii adj, 

Aut qutd Orontea cnoes perfundSrS myrrha — Prop. 1. ii. 3. 

Orpheus, Ste, otu^ ei, m. 

Cum tr&hSret silvas Orpheus et durft cftneodo 

Saxil— 0». T, 4. i. 17. 

Longos OrpheSs exiiit d5ldres. .S*^. .S*. 2. vii. 40. (PhaL) 

Quod SI ThrelcYo blandYtis OrphSo- Kor. 1. C. xxiv. 13. (Chor. 

Tet. AscL) 
Orphetts, &, tim, o^;. 

Cerb^rds Orphed Uhlvit sibn& cantii. Luc. ix. 643. 
Orphltiis, 1, m. 

Bellatdr£ jttbas aptante. Bst, OrphYtfi, muntts— .S't'/. v. 186. 

Orphnstis, i, wi. • 

Orphnsus crudeU mTcans, ^thonquS sftgTtta — CL R, P. i. 282. 

Orphne, es,/. [v. 639. 

Vid£r&t Asc&lftphus : quern quondam dicMr Orphne — Or. M. 

Orses, Ys, m. [748. 

ParthSniumquS R&po et prsedurum vTr^fbiis Orsen — V. M. x. 

OrsTldchiis, 1, m. [636. 

Orstldchus R^miilT, quando Ipsum hdrreb^t &dTrS — V. M. xi. 

Orthosts, was,/. 

£t pinguem Trlp51lQ, nee non OrthosYdft saer&m — PrU. P. 856. 
Orthriis, I, m. 

DelTcta inlatrat jejunTs faucibiis Orthriis, SiL xiiL 845. 

Ortj^gYtt, 8B,/. iH^ Ortj^gie, es,/. 

Linquimiis Ort^gYse pdrtus, pglftgoquS v^lamtls. F, JE, iii. 124. 
Nunc sSdgt Ortj^gYe. Timiilt concursYbiis Argd—Ov. AT. xv. 33?. 

Ortj^gYiis, &, iim, o^/. 

Se mSmdr Ortj^gKus surrYpiilsse bdves. Ov. F, v. 692. 

Ortj^ffYiis, i, m. 

Ortj^gYum Caeneus, victdrem CsenSH Tamtts — F, jE. ix. 573. 

Osci, drfim, m. 

OscoTumquS m&nus. TfirStes sunt aclj^dSs illis — F.^. vii. 730. 

Osciis, &, iim, adj. 

Tellus artYfYces ne tfir&t OscH m&nus. Prop. 4. ii. 62. 

OsinYiis, T, m. 

Qua rex Clusinis advectiis OnnYtts oris— r. ^C. x. 665. 
OsirYs, Ys, m. 

Sic ttta sacrtt pYus serapgr OsTrYs ftmSt. Ov. A. 2. xiii. 12. 

OwrYn -ffilgyptus pttt«t. Aut. E. xxx. 2. (L Dim.) 
230 "^ 


0SS&, SB,/. 

IgnYbiis OssH n5vi8, et PeHttn alt¥»r Ossa—Ov. F, iii. 441. 

Pelidn OssS tSnt, summus prSmit Ossein Olympils. Sev. JE, 49. 
Ossaetis, &, tim, adj, 

AttollTt Titan, rupes OsssS c5ercgt. Luc, vi. 334. 
Osti&, oriim, n. 

Ostta contiggrat, qua se Tibgriniis in alttim — Ov. F. iv. 291. 

Ostr5g5thi, driim, m. [Eut. ii. 153. 

Est 5ptt8. Ostrdgdthis cttlttur mixtisqu^ Griithungis — Claud, 

Otftces, IS, m, [121. 

Quas OtSces, quas LatrYs figunt, et raptdr Smortlm — V. F. vi. 
Otaciliiis, 1, m, 

CastHnSas centum sevit 6taciliiis. Mart. 10. Ixxix. 6. 
dtaxes, Xs, m. 

At non indg prflcul Rhameliis gt ac6r dtaxes — F. F. vi. 629. 

Otho, onTs, m. 

Sic in)Ytum vano, quT nos distinxit, dthoni. Juv. iii. 159. 

Othr5^ades, as, m. 

TalTbtts Othrysdae dictis et numing divtim— K M, ii. 336. 

Othr^^s, 5^5s, TO. 

_ ^ ^ nudtts [513. 

ArbMs Othrjfs Srat, nSc hSbebat PelYSn umbras. Ov, M. xii. 

OtSs, I, TO. or Otiis, i, to. 

Robfir Aloidae. Dum vell6rg Peltttn Otiis— Ctett^i. B. Get. 74. 

Otreus, 85s, to. 

— — — ndmenquS sgcutiis 

OtrS5s un^nimT: dSciis ille, et laetft s&drt&m — V. F. iv. 162. 

Ovidtils, 1,'to. 

In N5mentani8, OvMT, qu5d nascYtfir agns, Mart. 1. cvi. 1. 

Oxiis, T, TO. 

Sugdi&s, ingenti quam flamYnS disslcit Oxiis. Av. D. 925. 


Pacatiis, T, to. 

Nam primum est mgriiissS tiium, PacatS, f&vdrSm : Jus, Sap, 5. 

Pacciiis, 1, TO. 

MunSr&, quae ciipSret Pacciiis esse sii&. Mart, 14. Ixxviii. 2. 

PicliynSs, T,/. or P&chyniim, i, n. [xiii. 725. 

£ quYbiis imbrif^ros obvers^ PScbyn5s &d Austrds : Ov. M. 
Dard&niam Siciild prdspextt ab iisquS Pftchyno. V. jE, vii. 289. 
The penultima is shortened by Avienus and Priscian, con- 
trary to the example of the poets of the Augustan age. 
Csque in saxosi PSch^ni jiigS. Plurimiis Tndg — Av. D. 129. 

Pacideianus, i, to. See Placideianus. 

231 x2 


P&c5riis, I, nu 

Jam bis Mdtiieses etPftctfri mtoite-^lTor. 3. C. vi. 9. (Gr,Alc.) 
PactondSs, iim,/. tidj, 

DesSriierS siias Nymphs PactdlidSs undas. Ov. M. vi. 16. 

Pactoltis, 1, m. 

Despumat riitilas dives PactSliU Arenas. Claud. Prob, 01 54. 
Pactttmeiiis, i, m. 

Tttusqufi venter Pactiimeiiis, et ttto — Hor. Ep, xvii. 60. (L T.) 

al. partumeius. 
PaciivYtiSi i, m. 

Paciivius docti famam sSaYs, Acciiis alti — Hor, 2. E. i. 56. 

P&dsetis, i| 9». 

CltlmH vicinus Phoebo t^n^t arvtt Pitdstls. Tib. 4. L 145. 

Pftdtis, T, m. 

Sic pleno PSdtls org tiimens siipSr agg^r£ tutas — Luc. vi. 272. 

P&dusjl, s,/. 

C5nsedere HvYum, p&cdsove amnS Pftdusse — F". M. xi. 457. 

Paean, anis, m. 

Dicite, Id Pseaii, St Id, bis dictt^, Psan. Ov. A. A. ii. I. 
Vescentes, Isetumqu^ chSr5 Pseanft c&nentes. V. JE. vi. 667- 

Paegnliim, i, m. 

PaegQiQiQi delicis piiJH, salve ! quYd figis ? ut v^es ? P^u^ 
Per. 2. ii. 22. (Troch. Tetram. cat.) 
PaednSs, iim, m. 

Adds triumpbatos mttdO PsBttnils, addS quUti — Ov. P. 2. ii. 77. 

PsdnTs, IS, /. adj. 

Psdnis EuTppe mater fiiit. IIl^ p^tent^m— Ov. M. v. 363. 

PaeSnlftis, ft, tim, adj. 

Psedniura in morem senior succinctiis Smictu— K. JE. xii. 401. 

PeestSniis, ft, tim, adj, iMar. 24?. 

Ceu gSmlnffi Peestanft rtese per jugSril regnant Claud, N, Hon. 
Psstiim, 1, n. 

Ornaret, cttnfirem, biffiriqufi r5sarta Psestl. T. G. iv. 119. 
PaetinYdn, !,/. 

Pstftnldn autem est insula ad ZSpbjhrum lUtens. Av. O. M. 

199. (Iamb. Trim.) 
Psttis, T, m. 

Pstiis tit occidSret, tot cSlierS miU&. Prop. 3. vii. 54 


NamquS f^runt olim PftgSss navalibiis Argo — Prop. 1. xx. 17' 

PfigSssetis, &f iim, adj. 

Phasida piippS n5va vexit Pftgasseiis lason. Ov. H, xvi. 345. 

Pag^seYiis, a, iim, adj. 

Spargat ; gt GBbaimm PSg^seia puppis ttlumniim— r. F. L 402. 

Pagftsiis, 1, m. IF. M. XL 670. 

Tiim Lirim, P&gasumquS siiper : quorum altSr b&b§nas — 

Palaemon, 5nts, tn. 

Leuc5theeque dSum cum matrfi Paisemftni dixit Ov.M, iv. 541. 


PftlsemttnYfis, &, iim, adj. 

Cfirvfi PaifleiiftfnYS sScliidYtttr undll LSchsd. St, T. ii. 381. 

P&lsphSt!tls, &, tim, adj. 

Doctil Pftlfleph^tm testStar vScS pSpyiiis. F. Cir. 88. 

P^sestint&s, &, iim, a^;'. 

CultH PSUsestind septYmft sacrft Sjhro. Ov. A. A. i. 416. 

Palaestra, ae,/. 

BheG Palsestra atque Amp^lisca ! iibi estTs niinc 7 PlauL Rud. 

2. vi. 28. (I, T.) 
Paiaestrio, 5nis, m. 

. Extra unum PalaestrYonem, hue deturbatote in viam. Plant. 

Mil. 2. ii. 6. (Tr. Tet. cat.) 
Paiamedes, is, vrt. 

Mallet et infelix Paiamedes essS rSlicttis— Ov. M. xiii. 56. 

PaiamedeuSi a, iim, cu0. 

£t Paiamedeis certantem viribi&s orttim, Man. iv. 206. 

Palftniediciis, 5, ttm, adj. [25. 

Haec gruis effigies Paiamedica porrigltur 4>. Aus. Ed. de Litt. 

Palatiniis, a, iim, adj. 

Husa, Palatini rSfieramtis ApoUinKs aedem: Prop. 4. vi. 11. 

Palatiiim, i, n. 

Quae Tuscum TYbarim et Rdmana PBlatta servas, V. G. i. 499. 
IndS sacr5 vSnaranda pStes Palatia clivo, Mart. 1. Ixxi. 5. 

Pales, is,/. 

Ipsa pales agros, atque Ipsa rSliquit Apdllo. V. B» v. 35. 
LucS Palis p5ptilos purgat tit illS cinis. Ov. F. iv. 640. 

Palfiiriiis, i, m. 

Si quid Palftirio, si credimiis ArmiUato, Juv. iv. 63. (Spond.) 

PalTctis, 1, TO. or Paiici, orfim, to. 

Flumina : pinguis iibi et placabilis ara Paiici. V, JE. ix. 585. 
Stagna Paiicorum, rupta ferventia terra : Ov. M. v. 406. 

Palilia, iim, n. 

N6x abut, ttriturque Aurora. Palilia poscttr. Ov. F. iv. 721. 

Paiilis, a, adj. 

Hoc argument! flamma Paiilis habat Ov. F. iv. 798. 
Munara regna capit : festisqua Palilibtis urbis — Ov. M. xiv. 774. 

Palinurils, T, to. 

Nee mamimssa viae madia Paiinuriis in unda— -T. JS. iii. 202. 

Palladiiim, I, n. 

Palladium, caesis summae custodibiis arcis — V. M. ii. 166. 

Paliaditts, I, TO. 

I^liadium, ganaris spemqua dacusqua mai. Rutil. i. 208. 

Pallttdilis, a, iim, adj. 

Paliadias inad, non cognoscendiis, Athenas. Ov. M. vii. 723. 
Pallanteiim, T, n. 

Pallantis priJavT de nomina Pallanteiim. F. M. viii. 64. (Sp.) 

Pallanteiis, a, iim, adj. 

QuaesTtum .^naSn ad moenia Pallantea. V. M. ix. 196. 
233 X 3 


PaUantY&s, ftdls, /. lu^'. 

TradendOm Phcebo PifiintmB inficU drb«m. Ov. M.xv, 191. 

PSn&ntYs, ¥d»8,/. adj. 

TdnYum Ztphj^iis 8«xto P311&ntKd5B 5rtu— Ov. Af. xv. 700. 

Pallantitiis, ^, iim, adj. 

£xc¥pU hospitid jfivSnes PillantYtts herds. Ov. F. ▼. 647. 

Pall^, ftdYs,/. 

Ct vTdit vultus Pall&s \n amnS siidfi. Ov, A, A. iii. 506. 
JEgYdflque horrmcam turbatse Pall&dYs armft, T. JS. viii. 435. 

Pallas, antifs, m. 

FilYtts huic Pallas, illi c»in& ibat Achates. T. JS. viii. 466. 
Incdiiimem Pallant& mYhi si faUL. r&servant — 575* 

PaUtestls, ft, iim, adj. 

PallenseH Jdvi mutavit fulmYn& Cycldps. Luc. vii. 150. 

Pallentt, a, /. or Pallene, es, / 

Arvtt tSnent Hic melliflilis Pallenft slib BSktm—Axf. D. 468. 
Lftbat CTthsroD, aia Pallene tr«mYt, Sen. H. F. 979. f/. T.) 

Palleneus, SUb, m, 

PaUeneus, efeOlis adverstt tttSfltibte itrfe, CZsmA Gig, 109. 

Pallenis, IdYs,/. i»^'. 

Cern^r^ sit. longe PaUenidlfs iQtYmft teme. Av, 2>. 380. 

Palmtts, I, m. [x. 697. 

Sterntt httmi, cum quo L&tilgum, Palmiimque %;ac£iii — V.JE. 

PalpStiis, T, m. 

Palpgttts Adn¥os gramen gentile mStentes— 5^ T, x. 319. 

Pamph&gtts, I, TO. [iii. 210. 

PSmphSgiis, et Dorceus, ^t Onbftsiis ; Arc&dSs omnes : Ov. M. 

Paaiphyitt,iB,/: 1(1' T.) 

Obt nomtnabit Phaedrtam, tii Pamphnam— rer. E. a i. 60. 

PamphYlTppiis, i, m. 

VidTstin* vtrilm sSroris Pamphtlippum ? Non. Adest ? Plaut. 
St. 2. ii. m. (Tr. Tet. cai.J 

PamphHlis, i, m. 

AgS, Pamphile ; exT, Pamphile : ecquld te pildSt ? Ter. An. 

5. XX. 30. (L T.) 

PamphyHa,fie,/. [l.iv. 77- 

Hunc qu5quS perquS ndvem tiratiit PamphyliS messes, St. S. 

Avienus, D. 81. rightly makes the JMatepenult long ; while 

101 3 he either shortens it, or makes a synsresis of the last 

two syllables : Pamphyliae In fines ; hic Idem Cragiis hKbStiir. 

PamphylYs, id is,/, adj. 

IncYpIt a mSdils terrs PamphylidYs oris. PrU. P. 630. 
Pamphyllftis, &, iim, adj. 

Cdmpensat m^dio p^Iiigi. Pamphyllft puppi 

Occurrit tellus — Luc. viii. 349. 
Pamphylils, &, t&m, adj. 

Pamphylumqufi mm LYbj^s pertendKt ttb Qiis. Prit. P. 55. 


Pin, ands, m. 

Pan, dvlfim cfistAf) tiUL ii tfiil Umim cune. F, G, i. I7. 

Mecum una In sllvu imltabfirS Pan& c&nendo. F, B. ii. 31. 

PI, Panfis, H in V^nfoem S&tjhrorum pronS jtiventus. Ov. F, 

i. 397. 
P&nietiffis, i, m. \_(Gr, Ale,) 

Libros Pitnseti, Socrftttcam et ddmiimi Hor. 1. C. xxix. 14. 

PanttriStiis, i» m. 

Arguto mttdldus pollic^ P&n&rSms. Mart, 6. Ixxxix. 2. 

Pftnttthen&¥ciiS| ^ tlni, o^f. 

In P&n&thenfticis tu nttinfoandiis Sr!8« ^m. iVo/. i. 14.. 

Pancheiis, ft, iim, a<^'. 

Palmlf^ros Arftbas, PanchflB&qu£ rurtt reiinquTt. Ov, M, \, 478. 

PEnchaTS, «,f. 

T5t&que turiftris P&nchaYtt pinguYs fii^nis. F. G. ii. 130. 

Panch&ytis, &, ttin, o^f. 

T€tr& f^at, fldresqae ftllds PanchaYli tSUOs. Ov, M. x. 309. 

Panchates, ae, in. 

Panchates ilnlfmdfitts £qins, sttpSr altifdr irS-— iS't^ xvi 374. 

Pand&His, 1, m. 

Haud ¥til me expSrti BItYas et Pand&rtts mgens, V, ^, xi. 39G. 

Pandat&r¥&, s,/ 

Pandatfir¥» ltttfr& terrse. Sen, Oct, 971. (Anapast, Dim,) 

Pandion, 6nU, m, [426. 

QuSm sYbY Pantfion ((plfbnsquS vYrisqu^ ptttentSm — Ov, M. vi. 
QuaquS d&ta est claro Pandi5n£ natH tj^ranno. 436. 

The penultima is shortened, erroneously, by Avienus 
D. 1218. 
Haec cum PandYSnis letum componSrSt aulae. 

PandidnYUs, fi, ttm, adj. 

Quid Pandidniae restSnt nYsY nomSn Athens ? Ov, M, xv. 430. 

PSndt«dds,i,/. [ii. 7S8. 

Tres hftbttit thftUUnSs: quorum tu, Pandrtett, dixtrttm— Ov. Jf. 


Qu5 nunc is ? Ad te. Quid vSnis ? PftnegjN>Y8 
RSgarS jussit— P^^ St, 1. iii. 92. (I, T,) 

P&nemtls, 1, m. 

ThSapY&den : ^ftdSm poscentf fatH P&nem5--iS'^. T, ix. 293. 

PangseJl, orthn, ». [iii. 739. 

Jamque £r&t ad RhMdpen Pangseilque florYd& venti&m— Ov. F. 

PangaeOs, fi, ttm, adj, 

Pindiis ttgit fremYtus, Pang8eiiqu« saxS rSsQltant. Zrtie. vii. 482. 

P&nnYciiltts, T, m, 

VilYtt PinnYcttll perciitYt or& 85n5. Mart, 2. Ixxii. 4. 

PannYclis, 1, m. 

Noltf virum nYmiam, PannYcJ^ ndU( pXrttm. Mart. 2. xxxvi. 4. 


Pannttntt, te, /. [««/. ii. 45. 

Jam pl&gft P&nnttnfe, mlseriUidiqatt mcentt Thr&ciio»— C&mm^ 
PL ImperHfl giilvYdas qua aSctf P<&Dii5nl[a8. Jut, JB. iv. 4. 

PanndnYctts, H, iim, 04/* 

Dum ndv& PanndnYci narratur gldrl& belli, Mart. 8. xv. 1. 

PanndnYs, YdYs,/. o^/. 

PfinnOnYs baud ftlYter post ictum saBvYSr urstt— Lkc. vi. 220. 

Pann5niii8, ft, iim, adj. [225. 

Nfinc tYbY Pann5nYa est, nlinc Illj^rYs orft dSmandJl : Ov. T. ii. 

PiUidmpheils, 1, m. 

ArS Pandmpbseo vSttLs est sacratft T5nanti. Ov. M. xi. 198. 

P&ndpe, es,/. 

ExcYpYt lUisBds PftntfpS cSnttlmque sdrdres ; Ov. F. vi. 499. 


Nir^dum Pbdrclque churns Ptodpeftque vTrgo, F, JE. v. 240. 

Pftn5pe8, 8e, m. [900. 

Turn das Tiinftcrii jtiv«nes, HSljNnus Piln^pesqug, V. M. v. 

P&ntfpeus, ^8, m. 

N&rj^cYusque L^ex, Pftotfpeusque, HyleusquS, f£rdxqu^— 

Ov. M. viii. 312. 
Pftn5rm5s, 1,/. 

Terg«mYn5 venit tittmero fcecffnda PJlndrmtts ; SU. xiv. 261. 
Pansft, ae, m. 

Quum P&nsa erYpYat, qindquid tYbY NattH rlSliquYt. Juv. viii. 95. 

I^tsenYs, Ys, /. 

Non t&ft Pantasnls aYmYum se praefifrilt illT, Ifarl. 7. Ixix. 7* 

Pantftgfttbtts, 1, m. 

P&ntftgiitbas, dfimYni curil d5l5rqu» sfii. Mart. 6. Hi. 2. 

PantilgY&, mj. or PantfigYe, es,/. [iii. 689. 

Pant&gis, M SgSrdsqu^ sYniis, ThapsumquS jScentSm V. JE. 

Pantheas, T, m. 

Lttcaniacus I^nthJfftm. Aus. E. xxx. 7- (I' Dim.) 
PanthdYdes, s, m. Patron. [xv. 161. 

PantbMd§d Euphorbiis i<ram : cui pecttfrS qudndfoi— Ov. M. 

Panthus, dSs, m. 

Panthus Othif lidis, ftrcls Pb<tobiquft Bac€rdda, K. JS. u. 319. 

PantYc&petim, 1, n. or PantYcaptim, T, n. 

Euxinum in pglUgus. Tunc aequttrft PantYcap»T— -^^w. D. 449. 
Hic sunt Aldesci qu5qu«, P%ntYc2lp!que flttentA. Pris. P. 306. 

PSiitilYiis, 1, m. [78. 

Men» mttvgat cTmSx PintllTiis, aut crttcYet quM^Hor. 1. S. x. 

Pantdl&btis, i, m. 

PantdUbo scQrrse, N6in§ataiidqu^ n^pdti. Hor. 1. S, viii. 1 1. 
Panj^asYs, Ys, m. 

Panj^Ssi sed adt& tMmen, ceii longYttr mia—Av. A. P. 175. 
P&pbageiis, ft, ttm, adj. [laex. 

Sitqu« Pftphage«B caasft l«flHi« n^Yb. Oo. /&. 504. a/. Phftyl- 


P9phlf2lci&B» fi, tlm, adj. See Paphlagones. 

Paphte, es,/. [82. 

NavYgSt : hunc multQ PSphie sStfirab&t fimorao, St. S, 3. tv. 

P^phiiis, &, tlm, a<(/. 

Respondent, s5]idd PSphlaB de robdrfi myrtus. F. G. ii. 64. 

Paphlftg5ngs, iim, m. [PaphiSco. 

Csspit^ Paphlftgdnum prodit sax5s& C&rambis. Av. D. 227- al. 

Pftphds, 1, m./ or P^phiiS) T,/. 

I11& P&phon gSniiit, de qu5 tSnSt Insiilft ndmSn. Ov. Af. x. 297* 
Est PSphils, Idalmmque tibi, sunt alt& Cj^therS. V, M, x. 86. 

Papiliis, 1, m. 

Cur, qus vis flferi, PapU^, facta d5les ? ifar^ 4. xlviii. 2. 

Pftpirianiis, i, m. 

£hcu quam b£nS nunc PapirianS, ifor^ 8. Ixxxi 10. (PhalJ 

Pappus, &t iim, adj. 

Papta lex placiiit, JvlU displiciiit. Aus. E. Ixxxix. 2. 

Papyrftis, 1, m, 

ConditOr, et Pyrrhi per belia Papyriiis ultfir : Man. i. 784. 

Par8Bt5aIfim, I, n. 

IsT, Parsetdnium, g^nialtaque arva Canopi, Ov. A. 2. xiii. 7. 

ParaetdnYfts, a, iim, adj. 

OsquS ParsetttnYas £da ad lit5ra Syrtes. Luc. iii. 295. 

Parca, CB,/. or Parcae, arttm, /. 

£t stabat vac&a jam iM Parca c5lo. Ov. ^. 2. vi. 46. 

ParcarumquS cSlos non rfiv5cab!les ! Sen. H. F. 669. (Chor. 

Tet, Ascl.) 
PardaiTsca, se,/. 

£go hue missa sum ludSre. Heus, Pardalisca! Quid est? £st. 

Quid 1 Plaut. Cat. a v. 60. (Bacchiac.) 

ParYs, YdYs, m. 

Cisseis regina Parin, Paris urbS patema — F. ^. x. 705. 
Ot raplat ParYdi, quam Paris ipsa sYbt Ov. H. xiii. 74. 

ParYiim, T, n. 

Jam jiiga Percotes, Par¥umque infamS fragosis— F. F. ii. 622. 

ParYfis, a, iim, adj. 

St&bunt et ParH lapides, spfrantia «igna, F. G. iii. 34. 

Parma, ae,/ 

Tondat at innfimeros GallYca Parma grSges. Mart. 6. xiii. 8. 

Parmano, 5nYs, m. 

Parmand, dormis. Aw. Eph. 4. (Adonic.) [(I.T.) 

VYrura bdnum, eccum, Parmanonem incedara. Ter. E. 5. iii. 9. 

ParmensYs, a, adj. [iv. 3. 

Scribara quod Cassi ParmensYs dpuscttia vincat? Hor. 1. E. 

Pamasetts, a, iim, adf. 

Ct Parnased moDus mamttrabYia Phcebo. Av. A. P. 620. 

P&masYs, YdYs,/. adj. 

Ilia caput flavOm lauro PamasYda vinctfis, Ov. M. xi. 165. 


ParnasYiis, ft, lim, adf. 

Nee tantum Phoebo gaudet Parnaslfl rupes, K B. vi. 29. 

Parnasfis, i, ». 

Te, Romans, trfthit 7 mutd Parnastts Matu — Luc, v. 131. 
Quique ZHn, et ParnasdOi et BoBotibs— Sen. Ph. 129. (L T.) 

Parnes, ethi?) m. 

DivSs et £gftlSo8 nSm&rdm, ParnesquS bSnigntis — St. T. xii. 620. 

Qus saxdsd I^cft Parnethi . 

Subjectft jftcent — Sen. Hip. 4. (AnapasL Dim.) 

ParnessiiSi I, rn. 

Parnessum late prttp^ mdntem rurft tSnentes. Pria. P. 716. 


£t Pftrds, et Clftrio Delds ftmatft d». Ov. A. A. ii. 80. 

ParpftnS&Si i, m. 

Parpftn^ montis sGb celsa rupe, Arifends — Pri». P, 1006. 

Parrh&sTs, Idtts,/. adj. 

Quaeque mtcat ^Ifdo ParrhftsYs Crsft p5ld. Ov. H. xviii. 152. 
PI. Farrhftsides stellse, Damque omnift nossS pdtestts, Ov. F. 

iv. 577. 
ParrhftsYiis, i, m. 

Quas aut ParrhftsYus prdtiilTt, aut Sc5pas, Hor. 4. C. viii. 6. 

(Chor. Tet. AscU) 
ParrhftsYCis, ft, iim, a<i;. 

Parrhftsto dictam Pan5s de mdrS Lj^csei. F. M. viii. 344. 

Plrthadn, SnYs, m, 

AccYpg me grSnerfim, diti, Parthatfn^ natS. Ov. M. ix. 12. 

ParthadnYdes, ae, m. Patron. [706. 

Nunc ParthaSnYdes, nunc dux mYhY ThracYft proles, V. F. iii. 

Partha5nYtls, ft, ttm, 04^'. 

£t Partha5nYae (dudum si certiis ftd aures 
ClamSr Yit) tYbY jurft ddmiis— ^^. T. I 670. 

Parthfinlanfis, ft, iim, adj. 

Haec tdgft jam aon est ParthSnYanft ; mSa est Mart. 9. 1. 10. 

ParthfinYe, es,/. 

Parth«nYe : pfttttit, nee tYbi ftvarft fiiYt Prop. 4. vii. 74. 

ParthSnYiis, 1. 

Mu89, ParthSnYum rdgatS vestr&m— ilfarf. 5. n. 2. (Pkal.J 
Parth^nYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Frigdrft ParthSnYSs cftnYbus circurodftrS salt&s. F. B. x. 57. 
Parthfindpaeiis, 1, m. 

ParthSn5paefis, St AdrastT pallentYs Ymago. V. M. vi. 480. 
Parthgn»pe, es, /. 

Parthen5pe, stildYis florentem ignobilYs 5ti. V. G. iv. 564. 
ParthSniSpeYiSs, ft, iim, adj. 

Has iibY praetfirYit, et ParthCnttpeift dextrii 

MoenYft— Ov. M. xiv. 101. 

ParthT, driim, m. 

Si vos, o Parthi, pfitfoem eum CftspYft claustrft, Luc. viii. 222. 


Parthtft, »,/. 

Quod semper saevas debet tifbl Parth](& poenas, Luc* vii. 431. 

Parthkiis, &, Cim, o/dj, 

Parthicfi Romands solverfint damnfi f&roreg. Luc, i. 106. 

ParthTs, Mis,/, adj. ' 

Parthis, St a Partlus ddmYtse per ssectiljl gentes. Man. iv. 803. 

Parthiis, i, m. 

Parthe, d&bis poenas, Crassi gaudetS sfipulti, Ov. A. A, i. 179. 

Parttctdo, onis, m. \_(L T.) 

Partictil5, chartis ndmen victurum mSTs. Phad. 4. Epil. 5. 

Pasargada, ae, m. [970. 

Prima partS Sabse, mSdYusquS Pasargada, post hunc — Pris. P. 

Paseha, n. [17. 

Nos StSmm primis sanctCim post Pascha d)febiis — Aus. Epis. x. 

Pasibuia, ae,/. 

Non pat^ar. Heus Chrome : quod qusris Pasibuia. Ipsa 'st. 
£a 'St. Ter. An. 6. iv. 42. (L Tet. acat.) 
Pasicompsa, ae,/. 

£x forma nomSn inditum 'st sed quid ais, Pasicompsa. Plant. 
Mer. 3. i. 19. CL Tetr. cat.) 
Paslfphae, es,/. 

Pasiphae, mixtumquS gSnus, prolesquS biformls — F. jE. vi. 25. 

PasYpbaeiiis, a, iim, adf, [500. 

Sed tamSn lUe Sg5 sum. Me PasYphaeia qudndam — Ov. M. xv. 

PasiphHiis, i, m. 

Pasiphile, ornatus fidSi, cui jurfi fatemGr— Pa//. 1. 

PasYthea, 8B,/. 

Non hdc PasithSa blandarum prima sdroriim — St. T. ii. 286. 

Passer, firis, m. 

Fluctus PassSris, aut siiperbtts Anxiir, Mart. 6. xlii. 6. (Phal.) 

PassSrintls, i, m. 

Otrumnfi currat Pass^Dus, an Tigris, Mart. 7. vii. 10. (Scaz.) 

Paster, oris, m. 

Pastdr carS nSpos, spes cujus certa fiiit res — Aus. Par. xi. 3. 

Patalene, es,/ 

Dividtta ci\ju8 Patalene cingYtftr unda. PrU. P. 1000. 

Pat&raeiis, a, iim, adj. 

£t Clards, et TSngdos, Pataraeaqug reg!a servYt. Ov. M. \. 506. 

PatarSls, M&,/ adj. 

Termintis his cautes Pataretdis eminSt arcYs. Av. D. 187* 

Patareus, Sds, m. 

Deliiis et Patareus Apollo. Hor. 3. C. iv. 64. (I^ss. Ale. J 

patavinus, a, ttm, oiiy. 

VellSra cum sumant Patavime muha trHices, Mart. 14. cxliii. 1. 

PatavYiim, T, n. 

Hlc tam^n Ule urbem PatavT, sidesqu^ IdcavU. F. AS. i. 247. 

patera, ae, m. 

patera, f&nd! nobnVs, Aus, Prof. iv. 2. (L Dim.) 

P A T— P E G 

Patrae. iriim,/. [41?. 

Mfissenequ^ ftrlx, Pttneque, hikmUesquC CilSStaas, Ov. M, vi. 

Patreiials, «, adj. [_(Seaz.) 

Dum slfbY rediri d§ Ptttrinslbas filndfs— Mar/. 5. xxxv. 1. 

P&trSbas, e. [3. 

Vexat sspS mSum PJttrtfbas confinYs ftgelillin : Mart. 2. xxxii. 

PfttrScles, Is, m. [a maj.) 

Sic et Patr5clen Hect8r6a mttnu pgrissg, T 3f. 272. (Ionic. 

PatrdclYantis, fi, iim, adj. 

Sellas ante p6tit PJitrocltanas, Mart. 12. Ixxvii. 9. ("Pika/.; 

Patrocltis, 1, m. 

Casde piier facta Patrdcliis OpuntH rSliquit, Ov. P. 1. liL 73. 

Patr5n, onYs, m. [v. 298. 

Hunc SaiYas, sYmiil et Patrdn : quorum altSr Acarnan, V. M. 

PfttulcYiis, T, m. 

NdmYnft lidebls : ni5d5 namqufi PtttulcY&s idSm, Ov. F. \. 129. 

PafilYftcfis, T) m. 

PaulYaciis tanti non mYhY vflla ftrSt. Aus. Epist. v. 16. 

Paulinus, T, m. [xxiv. 124. 

£ccg ttius Pauliniis ttdest. Jam ninguYdft iTnquYt — Aus. EpisL 

PaulU, aB,/. [viii. 1. 

NubSr^ Paunn ciipTt nobis; Sg^) duc^re PaulUm— Mor^. 10. 

Paulltis, 1, m. [xx. 1. 

Carmina Paulliis Smit : rScYtat siift carmYnfi PauUUs, Mart. 2. 
PI. OratidnS Regttlos, jttcTs Paullos, 6. xxviii. 6. CScaz.J 

PausYftc&s, ft, iim, adj. 

Vel cum PausYfica tdrpes, insanS, tftbella, Hor. 2. S. vii. 96. 

PausYmftchtts, I, m. [(I. T.) 

PausYmftchiis TndC, prTscft quem ggntlit Sftm58, Av. O. M. 46. 
Pax acYs # 

*nt cilYtur Pax atqug Fides, VTctorYft, Virtus. Juv. i. 116. 

Hoc pTnguem et plftcYtam PacT nQtrTt5r ttllvftm. V. G. ii. 426. 
PectYiis, 1, m. 

Pecti, nYha me siciit antSa jiivftt — Hor. Ep. xi. 1. (L T.J 
Pfidaoiis, ft, Urn, adj. 

Quid nunc te dicam ftcSre In rSgYonS PSdana ? Hor. 1. K iv. 2. 
PSdYantts, i, m. 

Fulgentem, extremo PSdYaniis Yn ftgmYnS vTdYt, SiL xii. 233. 
P«dYatYft, ffi,/. 

JfllYtis et frftgYlTs PSdYatYft, furqu« Vfirantis. Hor. 1. S. viii. 39. 
PSdYtis, i, m. 

Fur Ss, ftit PfidYo. P«dYu8 quid ? crImYnft rasia— Per*, i. 86. 
Pftdfi, onYs, m. 

Sic F6d6 conturbat, Mftth5 defYcYt : exYtOsliic est^,/ut;.vii.l29. 

Si rdgSt haec filYquis, cur sunt narratft Pedoni — Ov. P. 4. x. 66. 
Peg&seYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Cintare credas PegfiMlum nictftr. Pers. ProL 14. (Scaz.) 


Fegfts£)is, &, ttm, <idj, 

PegXsYs, YdYs,/. adj, or PegttsYdSs, tim. 

Pegft^ CEpdne^-Phrf gfis c«teb«rrimA sflvis^ Ovi IT. ▼. 3. 
Mollis, PegfisYdes, v§strd dftte sertft ptfSt«. Prop, 3. i. 19. 

PegXsfts, 1, fli. 

Ver& t&men fama est, et Pegiisiis hujiis drlgd 
FontTs— a». if. V. 263. 

Pegs, es,/. 

Hic erftt Arganthi Pege sGb verticS mdntYs— /Vop. 1. xx. 33. 

PSlftgon, onYs, an^/ dn58, m. [(1. T.J 

MnesHdchtU advdcavit P^gdnem s^nSm. P^tc^ £. 2. iv. 28. 

Fert&r : St Eupttllimdn PSlagonlique, dextrft tfientes, Ov. M. 

viii. 360. 
PSlasgi, oriim, m. 

yirg^Dtbus qua fidft ddmus, VenissS PSlasgiim 

Duotores — St. A, ii. 77* 
PSlasgYfts, &d58,/.a4;. 

Famfi Peiasgfttdis sttMto pSrvenYt in urbes, Ov. H, ix. 3. 


SivS jfivat loDge fagTssfi P«lasgid& Sappbd; Ov. H. xv. 21?. 

PeJo^s, ft, ttm, a4;. 

IgD&ri scelSrQm tiiDtorum artTsquS PSlasgap, V, ^J. ii. 106. 

Pel&tes, s, HI. 

Cinj^pMus PSlfttes. Tent&ala dext^rft fixa eat. Ov. M, v. 124. 

Peleltts, &, ttm, a4f. 

Jamque Ithilcum, c5rde squantem Pelelft fact&, SiU xiii. 803. 

PSlethrdnYfts, &, tim, adj. 

Frsenft PSlethrdnn Liipitfaae gyrosqnS d£der«— F. 6. iil 115. 

Peleus, eds, m. 

Actbriden Peleus, Tpsiim qu«qu6 Pel6a PhScT— Ot>. F. ii. 39 
Iram, DTvft rSfer, nati Pele&s Achillei — Jm. Per, IL i. 1. 

P61Y11, SB, TO. 

Auditi&s a te PeiYft supplYcYum tiilYL 5^. If £<;. 201. r^- ^J 

PelYftcfts, ft, iim, o^f* . 

TroftquS PelYftcs sternebat cuspidYis ictu 
AgmYnft — Ov. M. xiL 74. 

PeKtts, ftd58,/. adj. [from PelYj^n.] 

Phryxeam pStYit PeUfts arbdr 5vem. Ov. ff. xii. 8. 

PftKftfl, ftdtts,/. A^'. [from Pftllas, ae, m.] [^Z. 2'.; 

HTc ciedft patris PftlYftdum Tnfecit mftnus. Phad, 4. vii. 16. 

PelYas, «, TO. 

Jam grftvYor Pftl^M, St vjUnftr« tardtts Gllxi, V. M. ii. 436. 

Pelides, ae, m. Patromfm, 

Pelldes tttifn&m vitassftt ApoUYnYs arcQs ! Ov. ^. viii. 83. 

Pellgni, ortim, m. 

Hdc qatfqa)$ comptedi Pelvis nattta ftquosTs, Ov. J. 2. i. I. 
241 Y 


PilignttB, ft, iim, adj, 

Fdttquim poaie dMn fSO^ t(MUM UtiUk, SO, ix. 80. 
PelT5n, \, m, and u, 

£t qui! Ossft ttUit, quit altte PSB»n herbas, Ov. M. viL 224. 

OssftquS cum * Pelio cumque Haemo cess&rit Othrj^s. SU. iii. 
* Dissyll by synizesis. 495. 

Peltiis, ft, ttm, adj, IfL T.) 

CtifD&m n£c unquam PelH nftmtfifs jfigo — PJued, 4. Yii. & 

Pellft, SB,/. 

£xigti8B Becurft fttit pronncYft Pells. Luc. x. 52. 

Pellaeils, ft, ttm, adj. 

Illic Pellaei prolSs insanft Phnippi— Zuc. x. 20. 

PSmo, 6n!8, OT. [37. (LT.) 

Nullam aeque invitus specttt, si ftgit Pellio. PlauL JSac, 2. ii. 

Pftldpeft, «,/. 

Finft si mSrit, sit qudd P£l6peft Tbj^estae, Ov. lb, 361. 
Pftlfipelffts, ftdfo,/. a^f, 

Argdsque, et Sparte, PeifipeYftdesquS Mj^cens, Ov. M. vi. 414 
P«lfipeYa,id»s,/. (u^'. 

Tum l«va Cretin, dextra PeiSpeYdfts unda&— Oe. F. iv. 285. 

Pftlttpeitts (qnadrisylL), PeifipSYtis (quinquesylL), ft, iim, adf, 
Orft m&ris late PSlSpeiftque regnft resultant St. T. i. 117. 
Quid qu5d ftvus ndbis idem Pdldpeiiis Atreus — Ov. H. vHL 27- 

PSldpetts, ft, iim, €tdj. 

EumSnidum vidit vOltas P61»pet&8 Orestes, hue. vii. 778. 

P£l5pYdi£, ariim, m. Patron. [a maj.) 

Apto similes nomKnS PSlttpldae sttnabfint. T. M. 1545. (Ion. 

PelSpYtts, ft, ttm, adj. 

Hoc est yetastum PftlttpYae Ittmen dttmus. Sen. Ag. 7* (I- T.) 
Pftlttponnestts, i,/. 

£t P^lfipdnnesi pfitttlSs circumvttlftt dras. Man. iv. 613- 
P£lops, ttpYs, m, 

Hippttd&meque, httmSr5quS PSldps insignTs Sbiimo, V.G. iii.7- 

Tu qu5que bftb§s prSftviim P^Ittpem, PSldpisquS pftrentSm: 

Ov. H. viiL 47. 
PeiorYfts, ftdYs,/. adj. [iv. 479. 

Jamqu£ PSloriftden, Lllj^beftquS, jamquS Pftcbynttm — Ov. F. 

P(llor¥s,idis,/. (M^'. 

Pars tepftt a Zftpbjhrd LYlj^bStft : celsft PeiorKs— ^v. 2). 636. 

PSlortts, i, m. 

— _- — Sfcttltts HespgrKum Iftttts 

TaDgit Pelortts, unft jam tgUus Srlt. Sen. H. O. 81. (J. T.) 

PelusYftctts, ft, ttm, (u^*. 

Nee PelusYftcs cQram adspemabSrS lentfs : V. G. i. 228. 
Peluslttm, i, n. 

Claustrftquft Peliisi Homano subrtttft ferro, Prop. 3. ix. 56. 
PelusYtts, ft, ttm, adj. 

In vftdft decurrit I^eluslft aeptSmtta amnlfB. Luc viu. 466. 


PSnatifl, ttm, m. [(Spond.) 

cam fl5c&B, nfitoqui, PIMUlUifl a uigrms dRi. K ^. iii. 12. 

PeneYs, Ydds, /. Pa^on. 

Hdc dfiiis Tn nympha PenSIdS fndft ; &t !115— Ot;. JV: i. 472. 

PgnSlftts, &, ttm, ac^'. 

Pastdr Aristsus fttglens Peneiil Tempe, V, G. iv. 317* 

PenJ<ietts, !, m. 

PenSlei dextra, dive ftrmlp^tentYs Hd arftm— K. J?, ii. 425. 

Peneldpe, es,/. 

Peneittpe coi^ux sSmpfo ClixKs Sro. Ov. iff. L 84. 

Pen£]tfpeiis, X, fim, ttdj. 

NdmSn Ingxstinctum, Pen^ldpeft ftdes. Ov, T. v. 14. 36. 

Peneds, i ». or Pene&s, i, m. 

Confestim PeneSs &dest, vlridanti& Tempe— Ca^. Ixiv. 286. 
Silvft : vacant Tempe, pSr quse Pene&s ib imd — Ov. 3f. i. 569. 

Peneiis, &, ttm, a^f. 

Nee non Penese, nee Don SpercbeKdSs und», Ov. M. vii. 230. 

PenKciOtts, i, m. 

Jiiventus nomen fecit Penlettlo wXtiL PlauU Men. 1. i. 1. (LT.) 

Pfinliis, i, m. [0». P. 4. x. 47. 

Hue Lj^cfis, hfic Si(g&ri8, P^nVusque, Hj^nlsquS, Crfttesqu^, 

PentheiCLs^ ft, Urn, ad^. 

Non sexus dteSrisve m^mor, PentheYft quillfs 
Ulx^T^St. T. xi. 318. 

Penth^HeX se. /I 

PenthteYle&'fttrgns, mgdHsque in miUYb^ ardSt— F. ^. i. 491. 

PenUieus, Si, und Stts, m. 

PraebiiTmus longis Pentheus ambagibiis aures — Ov. M. iii. 561. 
Stellis btfnoimn teetilqae PenthSI— tfor. 2. C.zix.14. (Gr.Alc.) 
Impift nee poena PenthS5s umbrX v&c&t. Ov. T. 5. iii. 40. 

PenthelU, ft« ilm, o^f. 

QuidquS f&rdr vlUSat, Penthea eaedS sStisqu^ — Ov. M. iv. 429. 

Penthides, s, m. Patron. 

Zt quse Pentbldes £ecit fraterquS M^u«s, Oo. /&. 449. 

P«pttreth«8, 1,/. 

£t Gj^&r58, nYttdsquS f^rax PSp&rethds 5llv«. Qv. M. viii. 470. 

Peranna. 5«e Perenna. 

PerodsYtts, X, ttm, ^'. 

Mun^rKbus, piirnas conjiix PercdsT& vestes — V, F. iii. 10. 

Percote, es,/. 

Jam jiig& Pereotes, P&rYumque TnfaroS frSgoaia — f^. F. ii. 622. 

PCrfigrina, ae,/ 

€lau<iUf&, nm, mes nubit PerSgrfnH Ptidentf, Mart. 4. xiii. 1. 
P^rennfi, ae, /. 

AninS pl^rennfi IfttenB AnnX P^rennH v^dr. Ov. F. iii. 654. 

Annap p5m¥ftrum nSmGs PSrannse. Mart. 4. Ixiv. 17* (Phal.) 
PergftmS&s, &. ttm, adj. 

Cartt d«ain, fois PergftmSis erept« rttinis, T. ^. iii. 474. 
243 y2 


Perg&miSs, i, /. or Pergilmiim, i,/. and n. or PSrgSm&rdcttnv »• 
Qttis noD Ais^lM^eOevIl Picgteito ^ni 
ImpdsUam— 5et;. jE. 18. 

Excisil ferro eat Pergftmum: incttbiiit sM—Sen. TV. 1^. (IT.) 
Ot Perg&mum otnnS DorTca c^cYdit fllc^, Sen. Ag. 421. 
CritS victnces Neptunt& PergHmli flammse : (hj. F. i. 525. 

Perg&mtls, T, m. 

Crg5 ndtas scrlptd tdl^rasti, Pergimfi, vOltfi : Aus. E, xv. 8. 

Perge, es,/. 

Stat Perge propter, mYc&t ardtt& tectft Ph&seUs. Av. D. 1018. 

Pexgi&s, 1, m. 

Nomine Pergtis ftquae : Non illo plurS C^fatT6s—0v. M. v. 386. 

PSrYandSr, dri, m. 

fiphjhra creati&s, hoc PSriQUider prdd^ Aus, S^ Per. i. (J. T.j 

PSrlbomttis, I. m. 

£t mfigYs ingSniie Pern)omTiis. Hunc £g0 fatTs — Juv. ii. 16. 
P&icles, ts, an<} i, m. 

Quo fretfis ? die hoc, magni pupillg PSriclT. Pers. iv. 3. 

Periclj^m&ntts, I, m. [55& 

Mirft PSriclj^mCni mors est: cuT possS ftguras — Ov. M. xii. 

PfiridW, ae,/. 

N6ra6n fichittnlfum, matrisqug gfinus PSr^diae ; Fl ^. xii. 616. 

PgrTlltt, s /. [viii, 29, 

P5ne, Perill&, mStum : tantummSdS feminS non sit— Oc;. T. 3. 
P^nlleus, ft, iim, adj. 

JEr& Pgrilleo veros tmiterS jiivencoSi Ov. lb. 439. 
PgriUifts, i, m. [iii. 75. 

Putidius multa cSrSbrum est, mihY credS, PgrTlli— fiiw. 2. S. 
Pfirllltts, I. m. 

£t Phftlfirls tauro vWlentT membrft P«rTUi 

Torriiit— Or. A. A. i. 653. 
P£rim§dStts, ft, i&m, adj. 

N5n PSrlfmedea gramlnft coctft mftnu. Prop. 2. iv. 8. 
PSrTmele es /. 

InsiUft gratft mYhi: PSrYmelen navYtft dlcit Ov. M. viii. 590. 

Pgrinthiiis, ft, am, a^. i(L T) 

MSnandSr fecit Andrlam et PSrinthlf&m. Ter. An. Pro!. 9. 

PSrinthds, i, m. 

Prdtlntis Inftcbu vultOs ezpresaft Pmntka-^St. T. xi. 199. 

Periphftnes, ae, and Ys, m. [ii. 37- (LT.) 

Pftter m£ii8 hftbttit PfolphfinSs. PSrYphftnes ? PlauU Cur. 5. 

Pfir^phas, antts, m. [476. 

Ona Ingens Pfiripbas, «t ^quorum ftgttatttr Achillas — V. JE. ii. 
Quid tifblf victorem gSmM P«rYphantfi Pjhreti— Oi;.i»f.xii.449. 

PfirYplectdmSnes, Ys, m. 

Sed quYs S&'st ? SSnYs hi^tts uxot* PSrYplectOmftni la prox- 
fimo— Ptett*. Mil 4. i. 22. (Tr. T. cat.) 
PermessYs, YdYs, /. 

Cum siccftr^ sftcram l&rgQ P^rm^Ydft possSt^ifar^. 8. Ixx. 3. 

P E R— ? E T 

PermessTtts, S, iim, adj. 

FSns As:ftnTpp8eft PeimMKtis Sdttcilt finda : Claud. L, S. 8. 

Permesstis, i, m. [64. 

Turn ciUilft, errantem Permessi ad flumtn& Galltim, V, B, vi. 

Pert, as,/. 

Quern n5n lucrtt, mftgis Pert forradsi c5eg¥t| Prop. 2. iii. 53. 

Perrhsebtts, ft, Hm, adj, 

AQt cur Perrhaebi trtmiiert cftcumYnft PTndi, Prop. 3. v. 33. 

Pena, artm, m. 

Quo grftves Perss m^Uus pSrirtnt : Hor. i. C. ii. 12. (Sapph.) 

Persartm vKglii rtgS bat¥5r. ITor. 3. C. ix. 4. (Char. TeU 

PerseYs, Ydtts,/. adj. 

Ibftt ftd antiquas H^ciltgs PerseTdtts aras : Ov. M. vii. 74. 

Quid tiTbY prtmSrunt*, Circe, Perseidfis herbse? Ov. iZ. A. 
• By systole. 263. 

Perseliis, &, tim, a4f. 

SternYtiir et M£lftneus, Perseift castril Saudis, Ov. M. v. 128. 

PersSphdne, es,/. 

Pers^phtoe nostras pulsilt llcerbS fbres. Ov. H. xxi. 46. 

Perses, se, m. 

TransWrit Perses, Hclemque admovfirit urbi. V. F. iii. 502. 

Perseus, ei, ^ aiuf S58, m. [xviii. 153. 

At mlhY quod Perseus, et cum J5vS LTbSr ftmarunt — Ov. H. 
MTlSs Srat Persei, prd quo dum pugnftt Aconteus, Ov. M. v. 

Jam n&nc pSr auras PersSi talaribtls— ^t(«. jEpu. xxi. 6. r/*^*>) 
Quantas irft dfibat, nequicquam In PersSft mittit Ov. M. v. 33. 

PerseOs, ft, iim, €U{j. 

Tunc Bftbj^lon Perseft Ucet, secrttftquft Memphis, Luc, vL 449. 

PersYciis, i, m. 

PersYcfis orborum lautisslmtts, et mSrYto jftm — Juv, iii. 221. 

PersfcOs, ft, iim, adj. 

PersYcos odi, pttftr, app&ratus. Hor. 1. C. xxxviii. 1. (Sapph.) 

Perste, Yd5s,/. adj. Luc. viii. 229. 

Jam priplidr, quam Persis, £ram: tftmSn, omnYft vlncens — 
PersYdfts Induxit CecrtptdasquS rfttes. Ov. A. A. i. 172. 

PersYiis, i, m. 

IbrYdft qud pacto sit PersYtts ulttis, 5pTn5r— Hor. 1. S. viii. 2. 

Perttsiniis, ft, iim, adj. 

His, Cssar, Pftriisinft fftmes MiitifnsequS Iftbores, Luc. L 41. 

Ausonius makes long the antepenultima. 
Jam jam Pftrusina et SftgOntina fftme. EpuU xxii. 42. (I. T.) 

Pfitftle, es,/. [viii. 43. 

NdstrftquS quod PSt&le tiilYt ad m5niimentft cdronas — Prop. 4. 

PStftsds, 1, m. 

VelScSm Pfttftson, qui gramYnft, matrS rSlicta, Calp. vi. 51. 

P«teKa, as,/. 

Parvft PhYloctetse subnixft P^telKft miirt. V. M. iii. 402. 
245 Y 3 


Peteon, 9nYa,/. 

£t suko PKc8on« Mttftnt* r«iMUImqae mJ»ta--.5/. T. vii. 333. 

Pg«r58, 1,/. 

fit textTfl PetSron rttsis rttbentem. ^arf. 4. Iv. 18. (Phal.) 

PStntaniis, &, tim, <«(;. 

PStiinims delTcati&s in regniB. Mart 12. Ivii. 19. (Scaz.) 

PStiUYtts, T, m. 

De Cfipttolini furtis inject^ P^tilli— -^or. 1. 5. iv. 94. 

PetdsHs, Ys, m. 

AptYttr bdr& cYbo, nYsY qaim dedfirit P«tttstrYs. /mv. tI. 581. 

Petrft, a,/. 

Quemqufi Tdoit c5ll$m TaolintYtts inctflil Petrftm, Luc. vi. 16. 

PStrsft) », /. 

Rdmanos PetneS dOces, Rdm&n& p«dvYt— iSt2. ziv. 248. 

Petrstts, 1, m. 

Vidi Cg5 Petraeum, cdnantem evellSrS dextra — Ow. If. xii. 327. 
Lance& HrYtbdi, costls Tmmissft PStrsT, 330. 

Petrettts, I, m. 

Ac Petreiils Srat : coDcdrdY& diixYt Yn sequas — Luc, iv. 5. 

Petrinfimi i, n. 

Inter Bifintilrnas SYniiessanumquS PStrTntLm. Hor, \, E.\. 5. 

PetronYiis, i, m. 

Hoc PStronYtks invSmttir usiis. T. M. 2852. (Phal.) 

Pettilliis, 1, m. 

Pett&liis, I, Tidensi St^gYis cfinC ciBter&» dixYt, Ov, M, v. 115. 

PStusY^ e y. 

Turgdn^sque IftcOs, PStfisYsequS, Mart, 4. Iv. 21. (^P^/.; 

Peuc&]ei, 5rttm, m. 

Hinc Scddrf post hos sunt, Peucftl^quS fordoes. Pris, P, 1049. 

Peuce, §8,/. 

InstUft Sarm&tYcae Peuce stat nomYnS nymphae; V, F, viii. 217. 

PeucStiH &, iim, adj. [513. 

PeucfitYosquS sYnus, MessapY&que arv& rSlinquYt. Ov. M, xiv. 

Peucron» onYs, m. [564. 

Tunc quttquS matema velatiis &rundYn£ Peucrdn.-.»f^. F, vi 

Phttaces. See Pfaseax. 

PhaeicYfi, »,/. 

Me ti^nSt ignotfs segrOin PhsicYit terris. Tih, 1. iii. 3. 

PhaeacYs, Yd5s,/. adj. 

Dignam MsSnYTs PhaeacYdft condSrS chartis — Ov. P. 4. xii. 27. 

PhaeacYiis, &, iim, adj. [47. 

Sed t&men hoc mSlYus, quam si PhsacYft tellus^Ov. A. 3. ix. 

Phseaciis, &, iim, adj. 

Nee m&i PbsB&cas aequant pomarYX silvas ; Prop, 3. ii. 11. 


Phaeaz, acYs, m, or PhseacSs, tim, m. [£. xv. 24. 

PkiguTs ttt inde ddmtim pbfttTm PhsixquS rSyertf. Har. 1. 
ProxYmtt Fhieacum felicYbtts dbsYtft pomift— Ov. M, xui. 719. 

PhflBcisYantts, tt» ttm, adj. [Habc AsYEnarum. 

PhaecttsUndrQm v£t£ra ornamenUl dSoriim. Juv, iii. 218. al 

Phaedymiis, i, m. 

PhaBdtmiis infelix, fit fiviti nomtnis heres— Or. M, vi. 239. 

Phsdrft se f. 

Qukntum ad PTrithdum, Phaedr^l piidlcii Mt. Oo. .^. .^. i. 744. 

PhaedrW, ae, m. [16. CL T,) 

Ne crficta te, obsecro, ftnYmS mi, mi PbaedrTft. Ter. E, I. ii. 

Phaedrttmiis, i, m. [1. i. 2. 

Gum istdc drnatu, cumque hac pompa Phaedr5m£. Plaut, Cur. 

PhaedrOs, i, m. 

PbiBdri lYbeUds iSg^re si desidSr&s, Phad. a Prol. 1. 

Phaenftgttre, es,/. 

— — — sMSt emintis ingens 

Pbaenfigttrei et muros attolIYtiir Hermdna88&. Av. D, 733. 

Pfasenon, onYs, m. [vii. ] 1. 

Qudtque amiis sublimYs &git sil& sectU& Phaenon. Aua. Epitt. 

Phsedcdmes, Ysi m. [xii. 431. 

Pbaedcdmes, bSmYnemquS simul protectfis SquumquS — Ov. M. 

Pbsesti&s, ftdds,/. oM^j. 

Inter Pbsstittdaa quae laudatissYmii formae— Ov, M. ix. 716< 

PhaestiOs, ft, iim, adj. [668. 

PrdxYm&, GnosYiico nam quondam Phaestlft regnd—- Oe. JUT. ix. 

Pbaestfis, i, /. 

Qua GdrtynH pStens, medHs qua PhaestOsYn aTTist. Pr».P.91. 

PbXStbdn, ontYs, and 5nt5s, m. 

MSgn& pStis, PhXSthon, et quae nee vir¥ba8 istis—Otr.Af.ii.M. 
Auroram Ph&etbdntis fiquijam lucS vSbebant: V. M. v. 105. 
Avi& quum Ph&Sthontil rftpax vis SdUs Squori&m — £ttcr.v.398. 

Manilius makes a synaeresis of tbe first two syllables : 
Phaethdntem ptttrVo curru per signtt v51antSm. i. 734. 

Phft£th5nteiis, &, iim, adj. 

Post PbftStbdnteos vidissS d5lentitts ignes. Ov. M. iv. 246. 

Pb&ethdntTftdes, iim,/. adj. 

Turn Pb&etbontiildas mused circumdSt SmarsB — V. B. vi. 62. 

Ph&€th6ntis, tdde,/. adj. 

£t 1ft tSt et lucet PbftethdntYde cdndltft gutta, Mart. 4. xxxii. 1. 

Phft^thontYiis, ft, iim. adj. 

Ills cftndri&s hftbes : oedat PbftSthdntift vulgi 
Fabtilft— 5^. S. 2. iv. 9. 

PhftSthusft^ae,/. [346. 

Plangdrem dSdSrant. £ queis PhftSthusft s5rortim— Oe. M. ii. 

PhftlflBcYtts, 1, m. 

Hoc CSrSii metid c&ntSssS PhftlaecYtts hymnda—r. M. 1883. 


PhftlaecYtts, ft, iim, adj. 

DicMr ; hlnc mett«ii dfxert Phftlacttn utttd. T. M. 1884. 

Namque hie di gCnSK est PhilccYdrttm. T. M, 1940. ('PAol.; 
Pb&leeciis, i, m. 

Istos cdmpdsttit PhiUtecils olKm, ^m. £|pM<. iv. 86. 

Ph&laeciis, ft, ttm, a<^'. 

CdnsYlYum : quare nee carniYnS currtf Phftlaeco. StUp. 4. 
Ph&lantetis, &, tim, o^;'- 

Inde Phftlanteo iSvttas &nKmosft T&rento— 5i7. xiii. 16. 
Ph&lantlnils, ft, ttm, o^;* 

Agna Gftlesi molllor Phftlantlni. Mart. 6. xxvii. 2. r,Sco».; 
Ph&lanttis, T, m, 

Apiilft Ledsei tM florttTt herbft Phftlanti, Mart. 8. xxviii. 3. 

PhftlftrTs, Xs, tn. 

£t Phftlftris tauro vYfilenti membrft Perilli 
Torriilt— Ow. J. A. i. 653. 

Phalcest Ks, m. 

Hos stip£r aeratam Phalces ftg¥t cqaSrS nubbin— K F. vi. 88. 

Phftler^iis, ft, iim, adj. 

DSmetrYus, qui dictiis est PhftlerStts. Phad. b. i. 1. (I. T.) 

Ph&ieris, Ys, m. 

Principte Phftl«rim, et, succiso poplitft, Gy^ty—V.M. ix. 762. 

Phftlgrtts, i| m. 

InsSquSris, casusquS tiios expressft, PhftlerS, V. F. i. 398. 

Phftllsci, 5riim, m. 

Non LucanYcft, ndn grftves Ph&lisci, St, S. 4. ix. 35. (Phal.) 

PhftliscOs, i, m. [Cat,) 

Atque ills pdetft Ph&lisciis. T. M. 1816. (Anapast. Dim. 

Phftnaces, te, m. 

Mysi Phftnacem nomtnant Aus. E. xxx. 3. (L Dim.) 

Tmdhis et adsurgit quibtts et rex ips^ Phftneiis ; F. O. ii. 98. 

Phanift, aB, i». [117. (L T.) 

Mdnere dportet me hunc yiclnum PhanYftm. Ter. Heaut, 1. i. 

PhaiiJiim, i,/. [PA. 2. il 2. (Tr. Tet. cat.) 

PhanYum rfilictam solam? Sic £t iratum s^nem ? Ter. 

Phanocrfttes, se, m. [Heaut. 5. v. 17. 

FilYam Phanttcrftts nostri. Ruf amne illam virgYnem ? Ter. 

Phantftstts, i, m. [Ov. M. xi. 642. 

Phantftads. lUe Yn htimum, saxumque, undamquS, trftbemquS, 
Phfton, onYs, m. 

Durus SulpYcYftm Phftdn ftmarSt. Mart. 10. xxxv. 1& (Phal.) 
Phftraefis, ft, fim, adj. 

OptaverS vYri, longum eniimerarS Phftraeos— 5/. T. \l 163. 
PliarTs, Ys,/. 

PharYn 7 an Pisam, JttvYs et cfironis — Sen. Tr. 852. (Sapph.) 
Phftriiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Tu Psetum ad PhftrYos tendentem lintSft portus — iVop.S. vii.5. 

Orft prttcca NiH, Phftriorum ttbY glSbft rteumbYt. Av. D. 23. 


Phamftces, ia, m. 

*^ .— -, .^: Tmpttt%ltll 

PhariiJ(c]LS, it g^lUo cirtiuumds drbis Hibero. Lwe. x. 476. 

Ph&p»s,T,/. F380. 

Ostentans altSm, Ph&r»8 ut MemphftYdl, t&rrlm. Aus* Ed. x. 

Pharsalia, as,/. 

VTct& patent Mfitinae : Pharsair& sentYet illlim, Ov, M,xw. 824. 

Catullus, who is good authority, and Calpumius, who is 

not any, either shorten the antepenultima, or make a 

synizesis in the last two syllables. See Pharsalius. 

Pharsaliam c5«ant, Ph&rsatttt tSetft frSqdentint. Cat Ixiv. 37. 

Phar8alictis, fi, tim, adj. 

McBstJl n5ta: nam quo mSlms PharsalYctis ann&s — L«c.v.391. 

Pharsaliiis, &, tim, adj. 

Qua jiig^i devexus PharsaM porrYgit Haemiis- Luc vi. 576. 
Nee m5r&, Pharsaliae solverunt slbili canns. Calp. iv. 101. 

Pharsalds, I, /. 

£ra&thTs sequ5r^ regnum Pharsal5s AchHlis. Luc. vL 350. 

Philr&s, 1, m. 

PraebtiYt. £cce Phftrd, vdces dum jact&t linertes, K ^. x. 322. 

Phftsellfs, Ys,/. 

Austls ftdhuc uUis, te primum, parv& Ph&seH, Luc. viii. 251. 

Phasi&c&s, &, fim, €idj, 

XJt n8v& PhasY&ca comprensa est nuptft cdrona, Ov. lb, 605. 

PhasTSdes, se, m. 

Phasliiden; pSc5rTs custos de m5r£ p&terni — F. F. vi. 640. 

PhasYaniis, ft, iim, adj. 

£t impiorum PhasYanft Colchoriim. Mart. 3. Iviii. 16. (Scaz.) 

PhasTfts, ftdis,/ adj. 

PbasYfts i£s5nMea, Circe t^nikiss^t Olixen. Ov. A. A. ii 103. 

Phasis, IS, and td5s,/. [(L T.) 

QuodcunquS vidit Ph&sTs aut Pdntus nfifas. Sen. Med. 45. 
Spectabat diversft Idcis, PhasimquS, LjfcumquS, F. G. iv. 367* 
Qusrftt, St a pfttrYa PhasYdtts usquS, viriim. Ov. H. vi. 108. 

Phatnae, artim, /. [1. xvi. 

Ast autem iSntii quae candent lumin£ Phatns. Cic. op. PrU. 

PhaftrfisYili, ft, dm, adj. 

CoQtiniid post hos sftquUur Fhaurustft tellus. Pri$, P. 201. 

Phftyllaeiis, ft, fim, adj. 

STtque Phftyliss caflsft iSsnft nScYs. Ov. lb. 504. 

Ph§geYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

CognatumquS IfttOs PhegeYtts haiisSrYt SnsYs. Ov. M. ix. 412. 

Phegeus, 6ds, m. [765. 

AddYt Hftlym cSmYtem, et cdnfixa PhegSft parma ; F. ^. ix. 

PhSgYs, Td5s,/. Patron. 

AmphYl5chi frater ne Phegidft sempSr ftmarftt, Ov, R. A. 455. 

P H E— P H I 

PhemYtts, I, m. [761. 

Quid jilvSt, ad Bili4iA n cintSt PhCmXttt aflres ? Ovu A, iii. 

PhSmttnde, gs,/ 

— — — — pleoH IfibdrKt 

Phemttade Phcebo, dam ti, cons&lDlk Sperti— Luo. v. 18). 

PhtinStfs, T,/. or PhSnSiim, i, n. 

£t PhSneos nigro Stj^gfi mittfire credYtS Diii. 5^ T. iv. 291. 

Quale fSrunt Graii PhSnium prttpS Cyllenetini — CaX, Izviii. 

109. r^S^NMMi; 
PhSrse, ariim,/. 

AcyrOs^fi, PhSceeque, et cUndestiniis Aoftman. Crrot. 183. 

PhfireeiiSy ft, ttnii odi. 

CyuthMs Admeti viccSs pivisse PhCneis— Ov. ^. ^. ii. 239. 

PhSrecleiis, i, iim, oc^'. 

L6ng& Pherecl6& per fH<tt plippS yfts. Ov. HI xvi. 22. 

PMrecj^&dae, ariim, m. Ptsh-on. 

IndS PhaSrecj^&dum mfiros, frdndgnttft Isto^iS'a. xii. 159. 

PbSrficydes, Ks, m. 

S8d quis non pttv^at PhSrfcydis fatft trftgoedl 7 Samm. vi. 4. 

PhSres, elYs, afu^ et5s, m. [106. 

lode Ph«res, acgrquS Lj^cfis : sed cSssX PhSretis— 5^. T. ix. 

Hie mictat LSdonH, PhSrit&que, Dem6ddcumqu6, F. y£. x. 

PbSrediUies, s, m. Pn/ron. 

Fattt PheretKildffi c5njux Pftg&8SB& rSdemU : Ov. J. A, iiL 19. 

Phl&le, es,/. [172. 

£t PsScftSi et PhY&le ; funduntqu^ c&pacYbiis urnis — Ov.M, iii. 

PhidT&c&s, ft, ttm, o^f* 

PhidYftcum vivebftt €bur, nee non Pttlj^cleti — Juv, viii. 103. 

Phidias, s, m. 

KwiTTirov ISgO, PhidYs piitavi. JIfart 9. xlv. 6. (Phal) 
Tbe first syllable is erroneously shortened by Ausonius : 
C(\jiis 5pu8 ? PbYdiae: qui signum Pallftdds, ejtis — K. xii. 1. 

Phidipp&s, 1, m. 

SegrSganda aut matSr a me est, Phidippe, aut PhilumSna — 
Ter, Hec, 3. v. 30. (Troch, Tet. cat.) 
Phldj^le, es,/. 

Nascent« luna, rusticft PhidJ^lc, Hw, 3. C. xxiii. 2. (Gr. Ale.) 

Phnae, arttm,/. 

Regni elaustrft Phllse : mox te desertft sftcantftm — Luc, x. 313. 

FliilaenT, driim, m. 

Qua cSlSbre invieti nomen p^sderS PhilaenL SiL xv. 701. 


Quam sit luseft Phtlsnts indSeentSr, Mart. 12. xxii. 1. (Phal.) 

PhYlaramdn, onis, m. 

Carmine vdeali elarus, ctthftraquS PhYlammon. Ov. M. xi. 317. 

PhtlSas, ae, m. 

Hellanicusqufi Lesbius, Phiieas qu5quS, Av. O. M. 43. (J. 

Trim.) dU Pbileus. 


PfaflSmfttYiim, 1,/. 

OmnYum primum, PhflSmiltYttmy intro ftbi, et tu DdlphYum. 
PlauL Mos, 2. i. 51. (Troch, TeU eat,) 

Phnemo, 5n¥8, m, or PhYlemon, toYs, m. [19. (L T.) 

PhYlemo sciibsit, Plafitus vortit Barbttre. Plant. Trin. ProL 
IncYp^rem casus ; frdnderS Philein5iiiL Baikls — Ov, M, viik 


PhnenTtial,!,/. 1(1. T.) 

Istanc m^rStncem e prdxYmo Phtlenlfttin. Plaut, As, ]. i. 39. 

PhYlSrds, otis, m, 

Perp^ttiam Di te f&clant PhnSrotifs ttmlotai, Mart, 2. xxxiv. 5. 

Phnstsiis, ft, tlm, adj. 

Sert& PhUecaeu certent Rominil ottrymbu ; Prop, 4. vi 3. 

Phngtas, Bd, m, [31. 

Tu sfttYGs MOsis mSlTdrem YmlfterS Philet&m, Prop. 2. xxxiv. 

PhngtCis, 1, m. \y\, 81. 

Saevft, PhYlete, sSnTs, dirumque Afih^rontft vldebis, St, S, 2. 

Phtlfitts, I, m. (L T.) 

Distermlnari; Phfltftts h5c quimqaam vJSti&s— ^v. O. M, 685. 

Phmppft, s,/. 

B PMlippa matr^ natam a Thebls, EpYdauri afttam. PUuit. 
Epid. 5. L 29. (Troch, Tet. cat.) 
PhXKppetLs, ft, tim, adj. 

unft Phfllppeo sanguYne Yhuatft n5tft. Prop, 3. xi. 40. 

Plautus frequently shortens both the antepenultima and 

the penultima : [4. (L T.) 

TrScenti nummi, qui ▼5cantur Phillpp^. Plant. Poen. 3. iv. 

PhlQippi, 5riim, m. 

Rdmanas ftcies itSrum vider£ Phtlippi. F. G. i. 490. 
The penultima is frequently shortened by Plautus : 
Trteentos nummos PhKlippos portat prsesYdi. Plant, Poen, 3. 

iii. 68. (L T,) 
PhYlipplctts, ft, Han, adj, 

Quam te conspYciise, divinft PhilippYcft, fams, Jtm, x. 125. 

Hem tibi tftlentum argent! 1 PhilippKcam 'st, tSne tYbi. PlmU, 

True, 6. 61. (Troch. TeU eat,) 

PhHippiis, 1, m. [vii. 46. 

Strenfiiis et forfis, causTsquS Phllippiis ftgendis — Hor. 1. E. 

PhYlIstYo, onYs, m. 

Mimos ridYctUl PhYlTstY5nY», Mart. 2. xli. 15. (PhaL) 

PfaflljhrYdSs. See Philyrides. 

PhYlo, onYs, m, [xlvii. 1. 

Nunquam se coenftssS ddmT PhYIS jurftt, ftt hoc est — Mart, 5. 


Itft fftcSre certum 'st. Heus PhYlOcdmftsYum ! citA-^Plaut. 

Mil 2. vi. 42. (I. T,) 
PhYlocrfttes, Ys, m. 

Illic vScatur PhYl5crfttes, hic Tyndftrtts. Plaut. Cap, Prol, 38. 

PhYloctetes, ae, m. 

Quidve PhYloctetes icttts ftb anguS gSmftt On. F, 5. iv. 12. 


PhYlMamtis, i, m. 

Scj^hos quds fttendat dBdi PbOadirao, rCtttlitne ? Plaut, A*. 

2. iv. 38. (h Tetr, eoL) 
PhYlddemiiB, i, m. 

GallU, hanc Phnttdemiis fiit, sYbT, quse nSqu^ magno. 

PhUtfUlches, «, tmd etis, m. 

V%i]a; p&tSr advenit pSrSgre Philfilftchse. VftlSat pftter. 
Ptea^ J»/o*. 2. i. 27. (TrocA. TV^r. co^J 
Me pSriMe et PhlUlttchetem ciipYt herilem filium--2. i. 2. 


Quas lUi PhYlfimelil d&pes, quae donH pXrSrIt, F. B. vL 7^. 

PhYlttmeltts, 1, m. 

Plus h&biiit D!dj^il8, plds PhUdmeltts h&bi$t. ilfar/.3.uxi.6. 

PhYlttmusiis, 1. m. 

Constiftlift, Phnftmftse, p&ter tn>Y miUYft btnft-ilfart. 3. x. 1. 

PhYldn, onYs, m. 

PhHon, m^ qui vUffcfitus prediis, Am, Epis. xxii. 1. (L T.J 

PhYldnYft, 5riim, n. [12. 

Quid rSf^ram mOltis cdrnpoi^tft PhnonYiL rebtts ? jS^nmn. xxiii. 

PhflonYdeSi te, m. 

Quid £gtt nunc fiiclam si ftmicus DemYpho, aut PhHonSfdes — 

Plant. Mas. 5. ii. 28. (Tr. Tetr. cat.) 

PhUttpoemen, finds, m. [de Hist. xiv. 

Carcfire Tn Argivo PhYlSpoemfinft lenta Xd^t mors. Atts. Ed. 
Phn5p«l^mtt8, 1, m. (I. T.J 

PhnSpdlemtis hujtis HegYonis flli&s. Plant. Cap. 1. i. 2?. 

FhYlostrftti&s, T, m. 

A SYntiessanis convivft PhYldstr&ttis undTs—itfar^ ii. Ixxxii. I. 

PhYlotYs, Ys,/. [7. (L T.) 

PhYlotis, salve multum. salve, Piu-mgnd. Ter, Hec, 1. ii. 

PhYlotYttm, 1,/. [ii. 6. 

Sed vYd«6n' ggtt PhYlotYum t unde haec adv6nYt? Ter. Hec. 1. 

PhYloxtoiis, i, m. 

Dii te ttment, PhYldxfine. HYc Snim ritfi prdductu 'st piltri. 
Plant. Bacc. 3. 63. (Tr. Tetr. eat.) 
Philtere, es,/. 

Nomen miklYfiris cfidd quod sYt, ut qusratur. Phlhfire. Ter. 
Heaut. 4 iv. 49. (Tr. Tetr. cat.J 
PhUto, onYs, m. 

Hfirum atqufi servom plurYmum Philto jiibfit 

Salverfi— P/aii^. Trin. 2. iv. 34. (I. T.J 

Pdst ftdfias tuts Philtonem, et dotem dftrfi— 3. iii. 8. 

PhYlumSnft, ae,/. 1(1. T.J 

PHtrem c5ntYnti6 convfimt PhYlumfinaB. Ter. Hec. 1. ii. 116. 

PhYlj^ra, ae,/. 

Byzeresqug vftgi, PhYiyraMue a nSmYnfi dicti 

Litttrft— r.i^. V. 163. 
PhYlj^Ytts, a, ttm, adj. 

FlSbttt ; 6pemque tUam frustrft PhYlj^eYtts herds— 0.1f.ii. 676. 


PhlljMfdes, 8P, m. Patron. 

Philjhrides pttSrOm dthlMra per^Q^t AebilU^m i Q9.J.J.i.U. 

PhuieYtis, ft, ttm, a^f. 

Sunt ttvYds vttlficres ; non quae PhmSYft mensfs — (h, P. 71.13] . 

Phlneus, ei, and S5s, m. 

Nee Phineus ausus concurrSrtf comYnfis hosti — Ov. M. v. 89. 
Litdr& fatYdJci poenis horrentiS PhineL V, F. iv. 425. 
lUti t&ins dcttlis immitem PhmSIl torvis — Ov. AT. v. 98. 
P/. PhinS^sinviteSi Af^r, St (Edip5d&s, ilfar^ 9. xxvi. 10. 

Phiaiiis, il, fim, <idj, 

Phlnea cSctder^ mftnu : CSrSnsquS sHcerdds — Ov, M. v. 109. 

PhlnTdes, s, m. Pa/ron. 

Ot d<id Phinldae, quibtts Idem lum^n ftdemtt, Oc;. lb, 273. 

Phlegmon, onttfs, m. 

Fumldi&s atrft vftdls Phl^ggthdn incendYft vdlvYt. St. T, iv. 623. 

Nee tlmOit PhlCgethonU fiirentem •rdentYbOs iindis. V. CuL 

Phiefl«th5nteiis, ft, dm, o^/. [8a 

%t Phlftgftthdnlee rfiquYf rOnt iDurmttr4 rfpffi, Cte«4. H. P. i. 
Phiegethontits, YdYs, /. adj. [632. 

£t IftcftrGm fovi Phl^g^thoQtidS corpils \n undft. Ov. ilf. xv. 
Phlgrfas, ae, m. [y. 87. 

IntonBuinqui! c^mfta £ljfcen, PhlSgYftmquS, Cl^tfimquiJ, 6v. iM". 

Phl^gon, dntYs, m. [164. 

SolYs ftquT, qufirtfisqu^ Phl)$gdn, hiniiitYbiis auras— -Ov. M. ii. 

Phtegrft, SB,/. 

Phlegrft GYgiiitaBS sparsa est quo OnguYng tellus. F, Cul. 27. 

Phlegraetfs, i, m. [378. 

Ante tftmen lSt5 dSderftt PhlegneSn ^t Hylen— Ov. M. xii. 

Phlegrsei&s, ft, task,.adj, 

Sp&rsftquS Phlegrsis victricYft fUlmYnft cftmpis. — Ov. M, x; 161. 

Phlggj^SB, ariim, m. 1414. 

InvYft cum PhlSgj^s HlcYSbant ]>elphYcft Phorbas. Ov. M. xi. 

Phli^^as, ae, m. 

Pissus Phlftgj^as dpiis fnchttttt, et sYmtil omnSs— ^. T. vi. 668. 

Phleias, ae, m. 

Phleias immYssils pfttrYSs de vSrtYcS cr!n§8— F. F. i. 412. 

PhllasYiis, ft, ttm, m. 

Quaeque Yn Adimantam, Phimsift regnft tenlntSm— Ov. Ih, 329. 

PhlttgYs, Ys,/. 

3U Pbi^Ys, an ChYdne. 

PhldgYtts, i, m. 

Autttlj^cum, PhlttgYumqu^ et DeYlftoQtft, s^cutos^F. F, v. 116. 

PU^eilB, fiOs, m. [/)tm.; 

V5cftt banc Phl^eus: hic versatur— <S^ Hip. 28. (Amp. 

Ph6bet6r, 0rYs, m. [640. 

lilioc IcCldQ sllp^rf, m&TtftU^ Phdbetttrft rulgttsr— Ov. A- xi. 
263 %. 

Phoctt, s,/ [Apfisa. 

Code mi fSffiaa ftriiit, St aftnttdi PhSen— F. Cir, 909. See 

PhSca^, ft, tim, adj. 

NOUft sXt hSc pUmr BCnteotirft Phdcaeoriiin— ^or. ^. xvi. 1?. 

Phdcttkiis, ft, ttm, adf, 

PhocftTcas Amphisstt mftnCis, 8cfip<ildsftquS Cirrhft, Luc. iii. 172. 

PhocftYs, Ydte,/. adj. 

PhocftYs in dttbYiB atlsa est f^rvarS jttventus — Luc. iii. 301. 

Phoce, §8,/. [389. 

BLespYcYt In ttUnYdam Phocen ftb ApoUTnS versi — Ov. M. vii. 

Phoceus, Sds, m. 

fix¥m¥u6 Phoceiis, ftnJmam servarft s&b undis — Lue. iii. 697* 

Phocetts, ft, &m, <k^'. 

Adfbit Insano jiivSnis Phdcetts Orests : Ov. P. 2. iii. 46. 


Sepftrftt A5nYds Aotaeis PhocYs ftb arvis, Ov. M. i. 313. 
£t p5st translatas exustae PhocidSs arces, Luc. iiL 340. 

Phoctis, 1, m. 

ExcYpYt ^ftcYdes illos in iTrntng Phdciis : Ov.M.y^ 668. 

Phcebfts, ftdtfs,/. 

Servft MjFcenseo Phoebfts ftmatft diici. Ov. A. 2. viii. 12. 

— — — — artus 

PhoebftdSs Tnrupit Paean ; mentemquS prYorSm — Luc, v. 167- 

Phoebe, is,/. 

AugdrYbus Phoebus, Phoebe venantYbtts adsYt : Ov. A.Z. ii. 51. 

PhoebeYiis, ft, iim, adj. [642. 

Quam cSlftt, explorant, jilv^nis PhoebeYtis, firbSm : Ov. M. xv. 

Statins, in the following line, makes it a trisyllable : 
Solennes r^Slunt Spiilae, PhoebeiftquS placftt— .9^. T. i. 66?. 

Phoebeiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Arg5lYci clj^pSi aut Phoebeae lampftdYs instftr. K M. iii. 637* 
PhoebYcYtis, I, m. 

Nee rStYcebd sftnem ndmtnS PhoebYcYiim. Aus. Prof. x. 18. 

PhoebYg6nft, ae, m. [773. 

FOlmYnft PhoebYgftnam St^gYas detrusYt Yn undas. V. JE. vii. 

Phoebiis, I, m. [iii. 261. 

Quae Phoebo pfttSr omnYpdtens, mYhY Phoebiis Apolld — F, JE. 

PhcenTcSs, iim, m, 

Hac fidunt dticft noctiima Phoenicfis Yn alt5. Cic. N. Z). iL 41. 
ServaverS p5ld. PdpillTs PhoenicYbiis ei^o— ^t;. D. 106a 

PhoenTcYiim, i,/. [113. (L T.) 

Sese abducturum a me dSlTs PhoemcYilm. Plaut. Pt. 3. ii. 

PhoenTssft, ae,/. adj. and oriim, pi neut. 

Inter quas Phoenissft r^cens a viilnere Dido, F. AS. vi 450. 

Phoenix, icYs, tn. 

CustodSs lectl Phoenix et diriis Cllxes— F. ^. ii. 782. 
Quam sYmiil Ogj^gYi Phoenlcis fHYft Carme— F. ar. 220. 


Ci«88ilgena8Phfild§,g«iBftnquestU»m>Mii&tl. r.JS.T.286. 
Phdliis, T, m. [xii. 300. 

£t Ph5liis, et MSltoeus, H Abas pnedatttr ftprorttm: Oo. M. 
PhdoolSnYdes, ae, m. Pairon, [43S. 

JuncU, PhtfnolSniden a summo vert¥c£ freglt — Oo. Jfcf. xii. 
Phorbas, antra, m. 

Alt^us cdstisjttgttlo Phorbantis ftdactfis — Oo. Jf. ▼. 7& 
Phdrciis, i, m. 

TritonesquS cTti, Phdrcique exercYtJb omnls. F, ^. v. 824. 

Phorcynts, idtts,/. Patron, 

Squalebant lati PhorcynMds dr& Mfiduss. Xitcc. ix. 626. 

Phorcj^s, j^tts, m. [ol. Phorcus. 

Phdrc5^8 ftquu, Cetoqufi p&rens, ipsiequ^ sttrores — Zuc. ix. 646. 

Phorcj^s, yd8s,/. 

Pbdrcj^dlte, unius partitas lumlnls usfim. Ov. Hi. iv. 774. 

Ph5rmYo, onYs, m. 

Opptdo. Ad te sumin& solum, Phormlo, reriiro rMit Ter, 

Ph. 2. ii, 3. (Tr, Tet. cat.) 
Graeci, L&tini PhormTdnem nomYnant. Ter. Ph. ProL 27. 

a T,) 

PhAroneus, S^s, m, 

Cycldpum, magnique PhttronSds Inclj^tft ikm^—St. T, i. 252. 

Phdrdnei&s, &, ttm, o^;. 

IsY, Phdroneis quondam st&bfilat^ sttb antrls— <S^. 5. a ii. 101. 

PhdronYsJdtts,/. Patrmi. [668. 

Nee sUpSrum rector m2Uil tantft PhdronYdtfs ultra — Ov, M. i. 

Phosphdrds, i, m. [Dim.) 

Coglt nitidum PhdsphSrtts agmen : Sen. H. F. 12& (Anap. 

Phr&ates, ae, m. 

Redditum CyrT sfiKo PhraatSn— Hor. 2. C. ii. 17. (Sapph.) 

Phradmdn, OnTs, m. 

Nee Ptflj^eletea, nee Phradm^nYs, aQt AgSlada. Col. 30. 

Phrixeiis or Pbrixiis. See Pbryxeus or Phryxus. 

PbrdnesYtlm, i,/. 

Hie hflbMt miiUer nomlnS quae est PhrdnesTiira. Plaut. True. 

ProL 12. (I. T.) 
Phrontifs, Ys, m. [461. 

DisttilSrant sed belUi tfiros : tum PhrontYs ^t Argfis— K./*. v. 

Phruri, oriim, m. [934. 

Sunt Tttch&ri, PhruriquS traces, £t IfnhospM SerSs— ^v. D. 

Phrj^gSs, tim, in. 

Hae Pbrj^g^, Instaret eurrfi eristatt&s AehiUes. V. M. i. 468. 

PhrygYa, ae,/. 

DanUniis Idasas Phrj^gYae pSn^trarYt &d urbes, V. JE. vii. 207. 

Phrj^gms; ft, <im, a^. [618. 

A]ra& Venus Phrj^gTi gSniiit SimdentYs ftd undftm ? V. JE. i. 
AspYcYes victriz Pbrj^giarOm fua&r& matrflm ? iSt ^. i. 86. 
255 z2 


Phryne, es,/. 

. LeoK nfeAt mfatfira*! Fliffynlk llMa^iitf tl^^ 

Phryz, gis, and g5s, m. [itvi 281. 

Phryx *tYam Anchises, vdlficriim cuT mStSr Amdrttm — 0». H. 
In Fbrj^g& nee S&tj^rum taUs Olympt^ «r&U Qv. P. 3. iii..48. 

Ptiryxetts, a, tim, (Mgy'. 

AurSii Phryxes tergH rSvellYt 5v¥s. Ov, H. ti. 104. 

Phryxiis, T, to. 

Phryxiis, iit aliggri Circen rJlptler« dracones. F. F. vil. 150. 

Phthia, ae, /. or Phthie, es, /. __ [284. 

Quum dSmils Assftr&cl Phthiam clarasquS Mjfcenas — V. JS. i. 
Apttor PthTe, mSltSrqug foetfi. Sen, tr, 820. (Sapph.) 

Phthtas, adts,/ [166. 

Non SgS sum Pthias', magnlsve 5riunda Mj^cenis : Ov. H. vii. 

Phthioffei tim^ TO* 

PbtKlotum terris occuluissS f^runt. Ov, A. 3. vi. 32. 

PhthiOtydttr a, iim» o^F* 

IMsirltur ScfroB : Iinquunt Phthiotica Tempe, Cat. Ixiv. Sd 

Phthifis, a, ttm, «k(;. 

Quam sin^ me Phthifs canescant squdra remia, Ov. U* issu 65l 

PiiyScSs, sCy tti. 

Nee vineet ssevum Cyclops f^rlftatS Phj^aJOcn : Oi^. P. 4 X. ^. 

P^ycuns, untis, to. 

ImpiilYt, ac saevas mMtum PhycuntaHlpinas — ^£fM?> ix. 40. 

Phjflace, es,/ 

^s5n!des ; fessura Phj^iace quern misSrat aevo — F. F, i. 474. 

Ph3^iaceJs,id»s,/ arf/ 

Cdnv^nTunt matres PhylaceldSs, et mihi clam«nt, Ot>. H* xiii. 

3d. a^. Phylleides. 
Phj^laceYtis, a, ttm, a<f;. 

Ot vivat fama cdnjCbc Pfaf laoiKft, t%%s^-^Ov, T. 5. xiv. 39. 

Fhyleus, ^5s, to. 

Phylea, falcato ChrOmtn et Cr«m«ta5na curru— ,». T. viL 712. 
Phj^lYrSs, ttm, m. 

Macre&es, Phj^lirSsque, et pernix DuratSOm gens. Av, Z). 946. 

Phyllactdes, sb, to. Patron, 

Tristia PhyliacidsB Thersites fun«ra vTdit : Ov. A. 2. vi. 41. 

Pbylle!8,id5s,/. a4;. 

ConvSnTunt matres PhylleYdSs, et mibT clafnant, Oo. H. xiii. 

36. ofc Pli|f laeeides.* 
PfafUeYilB, a, tim, aif, [783. 

Nee tibi turp£ piita crlnem, Qt Phylleia matCr — Ov, An A, iii. 

Phfllea8,«tt8,TO. [uul75>' 

Phyliea; sanguinSumqua lavant Acamanta siSrdres. St, T, 

Phylletts, a, ttm, ndj, 

Nadiqu« PhyUil jttvanls fildt firi tttiSsaa. Ov. if. xii. 479. 


PhyUYs, Ydte,/. 

PhyUIt AveatiiMe qiUBdam est vicinft DUln«, Prop. 4. viii. 29. 

PhyllYd& mitte mYhi, m«fis est natalYs, Idlla. F, B, iii. 76. 

PI PhylUdas, HypsYp^las, vatum et pl6rabil« siquYd— Per*, i. 

PhyUYtts, T, m. [372. 

Quse sttbYtOs c«l«brSvYt 5]5r. Nam PhyUYfis HIic- Or. M. vii. 

Phyll5d5ce, es,/. [336. 

Drymoqug, XauthoquS, LYgeftquS, Phyll5d»ceque, F. G. iv. 
Phyll5e, I,/. 

AptYSr armentis MYd«a, pecflrosHque PhyUds, St. T, iv. 45. 

PYcaniis, T, m. 

Ac vSliiti summo venator densH PYcano — Sil. iv. 302. 

PTcenae, &r&iii,/. l(Spond.) 

Nee rOgdsarum vimen brfivS Picenariim ; Mart, 4. Ixxxix. 7* 

Picens, tYs, m. 

Itiir fid Atiiden. Turn Plcens, AccYp^, dixYt, Juv, iv. 66. 

Picentes, lim, m. 

Pnmse Picentum, ruptd ceu turbinS fusfi — SiL v. 208. 

PicentYft, at,/, 

LeucttsYse e sc5pfilis, nee quern PicentYfi Psstd — Sil. viii. 678. 
Picentiiitts, i, m. 

PTcentinS : sSqui vult, piittt, Galli, vYros. Mart. 9. Ixxix. 2. 

Picentlni&s, ft, iim, adj, 

Picentinfi CSres nYvSo sic nectftrS crescYt, Mart. 13. xlvij. 1. 

Piceniiin, i, n. 

— — — nSmSrosI maxYmfi cernes 

CulmYnft PiceiiT. C5mft largT palmYtYs illlnc— .^v. D. 500. 

PTcenOs, ft, iim, adJ, [272. 

Quid ? cum Picenis excerpens semYnft pomis, Hor, 2. S. iii. 

PfctavYcfis, ft, iim, adf, 

Imag5 Run rhet6ris PictavYcI. Aut, K li. 2. (I, T,) 

PTcti» drtim, m. or Picttts, i, m. 

MitYttr; aut fracto securft BrYtannYft Plcto. Claud, But, i. 393. 

OrcftdSs. IncftltUt Pictdriim sanguYofi Thule. Claud, 4. Con, 

Hon. 32. 
PfctSn^s, iim, m. 

PictdnSs immunes sttbYgunt stlft rQrft ; n^c ultra— -Ztic. i. 436. 

Pict6nYcii8, ft, ttm, adj, [36. 

£t que PTctttnYci l^Yt acc6lft iTtftrYs: et quae — Aut, Epis. ix. 

Piciis, T, m, 

Pici&s Yn AusdnHs, proles SatOrnYft, terris— Ov. M, xiv. 320. 

PiftrYdCs, ttm,/. or PifirYs, Yd6s./. 

Imp«ti&s? Ct tftcttl, PierYs 5rsft Idqui. Ov. F, iv. 222. 
PlftrYdes, vYti&lam lectdri pascYtS vestrd. F, B, iii. 85. 

nSrYtts, ft, i&m, adj, 

CarmYnS Pi£rYd r&tYonem ezpdnSrS nostrftm. Lucr, i. 945. 
PT«r5s, T, m. 

PY«rte has g«nttlt Pellsels dfv«8 tn arvis. Ou, M, v. 302. 
267 z3 


Pr«tia, ads,/. 

ATflrsicoIiflMilta pirtiflUlbit^ifif. T. n. 468. 

Pilamntts, t, m. 

Cut PUamntts Mis, cut d!til VenllTft natSr. ^. iE x. 76. 

PunpleA, ae,/. 

Piiapleft dfllcM { id 8)(iiK a nO^— Ar. I. Cuvia r<^. ^^.>) 


81 rYgttim teds rfldSlls PunplSldft M fi^ Aus. £fdt. iiv« 9. 

PTmpletts, &, ftm, a4/' 

C^jtis Pimpled Ij^t clarYttr exit ftb intro ? JlaK. 12. xi. 3. 

PfnarYi&s, ft, iim, adj. 

£t ddmiU HcrctUet custds PfDartt sacn—r. ufi. viiL 270. 

PioftrOs, i, m. 

P^ftmils hfc undis, bic TdWit PlnftrOs 8eqii5r. 4v. A. 1031. 
Per Idngum P^rftmus spfttmm PlnftrusquS vSluti. Pris. P. 81&. 

PindftrVciis, ft, ttm, adj* 

PindftrYcae ndYcen tu qudquS, RufS, Ij^. Ov. P. 4. xvi. 28. 

Pindftrte, s, m. 

— — — rttit prttfundo 
Pindftrtts 6r6. Hor, 4. C. ii. a (JdonicJ 

PTndiis, T, m. [482. 

Pindiis ftgft frSmTtus, PangsftquS saxft resultant. Lite. vii. 

Plnnft, ae, /. 

Quee, FiscellS, tiias arces, PinnamquS vTrentSm — Sil. vui. 517. 

PinthYft, as, m. 

Obi rex Agftthtfcles regnator fttTt, «t it«rum PTnfhM. Plaut. 
Men. 2. ifi. 58. (Tr. Tet. cat.) 

Pirseus, S^ m. or Pirseiim, 1, n. or Pirsiis, I, 01. 

Munj^cMa, et tr^pYdis stftbtlein PirseSft nauds, St, T. xii. 616. 
Heri ftlYqudt ttdmescenti&lT otfimlis in Pirseeo— 7er. Eun. 3. 

rr. 1 , (L Tet. acmUj 
E^saOs cOrvis £ liUMbus Pinel, Cat faciv. 74. (Sfttrnd.) 

Pirstts, ft, iim, adj. 

CecrdpYos intrat, Plreft^ tUttrft tangft. Ov. M. vi. 446. 

Pirene, €s,/. 

Pfrene, largds ptttYdr mYhY gurgSs Yn haustus — St. S, i. iv. 2?. 

PlrenYs, Idds,/. adj. 

Tandem vlper^s £phj^ren PlrenYdft pennis — Ov. M. vii. 391. 

Plrltbl(d<i, T, m. 

£t cum PirYtb0d felix concordYft Theseus, Ov. M. viii 383. 

Pl8ft,aB,/. [494. 

Pisft mYhi pfttrYa est ; et ftb £IYd« ducYmfis drtiim. Ov. M, v. 

PTsae, arfim,/. 

Ipse vfihor Pisas, qua sfilSt irS pgdfis. Rutil. i. 560. 
Pisarum empiJrYo, dlvitiisque mftrYs. 532. 

Pisfleiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Ah quam psme Peiops Piaca cdncY^ hftstft, Omu A. A. a ii. 15. 


Pisander, dri, m. [H. i §1, 

Om tyb! Pisfliulffim, ra|ljfimqii«» MMintaquidir&i^Ov. 

Pisanlis, ft, i&m, adj. 

Inter P&aaam CyrnfiicfittqDriS tttiis. Aifti. L £16. 

PYsaurtiiii, I, n. 

Fteterquara isC^ tilns m&rYbunda & tSde FKsaun— OU. lxxxi.3. 

PiscYs, Ys, m. or Pisces, Tiim, m. 

AiU Sftdem sidus ftLglens «M PTscis ftqoon, K O, iv. 294. 
Qaid mCvSaot Pisces, ftnYmosftquS sTgnft LSonYs. Prop, 4. i. 87- 
AndrdmSdae sldus sSquttur, qus, PiscYbiis ortis — Mbh. ▼. Ate. 

Pisen5r, ttrYs, m. [303. 

Dexteriorg MSdon, et cum PTsenSrg Thaumas : Ov. M, xii. 

Pisidft, se, m. or Pisids, ariim, m. 

TQtn Pislda ftrox exSrcet plnguYa cultH. Av. D. 1023. 
FlnYbiis dbllquTs Lydi Pisidfleque {^roces^eiawi. EuU ii. 941. 

Pislstrftttts, 1, m, 

Arcem tj^rannus occtipat nslstr&tiis. Pkad. 1. ii. 6. (L t.) 

Piso, onts, m. ^ 

A SSn^a, quae Pis5 bdnus, quae Cdtt& stflSb&t — Jw. r. 109. 
Credits, Hsones, iati titbttlae Air« Jibrfim--Hor. A, P. 6. 

Pfottfclertts, u m. 

Pro ]>u Irainpct&leB ! Pisttfderum oonipiotfr. PlauL Bac. 2. 

iii. 4. (I. nj 
PYULue, es, and s, /. 

JEm&m PYtanen & laeva parts rfifinquTt, 0». Jif. vii. 369. 
PlthecYttm, I,/. 

Hic appootte, atque ftbite Kb JSciUls : eiio Pitheclum. Plaut. 
Tntc. 2. V. 24. (Trteh. T^tr, cat.) 
PYthecusft, ae,/. 

Colls PYthecusas, hftbYtantum ndmYnS dictas. 6v. M. xiv. 90. 

Pitho, us,/. 

— — — candYda Pitho. 

PTthttlSon, tYs, m. 

DiffYcYle et nanrum, Rh«dYd quod PitbtflSonfi— /Tor. 1. S. x. 22. 

Pittftci&s, 1, m. 

Si quYs AiistdtSlem sYmilem vel Pittficdo emit — Jun, ii. 6. 

PittheYs, Ydtts,/. Patron. 

NSc pfitSr est iEgeus ; nSc tu Pittheldtts JSthrae 
FilYils— Ow. H. X. 131. 

PTttheYiis, &, fim, adj. 

Hic tecam Troezenft cdlam, Pittheift regoft: Ov. H. iv. 107. 

Pittbeiis, ft, dm, adj. 

Pittheam prdfbgo curru Troezenft pStebftm ; Ov. H. xv. 60G 

PYtyft, an J. [623. 

£xsiipSrant PYtj^amquS vftdis, transmlssftquS puppi — V. F. ii. 


PYtj^use, St indS profSrunt sese insttlae— ^«. O. JIT. 470. (I.T.) 

PYiis, ¥, m. 

TranqulUiquS PH, beUatoresque SSvSri. Oaud. C. jET. 421. 

P L A— P L E 

PliointiOl, c,/. 

GSrtavH MttUMe qolMitll Pl&s2ntf& MU5 : 5!2. vni. 691. 

PlKcYdeOnttt, T. m. 

Aut PilcIdeiSni, cdntSntd popUtK murtfr— Hor. 2. S. vU. 9?. 

Pliuctts, i, m. 

MdUi, PUndl» merd ; sea te fulgent!& sigaa—Hor. 1. C. vii.l9. 


Obs^crd, P]ftn6«Ium, et te, PhsedrSme, auxYlTum ut fSras. 

Plaut, Cur. 5. iii. 18. (Tr. Tetr. cat,) 

PUtairlfddrtte, i, m. [(L T.) 

Ab TherftpdntYgtfno PlfttftgYddro mllite. PlauU Cur, iii. 38. 

ThSrftpdntlgttnus Pl&tigYdorus plurYmftm— 60. 

Plfttaese, artim,/. 

NiiDt^t SxcttbHs vYgnes arsIssS Plfttsas. St. T, iv. 373. 

PUt&mon, onYs, m. 

Caesprte dorsii trihens In Nysssum PlftUimda&. ^e. D. 92?. 

PUt£&, IB,/. 

fit flSrro Plfttam silo s5nantem, itfar^. 4. Iv. 13. (Phal.) 

PUtenliis, &, ilm, adj. [(I. T.) 

S«aex ttbi hftMtat PSrYphtoes PlfttenTiis. Plant Epid, S. iv. 2. 

PUto, onYs, m. [11. 

Qu5ratlm pertTnttit stiparS Pltttdn& MSnandrS ? Hw, 2. 51 iii. 

PlfttSnYciis, &, iim, a4;. [^7. 7.; 

Medics v«l artis, dogmH vel PUtonYc&m. Jus, Prrf, xxvi. 5. 

Plautiniis, &, fim, oi^*. 

At veatri pr5ftvi Plautinos et niimeros H—Hor, A, P, 270. 
AQt p&rftsitdrum cdllegTft Plautinoriim. Aut. Epis, ix. 46. 

Plaatlfis, i, m. [685. 

Plautttts, ut possent specie niimSrdquS sSnattim — Ov, F. vi. 

Plauttts, I, m. [L 58. 

Plafiti&s, Hd exemplar STctlli prdpSrare £p¥charinT ; Hor, 2. E. 

Pleifts, i&dtts, /. or PleJis, ftdftg, /. or Plettdfts, to, /. or Pliils, 

Pleiite, 8t Ocfiftm spretos p6d« reppfiUt amnis. K G. iv. 233. 
Pleilis Snixa est ; letoqu^ dSt, TmpSr&t, Argiim. Ov. M. i. 

fixercfit AQster, Pleftdum ch5ro— fibr. 4. C. xiv. 21. (Gr. 

Pli&dft, si quseras, In ndstra gent^, JdvemquS — Ov. H. xvi 

Haec per St ^geas hj^Smes, Plllldumque nYvostim— ^. S. 1. 

iii. 95. 
PlSWnS, es;/. - 

Atlantis magni PleI5nlsqufi nSpos. Ov. H. xvi. 62. 
Plemlnltts, T, m. 

Piemlnius ssvum mucronem ante orft c5ruscat, Sil, xvii. 458. 
Plemmj^Tttm, I, n. 

Plemmj^rlum iindosuin : nomen dlxerS prYores 
Ort^gYam— r. ^. iii. 693. 

BDB— »(E1. 

Pleurdn, onis, /*. 

Vfi^nfoPleSroillAftiilciiDlVat aeiLTr.99Sk (Skppk.) 
AgmXnft, nunc mcestae fundens Pleurdnis ftlumnds— 'jS^ J* viiu 


Pleur5nia, »,/. 

Nee me ndn dignum tYttlld PleurdnKft credit : Atu. Ep, 1; 

PleufonTtts, &, dm, adj, 

Tallfbtis Tnvitain VSnSrem PleuronYtis Acmon — Ov, M. xiy. 494. 

Pleusldes, as, m. 

C^hYbete Intra lirafin fitiam yos pKrftmper, PleilsId6B**-Pld«^. 
Jl/f^. 3. i. 1. (TrocK Tet cat,) 
PleiisYdippuSi i, m. 

Nunc 81 me ftdtllescens PleusYdippus vidSrit — Plaut. IL 2. vi. 

70. (LT.) 
Plextppiis, 1, 971. 

PectSra PlexippT, nfl tal« timentift, ferro. Op. Af. Tiii. 440. 

PlTniiis, 1, m. 

Pllnitls, ut inemdrat, sumti jtlvSt imbSr ftceti. Samm, xlvii. 22. 

PllBthgnes, 18, m. [f/. T.) 

Tunc lile &d aras PlisthSnem sapvus trfthlt. 5^ r^.726. 

PliBthSnYdes, bs, tn. Patron. 

FeHx Plisth6Am§,4iiacum^tte in «ort&aii8«— iSioA. l/ii; Pen. 107. 

PlfsthdnYiis, H, iim, adj, 

Illam PliBthdbid gaudlfft i%jrre tOra. 0«. JK. wf. 778. . . 

Plotae, ariim,/. 

QttSs septSm ndmSro p«rbn>ent cogrndtoTn^ Pl«tfe. jPHtf.Pt476. 

PlotiK, ae,/. 

Calvo Plotia cum Maanthi6n«. Jlfarf. 10. Ixvii. 7. ^Pfclt:; ' 

Pl5t)fiis, T, m. 

Plotlfis, et Varfus, Maecenas, Virgtl!usqug, Hor, I. S, x. 81. 

Pluto, nYs, m. or Pluton, onis, in. 

OdTt H Tp8« pater PiutdUj 5der« eSrores— r. ^. vH. 327* 
Plutona tauris, qui t^r ampliim — Hor, 2. C. xiv. 7* ("/. Arch* D, J 

PlutontUs, a, iim, o^;. [^ifrcA. ifep<.; 

JEl d5mtts Sxllis Plutonta, quo sYmul m^aris, H<n; 1. C, iv. 17- 

PldtiiB, I, m 

V«nY€nt« PlutB, qui Fortunae est flKiis. Phad. 4.^il 6. (I. T.) 

Pddaetiis, I, m, 

Sicania ^dlYden portabant trgnstra P5dcetttm. Sil xiv. 492. 

PMalirTtts, I, m. [735. 

QuantiiB apad DanXos PMaitrYiis ^^ mSdendi, Ov'A. A, iL 

PM&rces, Ys, ro. [466. 

HTppddamas, varVumque TMas rttgftt !t« PMiroCn. A. T. ▼!. 

Poeantfadis, ae, i». Pa^on. [8!8. 

Nee PoeantYad§n quM habet VukanYa L€m»»s— Ov. iC' xiii. 

PoeantYiis, a, i&m, a<2;. 

Hdrtator sc^^rOm, n5n te, PoeftntYa prOlSa— dp. JIf. xiii. 45. 


PcBit, intifs, M. 

Quern tfint P«i«, hftinfiriiqiitl t&Jk^SttuH. 0. 1604. (Sapph,) 

PoBmSDYs, Is,/. 

Pceraenlfi, et nafis cttmltata Uarpyi& dttobtts. Ov, M. iiL 215. 


Raro antecedentem scelestum 

Des^riilt p«de Pcenft claudo. ^or. 3. C. il 32. (Less, Ale, J 

Poenlctts, ft, ttm, o^f * 

SI nondum Insultat templdrum PoenYciis ignis 
C&lmYnibus— 5t/. i. 602. 

Poeni&s, i, m. IQiL 83. 

Pcenils, ^t fttttfnltie jam proxYmtis HannYbftl urln ? Claud, B, 

PcenliSi ft, dm, adj, 

PftllYdiift attfinYtofi ad Pcenft mftpalYft pastdr— ifar^ 8. Iv. 3. 

PdMmdn, onYsi m. 

Miitatus PttlftmSn ? ponas insTgnYft morbi— iTbr. 2. S, i!i. 254. 

Ptflites, ffi, m. 

ficce autem elapsus Pyrrhi de csede P5lites— K. J?, ii. 526. 


Lucanum pttpttlTs, et tibY, PoUft, dSdYt. Mart. 7. xxi. 2. 

PollentYft, »,/. 

cftl«brandft mYhl cunctis, PollentYft, sttclis I CI B, Get, 635. 

PollSntinils, ft, Urn, adj, 

Seu PdUentlnog mgnisaent flOmYnft saltOs ; St. S, 2. vi. 63. 

PdUY«, onYs, m. 

£t coDsmenti, PoUitt, curYae, Hor, 2. C. L 14. rCV. ^/c.J 
Non credis mihY ? Crede Pollioni. Cat, xii. 6. fPAoA; 


In Prdciilas et Pollitas ? £st moechft Fftbullft: Juv, ii 68. 

P511Y&8, 1, m. 

AltYOs immersa turbavit PdllYiis urna, St, S, 2. ii. 40. 

Polliices, Ys, m. or Pollux, ucYs, m. 

Castor, Pdlluces, Mars, MerciirYiis, Herctiles. Plant. Bac. 4. 

viil 63. (L T,) 
QualYs et Eurotae Pollux et Cast5r ftrents— Prt^). 3. iv. I7. 
PdUucem pi^es, Castttrft placSt SquSs. Ov, A. 3. ii. 54. 

Pttlj^btts, I, m, i(L T.) 

PfttrYum: quYetem Pttlj^biis steraam obtYnSt. Sen, (Edip, 785. 

Pttlj^carmiis, 1, m. 

Quod Caletano reddis, P5Ij^carmS, tftbellas — Mart, 8. xxxvii. 1. 

Pdlj^cleteiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Qudd Pdlj^clStSis juasmn est spiral^ cftminls, St, S. 4. vi. 28. 

Ptflfcletiis, 1, m. 

PhidYftcum vivSbfttebiir, nee non P6lfc^G^Jm. viii. 108. 

PMj^dsmdn, dnSs, m. 

lodS S£mirftmYd Pttlj^dsemdnft sanguYnft cretttm — Ov, M, v. 85. 
Polj^dftroanteiis, ft, iim, adj, 

Polj^dftmanteiB jttvftnis PftdYanfis Yn armis— ^t^ xii 213. 


PoljfdSinas, antTs, m. [xii. 547* 

SSd ni^quS DeYphSbfim, nee PoljPdilmSntX, n^ipsfim—Oi;. M. 

Pfilj^dectes, s, t». 

TS t&nen, 5 p&rvs rector, P5lj^decttt, SSriphT, Ov. ilf. v. 242. 

Pttlj^doretts, &, i&m, adj. 

£t P5lj^ddred manantem sangfuYnS terrftm — Ov. Af. xiii. 629. 

PSlj^doH&s, I, m. 

Nam Pttlj^dortis ^%o. Hic conflxum ferrga texlt— f . J5. iii. 46. 

P5Ij^git5n, ttnYs, m. 

Pdlygiiim, T, n. 

lermarum In s51Yd si quis P5ljfgit5nft vidYt — Axis. E. cviit. 1. 

im, T, n. 
'SntilsquS censu civYtas PfilygYum est. Av, 0. M. 611. (I. T.) 

P5iyhymna, «, /. [ Tet. Aselep. J 

Euterpe c5hn)et, nee F6\fhymnU-'Hor, 1. C. i. 33. f Cfeor. 

PtflfmXchierfiplacKdes, s, m. [('Z. T.; 

Conscribtam mittit Pdlj^m2lchaerdplac¥de8. Plant. Ps, 4. ii. 42. 

P5l)^mS8t»r, drifs, m. 

Vadit &d artTfYcem dlr» Pdlj^mestdrtt caedYs, Ov. if. sdii. 551. 

Pfilj^mnSYtt, s,/ 5ipe Polyhymnia. 

PSlj^nices, \b, m. 

Yuln^YbOs, non lUS minis Ptflj^nicTs, St Ira— 5i(. T. iv. 114. 

Pdlj^emon, SnYs, m. 

Innixamque nttvis neptem P5]jfpem5n!8 alts. O0. M, vii. 401. 

Pdiyphemiis, T, m. [115. 

Nee t&mSn TEtnsus vasto Pdlj^hemi&s Yn antro—Ov. P. 2. ii. 
Pascentem SYcfilas aut Pttlj^hem5n 5ves. Mart, 4 xlix. 6. 

Pdljpphoetes, s, m. 

Tres AntSnttrYdas, CerSrlqug sfterom Pdlj^hceten, K ^.yL484. 

Pfilytes, ae, m. 

Sorts siimus lecti : sors me, fIdumquS P5lyten — Ov. M, xiv. 351 • 

P51 jKimtLs, 1, III. 

Noltteram, Pttlj^time, tttos vYtflarS c&piUds: MarU 12.1xxxv. 1. 

P5lyxgna, 8B»/. or Pfilyxgne, es,/. 

Placet Achnieos mactatft PSlyxSnft manes. Ov. M, xiii. 448. 
Ptflyxgne mYsSranda, quam tradi sYbi— ^en. Tr. 946. (L T.) 

PdlyxSnYtis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Altft P5lyx£nYa mftdSHent eaede sSpOlcrft; CaU Ixiv. 369. 

P5lyx6, us,/. 

Cum sttbYto horrendas aevi maturU Pttlyzo— 5^ T. y. 90. 

PometYi, oH&m, m. [770* 

PSmStlds, CSstrumque Xnfii, Bolamqu^ CtframquS, V. M. vi. 

Pomonii, SB,/. r«2S. 

Rege attb hoc Pomdnft mit: qud nolltt Lftfinaa— Ov. ilf. xiv. 

Pompeiani&s, &, iim, a^/. 

Pdmpeianii rSam clafiseriint sTgnft MYlonSm. Luc. i. 323. 

factam PompiUils h&bet, Faustina : Ifigetttr — Mart, 6Jx. 1 


P6mpeltt8, 1, m. and PompeYiis, 1^191. 

Pdmpti, m«orum prim« tttdiliibB. Bor, 2 C vii 5. ('Or. Ale.) 

AccYpS, Pompei, deductum carman &b Hid, Ov. P. 4. i I. 

P/. PdmpeTi c5mitantiir, et C&tones. ^/. ^S. 2. vii. 115. (Phal.) 

Pompeiiis, ft, tini, a^/. 

rrdtYndjB inde ddmus vobls Porope^ pStatfir : Ov. P. 4. v. 9. 

PompYlitis, T, m. 

PdmpilYus menses senslft ftbess^ dttos. Ov, F, iii. 152. 

Pompmi&s, ft, am, adj. [292. 

PompTIius sanguis, carmen rSprfiliendttS, qudd n5n — Hor.A.P. 

PompiUft, SB, /. 

Bmtas Iftcernas munils essS PompHIae — Mart 4. Ixi. 5. (Seaz.) 

PompilDis, i, m. 

Pompontft, SB,/. 

Astabat fcecundft Jdvis Pomponift furtS. Sit. xiii. 615. 

PdmpdnYtis, 1, m. [iv. 52. 

Ndctem cum f&cibus. NumquTd Pdmp5n!tts Tstfs — Hor, 1. S. 

Pomptiniis, ft, iira, adj. 

Et qua Pomptinas vYft divYd¥t adft pftlades. Luc. iii. 85. 

P5ntYft, 8B,/. 

Nos titlnam vftnl! sed clamSt Pdntm, F§cT. Juo. ri. 6S8. 

PontYctts, 1, m. 

PontYciis, faerdo, Bistfis quSquS claHU Yttnbo. Ov. T. 4. x. 47. 

PdlitYciis, ft, ttm, adj. 

AspYcYat vultus P6mYcft terrft m«ds. Ov. T. 1. iii. 94. 

PofitYIYaniis, T, m. 

Sic Mt seternum, PontYlYanS, vftle. Mart. 6. Ixyi. 2. 

PSntYiis,!, w. [103. 

AgnoscIsnS ttiam, Pdnti duIcTssimfi, culpftm ? Am. Epis, xxiv. 

Pdnttts, T) i». 

Pontiis, £t ostrif^rl fauces tentantt&r Abydl. F. O. i, 297* 

P5pllo5lft, ee, m. 

PdplYc6la, ingentis YfilSsI Spartanft prdpSffd. Sil. ii. 8. 
PL Pr»mYft Messalis maxYmft P5plic51Is. K Cat. xi. 40. 

Poppseft, ae,/. 

Pdppaeft nato junctft, quas vindex mftniis — Sen. Oct, 696. (LT.) 

Poppmnils, ft, tim, adj^ 

Panfi tiimet f&ciSs aut pinguYft Pdppseanft — Juv. vi. 462. (Sp.) 


SixcentOs illl d^dSrat P5ptildnYft mfttSr. V. M. x. 172. 

PdrcYft, 8B,/. 

Cdn}ikgY« aadffiset (atfim cam PdrcYft ^rfitl, Mart. 1. xliit. 1. 

PdreYtts, T, m. [^. 

NomSntanfis ftrat sftpfe Ipsum, Pdrdffis rniri. £Ibr. S. & viii. 
Porph^rYon, onYs, m. 

£t nomen prfisinl PScphj^rYonYs hftl>ftt Mart. 13. Uxviii. 2. 


Porrimft, »,/. 

Porrim& placintur PSstrertilqu^, sivfi sdrdres— Ov. F. i. 633. 

PorsenS, ae, m. 

Necnon TarquYnYum ejectum Porsenft jtibebSt — K-<E.viii.646. 

Minacts aut fitrusca PorsSnae mftniis. Hor, Ep. xvi. 4. (I. 

IT, pur,) 
PortunCis, i, m. 

£t p&t£r ipsS m&nu magna Portuniis SuntSin — V. ^, v. 241. 

Poriis, I, m. [i. 268. 

Portis Alexandre, Memnon prostratiis Achilli. Claud. 1. C.S. 

Pfeides, s, 9n. 

Ot sp&dd vincebat CftpYtdM n5str& Pdsldes. Juv, xiv. 91. 

Pdsidiite, i, IB. 

£t P5sidi turres, et Daphnes dptim& tempe. Pris, P. 858. 

PostvertH, a, /. 

Porrimft placantur PostverUqug, sTvfi sfirores— Ot;. F. i. 633. 

Postiim^nOs, i, m. 

Mlsisti ante annds, PostiimianS, d.£c£m. Mart, 8. Ixxi. 2. 

Pdsttlmillil, SB,/. 

Et credit cui Postiimilla dlvfis— 3far/. 12. xlix. 3. rP^a'J 

PdstttmYtts, T, m. 

Sed de PostiimYo, et Cornell narrUt amdr£. Cat, Ixvii. 35. 

Posttimiis, 1, m. 

Postilmtts altSr £rit miranda conjiige Clysses ; Prop. 3. xii. 23. 

PdthTniis, i, m, 

Ausus Pdmpemm leto damnarg Pttthintis. Luc, viii. 483. 

Pftfitiiis, 1, m. 

Jamqu£ sHcerddtes primusqu^ PStititis ibant, V. M. viii. 281. 

PdtittiB, 1, m. 

Gratttldr et mfiltis, nemd, P5tTt«, t¥bi. Mart. 10. Ixx. 6. 

PotnTftdSs, tlm,/. adj. 

Potniades malra membra absumserS quadrigae. V. G. iii. 268. 

Prseneste, is,/, and n. [682. 

QuTque altum PraenestS virf, quTque arvS Gabinae — F. JE. vii. 
QuTs tlm^t, aut tYmiiit gSlida PraenestS ruiniim ? Juv, iii. 190. 

Praenestiniis, a, ttm, adj. 

Nee PraenestTnae Bindatdr def^it urb!s, F, £. vii. 678. 

PraetutYtis, a, t&m, c^. 

Turn qua vitifSros ddmitat PraetutTa pubes — Sil, xv. 568. 

PraxYtaies, ¥s, m, 

Praxtteiem Parlfa vindicat art« lapfc. Prop. 3. ix. 16. 

Priamefa, idfis, /. Patron, 

Summa diicum Atrides, visa PriameMS, ferttir — Ov. .<#. 1. x. 37. 

PriameKfts, a, dm, adj. 

Tolls ab armKf^ris PryameTtts hospISs Amyclis — Ov, A. A. ii. 5. 
265 A a 


PriftmYdes, s, m. Patron, 

PriftmYden H«l«nam Oralis regnai« pfir urb$8~> V. M, \xl 295. 
P/. Pri&mYde intrSmiiere mfitu. Turn plgn5r£ pacis— iSii/. 

xiii. 68. 
Cum inter sSpuItSs Pr!&mtdas nocte et mgro — Petr, Arb, 

Ixxxix. 66. (1. TJ 
Prtimtts, i, m. 

Occ¥d«rit ferro PrY&mua ? Troja arsSrit igni ? F. JS. iL 581. 

PrYapiis, I, m. 

Terrefit ut sseva falcS Priaptts ftves. Tt6. 1. i. la 

Prtene, es,/ 

Inter Miletum currgns latamqufi Prienen. Pris. P. J8S. 

Prteneus, gSs, m, adj, [(L T.) 

B¥as Prleneus dixit, ol irXecvroi kcucoL Aus, Sap, Lud. 11. 

Primtts, !, m. 

Quind^Yes actas Primiis OlympYftd&s. Mart. 10. xxiii. 2. 

Princeps, ipTs, w. 

fit indpleMt ingrfidi Princeps. t^m—Phad. 5.vii.l7. (I T.) 

Prion, onls, m. 

fit Ggticum Pnoni ftrit ; cftptit erTpit Auchi, V. F, vL 619. 

Priscnift, SBff, 

Hinc, Priscillft, tiid solatia grat& mfiritu— 5^ S, 5. i. a 

Prisctis, T, m. [IOl 

Cum tribiis anelllSi mddd laBva Prisciis inani — Hor. 2. S. vii. , 

Privernas, atis. adj. 

Sullft Ferentinis PrivernatumquS mftnlplis — SiL viii. 393. | 

Privernfim, i, n. 

Privemo antiqua MStftbus cum excedSr£t urbS— F.AS. xi. 540. 

Priverniis, i, m, [ix. 576 

Privemam CapjPs. Hunc piimo IMs hastfi TSmmae— f . JE. 

Pr«ba, ae,/. [192. 

' Sic Prtfbtt pnecYpild natos &E5m&t ftmictu. CUnuL iV. et OL 

Pr5bianiis, i, m, 

Pr5b¥an5que ac AnicYo. Aus. Epis, xvi. 84. (L Dim,) 

Prdbintis, i, m. • 

Prd PoUucS rttbens, pro CastSrS flamm& Prdbint. Claud, Pr. 

et OL 244. 

PrSbiis, I, m. [O/. 17a 

Quam Prdbt&s a nostro posslt discedSrS sensu. Claud, Pr. et • 

PrOcH, SBf m, or PrScas, ae, m, [14a 

In thftlftmds venerS Prttcae. Pr5cii nattis Yn IllTs — Ov, F. vi. , 
Proxtmiis m« Pr«cas, Trojanae glorW gentis, V, M, vi. 767. 

Prttch^^ta, SB,/, or Prttchj^te, es, f, [716. | 

Turn sSnltu Prttchj^ta alt& trgmit, durumqufi cttbil«-— r. M, ix. i 
Non Prfichyte, non ftrdentem sortit* T^phoea 

IniirlmS— iSt/. viii. 640. ' 

PrtJcaitts, T, m, ^ 

Cosnares h«dYe, Prttcni«, m§cttin. Mart, 1. xxviii. a (PhaL) 


Procne, es,/. 

Et m&nibOs Procne pSotfis tTgnatft crfiSntis. K O, iv. 15. 
Ad mandate PrScnes, fit ttgit sCA vdt& stib lUis. Ov. if. vl 46a 

ProcnessSs, i,/. or Prtfcttnestts, i,/. [34. 

Aur& vShIt: rSlTgant tonsas: veldquS Prficness^n — V.F.m. 
Ad B5r£am : saxIsquS rYget PrScdnesiis In Ilia. PrU» P. 566. 

Procrts, ts, anJ Ydfe, /. [708. 

PectttrS Prdcrls £rat, Prociis mihi semper In 5r6. Ov, M. vii. 
His Pbaedram ProcrinquS Idcis, moestamque £r¥pbylen, T. JE. 

vi. 446. 
Pasiphfies Minds In ProcridS prodidYt Ignes. Ov, IL A, 453. 

Procrustes, s, m. 

Cum fUSrlt Scyron lectus, torvusquS Prdcrustes, Ov, H. ii. 69. 

Pr5cttia, »,/. 

Lectiis Srat Codro PrScOla mindr, urcSdH sex — Juv, iii. 203. 

Pr«ciileia, 8B,/. [1. 

MensS ndv5 Jam vStfirem, Pr5ciileii(, mftrltt&m — Mart. 10. xli. 

PrtJctileltis, 1, m. 

Viv6t extentd Prttciileliis aevo, Hor. 2. C. ii. 5. (Sapph.) 

Prdci&Iinft, ae,/. 

Non nubis, Pr5cti]In&, sed Uteris. Mart. 6. xxiL 4 C^Ao/. j 

PrOctdtis, I, m. 

Sed Prdct&lus longa vSnYebat Juliiis Alba. Ov. F. ii. 499. 

Prdcj^on, onis, m. 

ObriiYtur PrScj^on, emergunt alit« lapsu. Cic. A, P. 472. 

ProetidSs, iim, adj./, 

• Prcetidgs implerunt falsis mugittbiis agros. F. B. vi. 48. 
HypsSil t Proetldes ; celsum fuder£ Br^&niA— St. T. viii 355. 
• Daughters of Proetus. f Gate of Thebes. 

Prceti&s, i, m. 

Ot Prcetum miUier perHdil crediUttin— i^or. 3. C. vii. 13. 

(Chor. Tet. Ascl) 

Progne, es,/. [187. 

Aut in Hvein Prdgne vertatur, Cadmiis Kn anguSm. Hor. A. P. 
Atque urbanS PrBgne : quae circum gramYn& fusse — Pet, Arb. 


Pr5metheus, ei, SI, and Sds, m. [AlcJ 

Fertur Prfimetheus addgrg principl — Hor. 1. C. xvi. 13. (Gr. 
CaucSslfasquS rSfert vttlticres, furtumquS Prdmethei. r. B. 

vi. 48. 
Sparsus crttdrS Cauc&sus Prdmethgl. Sen. Med. 709. (I. T.J 
O ftirtfr, hSmines, dlraequS Prdmetheds artes, St. T. xi. 468. 

PrOmetheiis, S, iim, adj. 

QnsequS Prdmethed sax& criidrS rtibent Ov, A. 2. xvi. 40. 

Prttmethides, se, m. Patron. 

Inde PrSmethldes pl&cYdis £pim§thYd& dlQtis— Ot;. M. i. 390. 

PrtfmSli&s, i, »n. [ix. 674. 

Turniis Itym, CldnlfQmquS, Dldxippiim, Prttm51umqufi— F./fi. 
267 Aa2 

P R O— P S E 

Promottts, T, m. 

RepiiHt, aut 8»Ta Promoti casdH tttmentes — Claud. 1. C. iS^i. 95. 

Pronsea, ae,/. [354. 

Namque et Pronaue NSmSsaeque adjat& mSatu — Jus. Ed. x. 

Prtfnesds. See Procnessos. 

PrSpertliis, T, m. [27- 

Has pono ante ti&am tYbY, divft, PrftpertTtte, eedfim. Prop. 2. xiv. 

Propoetidfo, ttm,/. 

An gentii88« v«]it Propcetidtts, abnttkt seque— Op. Jtf. x. 221. 

PrdpontYftcCiSy &, tlm, a<(/. 

Tolls, Pr6pdnti&ca qua fliiTt Isthmtts Squa, Prop. 3. xxii. 2. 

Pr5p6nti8,Yd5s,/. [257. 

JamquS grftvis Thracen, et Isevft Prttpontidtts Tntrftt — Ov. F. v. 

Proserpin&, ae,/. 

Nee repetit& sSqui curet ProserpYnil matrem, K G. i. 39. 

Quam psn£ furvae regn& PrttserpYnae, Hor. 2. C. xiii. 21 . (Gr, 

PrttsymnS, ae,/. 

£v61ftt : hinc celsae Junonis templft PrSsymns — St, T. i. 383. 

ProtftdttLs, 1, 971. 

Sed mM PrdtildYum vTsSrS curft Mt. RutiL i. 542. 

ProtenSr, drYs, m. [98. 

finsS jftcet Clj^mSni : PrdtenSrft perciilYt Hypseus : Ov, M. v. 

PrdtSsYlaetis, ft, iim, adj, 

ProtesYlaeam Ladd&mi& dtfmttm. Cat. Ixviii. 74. 

ProtSeilaiis, i, m. 

Jamqufi mSus Idnge PrdtSsYIaiis Srftt. Ov. fT. xiii. 16. 

Proteus, 5^, m. 

Haec Prdteus, §t se jacta dMYt 8»}udr Yn altdm. V. G. iv. 52& 
Qu5 ttoSam vultus mutantem ProtSft nodd ? Hor. \. E.'i, 90. 

PrdthYs, Ys, m. 

ProthYn, «t msTgnem cYthHra cantClqu* flftenti— F. F. iii. 168. 
Pr5th5&8, 1, m. 

PelYon regnum Prttthm stlperbiim— iS'im. Tr. 832. (Sapph.) 

PrdtSgSnes, is, m. 

Protdgfines filYquis, vel Diphilfis, aut Hermarciis. Juv. iii. 

[120. (Spond.J 
PrusYficiis, Hl, iim, adj. 

Donee Prusiftcas delatus segnYtSr oris — Sil. xiii. 888. 

Prj^t&nis, Ys, m. 

Alcandrumque, HftlYumquS, NOcmttnfique, Prj^t&mmquS, F. 

JE, ix. 767- 
Ps&m&the, es,/. 

Coeriiieam Peleus Psftmftthen, ut finYfit Trftm, Ov. M. xi. 398. 

PbScAs, JldYs,/. [494. 

Quid PsSctts admlsTt ? quaenam est hic culp& pilellae ? Juv. vi. 

PseudMtts, 1, m, [(L T.J 

Ut mYhY c&verem a Pseud^ servo sfio. Plaut, Pm. & xi. 109. 


PaopMs, idtfs,/. 

Osque stib Orohtfmtedn, Pa5plAdiqu«, CyllenSnque, Ov. M. 

V. 607. (Spond.) 
MighXtXds Idem arddr ttgros, et PsophYd& cels&m— .9#. T. iv. 

Psylli, orttm, m, or Psylltts, I, m, 

MarmttrYdse PsyllT, par linguft piStentYbiis herbis : Luc, ix. 693. 
Psyllfis hftbet, tactos si quls non horriiYt angues, 907- 
Psyllorumque ingens et rapti pugnft vSnenT. 924< 

Piel«dn, 1, n. or PtSl66s, i,/. [181. 

Quos Thr»n, et Pt«l«6n, Gfitfco quos flebtl« vatl^5^ T, iv. 
Quae tetlgit Phj^lSce, Pt«l66sque, et DorWn Ira— Jtwc. vi. 362. 

PtSrSUi, 86, «. or PtSrSlas, ae, w. 

PtSrSl& rex qui potitavit, quern figd in£a 5ccldi mftnu. P/au/. 
^mpA. 1. iii. 37. (Troch. Tetr, cat.) 
£t pedYbiis PtfirSlas, et nar^biis uims Agre. Ov. M, iii. 212. 

PtdlSmieeiis, &, ttm, a^f . 

£t PtdlSmaeese litt5r& capt& Phftrl. Prop, 2. i. 30. 

Pt51«inseii8, 1, m. [i. Gl. 

Tantft sequT? miles stilbiiKs PtSlSmstts in \\\\%— Claud. Eui. 

PL Cum Pt5lSmsedrum manes, sSrYemqu^ ptidendSm — Luc, 

viii. 696. 
Pt^lemafe, Yd5s,/. 

MTsciiit Tncestam dticYbus PttflSm&Ydft nostns. Luc, x. 60. 

PtSlemdcrfttY^, ae,/. 

Heus SIS, Ptd]£mdcr2ltY&, c&pe banc umam tibi. Plaut. R. 2. 

V.24. (LT,) 
PablYcYiis, ft, ttm, <m^'. 

Otns nunc Iter est; PubHdumque vacant. Ov. F. v. 294. 

PuUYcttlft, «, m, 

Osque ad Publicdlas si redSSmiis ftvos. Rutil. \, 272. 

PublTtts, 1, m. 

Kcta Publiiis exprimlt tftbella. Mart, 1. ex. 18. (Phal ) 

PAdens, ntis, m. 

ClaOdm, Rj|f«, mSo nubfC P«r«grintt Pttdeati. Mart, 4. xiii. 1 . 

Pttdentnia, SB,/. 

Tuque Piidentillam verbis affSrS siipremis, Jus, Par, xix. 1. 

PftdlcYtift, »,/. 

Templtt Pttdicitlae quYd Spus stfttttlssS pttelUfl t Prop. 2. vi. 2d. 

Pttdi)r, SrYs, m. 

Orgetl cm Piid»r, et JustYtXie a6r6r^Hor, 1. C, xxiv. 6. 

CCkor. Ttt, As,) 
PtUtYpbftgSnYdes, Ys, m. 

Ltttine Plautus, P&trtius PultYpbftgdnYdes. Plaut, Pom. Prol, 

54. (L T.) 
PunYce, tuiv. 

SIduta hunc rursus PunYce verbis mSIs. Plaut. Poen, 5. ii. 40. 

PunYciis, ft, iim, adj. 

PunYcft regnft vYdes, T^rYds, fit AgentfrYs urbem. F. M, i. 338. 
fit PilnYodrQro paficft g^nft mSlorttm. Mart 7. xx. 10. (Scaz.) 
269 A a 3 


PunKdr, adf. 

Ad bcm ? Nonas me est hMYe Votaua PunYte. PknO. Poen. 

6. ii. 31. r/. T,) 
PupYiis, 1, m. 

Ot prdpius spectes lilcrj^mosft pdem&t& Pupi. Hor, \, E.i.6T. 

P&teil, alls, n. 

RoscYtls orabat sfbi fidSsses ad PtitSal eras. Bor. 2. S. vi. 35. 
Pygfmaeiis, &, ^n^ o^f . 

AltSrft Pygmsede fatum mYsSrabilS matrls — Ov, M. vi. 90. 

Pygmftlidn, dnYs, «n. [243. 

Quas quia PygmSlYon aevura per crimen Sgentes — Ov. M. x. 

PygmSlionis dpes peiSgo. Dux femTn& factl. T. ^. i. 364. 
Pj^liides, 8B, an<^ is, m. 

Oniis Srat Pj^liides, unus qui mallSt Orestes — Ma$i. ii. 583. 

Tequg ptttas Pj^UdT, CallYddore, pftrSm. Mart. 10. xi. 2. 

P5^1ene, es,/. 

Belli fima v!r6s : sensit scfipttlosJl FfleneSt. T, iv. 102. 

Pyifitts, i, fli. [H. xxi. 1. 

Hippdthdum PjflSiimqug tSnet grSmio infim^ telliis. Jus. Ep. 

Pf IKiis^ &, fim, a4;. 

Tern& minus Pj^lYae miretur sseciilft fainse. THb. 4. i. 112. 


Non Pj^ltts aut Ith&ce tantos gSnuissS ferunttb:. Tib. 4. i. 48. 

Pj^racmoD, ttnYs, «. [599. 

Martts, &t hinc lasso mutat& Pj^racradnS temnens, Si. T, ii. 

PjhracDi5s, 1, «. 

Antimftchiimque, HMimumquS, s^urif%rumqu£ Pj^acmdn, Ov. 

M, xH. 460. 
Pyr&mStis, ft, ttm, adf . 

Arbdrfi Pyr&mSa cdrtex direptil cdquetiii^. Samm, xxx. 15. 

Pyrttmiis, i, m. 

Pyr&miis et ThTsbe, jiiv£nuxn pulcherrfmiis altSr, Ov. M. iv. 55. 

See Pinarus. 
Pyrensetts, ii, tkm, tidj, 

JamquS Pjh*inaM£, quas nunquam sdlviSre Tttan — Luc, iv. 83. 

Addltilr impSrYis Hisp&nlH, Pyrenstim 

TransHft— Jar. x. 151. (Spond.) 

Pfreni&Tciis, ft, ttm, lu^'. 

Qua P^renfticis nlvYbus dMmuntiir Iberi. Aue. Ur. xiii. 6. 

Pyrene, es,/. [vii. 9. 

Non sYnft me est tM partlls hdnos, Tarbellft Ffrene—Tib. 1. 
NubYfers coUes, atque aSrlam Pyrenen— Z«c. i. 689. (Spond.) 

P^neus, ^8, m. 

VirgYnfias mentes : dirusque &nte drft Pj^reneiis 
VertYtttr— Or. M. v. 274. 

Pj^'Sttis, 1, m. 

Quid tM victorem gemlnl P^rYphantft Ffreti^Ov. M. xii. 449. 
Pyrgl, orttm, m. 

£t Pyrgi vStSres, intempetttngue Grftvlacse. V. M. x, 184. 


Pyrgo, u«,/. 

PyrgD, tfikPinmfiiitiramr^linatifx: KJE.y. 645. 

PyrgttpSKnices, fe, m. [(I. T.) 

I^^ttp5Hnicem te floum in terrii vivlM^Plaut Mil. 1. i. 67. 
Pyrntts, I, m. 

£t Cdtj^s, et Pyroo mSlYor gSnltdre BYen5r. K. F. iii. 112. 
Pj^rtteis, entds, m. 

IntSrSa ydDicres PJ^rSeia, fiotts, et ^thdn. Op. Jlf. ii. 153. 

fitformidantem pStrTos Pjhrdentil dtfldres. F. F. v. 433. 

Pyrrha, ae,/ or Pyrrhe, es,/. 

Grato, Pyrrha, siib antrd ? Ifor. 1. C. v. 3. (Pherecratian.) 
£t vTr, et Pyrrhe, marfi cum viderent— 5i?ji. Tr, 1042. (Sapph.) 

Pyrrheeiis, ft, iim, acj;. [30& 

Cunctft, Pr5metheasqu£ mftnOs, Pyrrhaej^ufi saxft~<S^. T. viii. 

P^rbenes, s, m. [279. 

Pyrrhenes sSquYtdr mons. Post hunc Celticft tellus. Pris. P. 

PyrrhenYs, MTs, /. €Ldj» 

HTc ttgit : hic dlim PyrrhenYd^ pulstts i(b 5ra — ^v. D, 883. 

PyrrhW, ae,/. 

Ot vlnds& gl^mds furfivse Pyrrhift lanae— ffor. 1. E, xiii. 14. 

PythftgSras, ee, m. 

Pythftgfiras, uno se pectSrS cunctft vStustas— C/. M, T. C. 91. 

Pythftgtfreiis, &, iim, adj. 

Quo prdmissft cftdant, et somnift Pythfigdreft. Hor, 2. £. i. 52. 

P^thftgdreorum pSrHt schfilft ddctft s5phdrttm. Jm, Ed. xv. 32. 

Terentianus Maurus has shortened the first syllable, and 

made long the second : [*"^'*>^ 

TradGnt h^mYnes, sectft qun)us Pj^thagdrea est. 250. (I<mc a 

PytbiX, drttm, n. 

— — — ludos, 

PythYtt, de ddmTtse serpentis nomYnS dlctos. Ov, M, i. 447* 

PytWite, fidfe,/. 

PythYKs emuncto lucratft StmonS tftlenttim. Hor. A. P. 238. 

PythYiis, &, ttm, adj. 

PythY&i quffi tr!p5de ex Phcebi lauroque prSfatttr. Lucr. i. 740. 

Pytho, us,/. [2. iii. 27- 

Del5s ftbl nunc, PhcebS, tiia est ? iiM DelpMcft Pytho? Tib. 

Python, onYs, «. [(I, T.J 

Python Yn hydra? Bacchiis et Perseus d^9—Sen. H. 0. 94. 
StravYm&s mnttrnfiris tiimYdum PythonH sttglttis. Ov. M. i. 460. 


Quercens, ntYs, m. 

ContYntto Quercens, et pulchSr Aquicfiliis armis — F. JE. ix. 684. 

Quinquatrus, ttiim, /. 

£t jam Quinquatrus jiib^r narrar^ mYndres. Qv. P.M. 651. 
IncYpYt 5ptare, et totls QulnquatrYbfts optiU. Juv. x. 1 15. 


QuinquennY&, orttm, n. 

Et Cilpltofinis Quiiiqu&uiKk proxYmft lustilB. St. S, 3. v. 92. 

QttintYft, «,/. 

QuiDtli formSsa Sst multis : wSh\ ciadYdA, l5iig&, Co/. Ixxxvi. 1. 

QuIntYantiB, !, m. 

Commendd tYbY, QuintVane, nostros, Mart. 1. liii. 1. (Phal.) 

QumtYlift, s, /. 

Cam cfioerCt mYsene funCrft QuintYlYe. Prey). 2. xxxiv. 90. 

QuintYIYantis, i, m. 

GaudSt. An exspectas, ut QuTntYImnCis i&mettir — Juv. vi. fb. 

QuIntilYs, IS, m. [149. 

DenYquS quinttis &b hdc fftSrat QuintilYs : £t indS — Ov. F. iiL 

't^uTntYIYtis, I, m. 

QuintYlYd si quid rScttares, CdrrYgS, sodes, Hor. A. P. 438. 
PI. VInc«r« QuIntYlYos non pfitiiissg sttos. Ov. P. ii. 378. 

Qumtill&, s,/. 

QuTntllls qu5d ddnSt, h&bet ; nee deftlit Uli — Jw>. vii. 73* 

QuintYlis, !, m. 

CcelYtis Aufilenum, et QuintiilB Aufllenftm. Cat. c. 1. (Spon.) 

Quintiis, 1, m. [3. viii. 1. 

ThaYdft Qulntiis &mat : quam Thaid& ? ThaYdfl luscflm. Mart. 

QuYiinalYs, S, adj. 

IpsS Quirinali tr&bSa cTnctuquS GUbino^K. ^. vii. 612. 

QuirinYt&s, 1, m. 

Hic inter trSpYdos immanS QuYrinYiis audens — Sil. iv. 192. 

QuYriniis, T, m. 

TertiSque armft p&tn suspendet capt& QuYiind. V. M. vi. 860. 

QuYrini&s, &, iim, adj* 

Hlc, spdlYa ex htimSris ausus sperarS QuYrinis, Prop. 4. x. 11. 

QuYris, itYs, m. w QuYrltes, Ytttn, m. 

LudYcr& quid, plausus fit ftmicT donft QuYntYs-— ^or. 1. J5. vi. 7* 
Hunc, 81 mdbilYum turbft QuYritYUm— Apr. 1. C. i. 9. (Chor. 

Tet. AscLJ 
QuodsfimfilarrYpides, m. (a fictitious word.) 

QuddsSmeiarrYpYdes, NunquampdstfiafirYpYdes. Plaut. Per. 4. 

vi. 2a (I. T.) 


lUbirYtis, i, m. 

Cum fbrfit et Marsus, magniqufi RftblrYiis orYs — Ov. P. 4. xvi. 5. 

Ramnes, Yiim, m. 

CelsT prstfirSunt au8ter& pdemfttH Ramnes. Hor. A. P. 342. 

Rlpd, 5nYs, m. [748. 

P&rthfinYumqufi R&po et preedurum virYblis Oraen — V. JE. x. 

Rjlvennft, s,/. 
' Sit dBternft mYhi, qu&m vfaMi, mftlS Riv«nn». Mart. & Ivi. 1. 


R&vennis, atYs, adj, 

Meilusqufi rans garrYint Rilvgnnites. Mart 3. xciii. 8. (Scaz.J 

RavYdtts, 1, m. 

Qusenam te mftlft mens, mYsell^ RavYde *, 
Agit—Cat. xl. 1. (Phal.) 
• Synaloepha. 

Rav5l&, s, m. 

— — — qualSm deprenstis h&beb&t 
RavttlS, cum — — — 

RSate, Ys, n. [415. 

CaspSrYa, hunc FSriili, magnsquS RlSatS dYcatiim — Sit. Tiii. 

RegTftigYiim, I, n. 

NIc RegiftkgYum pulsis ex urbS tjhranms — Aus. EcL xviii. 13. , 
The second syllable is improperly made long. 

Regiiliis, i, m. 

Gestatus b^iigis RegtUiis essSt Squis. Mart. 1. xiii. 8. 
PL Orations Regiilds, j5cis Paullds : 5. xxviii. 6. (Scaz.) 

RSmtiliiSy i, m. 

Clngiil&, Tiburti RSmiUd ditlssimtis olYm— F. JS. ix. 360. 

RSmurYS, 5riim, n. 

Romfil&s dbsSquYtur, lucemquS RSmurYft dixYt — Ov, F. v. 479. 
RSmtis, 1, m. 

Hanc Rgmtts et frater : sic fortYs EtrurYS crevYt— r. G. ii. 633. 

RestYtutiis, i, m. \_(PhaU) 

Missurum tYbY, RestYtutS, credYs ? Mart. 10. Ixxxvii. 20. 

Rfiv6rentYa, BB,/. [23. 

DonSc H5n5r, pl&cYd5quS dScens R£vSrentY& vultu, Ov. P. v. 

Rh&dftmantbfis, T, m. cr RhftdSlmas, antYs, m. [666. 

Gn5sYiis hsc Rh&d&manthus h&bet durissYmft regn&, V. M. vi. 
Cum vYdSant fessos Rh^dfimanth5n St ^&c5n annis, Ov. M. 

ix. 439. 
Sed Ypse tibi est 7 Pdl Yllum liqui ad Rh^d&mantem In Cecrd- 
pYa insiila. Plant. Trin. 4. ii. 83. (Troch, Tet. cat.) 
Rhseti, oriim, m. 

Viderfi Rhaeti bell& stib AlpYbtts— Hot. C. 4. iv. 17. fGr. Ale. J 

RhaetYfi, ae,/. [442. 

AspSr& nubif^ras qua RhsetiJl pdrrYgit Alpes. Claud. 4. C. Hon. 

RhsetYcds, &, Um, adj. 

RhsetYcJl nunc praebent ThracY&que armH mStiim. Ov. T. ii. 226. 

Rhameliis, I, m. 

At non indS pr5cul Khameliis, St acSr Otaxes — F. F, vi. 529. 
Rhamnes, etYs, m. [325. 

Rbamnetem aggrSdYtur, qui fortS tftpetYbiis altis — V. ^. ix. 

Rh&mnus, untYs,/. 

£t tftmYdis infests cdllt qua nilmYn& Rhamnus. Lite. v. 233. 

Rh&mnasYs, YdYs, /. adj. 

IdttlYen, mSm5remquC tYme RhamnQsYdds irftm. Ov. M. xiv. 694. 


Rh&mniislftts, S, ttm, tulj, 

£zYgfit at dlgnis illtrU RhanmOsYI pomas ! Ov, T. 5. viiL 9. 
Rh&nYs, YdYs,/. [ui. I7I. 

£xcYpYunt UtYcem Nfiphtieque, Hj^ttlequS, RhiliiisquiS, Ov. itf. 
Rhascupdlis, 18, m. 

DelStfirum, et gSlYds ddmYnum RhascupdlYn one. Luc, v. 56. 
Rhe&, s,/. 

CdllYs Avenfini silva quern Rhe& sficerdos — V. M, vii. 659. 

Cret& Rh&e : te Idngi&s h5nds, aeternftquS cingent — St, A. i. 387. 

Rhebas, ae, m. 

Rhebas, argento sYmYlem qui porrYgYt und&m. Av, D. 965. 

Rhegintis, &, iim, adj. 

Dum Libj^s baud Isetus Rhegina ad litj)r& tendYt, SiL xiii. 94. 

RhegYOn, 1, n. or RbegYttm, T, n. 

RhegYdn ingrfidYtur, firventes eestYbiis undas — Ov. M. xiv. 48. 
Liqu^rftt et Zanclen, adversJtquS mcenift Rhegi, Ov. M. xiv. 5. 

Rhemiis, !, m. » 

OptYmiis excusso Leucus RhemusquS iScerto — Luc. i. 424. 

Rl^enantis, M. Ilin, adj, 

Rhenanam niimfiraSi Sarm&ticamquS m&ndm. Mart, 9. xxxvi. 4. 

Rbeni&s, i, m. 

Rheniis, St Alpinae valles, et sanguinS nigro — Alh, ad Liv, 385. 

Rheniis, ft, tim, adj, [P. la 

AQt flumen Rhenum, aut pliivius describittir arctis : Hor. A. 

Rbestis, !, m. 

Non ftlYus s5cY5s Rbesiis ftd armft v5c&t. Ov. R, A. 282. 

Rhetenttr, drYs, m. [xiv. 504. 

Hunc Lj^ctis, banc Idas, et cum * RbetenSrS Nycteiis — Ov. M. 

RbTpseiis, ft, tim, adj, 

Mundiis fit ad ScjftbYam Rbipsasque ardfifis arces — V, G, i. 240. 

Rhipe, es,/. 

Rhipeque, et StrfttYe, ventosftquS d5n&t finispe. St, T, iv. 286. 

Rbipeus, SdB, m. 

Addunt se sJScYds Rbipeus, et maxiimiis armis — V, AS, ii. 339. 
Hlppftstfn, et summis exstantem RbipSft silvis i Ov.M, xii. 352. 

Rbiphaeus. See Rbipseus. 

Rb5dftlfi8, T, •». [69. 

Non Rh5dftld cum fratrS Sj^ddn: AcSsInftquS laevo — F, F. vi. 

RhMftnfis, I, TO. [f/. T,) 

Stringit flfiento Rbttdftnfis, atque scrupSftm — Av, O, M, 619. 

Rbdde, es, /. 

Tempestlvft pCtit Rbe^de. Hw. 3. C. xix. 27- fOlycon,) 

RbMYfis, ft, iim, adj, 

HercfilYs, 5 RbtfdYs ductor pulcberrYmS classYs, Ov. M. xii. 574. 

Rbdddpe, es,/. [113. 

Qua pftt£t umbrdsum RbOd^pe glftcialYs fid Hsemfim, Ov. H. ii. 
RbdddpeYfis, ft, fim, adj. [321. 

Saxft f^rasquft Ij^ movit Rh5d5peYfi8 Orpheus. Ov, A. A, iii. 

R H O— R O M 

RhM5peiis, ft, iim, adj, [6ia 

iEqudrftque, et campi, Rhdd5peftque sixft U(quentt&r. Luc. vi. 

Rh«d5s, 1,/. [xi. 21. 

R5ms laudetur Sftm5s» et Ch¥5s, et Rh5d5s absgns. Hor. 1. E. 
Rhoebfis, I, m. 

Rhoeb^, d¥u (res n quft d¥u mortallfbiis iilla est) 

Viximiis— F. jE. X. 861. 

Rhoecus. See Rhoetus. 
Rhoeteiiis, ft, tim, adj. 

Talis in ad versos ductdr RhoeteYtis hostes — V. JE. xii. 466. 

Rhcetetim, i, n, 

RhoeteumquS rftpax, Sigeftqug lit5rft transit Ov. F. iv. 279. 

Rhoeteus, S5s, m. [402. 

Quam mSdius Rhoeteus Intercipit ; optYmS Teuthra, F. M. x. 

Tflm Pallas byiigis fiigYentem Rhoetgft praetgr— 399. 
Rhoetetis, ft, iim, adj. 

Teiicrus Rboeteas primum est advectiis ftd oras. V. JE. iii. 108. 
Rh(BtY5n, 1, n. 

Rhcetidn, et multum debSntes vatibiis umbras — Luc. ix. 963. 

Rhcetiis, i, m. 

Rhcettis, St AtrftcYa siibYtse de virginS pugnae : V, F. i. 141. 

Rhundftctis, T, m. 

Teque StYam mSdYd flaventem, RbundftcS, p5ntd — V. F. ii. 35. 

Rhyndftciis, T, m. [388. 

Rbyndftciis his ductor ; telum spftrtis. Org fgrarum — Sil. iii. 

Rigae, ar&m,/. 

Atque antiquft pfttrum thSatrft, Rigas. Mart. 4. 1 v. 19. (PhaX.) 

Ripseus. See Rhipseus. 

Rixftmae, artira,/. 

TutelamquS, ch5r5squS Rixftmariiin. Mart. 4. Iv. 16. 

Robigo, ginYs,/. 

Asp£rft Rdbigo, parcas CSrSalYbiis herbis: Ov, F. iv. 911. 
Flam^n lu antiquae lucum RdbigYnis ibftt 907* 

Romft, SB,/. 

R5mft, trYumphati dum cftpiit orbis SrYs. Ov. J, i. xv. 26. 

Roman!, drtUn, m. 

Romanos, rerum d5min5s, gentemquS tttgatftm. V. JE. i. 283. 

Romaniis, ft, tim, adj. 

Tantae molYs Srat Rdmanam condSrS gentSm. V. M. i. 37. 

Rdm^chYum, 1, n. [706. 

RomSchYumquS l^gTt, CauldnftquS, Nar^cYamquS, Ov. M. xv. 

Rdmtil^iis, ft, tim, adj. 

Rdmiil&dque rScens horrebat regYft culmo. V. JE. viii. 664. 

Rdmiilidse, ftrtim, m. Patron, 

Romtilidse sfttiiri, quid dift p5emfttft narrent Pers. i. 31. 
RomtilYdaram arcis servatdr, candYd&s ansfir. Lucr, iv. 686. 


R5intiliLs, I, m. [i. 5. 

Romttlfis, et Liber pfttftr, et cam Ca8t5r« Pollux. Htn-, 2. E. 

Romiiliis, %, tim, adj. 

AcceperS ttts Rdmttlil vincU mttnfis. Prop, 3. xi 52. 
RdschYntis, i, m. 

Basque late sulc&t amnis RdschYDtts. Jv, O. M. 567. T^- ^J 
RoscYiis, T, m. 

Quse gr&vis ^sdpus, quae ddctus Rdsciiis egit Hor, 2. E, i. 82. 

RoscXiis, H, iim, at^j. [62. 

R5sct&, die, sddes, mSUor lex, an ptierdrum est — Hor. 1. E. i. 

RdsSiis, &, iira, adj. [712. 

Qui N amentum urbem, qui Rdsfift rurft VSliai, T. ^. vii. 

Rdthtis, i| m. 

MarmftrYdse nee csdS R6th!, nee eaedS Jiigurthse ; Sit. ii. 165. 

RtibellMs, 1, m. [viii. 39. 

His ^gd quern m5niii ? tecum est mihi serm5, R&belli — Juv. 

R&hi, drttin, m. 

Ind£ Htibos fessi pervenimils, utp5t£ Idngilm — Hor, 1. 5*. v. 94. 

RttMco, onis, m. or Riib¥c5n, onis, m. [185. 

Cep£r&t. Ot ventum est parvi Riibicdriis ad amnSm — Luc. i. 

Rubigo, glois,/. 

Hinc m&l& Rubigd virides ne torrS&t berbas. Col. 342. 
Rubrae, ariim,/. 

Fidenas vStSres, brSvesqu^ Rubras. Mart. 4. Ixiv. 15. (Phal.) 
Rubreniis, i, m. 

Non mYndr, antiqud Rubrenus Lappft cSthurno, Juv» vii. 72. 

RubriQs, T, m, 

RubrTiis dffensae vfitSris r^tis atquS t&cends, Juv. iv. 105. 

RtidXae, arfim,/. 

Nunc RiidYse sdlo mSmSrabilS ndmSn &]umn5. Sik xii. 397* 
Rttdintls, &, tim, adj. 

Dnde Rudiniis Sit, Divum dfimtis altisdnum ecel ? Aus. Ed. 

Gram. 17* 
Rttdttis, a, ttm, adj. [RhttdTo. 

Seip!5, qui Riidio credit formantS mftgistro. Sulp. 46. al. 
Ruft, ae, /. or Rufilla, ae, /. [216. 

Rufam et RuflUam appellet, fortiquS mftritd — Hor. 2. S. iii. 
Rfif Illtts, 1, m. 

Pastnios RufiUils ttlet, Gorgontils hirciim. Hor. I. S. il. 2?. 

Ruflnft, ae, /. 

Claudift eaerfil^s cum sit Rufin& Britannia — Mart, 11. liii. 1. 

lluflntis, 1, m. 

Hinc Rufintis &git : quibUs arv& frStumquS nSgantiir — Claud. 

Ruf. ii. 22. 
Rufrae, ariim,/. 

QuTqufi Riifras Batiilumqug tSnent atque arvft Cglennae. F. 

JE, vii. 739. 
£t quos aut Rufrae, quos aut ^semlft, quosvS— 5t7. viii. 666. 


RuftUtis, ly m. 

RuRis, T, m. 

Julius in S&tj^ris qual¥& Rums h&bSt MarU 10. xcix. 2. 

Rulliis, 1, m. 

Obtruncit NSrYum : Rulld difisslmfis ^t\\—l^iL v» 260. 

RumYnS, s,/. adj. 

Rummii nunc ficus, RdmiUil fictts ^rflt Ov. jP. iL 41S. 

Rfipniils, 1, m, 

Prdscripti Regis Rilpili pus atquS veneniim — Hor, 1. S vii. 1. 

Ruso, onis, ire. 

OdTsti et ftigis, ut Rusdnem debitor sris. Hor. 1. S, iii. 86. 

Ruspinll, ae,/. 

QusequS prdcul cavit non aequos RuspYn& fluctus. Sil iii. 260. 

Rusticiis/l, m. 

Qu! prdpter ccenam, Rustic^, C8ed5 c5ciim. Mart* 8. xxiii. 2. 

Rtitenl, drtim, m. 

Solvuntur fiavi longa 8t&tT5ne Riitem. Luc, i. 402. 

Rtttila, ae,/. 

Acctp^re, atquS sttam RtitHae d&r6. FilTiis afitSm^/ttf;. x. 295. 

RtttaWs, 1, m. 

£t grftvS magn&nYmi rdbur mirarS R&tTli. Ov, P. 1. iii. 63. 

RtttiaOs, 1, m. 

Si RiitnuSi demens. QuYd Snim majdrS cftchinno — Juv, xi. 2. 

Rilttkbft, », III. 

Cndfi nicit, Riitiibamqutf c&vum : delabitiir indS — Luc. ii. 422. 

R&mli, oriim, m. [635. 

Bis capti Phrj^ggs haec Riitiilis respdnsli rSmittunt V. M. ix. 

RiitiUiis, &, tim, a<(f'. 

Jussa adspernatds, RtttiUam fumassS SSgunttim — Sil, iv. 62. 

Afittipintts, &, t&m, a((;. 

Aut, vttg& cum Tethys, Rtttiipini&quS lit5r& fervent. Zuc. vi. 66. 


S&bse. artlm, m. [1346. 

In mSdioquS S&bse sunt csspYtS : gens qu6qu6 Sc5dri — Av. D. 
Taxiliis Inter quos h&bitat, cum gentg S&bari&m. Pris. P. 1048. 

S&bs&, 8^/ 

N5n ants devictis S2Lbees 

Reglbtis— JWor. 1. C. xxix. 3. (L Archiloch,) 

Sttb&thse, arttm, m. 

MinnsI S&b&tbsquS tSnent, siipSr ImpYgSr ampiS — Av. D,\\ 37. 

Sabatlft, oriim, n. adj. 

QuiquS tiios, Flavinft, f^os, Sabatiil quiquS 
8tagn& oOlQnt— 5s2. viii. 490. 

277 Bb 


S«beU«, »,/ 

C«rii88&tl tfmet SIbelU sdl^in. Mart, 2. xlL 12. (Pkak) 

SftbellYctts, I, ttm, 04^'. 

Ip8« rdit dentesquif SftbelHrcttB SzAcmt sOs, V. O. iii. 265. 

SkbeUtfB, 1, m. 

SilbeUtts, 8, ttm, adj, [187. 

Haec g^ntts acr<l vYrOin Minos, pabemquS Slibellftin — F, O. ii. 

S&MdTtts, T, m. [I. 

NdD ftm6 te, SftbVdi, nee possum dicSrS quare. Mart. 1. xzxiiL 

Vdrum tu nostne s5r8r es germanil S&binae. Aus. Par. xzi 3. 

S&binstts, If m. 

Rdga, Uvetar, rbet5rem S&biDaeiim. Mart, S. xxv. a (Seaz.) 

Sftbini, 5riUn, m. 

Hanc olim vfiteres vitam cttltterS SftbihL K. G. ii. 532. 

Silbintts, \, m, 

Deserttit cSlSri morte Silbintts dpfls. Oo. P. 4. xvL 16. 

Silbintts, &, iim, a4f . [viii. 835. 

NSc prtfcdl bine Rdmam, et raptas 8ln< mor< S&binis — F, M. 

Sabrfttbft, sp,/. 

S&br&tbft turn Tjhrlum vulgus, Sirranilque Leptls, 5t/. iii. 268. 

Sabbttril, s, m. or Sabiirft, s, m. 

Ct sYbY commisei sYmiil&tdr Sabiirft belB— Ztie. iv. 722. 

Sabfis, 1, m. 

Sab£, tttas, qui de prttpiYd cogndmYDe primiis — SU, viii. 422. 

Sftcae, ardm, m. or Sftces, », m. 

Seu Si&cas, sSgittYf^rdsque Partbos— Ca<. xi. 8. (Sapph.) 

ArmSnYfiB *« hic pictft S&ces, iucatttque Medi&s, Claud. 1. C. S. 

* By caesura. i. 157* 

Sicrantts, &, ttm, adj. 

£t Sacranae iicYes, et plcti scfittt LIbicI. T. i£. vii. 796. 

Sacrat5r, orYs, m. [747. 

CedYcOs Alcftth5um obtruncit, Sicrattfr H j^daspen ; F.JE.%. 

SftdUSs, Ys, m. [54. 

Tunc Sild&len, fortemqu6 C5tyn, fidumquS pHt armi — Lue. v. 

Svles, Yttm, m. i(L T.) 

CSmpsi atqu« Ssef^ ardiids cdlles h&bent. Av. 0. M. 195. 

SstJtbYs, Ys,/. 

Atque altrix celsa mittebat SsetfibYs IxdH—Sik iii 373. 

SXgiinft, «,/. 

At SxpSdiUi Sagiln& per totam d5miim— JTor. Ep. ▼. 25. C-f-T'J 
Sftgirinlls, 1, m. 

Di&bo et jiibebo ad Sfigftrinum coenam ctfqui. Plaut. St. 3. i. 35. 

SXgftrYs, Ys, m. [575. 

£t SSgSrim, et summis stintem pro tnrrYbtts Id&n— F. ^. ix. 


SttgftnstYo, onts, m. [U. (L T,) 

Slkg&naHo, heus! Szi, atque SducS vfrgYnSin. Plaut, Per, 4. i. 

SYmUis est SagftristYonis. ToxUils hic quidem mdiis ilmicils 

est 1. i. 14. r/. Tet acat.) 

S%%rit¥s, Ydis, /. oJ^. 

FallTt: et in nympha SSg&ritTde desYnSt essS— Oo. K iv. 229. 

SSgeSt SBf m. 

-HypsStts hastfi Sfigen ingenti vulnSr^ mersYt. St, T, ix. 270. 

SSgittarYtis, i, m. 

Bxtremamque Sttgfttan Isvam atqu« sagittftm^itfoii. i. 089. 

SXgTttYgSr, £n, m. 

Or& SfigfttYgM, qu& se TestigYft prim&— ^v. ^. P. 842. 
SilgittYptftens, entYs, m. 

P^T^ SagittYp5tens j&ciilatdr fng5r& terns— ^im. £e2. xvi. 11. 
S21guntintis, ft, ttm, at^*. 

Piiinft Sagunfinas tflrbariint classYctt p5rtas. Sil i. 271- 

SSguntds, ],/. or SSgunttim, T, n. or S&gunttis, !,/. 

Conclamant utrinque ftcYes : ceu tdtft Sftguntds— 5t/. i. 502. 
Obsessum Poend gessit qu5d MartS SKguntiim. Luc, iii. 350. 

S&lftminYftciis, ft, ilm, adj. 

Ot Sftlftminiftcum mSmimt mftrS : susttllYt Iras — Ltic. v. 109. 

SftlftminYtts, ft, ttm, tidj, 

£t trftgic5 scrTptus gSmitu Sftlftminiiis iEas. Aus, Ed. vi. 12. 

Sftlftmis, InYs,/. 

Uttmedontiftden PrYftmum Sftlftminft pgtentgm, V,M, viii. 168. 

The penultima is lengthened by Avienus, D, 679 ; 
FertYlYs iEgins teUus, St 5pimft Sftlamis. 

Sftlanfis, T, m. 

CoDdYtft dispftrYbus nftmSris «gd Nastt Sftland— Ov. P. 2. v. 1. 

Sftlftpiniis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quas rScYpit Sftlftpinft pftlus, et silbdYtft STpiis — Luc. v. 377* 

SftlarYft, s,/. a4^'. 

lUic FlamYnYae SfilarYaequg— JJfarf. 4. Ixiv. 18. (Phdl.) 

SftlaurYs, Ys,/. [(L T.) 

P6r quas SftlaurYs dppYdum quondam stStYt. Av, O, M, 613. 

Sftlelaniis, i, m. 

Cur tristYdrem cernYmus Sftlemniim ? Mart. 2. Ixv. 1. (Scaz.) 

Sftleiiis, 1, m, 

MarmQrSis : at Serrano t^nttiquS Sftleid — Juv, vii. 80. 

Salentintts, ft, iim, adj. 

£t SalentTnos obsedlt milYtS campds. V. JE, iil 400. 

Sftlernttm, i, n. [xv. 1. 

Quid sYt hYems VSlYae, quod ccelara, Valft, Sftlerni — Hor. I, E. 

SftlYftrYs, e, adj. [86. 

Jam SftliarS Niims carmen qui laudftt, St Ulttd—^or. 2. E. i. 
P&lsandft teUus; nunc SftlYarYbUs— 1. C, xxxvii. 2. (Or, Ale.) 
279 Bb2 


Siin, drfim, m. or SftRtts, f, m. 

Jam ded«rit SlUiiB, a salta ndmynil dOcOnt. Ov. F. iiL 387- 
£t S&lius laeto portans ancUift collo. Lue. i. 60a 

SftlYsubsilli, oriim, m. [(Priapean.) 

In qu5 vel S&lYsubstilis sacril perflfcianttir. Ccit, xvii. 6. 

S&li&s, T, m. 

DejTdt, atThrOnTum Sftlius, SSliumqug NSalces, F. JS. x. 753. 

SallOstYiis, T, m. 

Libertinarum died, SallustYiis In quas — 


Salmflds enervet, tactosqu^ r£moIlY2lt artus. Ov, Af. iv. 286. 

Salm5n&, », m. 

Nee fasfiditos Silmdns Osurptf ftii^res. Jm. Ed. x. 366. 

S&Imdneiis, Sds, m. 

FulmYnS Salmoneus, vel lingua TanUliis egiL CL Ruf, iL 514. 
Vidi et crudeles dantem Salmon^ft pcenas, F. JE, vi. 585. 

Salmonis, Yd5s, /. 

Testis ThessKlYco flagrftns SalmoaYs £nIpeo. Prop. 3. xix. 13. 
Ndn sic ^m5nid Salraonidft mixt&s £niped — 1, xiii. 21. 

Sftlo, 5nYs, m. 

Armorum S&ld tempSratfir ambit Mart. 4. Iv. 16. (Phal.) 
Salone, qui ferrum g«ftt. 1. 1 12. (L Dim.) 

Sftlonse, ariim,/. 

Qua mMs HadrYttcI longas i^Yt QndA Sftlonas. Lite. iv. 404. 

S&lonlniis, I, ire. 

Sanct& SiUdnlni tSrris requYescit Ibeifs, Mart. 6. xviii. I. 

SftluS, Utl8,yi 

£t Rdman^l S&Ius, arilqu« Pads firit Oe. F. iii. 882. 

S&lj^Ss, iim, m. 

SfiljfSs Stroces, oppYdum MastramSIs-^^t;. 0. M. 691. (L T.) 

S&me, es,/. 

DulicbYumque, S&meque, et NerYtOs ardiift saxis. F. M. iii. 271. 

S&mY5liis, ft, iim, a4f. 

Bfttidlls bYbunt : at nds nostro S&mY5ld poterio. Plaui. Stick. 
5. iv. 12. (Troch. Tetr. cat.) 
SftmYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

At tibY Istft trfthant Sftmise cdnvivYft tests, Tib. 2. iii. 47- 
Samnltae, artim, m. or Samnltes, iim, m. 

SamnitaequS triices hftbitant cdnflnift. Post bos — Av. D. 522. 

Lenta Samnites ad luminft prlmft diiello. Hor. 2. E, ii. 98. 

Sftmtts, I,/. 

Jam Sftm&s a Isva Hi^rant NaxdsquS r^llctae, Ov, A. A. ii. 79. 

Sftmfitbrac^ ilkm, m. £158. 

QuoquS p^ SftmdtbracSs Sunt : nunc obvYft verss — St* A» i. 

SftmdtbracYft, se, /. [ vu. 20a 

Tbreiciamque SftmOm, quifi nunc SftmtfthracYft fertilr. V. M. 

S&mdtbracYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

£xsultare StYam SftmtttbracYft ferW^ft vIdi, Lwr. vi. 1U42. 


SAmfithrictts, S, tim, a^j, [430. 

Hactfotts, in pdpttlds, vatee SftmtfthricA, dYCmque— F. F. ii. 

SJUntts,!,/. [jD. 7«3. 

ThrSsBftqn^ consurgft propter SftmiLs. Ind£qud rfirsfim — Av, 

Sanctri, s, m. 

NYhn est mfserlus nee g^loeYfis Sanctri. MarL^, xx. 1. (Scaz,) 

SanctOs, T, m. 

TaDTiK et ad minSs 5tYft Sancttts flgftt ^im. Par. xviii. 18. 

Sancfis, 1, m. 

An tlM, Sem5 pftter : cQin mM Sanctts &Yt : Ov. F, vi. %14. 

Sangft, ae, m. 

CSdo ftlYofi: ttbY centtirYo est Sanga, et m&nYpiilus ftlrumf 

Eccum Adest, Ter. Eun, 4. vii. 6. (I, Tetr. aeat) 

SangfcrYo, onYs, tn, [(I. T,) 

Jtibetd Sang&rionem que impSravSrYm — PlauU Trin. 4. iv. 13. 

SangftrY&s, i, m. 

Major SangftrY5 late prflestnngYttlr amni. Av, D. 981. 

SangftrYiis, &, iim, adj. [41. 

SangttriusquS p&er, quemque irrYtK fontYs Ymago — St, S. 3 iv. 

SannYo, onYs, m. 

Obi &in? Qui, milium, ftlYT ? solus SannYo servat d«mi. Ter, 
EutL 4. vii 10. (L Tetr, acatj 
SanttfnYctts, ft, ttm, adj, 

TestYs, et Ocg&ni lit5rft SantdnicT. Tib, i. vii. 10. 

Santttniis, i, m. 

Sign& mdvet, gaudetque amdt5 Sant5nils hostS. Luc. i. 422. 
C&r m$ pr5pinquam Sant5n5rilm moenYbtis — Aut.Epis. xv. 11. 

Santrtt, ae, m, [(Scaz.) 

Sttbtflem f&tetiir esse se c5ci Santrse. Mart. 6. xxxix. ^. 

SSptei, ordra, tn. 

Bxtft cftnum vidi TrYvYse libarS Sftpseos ; Ov. F, i. 389. 

S&phiriis, i, m. [004. 

BmYni&s h5s glSdYo Sftphftrum, glSdYoquS Mtosesttm — SiL vii. 

SapYs, Ys, m, 

CrustfimYumquS rftpax, St jfinctd S&pYs Isaurd. Luc. ii. 406. 

Slpores, Ys, tn. [481. 

Eatr5pYi ? s5cYum nobis, f idumqug S&p6r8m — Claud, But. ii. 

SapphYciis, ft, iim, adj, 

SapphYco suftdet mSdttlatft versu. Au». Eph, 22. (Sapph.) 

Sappho, us,/. 

Ales Ityn, Sappho desertos cintftt ftmdres. Ov, H, xv. 165. 

Sarft, «B,/. 

£tYamnum me vTlYpSndit? purpiiram ex Sara tibi — Plant. 
True. 2. vi. 68. (Troch. Tetr. cat.) 
Sftr&viis, i, m. 

NavYger undYsdna dadum me mole Sftravfis— ^ux. Ed. x. 367- 
Sardftn&pali&s, i, tn, 

Quam Hnem vltse Sardftnftpali&s hftbet Ov. lb. 314. 
281 Bb3 

SardT&Ye OgHtH ftrSda. JHbr. 1. C. xxxi. 4. (Lest, Aic.) 

SirdYs, ¥s,/. or Sardes, Yiim,/. [137- 

Vade, ttTt, ad magois vidnfim Sardlbtis amnto — On. il/. xL 

SarddUs, &, tLm, o^'. [289. 

iEqudriique Afrft Mgit, SirdelUiue regnK sliuitriB^Ov. /*. iv. 

Sardtis, S, iim, a4;- 

lojuael nuDquam desistant Sardiks h&bebi&t — Hor» 1. S. iii. 3. 
SarmfitS, ae, m. 

Venlft H epdto Sarmfttil pasttts fiquo. Mart, S, iii. 4. 
Sarm&tYce, adv. 

Jam didicl 6£tYce Sarm&tlfcequS Idqui. Op. T. 5. xii. 58. 
Sarmftticiis, &, &m, af(;. 

InquS ftris Scj^thiae SarmJltTcisqug jiigis. Or. J. I. viii, 4(K 
Sarmlitis, Kd!s,/. okI;* 

Junct& phftretratis Sarmfttis orft GStTs. Ov, T. 4. x. 110. 
Sarmens, entKs, m. 

Occumbit Sarmens, flavam qui pdnSrS vict5r — Sil, iv. 200. 

SarmentiiSr h ^» [^^ 

Ad pugtiam vener£ : prYor Sarmentiis, £qui te — Hor. 1. <S. v. 

Sarn&y «, /. 

Quippe hic Hj^lacteSi Hystrft ; Sarna, et nobiles — Av. Ov. M. 

497. CI' T.) 
Sarniis, T, »i. 

Sarntis, St umbrosae Liris per regn& M&rlcs. Luc. ii. 424. 

Sfiron, 5ni8, m. 

Hic usu GraT5 nomen Vin^t undii S&ronis. Av. D. 581. 
Sftrdnis, Td5s, /. 

NdraTnfi quam Dftn&T dixer^ S&rdn¥d& prised. Ptis, P. 424. 

SarpSdon, tfnts, m, 

Sarpeddn ; tLM tot SYmdis correptH stib undas— r. jE. i. 100. 

Thebana de matrS ndthum Sarped&nts alta — ix. 697> 
Sarrantis, T, m. 

£t jiivSaem Sarraoum, iUa qui plurim& noctS — V. M. ix. 335. 

Sarrantis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Ct gemma bibftt, et Sarrano inddrmifttostro. V. G. ii 506. 

SarrftpYs, is, and TdTs, m. [(J. T.) 

Deglubtft maenft, Sarrftpis sementifiim — Plant. Paen. 5. v. 33. 

Sarrastes, lilm, m. [7^* 

Sarrastis pdpillos, et quae rigftt sequ6rft ^arntis. F. M. vii. 

SarrYs, Ys, m. 

VirgTlio CaudTutts, ftcerbS Sarris AmaDO^<S»/. xvii. 441. 

Sarsinft, ae, m. 

Nee tiift Baianas Sarslfn& malKt ftquas. Mart. 9. lix. 4. 
Sarsinatis,/. ae^'. 

Quid SarsYnatis ecqua *st ? si Cmbram non hftbes — Plant . 

Most a ii. 83. (I. T.J 
SasoD, onYs, m. 

Non htimilem Sasonft vftdlSi non iTtdrft curv» — Luc. v. 650. 
282 , 


SassYn&i as, m. 

Vel rastris laudandd Cftmers, his SassYiift ctivfo— iSi/. viii. 461. 
Sasstnas, atis, adj. \^(Scaz,) 

MetamquS lactis : SassYnatS de sylva — Mart. 3. Iviii. 36. 
Sfttarchse, artim, m. 

£xdm&t£, Tdrinlque et fl&vi crm6 Sfttarohae. V, F, \l 144. 
S&tictU[£i8, 1, m. 

Acc5ia Vulturni, pirTterquS Saffctdiis aspSr— F. ^, viii. 7^. 
Satr&, as, m, 

£t Satram infidum, vel qui pSr Tnhospitft late — Av, D, 1298. 

SatrSlidae, ariim, m. 

Otentes Isnis, et Satr&idas sim£il omnes — Pm. P. 1004. 

Satrtctis, i, m. 

Servitium Sfttricus, mox inter prsmift regi — SiL ix. 68. 
Satriciis essS m&num et Sid5ni& vuJnSrft credens — 104. 

Satfira, SB,/. [801. 

Qua Satiirae jic^t atrS p&lus, gSlidusquS pgr imas — V, JE, vii. 

S&tiireTaniis, ^ ttm, a/dj. 

Me S&ttireiano vectari rur& c&ballo — Hor. 1. S. vi. 69. 

SatiirYo, onts, m, [(/. T.) 

O Sftttirio, opportune advenisti mThi. P/au^. Per. 1. iii. 21. 

Satiirnalitt, oriim, and Ttim, n. 

Saturnaim divitem S&belltim 
Fecerunt — Mart, 4. xlvi. 1. (Phal.) 
Saturnalibi&s, optimo diertim — Cat. xiv. 16. 

Satiirnal¥tius, H, iim, adf» 

S&turnalitiae llgtilam misissS sSlibrae — Mart. 6. xix. 11. 

Saturnig^n^, se, c. g, 

Testatur SaturnYgSnam, nee nomtn£ cessSt — Aus, Ed, xv. 22. 

Saturnmiis, \,m, 

JEt Saturninum te, mtsSr, essS ptid^t. Mart. 4. xi. 2. 

Satumiiis, &, tim, adj. 

Irim de coelo mlsit Saturni^ Juno. V, JE, v. 606. 

Saturnfis, I, m. 

AurgUs banc vitam in terris Saturntis Sgeb&t. V, G, ii. 638. 
SJttj^ri, oriim, m. 

Sic favgant Satyri, mdntan^uS numYnil Pangs: Ov,H, iv. 171. 

— — — — aures 

CapripSdum S^tj^rdrum &cutas. Hor, 2. C, xix. 4. (Less. Ale.) 

Saufel&, ae, /. 

Pro p5piilo fKciens quantum Saufeift bn)ebSt Juv, ix. 117- 

SaufeiUs, I, m, (Scaz.) 

Clnctum tdgatis post et antS Saufeliim — Mart, 2. Ixxiv. 1. 

Savo, 5nis, m. 

£t Litems pSlus, pigerquS Savd. St. S. 4. iii. 66. (Phal.) 

SaurSft, s> m. 

Qua me, qua uxorera, qua tu servum SaurS&m — Plaut. As. 1. 

i. 82. (I. T.) 


Saiirttmfttfle, irttm, m. w Saurttm&tes, s, m. 

StridttU SailrtfniAtes plaOstrA biiblUctts Xgit Ov. 7. S. xii. 30. 
An me& SaQrAm&tie scriptil GStieque iSgent ? 4. i. 94 
Hi T&nftiQ hilblftant fl&vYum prOpS Saurttm&tariim. PHi. P. 


PanntfnYils, pdt9rqu« SSvT, qudd claQBll t5t innis— C2atuj. 1. 

C. & ii. 192. 
SizSantLB, &, ttm, o^f' 

Cfira SaxetaDi ponatur caudft Iftcerti, Mart, 7. Ixxviii. 1. 

Saxo, Snts, m. [C. 89. 

Qiue Bsevis dbjecttt GStis, qus Saxdn& froenftt — Claud, Ep, P. 

Erttlft. HIc Xuno Scseas ssevissYmft portas— r. ^. ii. 612. 

ScaeT&, s, m. 

Quamvis, Scsvft, sJltis per te tYbY cdosiilYs, et sets — Hor. 1. 

Ep. xvii. 1. 
ScflBTintts, 1, ffi. 

— — qui vir, ScsevlnS, Hiisti. 

Sc8ev6l&, SB, m. 

T$ quttquS neglectum vYSlatae, Scsv51ft, dextrse — Luc. ii. 126. 

Sc&mand^r, dri, m. 

Findunt Sc&mandn flumYnii lubrYctts et SYmdis. Hor, Ep. 
xiii. 14. (Aiynartete. Iamhico-\- Dactylic.) 

ScanlinYiL 5^« ScatinYi. 


Ti liberasso deniio, et nYsi Sc&pham enYcasso. PUtut. Most, 1. 

iii. 66. (L Tetr. cat.) 
Scaptensiilil, se,/. 

Quales exspiret Scaptenstilft subtSr dddres? Lucr. vi. 811. 

ScaptYft, », /. o4f • 

AddYtft fulgebat tells. Hie ScaptYft pClbes— 5t/. viii. 395. 

Scarphe, es,/. [fSappk.) 

Bessi&n et Sc&rphen ? Pj^lto an sSniiem— 5«n. TV. BS>\. 

ScafinYft, s,/. o^;. 

Ante omnes debet ScafinYil. RespYcS prlmttm — Jun. ii. 44. 
ScatYnYam m^ttiens, non mStiiit TYtYftm. /fw. E. Ixxxix. 4. 

Scaurtts, i, m. [370. 

His Scaurus mdnYtor : tfinSro tunc ScauH&s Yn svo — Sil. viii. 

ScSlSdriis, i, m. 

QuTn ddmi eccam : n§scY5, quae te, ScSledre, scSlgrft suscYtant. 
Plaut. Mil. 2. iii. 69. (Troch. Tetr. cat.) 
3cSp&mYo, onYs, m. 

Pr5p« me hinc nescYtt quis ISquYtttr. HeOs, ScSparnYo. Plaut. 

R. 1. ii. 9. (I. T.) 
ScepsYlis, m. adj» 

ScepsYiis AusttnYos, actSquS Rdm& rSa est Ov. P. 4. xiv. 38. 

Scb<]ene!s, Ydfis,/. Patron. [263. 

Ot tttlYt HippdmSnes SchoeneYdS, pramYft c&raus, Ov. H. xvL 


ScboeneTtis, %, tim, adj. £999. 

Quid Itfqu&r HermYSnen ? quid te, SchoeneYil vTrgo, Ov. T. ii. 
Schoends, i, m. [268. 

SchcenOn hftbent, notiquS c51unt vestlgYil campi. St. T. vii. 

Jam ScYftthSs sfibsedYt &quis ; jam longS rScessTt — V, P. ii. 8. 

ScTpY&des^s, m, \Praf, I. 

Major ScTpYSdgs, ItiClis qui sdltts ilb bris--^Claud. % C. S. 

Pi, Sclpifidas duros bello, et tg, maxYmS Cssftr, V» G. ii. 170.- 
Sclpio, onYs, m. 

ContYgiius poni, ScipYtt magnS, tYbi. Ov. A. A. iii. 410. 
Scir5n, dnis, m. 

Ct SiDis, et Sclrdn, et de P5lj^emdn6 natiis, Ov. lb. 409. 

In 8c5pulos. Sc5pt&lis nomen ScironYs YnhsrSt. Ov. M, viu 

Scironis, YdYs,/. adj. 

£t aceiSre petrse ndbYles ScironYdes. Sen. Hipp. 1023. (I. TJ 

ScirdnYiiSy &, tim, adj. 

MittarvS prsceps sax& per ScironY&. Sen. Hipp; 1225. 

Scirttis, 1, m. [ii. 3. 

Audin', quid dicam, ScTrtS ? si quaeret mei titi — Ter» Hec. !• 

Scodriy oriim, m, [1049. 

HiQc Scodri post hos sunt, Peuc&I^quS fSroces. Pris. P. 


Qui Scdlon, densamquS jiigis £thSdn5n YnJquis — 5^. 71 vii. 266. 

Scdpas, as, m. 

Quas aut Parrh&sTus pr5tiilYt, aut ScSpas. Hor. 4. C. viii. 6. 

(Chor. Tet. Ascl.) 
ScdrpYtts, 1, m. or ScorpYtts, i, m. 

Nunc Pisces, nunc Cancer, St acri ScorpYfis ictu, Man. ii« 213. 

Scorpbs, 1, m. [(Scaz.) 

Cum Scdrpus dni quindScTm graves bora — Mart. 10. Ixxiv. 5. 

Scoti, 6riim, m. or Scotiis, T, m. [56. 

£ddmiiTt, ScdtumquS vftgd mucronS sScuttis — Claud. 3. C. H. 
Scotdrum ciimtilos flevit glSciilYs Kerne. 4. C. fl. 33. 

ScotYctis, &, iim, adj. 

— — — ne tela tYmerfim 

Scotica, ne Pictum trgmCrem, ne lit«r6 toto— C/. 1. C. S. ii. 254. 

ScribonYtt, ae/. 

Nee te, dulcg cSput, mater ScrlboniS, Isesi. Prop. 4. xi. 55. 

Scj^l&ceYtfn, i, n. or Scj^l&ce5n, T, n. or Scj^Iilceiim, i, fi. 

Spumosumque iSgiint fracta Scj^l^ceYSn unda. F. F. iii. 36. 
Caul5nisque arces, St navifrftgum Scj^l&ceiim. V, M. iii. 553. 

Scj^l^cetis, a, tim, adj. 

NdbYlYtat& dSae, Scj^l&cei&que iTtdrfl fertttr—Oi;. M. zv. 702. 

Scf lax, ftcYs, m. 

AthenYensis, Carj^andaeus Scj^lax. Av. O. M. 44. (1. T.) 


8 C Y— S E C 

ScyUft, «,/. [387. 

Vt quo6 ScyllS vtfrax, Scylkeque adv£rall Chftrybdlts~Ov. 76. 
P/. Centaaros YUlque et Scyllarum membrii vKdemils. Lucr, 

iv. 736. 

Scyllctts, ft, iim, a4f . [280. 

Ctetauros, HydnequiS gtlif^ ScyllsttquS mdnstrtt, Si. S. 5. iii. 

ScylleYtts, ft, fim, 04/. * 

Argo saxft pftvens postquftm Scyllelft l§gU— ^/fr. O. if. 107- 

ScyreVSjIdfis,/. cu(/. 

N§c mYntts ggressse thftlftmis ScyreYdfts Tbant— <S». A. ii. 147. 

ScyrYfts, ftdds,/. oii;. 
ScyrYfts Hsemdi 
ScyrYftdum cessat nYmYo dgfigSre vTsu— iJ*. -<f. i. 367. 

ScyrYfts Hsemdnio junctft pttellft vYro. Ov. A» J, i. 682. 
" deff - - • 

ScfrYOs, ft, Urn, adj. 

AnnYgSr AutOmSdon, Gna omnis ScyrYft pubes, V, M. iL 477> 

Scfrftn, dnYs, m. 

Infimes Scyr6n« pfitras, Scyllaeftqug rurfi— 5/. T. i. 333. 

Scyrte, T,/. or ScyriU, 1,/. 

PallftdY lltdrte cSiebrabat Scyrtts hdndriiin— «S^. A, i. 285. 

Scj^tfaft, 86, m. or Scj^ths, arttm, m. or Scj^thea, se, m. 

CaspYft versatur Scj^thft bellYg^r, hicquS fSroces— ^v. D. 906. 
Cyprum desfiriiit, nee pfttYtur Scj^thas — Hw. 1. C xix. 10. 

(Chor, TeL Ascl.J 
Nftc YnhospYtalis Tauriis, aGt sparsus Scj^tbes. Sen. Hip, 168. 

(I- T.) 
ScjfthSs, ae, adj» 

Nudumquft silvis: lllft, quae pontum Scj^then— 5^. H. F, 1210. 

ScjfthYft, se,/. 

Pars Sc^thYam et rftpYdum Crets v^DYemtts Oaxen. F, B. i. 66. 

ScythYciis, ft, ttm, adj, \fL T.) 

Pontusque quicquid Scj^thYciis a tergo vYdSt ; Sen, Med, 212. 

Scj^Ys, YdYs,/. adj, 

Exercere artes Scj^tbYdes memSrantttr Sasd^m. Ov. M, xt. 360. 
Scython, onYs, m. [280. 

AmbYgiiuB K&fit rottdtf vir, mdd5 femYnft, * Scython. Ov, M. iv. 
• Probably, Sython: otherwise the a would be long, as 

coining before tc. See Kidd's valuable note in his edition of 

Dawes's Miscell. Crit. pp. 4—24. 

SebethYs, YdYs, /. adj, [734. 

(Ebftie, quem gSnftrasse Telon SebethYdS nymphft—F. JE, vii. 

SSbettts, 1, m. 

EabtfYs, et pGlchrft tXanUt Sebettts ftldmna. St, S, 1. iL 263. 

Sectanfis, f, m. 

Cum detirreret, SSctani dissYmYlis sis. JETor. 1. & iv. 112. 

S«cundillft, s,/. 

Ilia, nift dives morttta est SecQndTllft. Mart, 2. Ixv. 4. (Scaz,) 
Sftciindfis, i, m, 

Sicat Thras j^mftchf prtfbftt exYttts, atquS Sftcundi— /vv. vii. 204. 


Sedattts, i, m. 

ReUygVo est, si te tiiclftiim, Sedat«, rffinqu&m. Aus, Prof.xiz. 1. 
Sedetantts, &, iSan, adj, 

SSdetanft ctfhors, quam Sucrd ngentKbtts undis—iyt^. iii. 372. 
Sejantts, i, m. 

CretatumquK bttvem : Sejanus ducMr unco — Juv. x. 66. 
Seiils, 1, m. 

Nam quod turpS bdnis, Tiiio SeioquS, d^eh&t— -Juv. iv. 13. 
SgleucYJl, se,/. [(L T.J 

QuftnKam hinc Yturils est ipse in SSleudiim. Plaut. Trin, l.ii. 75. 
SSleuctts, 1, m. 

Sit Hcet exYmYus cYthi&roedus, sltve SSleuctts, Juv. x. 211. 

£t LitcedsmtfnYse surgunt fast^fi Selges. Av. D. 1026. 

S^linus, untfe, (the city)/, (the river) m. 

Tequ£ datis Iinquo ventis, palmosH Si9inQs. F. M. iii. 706. 

], m. 
Quod fronts SelYum nubHa vYdes, Ruf%, Mart. 2.xi. I. ("Jbiis.; 

Selle,e8,/. [127. 

Graia rtfert Selle ; Phi^gTOs qua puppg mJtgwtgr— ,y<. S. 6. iii. 

Selloe (archaism for SellT) 5rttm, m. 

ChadnYo vStSres liquerunt vertYcS Selloe. Xuc. iii. 180. 

Selltts,!, fn. [507. (I^T.) 

M5ns quippS Selliis (ndmSn hoc mdnti est vSttis)-'^v. O. Af. 

Sem«l£, BtJ. or SemSlS, es,/. 

Sed, prdles SSmSlse, Bacchus, doctsquS S5rdres — 2116. 3. iv. 46. 
ArsSri&t obsSquTo SSmSle J5vKs. AccipYt Ino— Ov. F. vi. 486. 

SSmSleYtis, S, ttin, adj» 

DelYi&s in corro, proles S^melelil capro, Ov. M. y. 329. 

SSmSletis, tt, ftm, adj. 

DignY6r f en cYnSres SSmeleXquS bustX tSnentiir— j'#. T. x. 903. 

SSmiriUnYs, Ys, anif YdYs,/. 

Persarfim stftttilt Bilbj^lonjl SemMmYs urbSm. Prop. 3. xi. 21. 

Semir&mYils, il, ttm, adj. 

IndS SemTrilmYd P5Ijfdsin5n& sanguYnfi cretttm— Ov. M. y. 85. 

Semo, 5nYs, m. 

An tYbY, Semtt pi&ter : cGm mYhY Sanciis XYt : Ov. F. vi. 214. 

SempronYil, ae, / 

Hie sYt&s est, hie HIS tttus, SempronYS, Ruftts ; Mori, 12. Hi. 3. 

SempronYt&s, i, m. 

C5smYc5s essS tYbl, Semproni Tucc&, yYderYs— ilfar#. 7* xli. 1. 

Senft, SB,/, or Sens, irtim,/. 

Senftque, St AdriScas qui verbSr&t AufYdtis undSs. Luc. ii. 407- 
£t ClttnYs, et RilbYco, et SSntfnum de nomYnS Sense. iS'lt viii. 


SIB^— 8EB. 

A SfinSca quae Pis5 bilnus, que Com sfileb^— /in;, v. 109. 
PI. DiidsquS SSnScas, unTcumquS Lucanum. Mart. 1. Ixii. 7- 

SenYft, s,/. 

Dkis, SenYS, 6§d nSgant l^trones. (Phal,) 

SSndnes, iim, m. 

Nos primi SSnSnum motus, CimbrumquS riientSm — Ltic. i. 254. 


— — — jam Idng^ r^cessit 

SepYfts : attollit tdndentes pabiil^ Magnes. V, F. il 9. 

SeplftsYil, s, /. 

A£rS SeplftsYae decYpYarS cfive. 

September, brYs, m. 

AatOmnum, Pomdnii, tiiiim September dpimftt Aut. EcL ix. 9. 

SeptembrYs, S, acy. 

Inc51tiinem tibY me prsestantSeptembribushons. Hor.E, 1. i. 16. 

SeptYcYan&y s, /. adj. 

Libra fiiit quinto SepticYanfi : quYd est ? Mart. 8. Ixxi. 6. 

SeptYcYaniis, i. m, 

Et qu&sY perlectum, SeptYcianS, rSfers. Mart. 11. cvii. 2. 

SeptYcYiis, i, m. 

JungaturquS pari. Butram tYbi, Septiciumqug, Hor, JS. 1. v. 26. 

SeptYmilltis, I, m. 

Sic, fnquit, mU yM, SeptYmilie, Cat. xlv. 13. (PhaL) 

SeptYmYiis, i, m. 

Acmen SeptYmYus stios amdres — Cat. xlv. 1. 

SequanYciis, a, t&m, a<^*. [xix. 1. 

Hanc tYbY SequanYcae pinguem textncis aiihnnam — Mart. 4. 

Sequantis, a, iim, adj. 

OptYma gens flS&is In gyrftm Sequana frems ; Luc. i. 425. 

The first syllable is made short by Ausonius : 
InsYnilant qua se Sfiquams AUobrdgSs oris. Aus, Urb, xUi. 4. 
Ser, Ys, m. or Ser^s, tim, m. 

LegYt £di8 Ser arbdrYbus. Sen. H. 0. 66^. (Afiap, dim,) 
' Non Serfis, infidivS Persae, Hw. C. 4. xv. 23. (1. Arch, dim.) 

SSrapYs, Ys, and idYs, m. 

Vincebant, nee quae t&rba SSrapYn am at. Mart. 9. xxx. 6. 

- SerbdnYs, YdYs,/. adj. 

Qua laciis est fngens liquYdae SerbonidYs undse. Pris. Per. 241. 

Serena, ae,/. 

ladd SSrSna mYnor, prYttir hiQC ThgrmantYa natO, Cl.L.S. 118. 

SSrentts, i, m. 

Annaei facfiret mftnus SSreni. Mart, 6. Ixxxi. 11. (PhaL) 

SSrestils, i, m. 

. IngentiquS manu maldm de navS S^restl — F. M. v. 487* 
Sergestiis, i, m. i 

. Irrisam sYne btfnorS ratem Sergesttts Sgebat. V. M. v. 272. 
288 6 -» 


SergYttliis, t, m. 

SilstYnttlt? Dim SSi^SlOs jSm rSd«r« gvlttttr— /«iv. vi. 105. 

SergTiis, i, i». 

Atqud v¥rd : ferrum est* (\\M Hmftnt Hie SergYtts id^m — 

Juv, vi. 112. 
Sei^tis, ^ ttm, <tdf, 

SergestusquS, dtfmus tSnSt a qu5 Serg¥& nom^n. T. JS. v. 121. 

Ser¥ctts, i&, iim, adf, 

Te mddtf munitd SericiiB hdstYs Squo. iVop. 4. iii. 8. 

S^riphds, i,/. 

Sic tiM vestttae pressii SSriphfls Sr&t. Ov. .<#. J. iii. 192. 

Serrantts, I, m. 

Sudabatque gr&vi consul Serraniis ftratrd. Claud. Ruf. i. 202. 

Sertoritis, I, m. 

QuiquS fgrds m5vTt Sertoriiis exiil HYberos. Luc. ii. 549. 

ServilYfi, ae,/. 

Matrdns: mox cum dfidSrit ServilYll ntlmmos — Juv. x. 319. 

ServiUtis, i, m. 

ST memYni, V&rius cam ServYlYd Bft1&tron6— Hor. 5. 2. viii. 21. 
Ind0m¥tds curru ServTliiis' egYt Isauros. Claud. Eut. i. 217- 

Serv»8,i, «. [671. 

Servitts est: hoc const&t Snim : sed causS I&tendi — Ov. F. vi. 

SSsddstrYs or SSsostrYs, is and YdTs, m. 

£t qui regnavit sYnS nomYnS m5x SSs^ostrYs. Aus. Epis.xix.l9. 
VenYt ad occasum raundique extremft SfeostrYs. Luc. x. 276. 

SestYftciis, &, iim, adj. [x. 287- 

Quis m5d5 SestYScum pSlSgas NSphSleYdSs BeWes—Aus. Ed. 

Sestianus. See Sextianus. 

SSstYfis, &dY8,/. [547. 

SestYSs, in spSctilis : mttrYtur pr5p£ conscYtts ignYs— jSV. T. vi. 

Sestia, YdYs,/. adj. See Sestua. 


Fauces Abydl SestJte dpp^Ytae prSmYt. Sen. Ph. 611. (L T.) 

Sesttts, a, ttm, luif . * [SestY. 

ST cttdat Tr& mans, Seata pttelU, tYbi. Ov. H. xviii 2. nl. 

Setabis. See Saetabis. 

Setabtid, a, iim, adj. 

Non sudarYa Setaba ex Iberis— Co/, xii. 14. (Phal) 

SetYa, ae,/. 

ChTa sSnT sYmYlTs Baccho, quern SetYa mTsYt, Mart. 1 3. xxiii. 1 . 

S«tTenfis, a, fim, adj. 

SStiena ab arce et rupS saxdsT jiigi. Jv. O. M. 622. (L T.) 

Setinfis, a, ttm, adj. 

Gemmata, et lato Sednum ardeblt Yn auro. Juv, x. 2?. 

Setitts, T, m. l(L T.) 

Orba incttlarunu Satftta inda mona tttmSt Jv. O. M. 604. 
289 c c 


SetYiis, &, iim, adf, 

TSstli sYt, aut cellis SStaOl cirft silu. jifort. 10. uxvi. 6. 

SSvertts, 1, m. 

Acclp<f, p2rs toYmae mignft, Sfiyer^, m&e. Ov. P, 1. viii. 2. 

SextYantts, ft, ttm, a4f. 

Nam, SextYanus dum v6]o essS cdnvTvft, Cat, xliv. 10. (Scaz.) 

SextYlYaniis, i, m. 

Si n5n potares, SextYlYanS, mSrtliii. Mart, 1, xii. 4. 

SextHYs, e, a4;. [19. 

Per brumam TYbSris, Sextili mensS cilminiis. Hot, Ep. 1 . xi. 

Sextilliis, i, m, 

£x Isfis nYhYl es, Blt^or, Sexiillfi : quYd ergo H ? 

SextYiis, i, m. 

N5n est SextYOs nie, sed c&balliis. ilfar^. 1. xUi. 20. ("PAo/l; 

Sextils, 1, m, [^(Scaz,) 

Tuque, o mSarum cQrtt, Sextfi, curariim, Vtrg, CkU, vii. 6. 

SYb^tes, fie, m. 

SusttilYt, et gUdYo SYbdtes fSrYt oltYmJL tell— F. F, vi. 249. 


TalYbtts ex ftdj^to dictis Cumsii SYbyUil— F. ^. vi. 9a 
SYbyllintis, &, iim, a<^*. 

Quo Sibyllini mSntterg versus — Hor, C, S. 5, (Sapph.) 

SYcambrT, oriim, m. 

Fronds Sicambrds. Hor. C. 4. ii. 36. (Adm,) 

SYcambriS, ae,/. [383. 

MilYtSt ut nostris detonsS SYcambrift signis.' Claud, Eut, i. 

SYcani, oriim, m. 

AuruncsequS m&nus, Rtttiili, vStSresquS SYcani, V, JE, vii. 79&. 

SicanYa, SB,/. 

SicanYam rSpStit. Dumque omnYft lustr&tSundo — Ov.ilf.v.464. 

STc&nYs, YdYs,/. a^, 

PIurYmll qua flammas SlcftnYs MXnli v5mYt. Ov, lb. GOO. 

SicanYiis, ft, tun, adj, 

Instdft SicftnYum juxta IftttLs, ^5lYamquS-^r. ^. viii. 416. 

Sicaniis, ft, iim, euij. 

Sic tYbY, quum fluctus prseterlaberS SYcanos, V, B, x. 4. 
Sicftnft procumbit pubes, hic HernYcft turmft — SiL x. 313. 

SlCCft, SB,/. 

£t quae Siccft iSgTt Getulis dbriitft glebis. CoL 107. 

STcchft, se, m. 

Nee Gftbftri Sicchsequfi vYrum tSniierS ftLrentes — 8U. ix. 385. 

STcglYs, YdYs,/. adj. 

Quid mYhi cum Lesbd ? Sic£lYs essS vSlo. Ov. 17. xv. 62. 
SlcSIYdes Musee, paiilld migorft cftnamiis. V, B, iv. 1. 

SicYlYft. «,/. l(L T.) 

Totam SicYlYam dSvtefttQrum insfilttm. Pkmt, Rud, 2. vi. 69. 


SicniensYs, S, adj, 

MiSuin hCrfim Unondm SielHInsimque hdspYtem. PlauL 

Rud. 2. iv. 30. 
SicSrYs, ¥s, m, 

HespSrYds inter SYctfrTs non ulcYmiis amnes, Luc, iv. 14. 

Sicttltts, i&, Hm, adj. 

Yix e conspectu SYciilae tellurls Yn altiim— F. ^. i. 34. 

SicjPon, odYs, /l 

Aut ttt SlivYfSra quondam SYcj^onS fUgato, Ot;. 76. 319. 

StcJonYa, oriim, n. [1118. 

Cnguenta, et piilchra In pSdYbus SYcj^onYft, rident — Lucr. iv. 

SYcj^oniiis, i, tim, adj. 

VenYt hYems, tSritur SYcj^onYft baccl trfipetis, F. 6. ii. 519. 

SYdYciniis, ft, iini, adj, 

Aurunci miserS pfttres, SYdYcinftquS juxta 

^quiJrft— r. ^. vii 727- 
STdon, onYs,/. 

Atque SquYdem Teucrum mSmini Sidonft vgnirg, K M, i. 619. 

Quid tdriis a NUd, quid S!d5n£ tinctiis Menti— JIarl. 2. xvi. 3. 

SidonYctts, ft, )im, adj. 

Ast tibY SiddnYcas inter pftdts sequftt hftbenas, V. F. vi. 95. 

SidonYs, YdYs,/. adj. 

SidtfnYs intSrfta magno clamdrS pSr agrds 

QuaerYtJir— Ov. F. iii. 649. 

Cdll5cftt hanc stratis, concha Sidonid£ tinctls, Ov, M. x. 267. 

StdonYiis, ft, tkm, adj. 

Hic templum Junoni ingens SidonYft Did5 — V. M. i. 446. 
Siddniasque ostentftt dpes, iirbemquS pftratftm. V, JE. iv. 75. 

SigftlYon, i, n. 

Aut ttift Sigftli5n iSgyptYtis dsciilft signSt. Am, EpU. xxv. 27. 

Sige, ea,/. 

Quin et Dftmastes nobili natus Sige— ^». 0. M. 46. (L T.) 

SigeYtts, ft, iim, adj. 

Hac That SYmJSIs, hic est Sigeift tellus, Ov. H. i. 33. 

Sig^ttn, 1, n. 

Altum vftddsos SigSon spectans sYnus. Sen. Tr. 935. (I. T.) 

SigSrYiis, I, m. 

PL SigerYosquS mSros, ParthSnYosqu^ sdnas. Mart, 4. Ixxix. 8. 

Sigetis, ft, fira, a^> [294. 

Fatft Phrj^gum! num Sigeis occumb^rS campTs — F. jE. vi\. 

SYgTlIft. driim, n. 

Sacrft, SYgilldrum nomYn^ dictft, c5lunt Aits, Eel xviii. 32. 

SignYft, ae,/. 

Quos Cdrft, quos spumans immltT SignYft musto — Sil viii. 378. 

Signintts, ft, iim, adj. 

Signinum Sj^riumquft pjhrum, dS corbYbiis isdSm — Juv. xi. 73. 

Saft, ae,/. 

NubSre Silft mYhi nulla non legS pftr&ta est: Mart. 11. xxiii. 1. 
291 C€2 


Silai, ortim, m. 

£t certOB jiiciild iSvi SlUos. Mart. 4. Iv. 20. (PhaL) al. 

Siievds, Siiellos, &c. 

Silantks, i, m. 

SilanQs, quocumque ftlYo de san^uinS raiiis — Juv. viii. 27- 
Amisit p&ter unYcum Silaniis : Mart, 6. Ixii. I. (Phot.) 

STl&riis, 1, m. 

£st lucos Sflari circa ilicTbusque vtrentfim — V, G. iii. 146. 

Silenmm.i,/. [24. f/- T-.^ 

Dteet poI, mM Si]enium, hunc esse ordinSm. Plant, Cm. 1. i. 

Sllentts, T, m. 

£britis eccS s£nex pando Silenils ftselld— Ot;. ^. A, i. 543. 

SilSr, SrYs, m. 

Herctil^s, vitrSdque Siler qui defliiit amni. Col. 136. 

Siltiis, 1, m. 

Siliiis Aiistfnid non sSmSl org p5tSng. 3far^ 9. IxxxviL 2. 

Silo, dnts, tn. 

Aut, sodes, mlfh! redd£ dScem sestertift, $ild, Cat, ciii. 1. 

SUvaniia, i, m, 

Venit £t agresti c&plftis Silvaniis h2(ndr£ — V, B, x. 24. 

Silvia, »,/. 

Adsuetum ImpSrHs sSrtfr omni SHvift cura — T. ^. vii. 487* 

Silvinfis, 1, m. 

Hortdrum qu5quS te cOltus, Stlvin^, dficebo. CoL I. 

Sllviiis, I, m, 

SilvYiis, Albanum nomen, tM postttmii proles ; V. M, vi. 763. 

Sntis. 1, «. (Scaz.) 

Et vos, Sile, Albilti, ArqulftlquS, Varroquff, V, Cat, vii. 3. 

Sim&llo, onts, m. 

Slmftlio, In sYnlstrum cdrnu : tu, Sj^risce, In dextSruin. Ter. 
E. 4. vii. 5. (Troch, Tetr. cat.) 

Simstheus. See Symstheus. 

Slmbriivium, i, n. 

— — — gSliddquS riganttir 

SlmbriivTd» rIbstrisquS dSmant ^qulc&l& rur£. Sil. viii. 369. 

Simla, se, m. 

Nunc Ibo ad fSrum, atque toSrabo, * mels praeceptis Sunlam. 

PUtut. Ps. 2. iv. 74. 
• Monosyllab. (Troch, Tet, cat) 

Simo, 5nYs, m. 

Pythl&s emunctd lacrata SimdnS tfilentiim. Hor. A, P, 238. 

Stm5Is, ent5s, m. 

Dum rapidis STmdIs In marS volv^t aquas. Ov. A. 1. xv. 10. 

HectdrSds amnes, Xanthum et STmSenta, videbd ? y. AS. v. 

SYmdnYdSs, Ys, m. 

SYmonMes Idem HIS, de quo rStilll. Phad, 4. xxiv. 4. {I. T.). 

C5ncedlt Cel Musft SYmonMei. Au8, Prqf, xiii. 6. 


SYmonYdeiis, i&, tim, adf. 

MtestTus Merjfmi9 SymdnYdSfe. Cat. xxxHii. 8. (PhalJ 

Simiil&s, iftn. 

QuTd istuc ? Nostrum ttmlcum ndris Siinttlttm ? Ter. ^rA 3. 

iv. 19. (L T.J 
STmiis, I, m. 

Paiilum nSgoti * mihi obstat : Siraiis et CrTto — Ter. Heaui. 3. 
• M onosyllab. i. 92. 

Slndi, orfim, m. 

Qui sunt vicini Sindi qutfquS CTmmirTiqug. Pris. P. 662, 

SYnTs, Ys, m. 

OccTdYt ills SYnis, magnls mUMi virfb^s ustls. Ov. M. vii. 440. 

Sinon, onYs, m. 

Laxat claustrft SYndn : i1l5s pHtSfactiis ^d auras— T. JE. ii. 259. 
Hoc primum: nee sT mYsSrum FdrtunS SYndn^m — 79. 

SYnopeiis, ^, tint, adj. 

Templ& SinopeeT J5vis adstant nTx& cdliimnis — Av. D, 376. 

Sinope, es,/. 

Assjhrios.cdmplexft sYnus st&t 5pini& Si nope. V, F. s. 110. 

SYnopeus, Sds, m. o^/* 

Non ddliiit pStrYa Cj^nicus prdciil ess6 SYnopeus. Ov.PA. v. 67. 

SYnttesea, se,/. ^ [716. 

Vulturnus, nYvSTsquS frSquens SYntiessA cdlumbls. Ov. M. xv. 

SYniiessaniis, ft, iim, o^/. 

Inter Minturnas SYntiessanumquS PStrinttm. Hor. E. I. v. 5. 

STpOfi, untYs,/ 

Quas rScYpit S&lSpin& pftlus, et subdYtft S!pus~£tfc. v. 377. 

SIp^leYiis, «, ttm» a4;. 

ThebarOm reginS f%Li, SYpj^leYft cautes. .^m. Ep. B. xxvii. 1. 

SYpfliis, 1, m. [149. 

Tunc cum MsdnYam virgd SYpj^lumquS cfilebftt. Ov. M. vi. 

SiredtfnSs, ttm,/. 

Tl-es in TrlnftcrYa SlrSddnes : omnYft ternft. Aus. Ed. xi. 20. 

Siren, enYs,/. 

Siren idsuStotf efitidYt Yn sequdrS cantus. SU, xiv. 473. 

Monstrli mftris SirenSs Srant, quae vocS c&nora — Ov. A. A. iii. 


Ad NdtOn est, Idnge supra SirenYdft rup^m. PrU, P* 364. 

SirY&ctis, &, iim, adj. 

Et ceu SirYftco torretur spicS cftlorg— ^v. A. P. 285. 

S irYs, Ys, m. 

SirYs lib .«:thY5pum p5ptilis cognomYnfi fertttr— Pm. P. 212. 

SirYi&s, i, m. 

Jam rftpYdGs torrens sYtYentes SirYils Indds 
Ardeb&t--J^. (7. iv. 426. 

SirYtks, w. adj. 

SanguYnS lagftbW rttWdt, ailt Sfritts irdttr^F. ^. x. 273. 
293 cg8 


Sirmlo, onts, m. 

PSnimttUsfim, &»tm¥oi iM8ttlitaiiiqu«-*-CM. xxxi. 1. (Scaz.) 
Sirmliim, i, n, 

Perge, mm^, SirmKiin. Jn$. SpU. xtJu 1. (I. Dim.) 

VertYt Aristiden Siseim^ nSc ob^t Ofi— Ov. T. ii. 443. 
Sisur&s, 1, m. 

Sisfirite alto mons tttmet cftcumlfii£. Av. 0, M, 433. (L T.) 

SYstpheYtts, ft, ttm, cu^j. [599. 

Quin Mertfpen addit, postquam SYsj^pbeift vinclft — Av, A, P. 

Sisj^hYdes, s, m. Patron. 

His stift Sisj^phYdes aaditTs pen^ rSsolvYt— Ot;. A. A. iii. 3ia 
SisyphYfis, ft, flm, o^f. 

Vel tu Sisj^phios lYcSt admirer^ Iftbores, Prop. 2. xvli. 7* 

Sisj^phtts, 1, ffi. 

Sisjfphils ^dlYdeB UborYs. Hor, C. 2. xiv. 20. (Less. Ale.) 

Slthon, tott8» m. m^'. [ii. 719. 

Slthtfnfts et Scj^thYcds longum eniiinerarS trYumphos — Ov. F. 

SithduYs, Yd58,/. adj, 

N§c v^hYt Actaeas Sith5nYs undft rfttea. Ov. H. ii. 6. 

SithttnYiis, ft, ttm, tidj. 

Slth^nYasquS nYves hi^mls siibSamfis ftquosse ; V, B. x. 66. 

SmTlax, ftcYs,/. 

£t Cr5c5xi In parvds versum cum SmilftcS flores, CH;.ilf.iv.283. 

Smintbejis, £58, m. 

TalYbtts int6n8um cdmpellat SminthSft die lis. Ov, M. xii. 585. 

Smintheiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

Smlntheft teniilt spiJlYft Pbcsbel sfinYs. Sen. Ag. 176. (I- T.) 

Smyrnft, ae,/. 

Smyrnft quYd, et C5l6phdn ? majorft mYndrftvS fama ? Hor. 

E. 1. xi. 3. 
Smyrnsetis, ft, fSan, adj. 

Quantum Smyrasel durabiint vatYs h5nor€s. Lttc. ix. 984. 

Socrfttes, Ys, m, 

fist CretYcus pes Sdcrfttes, et verstts hic— r. M. 2361, ri. T.) 

SocrfttYciis, ft, i&m, adj. 

Rem tYbY SocrfttYcae pOtfirant ostendfire cbartae. /for. ^. P. 310. 

SocrfttYon, onis, m. 

Porci et SocrfttYon, dto sYnlstrs, Cat. xlvii. 1. (Phal.) 

SfilensYs, «, a^. [64. 

Quae rursum IngSnYo niimSrisquS StflensYbiis IdSm — Av. A. P. 

Sdli, oHUn, m. 

Atque Sfill mddYo terrarum finS l5catL Prt«. P. 819. 

Sdldn, 5nY8, m. 

fit Croesum, quern v5x justi facundft SdlonYs — Juv. x. 274. 

PI. fissS, qu5d ArcSsYIas, lerumndslque Sdlones — Pers. iU. 79. 
Sttlj^mft, orttm, n. 

IHud me cHicYdt,' Stflj^mis quod n&tfis Yn Ipsis — 


Hfijito erat Sifljtaills, Pfar$g)ai otenfis exttl ftb'ida. Ov. F. iv.79. 

Sdlj^mtts, ft, iim, adj. 

. IntSrprSs legum SjSt^m&niin, et mignii fiftoSrdds— /««. vi. 544. 

Somntis, T, m. ' [623. 

SoinnS, quies tgrnm, pUcYdlssimS Bomnd dSSriim, Ov. M. xi. 

Sdnno, 5nTs, m. 

Marc5mSres SdnnoquC dSeent : quorum a)t^ fitrilsciim — 

aaud. 1. C, S. i. 241, 
Sdphene, es,/. 

Incerti Judaeft DSi, mdllisquS S5phene. Luc. ii. 593. 

Sttpbocles, Is, m. 

Quid S5ph&cles, et Thespis, St iEschj^liis utile ferrent. Hor. 

E, 2. i. 163. 
Sdpboclet&s, Sl, iim, o^/' 

Sdlfi Sdphocleo tti& carmYnft dlgnii c5thurnd— T. B. viii. 10. 

SSplioclTdiscft, se,/. 

S5phdclidi8cft, Dii me ^mabunt. Quid me ? i&trum ? Her- 
ein nescte. Plaut. Per. 2. ii. 23. (L TeU acat.J 
Or, better: Sdph5cUdiscS, Dii me ftmabiint. Quid me? 
titrum? Herds nescio. (Troch, Tetr* cat.) 

Sophrdn, dn¥s, m. [ill. 158. 

Sopbr5nfique impKcYtum, Uintilsque arcanS C^rlnnae ; St. S. 5. 

Sophrdnft, ae,/. 

Ne vim fkcias ullam in illam. Thais, Sgo £o ad Sdphr5nam — 
Ter. E. 4. vii. 37. (Troch. Tet. cat.) 

Sophroniils, i, m. 

Quaer5 dm totam, Sdpbroni Ruf?, pgr urbfim — Mart. 4. Ixxi.I. 

SorH, ae,/. 

Si pdtSs avelli Circensibiis, dptlfm^ Sorse — Juv. lii. 223. 

Soracte, Ks, n. or Soractes, Is, m, [492. 

Haud pr5cul et sacrum Phoebd SoractS frSquentant Sil. viii 
SummS dSum, sancti custos Sdractis Apollo, V. jE. xi. 7^5. 

SordYce, es,/. 

fit incttlae Tstam SdrdYcen cognoraTnant. Av. 0. M.5^0. (I.T.) 

SordTceniis, &, iim, adj. 

In Sdrdtceni caespMs confinio. Av. O. M. 556. 

Sordfis, 1, m. 

Stagno hdc &b ipso Sordiis amois effliiit. Av. O.M. 574. 

SosYft, se, m. 

Sosiara v5cant Thebani, Davo prognatum pfttre. Plaut. Ampfu 
1. i. 209. (Troch. Tet. rat.) 
SdsYas, ae, m. 

Mdnendiis est jam S5s!as. Aus. Eph. Eg. 9. (L Dim.) 

SdsYbYaniis, i, m. 

Tempiis £rat jam te, SdsYbUn^, ISgi. Mart. 4. xxxiii. 4 

Sosicles, Ys, m. . 

Quod niinc est Mensecbmiis : ilium turn vdcabant SosYclem. *■ 
Piaut^Jien, 6. ix. 64. (Troch. Tet. cat.) 

80»— srp'E 

SMH, orttm, m. 

Sellout ttt prtstas Stelorfiai pfifDVai atodtts. ilTor. £. i. xx. 2. 

Sdstrata, ae,/. [f/. fj 

Pirata a iidbis tant^ Qt dixi, BoMriltiL Ter. ^emf. 6. iii. 1. 

Sdtttrilttts, T, m. 

Praodente, St mlUildb isftntilt qtue Soatriltfis alls. Juv, x. 178. 

Sotft, ae, m. 

85tse flini clinfoi FIU>fiUft. Afor^ 4. in. 1. Ci'AaZJ 

Sotaces. See Otaces. 

Sotftdes, Ys, m. 

Qui multii ferunt hoc pgdS Sot&den Idcutiim. 7. ilf. 1510. 

(Ion, a maj.) 
Sdtftdetls, &, iim, a^;. 

Ot quivSrtt, versu bl&tfirabtf Sotftdeo. 7. AT. 110. 
SoUdYctis, ft, iim, adj, 

MetrumquS fftcit Sdt&dYcon quod v5cYtarunt 7. M. 1509. 

Sp&nYtts, T, m. i(Phal.) 

Qu&m ventum SpftnYQs, mSnumqu^ Prisctis ; Mart. 2. xU. 10. 

Spftrax, ftcYs, m* [(1. T.) 

Age, accYpe illanc alteram cl&vam, Sp&rix. Plaut. A. 3b v. 27. 

Sparstts, i, m. (Seaz.) 

Tu, Spans, neads istil, nee p5tes acIrS. Mart. 12. Ivii. 18. 

Spartft, ae,/. or Sparte, es,/. [ii. 577* 

ScUYcSt hflBc Spartam inc51tiinis, ptttrYaaquS Mj^ceoas — F. ^. 
MisYmfis ad Sparten : Sparte quSquS nescift veri. Ov. H. i. 


Spartilctts, i, m. 

^miil& nee virtus CSptis, nee Spartftctis acgr, Hor. Ep. xvi. 5. 

Spartantts, S, ttm, adj. [162. 

Sic mills sublimes fregit Spartantis Athenas. Claud. 2. C. S. 

SpartYates, se, m. (/. T.) 

Quern tYbY nos esse Spartiaten dixTmtis. Plaut. Poen. 3. v. 35. 

SpartYatYciis, ft, )im, adj. 

* Eadem narrabo tYbY res SpartYatYcas. PUutt Pcen. 3. iv. 9. 
• DissylJab. 

SpartYciis, ft, fim, adj. 

£t vYfilae gSntts omne hic est, et SpartYcft myrttis. F. Cul. 399. 

Spfttftle, es,/. 

£t grftvibus Spfttftle baccis dYftdemft f^rebftt. Claud. N. Hon. 

Mar. 167. 
SpenddphSrtis, i, m. dr SplSnd5ph5rtis, T, m. [Ivii. 1. 

SpendttphSrOs LYbycfts ddmYni pStYt armYgSr Orbes : Mart. 9. 
SpereheYs, idYs,/. Patron. 

^sttiftt Alpheos : ripse SpercheYdSs ardent. Ov. M. ii. 250. 
Spereheds, I, m. or Sperchitts, T, m. or Sperchiiis, i, m. 

Pdpiinfer SperchStts, ^t irrSquYetils £n!j[>eils, Ov. M. i. 679. 
MalYftcas Sperchids ftquas, et fluminS purd — Luc. vi. 367. 
, SpSrchifoYdSa, s, m. Patron. rg^. 

CaucftsYumque Abftrfn, SperchiSnYdemquS Lj^cetilm, Ov. M. v. 

S P E— S T E 

Spes, «T,/. lAhaic.) 

Te Spes «t albo rirft FYdes cftlYt— ffor. C. 1. xxxv. 21. (Gr 

Sphinx, g¥s,/. 

Sphinx ore nectens: dMge h&c grSssOs p^iim. iS^. Ph. 

120. (/. r.) 
LegYmfis infindae Sphingft dedJss^ nSci. Ov. /6. 380. 

Spio, us,/. 

Nesaee, SpioquS, ThAliaquS, Cym«dficequ6, K G. iv. 338. 
Spoletiniis, fi, iim, acij. 

Sp5let!n& dfita est, sed quam slccavSrftt ipsS — Mart, 13. cxx. 1. 
Sp5rttdSs, ttm, /. 

Saxosis Sp5r&dum saepe obluctantlt& rTpis. Av. D. 100. 
St&b^riiis, 1, m. 

Hseredes StftbSn summam TnciderS sSpulcro. Hw. S, 2. iii. 84. 

St&bTse, ariim,/. 

Fdntibtis et St^biae cSlSbres, et VesyTft rurft. Col, 133. 
Lect&quS complebat Stftbiarum llt5r& pubes. SiL xiv. 409. 

Staiiis, 1, m. [ii. 19. 

Hunc cuinara ? cuinam ? vis Staio, an scHicSt haeres — Pers. 

St&lagmiis, T, o». 

Sed StSlagmus quojtts Srat tunc nationis, quom hinc &b¥it>~ 
Plant. Cap. 4. ii. 107- {Troch. Tet. cat.) 
Staphjrla, as J. 

Heus, St^pbj^lli, prodiy atque ostium &p£ri. Qui v5cftt ? 

Plant. Anl 2. v. I. (/. T.) 
Stiiphj^lifts, 1, m. 

Te, St&pbj^lT, gSnitum stirpS N5vempttpttlis. Aw. Prof, xx. 4. 

St&simiis, 1, m, 

£stne hoc quod died, StftsYmS ? Quom considSro — Plant. Trin. 

2, iv. 3. (/. T,) 
StatJna, arilm,/. [104. 

(EnSrlaequS l^cus mSdicos, St&t¥nasqu£ rSnatas — St. S, 3. v. 

Statitis, I, m. 

Theb^Idos, lactam fecit quum StatYtis urbSm. Juv. vii. 83. 

S tells, Bs, m. 

LaurigSros h&b¥tat facundus Stella p^nates. Mart. 12. iii. 1 1. 

Stellas, atis, adj. [266. 

StellatesquS ddcent campos, C^rSremquS bSnignSm. Sil. xi. 

StentSr, dris, m, 

Tu mis£r, exclamas, ut StentSrft vIncSrS p5ssis. Juv. xiii. 112. 

StSph^lnio, on IS, m, 

£t clamd saepS: Salsamenta haec, StSpbftnYo, Ter. Ad. 3. iii. 

26. (/. T.) 
StSph&nlscidiiim, 1, /. 

PSrfigre advSntentes te expStlmus, StSphftniscYdTum, mel 
mSum. Plant. St. 5. iv. 58. {Troch, Tet. cat.) 


Amicam Sgo h&b^ StSphttnio hlnc ex prdxilmo — Plant. St. 3. 

i. 27. (I. T.) 


StSphintts, 1, «. 

ScM, quim siht StSphXiii liilnM jOnctil mYhL Mart. 1 1. lii 4. 

StSrtoe, es,/. [36. 

itectri, Stirttpique, tlCmQl aiocdssUnft MailL Oc. e» Arat, Ph. 

StlirSpeSi fle, nt. [viil 425. 

JSrontesque, StSrtfpesque, St nudus membrft Pj^acmon. V. M, 

StSrtYnYiis, I, m. [296. 

Hoic mThY StertMfis BXp!(eiitum dctavtts ilmicd— Hbr. S. 2. iii. 

StSrtYnYtts, ft, ttm, eMff. 

Bmped^cles, an StertMfim delTrSt ftcamen. Hor. £. 1. xil. 20. 

StesYchttriis, i, m. 

StesYchfiriquS grttves Cftmoens. Hor,C, 4. ix. 8. (Less, Ale.) 

SthSnebceft, ae,/. [32?. 

Nee SthSnSbceft xnYnus, quam Cressa, excandiitt; et se — Jut;, x. 

Stheneie¥8,M¥s,/. Patron. 

In v5Iiicrem corpus nati SthSnSlelfdft versilm — Ov. M, xii. 581. 

SthSneieiiis, &, iim, adj, [25. 

Quern non millS fgrae, quern n5n Sth^nSleYiis hdstis. Ov. H. ix. 

Sthen£ltis, I, m. 

Hinc SthSnglum pStTt, et Rhcett de gentS vStusta — V. JE. x. 388. 

SthSmtis, 1, m, [343. 

JamquS dSdit leto SthSntum, LaurumquS, ddmoquS — SiL iv. 

Stichiis, i, m. [(L T.J 

£t jfis £t aequom pdst£Qas : sumas, Stich^, Plaut. St. 3. i. 22. 

Sticte, es,/. [217. 

£t DrtfmJli, et Cftnlce, Sficteque, et Tigriis, St Alee, Ov, if. iii. 

Stilbdn, onYsi m,- [xyiii. 11. 

TSmpSrft : qus Stilbdn Yolvat, que sectUft Phsnon. Aus. Ed. 

StYlYcbo, onYs, m. [432. 

Siibnixus StilYebdnS tttd : quern fratrYbtts i^^— Claud. 4. C. H, 

Stilieboniiis, a, dm, adj, [JIf. 177.. 

Agndseat f&m&lum virgo StilYebdnYfi ponttUn. Claud, Nup. H. 

Stilpho, 5nYs, m, 

Stilpbo est. Quern dixtl ? Stilpbonem, Tnquam, novSras ? Ter. 

Ph. 2. iii. 46. (I. T.) 
StYmYcon, onYs, m. 

ScTlYcSt InvTctOs SdmYcon $t pnemYA divHit^Calp, vii. 13. 
StYmtila, ae,/. 

Luctis erat : dilbYum S^m^ls StYmiUsevS vtfcetilr. Ov. F. vL 503. 
StYphYltis, 1, m. 

QuinquS nfiel Coeneus dSdSrat, StYpbYlCunquS, BrdmumquS, 

Ov. M, xii. 459. 
Stoechfis, ftd5s,/. [516. 

Stcecb&dds arv& tSnens : nee non et Gralft jiiventus — Iasc. iii.' 
StoYcYdtt, se, m, 

StdYcYdae : quYd Snlm falsi LaronYft ? Sed quid — Juv. ii 65. 
StoYctis, ft, fim, adj. 

£t qui nee C^nYeos nee StoYcft dogmfttft leffYt, Juv, xiiL 121. 


St5rax, ftclfs, m. [1. (L T,) 

Stttrax ! ndn rMHt bac ndcte a coena ^BachYnfis. Ter. Ad. 1. i. 

Strttbax, acYs, m. []9. 

QuM Istuc SlTenam 'st, ilmabd, m! Strfibax. PlauU True, 3. i. 
Strftbacem odn rddissS, nisY si clanciiliim — 3, ii. 2. 

Str&tYe, es,/. 

Rhipeque, et StTi&t¥e, ventos^uS donftt £ni8pe. St, Th. iv. 286' 

StrfttTppocles, Ys, to. [(L T,) 

Stri&tippOcleiii audivi P6riphanl fHYtUn—Pfaw*. Ejnd, 3. iv. 75. 

Strato, onYs, to. . [i. 24. 

Is ilbY mdlestus mftgYs est, Qusso, Tnquam, Strflto, Ter, E. 3. 

£cquem filYum Str&tonis novSrim DemaenStum. Plaut, A$, 2. 

ii. 77. (Troch, Tet. eat,) 
Strtttocles, Ys, m. 

Aut Strfttdcles, aut cum moUi DemetrYtts Hsemd. Juv, iii. 99. 

Strtttttnlctts, !, to. 

Post ftnYm! causa mYhY navem HlcYam atque YmYtabor Strftttoi- 
cum. Plaut, Rud, 4. ii. 27* (Anaptest, Tetr.) 
Str&tSphSiies, Ys, to. 

TYbi lidest Str&t5phfines : nunc tibi 5pu *8t, segpram at te assY- 
mtiles. Tace. Plaut, True, 2. vi. 19. (Troch. Tet, cat,) 

Strdbiltts, 1, TO. [(L T.) 

Hue Intro &bi ad nds. O Str5bil£ subddl^, Plaut. Aul, 2. iv. 66. 

Strongj^le, es,/. 

BrSvisquS juxta Strongj^le st&t insiiliL Av. 0, M, 453. 

Strongylos. See Trog^los. 

Strdphad^B, ttm,/. 

Saxa v5cat magni Strdphftdas nunc incSlft pdntT. V, F, iv. 513. 

StrttpbYilB, 1, TO. 

PhocYde rglicta StrttphYtts, £lea inclYttis— ^e«. Ag. 918. (I.T.) 

Struma, se, m. 

Sella in cttrOli Struma NonYus sM^t. Cat. Iii. 2. 

Strym6n, 5nYs, m. 

RupS sfib a^rYa deserti ad StrymSnYs iindam. F, G, iv. 608. 

StrymdnYs, YdYs,/. adf, 

StrymSnis abscisses ferttir aperta sYnus. Prop, 4. iv. 72. 

StrymtfnYiis, a, iim, adj, 

StrymSnYaequS griies, H amaris intiiba fibris, r, G. i. 120. 

Stj^gYalYa, «, adj. 

Inde J5vi g^minat magno Stj^gYalYa sacra. V. Cir, 374. 

Stj^gYiis, a, iim, adj, 

P!rYth5fim Theseus Stj^gYas ctfmYtavYt ad undaa. Ov.P. 2. Ki. 43. 

StymphalYciis, a, ttm, adj. 

Cum avYbus StymphalYcIs, cum Antaeo deliictari mavaiYm. 
Plaut. Per, 1. i. 4. (1, Tetr, acat.) 

StympbalTs, Ydls,/. adj. or StymphalYdte, iim,/. adj, - [(K*tTr^ 

StympiiiKs iota tst» Moeaiil nfilis S^ IM. <S^«. M O. 17. 

Testis Srit Phdlde, testes Scymphalid^ undse, Ov. F, ii. 278, 

The aatepenultima is made short by Ausonius, coatisry to 

the practice of the poets in the Augustan age. 

Stymphiindas pSpillTt v5liicres discriminS quTnto. Jitt. Ed. 

xix. 5. 

StymphilYtts, ft, iira, adj. t^l^- 

T«iBp«r« qud e^rti StympfailYft nSnstrtl a^HttA-^Cat. Ixviii. 

Stymphalft, drttm, n. or Stymphali&s, i, m. 

UnguYbibB, Arcilditt vdliicres, S^mplml& dflente»^j&uer< v. 32. 
AudK^ram, memfirande, tiiaS| StymphalS, vdlucrep. CI ^id>'n»}. 

BtfrOar If m. 

Btyrtts ttdeet, Istusqui virum cogno^clt AnafisYB ; F. F. vi. 266. 


Sub p^dYbOa Stf x atr« vYdet Minesqal^ prdfiiDdl. F: O. i. 24a 
Per Stj^gii dettir Yter: Stj^gias tranabiiniis undasi Ov. J, J. 

ii. 41. 

Suadelil, m.f. [38. 

Ac b(!n£ nummatum d^cdrat Suadelli VgnusqaS. Bor, E, 1. vi. 

Submanus. See Summanus. 

SttbGril, or Sttburrft, ae,/. 

FriingYmtts, it TaMtk vexlllam pdn5 Siibura. Juv. x. 156. 

Sttbarantis, or SCibQrrantts, ft, tim, adj. 

Latrent Sttburanae c&nes, Hor. Ep. v. 58. (L Dim.) 

Sucre, odYs, m. 

Sed§tanft cdhors, quam Sucr5 rYgentYbils QndTs — SU. iii. 372. 

S&cron, onYs, m. 

^neas Rtttidum Sficronetn, Sft primft rfientes-^r. ^. xn. 505. 

Suciiro, onYs, m. 

SuciirS, prog^nYes. Jus. Prof. x. 31. {Dactytic Trim, cat.) 

Suessft, SB,/. Dissyllab. and TrisyU. [398. 

Suessa, atque a duro FrtisYno ha0d TmbSlIYs ftratrd. SiL viii. 
Riides Cfimoenaa qui Stiessae prsBvenls. Atu. Epis. xv. 9. (LT.) 

Su(ss5nfe, iim, m. 

£t BYiiirlx, longisquS iSves SuessdnSs Yn armls. Luc. i. 423. 

Suetes, tEf m. 

DixYt, gi In Sueten, magnique In fatft Cgramnl — F. F. vi. 650. 

SuetonYiis, i, m. 

' Qu5Tum p^r plSnam sSrYem SuetonYiis blim—Jus. Cas. 4. 

Suevi, ordm, m. or Suev&s, I, m. Dissyllab. and TrisylL 

Barbfir&s aut Suevo perfusus sanguinS Rliend&<— iVop. 3. iii. 45. 
Fundftt ftb extremo flavos AquYIdnS Suevds. Luc, ii. 61. 

Sufieniis* i, m, 

Suifienus Tstg, Varrft, quem prdbe nosti, Cat, xxU. 1. (Aaoa.) 

9«ganibri, iSlee Sygamber* .f 

SugdYfts, ftdYs,/. . • . ppjs. 

^ SfifdYILs banc sftqtiYliir : rftpMas qtrion dtrMYt Oxtta. Fris. P. 


8IUlS(ttti?f III* 

LlttfrA flSrft foWlm, ttMlis ixcultii SttO)!, Ov. P. 4 Tiii. 1. 

SQlc^ oriim, m. 

Pan Hdft intl^a dCictdt CftrthigYne Sillcds, CUuid. B. GU. 618. 

SulcKiU, I, m. 

Suspectum gSntts hoc scnbendi: SulcYus actfr— Hor. 5. 1 . iv. 6d. 

SallX, 86, m. 

SfilUptft«ii«,Miirl(flS9«ieiM«,et€umilcrtteRti&fl. Xttc.iv.822. 

SflllanftSy &y ttiDi a<ff. 

Cum dttcS SQUftno gfolmiis civHlftt b$UjU JE^uc. vii. SO?. 
SiSino, odYs, m. 

Sulmd nithi ptttrYa Sst, g&MiB uberrYmiis findls, Oo. T, 4. x. 9. 

£t v£n)ft av&ai m tevgum SOlmdnls, ibi^uS — r. i£. ix. 412. 

SOlmdn&nsYs, S, aii^*. 

D£ Sdlmongnsl in«rK €ecT0plfs. OmnYft Gnsce, /ut;. vi. 187- 

SOlpfcW, »,/. [ii. I. 

SulpMa Sst t!bt cOlttt m%» Mars magn^, K2(lendis. Tift. 4. 

SiUptcYiis, i, i&m. 04/. [TeU JtclepJ 

Qui nQnc Sulpicus ftccUUthdrr^s. Hor. C. 4. xii. 18. (CKm-. 

Summ&nt&s, 1, 01, [731. 

RSddM, quisquls U Sst, SOmm^nd templtt fSruntiir. Ov, F. yi. 

SammoenYiniis, ft, tim, a<(f. 

Sammoen)(in&8 ccsnSt TntSr OxdrSs. jKfar^ 8. Ixxxii. 3. (Scaz.) 

SammoenTtiin, T, n. 

R&rttquS SamnKcnl fornlcfi '• — -«* — 

Sanifts, ftdSs,/. 

SOnYftdos cdntr& quOqud sammCim rapY^, ttd drtOs— Prj«. P. 532. 

Siln¥tfn, T, ». 

.SQnY«D exp^Ytdm, Pirsllque tat& rScSssa— Ov. P. iv. 563. 

SQrft, 9, m. 

Laud«t Av$ntm«9 vTcInas SarK PY&nse ; Jtfar/. 8. Ixiv. 13. 

Quid multft verb& fUcY&ro ? tonstric^m Sttrttm-^PtoK^ 2Vuc. 2. 

iv. 51. r/r.; 

SttrYft, s,/. 

Me te ttm&re. Addfixi &nci!l&8 tVbi ficcSs 6x Sttr¥& dttite. Plant. 
True, 2. vi. 49, (Troch, TeU cat.) 
SdrrSntiBiis, ft, dm, a^;* 

Surrentlnft vftfer qui mIscSt feecS FftlSma—^or. ^9. 2. iv. 55. 

Sarrentttm, I, n. [1. xvii. 52. 

BrOndttsiQin ctfm^a aat SarrSntQm ducttts Ibnoenttm — Hw. E. 

SOsft, drttm, n. 

N5n t5t Achemeuns &rro&ntQr Sasii siigUtIs, Prop, 2. xiii. I. 

Satritta, ft, iim, ad;. 

Stignft tftneot CYmtnlquft Iftcum, qui Sutrift tectft— i¥/. viii.491. 

Sj^5«nr¥tt8, 1, m. 

PecttfrYs at nostn •edem cdlYs, almft Sj^igrii Ami. Pr^tf. ii. 41. 
301 Dd 


S5^bl&rf8, ¥8, m. X»t» : 

Chldrfiftque, SyWUimqulS, DXrStftqii«, Tfa^fs^tehuroqu^, V, JE. 

Smarts, !8,/. KSpmid.) 

£t SyMns c5He8, hinc et RhMte, «t IfiQSttts— /tio. yI 29a 

Sj^bftrittctts, ft, i&xD, o^f . 

Qui certint Sf bftritlcls irbeUis, (^haL) 

N€c qui eomptetttt ntipSr Sfbthiddll, ftigYt : Ov, T. ii. 417- 

Sychstts, T, fit. 

Hutc conjax Sychsetts Srat, dltissYmiis agri — K. JE, i. 343. 
Quos inter mSdTus venit ftirttr. lUe Sj^chstlin-*-348. 

8fc5l«trta!daB, irtm, m. ^ [^7- T,) 

£t quinquagfinta centtim Sycttlfttronlds. VlmU Mil i. 43. 

S^don, 5nt8, m. [69. 

Non Rh5dal6 cQm fratrg Sydon : AcSsinaqug laevo — V. F. vi. 

Sj^edrse, arfim,/. 

Ad prSfbgain cSllectft di&cem ; parvlsquS S^edrTs — Luc. viii. 

26ft. tU. Sfoedrls. 

Nam quYs ftd exustam Cancro torrent^ Syenen — Luc. viii. 861. 

Sj^eoites, te, m. adj. 

£cc6 Sj^enites, gfenitus Methi5n«, Phorbas— Ow. M. v. 74. 

Sj^gimbSr, br&, br^m, adj. of S j^gambriis. ft> iUn, m^'« [xiv. 49. 

NescTS quara pro me laudat nunc TstS Sj^gambrftm, Ov. J. 1. 

Ct SjLlTus jam rurft cttlat, flexosqu^ Sj^gambriis — Claud. 1. C. S. 

i. 222. 
Syla. See Sila. 

Sylla. iS'ee Sulla. 

Sj^maetheiis, ft, ttm, adj. 

QuaquS Symsetheas accYpTt amnTs ftquSs. Ov. F. iv. 472. 

Sym«th&, Wis,/. [750. 

Acts grat, Fauno NymphaquS Sj^maethYdS cretds. Ov. M. xiii. 

Symsethitis, ft, tim, at^. 

£ductum Matris luco, SymsethYft cTrcilm 

Flumtna— r. jE. \x. 684. £(|7^. 

Tergft l%lgae dSdSrat CQnveraft Sj^rasethliUB herds. Ov, H* xiii. 

SjPmtethtis, i, m. 

Armft ftierS dScus vTctori binft Sjfmaetho* Sil ix. 410. 

Symmachds, i, m. 

VenlstT centum, SymmftchS, discTpttlTs. Mart. 5. ix. 2. 

Symplegas, adis,/. or SympIegadSs, iim,/. 

Clia frgtum, gt ponto v5litet Symplegfts Knani— K. F. iv. 221. 
Altera namqu^ parlt SymplggSdas TrS p^r irtas, Ov.T. 1. x. 47. 

SyncSrasttis, I, m. 

Nunc d5mum ibo. Heus SyncSrastS. SyncSrastum qui v5cat ? 
Plaut. Poen. 4. ii. 29. (Troch. Tet. cgt.) 
.Sjrnedrs. See Sye<tre, • 
. 802 


St'stolorib e^fat Sj^nUiltvllcXt: ungaSrS vQlni&B— 5tl. v. 352. 

SynnWft, ae,/. . [27^ 

M&rmlirS piSirpttrSIs ccdit cut SynnfidH vents. Claiid, Eut. ii. 

Synnds, &d¥s,/ 

Quod Fhr^gi^ Syunia, Afrfl quod Ndmas mittYt. Mart 9, 

Ixxvi. d. (Scaz,) 
Purpfiri soU dtvo Phrjrg&e ^uam Synn&dds antro — St. S. 1. 
. , V. 37, 

Sj^phax, acts, w. 

Celsiis mentS Sj^phax idciri in tectK bSnigne — SiL xvi. \R7. 
HannYbUlis spdifo, et victi m5niiment& Sj^phacYs. Prop. 3. xi. 61. 
CdmpiilYmus dtrum Sj^phftceiOi fractdrnquft MUteilo^Claud. B, 

S5rrS »,/. 

Fideles evgmre amatores, SfrIL Ter. Hec. 1. i. a (I. T.) 

Sj^radtsifts, &, ilm, o^^*. 

Prima S^rac5sTd dignata est ludSr^ versu — V* 5. vi. 1. 

Sj^icftflse, ariim,;^ 

CtquS Sj^racusas ArSthusidfis absttilit armis — On, F. iv. 873. 

The antepenultinia is improperly shortened by Ausonius. 
See Catina. 

Sj^acusan&s, % iim, a^, 

£snetuSj^racusanus? Certo. Quidtu? Qulppim? PluuU 
Men,b,'ix.m, (Trock, Tet, caU) 
Sj^rta, SB,/. 

Mavolt, quam SJrias BrYtannYasquS. Cat. xlv. 22. (Phal) 

Syrinx, ngis,/ 

NaYas una filit: Nymph» Syringa v(Jcabant. Ow. M, i. 6.91.. 

Sj^rlscfis, 1, i«.' 

♦iEdepol, S5rri8c6, te curasti moUitar. Ter, Ad, 5.i. 1. (L T,) 

*. Dissyllab. 

Sj^iiscils, a, iim; adj, 

Copa Sj^nscH, caput Graia r^dYmita mYtella. V, Cap, 1. 

Sj^rYiis, a, thn, a^. 

CrusMmYfs SyrYisqu^'pYrTs, grSvYbusqug vttlemfe. V. G. ii. 88. 

SyrSn, onYs, m, 

Magni pgtentes docta dicta SyronYs. F, Cat, vii. 9. (Scaz.} 

Sj^rdphoeniX) TcYS) m. 

CurrYt Idumaea Sf riiphcenTx TncCla portae, Juv. viii. 160. 

Syr6s»J,/. ' ... - 

;.' £t Syron cepissS : mH concussa piitata — Ov. M. xiii. 175. 

Syrticils, T, m. 

SyrtYctts exicelso dScurrens roWrX montH—Sil v. 243. 

Syrtictts, a, iim, adj. 

Nee stgrYlIs LYbj^e nee SyrtYciis obstYtYt Hammon. Luc, x. 38. 
303 D d 2 


SyrtYs, Is, /. or Syrtes, Yttm, /. 

(Mim SyrtKs Srit pSlftg?, pfoYtfisquS nitMtfi-^ZMe.£. 

N&t&s et ambigiise rOlSret qui SyrtYdtts arv&— 710. 

Siv* per Syrtes KtCr astilosSa— •«»•. C, 1. wqi &. (Sapph,) 

DSprenstis hsesit Syrtium br^vYbHs v^dls. Sen, If, F. 323. 

(I, T./ 
SJrtts, T, m. [iii. 69. 

Ag^dum vtelssim, Sjh«, die quae ilia 'st altftr^L Ter, HecmL 3. 

Sj^riis, ft, ttm, a<^'. 

CulUlqu^ Jud«5 septlmil sacrtt Sj^ro. Ov. ^. ^. i. 7& 


fit bellar« TfibSs dScYIIs, CSssfrfiquS parvIC, ^?. xiv. 27^. 

Tftbernae, ariim, /. 

DumniSBum, rVgttasqulS pSrSnni fontS Tttbeniis* ^««. Ed. x. & 

TSbricft, 86,/. 

Quales, fimbrif^s nbf paiMtit TftbrSctt saltfis, /«#. & 194. 

Tftburniis, T, m. 

Cons^rSre, atque 5lSa magnum vestirS.TSiburnlim. V, G* ii. 38L 

TacYta, ae,/ 

Sacra facit TacYts : vlx tamSn Ipsa tacSt Ov. F. iL &J2, 

TadYiis, 1, m. 

Nee iSvius, TadTo Isvum qua tegmtnS thorax — SH, ix. 587* 

Taenartdes, as, m, adj, 

TollSre Teenarldes orbem preSp&abat: at Hliim—Op. M, x. I83L 

TsenarTs. Mis,/ adj, 

ReddTta MopsOpYa Taenarls firbfi s5r8r. Otf. iT. viii, 72. 

Tsnartiis, a, iim, ai^'. 

TaenarYas.atYam faQc§8, ^ta ostYa i)itYs--r. G, iv. 467. 
Tfienar5s, i, m. / or Tsenarfis, i, m,f, or Tsenara, ortlm, pL n, 

DdrYdl^ tunc MaiSan, St apgrtam Tsenarto umbris — Ztk^.ix. 36. 

TsenarS, sTvS tiils, sTvS CarystS, tiiii Tib, 3, iii. 14. 

fist Idc&s Inachi»> dixerunt Tsenara gentes. St, T, ii. 32. 

TagSs, is, and etYs, m, 

Tyrrhenus fixissS Tages In limYtS rurYs. Cok 345. 
IndYgSnse dixerS Tagen : qui primus fitrOscam— Ov. M, xv. 558. 
Rura mSus Tyrrhena pSUt, saltusquS Tagetis. St, S. 5. xii. 1. 

Tligt«,i,»i. i:u-25i. 

QuodquS siid Tagiis amnS vShit, fl&Yt ignibtis auriim. Ov, ilf. 

TalaidnYdes, ae^ m. / Patron, 

Dux TalaifinYdes, antiquia ut fortS sfib 6mo--5'^. 7*. v. 18. 
Talapnides, ae, m. Patron, . • 

Cum senior TaiaSnTdes, nee l6nffa'm5rati— *ft. T, ii. 14L 


Talasio. See Thalassio. 

CdnjttgS, qtiam TOal,TJtid»r6!<iti« g«n«r. Ot>: m 35©.' 
TiUiajftts, I, m. [3. 

TequS, tttamqulS gSnos mSmtfrSt, LilcanS Tftlisi. /hts. Par.viu, 

T&lfis, i, ». [513. 

Illg Talon Tanftimqufi n6cT, fortemqug C«thegilm— r. ^ xii. 

TalthyWfl8,I,m. f9. 

Nam sYinbl Eur^biites roe Talthj^blfusquS vScarunt, Ov. H, iii. 

TamSssefis, ft, Um, ai^'. 

Est Sg^r, iDdYgnSne Tftmaseum nomYne dicunt, Ov. M. x. 644. 
TUnaggr, gri, m. 

Concusbus, Silv»que et sicc! rfpft TiUiagri — V. O. iii. 151. 
Tilnagra, ae,/. 

T^nagraetts, &, iira, adj, 

Pximii Ttoigrteum tarMlvtt itrOndO Cbtoebttui. St. T. ix. 745. 

Tiniiis, 19, m, l(L T:J 

Quia TftnUl^ aat qu!s Ntl&s, aut quU Penlca-^^n. J7. i^. 1323. 

TAnlfftifs, M!s,/. cm(/. 

TKnartYs, aflt McedtYs, et nddo c5mas-~iS^n. Hip. 40i. 


H&nc secum TfinSqufl, saciis de more pSratis. Ov. F. v\. 629. 

TaDtft]|<tts, ^, m. 

Fallax Tantaied cSrrYpYarS lTqii5r. Prop. 4. xi. 24. 

TantaiStts, fl, i&m, <i4;. 

Vel tu TantalSa mdvgare ad flumYnft sortS, Prop.' 2. xvil, 5. ' 

TantiLlYciis, ft, iim, adj. 

Aurat& reges sceptrft Tantilici g^runt. Sen. Thy. 229. (/. T.) 

Tantaiides, se, m. Patron. 

Quld.jidn TantftHdes ftgttantg ci^pIdinS currus— Ov. T. U. 365. 

Quinam Tant&lYdarum internScioni mSdlls— Cic N. D. lii. 38. 

(L f.) 
TantalTs, !d5s,/. Patron. 

Aut 6g5 Tantaitdse Tan talis ux5r «r6. Ov. H. viii. 122. 

CtTnam sttperbae tiirba TantSlidos m^b—Sen. Med. 954. (I.T.) 

Tantaitts, 1, TO. 

Tajitallls a labrls sYtiens fUgientTa captSt 
Flumtna— Hor. S. 1. i. 68. 

Tapbrtfs, 1, ». [r/. ?'.; 

Taphron pftludem namquS genticl vacant. Av. O. M. 607- 

Tappo, 5n¥s, m. 

Sed til cam Tappone dmnifi mdnstira f^cYs. Cat. civ. 4. 

Taprdbane, es,/. 

Aut iibi Tapi^banen IndYcft cingit aqua. Ov. P. I. v. 8p. 
305 D d 3 

TftrftnYs, ts, m. 

Bt TftrkDis SctlhlcflB n5n mitXttr Hft IHbiM^ J^kc. L 446. 

T&ras, amh, «• 

Ao<iqvusqu£ T&ras, secret&qu<S lltttfrft Leaca. Luc, v. 376. ' 

THrfttalbL, m. 

Dketflr quare non Tttr<iti]l& mlhi t Mart. 1. U. 2. 

TarbellYciis, ft, iim, tidj, 

M5UYt«r admissum claudit TarbSUYctta squttr, X«c. L 421. 

Tarbeims, H, Vlw, adj. [vii. 9. 

Non sYne me est tYbY partiis httnds, Tarbelll Pjh-ene, Tih. 1. 

Titcbo, onYs, m. 

£fiatus Tarchd : s^Yi consurgSr^ tonsls— r. JE. x. 299. 
Tyrrhenum gSnYtor Tirchonem in prselYft saevil— xi. 727. 

TarchondYmOttts, T, m. 

Turn TarchdndYmdtus Iinquendi sTgnft CfitonYs— Zuc. ix. 219. 

Tftrentini&s, &, i&m, o^;. 

Lanii Tftrentino vY5Ias YmYtitil vtoeno. Hor. E. 2. i. 297. 

Tftrentilm, i, n. or Tftrenttts, i, / 

Hinc sYniU HerciU^, si vera est famK, Tilrenti^K JE. ill 551. 
Verterfit et mEntem Tj^rYa ad conatii Tftrenttis. SiL xii. 434. 

TargYbil&s, I, m. 

Tandem TargYbYlum, GStYcse dOx imprSbiis alse 
Hic erftt— C/aii<;. Eut. ii. 176. 

TftrYiis, 1, m. 

Invadit TftrYum, vicmo consiilS pugnas — Sil. 'vr. 253. 

TarnYs, Ys, TO. [465. 

AmnYs : St aurYfSrum postpSnet GallYfi Tarn^. Au». Ed. x. 

Tarpft, s, m. 

Quae nSc Yn sedS s5nent certantYft judYcfi Tarpa. J7or. >$. 1. x. 3& 

Tarpelft, ae,/. 

Bellft gSrunt, arcTsquS vYa Tarpeitt rSclusa— Ov. M. xiv. 776. 

Tarpeiii8» ft, tim, adf • 

Tarpeium nSmt&s, et Tarpeise turpS sSpulcdim. Prop, 4. !▼. 1. 

TarquYnYiis, T, m. 

CltYm& TarquYnYus Ramans gentYs bftbeb&t— Ov. F, ii. 667- 

TarquYttis, T, m. 

' TarqaYtas exGltans contra fulgentYbi&s armis— F. i£. x. 550. - 

Tarrttco, SnYs,/ [ix. 4. 

Cdrdiib& ndn, non arcS p5tens tYbY Tarriicd certflt, Aus. Urb. 
Aprlcft rSpStes Tarrlic5nls litt5r&. Mart. 1. 1. 21. (L T.J 

Tartftrgiis, fi, lim, adj. 

TartSrSus PhiegSthon, tdrquetquS sdnantYft saxft.»1. 

Tartftriis, i, m. or Tart&rft, pi. n. 

Tartftrtis horrYf^rds eructans faucibtts sestus. Lucr* iii. 192& 
^tbMas, tantum radice in Tirtilrii t$ndYt K. O. ii. 292. 

TartessYftctts, ft, tkm, adj. 

Ndn TartesiQlcis iUum siktUxU ftrenis— OtedL Batf. i..l91. 
306 "^ : 


Tartessfe, M!8,/.a4f. " 

Toque tms, MiW^ TirtittYdtt pAngtf Cileiidls, CoL 192. 

Tartessds, i, m. f^natne of a marif or river); f. (name of a cii^,) or 

' TartSisi&s, L 
FiQgentes piiSri Tartessds ^t HespSrds or^-SU. xvi. 466. 
Audit Tartessos l&tis distenxxKnft terris : SiU v. 39Q. 

TascT, oriim, m. 

Tascordm telis hftbit&t gens (BxtXn ^ aroi. Frit. P. 97'!^ 

T&tifSnses, Yiimi m. tS^e Titienses. ' 

Titiiis, T, m. 

RomiilTdis, T&tYdquS sSnT, Cfirlfbusque sevens. K JB. vHi 639. 

TStYiia, ft, iim, o^/. 

Igneg castrorum, et Tfttte prstdrt^ turmsi Prop. 4. iv. 31. 

Taulantiiis, ft, i&m, <u(f, 

QuemquS v5cat coUem TaulantYtis incSIft Petrftm. Luc. vi. 16^ 

Taulas, ntKs, m. 

Inguinfi transfosso clari Taulantis ftlumnils — F, F. vi. 223. 
Tauraniis, I, m. 

Tauranus c5mTtes suprema vocS ciebftt Sil, v. 472. 
Taurfift, ae, m. 

£v^¥tur porta subKmIs TaurSft cnstis 

Bellatdr— iS't/. xiii. 143. 

Tauri, orttm, m. , 

£st Idctis In Scythia, Taurds dlxerS pridres, Ou. P. 3. iu 45. 
£xtra CimmSrlfas, Taurorum castrft, paludes. CI, Eut, i. 249. 

TaurKciU, ft, iim, adj. 

Nee prficiil a nobis ItfciSe est, ilbiTauncft dira— Oi;.r.4. iv 63. 

Taurintts, I, m. 

Taurinusque, Tpsum prTscis heroibfis squans. Aus. Epis. iv. 38. 

Taurfni&s, ft, tim, adj, 

TauriDis ductor stftttiit tentdrYft campTs. Sil. iii. 646. 

Taurisdls, ft, &m, adj. 

Incdlft TaunscI Sc^tbft litSris, ind^quS rursfim — Jv, D. 444* , 

Taiirtfmemtantts, ft, tim, adj, 

TaurJJmgnTtanam vlncunt fervorS ChftrybdTm. Luc, iv. 461. . 

Taiir»in6n8«, i, / [F. iv. 475. 

, Himgrftque, et DYdjhnen, AcrftgantftquS, TaurdmSodnquS, Ov^ 


-^ • — . — vMdesqufi rSaultant 

Taurttbtils, et tSrris ingens rfidit squdrYs ecbo. ^S^. S. 3. i. 129. 

TftGf as, T, m. 

Tauriis, St adverso cedens CftnYs occYdtt astro. V. Q, L 218. 

Taxes, IS, m. [252. 

S&nmSeein Taxes Hj^pftnim vShit, atquft rSmissttm-— K. F, vi. 

TaxTliis, I, «i. 

T&xiltts ioter.^piOB hftbldU cum gontft Sftbartim. PrU. P. 1048. 

Tufgji^ Srttm, n. or Taj^gSttts, i, m. 

TifgliULl S-qiuaSg^ffiCfoui.vifllbiU HmA—K G. ii. 488. 

Taj^gfitiquS c&nes, dtfmltrixque EptdautiU Squorilm. V. G. 

HI. 44. 
Tiyg«tg, 5s,/. 

T2^gete sYmttl 58 terris ostend¥t httnestftm— F. G, iv. 232. 

Tanfim, T, n. 

FeeSrYt auspycMm, eras ferramentfi TSaniim 
ToUetis--JSfor. ^. 1. i. 86. 

T«&te, Ys, n. 

CorfiDi pdpiilds, mignumquS TSate trftbeb&t. Sil, viii. 520. 
Tecmessft, »,/. 

Nunquam £g5 te^ AndrOm&che, nee te, T«cmessS, rdgargm, 

Ov. ^. A, iu. 519. 

FormH captive dSminum TScmesss — Hor, C. 2. iv. 6. (Sapph,) 

Tectit, 8B,/. «^'. 

Protintts hunc prlmse quxres In liminS Tectae. Mart 3; v. 5. 

TectdsJ&gi, urttm, m. 

Csque In TectOsftgos primsvo nomTnS Volcas. Jw, Vrh. xiii. 8. 

TedignYlfiquTdes. /'a ludicrous word^ fabricated for the occasion,) 

TedIgnil5quYdes, Nummdrumexpalponides, Pkiut. Per. 4. vi. 

S2. r/. T.) 

Aut mitem TfigSs, Dlrcesve h5rtabdr illumniim ; St. S. ] . iv. 21. 

Tydeft : me TSg^e regem Indefess& rSposcit, m, T, xi. I??. 
T«g«atYciis, &, iim, o^;. 

£t de MsnftlYa vttlttcer T^ggatYctls umbra. SU S, I. ii. 18. 

T«g«&«8, Ydts,/. fli^\ 

Tdrv& sfigittYf^rl mater T^gSatls iSphebl---.^^. T. ix. 571. 
DextSr& Tasclvit cssa TSggatjdS capra — Sil. xiii. 329. 

TegSeiis, ft, iim, a4;. 

Ot TSgSeiis &per cupressifSrd £rj^manthd — Ov. H. ix. 87- 

TSgestrsel, ortim, m. 

Altft TSgestrson postremse moenYft terra?. Pris. P. 375. 

Teta, 8B,/. 

Ait£r& Tarpeids est Inter Teift lucos — Prop. 4. viii. 31. 

TSiiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Sit qu5qu£ vinosl Teift Musa sSnis. Ov, A. A. iii. 330. 

T^ftmon, onis, m. 

Nee Telftmon ftbSrat, magnlv^ crSatSr Aehillis. Ov.Jlf.viL309. 
Pugnfinte Alcld^, tftml^n et Tftlftmonft tYmebaat. St. S. 5. iL 50. 

TSlftmdnTftdes, se, m. Patron. [231. 

N«c TSlftmdnYftdes Stiam nunc hlscSrS qiildquftm — Ov. M. xiii. 

TfiftmdnYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

iiUlcYdes Peleus namque, et TeiftmonYft virtus— r. Cut. 296. 
Telan, is, m. 

Telanft dico civem non ignobYlftm. Aus, Sap. Sol. 26. (L T.J 
TelchinSs, iim, m. 

Tal« n€c Idaels qulcquftm T^kbin^s Yn kntriB-^St. S, 4> vi. 47. 

TSlSbto, ari&m, m. 

Fettar, T€l5btfftm CaprBs quftm rS^K t«n8r«t, T. J5.vti. 736. 

Telfib^Sas ae m. 

urn damisl. ChthdoYOs quttquS TeleUasquS— 0«. K xii. 441. 
TelSc^on, 5ntYs, m. 

TelScdonUl sinit, diiplicataque dr£t s^curi — F, F. Ui. 140« 

Haud m&lS TelSmftchus, proles p&tientts 01yssei«.^^. I. E. 

Tel&mhs, I, m. 

TelSmiis Interna SiciUam delatiis M Mtn^m, Ov, M. xiii. 740. 
Telephfis, 1, m. 

TelSphiis et Peleus, cum paupgr St exiil titerquS, Hor,A,P,96, 

TSlesphttrl&s, I, m. 

Hos tifbl vlcinos, FaustiuS, TSlesphfirtts hortos — Mart, l.cxv. 1. 

TelestSs, ee, m. 

Dote ftiit Virgo, DTctaeo nata Tfileste. Ov, M. ix. 716. 

T^estis, MYb,/. 

Stfttam T£lestYdem prddlrS flHam ante aedes mSaa — Plaut. Epid. 

4,1.42. (LTetr.acaU) 

Teiethusa, s,/. [681. 

Sed tftmSa iliquS sfiCiin vanTs TSlSthilstt mttrittiHi-^-Oir. AT. iz. 
Telgon, ts, wi. 

Turn P^ldpcils ftvTs Cyrenes incdia TelgoQ, i9t/. iv. 628. 

TelluB, urfe,/, 

Devenmnt. Prima et Tellus et pronilba Juno— r. JS. iv. 166. 
Tellurem pored, Silvanum lactS piabant. Hor. 2. E. i. 143^ 

TelmessYs, Td58,/. [248. 

Sols Rh0don, magndsquS stnus TelmessTdds undse — Luc, viii. 

Telmtssils, T,/. 

Telmlssusi Lyrbe, nee non clarissimft Selge. Pris, Per, 809. , 

T^lon, onYs, m. [734. 

(EbaiS, quem gSngrassS Tglon SebetbidS nympha — V, jE. vii. 

TSmSss, arUm, /. 

Mr^ ddmant TgrnSsae: quiltitur navalibtts orX— 5/. A, i. 413. 

TSmSsseiis, &, tim, adj, 

£t quamvis SlYquis TSmSsseS rSmovSrit aerS, Ov. Med, F, 41 . 

TSmSse, §8,/. 

£t quis se totis TSmSse dSdYt haQstS mStallTs. St, S. 1. i. 42. 

TgmiUa, SB,/. [ix.676. 

Privernum Cftpj^s, Hunc pnm5 iSvis hastH TSmillsB — F, JE, 

TSmYsiis, i, m. [431. 

Littfire ab He8p6rTd&m TSmYsus ; qui carmlng pd&eD»^<S't/. i. 

Tempe, plur, n. 

Silva: vacant T§mpe: perque Fenefis abimo — Ov. ilf. i. 569. 

Terapestas, atis, / 

Tr€8 firj^ci vttWas, ejt TSmpestStlfbttB Sgnamj F, ^, v. 772. 

TEM— TBff 

Tempyril, 5r1iin, ii. 

Sfltda iU) hie tSrrl to^vfs SM TSmlpfni pStSnfl Ov. T. 1. x. 21. 

T«n«d«8, 1,/. 

fit notft Ami T&i^dte, St que pisctto— 5m. 7r. 22?. T^* ?*.; 

Ten»8,i,/. [469. 

At non OlYilrDSi DYdjfmeeque, et Tentts, £t AndrHa—Ov. M. vii. 

TRitjhr&, 5Hlin, n. 

Qui vfcInK cdlunt fimbrosse Teatjh'fi pSlms. Juv* xv. 76. 

T«r5d6n, toYs,/. 

£xtrema flfivV! sfLb parte TSredSn^l rSdens. PrU. Per. 908. 

TSredSnl&s, ft, tLm, oo^'. 

Inde TSredSnYae jiigS propter m&xYmft rClpYs— y^v. D. 1162. 

TerStdeB, se, m. Patron, 

TantftlYdes tu sis, Ter^desquS piiSr. Ov. Ih. 436. 

TfirSntYaniis, i, «. [(PhaLJ 

Tarn longe est mM quam TSrentYaniis — Mctrt 1. Ixxxvii. 6» 

T&rentYantts, ft, ttm, adj. 

TerentYlQus PhormYo. Aus, Eput. xxii. 10. (L Dim,) 

Tftrehtiniis, ft, iim, adj. 

TriDft TftrSixt&id daCbraU trYndctYft liidd. Aw, Ed. xi. 34. 

TftrintYiis, i, m. 

Vlnc^re CaecYlifis grftvYtatS, TSrentiiis arti^^or. 2. E. i. 69. 

TSrentSs, i, m. 

£t quae Romfilefis sacrft Tgrent5s liftbSt. Mart. 4. i. 8. 

Tereus, el, and Sds, m. 

ThreYoYfis Tereus haec auxYlYarYbiis armis— Ot>. M. vi. 424. 

A^tf ut rautatos Terei narravSrYt artus. V, B, vi. 78. 

TerSftque, HaemttnYis qui prensos montYbils ursds — Ov. M. xii. 

Tergestfim, i, n. 

Tergestumqufi dChinc curvi sftlYs inciibftt orftm. Av. D. 629. 

Termessils, i,/. 

TermessusquS dShYnc firbs emYnSt, emYnSt arc^m — Av. D. 1024. 

TermYnalYft, ttm, n. pi 

V«l agiifi festis caesft TerraYnalibtis, Hor, Ep. ii. 59. (I. T,J 

TgrinYniis, I, m. 

. SpargYttb* et caesa communis Terminiis agna. Ov. F. ii. 655. 

TerpsYchttre, es,/. 

• TerpsYch5re fftcYlem lascTvd pollYcft movYt 
BarbYtdn— Cfettrf. N. Hon. et Mar, Praf. 9. 

Tertrtt, »,/. 

Illam Terrft pftrens, ira irritatft DSdvfim, V. M. iv. 178. 
TestlSiis, i, m. 

TestilS, Victdria tormentQm dulcft Y6cbm--Mart. 7. xxix. 1. 
TestYtts, i, m, 

TSstYtis obstilpiift, t»iSS949€MTi hic tYbY ftBHt&^St* S. a i. 43. 


TethJ^s, y«s,/. 

TethjPs £t extx€m$ Mep« rttceptft Itfco €st« Ov. iF. v. S22. 

Tethyds has neptes, Oc£&nTqu£ sSnXs. 168. 

HTc Stgniro lasso perrumpit Tethj^a cursu. Pris, Per. 579* 

Tetr&dii&s, T, nu 

S&les dpTmas, Tetr^cU. Aus, EpisL xv. 2. (L Dim.) 

TStrka, mj. [713. 

Qui TetrTcae horrentes rupes, mdntemquS Sfiver&m^-F.iCl.vii' 

Tgtrictts, a, ttm, aJf. 

Ndrsia, St a TStrka cOmYtantar rilplJ ctthortes. SiL viii«.417. 

Tett¥i&s, i, m. 

Oppttls advenit, cdmSs est qu«qu6 Tetttiis lUi. T. j|/. 1246. 

Teuc^r, en, m. w Teucii&s, i, m. 

Teucrus Rhoeieas primum est advectiis ad oras, V. M. iii. .108. 
TibtirXB umbra tttl. Teacer Salaroina pati^mque— Hor. 1. C. 

vii. 21. 
Atque Squlfdem Teucrum mSiuYnl Siddna vSnlrS, F, uE. i. 619. 

Teucri, drum, pi m. [x. 68. 

Dum Latium Teucri r^cidivaquS Pergama quserunt 7 V. M, 

TeucrKa, SB,/. 

%\%o oranis longo solvit se Teucria luctO. F, M* ii. 26. 

Teucrts, Mtts,/. Pattim. [Pe». 81. 

Ah ! mlhl quid prodest, eaptivas TeiicrYdas inter— -.SM. Vlxx. 

TeucrYtis, a, ilm, adj, 

Longd, miias ait, quatSret cum TeucrYa hello 
Pergama—.S't/. xiii. 86. 

Teucrils, a, iim, adj. 

Mox sadem Teficras Itt^at mSrsura carinas, Ov. M. xiv. 72. 

TeutagSniis, i, m. 

^Wy dfto« Teticagtfnd, cradi m^a cortkYs armat-— K F. vi. 97- 

Teutams, 1, m. 

Teutaiiis, gt vSstd quatftur s6h pondarS t6tl6s. SU. iy. 199. 

Testates, se, m. 

Teutates, hdrrSnsqua fSris aharYbiis Hestts ; Luc. i. 445. 

Teuthrante5s, a, tim, <idj. 

Penedsque s^nex, Teuthranteusqua Caictls, (h. M. ii. 243. 

Teuthrantius, a, tim, adj. 

FdrsYtan, 0t quondam TeGthrautia regna tanentt—Ot;.?*. 2. 19. 

Teuthras, antis, m. [402. 

Qu5m madJam Rhcetefis intgrcYpYt, SptYmS TeCithrfi, F. M. x. 
Aut tanaat clausam tanM TeiithrantYs Yn unda. Prop. 1. xi. 11. 

TeutdnYcQs, a, ttm, adj. 

TeutanYco ritu siflYti torquerS cateias. F. AS. vii. 741-. 

Teiltaniis, i, m. 

C&ntabar exYgiiis, aut longls TeGtOntls armis. Lue. vi. -259. 
ThaYs, Yd5s,/. 

Nil mYhY cum vTtta : ThaYs Yn arta mSa est. Ov. R. A. 386. 

0t sis libarYdr ThaYda, finga matus. Ov. A. A. iii. 604. 


ThlUiiDiiis, i, m. 

QuAlis n«c ThlUtoifiB fiilt N&5i^ Mart a liL S. (Pkal) 

ThSlassYo, 5nls, m. or Th&Iassttis, T, t». or Th^Issiis, !, «. 

Th&lassird, Thftlasslo, ThiUassYd, Ktrg. Cat. iv. 9. (L TJ 
Qu5d SI me ji&bSas ThJllassYdnSm — Mart. 1. xzxvi. ^. (PkaL) 
J&m servIrS ThiUasslid. Cat Ixi. 134. r<^^y<^ J 
Nee ttt& demSrunt verbii, ThSlasse, t!bi. MmU 12. xUL 4. 

Th&tea, Is, mu? StYs, m. 

Chrysippua noa dicSt idem, nee mitS ThiUetIs 

IngSnium — Juv, xiii. 184. 

Eug^pse ! ThSlem t&Ient5 non Smam MHesium. Plaut, Cap, 

2. ii. 24. (Troch, T, eat,) 
ThilSfts, ft, ttm, adj. 

DlcSrYs In silva judSx audiss^ Thftlea. Calp. vi. 78. r 

Thftlia, aa,/. 

Clioque, it curvae scitft ThJilift l^ne. Op. F. v. 54. 

XhttliaKhfifl, f, m, 

ThXliarchg, mgrum dTota. Hor. 1. C. ix. 8. (Less. Ale,) 

Thalltis, T, m. [r/. Tetr. eat.) 

Idemque, Thalie, turbYda rftpacYor prdcelli. Cat. xxy. 4. 

Th&m)^ra8, se, m. 

Qutd mis6rum Thftm jhran pTcttt tftbSUS jttvSt ? Ov. ^. 3. vii G2. 

Thim^rfs, Ts, «i. 

J&jnqu^ nSci Sth^nSlfimqud d£dit, Thftmj^rinquS, PhttlamquS, 

F. JE. xii. 341. 
Thimyrtis, I, tn, [314. 

ImpHcMm fratri ThfimyriXm. TUgtts haurtt fcthecli— 51f . T. x. 

Thapstis, T, m.f. [iii. iMB. 

PantHgYs, M^gArSsqu^ sfnds, ThSp$ilmqu£ Jiicentto)) T. JE. 

Th&sliis, ii, iim, adj. 

Sunt Thfotai vite8» aQnt €t M&rSotildte IUmb, T. a ii. 9U 

Tb«8«8, 1,/. 

N5n hflc admTssse ThUste, afit anddsji Cftrystds ; St. S. I. v. 34. 

Thafimantetis, ^, fim, tufj. [845. (Spfmd.) 

Nee mttr&, RomiUeds cQm vlrgmS Thaumabtea — Ov. M. xlv. 

ThaumantY^s, fldSs,/. Patron. 

Ror&tls lustravU ftquis Thaum&ntYfts Irts. 09. M. iv. 479- 

Ttiaftmanttg, IdOs,/. Patron. [xi. 647. 

Mdrph£&, qui p^rftgat ThaamintYdtfs §diU, Sdmnilch— Ov. If. 

ThaQmfts, intVs, m. 

DextSriorS M^on, et cum PisgndrS Thaiimas: Ov. M. xii. 303. 

Th«an6,ii8,/. [703. 

^qualem c5mYtSmque ; unH quern noctS TbSano— F. Je* k. 

Theb», &riim,/. 

fit dOmYts bello TbSbae, msIquS btmSmbres, Ov. H. ii. Jh • 

TbebarOm p5rt» ; vel dlvYtYs oatYft NUI. Vtiv* xiii. 27. 
Thebaeils, ft, iim, adj. 

— — — ctfl&mnTs 

Inv^hMr templnm Thebaed mdnte rSvulstim. Claud. Eid. i. 91. 

Thebfttctis, ft, iim, adj. 

GhfirtsB TMbftYcsev^, ctfYcsevS? ^t 5. 4. ix. 26. (PhalJ 

TbebWs, !d«8,/ 

Theb&ls, et GfittcT ccdat t!bY gloriM pl5ctrT. 5/. 5". 2. ii. 61 . 
Tfaeb&tdes jfissTs sttjl tempSrft frondYbtis drnftnt. Ov. M. vi. 163. 

Th«bSDtt8, ft, am, iu(/. 

Thebanft de matrS n5thum Sarped^nYs alti, T. M, ix. 697* 

Thebe, es,/. [xii. 16. 

Cum Thebe, cum Trojft ftrent, cum CaesftiYs ftctft—Op. A, 3. 

Tbeclft, aa,/. [10. 

Rdmanasquj^ tSgat prospSrft Theclft mftnus. Claud, Bpig. xxvii. 

Thfelftsinft, »,/. 

£t n<ubit dScYmo jam ThelgsTnft vYro. Mart. 6. vii. 4. 

ThSlSsiniis, T, m. 

Cum cttlSret puros pauper ThSl^sTniis ftmicos — Mart. 6. 1. 1. 

TheiYng, es,/. 

Th«Yne vScatft sGb prYorS seciilo. Av. O. M. 680. (L T.) 

Tbellfli, Ys, m. 

Tbelin viderftt in t»ga spftddngm. Mart. 10. lii. 1. (Pkal.) 

Th«mYs,YdYs,/. [iv. 642. 

SortYs Srat : ThfimYs banc dSdSrat ParnassYft sortSm. Ov. M. 
JupYtSr Sx ThSmYde in terras demissft pftrentfi— ^o. A.P.2^S. 

TbSmYson, onYs, m. 

Quot ThjSmYson sgros autumno occidSrYt und. ^uv. x. S2I. 

Tbimon, 5nYs, m. 

£t Clftrils et Themon Lj^cia cSmYtantiir ftb alta. F. M. x. 126. 

ThSdddrdmedes, Ys, m. 

PhYlfcrfttl Th^ttdordmedes fuit pftfer. PgrSS prtfbe. Plant. 
Cap. 3. iv. 102. (Troch. Tet. cat*) 
Tbi^Sdorfis, T, m. 

Lautorum pfiSrds, ftrtem scTndens ThSttdorT. Jtw. Yii. 177* 
TbSdn, onYs, in. 

Paganum M gdiUls jiibSd salverS Tb^on^m. Aus. Epist. iv. 2t 

TbJ$dQTni&8, ft, ttm, adj. [xTfii. 82. 

Dents TbeoniDo cum circumrodYtiir, ecquYd — Hor, 1. Epitt. 


Haec est illft tYbl promissft Th^opbYlft, Cani, Jlforl. 7. Ixix. 1. 

Tli£dpompii8, 1, m. 

Qui jiissit fYSn te, Th65pdmpS, c^iim. Mart. 10. Ixvi. 2. 

Tbtttimttfl, T, m. [84. (I. T.J 

DeveoYt ad TbStftTmum : nee mibi credSrfi — Plant. Baa. 9. iv. 

TbSraetts, ft, ttm, adj. 

N«c ftrft Theraed tellOs obsessft cttlono— TiJ. 4. i. 130. 

ThSrapnae, ariim,/. or Thgrapne, es,/. [422. 

TaenftrKumquS cftcumSn, Apdliingasouft Tbftrapuas. St. T. iii. 
MlsYt Agen5rSis ductorem ftnYmdsft TbSrapne. Sil. vi. 303. 
313 Ee 


Thgrapnsefis, ft, fim, adj. • 

Primll ThSripnaee ftcl di atiguYniS BMhn. Ov. F. v. 29S. 
£oce inter primoe Th^rftpnaeo a saogutn^ Clauta^SiL viu.4lJL 

Th«rftpdntKgttndpItttttgYd5HlB, ?, m. 

Th6rftpont%ttnttpl&t^{ddr£, salve : salvos quom adv&iis — 
PlauL Cur. 4. iv. 6. ("ZVoc*. Tetr. cat.) 

TherilpdntYgOniis, T, m. [(L T.) 

Sftlxltem jussit ThSripdntlgteus (&«r& P/a»<. CWn a 51. 

Thertdftmas, antis, m, [iii. 233. 

ProxKniJl TherM&mas ; Oresitrtfpbtfs haesit In armS. Ov. itf. 

Therms, arfim,/. 

Litttrft Thermarum, prisca dotattt C&mcena, SiL idy. 232. 

ThermantYft, ae,/. [Af«r. 33a 

Aure& sic vKd^at simtles Thermantlft taedis : Oaud. N. Hon. ei 

Thermddon, ntTs, m. [601. 

ProxYmS Thermodon hie jam sficttt arvft: mSmeatd. V. F. iv- 
Quales ThrekKs cum flumtnft ThermodonOs— F. ^. xi. 659. 


ThermodoDteiis, H, fim, adj. 

ThdrmodontSIs turmft viigitttr Sgns. Prop. 3. xiv. 16. 

ThermdddntY&ctlB, ft, iim, adj. 

ThermodontYftco coBlStus balthfttts ailro. Ov. M. ix. 189. 

Th«rm5dontY)is, ft, i&m, adj. 

Inclusft ripis vlfdilft Thermodontfis. Sen. Med. 215. (L T.) 

Thermdpj^Ise, ari&m,/. 

Lymphftque ¥n (Eteis MalYft Therm5pj^lTs. Cat. IxviiL 54. 
Donee contingat cftlYda ostift Thermttpj^larl&m. Pru. Per. 455. 

Thermiis, i, m. 

JusquC siii pulso jam perdYdYt CmbrYft Thermo. Luc. ii. 463. 

Thero, us,/. 

Speluncas cftnYbus Thero rimatiir Hiberas. CL 2. C. S. 309. 

ThgrSdftmantsetts, ft, tim, adj. 

Ther6dftmantaeds ut qui senserS l^ones — Ov. lb. 385. 

Thertfdftmas, antYs, m, or Therdm^on, ontYs, m. [121. 

N5n tYbY TherttmSdon, crudusvg rdgabYtiir Atre&s, Ov. P.\. ii. 

Ther<^mSddDtefis> ft, tim, adj. See Therodamantaeus. 

Theron, dnYs, m. 

Occisd Theron^i vYrum qui mlxYmAs ultro — F* JE. x. 312. 

Therses, ae, to. 

Hosp^s &b AfinYis Therses IsmenYtts ori^. Qv. M. xiil 682. 

ThersYlfichiis, i, m. [ri. 4SSk 

Ingftmliit, Glaucumqu^, Mfiddnt&que^ ThSrsYlfichOmque^ F.^. 

Thersites, ae, m. [8891 

Thersites StYam per me haSd impiin^, prtftervi8-*0p. MC xiii 
Theruchtis, i, m. 

Theruchus fuit, Cerconicus, Crinnus, Cercobulus, Collabus. 
Plaut. Trin. 4. ill. 13. (Troch. Tetr, cat.) See Cercobulns. 


ThesaurSchrysdnTc^hrysides, m. [Cap. 3. ii. 35. 

Qudd 8r&t ei nomen? ThesaurAGhrysdnicdchrysldis. Plant. 

Thesceiiis : utque mSnu jftcillum fatal« pttrab&t, Oi>. M v. 1^ 

ThcsSYs, Mts,/. 

ygxatus t5ties rauci TheseYd^ Cddrl ? Juv. i. 2. 

ThSsSiils, ft, ilm, adj. 

Dixere ! ah qudties fientl TbesgYiig heros — Ov. M. xv. 492. 

Theseus, ei, and Sds, m. 

Accepi«se Iftcu, nee ThesSd PirUh^umquS— K ^. vi. 393. 

Thesetis, ft, um, adj. 

£t tlbi, DemSphtfoD, These! criminis heres, Ov. ^. ^. iii. 459. 

Thisidse, ariiin, pi. m. or Thesides, s, m. Patron. 

Thesides TheseusquS dtias rftpderg s5rdres. Ov. H. iv. 65. 
Thesldse pSsiiere, atque Inter poctUft laetT — V. G. ii. 383. 

Theflpiftciis, ft, iim, adj. 

Centum Thespiftcis «d6rft lucis— iW. S. 2. vi. 16. (PhaJtEc.) 

ThespYftds, ariim, pi. m, ' 

Vos qu5qug, ThespYftdse, cur Tnfitiatiis h5ndra— ^^^ 7. ii. 629. 


Thespiftdea certatS Dgae, nee v6c8, n€e artS — Ov. M. v. 310. 

Thespis, 18, m. . [£. i. 16a 

Quid S5ph6cles et;.Thespis St iEschj^liia utile ferreqt Hor. 2. 

Thespiiis, i, m. See Testius. 

ThespYtis, ft, um, adf. 

— — — te moenlft doetiim 

Thespift Pallftdio dant munSre : sdrs tibi, ne qua~r.F.i.478. 

Thesprio, onfe, m. 

Thesprio, exi istac pSr hortum, affer d5mum auxilium mihl. 

Plaut. Epid. 6. i. 63. (Troch. Tetr. cat.) 

S£qufire hac me, mSft s5r5r. £go ad vos ThesprYdnem jus- 

sfiro— 60. 
Thesprotis, Wis,/. 

Hos dixere AsYnos, ortos ThesprotMS terra — Av. A. P. 385. 

ThesprdtiUs, ft, tim, adj. 

Nunc et Phseacum Thesprotiftque arvft Iftcessens — Sihxv. 297* 

Thesprotfis, i, m. or ThesprotT, oriim, m. 

Bt m5d5 ThesprotT mfrantem subdTtft regno, Prop* I. xi. 3. 

Thessftlift, 8B,/. 

ThessftlTs fines «t AehaTeft prsetSrYt ftrvft. Man. iv. 615. 

Thessftlieiis, ft, iim, adj. 

H§ct5rft Thessftlico vidit ftb axS rftpl. Ov. T. 4. iii. 30. 

ThessftlYs, YdYs,/. 

Nullft cftret fumo Thessftlis arft mSd. Ov. H. xiii. 112. 
Carmine Thessftlidum dura in prseedrdift fluxTt, Lw. vi. 462. . 

Thessftli&s, ft, iim, adj, 

. . Thessftlium quadrigft decus, quam glorift patr&m — Grot. 228. 
315 ' E tt 2 



— — — mOrofiquSsttbibttt. . 

The8s&]5nic&, t Jids. Sensu ddlttr hsr^t tn alto— C/. Ruf, ii. 2aa 

TheuUtts, it, tlm, m$« 

Nup^Sr &b HaMndnHs hospes mXtii Thess&liU dris^Or. A; vi. 23b 

Th£flBandrte, i, m. [26L 

Thessandrus Sthtoglusque d&ces et dirtts Clixes— F. J5. it 

ThestYSdes, ae, m. 

RespYce ThestYttden : flammis absenttbtts irsYt O0. F. v. aOfk 
P^ £t dtttf TbestYiUls, pr^esque Apb&re)f& LynceiUi. M, viii. 


ThestYils, KdYs,/. 

ThestYSs absentCm siiccendrt stfpYtK nattUn. Op. it. A. 721. 

ThestY&s, I, m. 

TbestYiis orbtis Srit ? melius lugebYtYs ambo— Ov. if. viii. 487. 

ThesttfrYdes, se, m. 

ThestttrYdes^ Vmcemiis, ilit : gaudet^, P^lasgl. Ov. M, xii. 19. 

ThestJ^lis, Ys,/. 

Thestj^lYs et riipYdo fessiis inessorYbtts sesta—r. JET. ii. fO. 

Thestj^ltts, i, m. [Ixiii. I. 

Thestf Idn Aul&s ftmat, sed nee mYntUi ard«t AlexYn. Mart, 9, 

Th«tY8, Ys,fliirfYdYs,/. 

Litt5re vlrgYn^d ThStYs 5ccultavYt AchillSm. St, S. 2. vi. 31. 
Turn ThetYdis Peleus Incensus fertiir &mdr$— Ca<. Ixiv. 19. 

ThefiddsYiis, 1, m, 

TheudOsYus terrls. £n aurSft nascYtiir setas. Claud, Ruf. i. 51. 

Tbeud5tiis, 1, m. 

Quam tfilYt a ssvo TbeudStfis hostS nScem. Ov, lb. 468: 

TbeumesYiis, ii, fim, adj. 

lUYtts m sp£cYem, quern per TbefimesY& Terape— iS*. T. i. 48& 

Theuropides, ae, «. 

PbYlOl&ches hic hSbYtat, quojtts est pftter TheurdpYdes. Flout. 
Most. 4. ii. 52. (TrocA. 7V<. cat.) 
TheusYmarcbe, es,/. 

Qufid Srat nomen ndstne matn ? TheusYinarcliS. ConvSnit. 

Plant. Men. 6. ix. 71- 
TheCLtates, s, m. iS'e^ Teutates. 

Theutrantius, S, &m, o^/- T^^- 

Non tYbY crimgn «runt TbeutrantYft turba s5r6res. Ov. H. ix. 

Thia, «,/. 

Progenies Thise clarfi siipervShYtttr. Cat. Ixvi. 44. a/. Phtbiie. 

Thittdamanteiid, ft, iim, o^*. 

Thiddamanted prdxYmUs arddr Hj^lse. Prop. 1. xx. 6. 

Thi&dftmas, ntYs, m. 

JuvYt YDhumanum Tha&di&iDantft Drj^ops. Ov. lb, 48a 
Thisbsefis, ft, tim, adj. 

Que nunc TbUbteis «gYtat mutattt cMumbas. Ov. Af. xi. 300. 


ThTsbe, es,/. • [71. 

Ssepe (it c6n8tlft6rant, Mtic Tltfsbf , P^mtts illinc— Op* M. i v. 
Thdactes, ae, m. 

Nunc ftve deceptus falsa: regisqu^ Thtficte8--0p. M. v. 147. 
Thd&nt§)is, ty iira, adj. 

. Quiqu£ ThdanteiB Taurkft sacrft dSae. Ov. Ih. 386. 
Th^nt^s, Hdis,/. Patron. 

Hsc Sgd cdnjttgYo fraudattt Thdanttfts oro : Ov. H. vt. ]fi3. 

Thttantfe, Ydtts,/. Pafron. [v. 700. 

Secum ftnte 3ra vMm frfm8bfinda ThbaiitWa portans- St. T. 

Thdas, ntis, 171. 

Regnft TbJSas hftbiilt, MaeotidS clariis in ora : Ov. P, 3. ii. 59. 
Nee ciipTenda bdnls regna ThOantis 6rant T, 4. iv. 66. 

Thiie, es,/. 

Fun&Iemqug Thfien, rSpYdum DanSeiiis augtir — St. T. vi. 462. 

Thonitis, id!s,/. 

^tqu« Ificum mgdms Tlionltidis IntrSt, «t exit— Piw. Per. 913. 

Thospltis, Is,/. 

— — — tScitaequS rgcumbunt 

^quOr& ThdspitiS) sdlidarum dentquS m5r£— ^p. D. 1171* 

ThdKs, 1, m. 

Bt ThMs, et Cj^prio velox cum fratrg L^cTsce.. Ov. M. iii. 220. 

Thraca, «,/. or ThracS, es,/. [iii. 3. 

' ThracftnS vos, HebrusquS ntvali cdmpSdS vinctiis— Hor. 1. E. 

N&Mbtts gxfiitur Thrace. Pangsea r^nident— C/at((i;4. C. Hon. 

Thracfis, tim, m. 

TbracSs arant, acri quondam regnata Lycurgo — K M. iii. 14. 

Thracia, ae,/. 

Thracii : Disque ipsl grates egerS : dYemquS — Ov. M. vi. 435. 

'thracYtts, a, iim, adj. 

Non me carminlbus vTncet nee ThracYtis Orpheus. F, B. iv, 5&. 

Thraciis, a, iim, o^f* 

— — — gtingens 

Thraca palus, parfterqua tdrls exhorrilU omnts— T. P. ii. 202. 

Thraaaa, », m. 

DivMor CrTspo, ThrasSa constaatX5r ipBo. Mart. 4. liv. 7* 

ThrasYiis, 1, m. [649, 

Cum Thrastus Buslrin adit, monstratquS piarl — Ov. A. A.\. 

Thraso, dnts, m. 

QuYs IS est tarn pdtens cum tantd munSre hoc % Miles Thraso. 
Ter. E. 2. iii. 60. (Troch. Tetr. cat.) 
Thrasj^bultts, T, m. 

Arma Bftpefvab^rls qii5d, Thrasj^bal«, ttia. Aua. E. xxiv. 2. 

Thrasylltis, I, m. 

Non Ibit parYter, nttmgris rfiviJcata Thrasf 111— /nv. vi. 678. 
Thrasymachiis, T, m. 

Sfeut Thrisj^machi prSbat §x¥ttis, gtquS ««eandT. /««. viii204. 
317 E e 3 


Nte,Tlirte)Niifo«,<ffihnftMAU)iicidl»r«ta»^ SiL Lb47. 

Thxix, acts, adj. [(I. T.) 

Am 5mn« Plndi Thr&dt £XMnidibi tiihiitts. Sen. H. F. 1285. 

Thrcce, es,/. [560. 

CorptfrS. Mars Threcen dccttpXt ; illll P&ph5n. Oo, A. A, f u 

ThrccYdYcttSf A, ftm, a4;« 

Threcidkd piinceps bell& mdvens gl&dld. ^a«. C<p«. T, xviii. 2. 

ThrecYOs, li, iim, adj. [1. xiv. 21. 

Turn qudque Crat neglect^ decens : fit Threcii Bacche — Ov. A. 

ThreYcYtts, ft, iim, adj. 

Threkta fretus clth&ra ndTbusquS c&Ddris— r. M. vi. 121. 

ThrSissft, se,/. a4j, 

Spartans, vel quails «quum Threissi fttigftt— r. M, i. dlCT. 

Thressft, s,/. o^^. 

Me nfinc Thressft Chltte r^U— Hor. 3. C. ix. 9. (Glyc.) 

Threx, Scfe, adj. 

Hoc ggniis ; Hdrft qutfta est ? Threx est GaDinft Sj^5 par ? 

Hot. 2. ^. vi. 44 
TfarttsiiSs, ft, iim, ai2;. 

Subjectjl jftcent ; et qus ThrYftsiis * 
Vallfbtis — Sen, Hipp. 5. (Anapast. Dm,) 
• Synaeresis. 

ThrWo, !, ». [180. 

Qu58 ThrYtfn, et siiminls Tngestum montTb&s M^^—St, T, iv. 

Thrdnliis, i, m, 

DejkYt, at ThrdoYum S&ltus, S&liumqu« NSalces. V. JE, x. 75% 

Xhucydtdes, Ks, m. 

— — — turn qui dSciis [(1, T,) 

Magnum Idquendi est, Attlcus ThucydYdes. Av, O. if. 5a 

Thole, es,/. 

NQmtnft S0I& cdlant, tYbi sSryTftt ultYmft Tfaul«—/^. Q, i. 30. 

ThuliB, 18, m. 

£t gSmYnas ftcfes sttpSrantem vertYcl^ ThulYn, Sih vii. 602. 

Thurlniis, ft, tlm, adj, 

Thurinosquil sYnus TSmSsenque St lapjfgYs arvft. O0. M, xv. 52. 

ThiirYs, Ys, m. 

IndS rftens ThfirYn, et Buten, et NarYn, ^ Arsen, Sil vii 598. 

ThiirYttB, ft, &m, adj, 

HgrSdfitfis lps« ThurYOs, turn qpSL duetts— .dfv. O, M. 49. (I. T,) 

Thyades. Thyas. Thybris. See Thyiades. Thyias. Tibris. 

Th^ene, es,/. 

TgrtYft lux v6nYat, qua tu, DodonY Thj^ene, Ov, F, vi. 711. 

Thyestes, ae, m, 

FttgYo Thyestes Tnftros, siip^ros HSgo. Sen, Ag. 4. (L T.) 
Tereds, aut coMiaa* crfldtf Thf istft, tiUrn. Metrt. 4. xlix. 4. 

T^HY . 

Thj^esteiis, H, iim, adj, 

NcvrThffiMciB eiMtligQtfUr ym^Hm&asSfh^Oih M. xr. 462. 
Th^e«t¥i(des, se, m. Patron, 

Zdm1& Thj^edtiftcUe pcenas exeg¥t Ore&tes. CUt^. 6. C. i7* 1 13. 

Thyifi. i&«Thia. 

Thyf as, Jtdfe, /. w ThyTftdgs, iim, /. [ TeU Ascl.) 

Pulso ThyiSs ttti concittt tympftno. Hor, 3. C. xv. 10. (Chor, 
Thy&dSs efiusis per stUi cdllft cdmis. Ov. F* vi. 614. 

Thyle. /Sfec Thule. 

ThymbSr, bri, m. or Tbymbrii% T, m. 

Bauci^y Laride Thymberqug, simlllYmfi pr&les — V, JE, x. 3dl. 
Nam tib!, ThymbrS) c&put £vandriiis absttiUt ensis. 394. 

Thymbra, 8e,/. [viii. 202. 

Querciis anheU Jttvi, TrojanaquS Thymbra tacebit. St, S. L 

Thymbrseiis, T, m, [458. 

AggldmSraot, fgrit ensS gravem Thymbraeiis Osirim, y.jE. xii. 

Thymbraetts, a, iim, adf. [iv. 323. 

. Si mddd, quern pgrbibes, patSr est Thymbraeiis ApoIId. V. G. 

ThymbrYs, &, wi. [124. 

AssaradquS diio, et sSnidr cum CastdrS Thymbrls. V, jf5. .k. 

Thym«le, es,/. 

Attendit Thj^ragle, Thj^m«le tunc rustTca discTt. Juv. vi. 66. 

Thj^mcBtes, », »». 

£t molem mirantiir SquT: prlrausquS Thj^moetes — Ky^.h.32. 

Thynia, ae,/. - [("^ca«.; 

VTx mi ipsfi credens, Thyn?am atqufi Bithynds — Cat, 3. i.' 6. 

ThynYaciis, a, iim, adj. [x. 35. 

ThyniacosquS s^nus, 6t ab his pSr ApoUinis iirbSm — ^Ot;. T. I. 

Thynias, adiJs, adj,f. 

Grata d5mii8 Nympbls humfda TbyniSsin. Prop, 1. xx. 34. 

Thynnsiis, a, iim> adj, 

Noctis Iter : n5va cuncta vident ; ThynnseaquS jiixta 
Litdra— f^. F, iv. 424. 

Thyniis, a, ttm, adj. 

Thyna raercfi b€atiim— flbr. 3. C. vii. 3. (PherecratJ 

Thj^dneus, ei, and S^s, m, 

CQm Marts c5nfundet Thjroneus 

ProeWa— ^or. 1. C. xvii. 23. (Iamb. Arckiloch.) 

Thj^onYantis, a, iim, adj. 

M^ate ; faic m^riis Sst Tbj^d&K&niis. Oat. icxvii. 7« (Phal.) 

Thj^otes, Si, mi 

Bxctpit, hospUibus rasSrans secreta, Th^dtes. V. F. ii. 438. 

Thyre, es,/. 

Bt LacadsemdnYum Thyre lectura criidrSm. St, T. iv. 48. 

Th j^ast&, Kdis» and Ydds, adj. /. 

SI tu gignasaes dfim Thj^r^atXda terram— Om ^. ii. 663. 


JNec looge lib iMiB ThfmB iltp -^idlvitlr^^it. 0. 11^593. 

TUyrmIs, Ys, m. 

Nfc donarft %im. CidU uno vulnire Thyrmfe. ^t/. zv. 721. 

ThyrsSgngtSa, ae, si. or Thynitg^tse, arttm, m. 

Cum v&dii, Thyniigetas gelida llquissfi silib Arctd—/^. F. vi. 140. 

ThynTs, YdTs, m. [vii. 2. 

Comp&ierantque gr^ges Ctfrj^don et Thyrsfs In uu&tn, F. B. 
£t certamto £rat, Cdrj^don cum ThyrsIdS magnfim. 16. 

Thyrtts, i» »»• [5ii.ii.IMI. 

Jam G&r&mum, audacemquft Thj^rum, pirUerqud r&entes— 

Thysdrtts, i, m. [44& 

£t Thysdrum M&ro, St Incestum CfttYltnH NSaUj^n^^a xv. 

ThyssfigSts. See Thyrsagetffi. 

TlfbarenT, orfim, i». 

IndS TTbarenI, Chaif bes stip«r, arva ttbT fern— ^r. O. 947- 
Hinc pficdrum divea Dimium gens est TKhftreattm. Pris. Per. 


TYbSreltts, ft, tlm, adj. 

Arc&nis hsrerS dfttOm : TTbereYft primiim — iS<f. S. S. iii. 66. 

TtbSrims, Mis, anrfYdtts,/. Patron, 

Dfxerfit: adntiSrunt * oiuDes TTberTnYdSs udse. Otr. F. ii. 597- 
• Systole. 

Tlfberfnfis, T, m. 

Ct sdiet, sequttrfias ibit Tn>eriniis Yn iindas. Ov. R. A. 25?. 

TYbSriniis, &, ttm, aSj. 

Jam sSnTor Ladon TYb^nnse naattt ctolost-^Mart. lO.lxxxv. 1. 

TYbMs, is, m. 

Quffi Tuscum TYbSrim et Rdnian& pftlati^ servas, K G. L 499. 

TYbgrYtts, T, m. [173. 

Te, TYbfirT, nttmSrarC, eft vis absconders triscem — Hor. 2. S. iii. 

TYbYsentis, ft, fim, a^;'. 

Progfeniiit, vYrYdem Mj^rftcen TYbYsenftqufi juxta— T. F, vi. 60. 

Tibrintis, ft, tira, orf;. 

CloelYft Tibrlnas, St Sddem flumYnS ducens— Ctotti. Z. S, 17. 

TibrYs, Ys, ami YdYs, m, 

Castrft siip&r Tusci si ponSrS TtbrYdYs undas— £«c. i. 381. 

TibrYs, YdYs, and Ydtts, adj.f. [145. 

Non pfttrYtLm SYmttentft pStis ; sed TYbrYdfts undas. Ov. H, vii. 

TYbullfts, I, m. 

Restftt; Yn Elj^Ya vall« TYbUlltis SrYt. Ov. A. 8. ix. 60. 

TTbfir, Ys, n. [12. 

ildme Tibttr ftmem v§nt68u8, TibttrC Rdmftm. Hor. 1. S. viii. 

TTburnft, ae,/ 

Ad mines, TTbCbmft, idSos: cScrderS P«n&t6s: iS^/. ii. 566. 

Tiburntts, T, m. 

Tibfirniqu* mftnfls : dticYs St tfl c6n<irp« eflHitD. T. J? xi. 519. 


Tlburtiiis, X, tim, adj. 

N«c TibOrai d«rato, S8llvv« eUbflfil OSdis— ^. .S* 3. i. 183. 

Tiburs, tTs, or TibQrtts, 6, adj. [99. 

Hlc \M TrWrtes FaQnos chS^s, et Jftv^t Tpsilm— 5!f. S. 1. ixi. 
Picenis cedunt pomis Tibarti& sacco. /for. 2. jS*. iv. 70. 

Tlburtinlis, i£, ttm, a^, 

Hic TibOrtina jficSt aur«a CyntMa terra. Prop. 4 vil 86. 
Tfbiirttis, I, i«. 

Fratris TihurtT dictfim cogn5mYn£ gent^m. V, ^. vii. 671* 

TYcYdX, se, m. [2. 433. 

Quid r«ftram Tlcidae, quid MemmT dlrmgn, apud quos— Ow.T. 

Ttclntisi 1, m. 

CoeriilSas TicTntis fiqu&s St stagnft vaddso— ^t/. i. 82. 

Ticiniis, ft, ttm, o^;'. 

Proelia, St erepti TicTna ad flumYnft patrYs — Sil, ix. 432. 
Tifata, p/. n. 

Tifata insidit, pr^pidr qua mcenlfbfis instftt — Sil. xii. 487- 

TigellTnils, T, m. 

PonS Tigelllnum : teda lucebis tn Ula — Juv, i. 155. 

TYgelKiis, 1, m. 

Ills TTgelliiis hoc. Caesar, qui cogSrS possSt, Hor. I. S. iii. 4. 

Tigranes, is, m. [637. 

Tigranenqufi m£um : nee Pharn&cts armfi rSlinquas-*£«c. ii. 

TigrYs, Idis, m. 

Tigrts fit Euphrates sub tM jurtt fliient Prop. 3. iv. 4. 
Nilusque, St Ister, te rSpidus TYgrYs— ^or. 4. C. xiv. 46. rt?r. 

ClausTt dpes : quantum distant a TigrMfi Gades. Gaud. 4. C. 

TimagSnes, Ts, m. 

RQpit larbftam Timagfinis lemi&lft IlngulL Hor. 1. E, xix. 15. 

TTmarchtdes, s, m. 

Sfiltitem dicit ToxYlo TimarcMdes. Plaut. Per. 4. iiL 3a (I. T.) 

Timas, ntYs, m. 

Hdspitlfs hic primam mtoYtOs rfidiSrfi TImantYs— /^. F. iv. 188. 

nmavtts, 1, m. 

Tu mXh\ sea roagni s&pfiras jam saxtt Tlfmavi, F. B. viii. 6. 

llmdltts, I, m, 

Hospes Timoll Lydtam fovit nttrtim. Sen. H. O 371. (L T.) 

Timtfrottchiis, i, m. [1* 

Mede&m vellet cum pingfirS TTmdmttchi mens — Aut. £. cxxix. 

Timon, onYs, m. 

Hmon Pallttdns olim lUpYditiis AthSnls. Aut, Ed. xv. 34. 

Tlngis, 18, m. 

£t Tingln rftpYdd mittebSt ftb sequdrfi Lixiia. Sil. iii. 258. 

TtnXik, SB, m. 

Ill Thybiim prttpfirans, TiuYsque ingldrYOs humdr, 5t7. viil 452. 


TiphjN, j^ds, M. 

Tiph jfB in HflemOnfa pi^pii mXglrtlSr «rit Qv. A. A. i. 6. 

TirSsYas, s, m. 

Magoo ITrtelas idspezit PiUild& vices. iVofi. 4. ix. 67- 

TlrMatSs, is, m. 

Quid Tlrlditen tenr«&t, iinke— Aor. 1. C. xxti. 6. ^Gr. ^/cj 

Tiryns, ynthds,/. 

Antiquam T!rynth£ OSus : non fortibiks illi— <SJ(. 7. iv. 147> 

TirynthYtts, &, ijm, adj, 

Parviis £rat, m&nYbusquS diios TirynthYiis angues 
Pressit- Ot;. A, A. i. 18?. 

Tisaeiis, &, iim, adj. 

TemplSquS Tlssffi mergunt obllqufi Dianse — V. F. ii. 7« 

TisttmSnes, Ys, m. 

Tisftmenlqufi p&tri, CallYrh^esqu^ vtrd. Ov, lb, 350. 

TisYpbSne, es, /". 

Proniibft tisiphdne thttlfimis illttlavYt Yn Tills. Ov. ^. ii. 1 17- 

TTsiphdneiis, ft, dm, adj. 

Tempdrft, si possls, TisYphdneft, ttise. Ov. T. 4. ix. 6. 

TTsse, §8, /. 

VenYt Amastrft vYris, et parvd ndmYnS Tisse. SiL xiv. 267- 

Titan, anYs, m. 

At cum se TTtan dstendYt, £t omnift seci&m— Ot;. H. xv. 135. 
' £t fdrmldatiis clYp^o Titinft IficessYt. Claud, m Pr. et Oly. 94. 

Titan^s, tlni, m. 

CancYtftt iratas vftlYdos Titanfts in Sirmft. Ov. F. iii. 797. 
STgnft ? quYd incestis {LpSris TitanYbfis auras— C/. R. P. i. 6G. 

TIt&neiis, ft, tim, a4;. 

Nam Titaned cum sunt elatft prttfundd — Av. A. P. 1025. 

Tltaniftcds, ft, iim, adj. 

Hinc Titaniftcis iblatft drftconlbiis, intr&t— Ov. M. vH. 398. 

TitanYs, YdSs,/. Patron. 

ProdYgiosft pStit Tit&nYdtts atrYft Circes. Ov. M. xiii. 968. 

TitanYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Hic g^niis antiquum Terree, TitanYft pubes — K M, vi. 580. 

TYtftres5s, i,/. or Titftressds, i,/. 

SegnibOs terras Titftressds undis— 5efi. TV. 850. (Sapph.) 

Tithdneiis, ft, tim, adj. l(Sp<md.) 

Prs^inxerS lftr§m : M§mndn ttbY Tithdneiis— ^o. Z>. 368. 

TithdnYs, Ydds,/. Patron. 

Bxhaiisissd gSnas ; citYus TithonYdft mcesti— iS!^ 5L 5. i 34. 

Tithoniiis, ft, iim, adj. 

Te pdtiiit IftcrYmIs TithonYft flectSr^ c5njux— f^. M. viii. 884. 
Tttfioniis, 1, m. 

Longft Titbdn&m mYniiit s^nectOs. Hor. 2. C. xvi. 30. (Stipph.) 
TYtianiis, !, m. 

Fandi TYtYaniis irtYfex. Aus. EpU. xvi. 81. (L Dim. J 


TttlensYs. «, adj. 

Quln StKam partSft ttttldiflt TMeasfbiU idJAm-^Ov, F, iii. 131. 

TYties, pi. m. 

Hloc Titiies, RSmnesqug vM L^o^reKflS d^lonl. Prep, 4. i. 31. 

TitMiSs, T, m, 

AUY& prscipit TMni seatentlii necG-^Samm, Ix. 9. 

Quid Titius, Romanii brSvi venturOs in drlt-~i/or. 1. E. iii. 9. 

TYtiiis, S, iim, 04/. 

Septemvirque fipttHs festis, Tlt^Kqud sddales. Luc. i. 602. 

TitQlMs, 1, tn. ICScaz.) 

Tttulie, mdn^, vivS sempSr : hdc serum est. Mart. 8. xl^. 1. 

Tttiis, T, m. 

Cogit me Tttiis actitarg causas. Mart. 1. xviii. 1. (Phal) 

TTtjh*tt8, 1, m. or TTtjh*iis, i, m. 

Titj^rttn e sllvis d«minam deduxU \n urWm. Ca^. ivv 161. 
Tityrfis hinc &b«rat ♦. Ipsae te, Titj^rS, pinus, V, B. i. 39. • 
♦ Caesura. 

Titj^iJs, 1, »». 

Praebet viilucri TitJ^ds aeternas dapes. /Sfen. ^. F. 766. /"/.T.; 

TlepdlSmtig, I, m. 

Sanguine TlepSlSmus Lj^ctam tep^fec^rftt hast&m. 0. H. i. 19. 

TmHrVtia, S» fim, o^/- 

Fit B«rde, Tmtoii conjux IdngsBvft D«rycli. Virg. M. v. 620. 

Tm&rds, 1, n». 

Aut Tm&rds, aut RhddOpe f, aut extremi Gftr&mant^s. Virg. 
f Synalcepha not observed. B. viii. 44: 

Trnftriis, 1, m. [686 

Et prseceps finimi Tm&riis et Mavdrtiiis Haemon. Virg. M. ix: 

Tmolltts, a, iim, a<«;. [9. 

Africa quot sSg^tes, qudt Tmdlia terra racemos — Ov. P. 4- xv. 

TmoltlS) 1, m. \ [66. 

Gramlna. NonnS vides crdc^os ut Tmditis ddores— Firg. G. i. 

T5chari, oriim, m. [934. 

SQnt T«charT, Phruriqu« triices, «t inhosplfta Sev^s—Jv. D, 

T^lentis, a, tim, adj. 

BxUtis accessTt verbis t flumcnqug Tdlenfim — Or. F. vi. 665. 

Tdletantis, a, iim, adj. 

Ima Tfiletano praecTngant TlYa eultro. Qrat. 341. 

TClosa, ae,/. 

%t c5l^e externos capta T<$losa larSs. Rutil. i. 496. 

Ttflosas, alls, ctdj. 

Nee quadra deerat casai TttldsatYs. Mart. 12.xxxii. 18. (Scaz.) 

T5lumnYiis, i, m. [460. 

Ofentemque Gj^as» eadSt ips^ Ttflnmnitts augtir. Virg. ^. xii. 

Tdmi, ortim, m. {C. 70. 

Danftbms vatSreaqua T5ml : Mavortra matr¥s^C/at«i. £>. P. 


TdmiUe, ariiro, m. 

cam m&rfo Edxiai pMftSt id l«v« T«in)(li«-*Ov. T. 4. x. 97- 

T5in!s,X8,/.or T6in«8,I,/. • • [S9. 

Tarn mYh! c&rii Tttm» : pfttrllft quae wdS %atis— Ov. P.4. xiv. 

Ttftnj^rls. See Thomyris. 

TongYlYantts, T, m. [Ixxxix. 1. 

TongYlTaniis hftbet nasum : scYd, non n^ : sSd jflm — Jforf 111. 

TdngYIYttB, f, m. or TdngtlYtts, i, m. 

Or! TongYims mttl« dicitiir hemYtritsS. Mart. 3. xL 1. 

Tdngilltts, 1, m. 

— — — exitiis hic est 

Tongilli, roagno cAm rhinflceroCfi ULvarf— /mi. vii. 180. • 
Tonon, t«, n. [f/. T,) 

Stagnum indj$ Toudn mdiilXuin In radlcYMs, Av. O, M. 544. 

TononTtts, t, ttm, o^;. 

Tononfoqoe attdUYtfir rupTs jttgttm, Av O, M, 545. 

Toranfiis, i, m. 

Torani, p5t£8 esiirirC mecttm. Mart. 5. Ixxviii. 2. (Phaiac.) 

TSretse, artim, m 

Atqu£ Tdretarum propter gSntts : TndSque Achisi — Av. D. 867- 

Tdrinl, dri&m, m. 

£x5in&ts, TtfriiiTque, et flfivT crin« S&tarchse. T. F. vi. 144. 

Torquatiis, i, m. 

Dup5stt!t Dftphndntt stio Torquat&s ¥n agro. Mart 10. lxxix.5. 
Pj. TorquatlquS traces, &nimdsftqu£ pauperis umbrft 
Fabricii— C/owi. EuL I 452. 

Torquattis, ft, flm, a^;. 

CdrvInosquS simul, Torquatftqufi nominft, regiim — Luc. vii. 584. 

Toxeus. «tt8, m. [441. 

Tox^A, quid nictat, d&bium, p&r!terqu« vSlentem-^Op. M. viu. 

ToxYltts, 1, m. 

S&lutem dlcit ToxUd TimarcMdes. Plaut. Per. 4. iii.33. (LT.) 

TrftchalTu, onls, «. 

MfiliSres, TrftchalYonem ? atque optime, eccum exit (bras. 
Ptoiit. /2u^ 4. vi. 5. CTVocA. T. ca<.^ 

Trachas, antts,/. [717- 

AntiphatsequS ddnius, Trachasque obsessft pttludS — Ov. M* xv. 

Tracbin, TnTs,/. 

HerciilSa TracbiuS jiibe, siib ImaginS regis ^Ov. M. xi. 627. 

TracbinT&s, ft, ttm, a4;. 

Arcfis, St Uercill^m mTles TrachinY&s Q^ien — Luc, iii. 178- 

TrsBte, Ts, n. [(L T.) 

Orbs Masstenft : post jtigum Tr«te emKnSt ^v. O. If. 452. 

TrJlgcBdia, ae,/. 

VenU et ingenti vi5lent& Trfigcedlft passfi— Ov. ^. 3. i. 11. 

Trl^aniis, T, m. [1. 

AggrSditur vMdi rl^tmen Triiiii&i Sti pevo. Aue, Ca$. T. xiv. 


TrSneg, VSm,/. pi. 

HloAiidro,nHI Sta^MlteTriUHbHaiit AlXbiiidfs, Juv. iii. 7- 
* Synalcepha not observed. 

Triirib, onTs, tn, or TtanTtts, T, m. [(L TJ 

Ci8, hercie paiicaa tempestgtgs, TranYd. Phut, Moat. 1. i. 17. 
Sed Phn«l&chet!8 eccum servum Trantiim. 3. i. 30. 

TfUMafasinttay ft, ftfn, a4f • 

Jam Transalplna cdntenti messS QuMt^^^CUtud. Eut. i. 409* 

Trftnspttdaiitbi, ft, ttm, a<$. [^5ca2 J 

Aut Transpftdaniis, tit m^os qu5que attingttini Cat, xxxix. 13. 

TranstIb£rTn£i8, H, tim» adj. 

Hoc quod TranstKUnnfts &mbilUltdr-^ilar/. 1. xlii. 3. (Phal.) 

TrftsimSniis, i, tn. 

£xpectar« fmt? gaudet TrilsYmgiHU 6t Alpi8--5/. iS'. Ic iv. 86. 

TrauBiiis, I, m. [99. 

As l&qu^ prelum. Jurei inqint, TraQstiis istu— •Kor, 2. S. ii. 

TrtfbatYiis, I, m. 

Offgndet sttlldo : nisi quid tu, doctS Tr^batl, Hot. 2. S i. 78. 

TrtMa, a, m. [887. 

£t TrSb^OuQ saevo ggmtnassent fungrS Caaaie. C2au<2. ^. Ge^. 

Tr8Mii8, T, m, [/w. v. 19. 

QuserYs? H&bet TrfibYus, propter quod rumpgrS sdranfim — 

TrebonYH i» m. [114. 

. Possem ; deprensi non bella est famU TrSbonf — Bor. 1. iS. iv. 


Humidft qua gSUdas submittit TrebiUil valles. Mart. 5. Ixxi. 1. 

Tresvlrl, orttm, m, 1(1. T.) 

Ot aequa parti prod^tnt ad Tresvlfros. Plant, Per. 1. ii. 20. 

Tvevgrictts, ft, ttm, adj. [iv. 2. 

TrevSricfieque urbis sdltum, quae proxlfnitt Rheno — Aus. Urb. 

TrSvfr, 1, m. 

Tu quSquS laetitus convert! proellft, TrivKr, luc. i. 44]. 
Trlcastuitis, II, iim, adj. 

JamquS TrYcastinis intendit finYblis agmSn. Sil. iii. 486'. 

Tifcce, es,/. 

Parva Gortyne, stgrilisqufi Tricce t Sen. Tr. 824. (Sapph.) 

Tricc^iis, a, iini) adj. 

Triccsei sidus stat nominls, et cilY piDgui-^^v« A. P. 206. 

In this fine the fifth foot may be scanned either as a dac- 
tyle, or spondee : for although no unexceptionable example 
can be adduced from a poet of the Augustan age, where cui 
is used as a dissyllable ; yet subsequent writers frequently use 
it as such, and also shorten the last syllable. See above, 
DruMM, and Poatinniiia. 

TrfCterfca, orttra, adj. n. [687. 

T&nplis ^rat, qu5 stott sttlint Ti¥et§r¥ctt BScchi-*Ov. M. y'u 
Triff51intts, a, iim, adj. 

T« TrMMiAtts «g9r iHSm&la vTtYbtts im^Vk-^Juv. ix. 56. 
325 Ff 


TrYgonttm, i, n. 

L&nYgeilque nttttt Hnefl, clSrfim^e TrlgSnttm. Mem, i. 613. 

Tnnacrl&, ae,/. 

TnnXcrn fines Itftlds mTfcter« r^licta. Ktr^. ^. iii. 440. 
Romani jam fliiYs Mt Trioacri& regni. (^oitdL B. GiM. 457- 

Trinacris, Ydis,/. 

Trinftcris, a ptelftu ndmSn Itdeptft I5cl. Ov. J*, iv. .420. 

Trinacritts, &, ilm, (u^*. 

Ante et Trlnilcria lentandus remiis In unda. Virg^yE, iii. 384. 
Com tantum arderem quantum TrTnacrI& rupe^ — Cat. Ix viii. 53u 

Triones, ttm, m. p/. 

Turn prTmQm rftdHs g^di cfiliiere Trionea. 0&, M. ii. 171. 

Pars Phrj^gYae Scj^tMcIs quaecumquS Trlfonibiis alg^t Claud, 

Eut. iL 23a 
TriocUa, a,/ 

£t mox servili vastatft Tri5c&l& bello. Sil, xiv. 270. 

TrWpeis, idtts, /. Patron, 

Sspg p&ter ddmlnis Tri»peYdS vendYt At tUft— Ov.if. viii. 872. 

TrojJt, 8B,/. or TrtfYS, «,/. [ii. 56. 

TrojftquS nQnc stares, Pri&mique arx altH m&neres. Virg, JE. 
Mislt infestos TrdTse rtiTnis. Sen. Tr. &2!J. (Sapph,) 

Trotadgs, am,/, adj, 

Ne mihY Pul^d^lmas et TroYSdes L&bSonem— Per«. L 4. 

Trojaniis, &, fim, 04/* 

N&scetur pulchra Trojaniis OriginS Caesar, Virg, JE, L 266. 

TroYciis, &, iim, adj, 

ScribTmus, et grSmTd Trdictis ensis Eldest. Ov, H. vii. 184. 

Tro¥l5s, or Troiliis, 1, m. 

Parte ftltfi Hi^ens amissTs TroYlils armls, Virg, JE, i. 474. 
Troildn ^mSnis deprendit lancSft dextrae. St. S. 2. vi. 33. 

TrojfigSnS, ae, m,f. 

Trcgiiggnas ac tela vides Tnimic^ L&tinis. Firg, ^. viii. 117. 

TrdYtis, &, iim, adj. 

Dicam, Tr6j& chides, et Troift Rom& rSsurges. Prop, 4. i 71 • 
Tros, 61s, tn. 

Hujiis £ricth»n!u8 : Tros est g«n«riitife &b Illo. Ov. F. iv. 33. 
Tr5s, 01s, adj, m. 

— — — cessas in votft prScesquS [vi. 62. 

Tr5s, ftit, ^nea? cessas? nSque Snim ante dehiscent — K M. 

PL £gres8i optata pStYuntur TroSs ttrena, i. 172. 

Ti^osmYs, Ys,/. 

Hic raptam Trosmin c^Sri vTrtiitg rScepYt. Ov. P. 4. ix. 79- 

Trosstiliis, T, m. 

Trossiiltts exsCdtat tYbY p§r subsellYft levYs. Pert. i. 82. 
Trotts, ft, iim, adj. 

Trofique PelYttcte stSmebat cfispYdYs XctU'—Oo, M. xii. 74. 
TriientTniis, ft, iim, adj. 

Quique TrttSntinas sSrvSnt cdm flfimfo« tOrr^s. Sik viii 433. 


Trj^hertts, i, m. 

PergiUft, disclpttlus Trj^fUri dActdrfo, Kpad qutfm — Jwo. xi. 8?. 
Trj^hon, onts, m. 

Non li&bJSd, sSd h&bet biUYtfpdltt Tifpfaon. Mart, 4 Ixii. 2. 

NSque h5c n^at Trj^phonKs lemiUT ddmus. Virg, Cat. viii. 6. 

(I. T.) 
Tubert&s, i, m. 

Onde 8iiburban5 ciarfls, TabertS, triiimpho— Or. F, vi. 723. 

TiJibnustrU, oriiin, pi. n. 

Proximfi Vulcaiii lux es : TtiMlustrTi dicunt. Ot>. F, v. 725. 
Tucctt, SB, m. 

Quid te, Tucc&, jiivat vStillo mIscerS Fi&Ierno — Mart. 1. xix. 1. 

TuccKft, 8B,/. 

Tlkx^Ytis, I, m. 

Romam p£teb&t esttritor Tuccitts. Mart. 3. xiv. 1. (1. T.J 

TiidSr, tVs, fi. 

Deyexum Utgii pendet TiidSr, atque iJtbi latis— 5^i7. vi 646. 

Tttders, rtYs, adj. 

£t GradWicdlam celsd de collS Tiidertem— 50. iv. 222. 
TallJl, ae,/. 

TulUique, ^t aeratam qufttiens Tarpeiil secur^m — F. M. xi. 666. 


TulM, conj&gYo, scSlSris merced^, pgracto— Or. F. vi. 687- 

TulMs, T, f». 

TuUtiis, el5quti| cujus sub jurS tOgaquS — Luc. vii. 63. 

Tulltts, T, m. 

Qud piiis ^neas, quo dives Tulli&s £t Anctts, Hor. 4. C. vii. 16. 

Tungfir, gri, m. 

TerrYfltcIs Maurus prorumpit TungSr tn armls. Sil. vii. 682. 

Turb&lYo, onis, m. 

Turb&l!d, Sp&rax ! iibi estis ? I, obs^roi intrd, subvSni. Plant. 
R. 3. ii. 43. (Troch. Tet. cat.) 
TurbO) onTs, m. 

Cdrp5re majorem ridSs TurbonYs Yn armis— Abr. 2. S. iii. 310. 

Turgens, ntYs, m. 

Turgentisque Ulcus, PStusiaBqug — Mart. 4. Iv. 21. CPhdlac.) 

TurY&. ^feeTutia. 

Tiiriiis, i, TO. [49. 

Grands m&lum TtirYus, si quid se judicS certes — Hor. 2. S. i. 

Turniis, i, m. [441. 

Turniis ggo, baud ulli vStSrum vlrtutS sScundils. Virg, ^. xL 

Tttrttn^s, iiin« m. pi. 

Instftbiles Tdrttnas circurosYtil cistrIL cderccnt. Luc. i. 437- 

TurranYiis, i, i». 

MQs&qufi Turranii trSgYoIs inmx|i cftthurms — Or. P.4. xvi. 19. 

Tttscttlilm, i, n. 

Nik) ut 6&perai vilU candeu TusdUi^ifor. ^. i. 29. r/. T.J 
327 «'f2 


TusciU&s, &, Hm, adj, [57- 

Nee Uo^at mfinHmeiiai via, t^afyu TaaoiUii CeUus^rtd. 1. vii. 

Tusctis, i, m, 

QuiquS siU nomen PhylUdS Tusctts h&Mt Op, P. 4. zvi. 20. 

TQsd&s, li, ttm, cu{/. 

Tusciis Sgo, et Tuscis drtdr : nee pcenYtfit intSr — iVop, 4 ii. 3, 

Tutgia, «,/. 

Tuteiamqufi, chttrosquS Rlx&mariim, Mart. 4. Iv. 16> (PhmL) 

Tiitif&, a*, 91. 

Tutiii deducit tSniiem sYnS nominS riviim. SiU xiii. 5. 

TutYcanils, i, m. 

Quo minus in nostris ponaris, amice, libellis, 
Nominis efficitur conditione tui. 

• •••••• 

£t pudeat, si te, qua syllaba parte m<Nratur, 
Arctius appellem, Tuticftnumque vocem. 

Nee poles in versum Tt^ticani more venire ; 
Fiat ut e longa syllaba prima brevis. Ov, P, 4. xii.. 

Tutnms* 1, m. [Rutnium. 

Fams Tutmum siise rSlinquftt. Mart. 5. Ivi. 6. (PhaUec) al. 

Tj^ftneWs, il, ttm, oA'. 

Ora friitex. OstendYt &dhue Tj^ineTiis iUic— Ot;. M. viii. 719. 

Tj^cMiis, 1, m* 

Paliadg ; sit TycWo doctWr lUg licgt. Ov, F. iii., 824. 

Tyde, es,/. 

^nese miserS d5mus, ^tolaquS Tyde. Sil. iii. 367* 
Tydgr, dri, m or Tydriis, I, m. 

£t deserttis Squo Tydrum p^dSs exclpit hasta. T. F. vi. 639. 

Tydides, bb, m. Patron, 

Nunc et Tydides, et Larisssetis Achilles— Hr^. JE. xi. 404. 
TJ^langlii drfim, m, 

MSftt amnts autem a fontS per Tj^langlfos. jiv. 0. M. 664. (L T.J 

Hic Tj^l5s est, stipSrans vilstsp miraGill& terrs 

InsWa— Pm. P. 1069. 

Tymbreniis, i, m. 

Infelix TymbrenS, f%rTs, Pcenoqu^ pftrentifs — SiL ii. 633. 

Tyndftreus, and TyndSrSOs, I, m. 

Me tfbi Tyndilr^s, vita gnrllv¥s auctSr «t annis— Oi^.ir.Tiii.31. 
T&ntiQYds PSlttpIs TyndHrStque dfictls. xvii. 54. 

Tynd&rYds, arilm, c, g. Patron. 

TyndarMae fratres, hic SquSs, ill« ptigKl. Ov. F. v. 700. 
DlvisTt medium, fortissimtt Tynd&rlfdariim. ffor% 1. S* U 100. 

TyndXrls, Mrs,/. Patron. 

Tynd&rts infestis ftiglftiva rSposclttiir armls. Oou H. v. RI. 

Non tibY Tynd&rYdis fttcles mvis& Ucxnai, Virg. J^ ii. 601. 
TyndftrYiis, ft, ttm, a^. 

Tunc St Ty wUbrn L&tSas FortSn& Tirenti— ,SM. xv. 3SWk 

AddMr dffi^tS d^etfts tittepfdi! f^)^. f^rg' Cir. 32. 

Tj^hdeus, fids, m, [Alcaic.) 

' Sed quid Tj^phSeSM «t*^v«irda8 MltfaSa, flfer. ». (7.iv. 5S. rOr. 
Alt& jicet vast! stipgr orft Typh6««s iEtne. Ow. F. iv. 491. 


Arv& Ph&on cglSbrat diversft T5^phdid5s iEtnae : Ov. H. Xv. U. 

Tj^hditis, a, ttm, a4;\ 

Nats, p&tns summT qui tel& Typh5i& temnis, Virg0 JE. L 66(^. 

Typhon, Ys, m. 

Typhon in Tllo p5sMs immanis rttgo. jSen. ^T. O. 1 733. ('Z. T.^ 
Terribilem qudndam fdigiens TyphonA Didne, Ov, F, ii. 461. 

Typhonis, idtts,/. adjl 

Insiip6r HarpyffiB TyphonidSs, Jrfi TSnftntis— ^. F. iv. 428. 

Tjrrft, ae, tn. or Tyras, sb, w. [84. 

LlnquTtur abruptus pSlSgo T^rS ; linquitur et ibons — F, F. vi. 
Labitiir, et nQllo tardiftr amn« Tj^ras. Ov, P. 4. x. 60. 

Tj^res, IS, m, 

Te fiigiens, Mtremqufi T j^ren, curruquS v5lutiis — V. M, x. 403. 

Tyrianthiniis, a, iim, adj. 

Orbica Ling5nicus Tj^ianthintt bSrdttcftCtilltts : Mart. \. liv. 6. 

Tyrins. Tyrinthius. See Tiryns. Tirynthius. 

T^ns,is,/ i(LT.J 

Praestringit amnls Tyriiis oppidura Tj^rin. Av. O. M, 482. 

Tjfriiis, a, iim, adf^ 

IngSmmant plausu Tyru, TroesquS sgquuntiir. F. jE. i. 747« 

Tyro, us,/. 

Crlminis est Tyro Hlbiila vana till. Ov. H. xix. 132. 


£t Tj^r5s ostrinos praebet Cadmea c5ldre9. Prop. 3. xiii. ?. 

"[^rrbem, oriini, m. 

TyrrhenI, quae tanta animis ignavia venYt ? Firg. jE, xi. 733. 

Tyrrhenia, ae,/. 

Concurrit Latid Tyrrhenia tota, diuquS-rOv. M, xiv, 412. 

TyrrhenTciis, a, iim, adj. [xxiv. 88. 

QflesaxSae Augustss ddmfis est, Tyrrhenka pr9ptfii^^.<^u«. Epis. 

Tyrrhentiis, a, iim, adf. 

. Gailtis ut, vai Ammiaods, annus, et Tyrrhenius. T. M. 882. 
... i(TroQh, Tet, cat.) 

Tyrrhentis, T, m. [612. 

ContTnao adversis Tyrrhentts fit icfir Aconteus— ^r^. Js. xi. 

¥f rdi^nilfi, a, ttm, adf. [193. 

Inflavit quiim pinguYs &sQx TyrrheniSs ad iras. Firg, G. ii. 

Tyrrhetis, 1, m. [486. 

- NutrlbaBt, I'yrriiefisqufi patfir; cm regia parent— fTIr^. AS. vii. 

Tyrrhidae, ariim, m. Patron. , 

l*yrrhidaB piifirt qnem matrfe ab fibfirfirtiptilm— K. J2. vii.484. 
329 F f 3 

TyrrhYgCnae, Srttm, c. g. 

Ij^Tjwi^X^k^hf^mkm^ Ait. i. 606, 
Tyrtaettp, i, m. 

Tyrtiea9qu« mXiit teSmto in Mirai b^ 

Verslbtta exttcttit— ^or. A,P, 402. 

Tjfri&s. See Tyros. 

VflcSrr&i sBi m. 

Miraris vSterSs, VftoirrK, 85ldB**iirar<. 8. Ixix. 1. (Pkakec) 
Vfcanft, 8e,/. 

Hsec tm <Bet&bira ptet anOm i»atre Vftcfintt— H»r. 1. £. x. 49. 
V&ctlnftlYs, S, a4;. 

Ant^ VKcanilefl 8tantqu« 8<fd«iit^$ fteSs. Ov. F. vi. 308. 
Vftdfty Srilm, p?. n. 

At Vdlttterranum, vero V&dft nomTnS, tractilm— /Zv^. i. 453. 
VHdavfiro, onYs, m. 

.-^ — -^ fractis s&crt&m 

Vlldav«r6n§m montJfbtts— ifcTor*. 1. 1. 6.. (I. Dim.) 

vaga, «,/. 

Turn VSga^ H antiquis dnSctOs reg¥bttfi Hipp6— 5t/. iii. 259. 
V^gedriisji, ee, m. 
.. Qui foatSfi, y^gedrOsa, tttds, $t pa«qp«rl8 Slvef— ^SS^ xiv. 229. 

al, vfigS Chrysft. 
VagellTiis, I, m. 

SffTgTSs inter vSstras st&ttiamquS VSgellT. /tto. xiii. 1 19. 
V&genni, oriim, m. 

Turn pernix LYgds, et spars! per saxft VSgenn? — <A7. viii. 805. 

Vftgestis, i| m. [Bi^fim. 

Hlnnitum effimdens, sternit tellur^ Vagestttn, SU. x. 459. al. 

Valfi, 8B, w. [XV. I. 

Qufle stt Mems VilKe, quid coelum, Vala, SiQemT— ifor. 1. £. 

Vfilens, ntYs, m, 

Ct sciat hoc sttp^rum cQra s^canda V&lens. ^ftw. £. iii. 6. 

Augasto dmm sSd proi^Ymft pSlmft VlO&itl, '\y, 7- 
ValentiniiB, i, m. 

ItiquS ViUeQtlauai tS m^Uuii& dideoa. Aui.Par. xv. 8, 
ViUSrYaniig, a, iim, <u^'. 

A Valerlfana PSl&d p«tS6 QiiiPt5. if«r#. 1. cxiv. 5. (SemonJ 

vaidrttts, T, III. f la 

centra Lfl0vin&a, Vai«if g«iitf0y HadiK Sftperbtts^Hor. 1« «9. vi. 
ValSriis, 1, m. [283. 

Queio tamfiq haad «3^i« VaierQs flrtOtX* H^tm^y'irg^JE. x. 
ValgY&s, 1, m. 

ValgYtts, aetSfpo pr^V^ «dn |li«r .I}<Knf ro« m. 4. i. 1«0. 

VaUebAnH, »,/. ' 

YallSb&nae, n^vft ret, et iix crSd^ndX pM6»-«u#ff<. M. hadx. 1. 

VangYdnSs, iim, m, 

V&ngfdnes, BfttXTiqn^ trttcSs, qu58 eH{ rSeilrvd-^XtM;. L 431. 

VanndquTdorils, T, m. (a ludicrous comp<mnd,) [("/. Trim,) 

VantlfiquYdorus, VirgImBvend5nMes. Plant, Per, 4. vi. 20. 

Varentis, i, m. 

Hulc cftdit Tnfelix nYv6i8 Varentts !ii txmU^SiL iv. 543. 

Varia, ae,/. [xiv. 3. 

QuinquS b5no8 BdlYtum VftrYam dimitterS patres — Hor. 1. E. 
Varilltis, I, w. 

Inilmus Yanlltts fiit. Quo deti$rlfdr tt^Jm. ii. 22. 

Vftriiis, 1, m. [65. 

VirgtliuB, post hunc Yfirlus, dIxerS quid essiSm^-Hor, 1. iS*. vi. 

Varro, 5nTs, m. 

Fundum VarrO y6cat, quem possim mittSrS ffindi — Cic, ap. 

Quinctil. viii. sub fin* 
Varrd Leiic&dlfse maximft flamm& stiae. Prop, 2. xxiv. 86. 
VarrdnSm primamqu^ rSltSm quae nescYftt setas ? Ov. ^. I. 

XV. 21. 
Vari&s, i, w». 

Cum f%ri( ductorSm rftpiliit Gennan¥& Varttm. Man, i. 897- 

VasateSi ium» pi. m. 

Vasates p&trlTa, sed Iftrfi BurdYgtittm. ^u«. £^ ii. 4. 

Vasatlciis, &, iim, 04/* [xvii. 18. 

V€l qu«t hKfoet jflnctdfi VIsfttYcIL rhed& cttbaUo»~^8«. £^if. 

Vasco, 5n7s, m. or Vasc5n^, iim, jd/. m. [15. 

Ae jiivSnem, quern Yasctt iSvis, quern spic&l& densiis — Sil. x. 
YascSnSs hseq fama est ftlYmentls talib&s dllm — Juv, xv. 93. 

Ya^canils, &, iim, adj, 

Reddfiret laudes ttbt Yaticani 

MontYs Ymago. Hor. 1. C xx. 7< (Sapphic. J 

£t Yatkand Ir^Qes de mont^ p&tellas. Juv, vi. 344. 

YiltfnYtis, !, m. 

YUItt stttdnsdQkem mdni&mintil Y&l3ni-*illar#. 14. X€vi 1. 
PL Y&tlniorum proxSnet& fractortim — 10. iii. 4. (Scaz.J 

Yatreutls, i, m, 

Yatreno £r¥dltndqu« ^Igrt^ea-^Mart, 8. Ixvii. 2. (PinUmc.) 

CTc&lSgdn, tYs, m. 

UciU^n ; S^ Tgnl f^tll latil rfilacSnt. Pirg, M, ii 312. 

YSchlrSs, iim, pi, m, 

By2ere« prtml : qHtto ^uxta teitft YeeMHlm-'JPrl«. P, 730. 

'VSclidtiis, T, m, 

Qusesl&rts, NdtHnVYSetldi pr«d» ? cujtts? Pws, iv. 3& 
Viotonte, ihn, pUm. 

At Yectottum alb BU&irfis prdbJtt sequdre lipSrtd-'.SIL iiit 378. 
Veift, »,/. '' 

. Abictft naOa YefH con6<^intia> ^or. Ep. v. 20. r/* 7"/ 

Vclanms, 1, m. ^ff 4. 

NOn Mteta Ht stiis, nSn Mens. Vemrtftts, firmfs— /for. 1. E. 

Veiens, ntYs, adj. 

£mtOr AncTnl qudndftm VeTentYs it irvT^ffor. 2. E, n, l&J. 
Hsec ftiTt ilU dTes, In qua VeientYbtis armis— Ov. F. ii. 195. 

Vei8tttinttR| A, ttm, di^*. 

Qui Veientanum festis potarS dlebiis— //or. 2. i$. iii. 143. 

Ot te respTciat clauso Velentd Iftbelld. Juv, iii. 185. 

Vieii, oriiin, jU. m. 

£t Veil viSt^res et vos turn regnft fbistis — Prop. 4. x. 27% 

VfijdvYs, Ifs, m. 

TempU piitant lucds Vejdvis antS diids. Ov. F, iii. 430. 

VeYtts, ft, iim, adj» 

Forts stiper ports dux Veitis adstitit arcCm ; Prop, 4. .x. 31. 

VEiabrensTs, S, adj, 

£t VelabrensI massll r^octH f2k;5. Afar/. 11. IIL 10. 

Velabrttm, % n. 

At qua Velabri r«gYo p&tSt ir« sdlebJlt— Ttft. 2. v. 33. [405. 
PL Qua VelibrH s5Unt in Ciream dOcCre pompas. Ov. F. vi. 

Vei«dll, ae,/. [iv. 90. 

CaptivsquS prices VSlSdae, et, qusB maxYmil nupSr — St. S. 1. 

VeWtt, BB,/ [XV. 1. 

Qus eft hiems ysiYs, quod coelum, Valft, Sfilerni — Hor. 1. £. 

. Ii^cji, n&mqu£ pfttes, portusquS rSquTrS Veiindfl. K. ./£. yi. 360. 

VSliterntts, i, m. 

J&mqufi y^teman m^dta transegSr&t alvo, Sil. xiii. 229. 

Velitrs, ariim,/. 

Setia, U incSiebrT miserunt vaU^ VSlitrae. SiL viiL 377- 

VeWiis, 1, w. 

VeUtts hinc Marti pro diicS TovTt ttv6m. Mart, 9. xxxii. 2. 

Velox, ocYs, m. [1. 

ScribSfg m9 quSrtris, V§lox, gpYgrammatll longa, Afar*. 1. cxi. 

V^OAfraniis, &, iim, adj. 

Pr^ssft VSnafranae quod bacc& rSmisYt dlivse. Bifr. 2. S. iv. 69. 

V&iftMffi» i, n. 

Bacc& Venafro, ^or. 2.. C, vi. 16. {Adonic.) 

VSn^rYft, le, /. [cekuwaatic,) 

£t ftmYt& VenerYft pH^tfrYt^r fibYYt Aw. Par, xxvii. I. {Pro- 

V6n«rYtt8, ft, iim, adj. [(L. T^) 

Ot o5mpr«hendar cum Bftcm uraa VKnerla. P^oiK. it 2. v. 18. 

V£nfittts, ft, iim, adj. 

Quantum Hj^pfinls VAbMd di88Yd({t firidftno. Pr«p. 1. xii. 4. 


DicYtiir ancYpYti pCj^erfflse V«tt11Yft Jano. Ov* M. xlv. 8S4. 


VentidYi&s, !, m. [vil 190. 

YentldXas quYd totm ? quid Tiil£(lU! &Qne ftllud qu&m^Juv. 

Venuciiliis, ft, i&m, adf. 

Nam fftcie pcsstant VSnuctUft coot^dU dills ; Hor, 2. S, iv. 71* 

Vfinttleiiis, T, m. [Ixxxiii 1« 

Hds quttque commendd Vtoiileio, RufS, lYbellos; Mvrt, 4.' 

VSniilfis, 1, m. 

Mittitiir et magni VSniUus DTdmedU ftd urbfim-— F. ^, viii. 9. 

Vgntts, Ms,/. 

Sic Ventts ; et Veneris contra sic fOTiis drsiis : f^. JE, i. 9S6. 
P/«r. Atque onmes VenSrSs CttpidYnesqaS, Mart, 11. xiiL 6. 

Ventidfniis, ft, ttm, a<^'. [i. 35. 

Nam VSniismiis ftrat finem siib titrumque cdlontis. Hor. 2. S. 

VerannlSItts, i, m. Dimin. 

£t VerannYmOm mSum et F&biilliim. Cat xii. 17. (Phalac.) 

Verannitts, T, m, 

£t Veranmiis. Haec ftmem nScesse est Cat, xiL 16. 

VSrcellae, ftrCim*/. 

Vercella, fusclqu6 fgrax PoUgntTft vUli. SiL viii. 697- 
VirgYltsB, ariim,/. 

£t sYt Yners tardis navTtft VergtlYisr Prop, 1. viii. 10. 

Vertft, ae,/. 

Verjfft, supremT carmSn hSndrYs hftbe. Jus. Par. xvi. 2. 

Veritas, tis, /. [ Tet. JseLJ 

Incorruptft FYdes, nddftqufi VerYtas, Hor, 1. C, xxiv. ^. (Chor. 

Veronft, »,/. 

Manttift VirgYlYo gaudet, Veronft Cftt&llo. Ov, A, 3. zv. 10. 

VerSnensis, g, a^, 

VSronensis ftit p«etft quondftm : Aus. Prof, iii* 2. (PbaUsc.) 

Verres, Ys, m, 

Cariis firit VSrrT, qui Verrem, tempdr^ quo vult, Juv, iii. S3* 

Vertumntis, T, to. 

Talis Yn »temd felix Vertumni&s ^lympo — Tib, 4. ii. 13. 
PI. VivSrS Vertumnis, qudtquot sunt, natiis iniquTs. Hor, 2. 

S. vii. 14. 

Vertis, T, TO. [xxix. 1. 

Cum trfthSret Priscus, trfthSret certamYnft Veri&s — Mart. S. 

VesbYfis. See Vesvius. 

VSseviis, 1, TO. 

Talem divSs ftrat Cftptia, et vicTnft V6sevo— Flr^. G, ii. 224. 

VespftsYanils, i, to. 

ACiget n6c rgprYmft VespftsYantts iJpes. Aus, Cas, T, x. 2. 

Vesper, grYs, to. or Vespfiriis, T, to. 

J^sYt, 6t Invito processTt VespSr Olympo. Virg. B, vi. 86. 
Mysten ftdemptum ; nee tYbY Vespfiro 
.Sorgenter-Hor. 2. C ix. 10. (Or. Aio) 


VS^firugo, YnYs, /. 

Nee Jagiil&» ndqvA Vea^rugb, nSquS Vergififie occidunt. Plant. 
Amph. 1. i. 119. (Troch, Tetr. cat,) 

Cantt Fides, et Vesta, R«m6 cum fratrg QuYrinlls, V, M, i. 292. 

VestaWs, !s, m, [1. 

MTsstis 68 Euxinas qudnYam, VestalTs, &d undas — Ov. P. 4. vii. 

VestalYs, 6, adj. 

VIrgMtas VSstSKs JidTt, flammasqu^ tttetttr. CI Eut. 1. 329. 

Forts rSvertebar sacris Vestalibtis Iliac, Ov. F, vi. 895. 
VbtlniiB, 1, fn. [1. 

Cfim griivYs extremas Vestmiis ducSrgt boras — Mart. 4. Ixxiii. 
VSstTntis, ft, iim, adj. 

VestiDis impfilsfis ftquis, r&densquS SftlSrni — Luc. ii. 42S. 

VesvTniis, ft, iim, adj. [162. 

Mdnstrantur Vesvinft jiiga, atque in verticfi summ5 — SiL xii. 

Vesviiis, I, m. [xliv. I. 

Hic est pampin^s viridis mdd5 Vesvifis umbris: ifart 4. 

VesvYiis, ft, iim, adj. 

FontYbtis et Stabise cSlgbres, et Vesvift rurft. Col. 133. 

VSsiiifis, 1, m. 

Actiis ttper, miiltds VSstilus quern pinYf^r annos — F.JE. x. 708. 

VSsiiviniis, ft, iim, adj. 

Ructassent dites YSsiivIna incendYft Locros. St. S. 2. vi. 62. 

tnel. Vesvinft. 
Votttnissa, ae,/. 

£t parvs vftdft purft Vet5mss8e. Mart, 4. Iv. 22. (Phalac.) 

VettYi&s, 1, m. 

Vetti, rustYcfi, semYlautft crucft — Cat. liv. 2. 

VettonSs, lira, m, [Vectpnes, 

Vettonesquft ISves, pr5ftLgique a gentS vStusta — Luc, iv. 9. a/. 

Vetiilonift, SB,/. 

MffidniaequS dScus quondam VStiildnift gentYs. Sit. viii. 483. 

Vfttustiila, ae,/. 

Caldft VStustHls nee tYbY buccft plftcSt. Mart. 2. xxviii. 4. 

Ofens, ntis, m. 

Ofens, insignem fama et lelicYbiis armis — Virg. ^. vii. 745. 
Ofentemque Gj^as, cftdYt ipsft T5lumnYtis augdr — xii. 460. 

Vibennifts, i, tn. 

Vibenni p&tftr, et — (Phalac, J 

VTbYdYiis, 1, m. 

VibYdius, quos Maecenas adduxSrftt umbras — Hor. 2. S. viii. 22. 

VictSr, oris, m. 

Testilft, Victoris tormentum dulcft Vttcdni — Mart. 7* xxix. 1. 

VictorYft, SB,/. 

Ot ctflYtur Pax, atquS FYdes, Victorift, Virtus. Juv. i. 115. 
Victoriniis, i, m. 

Victorlntis Snfm, ndstrae pars mSxYroft mentU^RiOiL i. 493. 


VTctoriiis, i, w. [(Spond.) 

Victdri BtfidYosS, mSmor, cSlSr, ignoratls — Avi.Prof. xxii. 1. 

Vlennft, ae,/. 

AccdlU Alpinis dptilent& ViennS ctfldnTs : Aus. Vrb, viii. 3. 

VflWiis, 1, m. 

VlUiiis in Fausta Sullae gSnSr, hoc misSr uno — Hor. 1 . S. ii. 64. 

VlnaM, oriim, n. 

Cur ighur veneris festum VinalTIl dicant, Ov, F, iv. 877. 

VTnctts, 1, m, 

Nos mirandU qutdem, sed nuper consuls Vinco —Juv. xv. 27* 

al, Junio. By synizesis. 

Vindelici, oriira, m. Ale.) 

DrusQm gSrentem VindSlici, quibiis — Hor, 4. C. iv. 18. (Gr. 

VTndex, icis, m, 

Debiilt ulclsci m&gis, aut cum YlndTcg Galb^ ? Juv. viii. 222. 

Vintiis, 1, m, 

Augiisto reddes signatS vSluminS, VinT, Hor, 1. E. xiii. 8. 

VWlantiUa, SB,/, 

VeUfirg, quo StellaB ViSlantillsequS prfifessiis— -S/. & 1. iL 26. 

Vipsantis, kt ttm, adj. 

At inS& Vipsanas spectant coenactd^ laurus : Mart, 1. cix. 3. 

VirMiis, I, m. 

Hipp5lj^tus, dixit, nunc Idem VirbYiis est'o. Ov. M. xv. 644. 

Virdttinilrus, T, m. 

Virdiimari: gSntts hic Rhend jactabSt Sb Ipso — Prop. 4. x. 41. 

Virgiliae. See Vergiliae. 

VIrgfliiis, i, «. * 

Ills VTrgYlYum me tempttrg dulcis SlebSt — Virg. G. iv. 663. 
PI, Sunt Xbij Nasones VTrgilidsquS vYdes. Mart, 3. xxxviii. 10. 

Virginti, a, /. 

Ipsa habait. Cttp6ret RiitTlaB Virginta gibbiim— /mv. x. 294. 

Virginisvendonides, m. (a ludicrous compound,) 1(1. Tr,) 

Vanil6qu!dorus, Virginisvendonides. Plant. Per, 4. vi. 20. 

Virginius, 1, m, 

TroScil non scripsit. Quid £nim VirginYiis armis — Juv, viii. 221. 

Virgo, Knis,/. 

Jam rSdit et Virgo, rSdSunt Satumi& regn^. Virg, B. iv* 6. 
Quos sSquitur Cancer : Cancrum Lfid : VirgS LSonSm. Man, 

i. 266. 
Sed cunis nKvSas tintum pr5pg Virgin!s undas, Mart, 7* 

xxxii. 11. 
VYrTath&s, i, m. 

Hos VYrYatbtts 4lgit, LusitanumquiS remdtis— <9i7. iii. 354. 

VMdasiiis, i, m. 

Nee SIdY(an& cdbors dSHt. VirYd&sYns arm&V^Sih y, 661. 

VTrritts, T, tn. 

Antutat cunctis, praecellins Virrltts dr& SiL xi, 66. 


Vfrro, dnYs, m. 

Virrtf tenSt phlSlis : tifbt non commitdtiir aiirfim— n/tiv. y. 39. 

Virroni muraenft d&tur, quae maxYmft ven¥t — 99. 

PL Vina slTbi et rfiUquis YTironlfbiis lUtt j&bebit— 149. 

VirtOa, utTs,/. 

Ot cdKtur Pax, atqu« Ftdes, VictoriJl, Virtus. Juv. u 116. 

Vto,/. [4. 

£t 8tfr9r et conjiiz fratrls, reg!n& D^mm Vis. ^iw. £(2. De Deis. 

Vlsctts, 1, m. 

SI b^nfi me n5vi, n5n Vlscum plClrKs ttmiciim — Hor. 1. jS^.ix. 22. 
P^ Fuscfis, «t haec i&tlnam Viscorfim laudfit iitgrqu^. x. S3. 

VYieUYUs, 1, m. [105. 

fist inter TKn&im quiddam s^SriLmque VYsellL Hor, 1. S. i. 

VisT, oriiin, m. 

Laude ftiit. QuKs fiDim VisSs in plaustr& fSroces 
lie^mt—Claud. 1. C. & i. 95. 

VYtemands, i, m. 

Rapto exscribSrS sed V¥teIl!ano. MarL 2. vi 6. (Phalae.) 

VTtteUlftts, 1, m. 

Donee flummga devecti VKtelliiis unda— 0». P, 4. vii. 27- 

VIvisciis, S, tim, o^/. 

Haec fig6, Vivisca ducens ftb fiiigin^ gentSm — Au$. Ed,, x. 438. 

DlTxes, Is, m. or OlTxeus, 61, to. 

TydTdes s6d Snim, scSlSnunque inventOr Olixes — F.^.ii.l64. 
Pen6l5pe coigux semper Clixis 6r5. Ov. H, i. 84. 
Qui grandltnes ClixK — Aus, Epis. xvi. 13. (I. Dim,) 

0ipYii8,i,m. [335. 

Daclc& beUYpfttens cum iregSrfit ClpttLs armft— C^atc^. 6. C, H, 

Clpiiis, &, iim, a<(;. 

OlpTH progenies, et, quae diUdemfttfi mundo— C/. 4. C. ^. 19. 

Dlubrae, arttm,/. 

Est Clilbris, Animus si te non deficit aequiis. Hor, 1. Ep, xi 30. 
Frang£rS pannosus v&ciiis aedilis Clubris ? Juv, x. 102. 

Clysses, is, m, or Clyxes, is, «n. or Clyxeiis, Si, and ei, m. 

Adest Olysses, et qu]Wem diibio gradu— &n. Tr, 626. (I, T,) 
Nee cursus diiplicis per m&re Clyxfii. Hor, 1. C, vL 7» TCfew. 

Te/r. Aaclep,) 
Carminibus Circe sScids mutavit Clyxei. Virg, B. viii. 70. 

CmbSr, rS, riim, adj, 

Aut pastiis OmbSr, aut Sbest&s Etrusctis. Cat. xxxix. 1 1. (Se,) 
C&llim&chusquS sSnex, CmbrdquS Prdpertitts antro. St. S, 1. 

ii. 263. 

Cmbreniis, i, m, [133. 

Nanc ftgSr Cmbreni sQb nomini^, nupgr 5f^Ili--JEror. 2. S, ii. 

Umbrift, ae,/. 

Ombrm Rdmani patri& Callim&chi. Prop, 4. i. 64. 

Ombriciiis, i, m. [iii. 2l. 

Hie tunc CmbricYus, Quando arttbfis, inquit, h5nestT»*-/uv. 


Cmbriciis, &, tim, adj. 

Quondam inc5nsult3S mater dftbit OmbrYcfi GallTs — GnO, 194. 

Ombro, onis, m. 

Tang^miis Cmbrfinem: non est igndblAS flomSh. RuHL i 337. 

Cmmlfditts, 7, m. 

Cmmidius quidam; nbn longa est fabtUM, divSs, Hor, 1. SI i. 9S. 

Cnlciis, T, M. [1. 

OnYcS, cognato junctum tnXtii sanguinis nomSn, Mart, 12; xliv. 
Onntis, 1, x». 

Hinc Cnntts sgquitur. P5st fortis CSspta pr5l€s— Prfo. P. 705. 

Vdberca, ae,/. or ViJbisca, ae,/. 

V5bisc« prandent! ftras. Mart. 1. 1. 14. (I. Dim,) 

VficonTfis, 1, m. 

T§8tTl6, Victdrfe tormentum dulcg V5c6di, Mart. 7. xxix. 1. 

VScuntiiis, ft, iim, a^;. 

Jam ^cilis campos, jam rura V5cuntia carpit^— «yt7. iii. 467. 

Vdgfisiis, 1, m. 

CastrSquS, quae V5ggsT curiam sfipSr ardM rup6m — Luc, i. 397. 

VfilanSrifis, T, m. [15. 

Scurr£ Vaiangrius, p5stquam illi justi cbSragr^ — Hor. 2. S. vii. 

VSlSterrantls, &, um, €uij, 

A\ Vfil&terranum, ver5 VM& nominS, tractiim. Rutil. i. 453. 

Volcae, ariim, m, 

Vdlcarum p5piilatiir iter ; tiimidiquS mKaaces — Sil, iii. 445. 

V^stis, i, m, 

Quos VdlSsus p&tru cognoscat ndminYs auctdr. Ov, P. 3. ii. 105. 

Volsantis, &, iim, adj. See Volsinius. 

Vdlscens, ntis, m, 

Volscentem p6tit, in s6l5 VdlscentS mfirattir. P^irg. JE, ix. 439. 

VolscT,. oriim, to. 

Assuetiimque m&ld LTgiirem, Volscdsque vSnltos. F. O. ii. 168. 

Volsciniis, &, fim. See Volsinius. 

Volsciis, £, iim, ctdj. 

Hos siipSr advenit Volsca de gentS C&miUil. V. M, vii. 803. 

Vdlsinn, oriim, m, 

Aut pdsitTs nSm5r5sa Inter jugS VolsinHs, aut — Juv, iii. 191. ' 

VolsiniiSs, &, tlm, <idj. [Volscinqs. 

ProeliS VolsinYos desSriiTssS fbcos. Prop, 4. ii. 4. al. Volsdnds. 

Vdlso, onis, TO. 

PUd Vdlsonem, namque h5c de stragS j^entiim — Sil. x. 143. 

Volturntis, T, to. 

Altitdnaus Volturniks, St Auster fulminS pollens. Lucr. v. 744. 

Vtflunx, ncis, to. 

O^ccumbis, gSnSrdsS VSlfinx, nee clause rSpostfs — Sil, v. 261. 

VttliisiilB, 1, TO. 

Qufs nescit, Vdlttsi BTth^nic£, quaU& demens — Juv. xv. 1. 
337 Gff 


VAlOsfis, i, m. 

Ta, VdlllBe, arm&ri Volscorura Sdic« m&nTplTs. F. JE. xi. 463. 

VOmaniis, i, ». 

Miir¥ce nee LTbjfod; stStque hamSctatlVdmand— iSiLviii. 43?. 

VSnones, Ys, ». [£^m. xix. 16. 

UlTbftnflm, NtbnYdamque Av&im, ParthiliiKiue VdnonSm— ^w. 

VSpisctts, T, m. 

CernSre facundi TibOr glficiaie V5puci, A. i$. 1. iii. 1. 

Vdraniis, i, m. 

JulYtis et frftgilTs P^dYatltt, ftirque V«r&nii8~-tfor. 1. S. viii. 39. 

Voraptiis, T, m. 

Sancte mlhT VoraptS pttter, tfi& pectdrft nato^F. F. vi. 888. 

VSs^s, 1, m. [VSgestts. 

DemStYt aversT Yds^gus turn colli, jiibasque— 5!i/. iv. 213. al. 

VatYentts, i, m, 

Docti NarW Pitternft VotYeni— 3far*. a Ixxii. 6. (Phalac.) 
OrftnYe, es,/. 

ExcipYt Cr&nYe : fecere snentYii cuncti. Ov. F. v. 56. 
CrftnYtks, i, m. 

Curetl gfinYtdr novSrftt Cr&nYiis. Claud. Epig. xxv. 4. 
BrMcfi, »,/. 

CrbYc&y censoris nobYlYtatH t5rd. Aus, Par. xxx. 2. 

CrbYciiS) i, m. [xcvL 1. 

CondYttis hic ^0 sum, Bassi dttldr, CrbYct&s infans, Mari. 7- 

CrbYs, Ys, m. 

PervfinYt ad fliivYum, miri cdgndmYnYs, CrbSm. CI. B. Get. 555. 

Crion, onYs, m. {fSpond.') 

Hunc HjhrYeus, qui sTc gfinYtus vdc&t Cridni — Ov. F. v. 535. 

Orsfty 8B,/. 

Qua^qufi mYcat gfilYdo Parrh&sYs Crs& p5l5. Ov. H. xviii. 152. 

CrsYdYtLs, i, m. 

Scd plftcet CrsYdYS lex JulYS: tdU6r£ dulc^m— /w. vi. 38. 
Crslniis, i, m. 

Gedlppa, CrsTnQsque st&us, prolesquS JfivTni. Aus. EpU. iv. 3?. 

Cratiliis, i, «n. 

OrsiilS coUega ndbYlYs Harm&nYd. Aus. Epis. xviii. 25. 

Crstis, 1, m. [vi. 10. 

Sed f&miilum g^mYs, Crs^, pYum : sSd iimdr« fYdequS— iS*^. 5.2. 

CsYpYi, orfim, j»A w. 

Sic ISve flavdrum vill«at gSniis CsYpYoriim. Mor^ 6. Ix. 3. 

Csticit, »,/. 

Valles, fit Cstfcs ciibantYs— /Tor. 1. C. xvii. II. (I. Dim. Arch.) 
OtYcJl, »,/. 

Non CtYcse LYbj^e clades, HispanYft Mundse — Luc. vi. 306. 
VuIc&nYiis, &, t&m, ad;. 

VulcanT ddmiis, et VulcanYft nomYnfi tellus. Firg. JE. viii. 422. 
Vulcantis, i, m. 

Vulcantts ardens urYt SfTYcinas. Hor. 1. C, iv. 8. (I, Tr, Cat.) 


Vulfeniiis, i, m. 

Conrtntio crassum ridet VOlfenifts ingens, Pers. v. 190. 
Vulteitis, 1, m. [vii. 66. 

It, r^dit, et narrat, Vultelum nomTnC Menftra — Hor. 1. Epis, 

Viiltur, ttris, m. 

Me fabiiios* Viiltiire fn Ajriilo— flbr. 3. C. iv. 9. (Gr, Ale.) 

Vulturniis, i, m. [266. 

VulturnusquS rSpax, et Nar vitiatiis ddoro — Claud. Pr* et 01. 

Vulturniis, S, iim, adj. 

Fatali Mn^ia campo. VultumH citata 
Transmittunt alno vSd& — Sil. xii. 621. 

DxftiD&, ss,f. 

At non Sann&tic5s attoUens CxHinA m\xTda—Sil. iii. 384. 


Xanthias, se, m. 

Xanthia Phoceu, prifis insdlentSm — Hor. 2. C. iv. 2. (Sapph.) 

Xanthippiis, T, m. 

Ledsis vSniens vict5r Xanthipptis AmyclTs. Sil. ii. 434. 

Xantho, us,/. 

Drymoque, Xanthdqufi, Lige&quS, Phyll6d5cequS, F. G. iv. 336. 

Xanthfis, i, /. [Cynthtfs. 

Seu te XanthSs h&bet, seu Del5s gratTdr Ilia, Sev. Mt. 6. al 

Xanthi&s, i, m. 

Transifirat, qui Xanthiis Srat, securiis \n alto — Luc. ix. 975. 

Xerxes, ts, m. 

XerxYs 6t TmpMo blnS c^TssS vSd&. Prop. 2. i. 22. 

XystiWs, !s,/. 

XystilTs, fSc tit ftntraum advortas, quojiis ftmatores iJlivi^— 
Plaut. Ps. 1. ii. 76. (Troch. Tetr^acat.) 

Zacdrtis, 1, m. [F. vi. 654. 

Et ZScfirum et Phalcen, pSditem p8dSs haurit Amastrtim — V. 

ZftcyntMt&s, &, iim, adj. 

HTc Atbenis essS. Chalcas istS quidem Z&cynthiu' st. Plaut. 
Mer. 6. ii. 104. (Troch. Tetr. cat.) 
Zftcynthds, i,/. 

Jam mSdio apparet fliictii nSm5rds& ZScynth5s. F. M. iii. 270. 
In SU. i. 276. masc. as being the name of a man. 

Z&l&tes, Ys, m. 

ArmSnYus Z&l&tes cunctis narratiir Sphebis — Juv. ii. 164. 

Zfileuciis, 1, 7». [11. 

SanxSrlt, et Ldcris dSd£rit quae jur& Z&leuciis. Aus. Prof. xxii. 

Z A M— Z Y G 

Zftmft, sj. . [261. 

£t Zftma, et GMrYor Rfitiild nunc s&nguInS Thapsiis. SiL iii. 

Zanclietis, &, ttm, od;. 

£ff)igTt et Syrtet^ et t§ ZanoUeft ChXiybdl; Ov. F. iv. 499. 

Zancle, es,/. 

L!qu£rftt et Zanclen, ftdvenflquS mcenXil Rhegi, Oo. if. xiv. 5. 

Zites, Is, m. [672. 

At Lfttttgam Zateaque Dftrips ; lUum 2z|g¥t hasta—F. F. vi. 

Z£lj^s, f68, m. [168. 

Currit Mems, Z«lj^D §t Brdten AbArinque relinquit^F. F. iii. 

Zenas, ae, m. 

Zenas serviiltiB est mlhi pttterniis. Mart. 9. Ixxxviii. 5. (Phal.) 

Zeno, onYsy m. * [I07. 

Zenonis prseceptii m5nent: nSc £nim 5mnY&, qiued&m — Juv.xy. 

PI. Demtfcritos, Zenon&s, InexpIYcitosqufi Plftton&s — Mart, 9. 

xlviii. 1. 
ZenddiStiis, 1, m. 

EssSt ArTstarchT tYb¥ gIori&, ZenttdStiquS — Jus. Prof. ziii. 3. 


Z«phjfrid»s arcem sT quis excedSt r&t&—ytv. O. M. 238. (LT.J 

ZSphjhrttYs, td«s,/. ICSpond.) 

lps& sttum ZSphj^ritYs So f^maium legarftt. Cat. Ixvi. 6?. 

Zfiphjriis, i, «i. [f/. r.; 

Adverstts Euro ZSphjhrtis, et BdrSse Nfitiis. Sen. Ag. 476. 

ZeryntMiis, fi, tim, o^/. 

IndS 16vi vento Zerynthfft Iitttfrft nactis— Oi;. 7. 1. x. 19. 

Zetes, Ts, m. or Zethes, is, m. 

Tempgrgt ut trSmiilos Zetes Fraterqug cSruchos— K F. i. 469. 
Hunc siipfir et Zethes, hunc stipSr et CSl&Ys. Prop. 1. xx. 26. 

Zethiis, T, m. 

Zethi, dissilt&it, donee siispectft sSvgrS — Hor. 1. E. xviii. 42. 

Zeugm&, &tis, n. 

Zeugm&quS Pellseum. Pompeid vincttS Parthi — Ltic. viii. 287- 
AltSr AchaemSnium secludit Zeugm&tS Persen. St. S. 5. iii. I87. 

ZeusYs, is, m. 

Zeusifs Amyclsi stirps Impacatll PhSlantT, Sil. vii. 665. 

Zodiaciis, 1, m. [317. 

ZddYftcum hunc Grsci vttcYtant, nostriquS Liltlni — Cic. A. Pk. 

Z^gH, dii&m, m. 

HeriT5chi, Zj^gYiquS dShlnc, qui regnft PSlasgiim — Av. D. 871. 




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